Tuesday, 2023-07-18

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mckoangood morning06:45
LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:53
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RPIn case anyone is interested, https://elisa.tech/event/a-development-environment-for-do-178c-level-d-certified-linux/?hss_channel=tw-1382777181533659138 - an ELISA presentation about Yocto Project by Ch^W later today09:41
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LetoThe2ndRP: thanks for the heads up, will put it out laters09:42
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RPLetoThe2nd: thanks09:44
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rburtonRP: in next you can drop the opkg patches as the upgrades are "better".  Piotr just needs to rebase the opkg one on top to keep the option.11:17
RPrburton: I didn't think these were in the upgrades?11:24
rburtonhm i shall check11:25
rburtonyou're right11:25
rburtonignore me11:25
RPrburton: I think the patches come in after the release and are due in the next one scheduled for Nov11:25
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rburtonCrofton: LetoThe2nd: https://www.flickr.com/photos/linuxfoundation/53052507577/in/album-72177720308904909/11:54
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LetoThe2ndrburton: yup I actually checked that photostream just an hour ago. thats what happens when two old grumpy white dudes try to be like the cool kids.11:56
rburtonanother 700 photos landed overnight or so, i guess that's the lot now11:57
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TheOneOut of curiosity, besides the yocto experts here, are you experts in other areas as well or have you "only" specialized in this? Trying to understand how it all works as a junior :)12:34
tgamblinTheOne: This may not be exactly what you're asking about, but there are many people involved who come from physics and/or materials science backgrounds12:37
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LetoThe2ndrandom thought - I have a layer with a .templateconf, and its driving me nuts. any way to ignore it?12:48
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TheOneLetoThe2nd https://www.innerpeacenow.com/inner-peace-blog/how-do-i-ignore-my-mind12:51
TheOnetgamblin thanks for the reply, just wondering if they are an expert in yocto only or also experts in other fields12:52
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jonmasonzeddii: The dev-kernel is still at 6.3.  Seems weird that it's older than one of the supported kernels.  Are you waiting on 6.5 to be released to bump it?13:02
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jonmasonzeddii: disregard, I was on mickledore, not master13:48
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rburtonpoked a bit more at the NVD cve api and had yet another horrific discovery13:57
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CanaryI've been having difficulty working with a custom license in a recipe. I cannot figure out how to add the license to the layer and set up the checksum in the recipe.  Also, for clarity's sake, I am working with petalinux and not just pure yocto.14:54
frayWhere is your error, when building the recipe or?14:55
CanaryI'll get an error that LIC_FILES_CHKSUM points to an invalid file, followed by a path to the build directory where the license file does not exist.14:56
CanaryMy attempt at adding the license includes setting the LICENSE and NO_GENERIC_LICENSE[license name] vars in the recipe (as well as attempting to figure out a path for LIC_FILES_CHKSUM), and adding a LICENSE_PATH to layer.conf.14:58
frayok..  Is the presented path your ${S} location (the source code location for that recipe) or is it the WORKDIR (that is the maind irectory)14:58
frayUsually you just set two items:14:59
fray LICENSE = "textual-description-of-license"14:59
fray LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://<path>;md5=...."14:59
fraythat's it.14:59
fraythe error says that the path you specified doesn't exist15:00
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rburtonCanary: the hdparm recipe is a good example of a custom license where you can't just use SPDX names in LICENSE15:00
rburtonas fray says, the relative paths are relative to ${S}15:00
frayThe LIC_FILES_CHKSUM path will default into the S (source) directory.  If you are changing your S value, then you need to adjust the path relative to S15:00
CanaryI'll take a look at that hdparm recipe.15:01
fraySo if it's completely custom, and the license is not located within the extracted sources.  Often you need to add the licese to the SRC_URI (using the standard format), then the LIC_FILES_CHKSUM will be something like "file://../LICENSE;md5=..."15:01
fray(this assumes the S directory is a child of the WORKDIR, since WORKDIR is where the license will be downloaded.  Alternatively you can do   file://${WORKDIR}/LICENSE;md5=....  (I think that still works, but it's been a while)15:02
RPJPEW: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/82/builds/5168/steps/12/logs/stdio and https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/81/builds/5354/steps/13/logs/stdio both failed in lz4 :/15:03
RPJPEW: that is with the latest runner patches afaik15:03
CanaryI think I'm still a bit fuzzy on where exactly the source directory and work directory refer to in relation to the project.15:06
rburtonCanary: WORKDIR is temp/[arch]/[package]/[version], S defaults to a directory recipe-version/ under that directory.15:07
CanaryOkay, so they both refer to a location that is created by yocto rather than anything I directly control.15:08
rburtonyeah absolutely15:08
CanaryPart of my problem has been getting the license file to get into there in the first place, and it sounds like the solution is to add it to the SRC_URI?  I thought I'd tried that, but may have not done it right.15:08
rburton${S} is typically "the root of the source tree"15:09
rburtonso the license file is _not_ part of the source?15:09
rburtonfirst step in that case is tell people distributing the source that it really should include the license file15:09
rburtonbut yeah, if you have the license as a file then add it to SRC_URI and it will appear in WORKDIR too15:09
CanaryFirst step is for me to really learn yocto and not do things wrong.  This is my first attempt at a recipe, and I'm basically trying to add a firmware file into the project and wanted to do it right by including the license that goes with it.15:10
frayIMHO the license should always be listed in the SRC_URI (or part of the source).  The SRC_URI can refrence files in a local directory, i.e.:  recipes-test/my-recipe/files/LICENSE  then your recipe just does SRC_URI = "file://LICENSE"15:11
fray(it is possible to point LIC_FILE_CHKSUM outside of the recipe path, but I discourage it with a few VERY minor exceptions..  basically recipes that don't have any source code it may be a valid)15:12
CanaryGiven that this is such a case without any source code, just a firmware file to copy into a location, should I do it another way, or should I just dump that license file into the files directory and add it to the SRC_URI?15:16
frayA file is still 'source' in the general sense.  So I would have two entries in the SRC_URI, one for the license and one for the configurationf ile.15:16
fraya packagegroup would be an example of a recipe without sources.  All it does is set dependencies15:17
RPJPEW: http://autobuilder.yocto.io/pub/non-release/20230718-12/testresults/qemux86-64-ptest/15:18
CanaryNow also worth asking, but this particular recipe is, as stated, to add firmware.  I saw that there used to be an intel-maintained linux-firmware recipe.  Is there anything like that under active maintainence that people are recommended to use?15:19
rburtonJPEW: also https://github.com/rossburton/ross-tools/blob/black/fetch-ptest-logs is my horrible script.15:20
fraythere are a bunch of firmware recipes still, maybe not in the main repository, but definitely still in places15:20
frayOne exmaple, https://github.com/Xilinx/meta-kria/tree/release-2020.2.2_k26/recipes-firmware/kv260-firmware15:20
fray'er.. that is out of date.. sec15:20
fraythe 'kria-base-fimrware.inc' file has ther eferences to the firmware.. the .bb is what installs them15:21
fray(note, the LIC_FILES_CHKSUM in that is a bit suspicious, since it uses the ${WORKDIR} approach, when it probably shouldn't..)15:22
tgamblinCanary: there is still a linux-firmware recipe in oe-core: https://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core/tree/meta/recipes-kernel/linux-firmware/linux-firmware_20230515.bb15:22
Canaryokay, that looks like what I should probably be using.  Still, I wanted to make sure I figured this license thing out regarless for when I start making real recipes.15:24
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)15:24
tlwoernerthe aarch64 patches being added my meta-arm don't seem to apply error-free to linux-yocto 6.415:25
tlwoernerstrangely, they aren't being applied to qemuarm64, so maybe nobody has noticed?15:25
CanaryDoes SRC_URI require two separate append operations, and not just adding all files at once?15:28
Canarynevermind, forgot to cancel the second new-line character.15:29
CanaryThat was probably what happened yesterday when I am pretty sure I had tried to do it this way.15:30
CanaryOkay, so now my license is showing up in the build directory tree, but it is in [...]/linux-firmware/1.0-r0/, while LIC_FILES_CHKSUM apparently points to [...]/linux-firmware/1.0-r0/linux-firmware-1.0/15:38
rburtonset LIC_FILES_CHKSUM to file://${WORKDIR}/mylicensefile15:39
rburtonrelative paths are relative to ${S}15:39
rburtonbecause the usual case is "the LICENSE file in the tarball", so file://LICENSE is right15:40
Canaryah, yes, okay.  Just like in my do_install where I use ${WORKDIR} to reference the firmware file.15:40
CanaryWhat about SRC_URI?  Should I be using ${WORKDIR} in there, too, or is that different?15:41
CanaryWait, no, of course not, that part's already working given the files are being copied into the work directory.15:42
rburtonright, SRC_URI is either absolute remote URLs (http:...) or relative local file: URLs which are searched for near the recipe itself15:43
*** goliath <goliath!~goliath@user/goliath> has joined #yocto15:46
rburtonmrybczyn[m]: so the incremental CVE feed doesn't cover CPE changes, and the API for incremental CPE updates is "somewhat verbose" and means yet more API calls.  urghhghghghghg.15:47
JPEWrburton: A -7 then: http://sweng.the-davies.net/Home/rustys-api-design-manifesto ?15:49
mrybczyn[m]rburton: rburton: agh thinking more and more of an mirror15:50
rburtonI got all excited by cve.org having JSON but eg https://cveawg.mitre.org/api/cve/CVE-2019-1010218 doesn't have machine-readable product/version info either15:52
rburtonunless this is meant to be machine-readable15:52
rburton"version_value": "Upto Version 1.2.103 (Current stable) [fixed: There's no fix yet]"15:52
rburtonthough this CVE is great. the exploit is a link to imgur.com15:53
mrybczyn[m]rburton: some new entries have it (from mid 2022 I think). But they didn't backport the data from nvd. At least this is what I understood.15:54
* rburton tries a newer cve15:54
rburton          "versions": [15:55
rburton            {15:55
rburton              "lessThanOrEqual": "74e19ef0ff8061ef55957c3abd71614ef0f42f47",15:55
rburton              "status": "affected",15:55
rburton              "version": "4b842e4e25b12951fa10dedb4bc16bc47e3b850c",15:55
rburton              "versionType": "git"15:55
rburton            }15:55
JPEWRP: The lz4 ptest is close to the edge of timing out. I think maybe that's what happened, but I'll try to figure out why it didn't say so and why the ptest-runner timedout when the old one didn't15:59
rburtonmrybczyn[m]: *obviously* now for eg cve-2023-0459 nvd and mitre have different version information15:59
RPJPEW: some kind of buffer flushing issue?15:59
mrybczyn[m]rburton: rburton: why have I sais that merge of two databases is fun? Sniff...16:01
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CanaryI believe firmware is supposed to be installed into /lib/firmware, but the ${libdir} var gives me /usr/lib.  Is there a var I should be using to install to /lib?16:36
rburtonCanary: linux-firmware uses nonarch_base_libdir16:37
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CanaryIs there a good place to look up things like that?  I didn't see it defined in the Variables glossary.16:38
rburtonbitbake.conf has a big list of all the defined variables16:39
rburtonit _should_ be in the docs somewhere so feel free to file a bug/patch :)16:39
fraymeta/conf/documentation.conf lists a ton of the variables.. not everything but a lot of them16:39
fraythe actual documentation on the Yocto Project wiki has most things as well16:39
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*** Haxxa <Haxxa!~Haxxa@202-65-68-206.ip4.superloop.au> has joined #yocto16:40
frayalso if you use bitbake -e , a lot of the variables you'd see have a '[doc]' listed (from the documentation.conf and elsewhere)16:40
*** Guest14 <Guest14!~Guest14@2a01cb00879d0bd0e041d2aaa86076f4.ipv6.abo.wanadoo.fr> has joined #yocto16:46
Guest14Hi, I am systemd-networkd to configure the network with yocto. But I run into a problem: https://github.com/systemd/systemd/issues/562516:48
Guest14https://github.com/systemd/systemd/pull/6918 that cannot be simply fixed. (The code where the patch is made is in systemd repository (not systemd-stable)) and the code that I have in HardKnott is really different (kirkstone is also different so I don't know if it fixes the problem or not).16:48
Guest14So, my question is: What are the steps to use udhcpc instead of systemd-networkd to configure the network ?16:49
Guest14udhcpc need to be run for each interface when an interface is up ?16:49
Guest14I have a WiFi STA interface and ethernet interface, I wan't to manage the two interfaces by a DHCP client.16:50
Guest14For the WiFi interface, I already have a script that is called when a CONNECTED/DISCONNECTED event appear (using wpa_cli -a /path/to/script). For eth0 I don't know if there is something like this.16:51
JPEWRP: Figured it out. Bad assumption on what the timeout meant that I "fixed"17:04
JPEWI assumed it was the total test timeout, it's actually how long to wait without seeing input, so a test that prints once a second would run forever17:04
JPEWnot sure if we actually _want_ that, but fixes incoming soon17:05
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tlwoernerjonmason: the kernel patches meta-arm adds for aarch64 don't apply cleanly for 6.4 (maybe it's just me?)18:58
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!~florian@dynamic-002-244-182-046.2.244.pool.telefonica.de> has joined #yocto18:59
tlwoernerwhen i build with qemuarm64 they aren't added, so you won't see the problem there, but building for a "real" machine seems to hit it (or at least it does for me with meta-rockchip)18:59
*** shimmer__ <shimmer__!~mark@> has joined #yocto19:06
* zeddii warms up the tar19:07
jonmasontlwoerner: ues, its a problem19:07
tlwoernerah no worries!19:08
jonmasonI have a patch....19:08
tlwoerneri really just wanted to make sure it wasn't just me on meta-rockchip19:08
jonmasonessentially, they can all be removed19:08
tlwoernersounds great! thanks19:08
jonmasonits to prevent warnings for defconfig usage19:08
shimmer__Anybody know why the OpenEmbedded layer index shits the bed if you switch to branch fido?19:08
jonmasononly 1 is needed on 6.4 now19:08
jonmasonshimmer__: because it's ancient and unsupported19:09
jonmasontlwoerner: in the process of moving meta-arm back to using master19:10
shimmer__Ugh, I know, I'm trying to get our build updated to kirkstone but I'm trying to recreate what previous engineers did19:10
jonmasonshimmer__: are you just trying to build a qemu or something?19:10
jonmasontlwoerner: https://gitlab.com/jonmason00/meta-arm/-/commit/fbec8a433b84413121a6b57a91bb8fa746d6775f19:12
jonmasonin case you needed it, which I'm sure you don't19:12
tlwoernerjonmason: :-)19:13
shimmer__No, we have a custom board with an NXP imx 6 solo x processor on it. We have an old version of Uboot on our build and I'm trying to update it. To do that I have to get an old Yocto build updated to modern repos. The old build is crashing because it doesn't know where to get mosquitto, and I can't figure it out using the layer index.19:13
shimmer__I may have to just scrap it and start over19:13
jonmasonshimmer__: you might be able to get the old u-boot working in your layer.  We hold back legacy versions for BSPs, and its not terrible to do19:14
jonmasonfor example, https://gitlab.com/jonmason00/meta-arm/-/blob/master-next/meta-arm-bsp/recipes-bsp/u-boot/u-boot_2022.10.bb19:15
jonmasonyou might do something like this for all of the recipes from fido, then verify it works, then update19:15
shimmer__Well, the goal is to update U-boot. They need to update emmc chips on the board and they need a newer version of uboot to do that19:16
jonmasonbaby steps19:16
jonmasonget them on a modern build setup, then make it about the legacy versions (my suggestion)19:17
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shimmer__yeah, that seems like the path of least resistance, ok thanks for your help19:17
*** shimmer__ <shimmer__!~mark@> has quit IRC (Quit: leaving)19:17
jonmasonyou might even be able to use devtool to rebase the patches in u-boot and apply it to the latest version19:17
jonmasondepending on how invasive they are19:17
*** Ablu is now known as Ablu__19:20
vvnDon't you guys think that we should default TMPDIR to ${TOPDIR}/tmp/${DISTRO}? So that by default one can build any combination of machine/distro without interfering with the built artifacts?19:25
vvnRP: ^19:25
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denixhow can I force runqemu to NOT use system libc? it starts the correct qemu-system-aarch64 from TMPDIR, but trips on /lib64/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.34' not found19:39
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RPvvn: not that many people build multiple distros in parallel and if they do, it is easy to change...21:53
RPvvn: people do find deep paths problematic21:54
frayI've done it and used to do it fairly regularly.  The key was to have a distribution 'tmpdir' (which is generally required for multilibs anyway)22:15
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RPJPEW: thanks! patches in testing...22:51
*** paulg <paulg!~paulg@198-84-237-91.cpe.teksavvy.com> has joined #yocto22:51
RPvvn: I sometimes have done ${TOPDIR}/tmp-${DISTRO} too22:51
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