Monday, 2022-08-01

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marexhey, how come there are not 5.16..5.18 branches in yocto kernel cache ?01:04
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Guest53Hi guys, there is a typo I guess in the Yocto project docs06:14
Guest533.23.3.1 Making Sure the Packaging is Done, there it says 'lighttpd', but probably 'libhttpd' is meant06:14
Guest53that's it06:14
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LetoThe2ndGuest53: i think its correct. lighttpd is a httpd server package, which is being split into packages.06:36
Guest53Okay, thanks06:36
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LetoThe2ndGuest53: thanks for the heads up!06:37
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Guest53Does bitbake use an embedded Python interpreter to process python-style tasks?06:43
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Guest53I want to use a specific interpreter (e.g. python3.5 and higher), can I do that? Or is there only one fixed embedded python interpreter that comes with the OE version?06:44
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LetoThe2ndGuest53: I don't know, but what is the rationale behind it?06:44
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Guest53Just not being sure if I can execute complex logic from a Python task inside a recipe, or should I better write the logic to a script and call that from recipe task06:45
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Guest53I think the second option is the way to go..06:45
LetoThe2ndGuest53: you can do pretty complex stuff in there, the question is more, where does it correctly fit in.06:46
LetoThe2ndGuest53: if you look at the sdk-related bbclasses for example, you can see that it is quite non-trivial.06:47
Guest53Can you say where to look?06:47
Guest53for example06:47
LetoThe2ndrandom example of complex stuff in python tasks, theres a lot more in the classes directory.06:48
Guest53great, but one thing is not clear to me06:49
Guest53How does bitbake choose Python? 2 or 3 for example06:50
Guest53is there a rule?06:50
LetoThe2ndGuest53: bitbake is strictyl py306:50
Guest53Okay, cool06:50
Guest53higher than 3.5? I need a 3.5. or higher version06:50
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Guest53So if that is the case, then I can work inside that Python task, which is what I need. Thanks06:51
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Guest53you know everything06:54
Guest53thanks a lot06:54
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LetoThe2ndGuest53: please note that I just looked at master. if you are using something outdated, then ... *shrug*06:54
Guest53I can check that in the sources. Thanks, you made things more clear for me!06:55
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Guest53LetoThe2nd is there something special that is worth knowing in bitbake's Python? Or is it just a regular py3 with certain libraries loaded?07:48
Guest53or 'module', not libraries07:48
Guest53that would be more correct, in terms of python07:48
Guest53e.g. utils etc07:49
LetoThe2ndGuest53: no idea.07:49
Guest53Yes, I am just scared of doing something, hence a lot of asking. Let's start coding :)07:50
LetoThe2ndgood plan, try and find out. :-)07:51
qschulzGuest53: python 3.6 is the minimal required version for Bitbake for a few releases now07:58
qschulzah well, that's what LetoThe2nd pointed at07:58
Guest53yes, but thanks07:58
Guest53 I use a lower actually. we have an old release07:59
Guest533.4  I guess. But still good, I can work with that I think07:59
Guest53the only solution is upgrading actually, I will have one more argument to suggest an upgrade07:59
qschulz3.4 has this commit08:00
qschulzbut it's EOL anyway08:00
qschulzso please upgrade to kirkstone (4.0)08:00
Guest53Okay, thanks08:00
LetoThe2ndqschulz: time to celebrate! I successfully answered a python question today!08:00
qschulzit's an LTS (2 years support right now, maybe more, depends if companies put money into the project for longer maintenance)08:00
Guest53need to make up new topic for the streams08:00
qschulzLetoThe2nd: yay \o/08:01
Guest53Thanks qschulz08:01
LetoThe2ndGuest53: heh, sadly no streaming sessions these days. would love to do, but time...08:01
qschulzGuest53: I don't know if the python interpreter used in Bitbake allows to use any python module/extension in its python tasks08:01
qschulz(I assume it could/should but it's also not THAT great if you're using non-core modules because you'd then require your users to install additional python packages on their host08:02
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qschulzand have to deal with versioning etc...)08:02
Guest53Okay, maybe calling a script is a good option08:02
qschulzGuest53: script would be the same if it's called by Bitbake during recipe parsing/building08:03
Guest53yes, that was the idea08:03
qschulzactually... not true08:03
qschulzif you use it as a script and call it as a script directly from the recipe, you could create a native recipe for this python module/extension you need and use it08:03
qschulzbut that needs to happen after do_prepare_recipe_sysroot (likely do_configure, do_compile, do_install or that kind of stuff)08:04
Guest53I see you are more bitbake/oe oriented than me. I was thinking simple. Just call"python3")08:05
Guest53like this08:05
qschulzin which case, I think you wouldn't even need to care about the minimal version because the native python recipe would be used instead of the host (IIRC, mnot entirely sure)08:05
qschulzGuest53: you could simply call in a shell task ./ (Maybe), or ${PYTHON_NATIVE} ./ (or something like that008:06
Guest53PYTHON_NATIVE is a var for that, okay, didn't know thanks08:06
qschulzthat's not the correct name, need to look it up08:07
Guest53yes, shell can also be used. Okay, thanks for ideas. Can try them now08:07
qschulz${PYTHON} should be enough08:07
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qschulzbut I don't see it being used08:09
qschulzso wondering if just inheriting (inherit) python3native in your recipe should be enough08:09
Guest53let me check that too08:10
qschulzsince the bbclass exports a PYTHON environment variable, maybe that does the trick08:10
JaMayes just python3native and then call python3 from shell task or shebang in the script08:11
Guest53cool, thanks for solution08:11
JaMaif any python3 from host is good enough for your script (no fancy extensions) then you don't need the inherit08:11
JaMapython3 is in PATH from HOSTTOOLS08:11
JaMaand I would do separate script, because if the logic is complex then you might need to debug your script separately and that's easier by hand in your source repo, than debuging complex python code inside task code08:12
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JaMavmeson: is Aryaman Gupta here? I'm running some benchmarks with /proc/pressure limits and I might have some questions, e.g. why cpu and io, but not memory? In too many of my builds it not only gets slower, but then fails with OOMK and ram usage is IMHO a bit less predictable than cpu/io, so BB_PRESSURE_MAX_MEMORY seems like good idea to me, but maybe there were technical reasons not to do that08:32
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wkawkaHi, is there a proper channel with kas-container? i didn't find it09:08
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rburtonthere's no kas channel, no09:13
rburtonsome people here use kas so might be able to help, but if you want to talk to the maintainers then you need to use the google group09:13
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ptsneves@rburton regarding the CMake passing absolute paths to flex, even if we could get CMake to pass relative paths(which we cant) there is no way the #line would be useful without also setting some prefix for the target which from the source it is not possible.09:17
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ptsnevesperhaps patch flex to accept a map for the #line entry?09:18
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wkawkaI have a strange problem, kas cannot resolve any host, event if i can clone them. I tried reinstalling, rebooting etc. nothing helps09:19
rburtonptsneves: is this in the context of the -src package?09:22
ptsneves@rburton yes and the fact it triggers buildpaths qa09:23
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rburtonptsneves: if so i'm 50/50 on patching flex to take a map vs just post-processing the -src with a search-and-replace09:23
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ptsneves@rburton lol me too that is why i ask. I guess the tipping point is whether this is expected to happen in other packages, or has been found already09:24
ptsneveson the other hand i do not see this as an issue in actual binaries due to gcc itself having the map feature09:24
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qschulzwkawka: you ran the git clone *manually* *inside* kas-container?09:26
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wkawkait was outside it, i will try to enter it09:27
rburtonptsneves: it's entirely a generated source problem, but also hits other tools like the glib enum/marshal generators09:27
rburtonwkawka: what specifically can't access any host09:27
wkawkait cannot clone even poky09:28
rburtonwhat is it09:28
qschulzrburton: kas-container I assume09:28
rburtonwhat *specifically* are you trying to do.09:29
rburtonliterally just docker into the kas-container then git clone?09:29
qschulzwkawka: don't you have a company proxy or something in place? have you tried with *any* container (like, debian:bullseye or something like that)09:29
wkawkai'm trying to run kas-container shell with ssh keys set09:29
qschulzwkawka: let's first make sure poky clones inside it, and it does not require ssh keys to do so (except if you have a mirror which can only be access with ssh keys?)09:31
wkawkahow can i manually run the container, i tried something like `docker run shell /path/to/kas/file`09:35
wkawkaI can't do this in the standard way, it cannot reslove hosts and then I cannot enter shell09:36
Guest53Is anyone able to download yocto-docs from the server?09:38
Guest53certificate expired error09:38
Guest53maybe that is from server side..09:39
qschulzGuest53: which git clone are you trying out?09:39
qschulzout of the three09:39
ptsnevesrburton: i am afraid that if we made a patch with the map option no-one would know about it and not use the functionality09:42
Guest53do you have a newsletter?09:42
ptsnevesi limited the scope of my current task to just get the project to build and if you change your mind about adding a map feature let me know.09:42
qschulzGuest53: what's the command you're using? because I don't have an issue here09:43
Guest53git clone
Guest53Okay let me try in another environment then09:43
qschulzGuest53: this is not a valid address for the git repo09:45
qschulzGuest53: where did you see git clone with this address?09:45
qschulzGuest53: at the bottom of: you get the URLs you can use09:45
qschulzbut I guess since does a redirect to which is a valid URL, it shoudl work?09:46
Guest53works now, thanks09:46
Guest53tried this one git:// and it works09:46
qschulzGuest53: where did you find this command? so we can fix it if it's somewhere in our docs or websites09:46
qschulz(the one with
Guest53well, I looked here about page09:47
Guest53"Git repository:"09:47
Guest53but that is okay09:47
Guest53web front end09:47
Guest53I didn't think before running git clone09:48
qschulzGuest53: we should fix this IMO, will send a patch, thanks for the report09:48
Guest53glad to help09:48
qschulzhalstead: hi o/ I was wondering if there's some issues in redirect or git server handling or whatever it could be09:52
qschulzhalstead: redirects (301) to
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qschulzhalstead: however, git clone does not work09:53
qschulzhalstead: but git clone does09:53
qschulzIs it actually supposed to work? Did it use to work? Is this something we want to fix?09:53
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rburtonGuessing git doesn't follow redirects?10:55
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TyakuHi, is it possible in a yocto receipe do call "mvn package" in order to generate a .jar file on a JAVA mvn project ?12:23
TyakuI found this page: But i'm not realy sure it's what i am looking for12:24
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LetoThe2ndTyaku: technically everything is possible. how much beating java and maven need in order to play along nicely, no idea.12:44
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bigendianhi, how to set sylink rtc -> rtc1 in zeus ?12:57
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ptsnevesdoes anybody know of a quick and dirty way to dump variables of a configure in yocto?13:04
qschulzptsneves: of a configure?13:05
ptsnevesin the configure step of cmake13:05
TyakuI would like to call "mvn package" in a yocto recipe, is it possible ? (mvn should be a command from the HOST (computer))13:06
ptsnevesTyaku: if you are feeling brave add it to the hosttools.13:07
ptsnevesor maybe there is a mvn-native recipe somewhere13:07
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qschulzTyaku: ptsneves: ^ add a DEPENDS += "maven-native" in your recipe I guess?13:09
qschulz(and add this layer or copy the relevant files (recipe, include files, additional files, etc..)13:09
ptsnevesyep :)13:13
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TyakuThanks qschulz, i'm watching it now.13:18
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rburtonptsneves: bitbake -e will show you the data store.13:38
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ptsneveswhy does systemd's systemd.pc root_prefix empty even when using usrmerge?14:10
*** kriive <kriive!~kriive@user/kriive> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)14:14
ptsnevesfixing the ROOTPREFIX_NOSLASH would remove meta/recipes-core/systemd/systemd/0001-Move-sysusers.d-sysctl.d-binfmt.d-modules-load.d-to-.patch14:16
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TyakuThanks qschulz it works like a charm. I put DEPENDS += "maven-native openjdk-8-native" and then in configure i'm able to do this: export JAVA_HOME=${WORKDIR}/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/lib/jvm/openjdk-8-native ${WORKDIR}/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/mvn package. Then it's only install stuff to put the JAR where I want.14:29
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qschulzTyaku: :+1:14:44
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ramacassis[m]Hi everyone, the project I am working on needs to build a recipe (u-boot) in both a dev and release version.15:13
ramacassis[m]Looking for best practices:15:13
ramacassis[m]it is better to create two distinct recipes "" and "" that set some specific variables before calling a common file "".15:14
ramacassis[m]Or to keep a unique recipe "", with default variables, and use local.conf to override some of them ?15:14
ramacassis[m]In the end I do either:15:14
ramacassis[m]bitbake u-boot-dev (or -rel)          # the relevant vars are already set in recipe15:14
ramacassis[m]OR, ./ dev (or rel)  # the script add relevant vars in local.conf, then calls $ bitbake u-boot15:14
qschulzramacassis[m]: you should use two different distro15:20
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ramacassis[m]that's the keyword I was looking for, way better now. Thanks qschulz !15:33
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vmesonJaMa: it's a holiday in Ontario, Canada today so please ask again tomorrow.  IIRC, we have lots of memory on our builders and the memory pressure only happens if you start to swap.16:49
JaMavmeson: ok, thanks, I have 128G in 64thread builder and it used to be OK, but now it triggers OOMK (without lots of swap) if /proc/pressure can back-off a bit before this happens it would be great16:51
vmesonJaMa: Using too low a limit (cpu/io) can slow down an isolated build and if there is other activity causing io/cpu pressure, then regulating your own pressure can *really* make a build slower.16:51
JaMaI also plan to test the ninja approach from agherzan, because chromium is usually the reason for too much presure in my builds (and if I happend to run 2 chromium do_compile at the same time) then bitbake not starting any other task won't be enough to prevent swap+OOMK16:53
JaMawhile ninja can react faster and on more fine grain level inside the do_compile16:53
vmesonJaMa: interesting. we've been running on 24/56 core systems with 64 / 128 GB RAM respectively.16:54
JaMaso -j 24/-j 56 without hyperthreading? or double that?16:54
vmesonJaMa: 2x chromium builds is just asking for trouble! ;-) We'll see what we can figure out. Note that Aryaman is a summer intern and his term is over in 2 weeks.16:54
JaManodejs+chromium at the same time is similar story16:56
vmesonJaMa: we've done a variety of builds from -j24/56 respectively to -j 8/12 when running 3 builds at once.  I'll get Aryaman to share some of our perf data tomorrow.16:56
JaMaI'm updating the test-oe-build-time results now as well16:57
vmesonJaMa: yeah, we need ninja/make to have a mode where they limit the jobs issued. There is already -l for ninja/make and while that helps it's very slow to respond due to the 1 minute averaging.16:57
* vmeson goes back on his "socialist" summer holiday. ;-)16:58
JaMathanks and enjoy :)16:58
* JaMa had load >420 yesterday and it was more than a minute, but not sure if ninja would get enough attention from cpu to actually notice that :)16:59
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vmesonJaMa: 420 is clearly too high! ;-)17:04
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halsteadqschulz: The cgit browser URLs like were never able to be cloned as far as I know.18:01
halsteadqschulz: Even back when that was the correct URL for cgit the clone url was git clone
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JPEWHas anyone seen errors like `FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/mnt/sstate/99/sigtask.wq6gkrm7' -> '/mnt/sstate/99/sstate:hdparm::9.48:r0::3:990d8b39c15752a2dd68369cb3609283_unpack.tgz.siginfo'` when using sstate over NFS?19:52
JPEWI think maybe I have so many builds there is a small chance that the unique temporary filename (wq6gkrm7) is not unique and it races with another builder19:52
JPEW(esp. since all the sigtasks must be unique for a given directory)19:53
*** mihai <mihai!~mihai@user/mihai> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)19:54
JPEWHmm, `mkstemp()` generates the "unique" portion by using the current timestamp, so I think this is entirely possible to conflict20:00
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rburtonbut surely mkstemp is race-free as it returns a fd?20:19
JPEWAh, but we don't leave the FD open while renaming it, so it's not atomic20:20
JPEW(and I'm not sure that would work properly over NFS anyway)20:20
rburtoni've been told it should work over nfs, but i've been told many things about nfs20:20
JPEWrburton: Ya. It's worth a try. The rename-while-open and O_EXCL both have to work over NFS for it to work properly20:21
JPEWSent a patch20:34
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Xagenis there a way to tell which package provided a package listed in the manifest?20:57
Xagenthe one i'm looking for is a dependency for something, i'm just not sure what specifically20:57
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rburtonXagen: you can try my new toy to see if it works for your use-case.21:36
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Xagenrburton: will do, thanks!21:44
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