Tuesday, 2023-05-02

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khemRP: btw. once you pick https://git.yoctoproject.org/poky-contrib/commit/?h=yoe/mut&id=521d3dbb0cc3d60efdf5f7919d8fe7468a50feff into master, we can enable ptests for musl on core-image-ptest-fast01:34
khemI would like to enable it in AB if its not a big deal01:34
khembefore next LTS01:35
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:32
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paulbarkerRP: Unfortunately I'm not able to do anything with patchtest these days, my name should be removed from there06:59
RPpaulbarker: I suspected that but just wanted to check, thanks for confirming07:03
RPkhem: it is just more load, more testing time ;-). I guess arm64 and x86-64 ?07:05
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abbasalichezgi[mi have a problem in building kernel with CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO_BTF. can anybody help me? it says libelf.h: No such file or directory. i also added elfutils to DEPENDS.07:11
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Ad0thanks geoffhp07:30
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geoffhpAd0: glad to help07:33
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Guest49Good morning, besides configuring the image using recipes, what more (advanced) things are there to learn? I'm trying to become an advanced yocto user but I need to know what to learn first :)08:03
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LetoThe2ndGuest49: that entirely depends on your use case, but generally I would say "creating and maintaining recipes" is one of the foundations.08:06
Guest49LetoThe2nd the use case is: "building custom images for custom devices", I am wondering what I should learn next (the topics) such that I can become a more advanced yocto user08:08
LetoThe2ndGuest49: "writing and maintaining recipes", "properly versioning your build set up"08:10
Ad0LetoThe2nd, the issue I had with boot was that the firmware files in dunfell were too old for my PI which had a newer revision of the PMIC leading to no boot08:14
Guest49LetoThe2nd cool, thanx08:14
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rburtonLetoThe2nd: someone should update the meta-rpi firmware in the stable branches :)08:54
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JaMaMickal[m]: not sure if it's the exactly same root cause, but I had issues with openssl-sys when building solana in meta-webosose with kirkstone and upgrade to newer rust from langdale helped IIRC09:55
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mahdi_shHello, Does anyone know any LTE/4G USB dongle that really works with Yocto based Linux?10:14
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__adhi, i am in zeus, upgrading a recipe10:55
__adThe license listed LGPL-2.1-or-later was not in the licenses collected for recipe util-linux10:56
__adhow should be proper way to remove such warning ?10:56
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RP__ad: add an entry for the license to the list of licenses in the recipe?11:04
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tgamblinRP: excellent, thank you11:19
RPtgamblin: merged11:21
RPkanavin: I have patchelf and qemu upgrades being worked through FWIW11:37
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kanavinRP: you mean version upgrades? I'm just starting now to work through these11:40
kanavinwe probably need to unassign quite a bit more maintainers11:41
kanavin(though these, meaning all of AUH, with failed ones given priority)11:43
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__adRP: thanks12:03
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RPkanavin: yes, those two failed and I'm listed as maintainer12:43
RPkanavin: we should perhaps email maintainers and ask if they still are able to handle them or if we should unassign ?12:43
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kanavinRP: yes, should you do that, or me?12:48
RPkanavin: Good question. I guess I should perhaps do it12:48
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RPkanavin: done13:00
kanavinRP: thanks, I suppose some will not reply at all, and if they've been otherwise inactive, their items go to unassigned13:02
RPkanavin: I wondered about asking people to confirm but lets see how this goes13:04
kanavinRP: I'm just reading https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/developers-reference/beyond-pkging.en.html#dealing-with-inactive-and-or-unreachable-maintainers13:07
kanavin"One last word: please remember to be polite. We are all volunteers and cannot dedicate all of our time to Debian. Also, you are not aware of the circumstances of the person who is involved. Perhaps they might be seriously ill or might even have died — you do not know who may be on the receiving side. Imagine how a relative will feel if they read the e-mail of the deceased and find a very impolite, angry and accusing message!13:07
kanavinOn the other hand, although we are volunteers, a package maintainer has made a commitment and therefore has a responsibility to maintain the package. So you can stress the importance of the greater good — if a maintainer does not have the time or interest anymore, they should let go and give the package to someone with more time and/or interest."13:07
RPkanavin: right, it is a balancing act13:08
kanavinRP: haha, debian has a whole team with their own infra and tooling specifically for this :) https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/MIA13:11
kanavinI think we can keep things simpler for now :)13:11
sudipbut the MIA team are also volunteers  :)13:11
RPkanavin: rburton is the most responsive maintainer to the email :)13:12
kanavinRP: other than me, who is in his own category ;)13:12
RPkanavin: right, we'd talked about it here and I know if you wanted to make changes I'd have already had patches :D13:13
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* kanavin gotta go and try the glorious https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deutschlandticket13:18
kanavin'all you can eat' public transport, across all of Germany (not just Berlin), for 49 euros a month13:18
rburtonyou don't want to know how much a standard commuter monthly season ticket is for any town just outside london to the city would cost :)13:22
kanavinrburton, sadly, I do, as we have a friend living in High Wycombe13:22
rburtoni actually haven't looked at how much they cost now, i haven't commuted to london for quite some time now :)13:23
rburtonyeah my old commute isn't cheap13:24
kanavinrburton, of course this kind of thing has to be subsidised, which is fine. I have no problem paying EU-level income tax rates, if I can jump on any train without thinking, or walk down any street at any time without worrying about getting stabbed.13:28
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zeddiicrap. I've lost the link to the CFP for the OE dev day in prague, did the deadline come and go ?14:15
zeddiior whatever it was called.14:15
* zeddii searches14:15
sudipzeddii: https://www.yoctoproject.org/yocto-dev-day-june2023/ ?14:17
Mickal[m]JaMa: Thanks. I already had to update rust to 1.68.2 since my app depends on the 2021 edition anyhow. In the end for opensys the following cargo config fixed it:... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/48b27cc5268378e379c8585b715de6d64ecdd079>)14:21
Mickal[m]I'll make a ticket/repro once I'm done. In the end for openssl-sys the issue is that in some case the build dependencies need a native library. In that case Cargo sets the TARGET and HOST to the same value. Ideally Yocto would be able to update the env accordingly when this happen, but this may require patching cargo I guess. Unless it supports making a wrapper for this kind of things (it's my early days with rust/cargo :))14:22
LetoThe2ndzeddii: https://summit.yoctoproject.org/devday-at-eoss-2023/cfp14:23
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zeddiiah cool. that's it. I have more time :)14:34
* zeddii puts it off14:34
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JaMaRP: https://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core/commit/?id=fe0206ba482d209b24e636d578aa68ba5e67ba1b might be breaking some builds with multilib enabled, I haven't debug it further yet, but building e.g. lib32-python fails with https://pastebin.com/XYSxVFJM I guess because of extra '-' from lib32- prefix16:04
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JaMaRP: ignore previous message, it seems to be causing by one of my layers having gcc-13.1 recipes from khem without your modifications from today16:09
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RPJaMa: I was going to say, I did test multilib and it should be encoded in the triplet. Glad it is something "simple" :)16:50
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RPrburton: https://github.com/madmurphy/not-autotools/blob/master/m4/not-parallel-configure.m4 - how to make your head hurt :)16:52
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hutchmanTried to use devtool upgrade to go from lttng-tools 2.11 to 2.13 and it failed.  Not sure next steps18:11
rburtonhutchman: look at the failure, fix out how to fix it18:12
rburtonRP: oh dear god18:12
hutchmanLets say I resolve all the conflicts,  what's the next step?  Cause the thing it was complaining about was a patch I don't think I needed so I skipped it and now devtool status says it's clean.18:14
rburtondevtool update-recipe18:15
hutchman.. but yet I have no recipe in the workspace.18:15
hutchmanI'm on dunfell using meta-freescale & poky on a i.MX8 if any of that matters.18:16
hutchmanWondering if it would be easier to just edit my current recipe an have it pull new source and patches that's on mainline.18:17
Saur[m]hutchman: An alternative may be to look at the difference between Dunfell and master for the lttng-tools recipe. Since the latter is using 2.13, all information should be there as what needs to be done for upgrading.18:18
hutchmanSometimes I've gotten away with stealing the .bb from a newer release but that trick didn't work this time either.18:19
hutchmanI keep trying to use these fancy upgrade tools that are talked about at ELC etc. and I can't ever appear to get them to work ha, ha.18:20
hutchmanSure, timo gets it to work for Nano but anything that is a complicated pkg always has issues I can't figure out.18:21
Saur[m]Well, upgrading from 2.11 to 2.13 is a pretty big leap and (based on the differences between Dunfell and master) so I would expect it to be non-trivial.18:22
hutchmanRP indeed!18:22
hutchmankirkstone is earliest 2.13 shows up unfortunately.18:25
hutchmanSo how would you "well versed" guys go about it?18:26
nerdboy<sigh> i think my build env finally broke my build18:26
nerdboykhem: is gcc 13.1.0/binutils 2.40 "approved"?18:28
hutchmanlttng-modules for 2-13 built ironically by stealing the latest recipe but lttng-tools did not.  Kept saying it depended on "${LTTNGMODULES}" and I can't figure out what it's talking about.  lttng-modules built!18:30
hutchmanCommcast still treating you ok khem?18:30
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Saur[m]hutchman: `LTTNGMODULES` is defined in `meta/recipes-kernel/lttng/lttng-platforms.inc`. That file does not exist in Dunfell, so if you did not copy that too when you copied the `lttng-tools` recipe, then the variable will not be defined.18:42
hutchmanYeah, I just realized I missed a .inc file.  Fixed it a bit ago and got a bit further.18:43
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hutchmanGot past more, now liburcu needs updated18:51
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RPJPEW: any ideas on https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/89/builds/7084/steps/13/logs/stdio ? Is that a standard thing and we're just missing some export?20:12
JPEWNot sure, let me see20:13
JPEWLooks like it might be part of binutils20:14
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JPEWMaybe it needs DEPENDS += "binutils-native"? Is that a thing?20:17
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RPJPEW: do we have a prefixed version of it and need to set the export I wonder?20:20
RPwe could probably do that, I'm just not sure it is needed20:20
JPEWYa, that was also what I was looking at20:20
RPJPEW: I don't have a mingw build handy. It seemed to be the only failure with qemu 8.0.020:21
JPEWPresumably, binutils-cross is one of the default dependencies?20:21
RPJPEW: yes, it should be there20:21
JPEWOk, let me check qemu to make sure it respects the variable20:22
RPJPEW: going from memory and some patch context when rebasing a patch, this was added to configure for 8.0.020:22
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RPJPEW: looks like it is part of bintuils-crosssdk so I might try hacking an export to mingw32-common20:50
JPEWHmm, being part of binutils proper, should it maybe go in bitbake.conf with the rest of them?20:51
JPEW(which is what I'm testing and appears to work)20:51
RPJPEW: there are mingw specific ones in the mingw config ?21:05
RPJPEW: I'm keen not to have global exports that aren't used21:06
JPEWRP: Ya, fair. I guess theoretically, a non-Windows build could use them, but in practice it doesn't look like that is done21:07
JPEW(even in qemu)21:07
JPEWOr I'm completely wrong about that even :) eitherway, mingw32-common.inc is correct21:09
RPJPEW: lets start there21:24
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RPjonmason, rburton: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/113/builds/3943 - the warnings21:54
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