Thursday, 2022-12-01

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xcmmoto-timo: i ended up appending to uboot-initial-env with a .bbappend, but.. it doesn't get picked up. in /boot, a uboot.env appears, but that doesn't contain my changes. worse of all, i can't find it anywhere in tmp/08:12
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PayamHi, Is it possible to develop a yocto project on Windows?08:28
mcfriskPayam: anything is possible and you can make it work, but at least I would not recommend that. Just use Linux. And don't bother with virtual machines for compiling, the performance will be poor and yocto is beast to compile...08:32
Payammcfrisk yes. unfortunately our organization only provides Windows with VM and not even VM is configured correctly.08:34
frosteyesPayam: if you are forced to it, it can be done. Also WSL2 is pretty good. But the virtual filesystem layer is very slow.08:38
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mcfriskI would force the feedback to management that to develop Linux products you need to run Linux systems. Been fighting these battles for over 20 years and I would right away quit or not even join an organization which doesn't allow running Linux on developers machines.08:39
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LetoThe2ndPayam: WSL2 is your only remotely sane bet. i agree with mcfrisk - management that wants you to work without providing adequate tooling needs to either learn about it, or should be deserted.08:42
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LetoThe2nd... imagine being hired as a carpenter, then not getting a hammer because company police is that all work has to be done using screwdrivers. just because your manager is an electrician and the thinks that screwdrivers are like the best tool ever.08:44
PayamLetoThe2nd I am really tired of IT and tbh I dont want anything to do with them any more. Since everytime I ask for a simple thing they want a meeting with me "in 2 weeks"08:53
LetoThe2ndPayam: good time to go looking for other opportunities, then.08:54
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paulbarkerPayam: I try to phrase it in terms of how much it is costing the company. At a guess it'd be at least 3x or more work to maintain a build using Yocto Project under Windows, so they're wasting at least 2/3 of what it costs them to employ you if they make you do that08:55
paulbarkerSo they can either hire 2 new staff or give you a Linux build environment08:55
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: i know that this is a common technique but does not resonate always.08:55
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paulbarkerHonestly, if "giving me the right tools would make me more productive and save the company money, with a payback on the investment within weeks" does not resonate then you have poor management08:57
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LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: there are many companies with poor management. especially lower, in a culture that likes processes and tries to avoid all precedence cases.09:00
frosteyesI can only second the others. I have been in a company where I was forced to virtual Linux. It can be done, but it is a PITA and it is just wrong.09:02
frosteyesAnd I think it is a pretty good analogy with tools. E.g. tell management that it is like forcing a carpenter to not use power tools, but only have a handsaw and hammer and some nails. Things can be build, but they take long time, and will never be as good as if you have power tools, and the correct tools for the job.09:05
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jclsn[m]Has someone successfully integrated the sn65dsi83 mainline driver for the imx8mm?09:31
jclsn[m]I could use an example09:31
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jclsn[m]I can only find integrations for the old driver online09:33
mckoangood morning09:33
fnsr|2is there a way to make build history catch also changes to the kernel config.txt ? when setting HDMI_MODE = "4" in the local.conf it shows "No changes" while something did change09:51
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d-fens_hmm, seems no buildhistoey issue, the config.txt in bootfiles hasen't actually changed - what must be done to rebuild this file? should apply the changes10:21
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d-fens_ok, works now - rm -rf to the rescue...10:29
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noopany reason the kirkstone branch is not on the github mirror?12:26
qschulzhalstead: ^ maybe for you this one? no kirkstone branch in the mirror12:28
qschulznoop: is poky the only mirror you've seen with this missing branch?12:29
qschulz(thanks for the report)12:29
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ldericherHow can I tell bitbake that a recipe only applicable for a specific platform?12:54
ldericherJaMa, actually, I mean specific arch, sorry. So I assume COMPATIBLE_ARCH?12:56
noopqschulz: Yes its the only one i have tried12:58
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JaMaldericher: COMPATIBLE_HOST, see examples in oe-core, which make it more clear12:58
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theophileHi, I'm creating a recipe which requires gengetopt software in order to build. It tried to add DEPENDS += " gengetopt" to my recipe but there is no success and the recipe building fails because it can't find gengetopt util. Could anyone help me sort that out ?13:13
rburtontheophile: does it need to run it at build time? you mean gengetopt-native if so.13:13
theophileIt does because I would like the file built by gengetopt to be always the most recent version13:14
theophileTherefore, they aren't included in my git repo. An easy fix could be to include them but I don't trust myself to ensure they are up to date13:14
lderichermhhhhh, so I have "", "files/foo_1.0_arm.tar.gz", and "files/foo_1.1_aarch64.tar.gz". Will this work and automatically install foo v1.0 on an ARM platform, and v1.1 on an AARCH64?13:14
theophileBut maybe it's a bad decision13:14
rburtontheophile: just DEPENDS=gengetopt-native if you want something to run at build time13:15
ldericher… btw, my SRC_URI is `file://${PN}_${PV}_${TARGET_ARCH}.tar.gz`13:15
theophileI've seen the -native with the rust compiler. Do you have any ressource to explain the difference with a normal recipe ?13:15
rburtonnative recipes run on the build host13:16
rburtonyou can't run a binary thats been built for the target at build time13:16
theophileCan it be appended to any recipe ?13:16
rburtonany recipe that does BBCLASSEXTEND="native" to magically make a native version13:17
theophileOkay, that's good to know. Thanks !13:17
theophileIt works like a charm :)13:17
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d-fens_is there a way to have "bitbake -c cve_check myimage" only log unpatched cves?13:29
d-fens_i want to send out daily mails if the command returns something13:30
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ldericherI'm stuck. I ended up with a recipe '' using `COMPATIBLE_MACHINE="arm"` and '' using `COMPATIBLE_MACHINE="aarch64"`. Still, `bitbake foo` creates a warning that `foo_1.0` doesn't have the source for my aarch64 build target.13:39
ldericherI feel like just ignoring the warning isn't the right way13:40
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gsalazarHi I'm trying to get yocto to compile a binary for a secondary ARM microprocessor as a dependency for the main image. I've read the yocto manual's multiconfig documentation but I it is still not clear on how to signal that a different compiler and compiler options should be used. Anyone has used it or knows about any examples that I could check?14:35
LetoThe2ndgsalazar: its not exacly bare metal on the secondary but zephyr, but it should give you the idea:
gsalazarLetoThe2nd: Thank you, I'll take a look at it14:39
LetoThe2ndgsalazar: you can also look at the bare metal hello world that is already in poky, and then essential drop that in for zephyr in the example.14:40
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rburtongsalazar: worst case (and what meta-arm currently does) is to use meta-arm-toolchain and DEPEND on the binary M compiler.  have a look in meta-arm at eg the trusted-firmware-m recipe.14:45
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Saur[m]ldericher: The problem is that `COMPATIBLE_MACHINE="arm"` is not specific enough. `COMPATIBLE_MACHINE` is actually a regular expression and `arm` will match the `armv8` used for `aarch64`. If you are on Kirkstone or later you can use `bitbake-getvar --value MACHINEOVERRIDES` to get the values that `COMPATIBLE_MACHINE` is matching against. My guess is that you need to use `armv7` or something like that.15:18
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qschulzldericher: also, have a look at MACHINEOVERRIDES as used in FILESOVERRIDES15:40
qschulzyou could have the exact same recipe but the file fetched by Bitbake would be different depending on the architecture of the target15:41
qschulzthat is done by using sub directories where you'd usually directly put your files (probably files/)15:41
qschulzthere have the same name for all tarballs, just in different paths: files/armv7 for arm32 (maybe, don't know exactly what wou;d be the best match) and files/aarch64 for the arm64 one15:42
qschulzldericher: starting slide 8315:43
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kergothRandom question: does bitbake-getvar not have a short form of --value to avoid confusion of -v sometimes being verbose, version, etc?15:57
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RPkergoth: that sounds familiar16:12
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kergothSeemed odd to have to do the long argument every time. Maybe add -b and --bare as alternatives to --value?16:34
* kergoth shrugs16:34
kergothI also wonder about making --flag and --unexpand *imply* --value rather than erroring out without it16:36
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RPkergoth: happy to consider patches. From memory I put a base implementation out there thinking we'd iterate from there16:56
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RPkergoth: I think I left -v out just because it was potentially confusing, easy to add, hard to remove later16:56
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:17
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* RP wonders how would go down17:20
*** noop <noop!~noop@> has quit IRC (Quit: Client closed)17:21
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RPbasically to stop people abusing LAYERSERIES_COMPAT17:21
frayno objections here17:22
qschulzit becomes VERY important to keep the next releases name secret :D17:23
kanavinRP: what does the patch do exactly?17:23
kanavinwhat's going to happen if that phytec layer is given to it?17:23
RPkanavin: it will given an error or warning about the layer compatibility not looking right17:24
RPkanavin: basically it deletes the LAYERSERIES_COMPAT variables out the datastore as they layers are parsed so they can't be referenced by anything else17:25
kanavinRP: is it possible to simply use the value verbatim, without variable expansion?17:25
RPkanavin: I wondered about that but they'd then use := to avoid that17:26
*** fvincenzo <fvincenzo!> has quit IRC (Quit: Client closed)17:26
*** fvincenzo <fvincenzo!> has joined #yocto17:26
qschulzRP: would this also prevent overriding another layer's LAYERSERIES_COMPAT?17:27
qschulzbecause we had to do this at my previous company17:27
qschulzwe could also have patched the "upstream" layer instead, but that was more convenient at the time17:27
qschulz(but I didn't like it :) )17:27
RPqschulz: it might still allow that to work, not 100% sure17:28
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has joined #yocto17:28
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*** nemik_ <nemik_!> has joined #yocto17:34
vmesonrburton: asked somewhere about  removing rust-llvm and using our llvm recipe.  I replied in my talk that I looked at that when we first merged rust into oe-core but not since. Has anyone else taken time to check that out?17:38
*** nemik_ <nemik_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)17:38
*** nemik_ <nemik_!~nemik@> has joined #yocto17:39
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*** aleksandarsimono <aleksandarsimono!~aleksanda@> has joined #yocto17:43
Saur[m]RP: I rely on being able to set `LAYERSERIES_COMPAT` for other layers. Our platform is currently based on Kirkstone. During the ~6 months of preparations for the next major Poky release I use an adaptation layer (weirdly named as `meta-axis-master` since it was originally used to build with master of Poky) where I do all changes needed to make our platform build with the next Poky release. To be able to do this, this adaptation layer uses17:43
Saur[m]`LAYERSERIES_COMPAT_axis:append = " ${LAYERSERIES_COMPAT_axis-master}"` for all our layers in the platform so that they can build with the same version of Poky as the adaptation layer is compatible with.17:43
RPSaur[m]: that will proabably break :(17:44
*** PhoenixMage <PhoenixMage!~phoenix@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)17:46
Saur[m]:( I am rather fond of this solution as it means I do not have to lie and set `LAYERSERIES_COMPAT` to include "langdale" for our platform layers before they actually do support Langdale.17:46
*** PhoenixMage <PhoenixMage!~phoenix@> has joined #yocto17:48
qschulzSaur[m]: IIRC you could have LAYERSERIES_COMPAT_axis:append = "langdale" in your meta-axis-master layer.conf to lie in one place only17:48
qschulzIIRC the order in whcih the layers are parsed matter in there17:49
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)17:49
RPright, the append isn't the issue, the use of LAYERSERIES_COMPAT is. You could just use a different variable name?17:49
qschulzbut that was like 2/3 years ago and I don't have access to the source code anymore17:49
aleksandarsimonoHello everyone.17:50
aleksandarsimonoI'm having problem that I cannot solve for days. I have precompiled mcp2515-can2.dtbo file for Raspberry Pi3 (I dont have .dts) that I need to include in my root partition (/boot/overlay) on RPi3. After looking through meta-raspberrypi layer I found out that dtbo's are getting fetched through recipes-bsp/bootfiles/ file, so I17:50
aleksandarsimonocreated rpi-bootfiles.bbappend file in my own recipe that appends to SRC_URI variable and adds my custom mcp2515-can2.dtbo file to bootfiles. Then I added RPI_KERNEL_DEVICETREE_OVERLAYS:append = " overlays/mcp2515-can2.dtbo" to my local.conf and when i run the build I get compile error: No rule to make target17:50
RPI'm really torn (again) on the change to be honest. I just really object to what people are doing in layers to subvert a core feature17:50
Saur[m]Well, it depends on if it will continue to work to set LAYERSERIES_COMPATfrom one layer for another. And we do have tight control of the order of our layers in bblayers.conf, so the adaptation layer is guaranteed to be read before any of the other layers.17:51
RPSaur[m]: I think that works with the patch17:51
qschulzaleksandarsimono: just check where RPI_KERNEL_DEVICETREE_OVERLAYS is used and add your install step without the compilation step17:52
Saur[m]RP: I'll try the patch.17:52
*** florian <florian!> has quit IRC (Quit: Ex-Chat)17:54
aleksandarsimonoqschulz I'm not sure how to do that17:54
rburtonvmeson: rust people at work say that upstream llvm should work if you're building releases17:55
vmesonrburton: nice. That will help tighten things up. I'll give it a go, er llvm, err you know what I mean.17:57
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)17:57
*** PhoenixMage <PhoenixMage!~phoenix@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)17:57
kanavinvmeson, I suppose you don't want to build both llvm-native and rust-llvm-native, but llvm-native is not actually providing llvm, it only provides native llvm-config executable for the sake of building target llvm17:58
kanavin(which is very quick and doesn't affect build times)17:58
*** PhoenixMage <PhoenixMage!~phoenix@> has joined #yocto17:59
vmesonkanavin: ah, so we shouldn't expect build time reduction it seems. It'll still save on largely duplicated downloads.17:59
Saur[m]RP: I can confirm that your change breaks my use case. :( `ERROR: Layer axis is not compatible with the core layer which only supports these series: langdale (layer is compatible with ${LAYERSERIES_COMPAT_axis-master} kirkstone)`18:00
*** fvincenzo <fvincenzo!> has quit IRC (Quit: Client closed)18:00
kanavinvmeson, rust download itself completely dwarfs any savings18:00
*** olani_ <olani_!~olani@2a02:aa1:1020:87a8:6140:e490:e1cb:293f> has joined #yocto18:00
*** rwoaenzkt <rwoaenzkt!~olani@2a02:aa1:1020:87a8:6140:e490:e1cb:293f> has joined #yocto18:01
vmesonkanavin: I suppose.18:01
RPSaur[m]: can you rename to a different variable name that doesn't have LAYERSERIES_COMPAT in it?18:01
qschulzaleksandarsimono: I believe you cannot use RPI_KERNEL_DEVICETREE_OVERLAYS for what you want18:01
qschulzbecause it's just added to KERNEL_DEVICETREE which I believe is used to tell the kernel recipe to build dtb/dtbos18:03
qschulzsince you don't have the sources, it won't find it and error out18:03
qschulzwithout looking too much into it, I'd create a recipe just to add this dtbo into the proper directory18:03
Saur[m]RP: That seems to work, but now I realized that your change breaks what devtool does too: `ERROR: Layer workspacelayer is not compatible with the core layer which only supports these series: langdale (layer is compatible with ${LAYERSERIES_COMPAT_core})`18:04
RPSaur[m]: there is a patch for that in master-next18:04
Saur[m]Ah, ok. I just cherry-picked the bitbake change.18:04
aleksandarsimonoqschulz It doesnt work that way because I need to add to boot partition and not to rootfs18:06
qschulzaleksandarsimono: I very much believe that everything is put into the image rootfs and then wic splits it by itself18:08
qschulzthanks to --source bootimg-partition18:08
LetoThe2ndqschulz: see the magic variable :-)18:08
qschulzLetoThe2nd: perfect, nice documentation on this18:09
Saur[m]RP: Ok, that solved that. However, there is a drawback with that solution: when we upgrade to the next major release, all developer's build environment will fail since their workspace layers are no longer automatically adapting to the new release name.18:10
vmesonkanavin: 2.4 GB -- rustc-1.xx.src.tar.xz: 135 MB   rust-std-1.64.0-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.xz 27.4 MB -- am I missing something?18:10
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I believe IMAGE_BOOT_FILES should be modified in the image recipe or in a configuration file to be taken into account18:10
qschulzSaur[m]: I'm not sure that's an issue?18:10
qschulzthat forces your devs to resync the base version18:11
qschulzotherwise your devs are debugging with devtool a version that isn't actually being used anymore18:11
Saur[m]Well, it means they will have to manually modify workspace/conf/layer.conf, a layer most of them don't even know is actually a layer...18:12
qschulzSaur[m]: they shouldn't, thats my whole point18:12
* vmeson wipes out his downloads and checks the data above.18:12
qschulzSaur[m]: remove your whole devtool workspace between yocto upgrade?18:13
*** neil499 <neil499!> has joined #yocto18:13
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kanavinvmeson, so where would the savings come from if rust is using upstream llvm? I might be missing something too :)18:15
*** amitk__ <amitk__!~amit@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)18:15
Saur[m]That has never been needed before. At least in our case, the developers typically only use it together with devtool modify to (more or less) temporarily make the source available for a recipe or two. With the exception when someone changes the bitbake syntax ;) there is only a small bbappend per active recipe. In my case, most of the times, the workspace layer is just an empty layer.18:16
*** PhoenixMage <PhoenixMage!~phoenix@> has joined #yocto18:16
*** alessioigor <alessioigor!~alessioig@> has joined #yocto18:16
Saur[m]And when I say empty, I mean without any active bbappends. The attics directory typically contains a lot of old source directories.18:17
RPSaur[m]: Right, I'm torn on the migration issue but the patch as is is probably as close as we can get18:17
kanavinI'd much rather not see that variable become meaningless.18:17
RPkanavin: that is why I'm a bit upset about this18:18
Saur[m]RP: Yeah, I am not saying the devtool regression should block the change, I am merely mentioning it as it may cause some confusion from developers (I know it will for mine).18:19
*** justache- is now known as justache18:19
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kanavinSaur[m], it is extremely unlikely anyone else is using LAYERSERIES_COMPAT in workspace this way18:20
kanavinand you're well aware, and can mitigate ahead of time18:20
*** dreyna4529_b <dreyna4529_b!~dreyna452@2601:646:4200:cfc0:1884:871e:51cf:2848> has joined #yocto18:20
Saur[m]I was referring to the devtool case. Since my adaptation layer case works by changing to another variable name, that is fine.18:21
*** tor <tor!~tor@user/tor> has joined #yocto18:22
kanavinSaur[m], ah I didn't look closely at where LAYERSERIES_CORENAMES comes from18:24
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RPkanavin: I handle CORENAMES separately to stop people switching to that since I'm making that obvious in the devtool fixes for core18:26
*** PhoenixMage <PhoenixMage!~phoenix@> has joined #yocto18:28
Saur[m]RP: Btw, there is a typo in the commit message for the bitbake change: "thi is mechanism" -> "this mechanism"18:31
RPSaur[m]: thanks, fixed18:32
Saur[m]There is a corresponding typo in the comment in the code: "this is mechanism" -> "this mechanism"18:32
kanavinRP: hashequiv is awesome, I fixed the x86 test fail in python, and because the fix is in the test and not in the code, the rebuild shortcuts to the image18:34
RPkanavin: it is lovely when it works :)18:36
RPSaur[m]: ah, right. Also fixed18:37
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hsvIf i had a http proxy (say squid maybe), can bitbake be told to use it?18:46
hsvafter googling on this i'm a bit confused what goes on under the hood, and if git needs to be configured separately to use the proxy.18:47
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RPhsv: bitbake will respect http_proxy from the environment19:13
hsvRP: great, thanks i'll look into it then19:15
*** manuel_ <manuel_!~manuel198@> has joined #yocto19:18
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JPEWRP: I didn't follow what you meant by missing a bb.util19:39
*** nemik_ <nemik_!~nemik@> has joined #yocto19:39
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RPJPEW: one of the commits referenced a bb.utils.<function> and I didn't see a commit adding it?19:56
JPEWbb.utils.process_profilelog ? Already exists19:57
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RPJPEW: oh, right. Sorry, I'm getting confused19:59
* RP even wrote that function :(19:59
JPEWno worries :)19:59
*** neil499 <neil499!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)20:02
JPEWRP: Dropping those two patches helped a lot! 11.5s -> 16.5s now20:05
JPEWIt almost makes me think I have a bug that's preventing it from actually saving the extra parsing data.....20:06
JPEWRP: Should we make this a CookerFeature so it can be more easily toggled?20:08
JPEWAnd I think my name of "Siggen"RecipeInfo is not great20:09
*** prabhakarlad <prabhakarlad!> has joined #yocto20:09
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RPJPEW: I was thinking we should probably not merge those two! I think making it a cooker feature might be a good move. I agree naming needs thought and is hard20:27
RPJPEW: siggen might be ok20:28
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RPJPEW: I was interested in the shutdown patches, I wondered if a race was possible there but haven't looked into it yet20:34
*** sakoman <sakoman!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)20:34
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JPEWI'll look it over again and give it a though20:35
JPEWThe event one should be safe20:35
JPEWThe shutdown thread might possibly race; need to think20:36
RPJPEW: I was worried syncthread needs to run after the parsers exit since only at that point have they written the code parser caches it is syncing20:37
*** Estrella <Estrella!> has joined #yocto20:38
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!~manuel198@2a02:1748:dd5c:f290:c5b2:fdff:b718:9edf> has joined #yocto20:40
JPEWIIUC, the main thread is done pulling things from the queue before that thread starts; it will "drain" the queue to keep the child processes from getting stuck, but those are just discarded and don't make it into the stack anyway20:40
RPJPEW: the syncthread doesn't care about that. It cares about the parser processes having written their code parser caches20:41
JPEWAh, I didn't realize it was passing data out of band of the queue20:41
RPJPEW: ah, I'm getting confused again I think :/20:42
RPJPEW: I was thinking this was for bb.codeparser.parser_cache_savemerge() which calls into which works off a listdir()20:43
RPJPEW: we could really put that into it's own thread20:43
JPEWYa, maybe20:45
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JPEWRP: Ok updated the branch21:07
*** mattes-bru <mattes-bru!> has joined #yocto21:07
*** jdavid75 <jdavid75!~jdavid75@> has joined #yocto21:11
jdavid75hi there, looking for advice debugging yocto build error, just trying to replicate my colleague's successful build21:13
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rburtonjdavid75: give details and someone might be able to help21:45
jdavid75just nuked my yocto folder in frustration and trying from scratch, will come back here with deets if/when reoccurs21:46
rburtonrandom build failures can be from recipes that really don't like building on an existing build tree, which is not uncommon and why you should always do out-of-tree builds21:50
jdavid75do you have a link for best-practice setup of out-of-tree builds?21:52
*** mark__ <mark__!~mark@> has joined #yocto21:55
*** mark__ is now known as mark_L21:55
rburtonautotools, meson and cmake do it automatically21:55
rburtonautotools-brokensep is for autotools-using recipes which don't do it21:56
jdavid75oh... failure was on a recipe that I had nothing to do with21:57
jdavid75just trying to replicate base state before starting to work21:57
jdavid75a recipe that nobody at our company had anything to do with, just came in with the NXP BSP21:57
rburtonharass nxp if you paid for it :)21:58
mark_LHi, Is there a way to list all the available/enabled DISTRO_FEATURES items? My image pulls in pulseaudio after I migrated our Yocto base to Kirkstone. Trying to see if there's a new destro feature got pulled in somewhere21:59
rburtonbitbake-getvar DISTRO_FEATURES22:00
rburtonworth skimming the migration guide as that talks about new features that were added22:00
mark_LThanks rburton, I learn a new trick today!22:01
rburtonalso, this is why you should write your own distro configuration so you control the distro features22:01
*** aleksandarsimono <aleksandarsimono!~aleksanda@> has joined #yocto22:04
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*** DvorkinDmitry <DvorkinDmitry!~dvorkin@> has joined #yocto22:46
DvorkinDmitryis it correct to write DEPEND = "mc:OTHERARCH:somerecipe" ?22:48
*** mvlad <mvlad!~mvlad@2a02:2f08:4503:c400:24d7:51ff:fed6:906d> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)22:49
hsvCan bitbake be told *not* to use https? (via a http proxy)22:54
hsvThe problem is the proxy only caches http requests.22:55
JPEWunset http_proxy?22:59
hsvi mean still route via the proxy but use http instead of https, so the object can be cached.23:00
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RPhsv: you could probably put something in MIRRORS to make it do that23:06
RPthere are probably servers which don't support anything but https now23:06
hsvyes i imagine that too, the server could issue a redirect and we are stuck in a loop.23:08
RPJPEW: I've separated out a couple of bits of our patches and sent them to the list. Gives us something to test on more easily I hope!23:12
RPJPEW: your event one looks good to me, not sure about sync and whether we should have a bigger rework there yet23:12
RPJPEW: our patches look to be about the same speed, 4.4s -> 8s for my test on oe-core23:35
*** Starfoxxes <Starfoxxes!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)23:37
RPJPEW: interestingly your on disk cache file is 96MB compared to my 60something MB file23:42
JPEWHmm, strange. I wonder why23:43
JPEWIt should be fully deduplicted afaict23:43
RPJPEW: I was a little surprised, not looked into what happened23:53
RPJPEW: oh, it is because we dropped the all in one pickle patch23:54
JPEWAh ok.23:54
RPJPEW: my patch works around that with references in later objects23:54
JPEWWe can do the same protocol to serialize to the file as we use between the parser tasks and cooker if we want23:56
RPJPEW: I was just wondering that23:56
JPEWThe large pickle is slower?23:56
JPEWThat also is sus23:57
RPJPEW: in my tests, yes23:57
RPI think it is because it allows us to interleave the IO23:57
RPwhich makes loading faster too23:57
JPEWHmm, ok. Have to take a look23:58

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