Tuesday, 2023-05-23

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khempaulg: yeah, I feel annoyed too, if it gives you any comfort, I get clang to rebuild too 🙂 which is good 1+ hrs just for toolchain, I think using locked sstate might be good idea to mature02:06
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Entei[m]How do you pass flags such as isa extensions used while building rust?06:19
Entei[m]All my packages follow the flags passed to gcc, but rust using llvm, does not assume the same06:20
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RPpaulg: that looks like target gcc. Probably as you have ptests enabled. Disabling ptests will speed things up06:54
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mckoangood morning07:10
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jclsnMorning guys07:34
jclsnDoes anyone here have experience with Layerscape secure boot? Still having issues07:35
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mckoanjclsn: actually not, only (A)HAB. Are you sure is a Yocto related issue?07:40
jclsnmckoan: Well, I don't understand what the recipe is doing fully07:42
jclsnIt checks for some keys here https://github.com/Freescale/meta-freescale/blob/f0be684f01b53482cb43e016a5c5c1faf3ae448e/recipes-bsp/atf/qoriq-atf_1.5.bb#L7607:43
jclsnIt is checked if they are in the work directory, but I don't understand how I would provide my own keys07:44
jclsnI mean I wouldn't want the recipe to generate new keys every time if I have several boards07:44
jclsnAh maybe I could do a do_compile:prepend() and cp the keys to that location07:45
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jboHey guys, how exactly can I find out which DTS is ultimately being used?08:30
rburtonpaulg: yes that's target gcc and almost certainly because you have ptest enabled and elfutils in your build.  see my "why is my build so slow?!" presentation :) Turn off ptest if you don't use it.  Personally, I just turn ptest off for elfutils :)08:33
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mckoanjbo: in your machine file there is KERNEL_DEVICETREE variable, then the bootloader have to know what to do09:24
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jboI'm trying to include GPM (general purpose mouse) in my image. I added "gpm" to my IMAGE_INSTALL:append. However, bitbake complains that nothing provides 'gpm'.09:34
jboI found this recipie: https://git.congatec.com/yocto/meta-openembedded/-/tree/b45a192ab7e337c7735ba57efadc1bdfedb37079/meta-oe/recipes-support/gpm09:34
jbobut clearly that is not working out for me. what am I missing/not-understanding?09:34
mckoanjbo: do you have  meta-openembedded09:39
mckoanjbo: do you have  meta-openembedded/meta-oe in your bblayers.conf ?09:40
jbomckoan, aye - thanks for the tip! Added that layer and now it's compiling :)09:40
jbostill learning the basics...09:40
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jbohmm... still no mouse cursor in the terminal (displayed via the framebuffer) tho.09:44
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rburtonjbo: that's an incredibly old meta-oe, use https://git.openembedded.org/meta-openembedded/10:06
rburtonpro tip: layers.openembedded.org to find recipes10:06
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jborburton, just checked the git repo remote and the one you linked is indeed the one I'm using10:07
jboalso thanks for pointing at layers.openembedded.org! that is useful!10:07
jbocurrently trying all the different mouse types (-t parameter of gpm) but nothing works. always logging "Error in read()ing first: Invalid argument"  :<10:09
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jboevtest seems to indicate a working mouse tho.10:12
rburtondoes gpm even work with modern systems? I've not used it for literally decades, but I see the list of supported mouse types doesn't include "evdev"10:23
jboI've no idea - doesn't seem like it so far :D10:23
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jboI'm trying to make a demo with a minimal GUI which directly tapps the framebuffer (no X, no Wayland, ...) which overall works. but there's no mouse cursor :D10:25
jbois there a more modern replacement for gpm?10:26
rburtonyour minimal GUI should just use evdev and draw a pointer etc10:30
jbocan't argue with that10:37
rburtonbasically, use a proper toolkit :)10:37
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jboso far I have been using existing machine configurations for a dev-kit despite having custom hardware. I think it's time to create a custom machine config. I'm looking at the corresponding documentaiton right now. However, I'm not yet in the clear as to whether I can start by just declaring the minimal stuff required and then include/reference/inherit the existing dev-kit machine config?12:52
rburtonthe easiest thing would likely be to make a minimal one and then adds bits as you need them.  it depends on the bsp as to how modular they made it...12:53
jbothis is the one I've been using so far: https://git.toradex.com/cgit/meta-toradex-nxp.git/tree/conf/machine/verdin-imx8mm.conf12:55
jboalthough I guess in this case I just keep using that as that is for a SoM. For another project it might make more sense as there the machine config in use is for a particular EVK rather than just the SOM.12:56
jboin case of the imx8mm I'd just like to drop out all the wifi & bluetooth stuff12:57
rburtonif the bsp is designed right, just drop those from DISTRO_FEATURES12:58
jboalright, thanks for the hint. I'll look into DISTRO_FEATURES. I haven't created a custom distro yet. Just using poky.12:59
rburtonif you're doing something serious and not just playing, make a new distro13:01
rburtonpoky is an example and for qa. i expect you don't want bluetooth, or vulkan, or NFC13:01
rburtonpoky has all of those turned on13:01
jbountil now I was playing around to familiarize myself with yocto. now I am starting to go serious.13:01
jboso I guess now is the time to look into creating a distro. scary13:02
rburtonits not :)13:02
jboI've only done stimple stuff like  IMAGE_INSTALL:append  so far. and custom kernel configs and custom DTS patches.13:02
jbothat actually seems pretty similar to everything else so far :)13:03
rburtonhttps://github.com/rossburton/customdistro/blob/master/meta-custom/conf/distro/custom.conf <-- a trivial one is trivial13:04
jbooh :)13:04
jbohow does a distro relate to/with an image I'm  building via bitbake <image_name>? So far I played around by building core-image-minimal, core-image-base and core-image-weston. I assume that the image "consumes" the distro? i.e. I will still be able to build different distros?13:05
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rburtonyeah, distro is policy, you can change distros and still build the same images13:05
jboso the documentation I just linked mentions that the distro is selected in local.conf. However, that is in the build directory. I do not yet understand how one creates something that can actually be shared with other developers in a way that they don't have to manually add all the layers and making changes to local.conf.13:06
jbohow does that work? I would not want my collegues having to do the same work each time. what have I currently not seen yet? :D13:06
rburtonhttps://github.com/rossburton/customdistro most likely needs updating for latest releases but it's super trivial for your distro layer to provide its own local.conf template which sets the right distro13:07
rburtonlike how when you oe-init-build-env in a poky tree your local.conf says DISTRO=poky13:07
rburtonif you use oe-core+bitbake directly, you don't get that13:08
jboI see. And how would that work with regards of adding layers? Currently, I cloned all the repos, did the  oe-init-build-env  and then used bitbake-layers add-layer to add the custom layer(s). Can that be automated?13:08
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jboi.e. I had to add more layers than just my custom layer. can I somehow tell my custom layer that it "requires" other layers such as meta-arm etc?13:09
rburtonthere is basic tooling inside bitbake now, or use kas, or git submodules13:09
rburtonthat customdistro thing uses submodules13:09
rburtonfor our CI we use kas13:09
jbothat part I have done (via git submodules). but when creating the build directory the first time I still have to modify the build/conf/bblayers.conf13:10
rburtonhave a look at customdistro :) specifically https://github.com/rossburton/customdistro/tree/master/meta-custom/conf13:12
jboalright - plenty of stuff to dig into - thank you! :)13:13
rburtonbasically local.conf and bblayers.conf are generated at init time from templates. you can provide those templates.13:14
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jbothose templates being *.sample?13:14
rburtonyou'll see them in poky's repo too13:14
jbohmm... why exactly are you shipping both  *.conf and *.conf.sample  if the "real" one is being generated from the sample?13:17
jbonever mind.13:17
jboadding the layers automatically worked :)13:21
jbopre-populating local.conf worked too! excellent! thank you for your help :)13:24
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jboactualy... I mistakenly edited the local.conf.sample & bblayers.conf.sample in the poky directory - lol. I corrected the mistake. However, how do I tell   "source oe-init-build-env"  to use the stuff from my meta-custom to populate conf/  ?13:33
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rburtoneasiest way is to provide your own setup instead of oe-init-build-env13:36
rburtonagain, see https://github.com/rossburton/customdistro, specifically custom-init-env13:36
paulgrburton, RP - I typically start with the oe-init autogen'd conf/local.conf and then mash on it from there.  I'm guessing so do a lot of people.13:37
rburtonyeah, and poky turns on a load of stuff for testing purposes13:37
paulgAnd if I'm getting screwed by ptests being enabled, I guess it comes from that.13:37
rburtonif build time is a bother _and_ you don't run them, definitely disable them. the extra deps are quite invasive in places.13:39
jborburton, thanks, I'll try to fix my setup/layout.13:40
paulgI will definitely look into it for the hideously slow/old junk at home.13:40
jbobasically what I did is having a project directory. in there I have several git submodules for the various meta-* layers as well as poky/  I assume that I don't want to have poky/  anymore but  customdistro/  instead.13:40
rburtonyes, you can ditch poky/ but you'll need to replace it with oe-core and bitbake13:41
RPpaulg: we enable ptests by default else we just get patches which break the all over the place but there is a cost to it13:43
jboI've been doing this all wrong - thanks for showing me the way!13:43
jbowhen I started with yocto I was under the assumption that poky IS yocto *facepalm*13:45
paulgjbo, don't feel bad - there is definitely room for improvement in the communication dep't around poky/yocto/oe and the roles of each.13:46
jbooh, not feeling bad - also not blaming the docs. just the usual stuff when embarking with a completely new environment/ecosystem13:47
jboso looking at my previous bitbake output it seems to use version 2.0.0.  However, now that I will include bitbake as a git submodule, I see that there is a 2.4 branch - should I be using that instead?13:47
Entei[m]Does TUNE_CCARGS  unconditionally apply to all recipes being baked?13:48
rburtonEntei[m]: following variable references in bitbake.conf it ends up in CC, so you'd certainly hope so13:50
rburtonjbo: https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Releases tells you what bitbake to use for what oe-core release13:50
jboexcellent - thank you!13:50
jbonothing more fun than a version inter-dependency matrix :D13:51
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jbogiven that I already ran into the issue of assuming that poky is yocto, let's better ask now: what exactly is "kirkstone"? Is that a particular yocto version/release?14:02
qschulzjbo: it's the release name for the 4.0.x branch of Yocto/OpenEmbedded-Core14:02
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jbothat I understand. but what does it "consist of"? what does it "include"? for example, poky is unrelated to the yocto/oe-core release?14:03
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qschulzthat's probably a task for LetoThe2nd so I won't say wrong things14:05
qschulzpoky is a git repo that contains openembedded-core, bitbake and the yocto-docs git repository into one14:06
qschulzit's also the name of a distribution that is used for buildbots to check that things are still compiling well14:06
jbobased on that statement and the helpful resources that rburton linked earlier I assume that anybody doing something seirous would not use poky at all - is that correct?14:07
tomzy_0[m]Hello, how to work with Pseudo Abort errors? https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Pseudo_Abort IIUC they may happened when something is deleting a file from WORKDIR of given recipe outside of that recipe context, so when we rebuild that recipe the Pseudo Abort may happen?14:07
qschulzjbo: that's what's recommended indeed, not everyone follows this advice though :)14:08
jboheh :)14:08
jboonce my work is done somebody has to get all of this thorugh several audits, FDA approval etc so I assume I safe those guys downstream a lot of headaches by doing things properly from the get-go of the prototyping phase.14:09
jboat least now I have learned to just have a look at the poky files to figure out how things are supposed to come together - that is plenty helpful!14:14
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dwagenkHello. Does anyone have a good idea for the transistion psplash -> weston -> application ? I'm in a kirkstone based project using systemd as init manager.14:36
dwagenkpsplash-systemd explicitely sends a "QUIT" command to psplash once systemd reports a progress of 100%. But it terminates long before that, once weston starts loading.14:38
JPEWdwagenk: We run weston as a socket-activated service with the fullscreen shell (kiosk shell would work also) in systemd; this means that the splash screen stays up until our main application opens the socket to talk to weston, at which point system starts up weston14:38
JPEWThis minimize the amount of blank screen time between the splash screen and our application14:39
JPEWIIRC I upstreamed support for this to kirkstone.....14:39
dwagenksimilar setup here, the application triggers weston through teh socket, the weston.service unit is not enabled, so it only gets started through the socket.14:40
dwagenkI can try switching weston-shells around (currently it's the default desktop-shell) and see if it improves the situation.14:40
JPEWYa, fullscreen shell works well, but your application has to have special handling to deal with it. kiosk shell is the more modern replacement; it has the same idea (run a single application full screen), but looks more like a desktop shell so applications don't need special handling to use it14:41
dwagenkthe screen-blank time after the splashscreen disappears is longer than the duration of the splashscreen being shown on screen (I haven't done any initramfs or other optimizations yet to show it earlier).14:42
JPEWWe throw up the splash screen in the boot loader14:42
jbohmm... now that I fixed my overal yocto layout/structure bitbake cannot fetch something from toradex:14:43
jbo Bitbake Fetcher Error: FetchError('Unable to fetch URL from any source.', 'git://git.toradex.com/linux-toradex.git;protocol=https;branch=toradex_5.15-2.1.x-imx;name=machine')14:43
jbohow do I investigate this?14:43
jbois that name=machine in there even legit?14:43
JPEWjbo: That just gives it a name for bitbake to use; it shouldn't affect the actual fetch IIRC14:44
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JPEWjob: i.e. if you have multiple git repos in SRC_URI, you need to distinguish them14:44
dwagenkOn a different system (dunfell + sysVinit) I've used a weston + desktop-shell + application setup before. It was far easier there, since weston was started on a different tty via the openvt command in the weston-launch script. Removing the --switch argument from that script led to weston starting & preloading on an inactive VT. once the application signaled it was ready I could just run chvt to switch to the tty with weston and the application.14:45
jboJPEW, well, all I did was adding the  meta-toradex-*  layers as git submodules. I haven't touched anything INSIDE of those layers.14:45
dwagenkI'm trying to get a similarly smooth transition on the more modern stack, but it seems the weston.service and/or systemd-logind don't have a way to start weston on a VT in the background.14:46
JPEWdwagenk: Ya, I'm not sure14:46
dwagenkI'll try if using the fullscreen or kiosk shell bring notable improvements.14:47
dwagenkJPEW: thanks for teh help!14:47
JPEWdwagenk: np14:47
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JPEWdwagenk: If you figure it out, I'd be curious to know14:49
*** jetm <jetm!~quassel@> has joined #yocto14:49
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jboJPEW, I just re-ran the build command a couple of times and now it seems fine. not sure whether it was infrastructure problems on Toradex's sinde15:08
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tgamblinJPEW: would you mind replying to https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14890 (if you can answer Louis' question)?15:30
khemabelloni: Pick top 5 patches from https://git.yoctoproject.org/poky-contrib/log/?h=yoe/mut15:39
abellonikhem: ack, will do15:40
khemThey are same only that they have been rebased on top of abelloni/master-next15:40
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jbohow do I correctly add to DISTRO_FEATURES? is it with  +=  or with DISTRO_FEATURES:append  ?15:44
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rburtonjbo: if its _your_ distro then = :)15:50
*** dgriego <dgriego!~dgriego@user/dgriego> has quit IRC (Quit: Bye)15:50
rburtonotherwise i'd use append as iirc poky does ?=15:50
jboaye. and when I want to have DISTOR_FEATURES depending on the image that I'm building? can I do something like   DISTRO_FEATURES:appaned:core-image-base = ""  or is that not how it works?15:50
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rburton(that's not how it works)15:52
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khemDISTRO overarches on IMAGE iow you build images based on distro15:57
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jboaye, thanks!15:57
jbomanaged to have a bootable/runnable image with a custom distro :)15:58
jbothanks for all your help & patience guys - it's greatly appreciated!15:58
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jetmPage https://www.yoctoproject.org/irc/ says "Sorry, but the page you were trying to view does not exist."17:00
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duncan^I have EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS set up, which sets a password for root. How do I ensure that any changes to that password end up in the final rootfs? Is there a recipe/step shorthand for bitbake which will update this and produce a new image?17:07
duncan^A related question would be, is there an ideal way to rebuild a package and ensure inclusion in a new, final image?17:09
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rburtonIf you changed a recipe and that recipe produces a package that is in your image,  bitbaking the image will rebuild that recipe and then the image18:16
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abelloniRP: khem: libahci stil fails: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/101/builds/5917/steps/13/logs/stdio19:08
abellonimingw still fails too: winuser.h: No such file or directory19:14
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duncan^rburton: thanks.19:35
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jbois there some high-level guide on how to get started with creating a custom distro? I already set everything up to "have" a custom distro thanks to rburton but I kind of lack some guidance on where to go from here. i.e. how do I figure out what goes into a distro, what I might want, what I might not want etc?20:28
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khemabelloni: zeddii  hmm it uses 5.15 kernel, we need to backport https://github.com/torvalds/linux/commit/f07788079f515ca4a681c5f595bdad19cfbd7b1d22:15
khemand we also need to backport - https://github.com/torvalds/linux/commit/e6a71160cc145e18ab45195abf89884112e02dfb22:22
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khemabelloni: can you point to AB logs for mingw issue ?22:33
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