Monday, 2023-04-24

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Entei[m]Is there a way to alter the rpm build process being done through yocto? The rpms it generates don't provide the conventional rpm macros for build systems such cmake, meson etc, that are required for rebuilding srpms on the target machine.09:19
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ameliusHey we're about to get new build hardware, at the moment we are on  Xeon W-2145 CPU @ 3.70GHz with 16 cores. 64GB RAM and 8TB SSD. Is more RAM and more Cores better or is there a limit where the build is no longer accelerated?09:23
mcfriskEntei[m]: I think yocto doesn't cover this use case. I would rather stick to cross compiling with bitbake, cross compiling in the SDK, or compiling on the target without complex packaging tools. though ipkg has worked in the past in SDK at least.09:24
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mcfriskamelius: RAM per CPU thread is an important ratio. 2 gigs of RAM per thread has been ok on my work loads. But this depends heavily on what you compile. webkit/chromium/C++ with templates/qt will make things a lot harder09:25
mcfriskamelius: and two thing: build times vs build failures due to out-of-memory (OOM)09:26
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mcfriskadding more RAM helps to keep file system operations buffered in RAM, but default build setups may still write to disk which is slowing things down. Tune kernel settings for that. I would not use tmpfs as that doesn't scale if you run out of ram..09:27
mcfrisk /kernel settings/kernel vm settings/09:28
Entei[m]mcfrisk: What about thousands of packages that don't have a recipe? Rebuilding SRPMs on the target would be a great option instead of writing recipe for each of those packages. And directly iinstalling using the build tool like autoconf or cmake doesn't cut it on a system where you plan to managing things with a package manager which requires you to have dependencies through proper packages.09:28
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mcfriskEntei[m]: well, mixing yocto and other Linux distro packages has not ended well. I'd use containers.09:32
ameliusmcfrisk: thanks that helps09:33
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Entei[m]mcfrisk: umm...what do you mean? Doesn't yocto support packages? I see it supporting deb and rpm packages without much of configuration.09:37
landgrafEntei[m]: you can rebuild them somewhere and import binary RPMs into yocto build with bin_package.09:37
mcfriskEntei[m]: yocto builds an output binary package stream using those package managers. It is very much not compatible with other distros which build dep or rpm packages. It can be for simple things but for anything more complex things will fall apart.09:38
Entei[m]mcfrisk: So you mean to say, I don't depend on yocto based distro to build RPMs at all, but rather build them on say Fedora and then transfer them to my yocto based distro. Did I get it correct?09:41
jclsnI have an issue where I am changing the list of files in SRC_URI of a recipes and the old ones are still left in the WORKDIR. do_install() is then doing a for loop over all the files in question and installs them to the image. So I end up with all the old files that are currently not in the list anymore. Is there any way to let Bitbake clean these files from the WORKDIR automatically?09:44
mcfriskEntei[m]: nope, but that may work on the binary RPM level, but fall apart due to compiler, dependency etc level. If you instead build RPMs with the yocto SDK, then things will likely work, but still, building SRPMs from other distributions may not.09:45
mcfriskjclsn: bitbake -c clean recipe, or wipe full build/tpm and rebuild09:46
jclsnmcfrisk: Yeah sure, but I would be assuming that only the files currently contained in the recipes will be installed09:47
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jclsnMaybe looping over all the files in the WORKDIR is just bad practice09:49
mcfriskjclsn: try a clean build, incremental rebuilds have issues and various corner cases and old files may still exists in workdir09:49
mcfriskjclsn: it is slightly bad, though it can be handy as well if there are large number of files.09:49
jclsnI could loop over all the files in the SRC_URI instead of all the files in WORKDIR09:50
mcfriskjclsn: that is better09:53
jclsnHow would I do that?     srcuri = d.getVar('SRC_URI', True).split() and then?09:54
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mcfriskjclsn: I've seen additional variables being used to construct both SRC_URI and then used in do_install() and do_deploy() tasks. SRC_URI itself with the url type string may be harder to use10:02
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rburtonjclsn: definitely iterate over SRC_URI. there are functions in bb.fetch2 to parse the urls.10:07
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jclsnrburton: Is there an API documentation?11:06
rburtonnot really, sadly11:08
jclsnIt is a list of local files btw11:08
jclsnWhere to look?
rburton__init__ for the module api, but not an ancient release11:09
jclsnI don't see a function in there that sounds like what I want11:10
rburtonthen filter to just file: entries11:11
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jclsnNo idea how that works. I think it is really unfortunate that there is no documentation. It would make it much easier to support you guys11:19
jclsnSo d is the dictionary of all variabales as far as I understand11:20
jclsnfiles = d.decode_url(${SRC_URI}) or something?11:20
rburton${} won't expand in python11:20
jclsnSRC_URI is a list of files11:20
jclsnOh yeah it is python11:21
rburtonand decode_url takes a single url11:21
jclsndo_install is bash I guess11:21
rburtonyou can write a python helper function11:21
jclsnYeah but I have a list of files11:21
jclsnNo url11:21
jclsnSRC_URI = " file://file1 file://file2 "11:22
rburtonfor url in d.getVar("SRC_URI"); scheme, location, ... = bb.fetch2.decodeurl(url)11:22
rburtonif you want to keep your do_install as bash then write a helper function in python that returns the list of files in a way that your bash can read11:24
Entei[m]Would setting PR variable in local.conf set a fixed PR for all packages? By default the package naming follows the r0, r1 etc naming scheme since by default packages are set to PR=r0. I'd like to set the names to a fixed release name like xy12, xy13 etc (like how Fedora does it -  fc37, fc38 etc).11:25
rburtonEntei[m]: that's not what PR is for11:25
rburtonit might work, but that's pretty horrible.11:27
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Entei[m]rburton: Yeah I do understand the functionality behind it, but I don't see any other way to change package names. Those packages ending in r0, r1 etc are pretty crude, especially when I'd like to make a whole distribution following one single naming scheme instead of mixup of numbers.11:27
Entei[m]Is there any other way to change it?11:27
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rburtonjust try setting PR and see what happens11:39
rich1234I am trying to get the OpenGLES libraries. I have added the following to my local.conf11:40
rich1234 IMAGE_INSTALL:append = " vim libsdl2 mesa"11:40
rich1234PACKAGECONFIG:append:pn-mesa = " gles egl"11:40
rich1234PACKAGECONFIG:append:pn-libsdl2 = " gles2"11:40
rich1234And I have vim, and the libsdl2 libraries, but no libGLESv2 library. Is this the right way to set to set the package config option?11:40
jclsnrburton: Can you give a small example please?11:40
jclsnSomething like this
jclsnI am trying to print with bb.warn() to debug11:42
jclsnNo idea how to debug this11:43
jclsnI would also think you would need a colon and not semicolon after the for statement in python. Very confusing11:45
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jclsnI think I would also rather use an inline python function11:48
rburtonjclsn: replace ... with the rest of the return values11:48
rburton(scheme, network location, path, user, password, parameters)11:48
rburtonsomeone spending the time to make bitbake's api actually generate api docs could be awesome11:50
jclsnYeah how to verify what I am doing?11:50
jclsnIf I build that nothing happens really11:51
jclsnI need to print somehow11:51
rburtondid you call the function?11:52
jclsnNo idea how11:52
rburtonin your do_install11:52
jclsnWill try11:53
rburtonyou'll probably need to add d to the prototype and pass d when calling it11:53
jclsnIt says the function is not defined although it is just above11:55
jclsnI have this now
rburtongrumble at bitbake syntax. use "def list_files(d):" to start the function, you can't call a variable 'network location', and you need to split() the url list.12:01
jclsnThat isn't parsed right12:04
jclsnI will just hardcode. This is too time consuming12:04
rburtoni did those changes and it was working12:04
jclsnShow me12:06
rburtonsorry, deleted it already12:06
rburtondef list_files(d): for url in d.getVar("SRC_URI").split():12:07
rburtonall,the,params = bb.fetch2.decodeurl(url)12:07
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jclsnHow can I print the result?12:11
rburtonmake the function return a string, then when ${@...} expands it turns into the string12:11
rburtonor for testing just use bb.warn as you were12:12
jclsnIt is not printing anything though12:13
jclsnThis is what I have now
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rburtonyeah that doesn't parse though12:14
rburtonyou can't have a variable called 'network location'12:14
rburtonThe code lines resulting in this error were:12:14
rburton     0001:def list_files():12:14
rburton     0002:    for url in d.getVar("SRC_URI").split():12:14
rburton *** 0003:        scheme, network location, path, user, password, parameters = bb.fetch2.decodeurl(url)12:14
jclsnThat is what you wrote me and also in the function comment12:15
jclsnGuess there is a comma missing12:15
rburtonthe thing i quoted was a literal copy-paste from the *documentation* of the api12:15
jclsnTHought so12:15
rburtona comma isn't missing, you just need to rename it to netloc or location or something12:15
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rburtonand i told you earlier to rename that variable12:16
rburtonand you still need to pass d to list_files12:16
jclsnGot to warnings now with the right filenames12:17
rburtonWARNING: /home/ross/Yocto/poky/meta/recipes-devtools/dmidecode/ file1                                                  | ETA:  --:--:--12:17
rburtonWARNING: /home/ross/Yocto/poky/meta/recipes-devtools/dmidecode/ file212:17
jclsnJust need to return an array now somehow
jclsnJust return a python list?12:22
rburtona string12:22
rburtonif you want it to be usable in the sh then you need to think in sh12:22
jclsnSo confusing12:22
rburtonwrite the do_install in python if you want?12:23
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rburtona whitespace separated list means you can just do for NAME in ${@list_files(d)}; do .... ; done12:23
jclsnLike this?
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rburtoni'd accumulate a list and join() it but sure12:25
jclsnMaybe the self-proclaimed Yocto jester should make a tutorial about how to write advanced recipes with inline python etc12:25
rburtondef list_files(d): return ' '.join(bb.fetch2.decodeurl(url)[4] for url in d.getVar("SRC_URI).split())12:26
rburtonyou're using inline python, it's just nicer to pull the logic into a function as huge oneliners are ugly12:26
jclsnUnexpected EOF...
jclsnThis is already quite ugly imo xD12:29
jclsnAh wait there is a closing parenthesis missing12:30
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destmasterHi, I would to buy a new PC or server to speedup my Yocto's images building time. Could you suggest on what hardware specification pay attention on? I understood weel the key to speed up the build time is the number of logic cores, right? There's significant differences in performances between Intel and AMD architecture? My budget is around12:36
jclsndestmaster: Anyt Threadripper will do12:36
destmasterjclsn thank you12:37
jclsnLenovo ThinkStation P620 for example. They are a bit above your budget though12:38
jclsnMaybe try getting a used one12:39
jclsnOr just build one yourself12:40
destmasterjclsn thank you, I will evaluate the cost difference between buy a ready to use vs build a one myself12:42
jclsnrburton: It is not installing anything unfortunately
qschulzjclsn: it returns a string, you cannot use a shell forloop on a string that is space separated12:49
jclsnqschulz: I though rburton said that would work12:50
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qschulzjclsn: for i in "this is a test"; do echo $i; done12:54
qschulzfor i in this is a test; do echo $i; done12:54
qschulzVAR="this is a test"; for i in $VAR; do echo $i; done12:54
qschulzand see for yourself12:54
qschulz(you'd need to use arrays but those are bashism and we recommend not using any non POSIX shell stuff12:55
jclsnThis is really giving me a headache ^^12:57
jclsnI can do just bash or just python but not both12:57
qschulzjclsn: call bb.exec on the python function and install the files this way12:58
qschulzthis way = in python directly12:58
jclsnNo idea how I would do that12:58
qschulzor just add a python task just before do_install13:00
qschulzdon't know if everything is properly setup though13:00
jclsnI don't understand anything of what this is doing13:01
qschulzbut honestly, you're not the first one to have this issue13:01
qschulzthis is known but requires quite deep changes in how we handle SRC_URI with the file:// fetcher13:01
qschulz(don't know which bugzilla ID it has but we have a bug for it)13:01
jclsnI also don't understand why there isn't some easy function for this. This is not a wild use case13:01
qschulzjclsn: theoretically, SRC_URI will give you only what you need so there's no need for this13:02
qschulznow because we use WORKDIR as the directory to store SRC_URI file:// files, we can't easily remove files that were installed in previous runs13:02
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qschulzjclsn: half wondering if you cannot force the fetch task of your recipe to depend on a clean task?13:03
qschulzdo_fetch[depends] += "do_clean" ?13:03
qschulzrburton: everything is eww :)13:04
rburton[cleandirs] would be better13:04
qschulzrburton: which ones?13:04
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qschulzah, maybe on ${WORKDIR} directly?13:04
rburtonthis is why there's a long-standing need to put unpack files into !workdir13:04
rburtondefinitely not workdir13:04
qschulzrburton: then how do you plan on using cleandirs varflag for SRC_URI file:// files?13:05
rburtoncleandirs ${S} and put the files into ${S}13:05
rburtonthough i'm confused why looping through the output didn't work13:06
qschulzrburton: or any other subdir, indeed13:08
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jclsnJust tested this in bash. No idea why it is not working
rburtonoh right because i fat-fingered the index13:11
rburtonindex 4 is password13:11
rburtonwhen in doubt actually check what is happening13:11
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rburtonyou want 213:12
rburtonshould make decodeurl return a namedtuple13:12
jclsnYeah right I also forgot the ${S} before ${i}13:14
rburtonworkdir, not s13:14
rburtonwhats useful is looking at eg temp/run.do_install, which is the _expanded_ task13:16
rburtonso that's expanded the python function and you can see what actually popped out13:16
jclsnI assigned WORKDIR to S. Shouldn't it be the same?13:17
olani-qschulz: VAR="this is a test"; for i in $VAR; do echo $i; done should work in most shells.  zsh is an exception.  But in this case $VAR would be expanded by bitbake before the shell even looks at the code.13:19
rburtonjclsn: dont assign WORKDIR to S13:20
rburtonoh i see what you mean, you did S=WORKDIR13:20
rburtonthat's fine, sorry13:20
rburtonyeah, same differerence then13:20
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qschulzolani-: not POSIX so not good for shell tasks in Bitbake :)13:26
qschulzolani-: btw I use zsh (so many small differences compared to bash it's interesting :) )13:27
jclsnrburton: My colleague now told me systemd also iterates through the files in the workspace and that my solution is wrong xD13:32
rburtonyeah arguably that's a buggy recipe13:33
rburtonas you said, remove a file and rebuild without cleaning and you get the old files13:33
jclsnYeah not optimal13:33
rburtondropping the files into a directory and cleaning it in unpack might work well13:33
jclsnBut you wouldn't want to clean everyt time you rebuild13:34
rburtonit would only happen if unpack re-ran13:34
rburtonif unpack is re-running, you're building from scratch anyway13:34
jclsnMaybe the systemd recipe does it this way?13:35
jclsnSo why such a mistake in the recipe? systemd is crucial13:35
rburtonbecause most people don't think about this edge case13:35
jclsnYeah I am great13:36
jclsnI always knew that actually13:36
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jclsnWell, I just stumbled over it while wanting to override some rule. I had multiple rules in /etc/udev/rules.d, even the ones not in the recipe anymore. This resulted in the wrong rtc being symlinked o /dev/rtc13:45
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RPjclsn: there is an open bug for fixing this but it isn't straightforward14:07
jclsnRP: Can you send me the link?14:10
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rburtoni'm thinking we need to just change the unpack procedure and tell everyone to suck it up14:25
rburtonchange T to workdir/tasks/ at the same time :)14:25
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RPrburton: logs maybe?14:35
RPrburton: it is amazing all the ways things break if you change it14:35
rburtoni've been using tasks/ for a month or so now14:36
RPrburton: oh, ${T} is much easier and will just break external scripts. It was unpack I was meaning14:38
RPI think tasks may well be confusing to people for different reasons to temp14:39
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rburtonyeah, external scripts that hardcode temp are broken.14:55
rburtonunpack will be fun but i think we just have to break it and let people fix14:55
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rburton0: cve-update-nvd2-native-1.0-r0 do_fetch - 18m52s (pid 355399)  84% |############################################################            | grrrrrrrrrr16:11
khemrburton: 18mins is not bad we have larger daemons16:20
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smurrayI'm managing to trigger the build-deps QA check when trying to RDEPENDS on one of a couple of packages that intentionally have duplicate RPROVIDES (I'm trying to allow building images with different client certificates).  I don't see a way to avoid this, figured I'd ask if I'm missing something?18:12
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dacavHi.  In my current yocto setup I've got a top-level recipe that generates a rootfs using squashfs.  For reasons I'd need to embed it into a ubi volume.  In the same ubi image I'd like to add the fitImage produced by the kernel recipe.  Basically I'd like to call ubinize in the on_deploy step of a recipe for which (by means of dependencies?) fitImage and rootfs.squashfs should already be in the deploy19:03
dacavdirectory.  Is there a standard way to do so?19:03
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dacavCould it be the case of a IMAGE_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND?19:16
dacav...although the image recipe does not depend on the kernel recipe, so I have no guarrantee (I guess) that I will find the fitImage under DEPLOY_DIR19:17
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Nostromo43khem I've added a library onto my custom yocto image that's trying to use llvm 16.0.2. I see in the current llvm_15.0.7 the cmake files and file are removed. What's the reason for this?19:53
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Nostromo43khem Oh I see that on the current those have since been removed.19:58
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