Thursday, 2022-11-17

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LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:52
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RPrburton: from :/09:01
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mcfriskshould IMAGE_CLASSES be modified by distro config, build config or image recipes? I can't decide..09:23
mcfriskor even machine config09:24
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ameliushey, is there an easy why to analyse the dot output of bitbake -g?09:33
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qschulzamelius: with your text editor09:39
qschulzthe .dot files are known to be impossible to be generated by dot09:39
qschulzit'll take an awful amount of the time (like hours) for something that isn't usable (at least that was my experience with the dot files from thud)09:40
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Guest13hi, everyone.10:26
Guest13i created an image for coral dev board in yocto.10:26
Guest13the layers i use are freescale community(kirkstone) and meta-coral(
Guest13when i plug in hdmi, nothing appear. only black screen. i connected with minicom from ttyusb0 and when i look at the logs, i dontt see any output related to hdmi such as error, warning, fail. why is hdmi not working? when i plug and unplug a usb, i can see the log of it, but when i plug and unplug the hdmi, i cant see any log about that on minicom.10:26
Guest13log :
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LetoThe2ndGuest13: first, the log is not available. second, who do you expect on hdmi? unless you explicitly enable some form of gui, there just won't be anything. the classic way to interact with a board is the serial terminal.10:31
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LetoThe2ndGuest13: ok, so you're explicitly building wayland support?10:34
Guest13xwayland, yep10:35
LetoThe2ndnever used that so i can't really comment. maybe there is some form of testing utility, like filling the framebuffer?10:36
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Saur[m]amelius: It is possible to visualize, at least if you filter it to the parts that are relevant for you. E.g., if you are looking for some target dependencies, you can filter out all the native tasks. The `gvpr` and `tred` tools from the graphviz package are great for this. For rendering, I use
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RPSaur[m]: The changes I have in mind to improve basehash debugging are going to mean more data over IPC and you have me a bit worried about that now :/11:02
Saur[m]The sample set (your and mine computer) is rather small though...11:05
RPSaur[m]: yes. I wish we knew why the difference :/11:06
Saur[m]I'll see if I can get some colleagues to test and see what it looks like for them.11:06
RPSaur[m]: thanks, more data points would be helpful11:07
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d-fenshi, build my first image and worked so good success, now i'm structuring stuff and don't want to overengineer; i added a layer 'mydistroname' with distro.conf (just name and version) and the question is: should i move BBLAYERS  (meta-poky, mender , rspberrypi...) from bblayers.conf to the layer.conf?  does that make sense and is that good11:14
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RPOuch. Saving the hash data into the cache doubles parsing time :(11:18
LetoThe2ndd-fens: clearly no, its not only a bad practise, probably it even doesn't work.11:27
d-fensok, the configuration possibilities and  are just quite overwhelming for me being so new into the topic11:29
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rburtonamelius_: define 'analyse'11:35
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qschulzd-fens: you can explicit the layer dependencies in your layer.conf11:59
qschulzand if you use bitbake-layers add-layer to add layers to your bblayers.conf, it'll refuse to include it if its dependencies aren't already added11:59
LetoThe2ndindeed but dependency != layer path12:00
qschulzd-fens: there's a new tool in langdale and master for setting the layers up, don't remember the name12:00
qschulzfor before, people use other tools, such as kas for example12:00
qschulzLetoThe2nd: not sure why this is important in the context right now? what did I miss?12:01
d-fens ok makes sense, not include but define dependencies12:02
LetoThe2ndqschulz: the question was about movinb BBLAYERS. that points to actual working copies, right? the dependencies just name a kind of identifier, and its still up to you to provide the working copy.12:03
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amelius_Saur thanks a lot, that was the answer I was looking for12:10
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d-fenstotally offtopic: after many years again on irc brings back memories but also when being used to discord i'm really missing the features like having a searchable chat history, emoj reactions, pasting markup code with syntax highlighting ... i see the reason of using foss and thus libera but still, feels like back in the 90ties :)12:21
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Crofton@d-fens no guarantee Discord remains free though. Could be bought by Elon for example12:43
d-fensCrofton, hehe what could _not_ be bought by Elon12:46
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qschulzd-fens: we have a matrix bridge IIRC12:56
qschulzd-fens: the nice thing about old uncool techs is that they are battle-field tested and (reliably) work12:56
qschulzand we cannot satifsy every one :/12:57
d-fensi see and it all good, it's the community that matters, those ping timeouts just give me a warm feeling of nostalgia :)13:01
qschulzd-fens: the trick is to make your IRC client ignore them :)13:03
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hmw[m]can you do make commands in do_patch ?13:17
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qschulzhmw[m]: usually make commands are better located in do_configure or do_compile, why specifically in do_patch?13:23
hmw[m]u-boot build fails and calls for a make mrproper. did a google and a answer suggested to do it manually at the do_patch stage13:24
qschulzhmw[m]: mmmm did you play within WORKDIR of u-boot or are you using externalsrc?13:25
qschulzI don't think this should happen reliably13:25
qschulz(except if you committed temp/binary files)13:26
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qschulzhmw[m]: oe_runmake mrproper will probably work. Now if do_patch is a python task (I think it is by default), you can't just append to it a shell command13:27
hmw[m]qschulz: qschulz:no got it on a clean open embedded system aswel13:27
qschulzyou'd need to either use do_patch[postfuncs] += ""13:27
qschulzor prepend it to another task (e.g. do_configure)13:28
hmw[m]<qschulz> "you'd need to either use..." <- uhh on one system i get  function not exist and the other one just works13:36
hmw[m]<qschulz> "you'd need to either use..." <- tnx for now13:37
jclsnJPEW: Sorry, not a prio atm. We need to provide a kirkstone dev image until the end of the week13:40
jclsnI will try again when I find the time13:40
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JPEWjclsn: I understand. Sorry it's not working properly13:41
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jclsnMight be my fault as well14:00
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vvnhi there -- can someone test INITRAMFS_MULTICONFIG="default" so see if it fails as well or not?14:33
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Saur[m]RP: Ok, I figured out why I was only seeing 64 kB reads over the pipe. It was a case of PEBKAC. When I had problems with only getting 8 kB read due to having too many pipes, one of the things I had tried was to change read() to read(65536), and I had of course forgotten about it and left it in there when I later figured out that it was the number of pipes that was the real problem. So once the read() was restored, I am now seeing reads > 64 kB. :P14:43
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d-fensi need to symlink wpa_supplicant.conf to /data/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf  so connectivity stays during mender updates, so i added a to my layer and added a do_install() method, how can i make this receipe run only / depend when wpa_supplicant is included in the build and is do_install() the right hook to run after etc/wpa_supplicant.conf is15:03
d-fensadded to the image?15:03
LetoThe2ndd-fens: you have to make it an append to the wpa-supplicant recipe. one recipe can not react on anything that another image does.15:08
vvnd-fens: I would simply edit the wpa_supplicant service to use /data/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf instead of /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf15:08
d-fensthanks will try...15:12
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RPSaur[m]: ok, that is something of a relief! :)15:21
RPSaur[m]: so what we probably need is a check/warning somewhere if the pipesize falls too low15:21
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qschulzRP: wait, CACHE is the directory where the parsing cache is stored?15:35
qschulzwouldn't this be super convenient for faster parsing if we persist it between CI builds (thinking about my usecase of course)15:36
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rburtonqschulz: yes, assuming saving ~10 seconds is a worthwhile gain15:40
vvnDamn, 540Go sstate-cache15:45
vvnSo guys, INITRAMFS_MULTICONFIG is definitely broken, the simplest build (e.g. beaglebone-yocto/poky) with INITRAMFS_MULTICONFIG="default" results in a bitbake stack trace15:50
vvnwith both kirkstone or latest master for bitbake/OE-Core(/meta-yocto)15:51
rburtonbug and/or patch please :)15:52
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vvnrburton: thanks I know how it works, I just reproduced it with the minimal setup...15:54
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vvnand I'm trying to understand to problem to see if I can submit a patch directly15:55
d-fenshmm. Deeper down the rabbit hole : doing  stuff in do_install:append() and also added FILES:{PN} += " \/data \/data/etc \/data/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf \" (multiline) but still get  "QA Issue: wpa-supplicant: Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package" ,  any hint?16:00
vvnd-fens: don't escape the FILES entries16:00
d-fensoh thats from pasting multi line as one line , they are not escaped just line breaks16:01
jlnMHello.. i have proble16:03
amelius_d-fens what directories are shown to be missing?16:03
jlnMHello.. i have problem with yocto.. see (
LetoThe2ndjlnM: disk full?16:04
vvnjlnM: read the last line.16:04
d-fensvvn  that missing $ did it, thanks!16:05
jlnMIt not full see (
rburtonjlnM: you've run out of inotify watchers16:07
amelius_jlnM: either your disk is full or you have some BB_DISKMON_DIRS  defined16:07
jlnMbut on ubuntu 20.04 it dont find pylint316:08
rburtonignore that16:08
rburtonwas does "sysctl fs.inotify.max_user_watches" say?16:08
rburtonjlnM: ^16:08
jlnMresult is fs.inotify.max_user_watches = 6553616:10
rburtonset that to about ten times more16:10
rburtonbuild again16:11
qschulzjlnM: you don't need pylint3, we just recently updated the docs (or soon will) to remove this dependency thanks to feedback :)16:18
vvnrburton: before submitting anything I'm trying to understand the stacktrace caused by INITRAMFS_MULTICONFIG="default":
jlnMi am on a virtual box VM with unbuntu 20.0416:22
qschulzjlnM: 1) why a VM 2) did you allocate enough space (Yocto needs *a lot* of it)16:23
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rburtonjlnM: fwiw, if you're on a windows machine, then builds in WSL2 should work and might be faster/easier to manage.  If you're on a linux machine, use a container not a whole VM.16:29
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jlnMi have deleted some files and is OK now... thanks guy....16:40
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RPqschulz: yes, CACHE is where the parsing cache is stored16:52
RPqschulz: persisting it between CI runs might work, depends on what other bits of your CI do :)16:52
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rfs613sakoman: finally posted my golang CVE fixes. Forgot to mention they are only needed in dunfell (because it uses old golang-1.14, which is outside the upstream policy of supporting only the last two releases).17:00
qschulzRP: I guess it shouldn't be accessed concurrently as opposed to SSTATE_DIR and DL_DIR?17:05
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RPqschulz: I think there are locks but it wouldn't be recommended. It also isn't relocatable like the others, it has a ton of fixed paths in to the metadata that it is the cache for17:17
RPqschulz: For the 10s parse, making it sharable seems pointless17:17
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rfs613two of the CVEs that I am suggesting be ignored are a bit interesting: per the NVD they are in "go" package... but they don't affect the go compiler itself. They could however show up in other code build using go (such as docker). The cve-checker won't flag them against other packages, so they will likely go unnoticed.17:23
rfs613I did check docker-moby, opencontainers, and runc sources, and I think those are safe (not 100% sure) but of course there are plenty more things built with go.17:24
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RPJPEW: FWIW I tried using the strings/sets as the key directly and it made no difference to the timings17:38
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sakomanrfs613: Thanks!  I had to tweak them a bit since I'd taken:
sakomanrfs613: testing on the autobuilder now17:43
rfs613sakoman: wow you're fast ;-)17:43
sakomanrfs613: doesn't feel like it to me :-)  I'm juggling three different branches so it always feels like I am behind where I need to be :-(17:44
rfs613sakoman: I should have rebased onto your repo first, to save you the extra legwork17:48
sakomanrfs613: no worries, it is something I need to deal with quite often17:49
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RPJPEW: interesting, 436057 strings which are referenced twice and one string referenced 561570 times18:22
JPEWOut of how many total?18:26
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rfs613anybody know what's going on with,, etc?19:04
sakomanrfs613: seems to be down, I'm getting errors on the autobuilder and locally19:07
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rfs613  "Some systems are experiencing a major outage"19:09
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RPJPEW: 461978 unique strings22:31
JPEWHeh, whats' the one string? "" ?22:35
RPJPEW: max string length is 22300, peak of the lengths graph looks to be about length 33, most are probably under 5722:36
RPJPEW: Frustratingly, I don't know! It could be :/22:36
RPJPEW: good guess! :)22:37
rburtonit was going to be "" or "1"22:38
* RP has made the code exclude that22:39
RPrburton: that is probably second place at 53713 references22:39
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RPJPEW: 10% speedup if I unroll the getstring function into longhand code so function overhead is playing a large part here23:15
RPwell, 20% on that code23:16
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jpiatI'm looking for some help regarding the install of node package in a yocto build. I used devtool with my repository addresses, it created the recipe which ran fine but I don't host the built sources of my typescript on the repository. The problem is that I can't find a proper way to tell bitbake to do a npm run build on my package before copying to23:21
jpiatthe roots23:21
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