Tuesday, 2022-08-02

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qschulzhalstead: ok thanks for looking this up!07:29
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Guest53people ask for it07:31
Guest53it used to be there in 2.3 https://docs.yoctoproject.org/2.3/bitbake-user-manual/bitbake-user-manual.html#bitbake-style-python-functions-versus-python-functions07:31
Guest53Well, it is there https://docs.yoctoproject.org/bitbake/2.0/singleindex.html07:33
mborzeckidoes devtool work with multiconfig?  the commands seem to interpret recipe name literally07:38
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LetoThe2ndmborzecki: good question, i wouldn't bet on it.07:40
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mborzeckiLetoThe2nd: yeah, i was originally using dunfell which is quite old but already has multiconfigs, but ti's the same on kirkstone, i'm guessing master will be identical in that regard07:43
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LetoThe2ndmborzecki: yes, i haven't noticed any substantial patches to devtool lately.07:45
qschulzGuest53: https://docs.yoctoproject.org/bitbake/bitbake-user-manual/bitbake-user-manual-metadata.html#bitbake-style-python-functions-versus-python-functions07:45
qschulzbut yeah, we should autogenerate doc from the docstring of libs07:45
mborzeckiok, maybe something I can look into07:45
LetoThe2ndmborzecki: would be much appreciated!07:48
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Guest53is devtool part of Yocto effort, not OE?08:08
rburtonThere’s very little meaningful difference. It’s in the oe-core repository.08:10
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td31why is "${includedir}/python${PYTHON_MAJMIN}/pyconfig*.h" included in the python3-core package? Do we need the header for anything on target?08:14
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kayterina[m]hello, is archiver.bbclass used by default somewhere in poky or it has to be included from a recipe? I grep'ed and I did not find any "include archiver" ot in the local.conf of the project09:47
LetoThe2ndkayterina[m]: you need to include it.09:49
LetoThe2ndCouldn't find partition mmc 2:2y09:52
kayterina[m]yes I found it after I asked.09:53
kayterina[m]A, LetoThe2nd I have homemade tsipouro from Epirus. Too bad you cant taste it from here.09:53
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LetoThe2ndkayterina[m]: how comes you think of Epirus right now?10:03
kayterina[m]A friend is from there and her grandmother made tsipouro, she gave my a bottle  and I left it in my bag, I have it here at the office.10:05
LetoThe2ndkayterina[m]: hehe. I've actually been to Epirus a few times.10:06
kayterina[m]which village?10:06
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kayterina[m]very popular. It has beach, it does not count!10:07
LetoThe2nddoes it at least count a little if pointing out that we were at a small family hotel a few km outside? ;-)10:09
kayterina[m]yes, I will give you that. If you visit again go to metsovo, they have exceptional cheese.(ok for greek standards, we are not Gouda)10:10
LetoThe2ndgood keyword though, food. heading out for lunch!10:11
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JPEWRP: Is there a better way to do the own-mirrors thing that I'm missing?13:21
JPEW(or, I can move it to our own internal class if you don't want the overhead in OE-core)13:22
RPJPEW: I couldn't think of a better way. I just worry every time we add more anon python and wish we had a better way :/13:23
RPparticularly anon python that has to run for every recipe13:23
JPEWRP: Ya, I was a little worried about that. Are there ideas on ways that could be done to do it better?13:24
RPJPEW: I wondered if we should add a config level anon python13:24
JPEWLike in .conf files and part of the basehash?13:24
JPEWIs that the right term?13:25
RPJPEW: we "pre parse" the base configuration and then parse the recipes on top of a copy13:25
JPEWYa; is that the same as the basehash or is there a basehash per-recipe?13:25
Saur[m]Isn't there a risk that will be confusing if people expect the anon python from the config files to actually be executed per recipe?13:26
RPwe could run anon code at that point, with the caveat that changes made by the recipe specific bits would have no effect13:26
RPSaur[m]: it would have to be marked differently and it would risk confusing people13:26
RPJPEW: basehash is quite different13:26
JPEWPerhaps we could "taint" the variables and warn if they are modified in the recipe13:26
JPEWGot it13:26
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RPJPEW: that is a hash at the end of parsing of the recipe before the other taskgraph is accounted for13:26
JPEWRP: Right, got it13:27
JPEWRP: I though maybe moving it to a library function that gets called, but it's so short that didn't seem like it would help much13:33
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LetoThe2ndwhats the build-ability on RHEL these days? specifically RHEL 8... if I read correctly that should be Fedora 28. Anybody experience with dunfell and/or kirkstone?13:51
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RPJPEW: right, I don't think a library function would buy much here14:01
RPLetoThe2nd: alma8 works14:01
RPLetoThe2nd: centos8 also did work14:01
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qschulzkanavin: aren't go programs statically compiled? in that case, I think there could be an alternative to the go version question on the ML in actually using multiconfig for that?14:07
qschulzcreate the binary with a different conf file for different go versions and then include this statically linked binary into the final image, which uses a different go compiler?14:08
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LetoThe2ndRP: sorry, didn't notice the reply. so building dunfell should be fine?14:59
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RPLetoThe2nd: I'd think so15:01
LetoThe2ndRP: kirkstone?15:02
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RPLetoThe2nd: should be fine15:23
LetoThe2ndRP: kaythanks!15:27
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kanavinqschulz, I think that's more complicated than just figuring out how to use a single go compiler15:29
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yannholo_Hello, I have a file in my image "/lib/firmware/.../something.conf" I want to change it, when searching the recipe it came from with "oe-pkgdata-util find-path /lib/firmware/.../something.conf" I get an error "Unable to find any package producing path..." Is there another way to find the source recipe ?15:55
yannholo_(I know the sources it comes from and even have my patch ready, but am not finding the recipe)15:56
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vmesonJaMa: Can you explain what happened when you were testing the /proc/pressure regulation either here, in a email  or in a defect ?17:08
vmesonMy take so far is that you had two chromium builds going before and they always worked  then you added /proc/pressure regulation and the same workflow resulted in an OOM, right?17:09
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vmesonIf so what pressure regulation values did you pick and why did you pick them?17:09
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vmesonFinally, I don't see how bitbake could avoid having two chromium builds running at once since it will eventually need to start at least one task given the current scheduler design that says that at least one task must be running.17:13
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*** lexano <lexano!~lexano@> has joined #yocto17:19
yannholo_@yannholo_ I managed to make it work, the SRC_URI of the recipe used the destsuffix and name parameter, maybe that breaks oe-pkgdata-util...17:21
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JaMavmeson: no, OOMK wasn't caused by /proc/pressure regulation, it was already happening, I was just asking if there is a technical reason not to track memory pressure (to avoid OOMK or at least lower the probability), if it was just omitted because it didn't look interesting on your builds, then I might add it to buildstats to see what it records in my builds17:35
JaMavmeson: in https://github.com/shr-project/test-oe-build-time I have bunch of results where bitbake tasks were running when the builder was already using a lot of swap, if that's "easy" to detect from memory pressure before it gets really bad, than additional regulation on memory pressure might help17:36
vmesonJaMa: ok, agupta1_ is going to add memory regulation as well so maybe wait a day or two since it should be simple enough to add.17:36
vmesonJaMa: I think I told agupta1_ that no one would ever push their build machine so a hard that there would be lots of swapping!  There goes that assertion!17:37
JaMavmeson: I haven't pushed the bootcharts with pressure collection enabled in buildstats yet, because my last build failed (when building rust-llvm-native from dunfell), but I can push the partial results if you want to see my cpu/io pressure17:37
vmesonJaMa: sure, we'll take a look.17:38
JaMawith nodejs/chromium/qtwebengine/qtwebkit/webkit-gtk in the mix it's difficult to find balance between PARALLEL_MAKE/BB_NUMBER_THREADS so even with just 8 BB_NUMBER_THREADS you can easily get to swap when the BIG do_compile align badly and run at the same time17:39
JaMawith pressure regulation it might be easier to tell bitbake to go ham and when it starts to go badly to backoff a bit17:40
vmesonJaMa: Yep, the plan is to teach make/ninja about pressure regulation and other metrics to be able to walk the line between good use of the system and overloading the box.17:41
JaMaand https://gitlab.eclipse.org/eclipse/oniro-core/oniro/-/merge_requests/196/diffs looks great to me, because it will allow to backoff even after 4 unfortuantely BIG do_compile tasks already started17:41
JaMaand the RAM might be a bit unpredictable if someone happens to use the workstation for builds as well as regular work (e.g. 30G RAM in chrome tabs)17:43
JaMaOOMK was sometimes kind enough to kill chrome before g++, but sometimes it kills systemd or networking which is terrible :)17:45
JaMaPARALLEL_MAKE:pn-qtwebengine = "-j 40" + PARALLEL_MAKE:pn-chromium = "-j 40" + PARALLEL_MAKE:pn-webruntime = "-j 40" (instead of my default -j 70) helps a lot with OOMK, but also looses a bit when chromium is the only recipe I've changed and is rebuilt without any browser eating host's ram17:47
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vmesonJaMa: have you played with PARALLEL_MAKE:pn-qtwebengine = "-j 40 -l 40"  -- That way if you only have one build, you get 40  compile job but when there are more things going on, you keep the system load averaging at 40.17:50
vmesonWe use that on the autobuilder: https://git.yoctoproject.org/yocto-autobuilder-helper/commit/?id=5c5fc7bcd221427d34bbac80c9bad315fb6de4df17:51
vmesonif anyone has played with the job server feature of Gnu Make, that would be interesting to hear about. https://www.gnu.org/software/make/manual/html_node/Job-Slots.html17:52
kergothrichard had an old patch to make bitbake act as a make jobserver. not sure it ever got past prototype though17:53
vmesonI'm not sure how we'd share one job server between multiple builds (different users?) but I guess it's possible.17:53
vmesonkergoth: richard has an old patch for just about everything it seems! Let's see if he wanders by and digs it up before I ask him about it later this week.17:54
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JaMavmeson: not yet, but looks like I really should try it (and not only for qtwebengine, but in default PARALLEL_MAKE I guess)17:58
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vmesonJaMa: cool.18:02
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JaMavmeson: here are my buildstats with 8 and 64 bitbake threads https://raw.githubusercontent.com/shr-project/test-oe-build-time/results/threadripper-3970x-128gb-gentoo-kirkstone-2022-07/5-build-8-bb-threads.bootchart.svg https://raw.githubusercontent.com/shr-project/test-oe-build-time/results/threadripper-3970x-128gb-gentoo-kirkstone-2022-07/4-build-all-cores.bootchart.svg I guess you need to read the .log18:32
JaMafiles to find right BB_PRESSURE_MAX_* numbers, right? I don't see the scale in the graph (even when viewing interactively not in .svg export)18:32
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JaMavmeson: agupta1_: I've a patch for rendering memory pressure as well, testing it now18:55
vmesonJaMa: buildstats logging or pressure regulation or both?18:58
JaMalogging was already there, I've just added the graph to pybootchartgui to more easily see the values I have19:00
vmesonJaMa: ah right. The 6 GB swap max scale is nuts! Why can't you run the builds seriallly?19:01
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JaMavmeson: this is single build19:03
vmesonand 64 threads is ~ 32 GB swap - buddy, here's a dime, go buy some more RAM ! ;-)19:04
JaMavmeson: highest mem pressure i the logs is: 77.2 54.25 21.04 7703319:04
JaMavmeson: well 128G is kind of safe limit for TRX4019:04
vmesonhttps://dilbert.com/strip/1995-06-24  -- inflation s/nickel/dime/19:04
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vmesonJaMa: yeah, let me look at the buildchart again...19:05
JaMavmeson: with 8 modules I most likely couldn't use 3200Mhz ram and QVL for 8 modules is _very_ short19:05
JaMaand even with just 4 32G modules @2666 I'm now seeing some single bit errors in memtest86 :/19:06
JaMaupgrading from 3970X to 3995WX would be nice, but I'm not paid that well :)19:07
JaMavmeson: you can try to run it on your builder as well to see what breaks, just checkout langdale branch and run test.sh19:08
vmesonJaMa: agupta1_ has the memory pressure regulation done but not tested...19:11
vmesonWe should probably try your build... what a monster config!!19:12
JaMavmeson: I've refreshed the bootcharts in repo to show mem pressure and sent the pybootchart patch to oe-core19:13
vmesonJaMa:  kk. reloaded:  the bust of swap  pressure is rather short....19:15
vmesonJaMa: it would be interesting a buildchart if you set the max cpu pressure to say 500-2000 depend on the numbers in your logs.19:17
JaMayes and in the example I was looking at it was already when chromium-x11, webkit-gtk, firefox do_compile were running (so too late not to start them)19:18
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JaMait could ease a bit by not starting anything more, but still these 3 will be able to trigger OOMK even when they continue to run only these 319:19
vmesonJaMa: yeah with -j 40, you'd still have three big jobs start, maybe a bit later than usual, then once you start seeing cpu pressure, it's sustained so there shouldn't be another job started for a while.19:20
vmesonJaMa: hmmm, I guess you have to try it out so see if it helps. When the big jobs are linking, there's going to be more memory needed... so we'll have to think about how to handle that.19:21
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JaMayes, I plan to run it few more times with various settings, it will take couple days to finish19:22
JaMamost of my bigger projects use ninja, so maybe the -l you mentioned will do most of the work19:23
vmesonour 192 core system has 256 GB RAM so maybe better balanced. Occasionally someone messes up and it OOMs or the scheduler hangs but it's so rare that we haven't figure out how to prevent it let along who to blame! ;-)19:23
JaMaif not will wait for agherzan to submit his cmake changes and test those as well19:23
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JaMait has less ram per core than mine, you're just not hammering it enough :)19:24
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vmesonJaMa: heh. Do you have any logs showing what was happening when the memory pressure spiked at 4950 or so in : https://raw.githubusercontent.com/shr-project/test-oe-build-time/results/threadripper-3970x-128gb-gentoo-kirkstone-2022-07/4-build-all-cores.bootchart.svg19:30
kergothI ended up adding naive heuristic-based scaling down of jobs/threads based on mem-per-core for our distro, not ideal, but better than nothing19:31
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JaMavmeson: like bitbake cooker log? I can also find some graphs in grafana from that time, but not sure what else it would show19:39
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vmesonJaMa: I'm wondering if the log.do_compile files would show when the big apps were being linked.19:43
JaMaah log.do_compile files are already gone19:44
JaMahttps://raw.githubusercontent.com/shr-project/test-oe-build-time/results/threadripper-3970x-128gb-gentoo-kirkstone-2022-03/luneos-dev-emulator-appliance-j70-bb8-with-webruntime-j40.png shows how closely I get to 128G in regular image build of LuneOS (and this is after reducing webruntime to -j 40)19:44
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JaMavmeson: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/shr-project/test-oe-build-time/be96ba3722b995bf61e10aa71d7fc7654a5a61c0/threadripper-3970x-128gb-gentoo-kirkstone-2022-07/4-build-all-cores.grafana.png19:49
JaMasorry wrong file19:49
JaMavmeson: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/shr-project/test-oe-build-time/4a4ef91fd5a52b7314ebaa8fdfcb029fe4569c26/threadripper-3970x-128gb-gentoo-kirkstone-2022-07/4-build-all-cores.grafana.png19:51
JaMathis shows the 40GB swap spike at 02:1019:52
vmesonJaMa: it's hard to say what's causing the spike, based on the Graphana data. Can you try a run with some value of cpu regulation, say 1000,  and leave bitbake's max tasks at 64?19:58
*** seninha <seninha!~seninha@user/seninha> has joined #yocto19:58
JaMavmeson: yes, will do in couple days (tonight want to re-run dunfell build), then will go back to langdale testing20:00
vmesonJaMa: ok, Thursday morning is when we usually go over build regulation things. 9 AM ET - does that work for you?20:00
JaMawill try to attend and get the data before that20:02
JaMatomorrow might receive new laptop, maybe I'll be able to let my workstation do the benchmark when setting the laptop20:03
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vmesonJaMa: super, thanks.20:06
JaMavmeson: is it the same zoom meeting as Weekly Triage just 1,5 hour earlier?20:07
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vmesonJaMa: yep20:32
vmesonJaMa: err, no... I'll send you an invite.20:33
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RPvmeson: I['m sure we discussed my jobserver patch in the past?22:26
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RPvmeson: https://git.yoctoproject.org/poky-contrib/commit/?h=rpurdie/wipqueue6&id=2f1f07c9d7f2f3b06d199172887bfc95e5aa4b79 was a version of it22:30
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