Friday, 2022-07-15

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mckoangood morning06:25
LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:32
LetoThe2nddmoseley: shoragan might be helpful here!06:32
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shoragan[m]dmoseley: this channel is already bridged to #yoctoproject:matrix.org07:05
shoragan[m]dmoseley: same with and #oe on libera.chat07:06
shoragandmoseley, a main benefit is that matrix has proper multi-client support with configurable push notifications for mobile07:08
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perdmannHi, maybe this is a strange question. I know there are multiple ways to modify the "standard" devicetrees and kernel configs... I use an old Raspberrypi for this and I found this: It looks good to me. (No copying, just add additional information) Is there something similiar for Devicetrees?07:18
mckoanperdmann: glad to see you liked my wiki ;-)07:19
mckoanperdmann: for devicetree you have to create a parch, no fragments07:19
perdmannSo, rpi is heavily using DT overlays, but how do I add an additional overlay? I tried with creating a seperate machine and "require" the raspberrypi machine. But it turns out that i would need to additionally add things (devicetree, kernelconfig, uboot config) which are already set in the rpi machine07:20
perdmannmckoan: Yes, its good. Do you also have a site for that? :)07:20
LetoThe2ndperdmann: the layer is really ugly (thanks Seeed!), but maybe you can find inspiration at
perdmannThank you both.07:21
LetoThe2ndhave fun!07:21
perdmannIll let you know when its booting :)07:22
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qschulzjanvermaete[m]: wondering how you came to this conclusion while not using the recipe :)?07:57
qschulzjanvermaete[m]: at the very least, compiling the native and target version of the recipe would be good07:58
qschulzsending a patch to the appropriate ML (oe-core it seems)07:58
qschulzwould be cool once that's done07:58
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ptsnevesa bit out of topic. Has anybody ever used on of these for their labs?08:31
Guest99Why can't I put "IMAGE_INSTALL:append" inside a  bitbake recipe file but I have to put it inside a configuration file?08:31
mckoanGuest99: because is a IMAGE append08:32
ptsnevesGuest99: You can and should definitely add it to a recipe. What is the issue you have?08:32
mckoanGuest99: actually you can add it into an image recipe08:32
Guest99If I make a new custom recipe and I put it inside the .bb of that recipe the image that will be built won't contain that package. As soon as I put it inside the configuration file it will be in the image.08:33
ptsnevesGuest99: as @mckoan mentions you need to add it to an image recipe, not just any recipe08:34
jclsn[m]Is there a way to see a real-time compile log for a recipes?08:34
ptsnevesjclsn[m]: dont think so, but if you are feeling adventurous fireup the devshell and run the temp/run.do_compile manually08:34
Guest99A recipe file is a .bb file, then you are saying it shouldn't matter if it is inside a .bb file or a configuration file, as long as it is related to configuring the final image file?08:35
Guest99trying to learn the ropes here so sorry about asking these kind of questions08:36
jclsn[m]ptneves: I have never used the devshell. Will have a look. Thanks08:36
ptsnevesGuest99: No problem. Metadata defined in a recipe is specific to that recipe and nothing else. When you add some kind of metadata info to a conf file it is possibly taken globally and is available on all recipes as well. Your situation with the conf looks like your image recipe is catching the global conf you set up and it works as you wish. Find the image recipe and add the IMAGE_INSTALL:append there and you shall not need to make08:38
ptsnevesthe changes in the at a configuration level08:38
Guest99Thank you ptsneves and mckoan, I understand now.08:39
jclsn[m]ptneves: I have tried settings up the devshell with ``bitbake -c devshell image_name``, but bitbake then tries to build the package again08:39
jclsn[m]The U-Boot compilation is taking more than 10 mintues. Something is fishy08:40
jclsn[m]Ah I had to use the package name, not the image name08:44
qschulzjclsn[m]: yeah 10min ain't right for U-Boot08:54
ptsnevesjclsn[m]: Previosuly you mentioned compilation but now you mention an image_name. Confused :)08:59
ptsnevesyou should run devshell with the recipe you want to inspect, one with a compile task in your case09:00
jclsn[m]ptsneves: I just assumed the image name was meant by "target"09:12
ptsnevesnope. Were you successful?09:13
jclsn[m]I have the devshell now and I guess I have to update my defconfig. U-Boot expects and ENV_OFFSET now, which was prompted for after running make09:13
jclsn[m]Not yet, but I am getting there09:13
ptsnevesjclsn[m]: my suggestion is to do bitbake <recipe> -c compile, ctrl-c after a bit, bitbake <recipe> -c devshell, ./temp/run.do_compile09:16
ptsnevesyou should not need to do any manual changes09:17
ptsnevesit is hacky but it is a quick and dirty way to get the scripts generated09:17
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jclsn[m]ptsneves: Thanks, will try that after the break09:27
jclsn[m]But I would have assumed that everything is set up by launching the devshell as well09:27
jclsn[m]I just ran make defconfig and then make as usual09:27
ptsnevesyou should not do that unless you know what you are doing or have an extremely simple recipe09:32
ptsnevesthe devshell sets up an environment similar to the one the run.do_* will run but that is it09:32
ptsnevesat the top of my head i do not recall what tasks it depends on but i would be surprised it depends on do_configure09:32
ptsnevesactually you may have modified your workspace in a way it will not help you. I suggest running bitbake <recipe> -c clean and then do exactly the steps i wrote above09:33
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wkawkaHi, can I somehow have different fstab files in base-files? I have second image and it will need another fstab09:48
wkawkaBut i can't change fstab because it will corrupt my first image09:48
qschulzwkawka: you need a different distro configuration09:49
qschulz(I mean, two distro configruation files)09:49
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wkawkaOr maybe I can modify fstab file to satisfy them both09:50
qschulzthat's also one way indeed09:50
qschulzmaybe there's a better way than modifying base-files's fstab09:50
qschulzbut am not aware of any (I haven't played with fstab)09:50
wkawkaThe problem is /boot partition, on the first image it is called boot, on the second iboot and i think i cant change this name (maybe it will be overwritten by wic I have to check it)09:52
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ptsneves@wkaka if you use systemd you can use .mount files which allow for more powerful configurability at runtime10:14
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rburtonhm, oe-core master appears to have broken meta-zephyr10:46
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jclsn[m]Is there a way to add a recipe to your workspace again after removing it with ``devtool reset``10:46
jclsn[m]I still have the folder in my workspace and want to use it again instead of checking it out again10:47
qschulzjclsn[m]: devtool modify -n IIRC?10:51
qschulz(or -x?)10:51
jclsn[m]qschulz: Ah yes, thanks10:53
jclsn[m]Should have done entered a -h after the modify command10:53
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jclsn[m]ptneves: Ah after cleaning it also fails properly, so no need I guess10:58
jclsn[m]CONFIG_SPL_FIT_GENERATOR seems deprecated plus I need to add CONFIG_DMI_SPI_FLASH also it already is10:58
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ptsnevesqschulz: cheers. Did not know of the -n option. Again the discoverability issues in Yocto. We should have a tip of the day enabled by default every time one runs bitbake11:02
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phakoIm trying to get boost-numpy into a recepie, but er - I am failing to understand how to do that, of if that's even possible11:10
phako*as a dependency11:10
rburtonphako: not sure what you're actually trying to do11:11
phakohey ross :)11:11
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rburtonhi phako :)11:12
rburtonthe boost recipe builds the python support by default11:12
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phakoyes. I do have boost-python in the sysroot - but the cmake fails to find boost::numpy11:13
phakoboost-python is found11:14
jclsn[m]<ptsneves> "qschulz: cheers. Did not know of..." <- Yeah also maybe show this when ``devtool modify <target>`` fails because the workspace already exists11:14
phakoI meant11:14
rburtonphako: boost doesn't depend on numpy so maybe thats disabled at configure time?11:14
phakohow would I convince boost to come with numpy?11:14
rburtonboost's build system is 100% blergh11:14
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rburtonfind_package(Python REQUIRED COMPONENTS Development OPTIONAL_COMPONENTS NumPy)11:15
phakoI found a mail thread where this seems to happen by accident11:15
rburtonI'd add a PACKAGECONFIG to the boost recipe for numpy which depends on python3-numpy, and enable it in your configuration11:16
rburtondon't make that a default as boost is horrible enough to build at the best of times11:16
phakosomewhere around the PACKAGECONFIG[] stuff in the bb?11:17
rburtonPACKAGECONFIG = "..." defines what options are enabled by default11:17
rburtonso you want a new PACKAGECONFIG[numpy]11:17
phakohow do I make local overrides again? I"m off BB for 4 years now :/11:17
rburtonwell, start by just changing the PACKAGECONFIG = ... to get it working11:18
phakoah :D11:18
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phakoSorry I am proying currently11:20
phakoblergh. how do you enable that then in your recipe? I have forgotten everything apparently :(11:22
rburtonblindly guessing: PACKAGECONFIG[numpy] = ",,python3-numpy" (as there's no on/off toggle, just add the build dependency)11:24
rburtonthen for now, PACKAGECONFIG ??= "locale python numpy"11:24
phakoyep that was the clear part11:24
rburtonin an ideal world, your distro would set PACKAGECONFIG:append:pn-boost = " numpy" to enable numpy on top of whatever the defaults are11:25
phakothanks. we will kick that off and see what happens11:29
qschulzjclsn[m]: patches welcome :)11:31
wkawkawhat is pre-expansion-value and where can it be set?11:42
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jclsn[m]<qschulz> "jclsn: patches welcome :)" <- Repo?11:50
qschulzjclsn[m]: seems to be part of oe-core11:51
wkawkais there an option to force wic to overwrite (not append) fstab file?12:11
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RPptsneves: I merged the fetcher changes FWIW, DL_DIR is removed :)12:13
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jclsn[m]qschulz: I can't even find the relevant error message in the Python scripts12:22
jclsn[m]output path /home/userWorkspace/Yocto/my-machine/build/workspace/sources/u-boot-imx already exists and is non-empty12:22
jclsn[m]Tried ag on all meta layers already...12:23
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jclsn[m]Ah well12:33
jclsn[m]The motivation is fading12:34
jclsn[m]Haven't had a beer in a few days hmm12:34
jclsn[m]Things LetoThe2nd would never say :D12:36
jclsn[m]Yocto Yoga what? :D12:37
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ptsnevesRP: Yay great news :) Thanks for the effort and follow up12:59
ptsnevesRP: nitpick no os.path join? :D13:02
RPptsneves: it would make it much less readable13:02
qschulzRP: Path(core_layer).parent / "scripts" should work IIRC (I like pathlib :) )13:05
RPqschulz: that looks horrible though13:07
ptsneves@RP congrats on having a project that is working so well that we can finally argue about nitpick stuff13:09
qschulzRP: /me gasps13:11
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janvermaete[m]Hi,  I try to update the python3-jsonrpcserver recipe.  It's now depends on the  python oslash package.13:24
janvermaete[m]what's not that active :-)  But used in the latest version of jsonrpcserver.13:24
janvermaete[m]Should this that be a new recipe in meta-python?13:25
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qschulzjanvermaete[m]: is already at the latest tag13:44
qschulzand there's no mention of oslash anywhere13:45
qschulzbut at the same time oslash is listed in of the project, so I am surrpised it compiles (does it?)13:46
janvermaete[m]well, it does compile here.  But when loading the application with jsonrpcserver it's compaining.13:47
janvermaete[m]but oslash seems to be not yet part of yocto/oe13:47
janvermaete[m]but I'm not sure it's (except for one recipe) needed.13:47
janvermaete[m]last commits at oslash is from 2020.13:47
JPEWrsalveti, RP: Sent the V2 of that signature patch13:51
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qschulzjanvermaete[m]: understood. if jsonrpcserver does not work without it, then you need to add it to meta-python13:54
qschulzand add it to RDEPENDS of jsonrpcserver package13:54
qschulzor, we remove jsonrpcserver from meta-python because it does not work and nobody has complained in the few months it's been updated (it's part of kirkstone already)13:55
janvermaete[m]@qschulz I'll do my best to add it and test it.13:57
RPJPEW: cool, thanks13:58
janvermaete[m]Jsonrpcserver will remove in the 6.x release the oslash dependency.13:59
janvermaete[m]So, no big issue.  Once it's at 6.x, we can remove the python3-oslash again.14:00
qschulzjanvermaete[m]: well.. yes but 1) no guarantee there'll be a 6.x any time soon 2) kirkstone is an LTS, so for its life-time we'll carry this recipe14:04
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qschulz(don't forget to send the patch against master first but once merged to notify sakoman he shoudl take them in oe-core because IMO this should be backported14:05
janvermaete[m]or add the patch on 6.0 into the recipe?
janvermaete[m]Anyhow, it's not my call.  But if it's removed from meta-python.  Could it be moved somewhere else?  After all, it's a nice and useful python package.14:07
qschulzjanvermaete[m]: if we remove it from meta-python because it does not work, it's not to have it maintained by us somewhere else I'm afraid14:11
qschulzjanvermaete[m]: I've looked into the patch and it's not a simple one, so *I* would not backport it if I were the maintainer of meta-python14:12
qschulzbut I don't have any authority on what goes in or not14:12
rburtonqschulz: RP is just wrong, pathlib is great14:12
janvermaete[m]qschulz: ok, got it.  I'll expect to have a patch in master of the python3-jsonrpcserver + a new python3-oslash recipe.14:13
qschulzjanvermaete[m]: that's what makes the most sense to me yes14:13
qschulzbut it can go ugly very fast, I also don't know the dependencies of python3-oslash14:13
janvermaete[m]qschulz: will see.  Soon weekend here...14:15
qschulzjanvermaete[m]: have fun :)14:16
rsalvetiJPEW: great, thanks!14:18
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rburtonkanavin_: what's the use-case for a site.conf which gets copied from a layer to the build directory?  As its meant to be site-wide why can't the file stay in the layer? Things the user can customise should go into local.conf.sample, surely14:32
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kanavin_rburton, I thought I made the case in the commit message?15:30
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kanavin_rburton, ah, you mean meta-layer/conf/site.conf will work just as well?15:35
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rburtonkanavin_: yeah15:37
rburtonthat's what I have, meta-ross/conf/site.conf15:37
kanavin_rburton, right, then the only situation is when these things vary between builds, e.g. where the cache is on the network15:39
kanavin_rburton, the other use case is when setting up a build with default templates, you get local.conf.sample, bblayers.conf.sample from meta-poky/conf, but not site.conf.sample15:46
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rburtonhm clang makes buildpaths explode too17:42
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rburtonkhem: FYI meta-oe master will break without the python fixes i sent today/yesterday for meta-oe17:50
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khemrburton: yeah I saw that in meta-oe AB and other CI jobs18:13
khemrburton: clang should be as bad as gcc when it comes to buildpaths I assume. Or are you seeing something more18:14
rburtonkhem: more warnings that gcc doesn't give18:22
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khemoh that for sure19:22
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RPzeddii: thanks for everything this week, it has been a bit crazy but I've merged all the pending kernel bits and the buildpaths changes20:40
zeddiino problem. Glad it is looking better. Now Ive got 5 or 6 for meta-virt :)20:40
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RPzeddii: there will be a ripple effect from that change but I think it a worthwhile one (not least for better hashequiv)20:47
RPzeddii: btw, if you do have any info on which kernels enable DEBUG_INFO and which don't I would like to understand that at some point for spdx manifests20:48
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RPzeddii: buildpaths might mean fewer reproducibility issues making it through local user testing20:49
zeddiiright now, it's a per BSP thing. for the kernels. We have a "developer" kernel type, that isn't widely used, that globally enables things like that.20:56
zeddiithe default -standard doesn't, as it is leaner and suitable for deployment.20:56
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zeddiiit seems like few of the go packages in meta-virt have buildpaths warnings. need to see if it is in the go binaries or secondary generated files.20:56
RPzeddii: ok. We might want to look at enabling that kernel feature by default in OE-Core or in poky or something just so spdx works as expected now we have a good user of it...20:59
RPzeddii: no idea on go I'm afraid20:59
RPzeddii: I found all multilibs were broken for reproducibility earlier today which is kind of scary20:59
zeddiiRP: yah, it is something we can add in with the other kernel features. I can have a look at it early next week.21:00
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RPzeddii: ok, I'm asking mainly whilst I remember! I think I might know how to do it but you'd probably stand a better chance of getting it right!21:02
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* RP realises he forgot to try and sort CVEs :/21:05
zeddiiRP: right, it is just a matter of including features/debug/debug-kernel.scc in KERNEL_FEATURES21:06
zeddiiwe can do at along side our other qemu bbappends.21:06
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zeddiior whatever machines we want. we'd need it for the reference h/w BSPs as well, I suppose.21:07
zeddiiwould you want it on conditionally on a distro feature ?  do we have a debug one like that ? one for SPDX ? i haven't checked, but will.21:07
RPzeddii: we don't currently have a suitable distro feature21:09
zeddiiok. I'll add that to the "to ponder" part21:09
* RP ponders too21:13
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zeddiiit looks like it is the go binaries themselves that have the reference, probably a build ID.21:23
* zeddii calls it quits and will look at that on Monday or over the weekend.21:23
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