Thursday, 2023-01-05

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riscaMan, do_package for ltp-ddt sure is slow on this old build. I started the build of this specific package almost 2 h ago :(04:44
riscaThis is not a bug report. I'm sure this has been fixed in later yocto/poky releases04:45
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barathmorning! question time. If I have a PACKAGECONFIG arg which sets a kernel module parameter, does setting that PACKAGECONFIG fit better into a machine conf or a distro conf? the module is only ever installed for for one machine06:05
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LetoThe2ndbarath: if the MACHINE triggers it, respectively the need for it is defined through hardware, then it goes into the machine configuration (my $.02)08:09
LetoThe2ndand yo dudX08:09
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barathhm, the kernel module itself is built due to the kernel config enabling it. the behavior of the kernel module is controlled by this PACKAGECONFIG which belongs to a recipe which installs a modprobe.d options config file and sets the parameter based on this PACKAGECONFIG, so in that way it seemed like policy... :D08:12
barathI guess it's dependent on the machine, ultimately, but also policy in a way08:12
LetoThe2ndbarath: if it is policy, then you always have to ask what defines it. is it the ABI/API that is affected by it? then distro. does it relate to hardware? then machine.08:14
LetoThe2ndbut of course there are always corner cases, and my opinion is certainly not authorative.08:14
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barathbasically, the parameter toggles some behavior of the kernel module which is hardware related. but whether the behavior should be toggled or not depends on the use case of the image/distro, so that's why I thought policy08:17
barathwe'll see how it evolves :D08:17
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qschulzdoes anyone remember how to create a new recipe for a pypi package?11:43
qschulzI remember there's a tool to do it, cannot find it (or cannot execute the script correctly :) )11:43
qschulzdevtool add?11:44
JaMayes, it will call recipetool in the end11:45
JaMarecipetool create <sources>11:45
qschulzand what is <sources> supposed to be?11:46
qschulz(it's a recipe for esptool)11:47
LetoThe2ndqschulz: ah having ESP32 fun too?11:47
qschulzLetoThe2nd: our latest SoM has an ESP32 for WiFi+BT on it :)11:48
LetoThe2ndqschulz: hehe11:48
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qschulzi'm looking for the automagic tool to create the recipe because I know one exists11:48
qschulzbut I feel like I would have been faster writing it myself by the time I find the tool to do it :D11:49
LetoThe2ndqschulz: fun fact: i am currently working on a number of content pieces / demos that showcase a simple Mender client running directly on the ESP32.11:49
JaMaqschulz: URL to tarball or git repo11:50
qschulzJaMa: get a python backstrace with malformedurl exception :/11:51
JaMaqschulz: what URL did you use?11:51
qschulzJaMa: both the github URL and the tarball in pythonhosted11:52
qschulz(testing on kirkstone 4.0.6 from  a fedora37 host)11:53
JaMait's URL as in SRC_URI, so git://github.com11:53
JaManot sure why the first one would be malformedurl11:54
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qschulzJaMa: same with git://11:54
qschulzI'll write it by hand, ping moto-timo our Python guy and see if he's any clue how to do it or what's going on :)11:55
qschulzJaMa: thanks for the support though :)11:55
JaMaworked for me, here is the generated recipe
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qschulzJaMa: the issue is in another recipe /me facepalms12:05
qschulzoh no, I'm stupid :)12:06
qschulzI have a u-boot recipe that is machine specific12:06
qschulzand I didn't make it machine specific, so the variables aren't actually set12:07
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rburtonPSA: if you're debugging python code, is useful. Just pass bb.plain as the output callable and you get code breakdown on the console.12:16
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Payamhow faster a yocto build would  be if I use a computer with 32 core in comparison on 16 cores?12:19
Payamwhen it comes to building and not downloading12:19
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smoogePayam, that depends on a lot of things outside of 'number of cores'. What is the memory layout of the motherboard, is there enough RAM per CPU and does the cpu cores actually handle that, what is the cache size of the chips, what is the IO and disk contention of the system (if its one disk then 32 cores only helps a little and you will be in D a lot), etc.12:23
JaMadepends on what you're building12:23
smoogePayam I have seen builds either be faster or slower depending on those and what you are building.12:23
Payamit is a c5-4xlarge runner instance on aws12:24
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Payamsame build takes 5 hours with a 8 cores12:24
Payam4x has 1612:24
Payamso I wana try 8x has 3212:24
smoogethen you are most likely going to be waiting on 'disk' IO for what you are trying to build. Things which can be 'parallelized' may be faster but I would not expect it to be more than 30% faster with a lot of CPU time idle at times12:25
LetoThe2ndPayam: on average i would say maybe 20%. the sweet spot these days is somewhere in the 16-24 core area, and adding more cores does not give any real advantage. rather optimize your sstate usage, then.12:25
Payamyeah allright12:25
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PayamI use the AGL sstate mirror but I get his error : You are using a local hash equivalence server but have configured an sstate mirror.12:41
Payamshould I instead use the yocto mirror?12:42
rburtonif you're using a public sstate mirror then you also need to use their hashequiv server12:44
rburtonif they have a sstate mirror then they should tell you the hashequiv server url too12:44
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PayamI use yoctoproject mirror instead12:54
Payamlet see if that gives same warning12:54
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mcfriskLAYERSERIES_COMPAT changes to mickledore are applied in various places. should I append kirkstone to that locally when things just seem to work?13:07
JaMamcfrisk: in most layers where I've changed it to just mickledore is separate kirkstone compatible branch, which layer are you talking about?13:09
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mcfriskJaMa: meta-clang is latest, it still works with kirkstone13:15
JaMait didn't work even with langdale13:15
mcfriskfor us it does work and did not hit that with Ubuntu 22.0413:17
JaMamaybe you don't build target clang?13:18
mcfriskI would like to get us closer to master branches so I'll just overwrite the compat in our higher prio layers (seems local.conf can't do that)13:19
JaMahigher prio cannot do that as well, it needs to be in layer.conf parsed earlier (based on BBLAYERS order)13:20
PayamI used the state mirror on yoctoproject but it didn't help so much13:21
JaMaor you can volunteer to maintain kirkstone-clang15 branch (like there was dunfell-clang12 for newer clang for dunfell)13:22
Payamand I can not find the Hash server for agl13:22
Payamagl is very bad at documenting stuff13:22
mcfriskyes, needs to be in layer.conf of some layer down in the list of BBLAYERS13:22
mcfriskmaintainer is a bit too much, but I will continue using master and will come with patches if I can fix issues seen there13:23
JaMakhem: ^^13:24
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RPSad to see a patch removing corgi from the linux kernel :/13:55
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barathI'm investigating whether I should replace a custom init env script with using oe-init-build-env. do people usually have their own custom init scripts? we can't use the oe-init-build-env script directly, since our checkout of poky is not in what we'd consider the "root"/"top" dir and other layers are outside of the poky dir so all paths relative to oeroot wouldnt be right14:01
qschulzbarath: you can use bitbake-layers add-layer with relative/absolute paths to setup your build environment14:04
kanavinbarath, I'm not sure why '. /full/path/to/poky/oe-init-build-env' wouldn't work for you14:04
qschulzwe have a layer setup tool now since langdale I believe, ahven't used it yet so don't rmember the name but kanavin will be able to help14:04
qschulzsome use kas also to set this all up14:05
kanavinbarath, people usually do use custom init scripts, but those usually wrap . oe-init-build-env one way or another.14:05
JaMaRP: :( meta-handheld looks also a bit sad14:07
barathhm thanks for those pointers. '. /full/path/to/poky/oe-init-build-env' works, but then my own layer's bblayer.conf.sample needs to do something like ##OEROOT##/../path/to/my/layer. I guess that's okay, just feels odd somehow. our current hacky init script just sets up TOPDIR such that all layers (poky, ours) are under it14:07
barathand my TEMPLATECONF needs to set paths relative to poky as well. I guess it's all just a matter of perspective :D14:08
kanavinbarath,  ##OEROOT##/../path/to/my/layer is totally fine14:08
barathalrighty. I guess I'm just not used to all paths being relative to poky14:09
qschulzoooh first time I need to add a recipe for something in the public domain!14:10
qschulzI guess it's not CC0 isn't it?14:11
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barathdepends on the country I think :/14:15
rburtonqschulz: call it MIT, "public domain" is meaningless in the real world14:16
qschulzrburton: "If the Public Domain is not adequate for your purpose, you can instead consider this module under the MIT License as you prefer." kinda weird :)14:17
rburtonmight as well make it MIT and be done, as public domain is a legal minefield14:18
qschulzrburton: they don't provide a License file with the MIT license content though14:19
kanavinrburton, that's a very sad thing to say14:19
qschulz(will take the one from COMMON_LIC_DIR instead)14:19
qschulzah shoot, I had forgotten about python3-cryptography moving to rust... that;s going to be an expensive build only to add esptool support at runtime 😭14:21
rburtonkanavin: the entire point of cc0 was to formalise 'public domain' into something actually with legal basis14:21
kanavinrburton, yeah, I just find it sad that works without copyright is a 'legal minefield'14:22
rburtonthere's not worldwide agreement14:22
rburtonso if there's no license asserted, what is the license?14:22
smoogedepending on which country in the EU you are in, there are different definitions of public domain which mean completely different things. They also only 'cover' certain articles.14:24
kanavinrburton, there isn't. it's like asking a non-religious person what is their religion.14:24
smoogesorry should stay out of licensing conversations.14:24
kanavinbut what happens when copyright expires?14:25
rburtonkanavin: which suddenly turns from an interesting academic exercise to an expensive legal exercise when the lawyers get involved14:25
rburtonkanavin: depends on the juristiction14:25
kanavinI know disney is working hard to make it perpetual, and no significant works had their copyright expired in decades thanks to their efforts14:25
kanavinbut it is still supposed to happen, so that our 'culture' can grow14:25
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kanavinRP: patch for qemu reproducibility sen14:30
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rburtonqschulz: the licence checksum is a way of validating the license, so the fragment of the readme that says "public domain, fallback to MIT" is sufficient14:31
qschulzrburton: ah, because the license file is actually matched from LICENSE variable?14:32
rburtonthe checksum is for telling the maintainer that the license strings changed14:32
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rburtonso if they relicened the next release to gpl, you'd get shouted at by bitbake14:33
qschulzyup, that I knew, I just had forgotten which variable "controlled" the license files to be included14:34
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qschulzthat's why you need this NO_GENERIC_LICENSE for the ones that aren;t in COMON_LIC_DIR14:35
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moto-timoqschulz: we never got around to teaching devtool/recipetool about the pypi.bbclass15:57
moto-timoqschulz: start with devtool add esptool
moto-timoqschulz: then add 'pypi' to inherit and drop the SRC_URI and the extra checksums... then begin the joys of dependencies (e.g. you need python3-reedsolo')15:59
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rburtonyocton: 👋16:01
moto-timoyocton: 👋16:01
qschulzmoto-timo: ah I thought there was something already, or was there just someone who started the discussion and I h appened to be there at that time and took it as granted?16:02
qschulzmoto-timo: yeah, that's what i've done so far16:02
qschulzmoto-timo: there may be some discussion around python3-esptool recipe I made though16:02
qschulzwe'll see :)16:02
qschulzpython3-reedsolo has no dependency, but its scares me a bit, we'll see16:03
moto-timoqschulz: this is one case where 'esptool' might be the right name for the recipe... we should see what Debian named it (assuming it is available)16:03
qschulz(basically esptool pypi package contains three tools, and you don't necessarily need those three tools)16:03
moto-timoqschulz: the "rule" is "is it a tool or a library"16:04
moto-timoqschulz: ah, yes...16:04
qschulz(one of them requiring python3-cryptography, I'd rather split them into three different packages)16:04
qschulz(especially since I need the one that does NOT need it :) )16:05
moto-timoqschulz: that is fine... then you would want to use the PYPI_PACKAGE = "esptool" in each of the recipes so it reuses the  SRC_URI (off the top of my head)16:05
qschulzmoto-timo: esptool in debian16:05
qschulzmoto-timo: actually, since they are runtime dependencies only, a single recipe with three different packages should be jsut fine no?16:05
moto-timoqschulz: just fine yes16:05
qschulzmoto-timo: that's where I'm at currentlyu16:06
qschulzbeen waiting for python3-cryptography and its dependencies to compile for the last 1h3016:06
moto-timowelcome to Rust!16:07
qschulzI was so happy with my small builds16:07
qschulzand then I got the request to add esptool and nmcli to our images16:07
qschulzless happy now :)16:07
qschulz(nmcli brings mesa, wayland and whatnot)16:08
moto-timoI had a probably already mangled host struggling to build rust-native, nodejs and (a broken) u-boot at the same time  yesterday... it crashed the terminal twice ;)16:08
moto-timomangled == swap was maxed16:08
qschulz(I could probably slim it down but it's just demo images we provide, so not really worth it to sink hours in it)16:08
qschulzmoto-timo: my poor laptop with i7-10510U and 16gb of RAM salutes you :)16:09
moto-timoFWIW that recipe looks good... I am sure there is a way we could disable the py3-crypto build, but ... sigh16:10
moto-timoqschulz: you might want BBCLASSEXTEND = "native" ? don't know if esptool would be desireable in other recipes or not16:11
qschulzmoto-timo: thanks, you said the recipe should be rather called esptool than python3-esptool?16:11
moto-timoqschulz: it's a case where it _could_ reasonably be called esptool, but IMHO python3-esptool is ok too16:12
qschulzmoto-timo: I don't think so no, at least doesn't come to mind. Though... one usecase could be to build esptool so that it can be run from the host to flash the device (outside of Yocto)16:12
qschulzmoto-timo: what I struggle with is that esptool is both the name of the repo/pypi package and the name of one of the scripts it contains16:12
moto-timoqschulz: yeah, I think leave it python3-esptool is fine16:13
moto-timoqschulz: as for flashing outside of Yocto that probably hints at BBCLASSEXTEND nativesdk ;)16:13
qschulzshould I have a package called python3-esptool-esptool :D ?16:13
moto-timoor set PACKAGES to the three tool names?16:14
moto-timowhich would mean allow empty PN16:15
qschulzyeah, I have python3-esptool, python3-esptool-espefuse python3-esptool-espsecure right now16:15
qschulzso many different possibilities :)16:16
moto-timoqschulz: related (ship the python libraries)
moto-timoqschulz: but Debian is on ancient 2.8 version :/16:22
qschulzmoto-timo: yes, there's a reason we're not using it but pip's :)16:22
qschulzmoto-timo: not related to native/nativesdk your link right?16:23
rburtonndec: yay more yocto store credit.  shall i buy another very bright hoodie? :)16:23
moto-timoqschulz: right, I meant related to package split discussion16:23
qschulzmoto-timo: I have files in /usr/lib/python*/site-packages/ so I believe this should be covered16:24
qschulzbut now I'm curious what debian did16:24
ndecrburton: heh.. sorry about the delay.. there was a problem with getting the redeem codes.. but all speakers should have their code now!16:25
rburtoni've got two messenger bags but that yocto one is pretty sweet, just not sure when i'd use it unless i can convince my son its a cool school bag16:25
qschulzndec: rburton: shoot, i'll have to present again to get myself some swag16:25
qschulzoh no so very sad16:25
*** alessioigor <alessioigor!~alessioig@> has quit IRC (Quit: alessioigor)16:27
ndecmy son really likes all the yocto t shirt and swag .. the problem is with my wife ;)16:27
moto-timoqschulz: but it might not apply anymore since it is such a different version16:27
ldtsndec: maybe switch from cotton to silk...nice yocto scarfs :)16:28
moto-timondec: battling for closet space?16:28
LetoThe2ndmy wife would probably prefer yocto over metal shirts.16:30
ndecwell, she thinks there is too much yocto clothes.. i am trying to explain it can't be too much.. ;)16:30
ndecLetoThe2nd: right, I don't have metal shirts, at least!16:31
LetoThe2ndndec: room for improvement!16:31
qschulzLetoThe2nd: what about Yocto metal shirts16:32
moto-timowhen we have a conference in Finland16:32
LetoThe2ndqschulz: no i'm not going to wear chainmail16:32
LetoThe2ndmoto-timo: i'll be in oslo rather soon...16:33
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RPJPEW: I think I've done something dangerous with bitbake and the threading. My worry is that the server/process code now has two threads and in one of the threads we do the parsing using multiprocessing.Process :/23:08
RPWe're careful that we don't hold locks with the fork() would occur but I suspect there can be potential issues23:13
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JPEWRP: oh ya. Didn't think about that. Threading and forks don't mix23:17
RPJPEW: I have a second issue that when we create the parser Process() processes they inherit and keep full copies of the Cooker object in memory even if it isn't referenced. We can't just start from scratch in the parser thread though as there is context we do need23:18
JPEWWhy is that a problem?23:21
RPJPEW: every parser process is ending up with an RSS of 1.6GB locally. Copy on write in the kernel helps most of the time, until python gc kicks in23:23
JPEWRP: this would only be seen on the second time parsing is done with memory resident bitbake?23:26
JPEWOr is it all the time23:26
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RPJPEW: even single threaded, it can be an issue with a partially valid cache from disk with parsing needed for some subset of recipes23:27
RPer, even single instance23:27
RPobviously memory resident with the new cache triggered makes things a lot worse23:27
JPEWYa makes sense23:28
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