Monday, 2022-12-12

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mckoangood morning07:46
LetoThe2ndyo dudX && mckoan07:49
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ldericherg'morning as well :) still struggling with SDKs ... for unit testing purposes, I need to build my application _for the host_, so I'd appreciate if I could `bitbake ... -c populate_sdk` to target my host. After building, I'll figure out dealing with the dynamic links myself :)10:30
qschulzldericher: I would build the SDK for a machine that works on your host10:33
qschulze.g. genericx86-64 possibly?10:33
LetoThe2ndldericher: well thats just not what the sdk is. so you either have to switch machines (as qschulz suggested), or create a form of "sdk-like" class10:33
ldericherqschulz, "a machine that works on your host" as in "a machine my host can run (i.e. run the tests using qemu)", or like "a machine that approximates my host (i.e. run the tests natively)"?10:37
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LetoThe2ndldericher: the latter.10:38
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qschulzand if you want the former, we have qemu machines for those10:44
d-fens_ hi, how can i add "dtoverlay=dwc2,dr_mode=host" to my config.txt ?10:53
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RPrburton: oe-selftest-armhost 18h or 11h :(10:56
RPrburton: might need to restrict this to 220410:56
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d-fens_thanks, i already added ENABLE_DWC2_HOST = "1" and probably it is in effect as it doesn't boot anymore but searches the network for a netboot or idk, so something different is fishy10:57
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rburtonRP: ouch, why is a sstate test taking so long?11:03
rburtonthey don't build, do they?11:03
rburton2022-12-12 10:16:10,001 - oe-selftest - INFO - 14: 33/34 504/507 (11225.25s) (sstatetests.SStateTests.test_sstate_noop_samesigs)11:04
RPrburton: no, they don't11:04
RPrburton: it is probably the changes in master-next :(11:04
RPrburton: although I'm surprised they're running that slowly11:05
rburtonmaybe the machine was just incredibly loaded11:05
rburtonldericher: if you just want your app in the SDK, just add nativesdk-myapp (after doing BBCLASSEXTEND=nativesdk).  Though as said, a better solution is building your stack for qemux86-64 or whatever your host architecture is: then you can runqemu with kvm, get native speed, but still run the tests in the right environment.11:12
rburtonyou can use testimage/ptests etc for running the test suite11:13
rburtonadd it as part of the CI11:13
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rburtonhas anyone else seen master's clang get upset at kernels with "llvm-objcopy: error: Link field value 27 in section .rela.dyn is not a symbol table" (paging khem)11:22
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pmlHi - i'm getting a compile error for autoconf-native recipe on dunfell...specifically the error is "make: *** No rule to make target '4'.  Stop.".. any suggestions where to start debugging ?12:12
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rburtonpml: can you replicate with a bare poky checkout on the dunfell branch (literally clone, checkout dunfell, bitbake autoconf-native)?  can you share the full log? is the host distro a supported one?12:20
pmlrburon: yes, it's a supported distro (ubuntu20.04)... I'll try with a bare poke and report back shortly12:21
pmlinterestingly enough, I've successfully built a previous dunfell image on this host for another project...12:22
rburtonpossibly a broken build tree and deleting it would work, or you've got a layer which is doing something really nasty12:25
pmlrburton: so..with a bare poky checkout (dunfell), it works (as expected)12:33
rburtonpml: so what layers are you adding to break it? :)12:33
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pmllol -- let me share the list, one sec12:34
rburtonin theory you can use bitbake to tell you what broke.  build bare poky, add the layers, bitbake -Sdiff automake-native12:36
pmlok, will try that.. in meantime, it seems to me that the meta-ti and meta-smartmicro (their own layer) is breaking it12:36
pmland specifically the kernel recipe12:37
d-fens_which disk exactly is full in the following output?
pmlit's where it seems to fail12:37
rburtonpml: not sure i want to know how that would break autoconf-native12:37
rburtond-fens_: the disk image that mkfs.fat is creating, i believe12:38
d-fens_rburton: thanks i'll look into it12:38
rburtonpml: looks like i can't find meta-smartmicro on the internet12:39
pmli'm a bit puzzled myself, so trying to track it down... but that is what seems to fail, everything else is building fine12:39
pmlrburton: sorry, that is their layer's name, so their own, its not public12:39
rburtonyeah always suspicious when a vendor's BSP isnt open12:39
pmlany idea where i should maybe start spelunking for something usefull that may shed light on this ?12:40
pmlother than your suggestion above (which I'll try)12:40
rburtonthe -S thing works nicely12:46
rburtonworked example: i just did bitbake gtk+3, then added a line to the do_compile.  bitbake gtk+3 -Sprintdiff:12:46
rburton  Variable do_compile value changed:12:46
rburton@@ -1,4 +1,5 @@12:46
rburton         export GIR_EXTRA_LIBS_PATH="${B}/gdk/.libs"12:46
rburton+        true12:46
pmlrunning it now12:47
rburtonso if you can identify what layers break it, you can do a build of autoconf-native without them, add them, then use -S to see what changed12:47
pmlcool, i'm trying that now12:47
pmlrburton: looks like i was wrong, this may be the meta-alb layer that breaks it12:55
rburtonanother private layer i can't google12:56
pmlno, this one is public12:56
rburtondoesn't appear in google12:57
pmlseems to be a layer commenly used in automotive sector..?12:57
pmlbut it is at the url i posted above12:57
rburtonoh god why does that layer have a whole new toolchain in12:58
pmli have no idea12:58
pmlso i'm trying the -S thing again, but its not showing a diff12:59
pmlam i suppose to do a cleanall again, after adding the layer and try building again ?12:59
rburtonjust blast tmp, faster than cleanll13:00
rburtonyou're just building autoconf-native anyway13:00
pmlso, i blast the tmp, rebuild, it fails with the previous error, i then do bitbake -Sdiff autoconf-native13:09
pmlbut it is not giving a diff ? only wrting a locked sigs file...?13:09
rburtondo a good build, add the layers which breaks it, then printdiff13:10
pmlok, gotcha13:11
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lderichernow my `do_populate_sdk` errors out with some inode mismatches. Can I clean that without a complete rebuild?13:29
qschulzldericher: are you building inside a contianer?13:30
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ldericherqschulz, ...13:32
qschulzldericher: hehehe13:33
qschulz--tmpfs /tmp13:33
qschulzand IIRC you also need to increase the pids_limit in /etc/containers/containers.conf13:36
ldericherqschulz, `bitbake: error: no such option: --tmpfs` am I dumb?13:36
qschulzldericher: it's an argument to podman/docker13:36
ldericher… I'm probably dumb though, that seems like an arg to docker13:36
qschulzyeah sorry, should have made this clearer13:37
ldericherweird thing is, a few moments ago everything built well13:37
qschulzldericher: the pids_limit is not always hit if you reuse the cache between builds13:38
qschulzas for the tmpfs, it's probably related too13:38
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marek56Hi, I'm adding some more info to /ect/issue doing rootfs postprocess handling. I know it' not "yocto" way but I need to run some shell commands in order to populate some variables. Is there any way I can force run postprocess on every build? I've tried to add `my_cmd[nostamp] = "1"` but it doesn't help. Thanks13:44
qschulzmarek56: i'm nbot sure but i'd believe that nostamp only applies to tasks?13:46
rusammarek56: search the manual for the ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND variable13:47
marek56qschulz: Hmm probably right. So there is not  a way ho to handle that?13:47
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qschulzmarek56: mark the task calling this function as nostamp13:51
qschulzalso I think it depends how you set the variable13:51
qschulzbecause it's not because a function is re-run that the variable it depends on are re-evaluated between builds13:52
qschulzsince it will probably detect there were no changes to recipes/classes/whatever so there's no need to reparse and reevaluate the variables13:52
qschulz(except if the variable is set in your function directly then forcing the rerun of the function via nostamp should be enough I think13:52
marek56qschulz I would need mark do_rootfs then as no stamp as in meta/lib/oe/ there is handling ` post_process_cmds = self.d.getVar("ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND")`13:55
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pmlrburton: i've done a good build, added the offending layer, and the did a -Sprintdiff... but it is not showing any diff... i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong14:00
pmlin addition, i can get the autoconf-native to fail by just adding back their internal layer14:01
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rburtonwell at least you've isolated the layer14:35
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d-fens_how can i find out what receipe is generating the missing bootfiles ? (cp: cannot stat '/build/tmp/deploy/images/raspberrypi4/bootfiles/*': No such file or directory)14:44
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d-fens_cleaned the dir out as the error with 'Disk ful'l when generating boot partition still persited14:45
rburtonyeah its talking about the disk image it's creating14:46
rburtonsomething in meta-rpi probably has a hardcoded size for that partition14:46
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d-fens_now i'd like to run bitbake -c clean but_which_receipt14:46
rburtoneasier to just delete tmp, it rebuilds from sstate in seconds14:47
d-fens_ok will try that14:47
ldericherok, this one is beyond repair. how can I cleanup everything related to building the SDK?14:47
rburtonldericher: delete tmp :)14:47
ldericherrburton, just a touch less aggressive, i hoped?14:48
rburtonmeh, more effort14:48
rburtonyou might miss something14:48
rburtondelete and build from sstate is faster than trying to figure out the list of recipes to clean14:48
lderichershould I also remove build/deploy?14:51
ldericherrburton, ...14:51
rburtonthat's part of tmp/14:51
rburtonso yes14:51
qschulzldericher: anything that isn't the downloads or sstate-cache directory should be safe from deletion14:52
qschulzif it's not, then it's an issue in one of the layers you're using and should be fixed14:52
lderichermy issue is definitely related to tmp - it built fine a few hours ago and I didn't change any layers in the meantime14:53
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ldericherwell … at least that machine is rather safe from `(sudo) rm -rf /` - deleting tmp takes quite some time even with 24 cores14:56
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rburtoni typically mv tmp foo, and rm -rf foo &14:58
rburtoncores are irrelevant, it's an I/O thing14:59
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JPEWI need to update it to do the rename + delete also15:15
JPEWApparently, the trick is that rsync doesn't ls the directory before deleting, which saves a lot of I/O on large directories15:15
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rburtonGood news: meson 1.0rc1 builds fine in yocto15:21
rburtonyeah, rsync is a lot faster,15:21
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RPrburton: good to know15:31
RPJPEW: I think I managed to sort the issues with moving us to python 3.8 btw15:31
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JPEWRP: Oh, I guess I missed that there were some problems :/15:48
JPEWWas that the stuff on Friday15:48
RPJPEW: It was infra stuff, we missed that we'd need to change the make buildtools for the full buildtools on a few platforms15:49
RPJPEW: I also decided to move us to a much newer buildtools15:49
LetoThe2ndd-fens_: did you sort it out? if not, chances are you need to set MENDER_BOOT_PART_SIZE_MB to something higher.15:51
d-fens_LetoThe2nd: yep, that worked15:53
LetoThe2ndd-fens_: :-)15:53
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malsynedIs there a way for a bbclass to get the path to itself? Using := "${FILE}" yields the path of the file which inherited the bbclass.16:32
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LetoThe2ndmalsyned: what is the use case?16:40
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mcfriskI see kernel module signing failures on kirkstone again. Somehow kernel and modules ended up with different keys, all out of sstate cache. signing modules happens in kernel "make modules_install", kernel is embedded with the same key at compile time. there must be races..16:40
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malsynedLetoThe2nd: Our set-up may be a little unusual, but our source tree has the source for our app under src/ and our bitbake layer in yocto/meta-<mycompany>, with other layers checked out as submodules under yocto/. So all of our recipes contain something like FILESEXTRAPATHS:prepend :=16:45
malsynedt to abstract that somewhere, so that it only has to change in one place and isn't a magic incantation everywhere.16:45
malsyned"${THISDIR}/../../../../:" which is kinda ugly and brittle. I wan16:45
malsynedMy first thought was a bbclass, because I already have a bbclass handling some other layer-specific stuff.16:45
qschulzmalsyned: what about using externalsrc class for this?16:45
malsynedqschulz: first time I've heard of it, but the name sounds promising. I'll check it out, thanks!16:46
qschulzmalsyned: but that's not a very good idea to be honest, having the source code with your build system in the same git repo16:46
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qschulzwhat happens if you decide to change the build system (e.g. switch to buildroot for example, or whatever else you could think of)16:47
malsynedqschulz: I would imagine I'd try the same thing I'm doing here, adding a buildroot/ subdir for that set-up and asking these same kinds of questions in there IRC channel :)16:48
malsynedWe definitely may outgrow our setup and have to graduate to what you're describing, but for the time being this is a simpler and less error-prone workflow to explain and oversee.16:49
qschulzit also means you're tying a version of your sw to a specific version of yocto16:53
qschulzthere is no need for that16:53
malsynedAt the moment, that's an advantage to us.16:53
qschulzanyways, up to you. I've been there, was more painful than helpful to me.16:53
qschulzcan't remember all the pitfalls, just that I complained a lot about it :)16:54
qschulzwell, i complain a lot in general, so maybe it was just business as usual, who knows :)16:54
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rburtonno you're right its a terrible idea16:56
rburtonsystem integration != software development16:56
RPmalsyned: for such a layer you could set a variable in layer.conf using ${LAYERDIR} which you could then reference the source with?16:56
zeddiisince distro_features is a variable like the rest .. can it have a native set of values ? Special handling might be breaking things, but I'm trying to get the incantation right.16:57
RPzeddii: we set it differently for native recipesiirc16:58
*** frieder <frieder!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)16:58
zeddiiI'll grep around a bit and see what I can find.16:58
zeddiiI'm trying to build some recipes as native and they are tripping over the distro features check.16:59
zeddiiI was able to do a class-native :remove override to make one build, but that seems too error prone.16:59
zeddiicool. I'll chase that down.16:59
rburtonkanavin: do you have a python 3.11.1 upgrade in one of your branches?17:04
malsynedRP: that may be what I go with.17:05
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khemrburton: its proposed to be fixed via
khemI will accept a patch just doing that though, since I have issues with other changes18:31
kanavinrburton, no18:38
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jclsnWhat are those tmp4849da files in the downloads folder? They are quite big18:58
jclsnI have three of them around 1GB each18:58
jclsnOne 2GB even!18:58
rburtonjclsn: no idea.  run file on it?18:59
jclsn../downloads/tmp0274xhoc: gzip compressed data, from Unix, original size modulo 2^32 45157106619:00
jclsnNo idea19:00
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rburtonjclsn: unzip it and see19:03
rburtonjclsn: its a temporary file, so delete it, but if youre curious what it actually is, that's easy19:03
jclsnWell I just need to filter it out from the files I upload to my artifacts storage19:04
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qschulzjclsn: BB_GENERATE_MIRROR_TARBALLS = "1" in your build and upload only tarballs?19:10
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jclsnqschulz: That is already set19:13
rburtonjclsn: they shouldn't be generated, so figure out what they are19:13
rburtonfwiw i have a load of tmp* files in my downloads, but they're all from august and october, so maybe there was a bug19:14
rburtonmine are all directories, and git repos19:14
jclsnrburton: They could be from my personal project19:14
jclsnCan't unzip them though19:14
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rburtonyou used gunzip not unzip right19:15
jclsnI did not19:17
jclsnUnexpected EOF now19:17
*** Haxxa <Haxxa!> has joined #yocto19:18
rburtonaborted fetch that failed to clean up then19:18
jclsnThat may very well be19:19
jclsnChromium probably19:19
jclsnAnyway, not my problem anymore19:19
rburtoni bet you if just pass it to tar you'll get something out of it19:19
jclsnIt is probably a fetcher failure19:20
jclsnNot so important19:20
jclsnThe pipeline is uploading files and it didn't have it19:21
jclsnSo probably because I killed bitbake prematurely19:21
jclsnI always aggressively SIGINT19:21
jclsnI need a beer now19:22
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