Thursday, 2023-08-24

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RPJPEW: you were right to raise the lib issue: :/06:48
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atripathiGA/GM folks.07:08
atripathiIs there a crops/poky container built for arm64 which can be used for mac with m1 chip?07:08
atripathiOr need to use a VM with linux guest host for building yocto? Please recommend.07:11
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lars__Good morning. I'm having trouble getting Yocto to build on a github runner. For some reason it keeps segfaulting on do_image_ext4. There is enough space, and the same runner has succesfully built other Yocto repos07:21
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varjagif one needs a product/license key in a recipe from an external file (which should not be stored with the recipe)07:48
varjagis there a canonical way of doing that07:48
varjagjust adding it to SRC_URI?07:53
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ckayhanHello, How do I add locales to Petalinux 2022.2?08:24
KanjiMonstervarjag: depending on the size of the license key (and data type), you could also create it dynamically with content from a variable the user is expected to set in their configuration08:26
KanjiMonsterat least that's how I would approach this. might be a bit more CI friendly08:29
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RPrburton: has multiple different intermittent failures :(09:06
RPone in selftest with getopt, one in rust create_spdx with a missing file, a libacl error from patches in -next, the tar warnings from sstate and maybe more,I've not looked09:08
nedkohello, i'm new to yocto and i'm thinking about using yocto for packaging a gentoo derivate for proaudio (ladios). what part of yocto build process requires 8G RAM? on the tegra-nano here i have only 4G (GDDR) RAM and was able to build quite a lot, although with lower than 4 job count09:16
nedkos/packaging/creating bootable installation images/09:21
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ptsnevesnedko: any special reason you are building in a tegra and not on something more usual? Even a normal laptop has more than 4GB ram09:38
nedkoptsneves: "normal" (x86_64) computer are less secure because they come with spy software that is very hard to remove09:39
nedkosometimes even coreboot/libreboot is not enough09:39
ptsnevesnedko: Oh you do not trust a normal desktop to build something for your embedded target?09:40
nedkoso i prefer to buy arm, there at least the possible backdoors will be rendered to transistors (unless arm puts microcode, meh :)09:40
nedkoptsneves: i dont have "normal" desktop09:40
nedkomy desktop is the tegra board09:40
nedkoattached to my monitor, i run ardou, kicad and freecad on it09:41
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ptsnevesnedko: Cool :) Ok, what image are you trying to build?09:41
nedkoptsneves: for ladios i target more than one. for sure one for the jetson tegra board(s), wherever is possible for the lots of olinuxinos i have, for teres-1 for sure, and also x86_64 with grub09:43
nedkowith the x86_64 scenario probably being cross-compilled09:44
ptsnevesI mean what yocto image recipe are you trying to build? If you try to build desktop stuff i am pretty sure you will not be able to build it with 4GB of ram09:44
nedkothat somewhat bad but i guess can be improved09:45
nedkoi mean, with per package job reduction on gentoo i'm able to build llvm, firefox, etc09:46
nedkonodejs is a bit slow :]09:46
nedkothat is on arm32 tho: 2023-08-17T00:30:30 >>> net-libs/nodejs: 2 days, 6 hours, 47 minutes, 21 seconds09:47
ptsnevesHave you tried setting to 1?09:48
nedkoi need nodejs for gitea09:48
nedkoi'm new to yocto, i've not tried anything yet09:48
nedkothank you for the pointer09:48
nedkoi've listened to leon-anavi talk(s) at openfest about yocto and i'd like to start using yocto09:50
nedkodifferent boards-targets need different kernels but i thing yocto should be quite capable for the task :)09:50
leon-anavinedko, I am happy to hear these talks from OpenFest are (still) useful :)09:51
leon-anaviThe first one that we did with Rado is from 8 years ago :)09:51
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nedkoleon-anavi: they are! but i need to get my hands into using yocto in real situation09:52
leon-anavikeep in mind there are some changes through the years, including related to the syntax.09:52
nedkoi dont have existing code, so lets play optimistic for now. i hope to be able to deal with future changes in the syntax09:54
nedkos/code/configuration or else/09:56
nedko*a situation real for me as well, and not only for others10:00
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ptsnevesCan anybody help me figure out if there is any special signature class used on this
ptsnevesI tried running the failed test and I get a pass locally10:18
RPptsneves: nothing special should be needed. I added your patch to master-next and I don't think I saw any failure like that so perhaps it is a different change in that branch?10:32
ptsnevesRP: Thanks. @abelloni let me know if you can reproduce the issue with the patch i sent10:33
RPlucaceresoli: ^^^10:33
ptsnevesRP: Ouch :D Thanks :)10:34
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rburtonnedko: you know modern arm boards have several layers of firmware operating at a higher level than the kernel so if nvidia want to spy on you they absolutely can, right11:18
rburtonRP: urgh.11:19
nedkorburton: true :) but i also have olimex boards with PRC chips11:25
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leon-anavinedko, all these boards are kind of constrained machines and the idea is to bitbake an image for them not on them :)12:09
nedkoleon-anavi: i could do it with GNU make or with custom shell scripts (or with gentoo's catalyst)12:10
nedko runs on lime2, and i build in sata hdd12:10
nedkofor some targets i'd cross compile from computer that has at least 2 or 4 G RAM12:11
nedkootoh i have lots of 1G boards, so with distcc and proper setup for it, in theory i could scale the builds just by adding more boards to the local micro-cluster12:12
rburtonapart from when the link stage needs 5gb of ram in a single process, sure12:13
nedkoin practice i have only about 10-20 lime2s :D12:13
nedkoscaling nodejs build at about 64 * 1G is lucrative target12:13
nedkorburton: 4G of zram + few G of real swap can do good things12:14
nedkothe more powerful jetson-tegra boards come with more TDP and stock heatsink with fan, while i want fanless12:15
nedkoon the jetson board i use for desktop the USB3 disk IO speeds were impressive12:16
nedko4 USB3+ ports on board is really nice feature12:17
nedkos/4G of zram/4G ram plus some zram/12:17
nedkoi think full trashing starts at about 6.5G virtual ram in active use12:18
tgamblinAre there any examples where a script from openembedded-core/scripts can be copied to an image rootfs?12:24
rburtonwrite a recipe for it?12:28
tgamblinrburton: That's the idea, but I'm blanking on whether there are existing recipes that do similar12:29
rburtonnot afaik12:29
rburtonyou can probably use COREBASE to get the base path of oe-core in the SRC_URI12:30
tgamblinrburton: Alright, I'll do some experiments. Thanks!12:31
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JPEWRP well, I have the patch if you haven't fixed it already12:46
RPJPEW: I haven't12:51
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mabnhdevHi.  I'm working on some kernel modifications and the do_kernel_metadata task fails in scc.  I just get the generic error:  bbfatal_log 'Could not generate configuration queue for qemuarm64.'  I tried using -v (verbose) for teh scc command, but it doesn't give me anything helpful.  How can I figure out exactly what is causing the scc command12:58
mabnhdevto fail?12:58
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JPEWRP: ok, I can send it after I take the kids to school13:11
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Tyaku_Hello, I have added "cronie" recipe in my yocto build to implement the cron jobs. When I add a cron job in /etc/cron.d/dailyreboot.cron it is never executed. But if I do it in crontab -e it works, is there anything to do to force crontab to parse the cron jobs from /etc/cron.d ?13:49
Tyaku_48 13 * * * root /sbin/reboot -f13:50
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ptsnevesTyaku_: Is cronie running on startup? Can it be the cause?13:52
Tyaku_i also try with this syntax: "53 13 * * * /sbin/reboot -f" also, if I do it directly in the shell from "crontab -e" command, it works.13:54
Tyaku_It's only when the file is in /etc/cron.d/ that it doesn't works.13:54
Tyaku_Hum, I'm going to check13:54
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Tyaku_"/usr/sbin/crond -n" is started13:54
Tyaku_Wow, I found it on the logs of crond: "Aug 24 15:51:52 crond[368]: (root) BAD FILE MODE (/etc/cron.d/rebootdaily.cron)"13:55
Tyaku_I'm going to check on google it's possible that the file need some permissions.13:56
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Tyaku_I finaly resolve all my problems: The cron file need  600 permission and we have to add an extra parameter for the user name "root". (Only when not started from crontab -e)14:05
ptsnevesTyaku_: congrats :) I had a similar issue with python refusing to use .netrc with different permissions than 600.14:07
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landgraf1hmmm. Do we have meeting today?14:33
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Guest11I'm looking for a way to output a manifest of all dependencies in a particular package group with their PN, SRC_URI, and SRC_REV, anyone have ideas?14:37
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Tyaku_I have a dummy question: is It possible to set (DEFAULT_TIMEZONE) variable in an image file ? (this is used by to specify the timezone like Europe/Paris)14:43
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Guest11might be able to in your local.conf in your build folder?14:44
Tyaku_Yes, I the local.conf I know that It will work14:44
sakomanlandgraf1: the meeting moved a half hour later just for this week14:45
sakomanlandgraf1: so it starts in 14 minutes14:46
dario`Tyaku_:  afaik the image isn't that special, it can't set variables for other recipes14:46
dario`the whole way caching works is that packages are built independently from each other and images are just glorified collections of packages14:47
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dario`if you want to define things across recipes it has to be something that's passed in globally and interpreted by the right recipes, can't be recipe to other recipe14:50
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Guest11dario` well, kinda. A lot of recipes post-eval `??=` or `?=` so you can set stuff at the image level if it behaves. It's really inconsistent on what recipes do this, though, so you're better off just using local.conf or appending the Tyaku_14:54
dario`but isn't the package already a binary/.ipk at the point where the image recipe comes into play?14:56
rburtonyes, you can't set something in an image recipe and expect it to reach other recipes14:56
rburton??= is lazy evaluation but still after _that recipe_ finished parsing14:57
rburtonTyaku_: you need to use local.conf, your distro.conf, or a bbappend to set DEFAULT_TIMEZONE15:00
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adrianfnedko: in our case it was the xz compressor which lead to OOMs. Maybe you check XZ_MEMLIMIT, XZ_THREADS, ZSTD_THREADS settings15:47
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yolo_if I set machine to qemuarm etc I don't really need meta-yocto-bsp layer right?16:07
Tyaku_Did you know the good yocto way to call a scrip when ethernet interface is UP or DOWN ?16:08
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yolo_  in this page, adding meta-intel is done under poky/ which makes poky/ unclean, should meta-intel should be one layer up and symlink poky's oe-init script there instead, this way I don't mess up anything within poky/?16:18
yolo_  this also shows checking meta-altera right into poky/, seems not a good practice to me16:19
yolo_all of the doc are recommending adding stuff under poky/16:20
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* RP wonders what qemu 8.1.0 did: :/16:27
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smurrayRP: I like that no reason for doing that is given...16:45
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nedkoadrianf: good to know, thanks16:51
RPsmurray: and their venv stuff they're forcing you to use doesn't work :(16:52
smurrayRP: ouch16:53
adrianfyolo_: There is no need to add other layers under poky. You can put them where you like.17:00
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adrianfI am a little overwhelmed with the failed tests here I cannot reproduce this issue on my machine. Any ideas?17:16
adrianfIt's this patch series:
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SaurJPEW: I'm looking into what you said the other day about sharing the hashserv.db between builds that share a common sstate-cache. AFAICT, the only way to do that is by setting PERSISTENT_DIR (or CACHE) to a common directory for the builds. But does that really work? Can I really share the cache directory with multiple builds running in parallel and building with different releases of OE-Core?18:19
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JPEWSaur: hashserv.db can for sure.... Not sure about the rest (my guess is no)18:24
JPEWmmm, I see the problem though since it's hardcoded to PERSISTENT_DIR / hashserv.db18:25
SaurJPEW: And the format of hashserve.db never change? (Hint: Rhetorical question since I know it is currently at version 1.1...)18:26
JPEWSaur: Ya, I guess if we change it and upgrade it would break18:27
SaurRP: Maybe that is more a question for you. What is the expectation for PERSISTENT_DIR? Is it supposed to be shareable between different concurrent builds? If so, even between different OE-Core releases?18:28
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khemRP: qemu upgrade also need to reflect in QEMUVERSION19:18
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RPkhem: I know, there are several issues with that and it was mainly to test ppc20:13
RPSaur: originally it was intended to save between builds rather than wipe like tmp. It it a bit confused now20:14
RPsadly qemu 8.1.0 does not help20:16
SaurRP: So setting CACHE = "${SSTATE_DIR}/cache" (where ${SSTATE_DIR} is a common directory used by all builds) and expecting it to work with multiple, concurrent builds might be a bit optimistic?20:17
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RPSaur: Yes, I wouldn't expect that to work at all20:20
RPSaur: this is an area where more thought is really needed and probably rework but it isn't straight forward20:20
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SaurRP: Ok. It seemed too good to be true, so I am not surprised.20:24
RPSaur: there were various design ideas but it really never quite worked out20:27
SaurOk. Is it ok if I add a variable to specify the path to the hashserv DB then (e.g., BB_HASHSERV_DB) so that I can move that to a common directory since that is supposed to work according to JPEW.20:28
RPSaur: my big worry is someone is going to try this over an NFS sstate directory20:46
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RPSaur: I'm not sure this will be as simple as you'd like it to be since these things get expanded really early in parsing and we have some juggling to make sure CACHE/PERSIST_DIR are defined early enough20:47
RPSaur: my point being that if you add the variable, I think people will use it in ways that won't work20:48
SaurIs it any different from setting the BB_HASHSERV variable to specify the address of the HE server? I assume they are used at the same time, so if it works to set that, it should work to set the other, no?20:50
khemRP: the acl and xattr patches are still in master-next, I think they have issues on hosts with glibc 2.3820:50
khemI hope you are not planning to accept them in its current form20:50
RPkhem: I'm not aware of glibc 2.38 issues?20:51
RPkhem: I do know about the broken tar issue I posted on the list about20:51
khemI have already provided needed info to Piotr20:51
RPkhem: is that not some tar/xattr bug?20:53
RPkhem: probably with a read only directory20:54
khemRP -
khemit happens with this patchset + glibc 2.38 on build host + uninative + ipk backend20:55
RPkhem: right, I suspect this is similar to the other issue I found20:55
khemit works ok with rpm backend which is poky default20:55
RPkhem: we build with all the package backends enabled on the autobuilder20:56
khemit also works ok with nodistro/oe-core alone because uninative is disabled20:56
khemit also works ok with poky on build host OS having glibc < 2.38 eg debian12 etc.20:56
khembut my guess is we will have glibc 2.38 soon on distros for autobuilder20:57
khemand this issue will pop up if not addressed20:57
RPkhem: I'm still not 100% convinced this is 2.3820:57
RPkhem: anyway, I agree the patches aren't ready, I've removed them20:57
khemcould be something else20:57
khembut if I revert one of them it works on archlinux with glibc 2.38 ok20:58
RPkhem: sure, but that is likely because the acl data is no longer being processed20:58
khemit works ok if I do not apply -
RPkhem: right, but that doesn't make it 2.3820:59
RPkhem: the hard part about these issues is many of them only appear on restoration from sstate21:00
RPso if you force a full build, it will work fine21:00
khemyes I have descibed the symptoms I have narrowed down to21:00
khemI have done a full scratch build21:00
khemit does not help21:01
khemregenrated whole sstate21:01
khemI use f2fs filesystem for dirs where sstate is stored and ext4 for tmp/21:01
khemthat might also be a variable of interest21:02
RPext4 certainly shouldn't be the issue at least!21:04
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RPkhem: I pushed a tweaked qemu upgrade patch FWIW21:05
RPkhem: if the qemuppc issue isn't from the 6.1 kernel point revisions and isn't from the qemu version, which recent change would you think might be causing it? Happens both for sysvinit and systemd21:08
RPkhem: glibc?21:08
khemqemuppc hmm, I thought it was load related no ?21:10
RPkhem: it is but it didn't used to break under load21:11
khemnothing pops are ppc specific in glibc 2.3821:13
RPkhem: anything timing related?21:14
RPkhem: something that might break really slow qemu emulation?21:14
* RP will try a couple of combinations overnight and see...21:17
khemmaybe disable --enable-fortify-source21:18
khemin glibc21:18
khemI think it could be performance regression which slows its more and timeouts occur21:19
RPkhem: that is entirely possible21:19
khemwe have lot of changes in this release especially in toolchain area21:20
RPkhem: it is something recent, glibc would be around the right time21:21
khemdoes qemu has enough RAM allocated ?21:24
RPkhem: 768MB and the errors aren't memory related21:24
RPkhem: I'm trying three new tests, glibc 2.37, glibc 2.38 without fortify source and an older kernel21:25
khemand CPU cores to emulate ?21:26
RPkhem: its single core21:27
khemcan we have more than 1 ?21:27
RPnot sure the machine we use has more than 121:27
khemtry with -smp 2 or something21:28
RPkhem: I'm sure we'd have done that if we could when we switched to smp21:28
khemit will die if it does not at start21:28
RPI'm pretty sure it didn't work21:28
khemlot of debian emulation on ppc used this
khem-M mac99,via=pmu21:32
RPkhem: what does that do?21:34
khemright, I think I am looking for common set that other linux distros are using which might help due to most treaded path21:42
khem-m 1024 is commonly used21:43
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khemI looked at glibc changelog, I dont see much performance related sprcific commits21:44
RPkhem: any other changes that come to mind? binutils?21:47
khemRP: this is something interesting;a=commit;h=21841f0d562f0e944c4d267a28cc3ebd19c847e921:53
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RPkhem: hmm, yes :/22:12
RPJPEW: if you have any ideas on how to make those unpack intercepts less of a concern I'd be open to them. I worry at the moment the structure becomes too convoluted :(22:14
*** michele <michele!~michele@> has joined #yocto22:17
JPEWIn the tracking?22:18
JPEWsource tracing that is22:18
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RPJPEW: yes22:24
JPEWOk, ya. There has to be a better way22:24
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