Tuesday, 2023-01-24

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mckoangood morning08:18
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* alessioigor waves all08:26
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ptsneveswhat is the reason that adding a package to RDEPENDS without the lib32- prefix leads to bitbake trying to install the lib32- prefixed version?09:27
RPptsneves: it probably remapped the RDEPENDS to the lib32 version if it was a lib32 package?09:28
ptsnevesRP: in the recipe i do not see any indication of this remapping. What can cause this remapping?09:29
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qschulzptsneves: I'm wondering if it's not the same mechanism more or less than what happens to recipes when you use the native version of it09:45
qschulznative- gets prepended to all packages09:45
ptsnevesbasically i have 'qemu-wrlinux-image-core' becomes 'lib32-qemu-wrlinux-image-core' just by adding a single package that is not lib3209:52
ptsnevesif i call the recipe manually it also does not seem to build the lib32 version09:52
qschulzptsneves: bitbake -g <your-image> to see what brings it in?09:54
ptsnevesit fails. I think it has to do with a COMPATIBLE_HOST declaration..09:57
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ptsneveswhich led me to read about what exactly is the difference between COMPATIBLE_HOST and COMPATIBLE_MACHINE09:58
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alessioigorIf I add 'api-documentation' in the DISTRO_FEATURES on dunfell I obtain this error:10:10
alessioigorERROR: ec-sdk-1.0-r0 do_populate_sdk: Postinstall scriptlets of ['util-linux-doc'] have failed. If the intention is to defer them to first boot,10:10
alessioigorthen please place them into pkg_postinst_ontarget_${PN} ().10:10
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alessioigorDeferring to first boot via 'exit 1' is no longer supported.10:10
alessioigorWhat did I do wrong?10:11
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d-fens_re, new task at hand is to add a user "pi" to the build and clone a git repo into a subdir "source" of pi's homedir, i searched layer.openembedded for add user and found adduser 3.118  with perl deps and not for raspi i guess, what whould be agood approach to look for such stuff that certainly has already working solutions somehwre?10:46
LetoThe2ndd-fens_: its a combination of two things. first, adding a user. an example would be https://github.com/TheYoctoJester/meta-containerization/blob/master/recipes-core/payload-user/payloaduser.bb10:47
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LetoThe2ndd-fens_: secondly, adding the source stuff. that would be a recipe that incorporates this user creation, pulls the source (please use SRC_URI), and copies it over. see https://stackoverflow.com/questions/39980145/how-to-install-recursively-my-directories-and-files-in-bitbake-recipe/47084404#47084404 for the copying part.10:50
d-fens_ah should taht be two receipts with the second being run only after the first or go into one file?10:51
LetoThe2ndd-fens_: you can probably put it into one recipe unless you have more stuff that also relies on the user to be present.10:52
LetoThe2ndd-fens_: extra brownie points fot making it an allarch recipe and properly making compile and configure tasks no-op10:53
d-fens_LetoThe2nd: thx! will do my best :)10:54
LetoThe2ndd-fens_: have fun!10:54
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kayterina[m]Hello, is it logical that bitbake --no-setscene will read from dependency cache? What is dependency cache, I did not find it in documentation.12:12
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ptsneveskayterina[m]: setscene is about task caching while dependency cache is likely about parsing cache.12:33
kayterina[m]I am testing MIRRORS, so I build without sstate. Parsing cache should not concern me in this context, correct?12:44
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rburtonits just a cache of parsed recipes12:52
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andrewzaza[m]hi in my porject13:11
andrewzaza[m]the kernel provider deploys the kernel images both as files in boot (via the boot files deployment mechanism) and in the root partition (via the packing system in yocto). so we are having duplication13:11
andrewzaza[m]I'm interested in removing the kernel image from the boot partion on my efi-systems (since its not needed for booting)13:11
andrewzaza[m]as first hint i looked into oe/meta/kernel-recipes but I wasn't able to locate what is installing the kernel image into the boot partition. not even in the classes13:11
andrewzaza[m]maybe WIC is installing it ?13:12
andrewzaza[m]anyone knows about this ?13:12
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andrewzaza[m]for example if I build for MACHINE=qemux86-64 runqemu oniro-image-base wic ovmf slirp nographic... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/be37010877e2ceb2c471af210371281674fd0e56>)13:13
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d-fenshmm is there any special trick to make SRC_URI = "git://git@bitbucket.org/projectname/repository.git;user=usename:app_password;protocol=https;" work?, it fails with : could not read Password for 'https://git@bitbucket.org': No such device or address13:49
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rburtonits probably ignoring the user= as you specify the user git@ at the beginning13:50
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d-fensseems that this just doesn't work with bitbucket app_passwords https://stackoverflow.com/questions/71014333/using-bitbucket-app-password-in-yocto-recipe-for-git-repo-over-https and they are moveing from ssh key which are also not easy to use in avi pieline14:04
d-fensseems i have to drop SRC_URI and do a git clone https://username:app-password@bitbucket.org/dir/repo.git14:06
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KareemZarka[m]hi qschulz:14:12
KareemZarka[m]I'm not able to use the script you provided... https://paste.ack.tf/6c692614:12
KareemZarka[m]> <@kzarka:matrix.org> hi qschulz:... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/caec01bbbb04e4a54c4f5d5eff227c8637c79ccd>)14:12
KareemZarka[m]it fails as the source is bootimg-efi and not rootfs14:13
qschulz_KareemZarka[m]: your current wks has nothing in common with what I suggested so I'm quite confused?14:19
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KareemZarka[m]<qschulz_> "Kareem Zarka: your current wks..." <- so I replaced... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/b7df8612f0016956117e38e1121a603dcd7623e0>)14:34
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dacav_Hi.  I was wondering if it is normal for everyone that bitbake will spend minutes in "Parsing recipes".  Is it something broken in my setup, or is it everyone's everyday experience?15:26
*** dacav_ is now known as dacav15:26
dacav(it is quite problematic, since I'm writing a bbclass.  Syntax errors in python will make me wait minutes...15:27
qschulzdacav: it depends on your PC configuration and how many recipes are available in your layers15:27
qschulzdacav: inherit your bbclass only in one recipe for starters15:27
ptsneves@dacav it can also be that you are trying to reach a state cache server or hashserv which is very slow15:31
qschulzptsneves: IIRC dacav is writing a bbclass that is added in INHERIT, so all recipes need to be reparsed for every change in the bbclas15:31
rburtonyou can still inherit it in one recipe for experimenting unless you're doing something very special15:32
ptsneveseven so a reparse of several minutes should not be a usual thing15:35
ptsnevesrburton: yeah it is a good suggestion.15:37
rburtonseveral minutes is feasible if you have a very slow machine15:37
rburtonif the class is large  you can just put the code in a python module in lib/ and have a minimal class that just calls into it15:38
sudipdacav: I have "several minutes" delay while parsing recipe on a machine which has ipv6.15:38
*** goliath <goliath!~goliath@user/goliath> has quit IRC (Quit: SIGSEGV)15:41
rburtondo you have autorev recipes?15:48
rburtonthey'll need a network op15:48
rburtonotherwise the sockets are all local so you shouldn't have problems with ipv615:48
rburtonif you can replicate hangs and can isolate it to v6 causing problems and you're confident its not your network then do file a bug15:49
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vvmesondacav: $ time bitbake -p -k world -> real    1m14.303s -- 74 layers in conf/bblayers.conf not including some layers that are download layers.  -- 24 core box that is  ~ 10 years old.15:59
vvmesonsame box, just poky:     0m14.079s16:00
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vvmesonfinally: 192 vCore box, 74 layers: real    0m43.522s16:05
vvmesonA few weeks ago, I ran a test to vary BB_NUMBER_PARSE_THREADS on this 192 core system and from what I recall, every cpu helped.16:07
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dacavthank you all. It happens regardless of my bbclass. I will check the state cache server. Learn what that is first.16:13
dacavmy computer is not so old16:13
dacavbut I suspect our yocto set up is poorly made. I wish I could start over fresh16:14
sudiprburton: yes, I am confident its ipv6. I have done a strace on it and verified.16:19
sudipalso on the same machine if I disable ipv6 its very fast16:19
rburtonsudip: what is it connecting to?16:24
KareemZarka[m]> <@kzarka:matrix.org> so I replaced... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/9a74083d8243bbdee764e9f225e8a630b2df4cb8>)16:34
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moto-timojonmason: -vga std: Standard VGA card with Bochs VBE extensions. If your guest OS supports the VESA 2.0 VBE extensions (e.g. Windows XP) and if you want to use high resolution modes (>= 1280x1024x16) then you should use this option. (This card is the default since QEMU 2.2)16:48
jonmasonmoto-timo: does exist for qemu for arm machines16:49
jonmasonI'm walking through all the machines now to see which ones need it (as I've removed it from the kernel recipes)16:50
sudiprburton: I will try again tonight (after $dayjob) and paste you the strace output16:50
rburtonnetstat would work16:50
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jonmasonI think it's just riscv, x86, and mips; and I think some of those can be coverted16:50
moto-timobased on those comments in the docs, it certainly feels like it needs a revisit in 202316:51
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jonmasonmoto-timo: thanks, I probably need to test vrgl too16:56
moto-timojonmason: I'm just trying to do an archeological dig to figure out "why?"16:57
jonmasonichanged from bochs to virtio when fixing qemuarm* a while ago16:57
jonmasonI might've forgot to update something, like docs16:57
jonmasonand the patch adding it to the kernel was probably just following the docs and something I missed16:58
jonmasonthat is my assumption16:58
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dacavsudip: my machine does have ipv6.  How do you suggest to disable ipv6?17:30
rburtonpersonally i don't  see how having v6 would make the parse slow17:31
rburtonthe parse is just parsing files on disk17:31
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sudipdacav: iirc, "sudo sysctl -w net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6=1"17:33
dacavrburton: I do have autorev recipes for sure.  So maybe the problem is network related.  But if parsing is on-disk then it could be something else.17:33
dacavthanks sudip, I can try to see if it fixes anything17:34
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rburtonautorev recipes means it does a network operation to get the latest revision17:35
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dacavrburton: Yes, but then I should see delay after the "Parsing recipes" step?17:37
dacavsudip: disabling ipv6 doesn't do much.  Worth trying, since it's easy to do :)17:38
dacavtop(1) shows me a number of Parser processes, but they're not CPU intensive, all of them have 0.3 of %CPU17:39
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sudipdacav: can you please do strace on any one of them17:40
sudiprburton: I have just started one and my delays are from "connect(42, {sa_family=AF_INET6, sin6_port=htons(443), sin6_flowinfo=htonl(0), inet_pton(AF_INET6, "2607:f8b0:4004:c06::80", &sin6_addr), sin6_scope_id=0}, 28) = -1 ETIMEDOUT (Connection timed out)"17:41
sudipthen it tries the next address and again timeout until it finds a working address17:41
dacavI can try, sure.  In the meanwhile here's some stats:17:41
dacavbitbake -c do_xr_license_data lib32-xr-image17:41
dacavParsing recipes: Time: 0:04:13, Initialising tasks: Time: 0:00:03, Checking sstate mirror object availability: Time: 0:00:1117:41
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rburtonsudip: sounds like the recipes which you're doing autorev on have broken ipv617:42
rburtoneasily checked by disabling your autorevs and seeing what happens17:45
sudipok, so I will find out which recipe is that, this is with AGL, I will also try just a Yocto build and see17:46
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dacavI've straced all the Parser threads, and throw all results in a directory.  I can grep ETIMEOUT | wc -l -> 1317:51
dacavall of them on a futex17:52
dacavI'm not inclined to think it has to do with network, especially given that the time is spent in parser, and parsing is on local files only.17:52
dacavthe most common syscall is lstat17:53
dacavfollows stat, futex, read,...17:53
rburtonfwiw, bitbake has profile and parse-only options specifically to get profiles of the parse step17:54
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dacavrburton: that might be an interesting direction to take, in order to figure out!17:54
dacavI'll have to close now. Any recommended read on the topic?17:55
rburtonbitbake --help :)17:55
dacavOk :) Thanks.  And thank you all for the support! :)17:55
*** PhoenixMage <PhoenixMage!~phoenix@> has joined #yocto17:56
dacav(fuuuuuck, I gave a try, I immediately found about `bitbake -p -P`, and the parsing took 1 second! Come on!)17:58
dacavheh, time to log off :) thank you again.  Cheers17:58
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khemabelloni: regarding elfutils ptest fails can you extract tests/test-suite.log file or point me to the node and workdir18:34
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vvmesonactually, the parsing time on the 192 core system, is flat after 96 cores. 28.9 sec @ 64,  25.3 @96, 25.2 @ 192 . We should probably cap it.19:03
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dacavI found that bitbake has a ncurses ui.  How does that work?  Can I have it persistent maybe?20:44
dacavThe documentation just mentions it as a command line option.20:45
dacavbtw, no much luck with the profiling (bitbake -Pp).  It looks like the most time is spent in epoll, which matches the low cpu work.  If the cache is not clear, I get a decent speed.  I'll use the suggestion above, that is I'll inherit my class with a single recipe, hoping I can make better use of the cache.20:48
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sudiprburton: just tried the kirkstone branch in that same host with ipv6 and there was no delay. I will try to find out which recipe in AGL was causing the delay and will take it to them.21:09
abellonikhem: I've started a new build with the patches on https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/81/builds/459321:10
abellonithis is debian11-ty-221:10
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