Friday, 2022-11-18

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DvorkinDmitryis there are any guide how to create new image TYPE?I want to do something like WIC, but using tool written in C++00:11
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tomzy_0Is there a way to debug why fetching `linux-yocto` takes so much time?07:24
tomzy_0`0: linux-yocto-5.15.36+gitAUTOINC+fcf48627ea_ebfb1822e9-r0 do_fetch - 15m36s (pid 31177)  78% |#########################################################################################       `07:25
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tomzy_0Download speed is ~3,5 MB/s07:26
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PhoenixMageCould be worse, could be using :D08:07
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tomzy_0Heh, that's true.08:16
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jclsnGood morning08:29
mthenaultHello, I am a bit confused by devtool. When i do devtool modify <linux-recipe> and modify the sources, are those modifications included in my main image, or is that just confined to the "devtool build" output?08:30
mthenaultaah just found out about devtool build-image <image_name> :)08:38
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qschulzmthenault: no, bitbake will use the devtool'ed recipes too08:54
qschulzat least if: 1) the devtool workspace is listed in your bblayers.conf (automatically added when using devtool IIRC), 2) your recipe is available in devtool, check with devtool status08:55
hmw[m] if added08:56
hmw[m]do_patch[postfuncs] += " do_mrproper"do_mrproper() {08:56
hmw[m]     make mrproper08:56
hmw[m]but now i get  make: *** No rule to make target 'mrproper'.  Stop.08:56
qschulzhmw[m]: oe_runmake mrproper first08:56
qschulzhmw[m]: second, I'm guessing that do_patch is not in the correct directory08:57
qschulzso you might need to cd into it?08:57
qschulzprint $PWD to check08:57
qschulzhmw[m]: use bbwarn in your shell function08:58
hmw[m]it retunrs the yocto build dir08:59
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hmw[m]can i do a do_config[pre functionas?]09:00
qschulzhmw[m]: do_configure:prepend should be enough09:00
qschulzhmw[m]: "yocto build dir" does not mean much :/09:01
qschulzwhat;s the actual path?09:01
hmw[m] /oe-Stable/OS7.X/deltatouch/build09:01
hmw[m]below that is the arch name09:01
hmw[m]damn meatings ..09:02
qschulzok, that's kinda surprising09:02
qschulzhmw[m]: cd ${S}; oe_runmake mrproper would probably work09:02
qschulzyou probably want to run `cd -` at the end so that consequent postfuncs aren't in ${S}09:03
qschulznot sure it's needed but better be safe than sorry09:03
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graham_o[m]Win up to $1000 in crypto trading when you invest with just the minimum of $50... (full message at <>)09:34
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ejoerns[m]Hi, anyone here having experience with using bitbake fetcher for downloading release assets from private Github repositories?09:40
ejoerns[m]The thing is they are available via the GitHub API only. Providing oauth token via headers is possible and I succeeded in manipulation FETCHCMD_wget to download something, the main thing what I stumble upon is that you need an 'asset id' that you obviously can only obtain by a previous API call to a release or a tag...09:43
ejoerns[m]So does anyone have a better advice then writing a new 'github' fetcher or obtaining the asset ID manually?09:44
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rburtonDvorkinDmitry: image_types.bbclass is 99% new image types. see for example the ext4 function that uses mkfs.ext410:58
rburtonejoerns[m]: write a fetcher :)11:00
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ejoerns[m]rburton: that's the answer I was afraid of :D11:04
rburtonejoerns[m]: doesn't have to be hard if you ignore some features, see the s3 fetcher11:07
LetoThe2ndejoerns[m]: alternative, patch github with a bitbake provider? ;-)11:08
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ejoerns[m]<LetoThe2nd> "ejoerns: alternative, patch..." <- I'll think about the first alternative again ;)11:16
ejoerns[m]defining a fetcher locally (in any meta-layer) is not possible, right? not that I would not like to upstream it, but just as an intermediate solution11:18
LetoThe2ndejoerns[m]: it is possible.11:18
LetoThe2ndejoerns[m]: need me to dig up an example, or feel like hunting yourself?11:19
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ejoerns[m]LetoThe2nd: only if you have one lying around. If you have to dig I can dig myself, too ;)11:34
LetoThe2ndejoerns[m]: then happy digging!11:36
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DvorkinDmitryrburton, thank you12:46
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Saur[m]hmw: You should use `oe_runmake` rather than `make` when running from a recipe. I also recommend to use the `-C` option rather than changing directory using `cd`.13:01
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hmw[m]<Saur[m]> "hmw: You should use `oe_runmake`..." <- tnx13:48
hmw[m]i think i find the root of the problem but not sure what causes it13:49
hmw[m]it is executing this in do_compile13:49
hmw[m]echo -ge5b4b9fcb3 > //build/arago-tmp-default-glibc/work/d*oe-linux-gnueabi/u-boot-*/2017.01-r0+gitrAUTOINC+e5b4b9fcb3/git/.scmversion13:49
qschulzyeah, all u-boot recipes do that13:51
hmw[m]qschulz: can i mark that file some how that its not needed to clean ? or remove it from the bitbake schript13:52
qschulzhmw[m]: which step fails for you?13:55
qschulzI guess you could remove the files in do_configure:prepend for example13:56
qschulzbut it's not an issue for other u-boot recipes13:56
qschulzmight just be related to your ancient version of u-boot using inc files meant to be used for much newer versions13:56
hmw[m]its a version of 2017 so i think that is ancient13:58
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hmw[m]my hardware/ u-boot supplier cant supply a newer one ......  but i'm able to patch somthing if needed14:01
qschulzhmw[m]: I hope you don't expect this device to be secure, because this version has a few critical CVEs already14:06
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hmw[m]qschulz: trying to port it to dunfell  everthing in the field is still running krogoth14:07
hmw[m]so i don´t u-boot is my last concern14:08
qschulzhmw[m]: that's a painful upgrade :/14:12
hmw[m]it is14:13
qschulzhmw[m]: some veterans here recommend to not use inc files from outside of the layer where the recipe is14:15
qschulzhmw[m]: so maybe what you could do is import the .inc files (and others) from the krogoth layers that were used for u-boot, and import them in your dunfell layer14:15
hmw[m]oke going to try that14:16
hmw[m]qschulz: btw say them tnx14:18
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JaMawas there some wiki page, news entry, ML post describing lack of resources in Yocto project and calling for member companies to provide engineering resources as well? I think I've seen it before, now could use link to it in presentation for LGE14:26
qschulzJaMa: ML AFAIR14:27
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mcfriskor was it members list only?14:33
JaMaI was checking oe-core, yocto, oe-members list, but "resources" "engineers" "developers" queries often provide too many results, don't remember exactly what to query for :)14:34
JaMathere is e.g. but IMHO that's not the one I remember14:35
qschulzJaMa: ^14:38
JaMaqschulz: thanks!14:38
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DvorkinDmitryhmm... how it could be? I'm setting B="${S}" (builddir) inside the recipe and it is not working14:58
qschulzDvorkinDmitry: what are you trying to do, what is "not working"?15:00
DvorkinDmitryqschulz, I set B="${S}" inside my recipe, when S="${WORKDIR}/git". It is not working, do_compile still trying to build inside {WORKDIR}/build15:00
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qschulzDvorkinDmitry: are you sure B is set? did you check with bitbake-getvar -r <recipe> B ?15:02
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DvorkinDmitryqschulz, to my surprise, it is not if I LATER put "inherit autotools"!15:05
DvorkinDmitrynever expect that :)15:06
rburtonDvorkinDmitry: if the recipe uses autotools *but* is broken with out-of-tree builds, then inherit autotools-brokensep15:06
rburtonautotools set B=WORKDIR/build, as it does out-of-tree builds15:06
rburton(and fix the makefiles to work with out-of-tree builds, its better)15:07
DvorkinDmitryrburton, wow! thanks!15:07
rburtonimho, *every* user of autotools-brokensep needs an upstream bug report to complain15:08
RPwe haven't seen that many of those improve over the years :(15:11
JPEWRP: I had a few thoughts on the variable tracking15:12
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JPEWRP: First, I think you do want to do the weird looking cache[s] = s instead of cache[hash(s)] = s because the latter might get weird if there are hash collisons15:12
JPEWSecond.... if there are a lot of "" entries, maybe they can be optimized? I'm thinking of some sort of "flipped" cache where maybe instead of doing cache[var] = value, you do `cache.setdefault(value, []).append(key)`, at least for the really common ones like "" and "1" (maybe all strings where len(value) <= 1 could be done that way)?15:15
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qschulzJPEW: don't know the context, but maybe you want a set and not an array if there's no need for two instances of the same object in the "list"?15:20
JPEWYa, set would be fine15:21
JPEWbetter probably15:21
RPJPEW: I think if there were hash collisions we'd have a bigger problem but yes, I did try that and it doesn't change the speed15:21
RPJPEW: I think the "" values probably don't matter much since python likely has optimisations in place for that already too15:22
JPEWRP: right, I think the main difference is if `cache[s]` doens't return s on hash collision, that's a bug in python where as if `cache[hash(s)]` doesn't return s, that's on us :)15:23
RPJPEW: right. There is also a second benefit since we drop the overhead of the hash() function call15:24
RPMy local code is now doing it for that reason. I had it down to 8.8s instead of 10s so a ~4s increase in parsing time overall15:25
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JPEWRP: cool15:29
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RPkergoth: any thoughts on allowing python data in recipes somehow (e.g. lists or dicts) ?16:36
zeddiibloody elfutils ptests, can't run just the one I want16:37
* zeddii starts hacking 16:37
RPkergoth: I wonder if that could be as simple as MYVAR = ['x', 'y', 'z']16:37
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rburtonis it me, or is PERSISTENT_DIR aka build/cache, a bit misused.17:08
rburtonif its meant to be shared between all builds why is sanity_info in there?17:08
rburtonif I have a shared sstate-dir, should i set PERSISTENT_DIR to alongside it so the hashequiv.db is with it?17:09
rburtonthere's also the bitbake codeparser cache, surely that shouldn't be shared between builds?17:09
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rburtonJPEW RP looking at you two for ^^^17:15
Ch^Wrburton: I probably need to RTFM, but your question does resonate... I have been pondering how I am going to enable one development team to work on many different distros of varying architectures within a single desktop virtual machine...17:16
rburtonwell sharing sstate is trivial: single directory17:16
Ch^WRight... that is the easy part.17:16
Ch^WOrchestrating the whole circus so my developers do not need to _think_ about it, is the hard part.17:17
Ch^WWrappers galore for the time being...17:17
RPrburton: we're off into really old bits of code, it is totally badly named17:17
RPrburton: no, codeparser should not be shared, that cache doesn't work like that17:18
RP(it has build paths in it from expanded functions)17:18
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RPand no, hashserv shouldn't be set to a shared location, it isn't really designed for too much shared access, we have the network ports for that17:19
RPi.e. hashserv over NFS would be a disaster17:19
rburtonhow about on a local machine?17:19
RPrburton: depends how well you think sqlite works17:20
rburtoni may run two parallel builds17:20
rburtonso wellish :)17:20
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RPrburton: you can run two servers from the data hashserv DB, I've never tried two builds17:20
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JPEWYou _should_ be able to share the SQLite database between two servers, or two builds from the same server17:22
JPEWThe latter is probably better though17:23
* RP advises rburton to have a box to put all the pieces in17:24
rburtonye of little faith17:24
rburtonRP: so i cant replicate that equiv problem with langdale... it rebuilds everything instead!17:24
RPrburton: gah :(. We should work out why :/17:25
RPrburton: any luck with a debug log when it happens?17:25
Ch^WFWIW, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that sqlite performs 100% MC/DC coverage (
Ch^WMC/DC is required of the highest level criticality software in aerospace.17:25
RPCh^W: nice!17:26
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* paulg is still rocking out the AC/DC17:54
JPEWrburton: I'll put it this way: I tried hard not do to anything weird that would prevent concurrent access, and SQLite is _supposed_ to handle it, but YMMV17:55
JPEWHashserve usage of SQLite is a lot more simple and "normal" than other places in bitbake, so I suspect it works concurrently17:56
rburtonhmm why isn't hashequiv working *at all* for me with langdale17:56
JPEWNo forks, no threads, etc17:57
JPEWThat's strange17:57
rburtonbuild image, touch autoconf-native's configure script with a bbnote, build image -> doesn't notice autoconf-native's sysroot is identical and rebuilds the world17:57
rburtondid almost-the-right-thing in master, but trying with a clean langdale tree17:57
JPEWI'll give it a try when I get back to a computer17:59
rburtonJPEW ircing with HIS MIND17:59
JPEWCyberpunk complete with head jack17:59
rburtonRP: ah i think this is the same problem but with langdale i don't have a build tree for it to re-package from18:07
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RPrburton: that would make sense18:08
rburtoneasy to test18:09
RPrburton: I'm heading afk with a headache but if you share the debug logs I'll take a look18:09
rburtoni'll share them monday :)18:10
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DvorkinDmitryis there any example of handling @d.getVarFlags() in bash?18:14
*** Payam <Payam!> has joined #yocto18:14
rburtonDvorkinDmitry: that would expand before the shell script runs18:15
rburtonbasically, the question doesn't make sense18:16
rburton${@...} gets expanded as the script is written out18:16
DvorkinDmitryok. any way to parse this {'tst1': ' p0;k0;o0 p1;k1;o1', 'tst2': ' t0;a0;f0 t1;a1;f1'} in bash?18:16
rburtonso bash sees what the expansion was18:16
rburtonuse python instead of bash to write the task or whatever?18:17
DvorkinDmitryrburton, seems there is no way not to use python :) I'm not good in syntax, but good in bash :)18:18
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vvndoes some_task[mcdepends] += "mc::foo:recipe:task" work for you guys?19:38
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vvnRP: I believe mcdepends is broken at the moment19:48
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vvndamn, found it... INITRAMFS_MULTICONFIG also needs BBMULTICONFIG..20:07
vvnok so we just need to error out with "Multiconfig dependency %s depends on nonexistent multiconfig configuration named %s" instead of blowing up with a stack trace20:15
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RPvvn: could you send a patch please?21:58
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RP;a=commit;h=11543b27fe16d81ca5483ecb98ec7a5b2426e0c0 - one further small step in reducing our gcc patchset :)22:58
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