Wednesday, 2023-07-19

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JerryMI haven't tried it, but can sstate handle different versions? e.g. kirkstone and dunfell?08:59
rburtonthe autobuilder builds 8 machines for four distros across three releases using the same sstate09:07
rburtonslide 4 or something of Why Is My Build So Slow: _always_ share sstate.  There's no technical reason why you can't share sstate.09:08
JerryMah good, I do remember seeing that talk, but that part must've slipped my mind, so thanks for the remimder09:21
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KanjiMonsterwhile sstate can, tmpdir can't (you'll get a version complaint when trying to share between kirkstone and dunfell)09:27
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manuel1985Hi fellow Yoctonians! I'd like to add a recipe that provides a tool used to build another package. Is there something to take care of? Is the use of native.bbclass and '-native' suffix in the recipe customary or mandatory?09:57
TRO[m]#AWS #CDK version of #buildbot for #Yocto #linux - might be interesting for more people.10:05
TRO[m]We use it to test meta-aws with all supported releases and archs. (With shared SSTATE, polling changes of remote repos, kvm enabled testimage...)10:05
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Ablumanuel1985: If you only ever use it as build tool for other packages then yes. describes the two options. If the package may also make sense to install as a target then you can follow the second method.10:07
rburtonmanuel1985: if you inherit native and don't call the recipe -native then you're just asking to confuse people10:08
rburtonyou _need_ to inherit native to build native code10:09
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Guest62was wondering if anyone knows if there is already an existing recipe for libtorchtrt and co somewhere  ...10:14
rburton says probably not10:15
rburtonunless the recipe name would be different10:15
rburtonguess thats pytorch10:16
rburtonthat's a "challenge" to build10:16
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mckoanwhat could be a lightweight browser alternative to chromium to be used with Yocto ?10:43
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manuel1985rburton: Thanks for the advice provided above10:50
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manuel1985Ablu too10:51
RPTRO[m]: We've often wondered what implementing an autobuilder on AWS infrastructure would look like but we don't have the money to be able to run such a thing!10:51
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Guest82Hello, I have a NodeJs project that I would like to include in my image. I am on Kirkstone and building linux-fslc-imx for an i.mx8 target.11:10
Guest82I have used devtool to create the recipe for me.11:10
Guest82Now I'm facing an issue where one of the dependency npm packages "leveldown" is failing in the do_package step, for example:11:10
Guest82ERROR: backend-1.0.0+gitAUTOINC+b46ad989d4-r0 do_package: QA Issue: File '/usr/lib/node_modules/backend/node_modules/leveldown/prebuilds/android-arm/node.napi.armv7.node' from backend was already stripped, this will prevent future debugging! [already-stripped]11:10
Guest82When i add "INSANE_SKIP:${PN} += "already-stripped" to the recipe i get:11:10
Guest82do_package_qa: QA Issue: Architecture did not match (ARM, expected AArch64) in /usr/lib/node_modules/backend/node_modules/leveldown/prebuilds/android-arm/node.napi.armv7.node11:10
Guest82It seems to me the prebuilt android-arm should not be used anyway in my case, so I should somehow set --build-from-source for leveldown? I have tried adding .npmrc with this command in the root but this did not help.11:10
Guest82Looking at npm.bbclass I could not figure out if I should tell it to do something specific.11:10
Guest82Would any of you know where to start debugging this?11:10
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TRO[m]<RP> "TRO: We've often wondered what..." <- I mean setting up a build cluster in a few minutes is great. The running costs should be low, just the builder (on demand) instance type should be considered carefully...11:35
RPTRO[m]: we have around ~65 different "builders" active on any give test run and they use a fair bit of resources to run the builds so I suspect it would be expensive11:44
RPTRO[m]: it would be interesting to see what "oe-selftest -r reproducible" would 'cost' or "oe-selftest  -a --skip-tests distrodata.Distrodata.test_checkpkg  buildoptions.SourceMirroring.test_yocto_source_mirror reproducible -T  machine -T toolchain-user -T toolchain-system -j 15"11:45
RPwe run the latter four times on centos, debian, fedora and ubuntu11:46
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RPsmurray, dl9pf: - we updated ptest-runner again and there is a patch issue11:53
TRO[m]<RP> "we run the latter four times..." <- I guess it will not be cheap, but I'm not a pricing model expert ;)11:55
RPTRO[m]: this is why we have our own servers :/11:56
RPzeddii: - not sure what that means :/11:56
RP" ninja: error: manifest '' still dirty after 100 tries, perhaps system time is not set"11:56
dl9pfRP: ok will take a look (smurray is on vacation)11:56
RPdl9pf: thanks11:57
TRO[m]RP: We can have this discussion offline ;)12:00
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RPTRO[m]: I've just had a lot of people tell me things about this over the years and in general people don't appreciate the scale of our servers/tests12:11
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psi34Hi! I think I've found a bug with externalsrc and dependency handling. When I call clean on an externalsrc recipe then call prepare_recipe_sysroot for a recipe that depends on it, I get the following "The sstate manifest for task 'dummy_cleaned_task:populate_sysroot' (multilib variant '') could not be found.". If I build the dummy_cleaned_task12:18
psi34fully it works fine, also works fine when I convert the recipe to not use externalsrc. I think the "if task.endswith("_setscene"):, d)" causes the problem somehow or breaks an assumption elsewhere because if I disable this it also works. Has anybody encountered something similar?12:18
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RPpsi34: it is probably worth filing a bug for that12:38
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JerryMif I (r)dpend on a package with a certain PACKAGECONFIG is it possible to check this?13:02
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tgamblinDo we have a style/formatting guide for our Python scripts?13:14
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rburtontgamblin: personally, what black says13:30
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tgamblinrburton: thanks!13:38
rburton(nobody has ran it over the existing code)13:40
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tgamblinrburton: One of the other BL devs was asking but I didn't have an answer other than maybe pylint. I've suggested they look at black13:43
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rburtonblack is super-opinionated but there's a lot of zen from that13:43
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RPzeddii: FWIW other builds all worked even on that worker13:48
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zeddiiRP: that is definitely strange. ninja just went insane.13:50
LetoThe2ndzeddii: i want the above quote out of context.13:50
* zeddii will have to avoid japan if the quote gets out13:51
RPzeddii: I doubt it is meta-virt related :/13:52
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manuel_Does the devtool shall have userspace qemu enabled?14:25
manuel_Today a collegue of mine was adding a recipe for a tool he wants to include in the docker build14:26
manuel_It's a native recipe but he failed to mark it as -native and choose the wrong architecture as well14:26
manuel_(the arch of the target, not of the build host)14:26
manuel_to my surprise, he could execute that binary in the devtool shell. That was really puzzling me.14:27
rburtonit probably just used your native compiler14:28
rburtondid you check the binary was actually the wrong arch?14:28
manuel_jepp, did so. I checked with `file`.14:30
manuel_The file (pandoc) was precompiled. It's written in Haskell from what I know.14:31
manuel_He took the wrong file from here:
rburtonsome distributions enable the qemu-user thing if you install qemu14:34
rburtonso that probably happened, outside of yocto14:34
RPyes, binfmt-misc is probably at play14:34
manuel_That explains it. The collegue is using Ubuntu. I guess Ubuntu is very likely to enable that by default because it's so targeted at novices.14:38
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RPJPEW: ptest-runner changes seemed to work in testing, thanks16:24
JPEWRP: Good16:24
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tlwoerneris there an example of a BSP layer that handles add-on boards?16:44
tlwoernere.g. MACHINE = "the-base-board"16:44
tlwoernerSOME_SETTING = "with-this-add-on-board"16:44
tlwoernerperhaps use MACHINE names for each combo?16:45
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DvorkinDmitryI need to overwrite the file, generated by another recipe. can't use .bbappend. What can I do?16:46
rburtonwhy can't you use a bbappend? that's what they're for.16:47
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vvntlwoerner: isn't what SOME_SETTING:the-base-board provides you?17:05
vvnRP: I like ${TOPDIR}/tmp-${DISTRO} because it keeps the same directory depth. Also deploy dir already splits per-machine artifacts, so I think it'd be convenient to explicit the distro in the build path too as a saner default setup.17:12
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DvorkinDmitryrburton, case I need to keep configs and files for this image in one recipe. I just need to overwrite the file that installed previously by OE18:02
JPEWDvorkinDmitry: One way would be to bbappend the OE recipe to make it `rm` the file in do_install:append. Then your new recipe wouldn't conflict18:09
JPEWDvorkinDmitry: But.... you might want to consider why your new recipe _has_ to be the one to install the file; it's probably not best practice to do that18:10
DvorkinDmitryJPEW, I see. I have two images for the same machine: first image has normal nginx, another has nginx + custom htmls + custom php config + custom nginx. all I need is just to add myrecipe (with this files) into image B. Seems it is not possible?18:13
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JPEWDvorkinDmitry: Is that 2 different nginx's or is the "custom nginx" the config?18:21
DvorkinDmitryJPEW, in the first image I have to keep default nginx config (from OE), in another image I need to replace the default nginx config with customer's. Nginx binaries in both images are identical.18:24
JPEWah. We override the base nginx to use drop files, then you can easily add in other config fragments from other recipes as necessary18:26
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DvorkinDmitryJPEW, ok. I have a recipe that installs several php files into /var/www/localhost/html/ but index.html and the directory /var/www/localhost/html conflicts with the files installed by  nginx*.bb. If I'll place it into another dir I have to change default nginx.conf to point to another dir anyway. right?18:45
DvorkinDmitryJPEW, and I run into conflict again...18:46
DvorkinDmitryI can't even replace the nginx setup in my .bbappend, case it is image-specific, not machine specific18:47
JPEWYa, then I'd just remove it completely in a bbappend and make new recipe(s) to provide it18:48
DvorkinDmitryJPEW, probably it is the best idea I can imagine too. was thinking about it, but hoped there are some magical key exists for such a situation in OE18:50
JPEWDvorkinDmitry: Ya, that one is a little tricky18:51
AbluDvorkinDmitry: Can you maybe do your config in a file under "/etc/nginx/conf.d/*.conf" or "/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/*"? /etc/nginx/nginx.conf includes those.18:54
DvorkinDmitryAblu, I can. but I can't override default webserver settings for localhost,_default and * servernames then18:58
AbluDvorkinDmitry: You could overwrite parts of it, but yeah, doing a clean cut may be better in some situations.18:59
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rburtonsounds like patches welcome for the nginx recipe to package the configuration separately as a recommendation19:15
rburtonso you can provide your own19:16
rburtonsomething like package daemon recommends daemon-config and has a subpackage daemon-default-config which rprovides daemon-config19:16
rburtonthen you can write your own package and install it explicitly, so the default config doesn't get pulled in19:17
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tlwoernervvn: but i don't want SOME_SETTING:the-base-board, i want SOME_SETTING:a-specific-add-on-board20:07
tlwoernermaybe i just need to add my add-on boards to OVERRIDES or something20:08
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vvntlwoerner: yep, either inherit a new machine config from the base board, or extend MACHINEOVERRIDES and update your recipes with a few :a-specific-add-on-board20:10
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RPtlwoerner: MACHINEOVERRIDES may help21:47
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zelgomerwhat does this mean?  "foo-1.0-r0 do_prepare_recipe_sysroot: The sstate manifest for task 'bar:populate_sysroot' (multilib variant '') could not be found."22:32
zelgomeri sometimes get workspaces into this state, i don't know how, and i don't know how to recover from it except to delete and recreate22:32
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abelloniJPEW: are you planning to merge meta-mingw master-next in master?23:00
JPEWabelloni: Ya, does it fix the problem?23:01
abelloniI started a build with master and I got the problem23:01
abelloniI then remembered I did my other builds with master-next :)23:02
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