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paulgoooh, ooh,   Does it use eBPF?  'cause then I'm all in.00:00
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applepiCan someone help explain to me the correct process for updating an image after I've generated one?  ie. if I build imagename-minimal, and then want to change a recipe and then have that recipe rebuild and then that trigger rebuilding the output images, how could I do that?  Every way I've tried has broken my system beyond repair and I give up and02:39
applepihave to start from scratch02:39
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:36
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Entei[m]Why do some packages get built and packaged even though they are not specified to built and not even dependencies for other programs? For eg, I am building the command line image, yet bitbake fetches and builds packages like wayland and gnome-testing. It just wastes a bunch of time, especially during completely fresh build06:50
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LetoThe2ndEntei[m]:  bitbake -g $YOURFUNKYIMAGE, then inspect the resulting dependency dot files.07:43
Entei[m]LetoThe2nd: Will try this. Thanks07:44
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Guest7022Hello everyone07:50
dacavThis question might be a little OT, but I'll try anyway.  Is there a way to pre-expand a ubi image, knowing the final mtd partition size, so the partition image is completely determined when I flash it?07:50
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LetoThe2nddacav: i don't think so, because that would effectively put bad blocks handling ad absurdum. but maybe @derRichard can chime in for a second.07:53
derRicharddacav: what do you mean by "pre-expand"? you can always set the leb counter and not set the autoresize flag for an ubi volume.07:56
derRichardsince on nand you can and will have bad blocks, it will never be completely deterministic. your flasher has to skip these blocks07:56
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dacavderRichard: I'm aiming at doing a crypto verification of the whole image.  The image is verified upon boot, but if it is changed to use the whole mtd partition, the second time I boot it will not have the same signature, I believe.08:47
derRicharddacav: this is doomed to failure. ubi will always change the on flash data08:48
dacavderRichard: good to know :D08:48
derRicharddo verification of the ubi volume itself08:48
dacavSomething like extracting the data from the ubi volume and verifying that?08:49
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derRichardyeah. you can read from /dev/ubiX_Y08:50
dacavBut will it always change data even if the ubi image will only have static volumes on a NOR?08:50
dacavAs I understand it, in such situation it will always have PEBs assigned to a volume, and the EC will never change (no erasures).08:51
derRichardwell, on nor the situation is different. you'll not face bad blocks and bitflips (also no wearleveling)08:53
derRichardbut i still think you should verify at ubi volume level08:54
derRichardthe whole idea behind ubi is that the LEB<->PEB mapping is dynamic08:54
dacavI see your point.  Also, I'm afraid that in order to exploit the reliability of NOR I should (as I was mentioning earlier) "pre-expand" it on the whole mtd partition, which is probably feasible only by having a tailored mtd partition?08:56
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dacavI forgot to thank you, derRichard :) And LetoThe2nd, too.09:24
olani-qschulz: Continuing the shell-script tangent, I read section "2.6 Word Expansions" of POSIX Shell & Utilities to mean that variable expansion happens before field splitting which means that 'for foo in $var; do ...' should iterate over fields in $var. Unless IFS is modified that would mean over words.  Am I missing something there?09:25
dacavolani-: what you say looks correct.  :)09:25
dacavin portable shell there's effectively *one* real array :), $@.  That one might be useful for a correct enumeration09:26
LetoThe2nddacav: have fun!09:28
dacavLetoThe2nd: ~heh~ I'm a little frustrated by now, but I'm enjoying the journey anyway!  The knowledge gain is the underrated vantage of failure09:29
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qschulzolani-: https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/49145910:01
qschulzolani-: https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/49145910:12
qschulzolani-: https://zsh.sourceforge.io/FAQ/zshfaq03.html#l18 (sorry for the "repost")10:13
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qschulzso in short, zsh is not POSIX compliant by default, by choice10:13
qschulzthat's my assumption10:13
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car1t_o/ hello, hello. n00b Q: what do i need to DEPEND on to get kernel headers in the sysroot-native for a native recipe?10:30
rburtonnative kernel headers?10:31
rburtonwhy would you want those?10:31
car1t_the tool i want to build wants to #include some of those ...10:31
rburtonwe use the host libc for native stuff so you can use the host kernel headers too i guess.  or extend linux-libc-headers to support native builds.10:36
car1t_hmm. i see libcap-native seems to have that header: tmp/work/x86_64-linux/libcap-native/2.66-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/include/sys/capability.h ... but cant see how they got it...10:37
rburtonthat's not a kernel header10:38
rburtonthat header is *provided by* libcap-native10:39
car1t_ok libmicrohttpd-native/0.9.76-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/include/sys/capability.h has it too ...10:40
car1t_let me do some digging10:40
rburtonif you're digging around tmp, look in sysroot-components/x86_64/libcap-native/usr/include10:40
car1t_alright depending on it fixed it - of course! many thanks! Still will have to check how microhttpd pulls that in but will leave that for home work...10:45
rburtona dependency, somewhere10:45
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olani-qschulz: That is my understanding also.  But surely the bitbake tasks do not run in zsh even if that is your shell?  Maybe we are violently agreeing here, I felt you said you couldn't count on the field split in yocot shell tasks?11:39
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qschulzolani-: I do not entirely remember what is being used for bitbake, but I guess /bin/sh ?12:02
olani-qschulz: Possibly the system shell, but that should never be zsh anyway.12:05
qschulzolani-: wdym?12:07
olani-qschulz: Maybe system shell is not a good term?  I refer to the shell used by systemd for instance, I guess it will usually be used as /bin/sh.  That should be a shell that is at least mostly POSIX compliant.  zsh breaks too many of the rules for it to be useful there, at least in my book.  I also use zsh as my interactive shell, so this is not a knock on zsh.12:24
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jbohey guys. I am failing at figuring out how I cam replace the kernel in my yocto build with a kernel I already built elsewhere (i.e. not building it via/through yocto). could somebody give me some pointers?12:31
jboI have a ready-to-go uImage & zImage12:31
LetoThe2ndjbo: PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel =  "linux-dummy", essentially.12:39
jboLetoThe2nd, will this lead to yocto still compiling the kernel "from source" or can I just use my externally built kernel image?12:44
LetoThe2ndjbo: this will skip the kernel and just use the headers as API12:44
jboLetoThe2nd, thank you for that information. I'm fairly new to all of this coming from BSD. I fail to understand where/when I actually built the final image I can flash onto an SDcard/eMMC. I assume when I follow what you suggested to use my custom kernel image I still have to build a final image somewhere/somewhen?12:45
LetoThe2ndjbo: bitbake $YOURIMAGE builds the image. an example is core-image-minimal. be aware however that if you skip the kernel, then you have to find another way to put it in.12:47
jbowhat exaclty would be "another way"? i.e. how would I go about doing this?12:48
LetoThe2ndjbo: writing a custom recipe. and having said that, the correct way is to not build outside yocto, but write a recipe that contains your build.12:52
jboLetoThe2nd, so maybe I falling victim to the XY-Problem. Let me explain: I just acquired an ATSAMA5D27-SOM1. I want to customize the kernel and I am following microchips guide here: https://www.linux4sam.org/bin/view/Linux4SAM/Sama5d27Som1EKMainPage#Configure_and_Build_the_Linux_ke12:53
jbothere, they show how to build the kernel (before the Yocto section).12:53
LetoThe2ndjbo: so explain x, please.12:53
jboI managed to configure & build the kernel as I need it. as I understand their linux repo contains fixes/additional-support for their devices which lead me to belive that I should build the kernel "outside" of yocto.12:53
jbois that incorrect?12:53
LetoThe2ndjbo: what is X, actually? if it is "build a linux distribution using yocto for the sama5d27", then the answer is: just use meta-atmel, it includes all the magic.12:56
jboLetoThe2nd, "XY-Problem" is just a concept of asking the wrong question: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XY_problem12:56
jboin this case: me asking how to use an existing/external kernel image rather than understanding that maybe I really shouldn't do that to begin with.12:57
LetoThe2ndjbo: i know. and i asked two times already what your x is. y is obviously "injecting a custom kernel"12:57
LetoThe2ndjbo: see https://github.com/linux4sam/meta-atmel/blob/kirkstone/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-mchp_6.1.4.bb12:57
LetoThe2ndthat directly pulls in atmels fork.12:58
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jboI see. So ran:  MACHINE=sama5d27-som1-ek bitbake core-image-minimal  which should be a good starting point and now I can go and modify the kernel config "inside of yocto" and it will build the modified kernel and include it into the image when I run the same command again?13:00
LetoThe2ndjbo: we have https://docs.yoctoproject.org/kernel-dev/common.html#configuring-the-kernel :-)13:01
jboLetoThe2nd, thank you for all this information. Just too many things I'm not familiar with yet so it takes some time to figure out what I actually want/need. I appreciate your efforts.13:04
LetoThe2ndjbo: have fun!13:04
jboLetoThe2nd, I just flashed the image that bitbake produced and the board seems to boot. so that's something :)13:04
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jboLetoThe2nd, thanks again for your help. I managed to modify the kernel config, build & run the image successfully :)13:57
jboit is not entirely clear to me where I specify which kernel to use when running  bitbake $MYIMAGE  yet tho.13:57
LetoThe2ndjbo: usually the machine conf file does that. look into meta-atmel/conf/machine13:58
jboLetoThe2nd, so surely the idea isn't that I modify anything in meta-atmel, right? do I just override stuff in my   <yocto_dir>/build/conf/local.conf  ?14:01
LetoThe2ndjbo: read up on how layers work :-)14:01
jbowill do, thanks for the hint!14:02
jboah, that seems about right. so I just create something like  meta-myproject  :)14:03
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* paulg idly wonders how the whole "meta" prefix thing came about...15:10
RPpaulg: a directory name in openembedded-classic I think15:13
paulgshame we'll have to rename everything now that facebook has trademarked "meta"...15:15
paulgmaybe I should register "Kconfig" as a brand?15:16
khemyeah may be time is not bad mono-repo's are again in fashion 🙂15:16
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LetoThe2ndpaulg: https://www.instagram.com/p/CVley2ZN8xq/?hl=en15:29
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vvnhi there -- renesas-rz/meta-renesas seems to be actively maintained but is compatible with Dunfell. Any plan to bump to Kirkstone or newer in sight?15:48
prabhakarladvvn: meta-renesas is maintained by Renesas.15:50
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vvnprabhakarlad: yep thanks I know that ;)15:53
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barathshould layer priority govern which recipe is chosen if two layers contain an identically named and versioned recipe?16:09
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khemyes - see  https://docs.yoctoproject.org/dev/dev-manual/layers.html#prioritizing-your-layer16:28
barathHm something is interfering then16:40
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moto-timoAs mentioned in the YPTM, python3-cryptography upgrade is failing in do_compile (fails to find Python.h include file when compiling cryptography-rust): https://git.yoctoproject.org/poky-contrib/log/?h=timo/python3-cryptography_40.0.216:47
moto-timoI haven't quite figured out how the change in OpenSSL linking is causing this. https://cryptography.io/en/latest/changelog/#v40-0-016:48
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jboso I'm trying to create a layer for my particular device/project. I'm currenlty going throug the documentation here: https://docs.yoctoproject.org/dev/dev-manual/layers.html17:07
jbohowever, I fail to understand how I can reuse existing recipies.17:07
jboI'd like to re-use a config/recipie provided by meta-atmel and just change a couple of things such as the package list. How would I go about doing that?17:07
rburtonlook up using bbappends17:07
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mborzeckisilly question, but IIRC with one SRC_URI = "file:/..." the SRC_URI[sha256sum] did appear to be verified, but with more than one file and using name=foo, SRC_URI[foo.sha256sum] = ".." seems to be ignored, is that known or am I hitting some obscure edge case?19:22
rburtonfile: URLs don't get verified19:23
rburtonchecksum is for stuff that is remote19:24
mborzeckifair enough, that would explain it19:29
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