Friday, 2023-01-06

RPJPEW: I think python is a bit cleverer about how it handles the gc in forks but I'm still worried about the memory usage, particularly as I think the kernel OOM killer might not understand the shared pages00:01
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rburtonmy biannual blog post about something yocto related:
JaMawill try to remember that next time I'm adding a lot of print() in some bbclass12:46
rburtonyeah, its neat12:53
rburtonas great as bb.plain(f"{foo=}") is, pysnooper is better12:53
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mabnhdevrburton For various reasons I think I need to downgrade Kirstone's python to 3.9.  I copied Honister's 3.9 python into my meta layer and fixed the parse errors.  However, when I try to build, I'm getting build errors while trying to build python3-installer.  The 3.9 python doesn't provide python3-installer and I think its being grabbed from13:07
mabnhdevpoky/meta.  I trying to figure out why python3-install is even being build since python 3.9 doesn't provide it.  Any ideas?13:07
rburtonpython3-installer isn't part of python, it's a dependency needed to build python code13:07
mabnhdevIs that dependency new to Kirkstone?13:08
rburtonit should work with 3.7 onwards13:10
rburtonobviously the right thing to do here is fix the reason you need 3.9 to work with 3.10, not backport 3.913:11
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mabnhdevAh, that's the rub.  My hand is being forced by needing to stay on OpenSSL 1.0.2 for another 9 months or so - we're working on upgrading to 3.0.  Python 3.10 dropped support for OpenSSL 1.0.2 and now needs 1.1.1 or greater.  This is all a transition effort.13:16
mabnhdevOnce we're compatible with OpenSSL 3.0, I can drop all this transition hacking.13:17
kanavinmabnhdev, moving major pieces between yocto releases is asking for pain and suffering.13:18
mabnhdevkanavin Don't I know it ;)13:19
mabnhdevThis is a short-ish term hack to keep making progress.  I'm trying to jump from Yocto LTS to LTS.13:21
kanavinif you are staying on openssl 1.0.2, then you have to stay on a yocto release which has 1.0.213:21
rburtonthe openssl carnage isn't fun or easy13:21
rburtonthough installer claims to work with 3.7 onwards, so you should debug that13:22
kanavinand jumping from LTS to LTS isn't a great idea either, you do need to set up branches and a build that track upstream master milestones13:22
kanavinI know almost every yocto user does big bang transitions, still a bad idea in my eyes13:22
mabnhdevIsn't that the idea behind LTS; release stability for years.  I'm currently based on Dunfell; looking to advance to Kirkstone before Dunfell EOL.  Rinse, wash, repeat.13:24
rburtonsure, but it's a big transition thats harder to do.13:25
kanavinNo. The idea is to avoid accumulating years of technical debt by staying on a stale LTS release.13:25
rburtoneasier to not do it in stages, because you end up with situations like "we need openssl 1.0 but python 3.10 won't work but we need python 3.10 for something else"13:25
kanavinRather, you follow master, then when a new LTS release happens, you branch to that, and continue following master.13:25
mabnhdevagreed, from a Yocto POV.  But the non-Yocto side of things is much more difficult to transition, so it's much easier if I reduce Yocto version thrashing.13:26
JaMaagreed, also easier to fix regressions as soon as they are introduced in master, instead of trying to bisect what broke your code/layer in last 2 years13:27
JaManon-yocto side teams can use whatever released LTS the company uses, but build/yocto team should track master in parallel13:28
mabnhdevJaMa in a perfect world.13:29
JaMaI live in perfect world for last 10+ years, doing that as 1-person yocto team for really big builds13:31
rburtonyeah but i bet you never deployed anything at scale13:37
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kanavinno more retro x86 \0/13:40
kanavinwe can claim superiority over all 'classic' distros now :)13:41
kanavinand parity with a certain x86 demo distro by Intel13:41
kanavinthe likes of RHEL still have to work on e.g. pre-2022 Atoms13:42
kanavinis now in master13:45
JaMaluckily I no longer use AMD Bulldozer for OE builds :)13:46
kanavinJaMa, this wouldn't break the builds, only runqemu (and only if using kvm)13:47
JaMaIIRC IvyBridge was too new for that as well and qt was failing in runtime with Illegal Instructions13:47
rburtonyeah i remember fun and games with clearlinux when i had an ivybridge xeon13:48
kanavinrburton, I think nowadays they build everything three times13:48
kanavinv2, v3, v413:48
kanavinI think it's kind of hilarious that intel made huge amounts of noise about avx512 being glorious, then dropped it from products accessible to regular people13:49
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JaMaso on Bulldozer it was and ssse3 for me and I was switching qemu to Nehalem as reasonable compromise13:57
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rburtonis elfutils failing to build debuginfod for everyone else with master?15:30
rburtonkanavin: your elfutils fix for curl was BUILD_CFLAGS so doesn't fix the target build15:33
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Guest59Is this an acceptable place to ask questions related to a problem I am having?16:32
victoridaho[m]Ok. I am seeing the error "ERROR: os-release-1.0-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: os-release rdepends on os-release-dev [dev-deps]". I understand what it means but I can't seem to find any info on how to fix it.16:34
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JaMavictoridaho[m]: have you read log.do_package?16:37
JaMait often shows why this is happening16:37
Guest59It has the following:16:42
Guest59NOTE: Package os-release-dbg skipping libdir QA test for PACKAGE_DEBUG_SPLIT_STYLE equals debug-file-directory16:42
Guest59I'm trying to add "perf" to the distribution and have added this to local.conf:16:42
Guest59PACKAGE_DEBUG_SPLIT_STYLE = 'debug-file-directory'16:42
Guest59FILES:${PN} += "${debugsrcdir}/*"16:42
Guest59FILES:${PN}-dev = "${debugsrcdir}/* ${includedir} ${libdir}"16:42
rburtonerm don't do that16:45
rburtonwhy did you do that?16:45
rburtonif you want to add perf, just add perf to IMAGE_INSTALL16:45
rburtonthen install the -dbg packages which contain all the symbols.  you can do that easily by adding dbg-pkgs to IMAGE_FEATURES.16:46
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victoridaho[m]I was trying to follow the instructions at I will give your suggestion a try.16:51
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rburtonthose instructions are *terrible*16:55
kergothGotta love random blog posts :)16:55
kergothand wikis16:55
victoridaho[m]rburton: Lovely :)16:56
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rburtonliterally just EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES = "dbg-pkgs tools-profile" will work16:57
rburtondbg-pkgs adds all dbg packages for the contents of the image, tools-profile adds perf (and others)16:58
kanavinrburton, soon we'll have terrible instructions about yocto written by chatgpt all over the internet :-/16:58
rburtonkanavin: thank to LetoThe2nd we already do16:58
kanavincode submissions by chatgpt we can reject hopefully, bad information less so16:59
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rburton should talk about perf aswell, but if gdb works, so does perf17:01
kanavinrburton, I'd like to understand how the elfutils fix made it through all the builds though17:04
kanavinbuilding it myself now17:04
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rburtonkanavin: i'm surprised nothing in qa built target elfutils17:13
kanavinrburton, I just built target elfutils. And world builds include it too.17:14
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RPrburton: was this not clang specific?17:15
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rburtonhm.  just had another look at the builds, it only triggered on armgcc.17:16
rburtoni wonder why thats emitting different deprecation warnings?17:16
Payamhi, I know I have asked it before but I already forgot it. so bitbake first looks at DL_DIR if specified then it looks att Mirror if specified right? How about sstate? does it look for at local one and then remote?17:16
rburtonPayam: it would be madness to look at remote first, wouldn't it?17:17
Payamrburton, yes but I wana make sure that it looks at the mirror and doesn't just skip it17:17
kanavinrburton, I'm looking at target log.do_compile, and I see no deprecation warnings at all :-/17:17
kanavinfor native they're there17:17
rburtonPayam: do_fetch will check the file is in DL_DIR and if that fails, try "the network", that is PREMIRRORS then SRC_URI then MIRRORS.17:18
rburtonPayam: sstate lookups will try SSTATE_DIR first and then SSTATE_MIRRORS17:18
PayamWhat do you mean by MIRRORS? you mean premirror:append?17:19
rburtonkanavin: some gcc thing.  makes me wonder if our gcc is doing the right thing17:19
rburtonPayam: i mean the variable MIRRORS17:19
rburtoneverything in uppercase is a variable name17:20
Payamrburton, As you know I uploaded the sstate to s3 and when I download it and wana use it, it takes alot of time almost like it doesn't use it at all.17:20
rburtonwithout your config, your setup, your logs, it's literally impossible to help17:21
rburtonbitbake will tell you exactly how much sstate its using17:21
rburton"Sstate summary: Wanted 92 Local 58 Mirrors 0 Missed 34 Current 294 (63% match, 91% complete)"17:22
JaMa"when I download it" you seem to run in circles17:25
rburtonalso i hope you're not downloading the sstate before the build, instead use the s3 as a sstate mirror. downloading all the sstate will get increasingly slow as it grows.17:25
rburtonof course the easier solution is to not use s3, but we told you this yesterday.17:26
rburtonkanavin: so why is our gcc not emitting deprecation warnings?17:26
kanavinrburton, curl.h makes those conditional (look for #define CURL_DEPRECATED at the top_, and I'm trying to figure out if the condition differs between native and target builds somehow17:27
rburtoni presume gcc12 doesn't pretend to be __INTEL_COMPILER :)17:28
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RPkanavin: thanks for the qemu fixes btw. We're a little backlogged on patches but getting there :)17:44
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kanavinRP: cheers. We should be pretty good overall now in the up-to-dateness.17:47
kanavinthe next AUH should not bomb the list like the last few17:47
khemmcfrisk: If meta-clang master still works with kirkstone thats a side effect. I would expect it to break at some point since its not a validated combination if some one is interested in keeping master of meta-clang working for kirkstone layers working I am happy to take patches17:49
RPkanavin: Getting things caught up is very much appreciated!17:49
kanavinRP: thanks :-)17:53
kanavinRP: by the way, this x86-v3 feature was not asked by intel or anyone at LX. it's something of a personal peeve for me.17:54
kanavinRP: we'll get better performance out of mesa's software renderer that way, for example.17:55
RPkanavin: I gathered that, I think it is nice to have. I'm just hoping we run on hosts that can handle it17:55
kanavinRP: for builds and non-kvm runqemu we're fine. For runqemu kvm, yes, it will crash out with illegal instruction on anything pre-haswell, or on any Atom cpu that's over a year old (people do run yocto builds on all sorts of weird hosts, so you never know).17:57
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khemJaMa: I have pushed few more fixes into, please take a look whenever you have time17:58
kanavinRP: and before you know it, chatgpt and other AI in yocto will be a major use case, so I can imagine vector instructions would come in super handy to train and exercise those neural nets :)17:59
JaMakhem: I've seen them, but I haven't set a build to reproduce those 64bit time_t issues, so I might just test it in regular 64bit build17:59
khemyou can enable 64bit time_t it in your distro see
RPkanavin: the AI can take care of those issues though right? :)18:02
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kanavinRP: yes, as long as it doesn't decide that to achieve that goal most efficiently it also needs to kill all humans.18:03
kanavin(also known as 'the paperclip argument')18:03
RPkanavin: I'm sure the software engineers will have put the right safeguards in18:05
kanavinRP: the problem is, AI will develop to a point where it is smarter than all of the human intelligence combined. Then it will work around any possible safeguards, and quicker than those can be built.18:06
kanavinso it shouldn't be connected to the internet, except that ship has sailed :-)18:06
kanavinthe most convincing argument I've heard is that before AI is able to destroy the world in a competent manner, it will try to do so incompetently - kind of like chatgpt writing about yocto today18:07
kanavinat that point we can catch it and try to figure out how it got to that decision18:08
JaMathen solar flare will kill AI and human kind will start again from scratch (seen some post like that today, but cannot find it now)18:08
JaMakhem: thanks, that was the bit I've seen on ML, but then haven't seen it in oe-core/yoe/mut to cherry-pick from18:09
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JaMaas I didn't notice that you've switched to poky repo as a base (which explains last oe-core/yoe/mut change couple months ago)18:10
kanavinrburton, I confirmed that curl's deprecation declarations have no effect on our target gcc 12.x :-/ do we do something to it that subverts the checks?18:11
rburtonnot afaik. i just checked that the sysroot poison thing didn't break warning flags and it looks right18:12
rburtonkhem: ^^^ help!18:12
rburtoni need to go now18:12
kanavini'd like to get a glass of wine, and be afk too :-)18:13
khemrburton: interesting hmm18:21
khemlet me take a look18:21
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uniqdomHello, I need to run base64 command inside a recipe. But it fails, as it seems to not be avaialble when using bitbake, i.e. "Command not found".19:35
uniqdomwhat can I do to have base64 available in the recipe?19:36
uniqdomJust to be clear, I don't need base64 in the image.19:37
kanavinuniqdom, DEPENDS += "coreutils-native"19:43
JPEWhmm, I don't think my builds have been going _that_ long: `qemu-native-7.2.0-r0 do_fetch - 172h22m54s`19:45
uniqdomkanavin: THANKS A LOT!!!19:46
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uniqdomI wonder what's the error here, can't figure out from the output. Paste of the build and recipe here:
uniqdomcan you confirm to me if "install" doensn't like * wildcard?22:47
tangofoxtrotuniqdom, you should not need the '*' in the FILES stanza, and I'd recommend specifying every directory and file needed in your install_append().  Alternatively you could use cp -r oor something similar, but I've found it's best to be precise.22:53
uniqdomtangofoxtrot: Thanks, I'm going to change that22:56
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JaMaRP "I'm just hoping we run on hosts that can handle it" heh looks like our hosts aren't, a lot of recipes failing today with "fribidi-1.0.12/ ERROR: Executables created by c compiler x86_64-webos-linux-gcc -m64 -march=x86-64-v3 -fstack-protector-strong -O2 -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -Wformat -Wformat-security -Werror=format-security -Werror=return-type23:26
JaMa--sysroot=/data001/jenkins/gecko/webos_qemux86-64/build/BUILD/work/qemux86_64-webos-linux/fribidi/1.0.12-r0/recipe-sysroot are not runnable."23:26
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JaMafribidi, orc, libsigc++-2.0, xorgproto, pixman, libdrm, glib-2.0, systemd-boot, systemd, iputils in do_configure (all using meson), nodejs do_compile (also uses qemu to run v8 mksnapshot - Illegal instruction (core dumped))23:29
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RPJaMa: hmm, that is qemu failing to run target binaries? :(23:51
JaMaRP: yes, I'll find out what CPUs we have in builders and in worst case change DEFAULTTUNE for our qemux86-64 builds until we're ready to upgrade (cannot ssh into the builders rn, will check on Monday)23:52
RPJaMa: ok, I guess it should be easy to switch back to an older tune23:53
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JaMaRP: yes, includes the "old" as well, so it should be easy23:56

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