Tuesday, 2023-01-03

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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:38
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PayamHi, I have sent up the downloads to a S3 bucket but I see that it still tries to download git repositories from somewhere07:24
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PayamERROR: bluez-glib-1.0+gitAUTOINC+045d4a1ffc-r0 do_fetch: Bitbake Fetcher Error: FetchError('Unable to fetch URL from any source.', 'git://gerrit.automotivelinux.org/gerrit/src/bluez-glib;protocol=https;branch=needlefish')07:47
Payamthis is the problem07:47
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Payamis it possible to download it manually?07:53
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Payamwhat can I do to avoid these stuff?08:07
Payamthe gerrit and fetching gives me lots of error.08:07
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qschulzPayam: did you set up the PREMIMRRORS variable correctly?08:40
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PayamI haven't touched it since I assumed that if I put all the downloads to s3 then I won't need it.09:09
Payamand then I download the sstate and downloads to /tmp in a ec2 and then run it.09:09
qschulzyou should use a PREMIRRORS and a SSTATE_MIRRORs09:11
qschulzthis will download only what you need from your s309:11
Payamhow do I do it?09:11
Payamyes but it is different EC2 instances.09:12
Payamso each time it is a new instance?09:12
Payamand empty09:12
Payamso it will download stuff any way?09:12
qschulzi've enevr used neither s3 or ec209:12
Payambut the fetching09:13
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TRO[m]you can setup a sstate server like we did here: https://youtu.be/CNCjtQj74VI?t=66709:15
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JaMaisn't it enough to enable static website on that s3 bucket to use it as SSTATE_MIRROR and PREMIRROR?09:17
JaMabut don't forget to enable BB_GENERATE_MIRROR_TARBALLS in the builds which generate PREMIRROR09:19
JaMaand you don't need to push scm dirs like git2/svn nor .done, bad_checksum files to s3 PREMIRROR09:20
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PayamI don't even know why bitbake tries to fetch suff09:28
Payameverything is there09:28
qschulzPayam: you just said you copied what was on s3 into your ec209:29
qschulzand yesterday we discussed the use of .done files09:29
qschulzand we said it's useless if you use PREMIRRORS with BB_GENERATE_MIRROR_TARBALLS09:30
qschulzsince you're not doing that09:30
qschulzdo you have those .done files?09:30
Payamyes in the s3 bucket09:30
Payamwhy is it useless?09:30
Payamyou mean that if I use PREMIRRORS I do not need a s3 bucket?09:31
qschulzbecause you don't need it with PREMIRRORS09:31
qschulzsince all fetches will be proxied through your mirror listed in PREMIRRORS09:31
qschulzthey will be downloaded locally on-demand and bitbake will add the local .done files when it's finished downloading it09:32
Payamso what I can do is to only use premirrors.09:32
Payamfor the sstate? how about downloads?09:32
qschulzfor downloads09:32
qschulzfor sstate it's sstate_mirror09:33
Payamlet me check09:33
Payamthere isn't any09:34
Payamthere is only SSTATE_MIRROR09:35
Payamnot PREMIRRORS09:35
qschulzPayam: there's no SSTATE_MIRROR either09:35
qschulzthey're commented out09:36
Payamso what do I add? more specificly09:36
PayamI do PREMIRRORS= ... and SSTATE_MIRRORS= ..09:38
Payamand tarball thingy09:38
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qschulzthe tarball is only required to feed the mirror (your s3), you don't need it otherwise09:40
Payamare there any free mirrors?09:41
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Payamthis one is good right?09:45
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HaxxaAny guess as to where I could find a watchdog program that restarts the device if an application is not running? I haven't been able to figure out where it would be; i.e. if I run /etc/init.d/scadaserver stop, 15 seconds later the device reboots.10:11
LetoThe2ndHaxxa: how about systemd watchdog?10:12
HaxxaNo systemd on this machine10:12
LetoThe2ndHaxxa: maybe http://cgit.openembedded.org/openembedded-core/tree/meta/recipes-extended/watchdog/watchdog_5.16.bb?h=master then?10:13
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HaxxaCouldn't find anything that looks similar, I have full root access, so I can explore a fair bit10:22
qschulzHaxxa: if you are fine with a HW reset, look into HW watchdogs10:24
qschulzif your platform supports one10:24
qschulzyou just need to write to /dev/watchdog a specific character every now and then to "ping it"10:25
Haxxaqschulz I am trying to figure out what is causing the reboot, I want to prevent it10:25
qschulzah my bad, misread10:25
Haxxai.e. some vendors device reboots 15 seconds after I stop their application.10:25
HaxxaI have been using grep and find to try and figure out what cause the watchdog reboot, but I haven't fogured it out yet10:26
LetoThe2ndheh yeah i guessed that by now. probably the application just uses the watchdog device.10:26
LetoThe2ndso time for you to read up on how a watchdog actually works :-)10:26
HaxxaLetoThe2nd ideally I would like to confirm it is the watchdog device rather than a script, is there anyway to figure this out, all the logs are written to volaitile memory which makes debugging hard.10:33
LetoThe2ndHaxxa: well, you're not only a hacker, you're even a Haxxa. you certainly can find out, right?10:33
qschulzHaxxa: if it's going through sysv reboot process properly (e.g. the script just calls "reboot" or something like that), just add a script that runs at the end of the poweroff process of the init system to move all logs to a persistent memory10:35
LetoThe2ndhint - this is completely unrelated to Yocto, it is merely reverse engineering some linux device. there are certainly better places for that.10:35
Haxxaqschulz thanks, nice idea10:36
HaxxaLetoThe2nd Thanks that has got me onto the right path, "fuser /dev/watchdog" returns the pid of the vendors application. So it is rebooting due to the watchdog device :)10:43
LetoThe2ndhave fun then.10:44
* RP wonders how many issues the bitbake threading changes are going to cause10:48
LetoThe2ndRP: n.10:48
JaMaFWIW: I was using them since they were in master-next and haven't noticed any issues11:06
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RPJaMa: thanks, it helps to know they're working somewhere other than the autobuilder :)11:50
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rburtonRP: so as oe-core has new layer.conf semantics, should master require layers to opt in with the compat names?12:24
rburtoni mean mark as compatible12:25
rburtonwe've a layer that is marked as compat with langdale only, and predictably fails if you use it with master as it doesn't use the new syntax.12:25
RPrburton: good question, I'm not sure what you're suggesting we do? :/12:27
rburtonmake master only compatible with layers which are mickledore12:27
rburtonso you hit an error case earlier, and things like layer index can notice this sooner12:27
RPrburton: oh, yes, we should drop langdale compatibility12:28
rburtonwell i've never seen do_rm_work fail before12:32
rburton.../package-index/1.0-r0/temp/run.do_rm_work.38677: 163: cd: can't cd to /builds/engineering/yocto/meta-arm/work/build/tmp/stamps/armv8r-poky-linux/package-index12:32
riscaWhat would be the best approach to building a really ancient SDK based on yocto? The docs say that the supported distro is ubuntu12 :@  I've spent a day backporting various packages in oe-core to make the native packages build with a modern glibc/gcc/etc, but it seems to never end12:35
mborzeckirisca: a container maybe?12:36
RPrisca: probably find an old ubuntu VM/container ?12:36
riscaIs there even ubuntu mirrors up?12:36
risca*searches online*12:36
mborzeckifwiw, it seems to be possible to docker pull ubuntu:12.0412:37
rburtonyeah, a container running ubuntu 12.x is the one true way12:38
rburtonyou'll be in for a world of pain otherwise12:38
riscaTell me about it :(12:39
riscaI've been commiting to muscle memory "git cherry-pick"12:40
riscaI'll try a container. Thanks! :D12:40
RPrisca: the "modern" way would be buildtools tarball FWIW. I don't think we have one for that far back though12:40
riscaHuh! Looks like there is a buildtools tarball available. I believe this SDK is based on Yocto-1.4 (Dylan)12:48
riscaThank you :D12:52
riscaWoow! There's even documentation available online for this release!12:53
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RPrisca: I don't think at that age it included the compiler though? :(13:11
RPIt might help a bit at least13:11
riscaThe SDK comes with a cross compiler. Or, at least a working download link for the compiler13:12
RPrisca: I was meaning a native gcc but I guess the cross one from the x86 sdk could work at a push13:13
riscaI was planning on "apt-get install build-essential" and hope for the best =)13:14
riscaI'm writing a Dockerfile now13:14
riscaI'm sure someone has done this before, but I couldn't find one. Shouldn't be that much work. The Dockerfile is only meant to install the yocto host dependencies13:15
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rburtonrisca: there are the crops containers. you could try convincing moto-timo to add old releases to the build for people like yourself.13:17
riscathe crops containers go back to 16.04. That might be a bit too modern for what I'm doing13:20
riscaI might take a look at the Dockerfiles though13:20
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PayamI get this error now : ERROR: Variable PREMIRRORS_prepend file: /opt/actions-runner/_work/CC__metalayers/CC__metalayers/qemux86-64/conf/site.conf line: 4 contains an operation using the old override syntax. Please convert this layer/metadata before attempting to use with a newer bitbake.13:37
qschulzPayam: please read the error message13:38
Payamyes but I look for variables and this is the variable to be used.13:38
qschulzPayam: where did you get that you needed _prepend?13:38
qschulzPayam: https://docs.yoctoproject.org/migration-guides/migration-3.4.html#override-syntax-changes13:38
qschulzyou're either blindly following tutorials on the internet or reading the wrong/outdated documentation13:39
qschulzPayam: you're not using Yocto 3.2.3 (gatesgarth)13:40
Payamso what is the comand now for PREMIRRORS?13:41
Payamit is with :13:41
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Payamif I use mirror do I need to have the DL_DIR and sstate_cache any more? What would happen if I download the downloads and sstate_cahe and run a mirror as well?13:47
Payamso that it only fetches the missing one from mirrors13:48
Payamqschulz, I am not really sure that the change with mirrors do anything special13:52
rburtonPayam:  things from mirrors are fetched into DL_DIR13:54
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Payamit is not so fast13:55
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PayamYou are using a local hash equivalence server but have configured an sstate mirror13:59
Payamdo I need to have BB_HASHSERVE=something in local.conf?14:00
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qschulzPayam: that's a later improvement, not required right now14:12
qschulzPayam: there's a special fetcher for s3, you probably just added http in PREMIRRORS instead of s3?14:12
qschulzprobably need something like s3://something as the second operand14:16
qschulzactually, you probably should just remove PREMIRRORS:prepend and use the SOURCE_MIRROR_URL variable14:16
qschulz(and add INHERIT += "own-mirrors" in local.conf14:18
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qschulzwhich is documented in the link I gave you yesterday14:19
qschulzmichaelo: we're missing documentation on s3 fetcher in bitbake docs14:20
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Payamqschulz, is it possible to only download the dependencies and not build?14:26
JPEWPayam: The closest you can get is `bitbake --runonly fetch ...`14:29
JPEWPayam: But that may still build a few things14:29
TRO[m]Is it possible to reference a variable e.g. SRCREV from another recipe? something like SRCREV = xxx:SRCREV14:34
TRO[m]Or is there a workaround python function?14:34
JPEWTRO[m]: No, why do you need to do that?14:34
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qschulzTRO[m]: recipe data is local, one recipe cannot impact another one14:35
qschulzif you tell us what you want to do, we may be able to guide you :)14:36
TRO[m]Have a recipe building samples for a lib and I want to keep the recipe for lib and examples separate. BUT they are in the same git repo. So I want be able to devtool upgrade the lib recipe and automatically have a coresponding test recipe.14:37
rburtonif they're in the same repo, a single recipe that builds both but puts them in separate packages would make everything easier14:37
qschulzTRO[m]: like rburton said. If you REALLY want them separate, you could have a common .inc file included by both recipes where you set the SRCREV, SRC_URI, etc...14:39
TRO[m]They are separate cmake projects in subdirs and I do not know an easy way to build them all in one recipe. Having an recipe per sample and an include for them all is what I use. This works great, but then I do not really what to split the git SRCREV out of the lib into a separate include for lib + samples.14:41
TRO[m]Thank you, btw!14:41
qschulzTRO[m]: why not?14:43
TRO[m]unsure if devtool upgrade still works then14:44
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TRO[m]rburton: I want to build those examples: https://github.com/aws/aws-iot-device-sdk-cpp-v2/tree/main/samples14:45
qschulzTRO[m]: bitbake does not care about your include files, it flattens everything out14:45
qschulzso essentially, for devtool, the recipe is a text file after all includes/inherits are done by bitbake14:45
qschulzit wouldn't know if there's an include file common to multiple things14:45
qschulzat least I don't see the issue here14:45
TRO[m]yes, I had that idea - but I was thinking may there is a way to ref other recipes vars. maybe14:46
qschulzTRO[m]: nope, and on purpose14:47
qschulzTRO[m]: everything is sandboxed pretty well. For example, variables set in a task or their modified contents) are only available in said task14:50
TRO[m]ok, so the only solution to my problem is to have a common include ;)14:51
rburtonkanavin: just noticed that you sent a patch to gtk main yesterday that fixes a problem i was having with the gtk3 point upgrade.  are we duplicating effort?14:54
rburtonTRO[m]: no, you can duplicate and let devtool do the right thing. there might be a situation where you want different versions of the libraries vs examples?14:54
kanavinrburton, as usual the answer is in https://git.yoctoproject.org/poky-contrib/log/?h=akanavin/package-version-updates :)14:54
qschulzTRO[m]: the second solution is the one suggsted by rburton :)14:55
kanavinrburton, it's held up only by repro fails in ffmpeg otherwise good to go14:55
TRO[m]rburton: yes, that is then the problem. lib vs. samples version.14:55
TRO[m]will try the common include approach14:56
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qschulzTRO[m]: wait... is one old devtool version of lib vs current version in layer for samples a scenario?14:56
qschulzI mean, one you would like to avoid?14:57
qschulzbecause if you want to make absolutely sure that lib and samples recipes are in sync even with outdated devtool, only rburton suggestion will work14:57
qschulze.g. you do a devtool modify lib when lib+samples is v114:58
qschulzthen you update your layers and you get lib+samples v2 in it14:58
qschulzbut bitbake will still take lib v1 from your devtool workspace, but samples from your layer, hus v214:58
TRO[m]yes, but I'm talking about just the devtool upgrade usecase14:59
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kanavinrburton, not to discourage you from doing updates, if you're happy with mine, there's a few more that I didn't do (run 'devtool check-upgrade-status' on top of my branch)15:04
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TRO[m]qschulz, rburton and probably kanavin: ok, cool I'm happy with the common include file approach. Thank you. The only thing I do not like is that I have a version.inc file containing SRCREV and this file does not contain a version number in the filename. The recipe including this inc does have a revison, but does not contain a revision ;)15:24
TRO[m]Tested also the devtool upgrade - works perfect.15:24
TRO[m]Have a great day!15:24
qschulzTRO[m]: have your inc file have the version number too15:25
kanavinTRO[m], I am missing the context, but if it works perfect, then you're welcome :)15:25
qschulzthen require myinc_${PV}.inc in your lib_v1.0.bb recipe15:26
kanavinqschulz, that might actually break devtool upgrades15:26
kanavingenerally messing about with $PV is not recommended15:26
qschulzkanavin: ack, thx for the heads up :)15:28
TRO[m]will try - just a moment ;)15:29
kanavinqschulz, devtool might be clever enough to rename the includes, or it might not. I do not remember that, and I would opt for not doing risky things :)15:29
qschulzTRO[m]: see kanavin warning though!15:29
kanavinin general upgrades are prone to tripping on all kinds of corner cases, so you recipe must be as standard and simple as you can make it.15:30
kanavin(I mean devtool-driven upgrades)15:30
TRO[m]totally agree!! !! !!!!15:31
*** xeche <xeche!~xeche@195-159-183-44.customer.powertech.no> has joined #yocto15:35
bpsin my experience devtool doesn't follow .inc's well either15:38
bpsI think it basically assumes you have one SRC_URI append and that's all15:38
bpsper bb or bbappend15:38
xecheHello people. I've some trouble with Kirkstone and the libbacktrace recipe. It works fine for build purposes (i.e. DEPENDS), but in attempting to install (IMAGE_INSTALL_APPEND) the built static library and header file(s) provided by libbacktrace-staticdev and libbacktrace-dev, both of them depends on what seems to be a base libbacktrace package.15:39
xecheThe base package doesn't seem to exist.  nothing provides libbacktrace = 1.0+git0+4f57c99971-r0.0 needed by libbacktrace-dev-1.0+git0+4f57c99971-r0.0.core2-6415:41
rburtonmost likely a bug in the recipe15:42
xecheAlso the recipe seems to have a spelling error. EXTR_OECONF should be EXTRA_OECONF.15:42
rburtoneasy fix is ALLOW_EMPTY:${PN} = "1" to make an empty package15:42
rburtonand yes, that's a typo15:43
rburtonpatches welcome :)15:43
TRO[m]<TRO[m]> "will try - just a moment ;)" <- ok, this will not work. As expected.15:45
xecherburton: Thanks alot :) Looks like quick fix works15:51
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rburtonRP: you didn't change meta-yocto-bsp16:01
rburtonERROR: Layer yocto is not compatible with the core layer which only supports these series: mickledore (layer is compatible with langdale kirkstone)16:02
RPrburton: I knew there was something I was missing16:03
moto-timorisca: the crops containers have been around for many years, so you can go back in git history.. but I just looked and the oldest ever was ubuntu-14.04 (the project started in 2015/2016)16:13
riscamoto-timo: thanks for looking into it!16:14
*** paulg <paulg!~paulg@24-212-160-219.cable.teksavvy.com> has joined #yocto16:15
JaMarisca: I also have a Dockerfile for 12.04 ubuntu, you just need to update apt sources to be able to install build-esentials etc, (e.g. RUN sed -i 's/archive.ubuntu.com/old-releases.ubuntu.com/g' /etc/apt/sources.list)16:17
*** AntA <AntA!~anta@> has joined #yocto16:18
JaMaand still had to cherry-pick bunch of fixes to build dunfell based image (e.g. due to upstream sources long gone)16:19
riscaJaMa: thanks! I got that far already. It's working surprisingly well =) right now I'm patching some of the SDK setup scripts. They have a hardcoded download URL for the latest version of Google's repotool, which requires >=python-3.5. Latest python available in Ubuntu-12.04 is 3.216:20
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kergothUgh, templateconf handling broke my scripts, lovely. It won't accept an absolute path, but a relative path has to be inside of oe-core. My layers aren't cloned inside of oe-core.17:16
kergothAm I missing something here?17:16
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kergothhmm, meta-oe needs updating for mickledore layer compat, i think17:25
JaMayes, many layers need that, I've sent the changes to all I use few minutes ago17:27
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kergothah, nice18:21
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Payamis there way to list what packages are fetched from download directory and which ones are fetched from internet?20:51
rburtonnot without grepping log.do_fetch, but why would you need to know?20:52
rburtonyou can force a build to be entirely local by just running all the fetch tasks (eg bitbake core-image-sato --runall fetch)20:53
Payamyes but it seems like a couple of packages are missed20:59
PayamI m just tired of all that cloning21:05
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rburtonPayam: if anything fetches more than once, you're either deleting DL_DIR or the recipe is fetching during the compile, so yocto can't cache it.  that would be very bad form and is a bug.21:42
Payamis there a way to know how many packages should be fetched?21:43
Payamwith their versions21:43
rburtonthat's just the value of SRC_URI for every recipe being built21:44
rburtonyou should say what you're actually trying to solve instead of asking questions and hoping we know what you're after21:44
PayamSo I want to know how many packages should be fetched and that way I can look at the s3 bucket and see if they are the same number21:45
PayamBecause each time it seems like something is not downloaded21:46
rburtonbut if you've a s3 bucket as a mirror then they'll be downloaded21:46
rburtonthe log.do_fetch for each recipe will tell you where the files came from, be it DL_DIR, or a mirror, or the actual upstream URL21:47
Payamyes but I upload packages manually from my pc to s321:47
Payamand it seems like it removes stuff from downloads21:51
PayamI did a watch du -sh in that directory21:51
Payamand it went from 35G to 2521:52
rburtonwhat is "it"?21:53
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rburtonand if you're copying a DL_DIR to use as a mirror, remember to set BB_GENERATE_MIRROR_TARBALLS21:54
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rburtonit's easy to see if your mirrors is being used: delete DL_DIR, do a bitbake myimage --runall fetch, grep log.do_fetch to verify the mirror is being used21:56
PayamI downloaded my downloads from aws to a directory. And when building I tell bitbake to use that DL_DIR. when I run bitbake command it just remove 10GB and tried to fetch thing. I used bitbake my-image --runall fetch21:58
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rburtonuse PREMIRRORS instead of downloading the entire thing each time, it will be faster as you won't need all of it22:10
rburtoneven if transit was free, it's not instant, and some tarballs are huge22:10
rburtoni'm also assuming you're doing this as you're doing CI or something in AWS and so fetching from S3 is a lot faster22:11
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Payamrburton, yes22:12
Payamis there any free mirror?22:12
rburtonthe yocto mirror, but it's not as fast as an on-site cache.  often slower than just hitting the real URL.22:13
Payamlet me see22:14
rburtonit gets used by default if the real URL isn't available for some reason22:14
rburtoneg when sourceforge goes down, the yocto mirror is used automatically22:15
Payamcan you please provide me with the URL?22:15
Payamand does it mean that bitbake wont go any git cloning?22:16
rburtonif a git repo is unavailable then it will download, slowly, a tarball from yoctoproject.org instead22:18
rburtonas we maintain a mirror of all the sources22:18
rburtonif you're doing CI in AWS then the easiest solution is a EFS mount you use a sstate and dldir22:18
rburtons3 is just complicating things22:18
Payamis this a correct site.conf?22:19
rburtonno, because mirrors.bbclass already adds downloads.yoctoproject.org to MIRRORS22:20
rburtondelete the last two lines22:20
rburtonown-mirrors sets a premirror, so you're hitting the public, free, slow yp mirror *first*22:22
rburtoni'm off now.  i'll repeat: if you're doing builds in AWS, use EFS for sstate/dldir. it saves having to fetch/push every build.22:23
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