Friday, 2022-08-26

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sotaoverrideplease help me make sense of this build error:
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kanavinrburton, me me me!05:23
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jclsn[m]Morning guys06:38
jclsn[m]I just wondered: How come that Yocto doesn't have a mascot?06:38
jclsn[m]I was thinking of a giant octopus with several tools in his tentacles :D06:39
jclsn[m]Yocto the Octo06:39
jclsn[m]Yes, I am a grown up man06:40
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qschulzhushmone1: you cannot have overrides for varflags, so that's not possible08:39
qschulzhushmone1: I assume you could have a bbappend with SRC_URI[sha256sum] = "${HDF_SHA256SUM}" and define this hash in your machine conf file08:40
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kanavinjclsn[m], that'd be awesome! but who can draw it?08:58
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kanavinand no need to apologize, people acting 'professionally' all the time are more suspect really08:59
rburtonjclsn[m]: historically, it does
rburtonkanavin: awesome be good to catch up09:02
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kayterina[m]dall-e? "make an octapus using tools in each tentacle"09:02
kanavinrburton, I posted on linked in about it:09:02
kayterina[m]"replace tools with teddy bears"09:02
kanavin"Ta-daa! My schedule is already fully packed with exciting talks, presentations and keynotes.09:02
kanavin...haha, not really. Or really not. The most value these events provide is in the 'hallway track', where you simply hang out with a snack and a drink (Dublin, I count on you!) and meet people. See you there?"09:02
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rburtonkanavin: my last conference in dublin was in trinity college, which was an amazing venue. a boring conference hotel is just a bit meh really.09:03
kanavinrburton, I think it's a conference center, but yes09:04
chryshHello everyone! Do you guys know, should content from sysroots-components end up in the rootfs?09:04
kanavinchrysh, no. that content is for building other recipes that depend on it09:05
jclsn[m]rburton: Does any one hold on to that?09:05
kanavinrootfs is composed from packages via a gigantic package manager transaction09:05
jclsn[m]I was thinking of a mascot, which also serves as a logo09:05
rburtonjclsn[m]: i've a couple09:05
kanavinyoctopus is a cool idea09:05
jclsn[m]It bugs me that there is not logo on my Firefox tab when I have Yocto pages open09:06
jclsn[m]There should be some kind of Yocto icon09:06
jclsn[m]Maybe I will draw one when my X1 Yoga has arrived :P09:08
chryshkanavin: So should I be able to find my file and symbolic link to it in the rootfs folder after do_install task of the mylib recipe?09:09
jclsn[m]<kanavin> "yoctopus is a cool idea" <- Thought so :)09:11
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jclsn[m]rburton: What else do you have?09:13
kanavinchrysh, not really. do_install executes 'make install' with a recipe-specific destination. Then that destination is used by two independent tasks running in parallel. do_populate_sysroot further copies items needed for building dependencies, and do_package creates packages out of the same items.09:13
kanavinchrysh, to get those packages into a rootfs, you need to list them in your image recipe09:14
kanavin(unless they get pulled in though package dependencies, and libraries usually do - if you need to list them explicitly, something might be wrong)09:14
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chryshkanavin: I am still not sure, after which step should the content of ./tmp-glibc/sysroots-components/aarch64/mylib end up in the the rootfs/ folder ?09:30
kanavinchrysh, that content never ends up in the rootfs09:31
kanavinit's only for building other recipes09:32
Hutchinson[m]1Hello, Are you interested in making $1,500 plus additional $500 for diligence and hardwork in two weeks (legit) by sparing just 15/30 minutes of your time every 48hrs without no start up fee ? If yes get back to me for more details09:33
chryshkanavin: But oe_soinstall is the right thing to use to get my precompiled .so file into the rootfs, right?09:37
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DarkKnightIs there a way that I can generate eSDK for only one recipe? I need to deliver an eSDK for compiling java sources with Open JDK8 to customer.09:39
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pasherringHey all. Is there a way to ask bitbake to run commands for all variants of a given recipe? I noticed that if I bitbake -c cleanall recipe, recipe-native will not be affected, for instance.09:51
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pasherring(not sure if the "variant" naming is technically correct though :)09:52
pasherringAh, and this is a farily old bitbake release (1.32, morty/rdk), not sure if the behavior is already changed09:57
chryshqschulz: Thanks! I saw that, but I still don't see how my changes will end up in the rootfs. oe_soinstall only puts my lib into ./tmp-glibc/sysroots-components/aarch64/, but the next step of copying those files into the rootfs never happens10:01
qschulzchrysh: actually, you also need
qschulzsince you have unversioned libraries10:03
qschulzthe issue is that .so files are typically symlinks (that's what Bitbake expects) and make it to the -dev package10:03
qschulzthe -dev package is not installed except if explicitly added to your image10:03
qschulzso we need to tell Bitbake to put the .so file into the "normal" package10:04
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chryshso the steps are actually bitbake -c install mylib, then bitbake -c package myimage, bitbake -c rootfs myimage?10:06
chryshqschulz: and also, if I create a test directory in do_install install -m 0755 -d ${D}${libdir}/abcdtest, this will also never make it into the rootfs?10:10
LetoTheIIyo dudX10:10
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chryshqschulz: In any case, it worked! Thanks a lot!10:30
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jakew009Can anyone point me in the right direction of how I include an "extra" with a pypi package?10:32
jakew009For instance, if the pip install string is `pip install --upgrade 'sentry-sdk[flask]'`10:32
jakew009How do I do this in a recipe?10:32
jakew009I am guessing maybe `PYPI_PACKAGE = "sentry-sdk[flask]"`?10:32
qschulzchrysh: bitbake my-image should be plenty enough10:39
qschulzchrysh: probably not without adding it to FILES:${PN}10:40
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jakew009Answered my own question, all the extra flag does is install python3-blinker
* jclsn[m] uploaded an image: (39KiB) < >11:06
jclsn[m]Was just messing a bit around with Inkscape11:06
* jclsn[m] uploaded an image: (74KiB) < >11:08
jclsn[m]If someone wants to continue11:08
jclsn[m]Maybe add some tools or something11:09
jclsn[m]But I guess a logo should not be too playful11:09
jclsn[m]I think an Octopus is a suitable analogy, since Bitbake does so many things in parallel11:13
jclsn[m]Anyway let me know what you think about it11:13
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mihaijclsn[m]: reminds me of Marvel Hydra11:43
chryshqschulz: muchas gracias!11:49
jclsn[m]<mihai> "https://static.wikia.nocookie...." <- Maybe it is too evil haha11:51
jclsn[m]I am still too stupid to use this overlayfs.bbclass btw ^^11:56
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jclsn[m]Does anyone of you understand this?
jclsn[m]I want to overlay /var/lib with /data/var/lib as upper directory12:01
jclsn[m]So I am trying12:01
jclsn[m] OVERLAYFS_MOUNT_POINT[var-lib] = "/data/var/lib"12:02
jclsn[m]in the machine.conf12:02
jclsn[m]and... (full message at
sotaoverridereposting my link incase someone wants to help me understand exactly why this happens. Apparently bitbake -c clean <recipe_name> got rid of the error. bitbake -c clean rpb-bi-image12:09
jclsn[m]sotaoverride: Because you are cleaning the work directory with that command12:11
sotaoverridejclsn[m]: this is the gist with the error
sotaoverrideI cant figure where / what in that error log is indicative of the error being a work dir error. I just stumbled upon that fix on stackoverflow. Trying to figure out what made it happen etc12:13
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jclsn[m]sotaoverride: No idea. I thought the command solved the error12:17
sotaoverridejclsn[m]: it did solve it, but I was just trying to figure out an explanation as to how/why...12:18
qschulzjclsn[m]: DISTRO_FEATURES need to be modified in configuration files12:18
qschulzjclsn[m]: ah my bad, that's your machine conf file12:19
qschulzis it actually possible to inherit overlayfs in a conf file? I don't think so?12:19
qschulzdamn matrix splitting the message in two12:20
jclsn[m]qschulz: No idea if that is even necessary12:21
jclsn[m]But without that nothing happens12:21
jclsn[m]With those added it complains about var-lib.mount and var-lib-systemd.mount missing12:22
jclsn[m]In the description it says12:22
jclsn[m]The class assumes you have a data.mount systemd unit defined in your12:22
jclsn[m]systemd-machine-units recipe and installed to the image.12:22
jclsn[m]No idea what is meant by that12:22
jclsn[m] look pretty empty to me12:22
jclsn[m]Could also not find a documenation on it12:23
jclsn[m]I also thought that this recipe creates those systemd units12:24
jclsn[m]It is really not well documented. I would like to understand it and update the documentation for the class12:25
jclsn[m]Using an overlayfs manually in /etc/fstab did indeed solve my issue12:26
jclsn[m]and this recipe automatically creates the mount points for upper and workdir etc, which is nice12:27
jclsn[m]Ah yes I guess the only thing missing are those mount units12:33
jclsn[m]Will figure that out on Monday12:33
jclsn[m]Have a nice weekend guys12:34
landgrafjclsn[m]: I've not read entire conversation but you can take a look here for an inspiration how to deal with mount units and readonly rootfs12:38
jclsn[m]landgraf: Looks nice12:39
jclsn[m]Will look at it next week12:39
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kergothhash style compatibility breaking abi. oops.15:18
kergothlack of, that is15:18
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hushmone1qschulz: lol thanks, i forgot to check back here and that is what i ended up doing, with exactly the same name even15:21
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vvnwic create an extended mbr partition of 1.2G size, overlapping with following partitions. Why and how to prevent/fix that?17:05
vvnok I get it, it has to overlap in order to contain the following partition, thus in order to resize the last partition, one must resize the extended partition first then the last partition, that makes sense.17:07
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pasherringHey there! Is there any trick to get the ${AUTOREV} SRCREV to work while working with a git local repository? I have a recipe with SRC_URI = "git:///path/to/local/git/;protocol=file;branch=branch-name". Setting SRCREV = "${AUTOREV}", the behavior depends if I am using local repo, or if I am using remote repo (as in git://url)17:19
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vvnpasherring: see instead17:55
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pasherringvvn, thanks! but, browsing documentation, just found "usehead" argument that at least for now, fixed the behavior :)18:12
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pasherring(as in here: )18:13
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pasherringOps, apparently it only worked once... I guess I have to move to externalsrc really :(18:17
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*** amitk <amitk!~amit@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)18:30 is givng me some undefined reference to `cmGeneratorTarget::GetName[abi:cxx11]() const' errors18:34
sotaoverridesomeone help me out. Happy to share complete logs!18:34
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cmtptrwhat is the preferred channel to contribute patches for runqemu?  i would like to fill out the setup_net_bridge() function a little20:14
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rburtoncmtptr: patches to openembedded-core@lists.openembedded.org21:20
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vvnis it ok to add RDEPENDS:${PN} += "some-package" to base-files?21:45
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cmtptrrburton, ok than you21:57
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usva_tdhello I'm looking for helṕ... I'm buidling a yocto recipe for mozjs68.2 so first question does anyone know if one exists?22:51
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