Thursday, 2022-07-14

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DarkKnightHi, how can I add javac to the SDK generated by yocto?07:29
LetoThe2ndDarkKnight: should be by using meta-java and adding it to TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK, presuming that it is supported.07:31
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ptsnevesgood morning all09:09
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RPptsneves: is what I think we should do (roughly) but sadly it breaks things09:17
ptsnevesOh. What got broken? Can i help?09:18
ptsnevesI was trying to get the poky test passing by removing the cleanall but i have a dirty workspace and other things got in the way. When i have time today i will try to finish fixing the test.09:20
RPptsneves: there are a few fixes in master-next but the big worry is that testsdkext is failing on eSDKs09:22
RPptsneves: I ran out of time last night so I'm trying to reproduce this morning09:23
ptsnevesdo you have the builderbot logs or was it locally?09:23
RPptsneves: I still don't have that test that got broken working right either09:23
ptsneves@RP Thanks09:24
ptsneves@RP Is this the issue on the eSDK: "do_deploy_source_date_epoch_setscene: No sstate archive obtainable, will run full task instead."09:25
RPptsneves: there is something broken with sstate fetching, yes09:26
ptsneves@RP ok. Not so bad then. We kind of established that the DL_DIR code was related to state cache.09:26
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RPptsneves: right09:39
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ptsneves@RP sent the fix to the openembedded's test_invalid_recipe_src_uri. It is one more line than what you have in the master-next. I tested it is sucessfull10:41
qschulzptsneves: missing SoB :)10:45
ptsneves@qschulz argh..:( thanks for the catch10:49
ptsnevesmaybe we could add this hook and then it would be added by default?10:49
RPptsneves: would you be interested/able to tweak it a little bit more? I'd like to get the "The paths that were searched were:" in this message10:49
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ptsneves@RP sure. I need to add the signoff either way10:50
RPptsneves: that is a local thing, we can't add that for you10:50
LetoThe2ndptsneves: that would implicitly assume that everybody who sends a patch is authorized to, instead of requiring people to explicitly acknowledge it.10:50
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ptsnevesLetoThe2nd: indeed, but if a user sends something by sharing he is already doing a deliberate action of sharing. Regardless it is not technically feasible. I had the wrong impression that client side hooks were trackeable by git11:02
LetoThe2ndptsneves: the difference is between "sharing information" and "being authorized to convey this information to some other project"11:07
rburtonI can email out a confidential document but that doesn't mean I was authorised to :)11:09
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RPptsneves: it seems we use DL_DIR in there for file:// to file:// url mappings in MIRRORS11:14
ptsneves@RP cant we add DL_DIR to the FILESPATH where those mappings are expected, localizing that logic to the state cache?11:16
ptsneveseven if the end result does not end up being very different from the current one.11:16
RPptsneves: it is in FILESPATH :/11:18
RPptsneves: I don't understand where the issue is as yet, just that it is the file:// to file:// mirror code11:18
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ptsnevesRP: Will try to have a look later. In the mean time i corrected the oeqa patch to point to the correct mailinglist(oe-devel) instead of bitbake-devel and added the signedoff. For the bitbake patches i added the paths searched to the errors and also fixed a missing signoff. The bbfatal looks something like:11:36
ptsnevesUnable to get checksum for man-db SRC_URI entry 404: file could not be found11:36
ptsnevesThe following paths were searched:11:36
RPptsneves: great, that makes it as useful as the current fetch failure now11:38
RPptsneves: thanks, I'll continue to try and see if I can work out what is going wrong with sstate11:39
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wkawkaHi, how can I trace wic blupgin? I have created a new plugin from the old one, but my created grub.cnf file is being overwritten, and I can't find anything what is doing that12:40
RPptsneves: I think this is actually a missing mkdir :/12:41
ptsneves@RP can you point to the code you are looking at?12:42
ptsnevesah there was a funny assumption there12:44
ptsneveslocalpath used to point to the last entry of localpaths which was DL_DIR12:44
ptsnevesor better it is DL_DIR in current code.12:44
RPptsneves: I think it was just luck it usually worked. This might not fix all the issues, not sure yet. Will need another run. It certainly makes the logs quieter12:45
ptsnevesI think the DL_DIR fallback was providing a very pervasive fallback even in cases where it was not meant to.12:56
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LetoThe2ndI have a Makefile-based package that with INIT_MANAGER = "systemd" borks out on ld not understanding -Wl,-O1 whereas on "sysvinit" it builds, and I totally can't find why. Can't find a difference in the LDFLAGS and TARGET_LDFLAGS. any pointers?13:27
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rburtonLetoThe2nd: have you compared the log.do_compiles with and without systemd?13:37
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RPor even the configure logs13:42
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LetoThe2ndheh, tried to do that now (thanks rburton), so did a cleansstate and tried to reproduce. guess what happens? recipe builds for systemd.13:52
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rburtonbare makefile recipes are notoriously bad. it might be rebuilds which break it13:55
rburtonif you can, implement a working 'make clean'13:56
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qschulzor just delete the recipe tmpdir between tries also?13:59
rburtonthat's cheating if the goal is to solve the problem14:00
LetoThe2ndwho cares about solving....14:02
qschulzrburton: it was the way to get the log.do_compile/do_configure back?14:04
qschulzI assume the WORKDIR was dirty and make didn't re-run completely14:04
qschulzand if LetoThe2nd is using the same workdir for his tries with INIT_MANAGER, it might mess up the attempts?14:04
qschulzmuch knowledgeable, very expert14:05
* LetoThe2nd much depressed, very drink14:06
wkawkaDuring booting my system hangs on systemd-journald[1843]: Received client request to flush runtime journal.14:14
wkawkaIt is hanging for abiut 90 seconds, then i can run shell for maintenance14:14
rburtonLetoThe2nd: if this is something you wrote, just use a proper build tool. if its something else, shout at the author to use a proper build tool14:14
LetoThe2ndrburton: i will save my breath instead of shouting at some chinese author writing boot0 for allwinner, tbh.14:15
qschulzrburton: I think we just closed the loop :) what you said is the first thing LetoThe2nd always say when someone asks something about makefile based projets :D14:15
LetoThe2ndthis is what we're talkikng about:
wkawkai don't know what to do about it, when i type `ls / -laht` i don't se any 1000 PID, all of them are root14:16
LetoThe2ndqschulz: yeah, you're totally right. the problem is those usually are... not exactly cooperating.14:17
qschulzLetoThe2nd: line 5 already shows there's little experience with Yocto :/14:17
LetoThe2ndqschulz: lol yeah.14:17
qschulzand LIC_FILES_CHKSUM14:17
qschulzoh my14:17
LetoThe2ndqschulz: have to say though that the original author is (was) really junior, so no blaming from my end.14:18
qschulzshouldn't have passed review though :/14:19
LetoThe2ndqschulz: blame khem14:19
qschulzLetoThe2nd: there are a few newer commits in the git repo, I doubt it'll make a difference but why not try :)14:20
qschulz(one teaches junior, not blame them BTW :) )14:20
RPsmurray, dl9pf: Looks like meta-agl has a reproducibility issue in connman-ncurses:
dl9pfin the debug symbols ... hmmm14:26
RPdl9pf: we're down to that, a kernel issue and something with mulltilibs messing up14:28
dl9pfok either me or scott will look14:29
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agherzanRP: I worked today on a CI issue we had where ninja was killing our build nodes and I've backport + implemented this
agherzan1. it backports a patch so ninja will adhere to the cgroup limits14:56
agherzan2. it implements a way for injecting a load average configuration via an environment variable (this can be set in the CI infra and/or we can discuss a sane default for oe-core)14:56
agherzanWe use 2 for recipes doing bare ninja stuff, for gn-based recipes but ideally it would be used in cmake too (to pass the relevant argument down to ninja). Do these look sane for pushing to master/kirkstone.14:56
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elroyHi.  I find a lot of text in the Yocto manual about running GDB on the target.  Are there any tips for using GDB on the host to analyze postmortem core dumps sent back by users?15:00
JaMaagherzan: looks nice (I would be definitely interested to test this), but doesn't "export MAXLOAD_NINJA" screw with sstate reuse?15:04
ptsnevesJaMa: Would this not be good for the patches on bitbake for the cpu pressure?15:05
agherzanYes, it would and it will. I'll need to fix that JaMa15:06
JaMaagherzan: if you happen to add it in bitbake.conf's BB_HASHEXCLUDE_COMMON then please remove PARALLEL_MAKE from BB_HASHCONFIG_IGNORE_VARS as it's listed in both variables (and the later includes BB_HASHEXCLUDE_COMMON so it's listed twice)15:09
agherzanThat's what I had in mind15:10
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denisoft81hi guys, I received this error message when I boot up my system....
denisoft81kindly, how can I do?15:27
denisoft81I'm trying to boot the system using SD card15:28
RPagherzan: you should let vmeson have a look at that!15:29
landgrafRP: Summary with reproducer . Note: this happens during do_rootfs when dnf installs packages15:29
RPagherzan: I like the idea from the description but I'm a bit out of time right now to look in detail15:29
rburtondenisoft81: tried a different SD card?15:31
denisoft81hi rburton, I only have this card in this moment15:32
RPlandgraf: thanks. I see it is the fact the ptest pulls in openssh itself which causes the issues :(15:32
RPlandgraf: I don't know how we'd solve this :(15:32
landgrafRP: The only idea I have is to build openssh-sftp-server in different recipe but it's not nice "workaround" :-/15:34
JaMalandgraf: why not BAD_RECOMMENDATION we discussed before? works for me15:35
landgrafwhoops. Sorry. fat fingers15:35
landgrafJaMa: because it will block openssh even if it's needed15:35
agherzanRP: thanks. Given the good feedback I'll just start working on an oe-core series and we can iterate there.15:36
RPJaMa: that would break the ptest package :/15:36
JaMait would block only openssh-sftp-server recomendation, right? not a dependency on openssh15:36
landgrafJaMa: as a workaround we use 'PACKAGE_EXCLUDE_COMPLEMENTARY = openssh'15:36
RPagherzan: vmeson has done work in this area so has a specialist interest15:36
agherzanSure. I'll keep him in the loop15:36
RPJaMa: I see what you mean, that would mean the scp is broken though?15:37
JaMaas work around I'm using
vmesonRP: agherzan: -- reading -- cgroups eh? no root perms needed even to set things up?15:37
JaMaRP: yes, you have to use -O for scp to work15:37
JaMaRP: I've seen your message about -O being only temporary, but I haven't found any confirmation from upstream about it15:38
landgrafJaMa: with 'PACKAGE_EXCLUDE_COMPLEMENTARY openssh-sftp-server will be installed so you can use scp still.15:38
agherzanvmeson: that is only used to use the existing cgroup limits. It doesn't set them15:38
agherzanThat is only to use*15:39
agherzanIt basically sets the -j based on the cgroup limit.15:40
vmesonagherzan: cool. That would certainly help. Instead of load average, we've found that /proc/pressure/cpu regulation using either avg10 or a manual 1 second diff of the total pressure is more responsive.15:40
landgrafso I've found this less invasive than bad_recommendation. the only disadvantage is missed openssh-ptest/-dev/-dbg package on openssh-based images with *-pkgs but this can be simply worked around with IMAGE_INSTALL:append = "openssh-<pkg>"15:41
vmesonagherzan: I'm in another meeting so I'll skim now and read more carefully later.15:41
agherzanvmeson: but this will throttle ninja directly as it spawns new jobs15:43
agherzanHow are you using the CPU pressure?15:43
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agherzanOh I see, you are only saying that this will be a better metric15:45
vmesonagherzan: so far only to limit bitbake from starting new tasks but I think the same approach would be useful for ninja/make. Let me find the link....15:45
vmesonagherzan: yes.15:45
agherzanWe would need to implement it in make/ninja etc15:46
agherzanThe limit on bitbake will be just the tip of the iceberg because we need the throttling for the invoked builds too15:46
vmesonagherzan: <--- uses avg10 - that helps but it's a bit too slow.15:47
agherzanI see.15:48
vmesonagherzan: agree. I can share some of the work we've done so far if you like. Setting PARALLEL_MAKE to a small value of say 1/Number-of-builds does help limit the overload of a full buld but won't help with chromium for example.15:49
agherzanI would start for now with the existing support in make and ninja and we can improve it with PSI afterwards15:49
vmesonalong with the /proc/pressure regulation that is.15:49
agherzanChromium was cmake?15:50
agherzanIf yes, I plan to extend the ave load conf to cmake too15:50
vmesonagherzan: sure, it'll help. I did test using ninja -l with chromium and as you'd expect the number of compilation jobs shot above and below the targetted limit but it did help on average.15:51
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* vmeson shifts focus back to the meeting he's in...15:52
agherzanWe'll run some tests on our farm. And tell you how it goes15:52
agherzanCheers. Thanks15:52
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vmesonagherzan: chromium build with ninja -l 60 or so:
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agherzanvmeson: interesting. I was expecting something like this too16:00
agherzanThat actually looks very good16:01
agherzanOh well. It's not 60 it's 50. But it's still decent.16:04
vmesonagherzan:  Yes 50. it's a good start a square wave is the goal . ;-)16:04
vmesonagherzan: close up:
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agherzanMakes sense. I think that is a good starting point16:17
agherzanI'll also measure stuff on our side but based on your graphs it looks decent16:18
vmesonagherzan: would the addition of cgroup make things even better?16:18
agherzanIt will limit the CPU upper bound of ninja16:19
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agherzanSo if you have a docker container, it will respect the limits set there16:19
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agherzan(Docker as an example)16:19
vmesonagherzan: I see. I haven't played with looking at cpu regulation in containers yet so I look forward to seeing your results.16:20
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agherzanWe use gitlab CI with docker runners and this makes the ninja processes respect the limits on the runners.16:31
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fenrigHi, how can I disable the memory tagging feature from my machine config?
fenrigPACKAGECONFIG:remove = "memory-tagging" ?16:36
fenrigis there a way to do it only for aarch64?16:36
fenrigcan I do it from wherever?16:38
fenrigthis structure?16:38
qschulzfenrig: in a bbappend for the recipe16:39
fenrigI only have it when combining glibc2.35 with <linux5.4 on aarch6416:40
fenrigso I would like to try to disable the feature only there :/16:40
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qschulzfenrig: I don't think there's a guaranteed way to know which version of the kernel will be built from within recipes16:46
fenrigtoo bad, I put a comment around it. As Im mainly focussing on linux containers which will be running on 4.14 or greater :/16:47
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fenrigqschulz: btw isnt the linux-libc-headers component an implicit dependency of all the packages that are to be built for the target? as its part of the toolchain16:48
JaMawe work around this by specifying the kernel version to build in MACHINE.conf and then it can be used in other recipes, but that's not without its own issues as well16:48
fenrigbtw I dont have any kernel built, but I do need the headers in the cross compile toolchain to match the host16:49
fenrigto clarify, the host of the container16:49
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qschulzJaMa: PREFERRED_VERSION isn't enforced I'm pretty sure?16:59
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JaMaqschulz: correct PREFERRED_VERSION isn't17:03
JaMaWEBOS_VERSION_KERNEL is and that's what our kernel recipe uses to define PV and SRCREV17:04
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janvermaete[m]Hi, I think setuptools-scm isn't needed anymore in the python3-jsonschema recipe.18:45
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janvermaete[m]What to do?  Email to mailinglist.  A patch?  But how to verify if the recipe is still working.  I'm not using the recipe itself.18:46
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zeddiiRP: I have -stable updates, and then the next set of buildpaths fixes. They'd all go on top of my last ones (gen-mach-types). Want me to do a pull request, versus sending the 6 patches as singles .. that way the ordering is clear19:03
Xageni have an odd issue that i'm hoping someone can help solve19:04
Xageni have a binary that's failing to run due to it saying that it doesn't exist (but does)19:04
Xagenand it looks like one of the libraries is the cause19:04
Xagenwhen i use ldd on it from devshell, i see "/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.34' not found"19:05
rfriedHi. I'm trying to add customized kernel (git) to a new BSP I'm creating.19:05
rfriedThe build fails with: ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES '${@oe.utils.conditional('KERNEL_IMAGETYPE',' (but /work/ramon/bsp/bsp/yocto/layers/meta-neureality/recipes-kernel/linux/ RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)19:05
rfriedI'm on  Yocto Kirkstone.19:05
rfrieda complete error and recipe for kernel is here:
Xagenbut glibc 2.35 is what should be getting installed based on the recipes i see19:05
kanavin_back in berlin! but not starting to work until 25th july or so19:06
Xageni think it's looking at my host glibc for some reason19:06
Xagennot sure how to get around this19:06
rfriedWould love if someone can point me to what am I missing. because KERNEL_IMAGETYPE is defined in the machine config.19:06
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JPEWrsalveti: After talking with RP, we (well, mostly RP) found a much simpler solution to the SPDX document problem we were seeing19:28
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JPEWI just pushed the patch to the ML19:28
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JPEWRP: it could also be `if isSPDXtask(task) and isSPDXtask(deptaskname)` so that it only applies to do_create_(runtime_)spdx -> do_create_(runtime_)spdx`. I can't decide if that's better19:30
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jonmasonprobably a stupid question, but any idea why pulseaudio would need m4-native with a binary toolchain but not native gcc?19:36
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jonmasondoing an armv7 build of sato and seeing this (building sato for the first time for this platform, so unsure if this is a regression or not)19:36
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rsalvetiJPEW: awesome, let me take a look20:07
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rsalvetiah, cool, changing sstatesig20:09
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dmoseleyAt the meeting in Nuremburg for EW, there was some discussion of using Matrix with IRC integration for accessing these channels. Does anyone have any links or docs on how to do this? Also, what would be the benefit of that setup over an IRC bouncer like ZNC? cc: LetoThe2nd20:36
JPEW(very bottom)20:42
dmoseleyAny thoughts on the benefits?20:43
JPEWdmoseley: Not from me20:44
JPEWI use IRC Cloud FWWIW20:45
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RPJPEW: being specific may be beneficial22:19
RPzeddii: thanks! I'll work it out :)22:19
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JPEWRP: ya I was leaning that will. Will send a v222:47
RPzeddii: seeing version sanity check failures :( - did I get the patches wrong? :/22:53
zeddiiRP: I was rushing a bit. let me double check everything.23:00
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RPzeddii: it might be the yocto-bsp versions looking at the pattern23:02
zeddiiRP: I didn't run my --release process on the last BSP bumps. that automatically bumps the version23:02
zeddiiI can send one with the version bumps. doing that now. (seeing if my script will work without SRCREVs changing at the same time)23:02
zeddiiit works. doing 5.10 and will send the patches.23:05
RPzeddii: thanks!23:10
* RP reruns the build and heads to sleep23:11
RPrburton: 3 vim and a lua :(23:12
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