Wednesday, 2023-05-03

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LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:55
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rburtonRP: ah, yeah, our master branch is still mickledore.  we'll branch today :)08:33
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LetoThe2ndRP: mickledore is freeze but not released yet, right?08:37
RPLetoThe2nd: it was approved by the TSC so it will release now08:37
LetoThe2ndah ok08:37
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mckoangood morning08:57
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rich1234Is there a summary for the syntax change from dunfell -> kirkstone  for things like `IMAGE_INSTALL_append ` anywhere?10:43
rich1234Cheers, thanks10:44
RPrburton: I reverted piglit: :/10:48
RPrburton: -sato pased, sato-sdk failed10:48
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rburtonRP: very odd and also appears to be intermittant11:27
RPrburton: yes :(11:33
RPJPEW: I merged a tweak to meta-mingw since testing showed it resolved the issue on the AB11:34
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RPrburton: - gah, something recently merged in master :(12:11
RPrburton: I merged everything except qemu hoping to isolate it12:11
RPrburton: InitInput makes me wonder about your recent input upgrade12:12
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linex[m]If I set two variables in 2 different layers, does bitbake override with the one that has most priority ?12:37
linex[m] * hello,12:37
linex[m]If I set the same variable in 2 different layers, does bitbake override with the one that has most priority ?12:37
linex[m]The variable in question is a PREFERRED_PROVIDER12:37
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mckoanlinex[m]: yes12:42
mckoanlinex[m]: however depends where and how you are setting it12:43
rburtonlinex[m]: you can use bitbake-getvar [variable name] to see the assignment history and how bitbake got to the final value12:44
linex[m]Okay thanks, yeah this was confusing me since it was taking the one with lesser priority12:45
linex[m]hmm bitbake-getvar wasn't that much more helpful12:48
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rburtonwhere are you setting the variable?12:49
paulg0: rust-native-1.68.2-r0 do_install - 27m15s (pid 27076)12:52
paulgwhat in the hell is rust-native doing during the install!?!12:52
rburtonyou'll notice that the compile step was very short12:53
rburtonif you do compile then install, rust rebuilds itself in install :)12:53
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paulgNo. The compile wasn't short.  It took also at least 1/2 hour.12:53
rburtonoh you might have a sha before the fix to stop it building in compile too12:54
rburtonoe-core 7d805f9a9f6b5048308a37a2757d08cca40b1ff312:54
paulgI pulled/updated everything a couple hours ago...12:54
rburtonhm, resume standard griping a rust then :)12:55
paulgon a positive note, I've enabled some of the BB_PRESSURE settings.12:55
paulgAnd now at least rust doesn't OOM my lame arse crap at home anymore.12:56
paulgIt still runs into rust-native like a brick wall, but at least it doesn't keep forking jobs and then catch fire.12:56
linex[m]<rburton> "where are you setting the..." <- in distro/conf and in an image recipe, the distro seems to take precedence12:57
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rburtonpreferred provider has no meaning in an image recipe12:57
linex[m]I also tried in local conf12:58
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linex[m]but the distro seems to take precedence over that.12:59
linex[m]I just set it temporarily in the image recipe , it does not belong there indeed12:59
rburtongetvar will show why the distro won over the local13:03
linex[m]yep :)13:07
linex[m]I found that machine/conf will win over that !13:08
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RPrburton: I'm running tests with the libinput upgrade reverted13:12
RPrburton: if I get these three qemuppc builds passing with that, I'm going to blame libinput13:13
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mckoanlinex[m]: you can't set PREFERRED_PROVIDER in an image file13:21
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kanavinpaulg, you probably saw do_compile of rust-llvm-native, not rust-native13:24
kanavinrust doesn't do separate build/install steps13:25
paulgkanavin, I'm thinking you could be right. I'll watch more closely next time.13:25
rburtonpaulg: try buildstats-summary :)13:26
paulgrburton, the slow arse POS still hasn't finished yet.  :)13:27
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rburtonit will show you data for in-progress builds as the files are written incrementally13:27
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paulg...or it will remind me of one of my pet peeves of fragmented python crap.13:29
paulg  File "/home/paul/poky/scripts/buildstats-summary", line 9, in <module>13:29
paulg    import dataclasses13:29
paulgModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'dataclasses'13:29
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rburtondo you have a very old python?13:30
paulg18.04 ubu turd using the python from buildtools13:31
paulgSpeaking of... Can we put rust into buildtools?  :-P13:32
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paulgoh well. Doesn't matter. I'm not building anything I need.  Just to see what is broken after a pull, and since the home office is a bit cool on this damp rainy day.13:35
rburtonhm i wonder why that didn't include dataclasses13:35
rburtonbuildtools includes the full bundle, in theory13:35
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d-s-edataclasses where introduced in python 3.7, maybe ubuntu 18.04 has an older version?13:42
kanavinpaulg, an option to shortcut rust-native madness would be welcome, so... patches welcome :)13:42
* paulg volunteers vmeson 13:42
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kanavinubuntu 18.04 goes EOL at the end of this month13:44
paulgd-s-e, python3 from the buildtools/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/bin/python3 claims it is 3.1013:44
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paulgkanavin, actually I think it went EOL two days ago.13:44
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kanavinpaulg, I think it's been extended by one month :) but give or take that, upgrade in any case please13:45
JaMaI have some 18.04 builders with buildtools for newer python and haven't seen this issue yet13:45
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d-s-eok, seems it got a python update somewhere in the past. but 18.04. is really outdated anyway.13:48
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paulgI know, but old machines with "low" memory suffer every time you upgrade.13:49
tgamblinpaulg: sounds like it's time to roll your own distro with Yocto :)13:49
paulgtgamblin, ha - been there, done that.13:50
RPpaulg: I can't help thinking himem.sys would help with that low memory13:50
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paulgRP, I loaded EMM386.EXE already, isn't that good enough?13:51
kanavinI think I deserve a cup of tea now13:51
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RPpaulg: clearly it isn't helping with rust! Trying changing the ordering13:54
* RP is suffering flashbacks :/13:55
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paulgoutside of downloading freedos to make a BIOS update USB turd, I'm trying to think when I would have last fought with DOS crap...14:00
RPpaulg: definitely been a while for me, I just remember it all too well14:01
paulgProbably Win 3.1/DOS-6.2 computers of relatives from 20+ years ago?14:01
paulgThe sad part is, that if I somehow was sat in front of one of those ancient crappers, I'm sure a lot of that useless information would come flooding back.14:03
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paulgdid windows95 still have DOS and highmem.sys lurking under the surface?14:05
paulgI just seem to remember Win-3.1 being the last release where DOS and windows were truly separate products.14:06
paulganyway, enough off-topic rambling.  I blame RP for the distraction.14:07
JaMaI think it was still in win98SE14:09
kanavinJaMa, windows me14:10
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JaMapossibly, I never had ME14:11
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RPpaulg: it is scary to think about those times. Windows 3.11 for workgroups14:19
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RPrburton: those test builds are doing fine, it is looking like libinput14:21
JaMaeverything you need on just 8 floppy disks :)14:21
rburtoni wonder what libinput did14:21
RPJaMa: wasn't that slackware? :)14:22
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paulgRP, awesome, wasn't it?  You had to pay extra to get a networking stack.14:22
RPpaulg: it was great at the time. You didn't always have a network anyway14:23
* RP is still distracting paulg14:23
paulginstead you had a parallel port dot matrix printer!14:24
RPpaulg: er, have. Or perhaps I'm not admitting to that14:24
paulgI wonder if anyone still makes tractor feed paper?14:25
rburtoni saw some recently!14:25
* RP did buy a USB parallel port adaptor so I could work with some old stuff (microcontroller programmer)14:25
paulgprobably costs a fortune if they do.  Selling to 1980s nuclear reactor sites and the like.14:26
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kanavinthe reason I chose red hat over debian in 1998 is that I was a cash-starved student back then, and a computer shop offered me red hat on 1 CD or Debian on 6 CDs, which would be 6x more pricey14:28
kanavinso debian's tendency to package everything ever backfired in this case :D14:28
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JaMaI've started on Corel Linux just because I got it for free14:31
JaMabut with 860MB disk and no access to internet it didn't last long14:32
kanavinoh, their attempt to make a windows competitor14:34
kanavinI barely remember, it lasted a couple of years maybe?14:35
rfs613it eventually morphed into Xandros which is apparently still a thing today14:41
rfs613actually no, it looks like it is no longer active14:41
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DvorkinDmitrybig problem building nginx with DAV module inside centos-7 Docker
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rburtonDvorkinDmitry: broken upstream configure, you'll need to figure out how to stop it looking in /usr15:11
JaMaDvorkinDmitry: even dunfell uses newer nginx, so try it with some supported release and backport whatever is needed if you have to stay on old unsupported release15:11
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DvorkinDmitryJama, I see ./meta-openembedded/meta-webserver/recipes-httpd/nginx/ ./meta-openembedded/meta-webserver/recipes-httpd/nginx/ in my dunfell. I'm building 1.16...15:14
JaMadoes it work with 1.17.8?15:14
DvorkinDmitryrburton, I replaced /opt/local/... case it was not able to find libxslt/parser.h with default settings in Docker. On my host system it is OK15:15
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DvorkinDmitryJaMa, nginx 1.17 - result is the same15:20
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paulgrburton, buildstats mystery solved.
paulgI still don't know how to use the damn tool, but at least in theory I can run it.  :)15:59
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DvorkinDmitryI found the problem. Nginx ./configure wasn't able to find the copy of the libraries on the HOST ! Why the check is so ugly...16:21
DvorkinDmitryso to be able to pass the ./configure checks you need to have libxslt libs on your host, not inside recipe-sysroot only16:23
RPpaulg: looks like WR are mangling your list email :(16:24
paulgI'm so shocked.16:24
* RP wonders about teaching paulg how to send a patch16:25
* RP hides16:25
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paulgI need to just move to my address and stop trying to battle broken corporate nonsense.16:25
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RPwe have a FAQ for fixing this that I can never find16:26
paulgThe patch is trivial so I'm sure someone can manage to apply it w/o me re-sending.16:26
rburtonpaulg: wtf i wonder why i didn't notice that (i started the summary tool by copy-pasting the diff tool)16:27
paulgI actually used git-send-email on that, believe it or not.16:27
rburtonRP: the faq doesn't work: my list mail gets mangled and i have a from set16:29
RPrburton: try the above?16:30
RPpaulg: the issue is the From address gets mangled by the list due to the DMARC policy of the WR servers16:31
RPor was it the other thing to DMARC, anyway, that kind of thing16:31
rburton$ git config --get sendemail.from16:31
rburtonRoss Burton <>16:31
paulgyeah, DMARC poo or whatever the abbreviation -- was turned on like 10d ago.16:31
RPrburton: when it writes out the patch, does it add a From: at the top?16:32
RPif not, the FAQ is wrong :/16:32
rburtonFrom 0ef68f5c068ecec8506849329d595f73cbb09a6d Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 200116:32
rburtonFrom: Ross Burton <>16:32
RPrburton: in the body of the message rather than as a header?16:33
rburtonthat was the first two lines of the git-format-patch output16:33
RPThe idea is to inject From: at the start of the body so when git am pulls it, it gets the address right and then we don't care about what the mailing list does16:33
rburtonmy mails on the list don't have a from in the body16:34
RPabelloni: happen to be around and able to remember how to do this?16:34
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rburtongit adds a From: to the _body_ if the from doesn't match the sender16:37
rburtoncan't see a way to force it to do that always16:37
RPrburton: someone did have a trick for this :/16:38
paulgnever ceases to amaze me how we've managed to complicate 1980s technology e-mail into a crippling hideous frustrating morass...16:41
RPpaulg: it is a shame we can't just telnet to port 25 and type the mail...16:42
paulgMake E-mail Great Again.   :-P16:42
* paulg is guilty of telnet ... 25 and typing HELO16:43
* RP used to test email servers by sending complete emails via telnet16:43
RPpaulg: would be fun to crosswire that with chatGPT. HELO might get a "Good afternoon" reply16:44
abellonirburton: just put in sendemail.from16:46
rburtonok i'll try that16:46
abelloniit will figure out the name16:46
abellonithe display-name16:47
paulgwonder if chatGPT can parse files.  I'm sure I lost days of my life trying to do so around 1993.16:48
RPpaulg: I still run my system through sendmail16:49
rburtonso i think git is sufficiently dumb that that works16:49
rburtonthe list says via still, but the body now has a From: header16:49
rburtonobviously git is just doing a strcmp and not parsing the address16:49
RPrburton: can you please update the wikis to make this clear please?16:49
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khemnerdboy: We have patches under test for gcc 1316:53
RPrburton: thanks16:53
RPabelloni: thanks, mystery solved16:58
RPrburton: btw, your emails were displaying correctly for me. There is something odd where the list corrupts your own emails always16:58
RPrburton: so I see my own as corrupted but others are fine, others see mine fine16:59
* paulg follows the discussion an dutifully puts in his sendemail.from field.16:59
rburtonRP: huh16:59
RPpaulg: it would be funny if you did sent that16:59
RPer, had17:00
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RPrburton: michael did try and explain it to me but in the end we agreed I'd just live with it17:00
rburtonRP: ah so maybe i should have ignored the list mail i was seeing17:01
RPrburton: that is what I do, yes17:01
RPrburton: I'd not seen any issue with your patches17:01
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whuang0389Hi has anyone seen this before during the unpack step? "No up to date source found: clone directory not available or not up to date ... shallow clone not enabled"17:14
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RPpaulg: I hate to ask you this. Do you know if the G4 powerpc cpu we use in qemu should have the mffscrni instruction? Should gcc be generating that instruction for the 7400 tuning we're using?19:10
RPpaulg: basically libinput is segfaulting due to mffscrni being present in sincosl in libm.so19:11
RPpaulg: I'm wondering how to blame.19:11
RPkhem: ^^^ if you've any ideas?19:12
*** PobodysNerfect <PobodysNerfect!~PobodysNe@> has joined #yocto19:16
khemthat seems like a ppc10 ISA instruction19:17
khemis it coming from some assembly in libm ?19:18
RPkhem: good question19:19
RPkhem: if it is I can't spot it easily19:21
khemno I am wrong. its ISA 3.0 so should work19:21
khemwait to its ok on qemu but not on real h/w19:23
khemI see some patches to qemu from Jun 2022 which implemented it19:24
khemit certainly is possible that for 7400 machine we are emulating its not enabling ISA 3.0 for sure19:24
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* paulg has nothing useful to add, other than we shouldn't still be building/using 7400.21:07
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RPpaulg: what should we be using?21:10
RPAs far as I can tell. glibc is emitting a mffscrni instruction from C code for s_sincos.c regardless of which -mcpu I pass it21:12
RPeven for power4 and other old stuff21:12
paulgmaybe an abacus or a slide rule?21:12
* RP has one of the latter, perhaps if I find that I'll understand why this is breaking21:14
RPhmm, the assembler is intersting. .machine push; .machine "power9"; mffscrni 0,0; .machine pop21:26
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Nostromo8I've been using the Yocto Kirkstone branch and I noticed the default GCC Version is set to 11.3.0. Is the recommended Ubuntu version for Kirkstone 22.0.4 or can it support older versions?21:34
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* RP is going with libc bug from;a=commitdiff;h=f1c56cdff09f650ad721fae026eb6a3651631f3d :/21:45
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RPor perhaps qemu doesn't understand it is supposed to fall back :/21:49
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paulgRP, my solution was better22:11
RPpaulg: well, yes.22:12
* RP is now convinced they broke qemu with a recent change. Testing a potential fix. Patching the TCG could mean anything could happen22:13
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RPIt is qemu at fault and I have a fix. Will clean the patch up tomorrow.22:48
* paulg misses NNTP22:51
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khemRP: I think this ppc32 issue could be a regression in qemu, I see you have qrmu 8.0 staged in your branch23:40
khemCan you try it without qemu 8?23:40
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