Thursday, 2023-03-09

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RPkhem: is better but still not right (with my patch)00:03
RPkhem: I think it also causes a gstreamer ptest failure:00:04
RPmaybe a different x86 one: not sure if those are consistent or not00:05
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kiwi_29_[m]Hello ... I am hosting Toaster UI for my team... the members do not know how to use Yocto. The idea is for them to just build their packages using Toaster and test it during development. The tough part of hosting toaster is done...however , how do I let them download the deb packages from Toaster UI?04:23
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mckoangood morning07:43
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX08:10
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polprog_I have a patch file that gets rejected due to "can't find file to patch at input line 3"10:30
polprog_how can i specify the patch directory?10:30
polprog_the patch runs insode the source directory and I need to patch one of the recipe's config files10:31
polprog_(the recipe is  core/meta/recipes-core/dropbear/ )10:31
polprog_i tried putting "../dropber.default" as the patch source and target but I get the same error10:32
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polprog_here's how it looks like:
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JaMapatch runs inside S directory, you can use patchdir or striplevel to adjust it relative to S, but it has to be a file there10:41
rburtonpolprog_: set the patchdir to WORKDIR, but its easier to just provide a new dropbear.default file entirely in your layer10:41
polprog_Thats a good dolution too and thats what im trying now10:42
polprog_I wanted to understand how the patch way works too10:42
polprog_I also have to patch the device tree, so i will try that10:42
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rburtonbasically default patch directory is ${S} and patch stripping level is 110:44
rburtonif those don't work, just change them10:44
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Max[m]I'm trying to use devtool to update a recipe to a new upstream version. SRC_URI contains a couple of patches, and rebasing them automatically (with fixing conflicts manually) is my main motivation for using devtool.11:36
Max[m]devtool upgrade prints an error for the first patch conflict and then just tries to compute the license diff, which fails because the set of license files is different between the two versions (some removed, others added).11:37
Max[m]devtool modify after manually updating the version and LIC_FILES_CHECKSUM seems to almost do what I want, but it errors out on the first patch conflict, and on the next run it does the complete unpacking again, which takes ages.11:37
Max[m]Not sure if devtool is even the right choice for this task, or if I should just write a script to automate the rebasing?11:37
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polprog_is there a way to trace what recipes influence a particular file in the target rootfs?11:42
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rburtonoe-pkgdata-util find-file /the/path/name11:44
rburtonerm, find-path11:44
rburtonthat will tell you the package. should be obvious what the recipe is, if not oe-pkgdata-util lookup-pkg will tell you11:45
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SandrineWolfHello, when I launch runqemu qemux86-64 with yocto version:langdale. I have some time this error No more Space Left ENOSPC, I resolved with change size of /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_instances or reboot my computer. Is It normal ?11:49
polprog_rburton: it's unable to find any package, im running 'oe-pkgdata-util find-path /bin/bash' as a test11:49
polprog_hm, it found the /etc/issue one (base-files), but it can't fint the /etc/shadow one11:50
rburtonbash is a bad one to pick as that's a symlink that isn't packaged, but generated11:51
rburtonshadow is, iirc, a managed file that also doesn't get packaged11:56
ArgaKhanrburton: We were talking the other day. I still haven't been able to solve it. This irc doesn't have a notification feature, I couldn't see it and missed it. I am using the Kirk stone branch.11:57
rburtoni can't remember what the problem was, sorry11:57
polprog_rburton: hm, ok, i think ill just enable the debug tweaks option then.. thanks11:58
polprog_(petalinux seems to have a rather broken yocto setup)11:59
ArgaKhanrburton: I think I'm getting an error because of the dependency. From linux dummy this was also the log file:
ArgaKhanrburton: I'm using the Kirkstone version by the way.11:59
JaMaMax[m]: devtool is right tool, but if the patches are in bad shape or the diff from new version too big, then it's still not easy to use11:59
rburtonArgaKhan: oh yes, i struggle to believe that ALLOW_EMPTY:${PN} = "1" in didn't fix that12:00
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JaMaMax[m]: if the source is in git repo already and .patch files have git headers, than I will usually rebase them manually (first apply them with git am in S of the old version, then rebase and git format-patch --no-numbered --no-signature N while updating SRCREV of the new tag I want to upgrade to12:01
ArgaKhanrburton: I added ALLOW_EMPTY:${PN} = "1" to poky/meta/recipes-kernel/linux/ Do I need to do anything else? I saved the file and ran bitbake after adding this option.12:02
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Max[m]JaMa: the source is a tarball, but the patch files do have git headers. I suppose I'll have to keep rebasing them manually them, thanks!12:04
JaMayes, with tarball it's a bit more boring routine to do it manually (git init, unpack the tarball again, because the one in S already have the patches applied, git add -A ., git commit -a -m init; git am old patches, .. is what I often do, but in tarball case devtool definitely saves this boring routine)12:06
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rburtonRP: INFO: meta-clang ... PASS12:52
RPrburton: nice!12:53
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JaMaRP: just for me to understand the process - after the final pull request from Steve (e.g. kirkstone yesterday), do you trigger some builds on AB or just merge it whenever you find some time to pull&push?12:59
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ArgaKhan rburton: I added ALLOW_EMPTY:${PN} = "1" to poky/meta/recipes-kernel/linux/ Do I need to do anything else? I saved the file and ran bitbake after adding this option.13:01
RPJaMa: the latter since steve has already run the builds13:18
RPJaMa: if there is something urgent like the openssl upgrade I can hurry up!13:19
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RPreproducible builds tests now take 8 hours thanks to rust :(13:29
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JPEWRP: Gross13:32
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* RP realises he is running ptests under an arm image which is why things are so slow :/13:50
* RP wonders if rburton/jonmason can remember to send him an arm server13:51
* RP wonders if mcfrisk could be persuaded to improve the runqemu logging so somewhere there is an ondisk log file you can see what the build is doing in. If the build dies you'd then also still have the logs of the last ssh command13:53
jonmasonRP: I was going to buy a mac mini m2 in the next few days and see the viability of using it as a builder (or perhaps a desktop)13:54
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rburtonRP: a mac mini would be my suggestion13:55
RPrburton: fair enough, I don't really have the need. Just kicking myself for not setting that build up right13:57
rburtonRP: g'wan you know you want a mac mini13:58
jonmasondammit, now I'm going to have to get one tonight13:59
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JaMaRP: openssl upgrade will be nice, but I wasn't trying to rush you, I was just curious if the git log (and the git shas) is likely to change (e.g. if you or AB spot something and decide to amend it just before push) or if it's really just pull&push (it usually didn't change before if I remember)14:10
JaMabut thanks for merging it :)14:12
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kayterina[m]Hello, I get this error message from bitbake:14:36
kayterina[m]"ValueError: unsupported pickle protocol: 5"14:36
kayterina[m]full message here:
kayterina[m]is it related with the python version in my build machine?14:37
RPJaMa: sometimes I might drop a patch if I see something I worry about14:37
RPrburton: I'd like a mac mini I'm sure but I probably have other things I should spend money on first!14:38
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ptsneveskayterina[m]: did you run bitbake in different computers or with different versions of python before?14:45
kayterina[m]Not sure what you mean, I am in a shared computer we use for building and I haven't installed any other python version.14:46
ptsnevesI believe the cache mentioned here is the parsing cache and the parsing cache is stored with the python pickle module. Bitbake is complaining that the cache is written with an unsupported protocol. Specifically that it is protocol version 5. pickle protocol 5 is introduced in a pretty recent python 3.8. Is this the python version your environment has when bitbake fails?14:50
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yatesis there a free version of linaro somewhere? it looks like the official linaro website charges for it.15:12
LetoThe2ndyates: a version of what?15:13
yatesha ha15:13
yatesyes, there are other linux-distro-building tools than yocto15:13
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rburtonlinaro is a company not a product15:14
LetoThe2ndyates: the question was serious. linaro provides some things for free (toolchains for example), and charges for services. but "linaro" by itself is an organization, not a software thing.15:14
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yateslinaro does not provide a tool that will allow one to create an entire linux build, including utilities, libraries, etc.?15:16
LetoThe2ndyates: linaro provides a build system, they even presented on it at the Yocto Project Summit.15:16
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rburtonyates: you're telling us there is with "is there a free version, they charge on their web site"15:17
LetoThe2ndyates: and it is this:
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yatesLetoThe2nd: ok thanks, let me watch that.15:18
LetoThe2ndyates: hint: they charge for it, AFAIK.15:19
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yatesnew question:15:24
mcfriskAs one of Linaro people here, yes TuxOe/TuxBake/TuxSuite exist as tools and a service to build things including kernels and yocto in the cloud, aka "other peoples computers"15:25
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kiwi_29_[m]Hello..any insight here is much appreciated15:26
yatesif i were to setup yocto to build an ARMv7-A project, where would the libraries such as libcrypt, libjson, etc., be obtained?15:27
kiwi_29_[m]<kiwi_29_[m]> "Hello ... I am hosting Toaster..." <- Hello...any insight here is much appreciated15:27
LetoThe2ndyates: see the SRC_URI entries of the corresponding recipes.15:29
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LetoThe2ndyates: what do you actually want to do, respectively expect from this channel?15:29
rburtonyates: yocto builds from source. it will download the sources of those libraries, and build them15:30
yatesis there a reference build for ARMv&-A?15:30
rburtonwhat do you mean?15:31
yatesan example build15:31
LetoThe2ndyates: that question does not make any sense. there is qemuarm as a supported example machine, which is "as close as can be"15:31
rburtonyates: the qemuarm and qemuarm64 machines, and the example images such as core-image-sato15:31
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ameliusHey I'm migrating to kirkstone right now and haven an recipe with these15:35
ameliusSRC_URI += "git://....;protocol=ssh;nobranch=1;tag=v${PV}"15:35
ameliusSRCREV = "v${PV}"15:35
ameliusand getting do_fetch: Bitbake Fetcher Error: FetchError("Recipe uses a floating tag/branch without a fixed SRCREV yet doesn't call bb.fetch2.get_srcrev() (use SRCPV in PV for OE).", None)15:35
yatesto answer your previous question, i want to be able to find out where the source of certain libraries come from in an instance of an ARMv7-A rootfs, namely, from the /usr/lib folder15:35
rburtonyates: did you build the image?15:36
rburtonis it a yocto image?15:36
yatesor find out where they may/probably come from15:36
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yatesi don't know15:36
rburtonso why are you asking here?15:36
rburtonif it was a yocto image you could look at the library, determine the recipe that build it, and then look at the recipe to see where the sources come from15:37
rburtonbut if you don't know its a yocto image then i think you've got bigger problems15:37
yatesrburton: i am asking here because i assume that the "standard" libraries folded into such a build are fairly common, at least for common libraries such as libjson15:38
*** davidinux <davidinux!~davidinux@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)15:38
rburtonsure.  have you tried googling "libjson"?15:38
rburtonalso i have no idea how this follows from the "linaro build tool"15:38
yatesi apologize...(?)15:39
yatesthere is a path15:40
yatesi know gcc being used is from linaro15:41
yatesgcc version 7.3.1 20180425 [linaro-7.3-2018.05 revision d29120a424ecfbc167ef90065c0eeb7f91977701] (Linaro GCC 7.3-2018.05)15:42
LetoThe2ndyates: again, what do you expect from a *YOCTO* channel? doing your reverse engineering homework?15:42
yatesi guess i expect nothing. but if someone had some of the information i was requesting, they could choose to share it. if the choose not to share it, then they are free to remain silent.15:44
rburtonyou asked where the sources come from.  i suggest googling 'libjson'.15:44
rburtonanyone can download the linaro compilers, so it might be yocto, might be buildroot, might be something else.15:45
yatesrburton: yes, you did. i was responding to LetoThe2nd's question.15:45
rburtonyates: fwiw i agree with his point15:45
yatesand it is a good suggestion. thank you.15:45
rburtonvmeson: dude trolling in bug comments, harsh15:46
vmesonrburton: :-)15:47
*** halstead[m] <halstead[m]!~halsteadm@2001:470:69fc:105::d0ef> has left #yocto15:48
*** thomasd13 <thomasd13!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)15:53
ameliusdoes someone has an idea for my fetching problem? :)15:53
rburtonamelius: try taking tag= out of the SRC_URI, it's redundant as you set a SRCREV15:54
*** rob_w <rob_w!~rob@2001:a61:6012:6901:fd18:ef82:139:bce7> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)15:55
JaMaamelius: set git sha in SRCREV or add SRCPV in PV as the message says15:58
JaMaamelius: using tag name in SRCREV is not a good practise (as tags can move)15:59
JaMaamelius: that's why the FetchError forces you to add SRCPV that way at least your PV is changed when someone moves the tag in upstream and tag gets resolved to different SHA16:00
teppersonis there a proper way to copy files to the build folder of a recipe that works with devtool?16:01
*** gegir <gegir!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)16:02
neverpanicmcfrisk: Oh, you're with Linaro now?16:04
ameliusJaMa: ah I see, on hardknott this worked well :(16:04
rburtonamelius: new releases are more pedantic.  tags can move, which means you don't build the same software over time.16:05
JaMaamelius: it still works16:10
JaMaand in hardknott it doesn't work well if you don't have SRCPV in PV, try to use 2 git repos in SRC_URI with SRCREV_a and SRCREV_b, then change SRCREV_b and watch recipe _not_ being rebuilt16:12
mcfriskmsg neverpanic yep, working for Linaro now16:12
mcfrisknoob :)16:12
JaMaunless you use e.g. do_fetch[depends] += SRCREV_b16:13
*** frieder <frieder!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)16:14
JaMae.g. in
tlwoernerthis is crazy: i'm building an image (core-image-base) and adding "cups cups-filters" to the build16:19
tlwoernerboth of those show up in the image16:19
tlwoernercups-filters has a dependency on ghostscript, but ghostscript doesn't end up in the image16:20
rburtontlwoerner: i dont see a explicit dependency in the recipe, does it get a library-generated rdepends?16:22
*** invalidopcode1 <invalidopcode1!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)16:22
*** invalidopcode1 <invalidopcode1!> has joined #yocto16:22
rburtonthats build time not runtime16:23
tlwoernerhow can you build-time depend on something, then not install it?16:25
rburtonif you build with meson, you don't get meson in the target16:26
rburtonjust add a RDEPENDS:${PN} += "ghostscript", if its mandatory16:26
tlwoernerare libraries a special case?16:27
rburtondo_package digs into the binaries, finds that it links to a shared library, discovers what package that is in, and adds a RDEPENDS for that package16:27
*** vladest <vladest!> has joined #yocto16:27
tlwoernerall along i thought it was by virtual of DEPENDS16:27
rburtonnope :)16:28
tlwoernerbut the meson example make ssense16:28
rburtonyou could argue "rdepend automatically on non-native packages" but what if the recipe you depend on has multiple packages, and the recipe you're building has multiple packages: what are the dependencies?16:28
tlwoernerall of them! (lol)16:29
tlwoerneri'll check, but i have a feeling cups-filters doesn't DEPEND on ghostscript, only RDEPENDS16:30
rburtonother way around, but you're right16:30
rburtonit only DEPENDS (so its there at build time), but if its binaries and no libraries, there is no RDEPENDS16:31
tlwoernerwhat i'm saying is, and i just checked, the cups-filters recipe doesn't build-time DEPENDS on ghostscript16:34
tlwoernerit only run-time RDEPENDS on ghostscript16:34
tlwoernersome recipes both DEPENDS and RDEPENDS, but in this case it only RDEPENDS although the recipe said DEPENDS16:35
tlwoerner(patch coming, obviously)16:35
tlwoerneroops, earlier i said "by virtual of" instead of "by virtue of"16:36
rburtonthe recipe i'm looking at DEPENDS on ghostscript16:36
tlwoerneryes it does, and that's wrong16:36
tlwoernertake ghostscript out of DEPENDS and cups-filters builds just fine16:36
rburtondoes it build identically though, or does it turn stuff off magically16:36
tlwoernercups-filters are scripts16:36
tlwoernerno, because --enable-ghostscript is in the ./configure16:37
*** vladest <vladest!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)16:37
rburtoni've used autotools enough to laugh at your bold assertion16:37
tlwoerner(actually, it's there twice, so another patch...)16:37
rburtonso the configure script just assumes the binary is called 'gs' if you're cross-compiling16:37
rburtonso yeah, its not needed at build time16:38
tlwoerneractually, it assumes /usr/bin/gs16:38
rburtonah we tell it where it is too16:38
*** vladest <vladest!> has joined #yocto16:38
tlwoernerby the way, when you're speaking of the cups project, saying "autotools" is being generous16:38
rburtonwhich is fair16:38
tlwoerner"autotools-ish" would be more accurate16:39
rburtonits autoconf+automake which is enough for me16:39
tlwoernerthey don't believe in using auto-hreader16:39
*** |Xagen <|Xagen!> has joined #yocto16:39
rburtoni never understood people who do autoconf+custom makefiles16:39
tlwoernerthey claim it's so it will work on the BSDs16:39
rburtonyou shoud try changing autotools-brokensep back to autotools and seeing if they've fixed the problems16:41
tlwoernernot even close16:41
tlwoernerit doesn't even try to build outside the source tree16:41
tlwoerneroops, i shouldn't say that, you can try...16:42
*** Xagen <Xagen!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)16:42
rburtondidnt the cups guy start a new replacement project?16:42
tlwoernerApple has been doing a lot of cups work, and i think they hired the cups guy16:43
rburtonhe left16:43
rburtonand started rewriting cups piece by piece :)16:43
tlwoernerMichael Sweet16:43
JaMasystemd doesn't print yet? :)16:49
ptsnevesHey guys how do i inherit a class only on class-target? I did:16:54
ptsnevesinherit ${@'my_precious' if 'class-target' in d.getVar('OVERRIDES').split(':') else ''}16:54
ptsnevesBut it did not work16:54
rburtongo via a variable16:54
rburtonMYCLASS = ""16:55
rburtonMYCLASS:class-target = "foo"16:55
rburtoninherit ${MYCLASS}16:55
rburtonthere's load of examples in oe-core if you grep for inherit :)16:55
rburtoni think that works, anyway.16:55
ptsnevesI think i have done that in the past but my brain was doing crazy python substitutions16:56
ptsnevesrburton: thank you!16:56
tlwoernerJaMa: haha ... soon ...17:02
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*** prabhakarlad <prabhakarlad!> has quit IRC (Quit: Client closed)17:14
d-s-eI'm trying to build an app that uses some tool called conan with cmake. Is there a preferred way to handle that? I'm stuck at the line "include(${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/conan_paths.cmake)" in the CMakeLists.txt, that file is not found.17:14
rburtonyou'll need to make a conan-native recipe17:17
rburtonthat might be the most painful thing in the world17:17
rburtonwell,, hopefully17:19
*** Spinola <Spinola!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)17:19
d-s-eok, sounds horrible ... why is everyone inventing their own little package manager ....17:20
rburtoncorrect response :)17:20
rburtonat least its not bazel!17:20
rburton(could be as bad a bazel, no idea)17:21
*** florian__ <florian__!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)17:21
d-s-enever heard of that.17:22
rburtonbe glad :)17:22
d-s-eso there's no easier way? or something I could use a basis?17:23
d-s-eI try to stay as far from the c++ world as I can ;-)17:23
*** rfuentess <rfuentess!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)17:24
rburtonlayer index doesn't show a recipe, so step 1 is making a recipe for conan itself. the docs say its on pypi so that should be _relatively_ easy17:24
rburtonthen write your recipe that does the right things, calling conan as needed17:25
rburtonreading eg carefully will be very important17:25
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:25
d-s-eOk, pypi recipes are fairly easy.17:27
d-s-eI found a build script in the app, that installs conan with pip. I tried that, but that seems not to be enough.17:28
d-s-eOh, they also have an meta-layer:
d-s-ebut that seems to be something different17:30
rburtonwell that should be in the layer index17:30
rburton <-- nope thats exactly what i'd have thought17:30
rburtonuse that17:30
*** tepperson <tepperson!~tepperson@> has quit IRC (Quit: Client closed)17:32
rburtonif it fails to do the build step, at least they've covered a lot of the work17:33
d-s-eI will have a look at that, thanks!17:33
rburtonright its in the layer index now17:35
rburtonthere's quite a lot of non-trivial issues open so... have fun i guess17:35
d-s-eI will :-D17:36
*** d-s-e <d-s-e!> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)17:53
paulgso, I figured I'd try and fix sysvinit and read-only-rootfs...18:22
paulgcourtesy of rburton 's pointer, I'm looking at SERIAL_CONSOLES_CHECK in sysvinit-inittab_2.88dsf.bb18:23
paulgEven after some "git blame" and looking at old yocto bugs, I'm still at a loss as to why we are rummaging around in /proc/consoles after boot to mangle the /etc/inittab18:24
paulgIf we build for board/BSP foobar, we surely know what the console device is.18:24
paulgthe only thing I could come up with was an alignment with the bootargs console=  --- but even that seem weak.18:26
paulgWhat am I missing?18:26
*** alessioigor <alessioigor!~alessioig@> has joined #yocto18:27
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*** bjoscar <bjoscar!> has joined #yocto18:31
paulgPresumably I can clobber the variable locally, but I'm still curious why it exists at all.18:34
*** bjoscar <bjoscar!> has quit IRC (Client Quit)18:35
*** bjoscar <bjoscar!> has joined #yocto18:35
yatesis there a list of common library source locations which yocto developers can find to include in their builds (via SRC_URI)?18:53
yatesi'll check qemuarm18:55
rburtonpaulg: at least one of them was added because the tty devices are different under bare metal vs under xen19:12
rburtonttyAMA0 on bare metal, hvc0 in xen. never both.19:12
*** amitk <amitk!~amit@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)19:22
*** davidinux <davidinux!~davidinux@> has joined #yocto19:24
*** polprog_ is now known as polprog19:58
zeddiino exit for me20:00
JPEWRP: On the SPDX in dunfell, what do you want to do about the zstd dependency? I think there are a few options:20:00
JPEW1) Require zstd on the host20:00
JPEW2) Add zstd to build tools tarball (extended?)20:00
JPEW3) don't compress extended package data with zstd (this would make zstd only required for create-spdx)20:00
JPEW4) Don't compress either extended package data or SPDX data20:00
*** ArgaKhan <ArgaKhan!ArgaKhan@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)20:06
derRichardis there a way to share DL_DIR on the same machine across parallel build (and different users)? my goal is not reducing download time but saving disk space. so own-mirrors does not really help.20:20
derRichardso far i see only issues with git and other scms. maybe i should GITDIR and such per project. hmm20:24
derRichard*should set20:24
masonHi all. Another noob question. I want to see (at least) xt_nat in my kernel, but I'm not immediately clear on how to get it included. Can someone point me to the right documentation? Thanks in advance!20:28
masonAh, think I have it. I'll come back if I get stuck.20:29
JaMaJPEW: FWIW: seeing how reluctant some projects are to update host, I'm not very fond of 1) for stable release, especially for some new functionality which they might not use in dunfell20:34
masonAlright, I'm back. It didn't like what I specified:
* JaMa still trying to get zstd installed on some of jenkins slaves to unblock kirkstone builds natively20:35
masonmaybe it's netfilter20:38
masonWasn't netfilter. What do I want to specify be built that'll provide old-style iptables DNAT? It's not xt_nat nor netfilter20:39
masonNot to jinx it, but the module name I want might well just be "iptables"20:43
masonBut... maybe not as I see iptables stuff already included. Anyway, if anyone can short-circuit my search and tell me what I want to include to get xt_nat built I'd be grateful.20:44
JPEWJaMa: Ya, I figured.... it's _an_ option, but not a very good one20:45
RPJPEW: It is already in recent buildtools so we could recommend buildtools to people who don't have it on the host. Perhaps we make the extended packagedata conditional and only add the requirement for zstd if it is enabled?20:51
*** invalidopcode1 <invalidopcode1!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)21:05
*** florian__ <florian__!> has joined #yocto21:05
*** invalidopcode1 <invalidopcode1!> has joined #yocto21:05
masonended up being "iptables" after all21:08
JPEWRP: That's a little tricky; would it be better to either compress with gzip (slow) or not compress (more disk space)21:11
JPEWcore-image-minimal is 34M with no compression, and 20M with zstd, so it's not that much more data21:12
khemRP: the glibc issue you are seeing is still same sadly, I dont think its binutils problem21:16
khemthe links you pointed did not take me to gstreamer test failure can you send me a link to look into21:17
RPkhem: I don't think the ptest issues are related, I reran and they didn't appear so I think they're something else21:23
RPkhem: I also found the glibc issue is probably from cache issues from the reproducibility problem21:24
RPkhem: I've cleaned caches and taken a risk and merge everything as of a few minutes ago21:24
RPJPEW: lets use gzip, that is a better idea21:24
RPJPEW: it can't be that slow? :/21:24
JPEWI'll check21:25
khemah I see now {'gstreamer1.0': ['gstreamer/libs_aggregator.test']}21:25
JPEW(Probably not in the grand scheme)21:25
RPJPEW: right, I'm happy master uses zstd but for dunfell gzip is probably fine21:25
* RP just had 64 testimages launch in parallel, each running a different ptest21:27
RPThe power monitor has gone impressively high21:29
paulgyou dino chomping planet hater....21:30
RPpaulg: I'm planning to teach the autobuilders to do this ;-)21:31
RPwow, the levels of ptest failures is scary21:32
RPlooks like a ton of missing dependencies :(21:33
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*** seninha <seninha!~seninha@user/seninha> has joined #yocto21:56
RPI really like  as a change but I suspect people won't like the parse time :/22:04
RPBBCLASSEXTEND = "${@' '.join(['mcextend:'+x.replace('-ptest', '') for x in d.getVar('PTESTS').split()])}"22:04
RPsuch an innocent looking line22:05
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*** nemik <nemik!~nemik@> has joined #yocto22:09
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masonAnd, I don't need to do anything to get xt_nat.ko to build, but there's something else required to get it to *install*. This is great stuff. :P22:42
masonPlus side, shoving it in by hand and pointing depmod at it resolves my issue, so I'm getting closer.22:42
JaMaRP: that is pretty dark magic :)22:57
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*** nemik <nemik!~nemik@> has joined #yocto23:00
RPJaMa: For some reason I really like this recipe23:03
*** Vonter <Vonter!~Vonter@user/vonter> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)23:17
JaMaThe Dark Side, Resist you must!23:19
fray(petalinux wrappers and devtool appear to hide a bunch of those kind of messages.. which is why I hadn't seen them in the logs)23:24
fraywhoops wrong channel23:25
*** florian__ <florian__!> has joined #yocto23:26
RPmoto-timo: any idea which perl module I should be adding as a dependency to fix "base class package TAP::Base is empty" ?23:30
*** Wouter010067044 <Wouter010067044!> has quit IRC (Quit: The Lounge -
*** Wouter010067044 <Wouter010067044!> has joined #yocto23:30
moto-timoRP: it should be "perl-module-tap-base"23:33
RPmoto-timo: I'm also noticing the ptest output for python3-jinja2 has progress reporting and hence isn't separating to individual test results meaning "0" tests are run or pass/fail23:33
RPmoto-timo: ok, I was trying to overcomplicate that message then! :)23:34
moto-timoRP: if that isn't it, ping again and I'll dig23:34
khemI think it should be perl-module-tap-base23:35
RPmoto-timo: I think there may be a python systemic ptest issue, python3-jsonpointer, python3-markupsafe,python3-more-itertools all have zero counts23:35
khemusually suffix with perl-module-x-y23:35
RPmoto-timo: e.g. see and grep for jinja223:36
khemRP: I saw you merged binutils dt_runpath patch. So all good finally ?23:37
RPmoto-timo: thanks, I'll try tap-base (and thanks khem)23:37
RPkhem: I sent messages here earlier?23:37
moto-timoRP:  I basically just grep in with lower case and :: -> -23:38
khemyeah I thought you just invalidated the cache but ok 🙂23:38
RPkhem: Tests passed this time, I just hope nothing fails again later23:39
*** seninha <seninha!~seninha@user/seninha> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)23:39
moto-timoRP: yeah... bare 'pytest' is not going to give us what we want23:39
RPmoto-timo: I was hoping we could disable the progress reports in favour of the old output23:40
moto-timoRP: we have all these hacky things like in
* moto-timo goes in a corner and just ...23:42
moto-timorburton: poke the bear for consistent pytest output23:43
RPmoto-timo: that is horrible :(23:44
RPmoto-timo: sorry for bringing this up, it just looked like something systemic broke from where I was looking23:45
moto-timoRP: anyway, the quick answer is almost any of those recipes that hack pytest in run-ptest is what we "need" with the current state of things. perl is slightly simpler just because it has the same test runner/output everywhere.23:45
moto-timoRP: it's ok. this is "On The List"23:46
RPmoto-timo: now I know what might work I can give "hitting" those a try with this particular hammer23:46
* moto-timo wonders about an (ugly) ptest-pytest bbclass that make that universal23:46
*** kscherer <kscherer!> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)23:47
RPmoto-timo: maybe just inject a global run-ptest-pyptest file into the global files directory and pull that in?23:47
*** seninha <seninha!~seninha@user/seninha> has joined #yocto23:48
moto-timoRP: yes, that23:48
RPthe number of issues I've found with these simple tests is annoying23:48
RPmoto-timo: right, that! :)23:49
moto-timothat's what I have in mind23:49
moto-timoSTILL UGLY23:49
moto-timobut it works23:49
* RP hopes we don't need the bbclass23:49
moto-timoit was just easy to inherit... but that was a younger more naive me23:50
RPhmm, maybe, maybe not23:50
RPmoto-timo: for perl it makes sense given the other code23:50
RPI guess it would be needed for the python case too23:50
*** dlan <dlan!~dennis@gentoo/developer/dlan> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)23:51
moto-timoat least for the pytest case23:51
moto-timoor at least a marginal argument in favor23:51
moto-timolack of ptest-runner consistency is a challenge... and you would hope that pytest would be a rather standard output... but only for the python packages that don't bork it23:54
RPonly 9 more different ptest recipes with broken dependencies to fix :/23:54
* moto-timo has a strong sense of deja vu23:54
RPmoto-timo: this time I will change the way the AB works23:55
RPmoto-timo: imagine with python/perl recipes :)23:56
*** Vonter <Vonter!~Vonter@user/vonter> has joined #yocto23:56

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