Wednesday, 2023-09-13

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Marian81Hi, I have a problem with an .wic file, if the size is less then 2.1G, the wic is generated with grub-efi-bootx64.efi if is above 2.1G grub-efi-bootx64.efi is not populated under the first partition /boot/EFI/BOOT/. Do you have any input?00:09
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yates_workrburton: 1) rm -fR tmp, 2) bitbake core-image-printer (my custom image adapted from core-image-sate), 3) runqemu qemuarm and verified qemu machine runs, 4) find . -name "run.do_conf*" returned nothing.00:21
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yates_workany clues would be appreciated00:29
yates_workfrom anyone00:29
yates_workdoes bitbake remove successfully-completed and files?00:31
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Marian81I will add a mistake in a recipe to find out where the logged are stored ...00:34
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Marian81wic ls is giving me "ERROR: Can't find executable 'mdir'"00:51
yates_workbtw, i'm running kirkstone00:56
yates_workcould it be that this image recipe is downloading preconfigured state from the repos?01:01
yates_workfyi, my goal is to find the ./configure options used by the qtbase recipe01:03
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khemyates_work: yes if there are no run.do_conf* scripts that means it was using it from sstate02:52
khemyou are lucky !02:52
khemif you enable rm_work via local.conf INHERIT += "rm_work" then it will delete the build area of the successfully built recipe too02:53
khemMarian81: I think it should `rmdir`02:54
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khemMarian81: let me take it back, I think wic does need mdir which is a tool coming from mtools-native recipe so somehow its missing in your wic image deps02:57
khemadd `do_image_wic[depends] += "mtools-native:do_populate_sysroot` in your machine conf or local conf02:58
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yates_workkhem: aha! i was thinking the cache's were under tmp. doh!04:22
yates_workthank you!04:22
yates_workis there anything wrong with just "rm -fR sstate-cache cache" ?04:28
yates_workinstead of using bitbake -c blah04:28
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:15
SchlumpfGood morning07:15
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AndreiMhi guys. I have a little problem while upgrading my project from dunfell to kirkstone with one of my recipes. Maybe you can guide me where to look at (hopefully). This is the issue:07:45
AndreiMLog data follows:07:45
AndreiM| DEBUG: Executing shell function do_compile07:45
AndreiM| NOTE: VERBOSE=1 cmake --build /home/user/oe-core/build/tmp/work/armv7at2hf-neon-tdx-linux-gnueabi/shadowsocks-libev/3.3.5-r0/build --target all --07:45
AndreiM| Error: could not load cache07:45
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olani-yates_work: There is nothing wrong with it, but it's probably overkill.  'bitbake qtbase -c configure' would force bitbake to rerun the configure step and then you can check the files.07:48
olani-yates_work: Sorry, that should be 'bitbake qtbase -c configure -f' to force the task to be rerun.07:49
AndreiMin my .bb file I have "inherit cmake pkgconfig" . I'm not using any qt-related recipes07:51
AndreiMsorry, I'm quite new to yocto and it feels a bit overwhelming now :))07:52
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olani-AndreiM: I'm not sure I can help with cmake, but we probably need more of the log to help.  Please don't paste it here but use some pastebin server. The recipe too if possible.07:56
LetoThe2ndAndreiM: does your cmake thingy do any network access during compile? such as a shared cache?07:57
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AndreiMI just got the project from github and did not mingle with it's build08:07
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AndreiMlooks like downgrading to PREFERRED_VERSION_mbedtls = "2.28.2" from 3.4.0 solved the problem.  I don't think it's ok on the long term tho08:11
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AndreiMand adding in the recipe:08:12
AndreiMdo_compile() {08:12
AndreiM  cd ${S}08:12
AndreiM  cmake .08:12
AndreiM  cmake --build .08:12
LetoThe2ndAndreiM: the latter is definitely a bug because it breaks the do_configure stage.08:29
mcfrisksigh, re-clone of kernel git repo. I'll send a revert now..08:30
AndreiMwhy do you say it's a bug? it did all the steps (hopefully?) right....including the do_install and the later ones08:34
LetoThe2ndAndreiM: the cmake.bbclass makes sure that all necessary bits and pieces for the cross build are in place. by bluntly calling "cmake ." in do_compile, you a) break the dependency chain of compile on configure, and b) almost certain mess up the required parameters.08:35
LetoThe2nd(AFK for an hour or so now, sorry)08:35
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olani-AndreiM: I'm not famillliar with shadowsocks-libev, but the build instructions here all mention autotools not cmake.08:42
olani-AndreiM: Did you find the recipe somewhere online as well?08:43
AndreiMno, it was created by an ex-coleague and it was working with dunfell08:44
olani-AndreiM: If you have 'inherit cmake' you shouldn't need to define your own do_compile (or do_configure).08:45
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AndreiMthat's what I thought to be right (as you said) but somehow the newer version of cmake fails08:46
qschulzAndreiM: if you really need to build from ${S} you can just change B to point to ${S}?08:47
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AndreiMthis is the recipe:
AndreiMqschulz the one that built successfully. But I think something is missing08:54
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qschulzAndreiM: nowhere is it mentioned it supports cmake though08:57
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qschulz(yes I see there's a CMakeLists.txt file, but the instructions mention using autotools08:57
qschulzso maybe use that instead?08:57
qschulzAndreiM: I highly recommend to not use the git submodules in there especially since I believe we have recipes for those?08:58
qschulzlibsodium at least I think08:58
qschulzto quote: If your system provides with those libraries, you should not install them from source.You should jump to this section and install them from the distribution repository instead.08:59
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AndreiMqschulz I'll try using autotools instead of cmake. About the submodules, they are part of the project (shadowsocks-libev). Maybe I'll need to modify those sources not to build/install them...09:02
qschulzAndreiM: if you don't fetch them it should find them from the sysroot probably09:03
qschulzif not, you need to patch the build system to find them in the sysroot09:04
qschulzbut the isntructions from shadowsocks-libev is to NOT use the git submodules if the libs are already in your system09:04
qschulzso do it the proper way and add/use recipes instead for those dependencies09:04
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AndreiMqschulz thanks for the guidance. I'll recreate sadowsocks-libev recipe from scratch and work from that. Sometimes it's easier and safer to do so instead of "upgrading" old stuff09:07
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qschulzAndreiM: to be fair, I only checked the default branch of thegit repo, haven't checked if this waht you're using.. so maybe not so good advice09:10
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olani-AndreiM: Try 'devtool add' to autogenerate as much as possible.09:51
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RPkanavin: - cancelled builds appear to work, thanks!10:23
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kanavinRP: \0/10:25
RPkanavin: that was a lot simpler than I thought it was going to be!10:27
RPIt is little things like this which will help everyone - hopefully fewer out of space issues on the AB and less hassle for the admins too as a result10:28
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kanavinRP: I took time to study both the buildbot docs and then its code (grep for various related keywords), so I would visit every corner of it exhaustively. I have to say documentation alone didn't help, as it doesn't say outright 'alwaysRun' applies to cancelled builds as well.10:30
kanavinI also understand better how the whole thing works now :)10:30
RPkanavin: I'd looked at the docs myself but it certainly wasn't clear! It is helpful to have someone else who knows something about it :)10:31
RPkanavin: I did have a look at that shadow static issue and got frustrated that libtool doesn't appear to follow it's own help text or docs :(10:34
RPI was hoping we could do something like a do_compile:prepend () of       sed -i -e 's#mode=link#mode=link -all-static#g' ${B}/*/Makefile10:34
kanavinRP: I got frustrated mostly because the whole thing isn't working cohesively, even though it's all GNU. There's no way to put -all-static in there via autoconf, and there's also no way to add it after the fact with a libtool-specific makefile variable that would pass the flag.10:37
kanavinand toying with things like LDFLAGS would clash in other places.10:38
kanavinRP: did you try the sed hack? did it not work?10:38
RPkanavin: it didn't work, I'm not sure why. libtool claims -all-static is an unknown option10:42
RPkanavin: I'll probably poke more, I just thought I'd share ideas :)10:42
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rburtonhaha gnu cohesion haha :)  of course nothing works together, it's GNU :)10:42
kanavinRP: right I can try to push it a bit more as well by applying the sed thing, it should help in theory and the option does exist, but it's still a hack10:43
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RPkanavin: I appreciate it is horrible, I just worry about other issues more...10:44
rburtonspeaking of , i should dig out my slibtool branch and see if it works still10:44
kanavinRP: I also wrote a buildbot rant on linkedin, you might find it somewhat amusing
kanavinyou can install buildbot in debian, and even start masters and workers, but there will not be any web ui! amazing!10:53
kanavinwasted an hour on this or so10:54
kanavinthat's why the patch was untested btw, I hate containers with a passion10:54
kanavinI'd say JS-based UI is buildbot's weakest link. something tells me you can do all of these dynamic things with plain html nowadays.10:56
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RPkanavin: at least they removed the coffeescript!11:03
RPkanavin: the readmes in our autobuilder repo do document how to setup a test environment, easiest is if you create a local user for the purpose11:04
rburtonkanavin: as you're now a buildbot expert, do you think its even possible to embed the right <title> tag in the generated html for eg a link to a specfic build? or is the returned html always the same and the content is always generated on the client?11:04
kanavinRP: right, I'll check them next time because anything more serious would've required that11:05
RPrburton: can you be specific about the page you mean?11:06
kanavinrburton, that I have no idea. I dived into specifically the build steps implementation and behavior.11:06
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rburtonRP: eg  guessing from the URL structure the server just returns identical html and the client fills it in11:31
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RPrburton: that page is generated from this
Guest4I have a recipe which DEPENDS on another recipe only contains headers which are installed to ${includedir}. So ${PN} is empty (ALLOW_EMPTY:${PN} = "1"). The headers are in ${PN}-dev.12:18
Guest4Adding A to an image works fine. However, when building the SDK (do_populate_sdk) the headers from B are not installed. I checked the buildhistory and targets-> has "A-dev" -> "B-dev" [style=dotted]. Also the package A-dev RRECOMMENDS B-dev. Moreover, I found out that everything works fine when I set an explicit RDEPENDS from A-dev to12:18
Guest4Can somebody please explain why the RRECOMMENDS does not lead to the installation of B-dev in the SDK? Is this somehow related to oe-core b44b0b9294675f89aa51ff84f532664f4c479677 ?12:18
RPrburton: is interesting as it probably isn't working?12:18
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RPrburton: hmm, I see what you mean about the generated code12:20
RPrburton: I think this is just how it works :(12:21
rburtonmcfrisk: i think your change to testimage so that it sets a default TARGET_IP on slirp is fundamentally broken, and i'm annoyed that i didn't notice until after it merged12:25
yates_workolani-: i see you.12:26
rburtonmcfrisk: guests running in slirp can't open ports <1024, so runqemu tells qemu that if the guest opens port 22, actually open 2222.  so if you use slirp, you need to set TEST_TARGET_IP to localhost:2222, otherwise the ssh test will hit localhost.12:27
rburtonlocalhost:22 that is12:27
yates_workolani-: sheesh! s/i see you/i see, thank you/12:27
RPrburton: how does that work for multiple images in parallel?12:29
JerryMhey people anyone knowledgeable about sstate and useradd? Im having an issue where an sstate task fails, causing bitbake to return with an error even though it recovered succesfully12:30
JerryMthe cause is useradd reports an error while trying to add a group that is added in another package, saying it doesn't exists. the normal recipe has both RDPENDS and DEPENDS on the recipe that add this group, however when restoring from sstate this seems to fail often12:31
rburtonRP: it doesn't, this is why slirp isn't as good as tap12:31
rburtonmost people using slirp are using it inside containers, so that's not a problem12:32
RPJerryM: I think there are open bugs related to that?12:32
RPrburton: how does a container solve that?12:32
JerryM@RP it seems you are correct12:34
JerryMI guess it's a general issue and not just on my end12:34
mcfriskRP: network namespaces12:35
RPso qemu creates a new network namespace for each image under test?12:36
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mcfriskrburton: I think TEST_TARGET_IP needs to be split, the test frameworks/controller needs the externally visible one, and then inside the running target system another one.12:37
RPJerryM: there are open bugs so if they match it is likely not just you12:37
mcfriskRP: for example running docker container to build and test images with qemu, slirp there won't be visible to outside of the docker container. like presumably kas12:38
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RPmcfrisk: but that container can run multiple testimages in parallel within it somehow?12:39
mcfriskRP: not with slirp12:40
JerryMRP: yes it seems is what I'm running into as well12:40
mcfriskbut multiple containers using different network namespaces e.g. localhost port 2222, can run in parallel12:40
RPmcfrisk: ok, I was thinking you meant a container somehow allowed that limitation to be avoided12:40
RPmultiple containers fair enough12:40
*** belsirk is now known as rfuentess12:46
JerryMI'll keep an eye on that and see if I can find some time to maybe dig into this, I'm not very confident I have enough knowldegde for that though12:50
mcfriskrburton: is your use case running exported tests with slirp?12:51
rburtonno, kas container, so the testimage happens inside the container too12:55
rburtoni have a patch to make it 'just work' with the standard setup12:55
rburtonbut with the current code it looks like the slirp testimage qa test is verifying that the host has a sshd running12:55
mcfriskbugger. yea target should be but I fear some of the tests will fail due to the port number. selftests are a bit too special for my understanding..12:57
rburtonthe port is fine, testimage strips it out13:00
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* mcfrisk wonders how runtime tests were failing and then passing with my changes if ssh is completely broken13:04
rburtonyeah i'm now at the "how did this work" stage of debugging13:06
*** Minvera <Minvera!~Minvera@user/Minvera> has joined #yocto13:07
mcfriskmaybe missing TEST_SUITES = "ping ssh"13:07
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RPkanavin: FWIW the -all-static has to go after CCLD which is why it was breaking13:35
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RPkanavin: works horrible as it is13:46
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RPkanavin: of course complete static linking breaks pseudo as it can't see the libc calls :(14:16
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kanavinRP: right, so maybe this should be a custom patch after all, there's a point where sed expressions start to crumble, and it's getting close to that :( or just abandon the idea, and do dynamic linking with handwritten setscene dependencies list as originally proposed :-/14:31
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RPkanavin: well, I have a slightly different patch to test14:31
RPkanavin: the impact of the inverted setscene dependencies shouldn't be underestimated :/14:32
JPEWJaMa: I'm horribly confused about how the /data0001 is showing up in the output of `git rev-parse --absolute-git-dir`; AFAICT that path shouldn't be encoded in the mirror tarball at all14:36
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RPkanavin: FWIW the simpler direct static libs approach appears to build14:43
*** zpfvo <zpfvo!> has joined #yocto14:43
RPJPEW: someone needs to make our mirror tarballs reproducible? :/14:44
JPEWGit repos shouldn't have absolute paths in them _anwyay_14:44
RPJPEW: something bad does seem to be going on14:45
JPEWMikko's symlinks are a problem in what I added (which I can fix).... I kinda think the other one is actually some other latent bug14:46
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RPmcfrisk: - another failing openssh log15:41
RPJPEW: can you use os.path.realpath(os.path.abspath()) in the fetcher to avoid that stat stuff?15:57
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JPEWRP: I thought about that..... but it depends if you want to handle bind mounts or not16:13
JPEWIt proabbly would be OK for symlinks16:13
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rburtonmcfrisk: aah so it works with qemu as the qemu runner parses the hostfwd options that are passed16:24
*** otavio <otavio!> has joined #yocto16:29
mcfriskrburton: but we should fix the port to be 2222? testing that as well.16:31
rburtoni don't think so - the qemu runner does that on its own16:31
rburtoni just wanted to actually understand the flow16:32
rburtoni'll add a bigger comment :)16:32
mcfriskRP: bummer, not the same test as previously and not instrumented to capture the stderr which contains extra lines16:32
rburtonmcfrisk: this is extra fun because the FVP target is a bit like the qemu one but very bare-bones.  i didn't know the qemu one would infer port mapping.16:32
mcfriskIs it possible to sftp/scp transfer some files from target when tests fails? openssh ptests leave a tar ball behind..16:33
mcfriskrburton: sounds interesting :)16:34
mcfriskI'm thinking of extending oeqa so we could also write tests using plain serial console, like Lava tests are mostly written16:35
rburtonmcfrisk: have a look at the fvp runner in meta-arm, it has the serial console extension (and also power control).  we want to slowly move the api into oeqa, but for now its fvp-specific.16:36
mcfriskrburton: perfect!16:37
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JaMaJPEW: sorry for confusion about that /data0001, it was just a log from error-report-web where I've noticed that warning and it was on one of the jenkins servers where I didn't know they changed /mnt/mirror-write use (we had writeable NFS mount there, but when the build infra was migrated someone kept the path, but used that for symlink and it doesn't make any sense to point DL_DIR there.. )16:53
JPEWJaMa: np16:53
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JPEWGlad it's not actually some serious issue with encoding paths in mirror tarballs :)16:54
*** alessioigor <alessioigor!~alessioig@> has joined #yocto16:54
* JaMa too and it helped to discover why do_fetch was sometimes failing for us on :)16:55
JaMaour git mirror was incorrectly using unreliably git:// instead of https:// for it and I was wondering why the builds are failing even after fixing the repo on PREMIRROR :)16:56
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halsteadkhem: didn't end up writing an official guide for setting up our own Matrix bridge. Is that still something you'd like to have?17:34
khemI am using irccloud now a days here :)17:35
RPmcfrisk: shame, is there anything we could do more generically for the logs?17:35
halsteadThat what I use as well. irccloud is much easier than maintaining my old setup.17:35
RPhalstead: I'd not dare tell you what I do! :)17:36
khemso IRC is not as painful  as it use to be.17:36
halsteadOh? Well I do have special alerts set up for messages from you RP.  ;)17:37
RPhalstead: I try not to bother you too much :)17:38
RPhalstead: my setup is really old, I should really find something better17:38
halsteadI think irccloud is worth the money until Matrix (or something else) becomes the defacto FOSS choice.17:41
khemmatrix client (element) sucks, its not as slick as some other implementations17:43
khembut neochat is good if you use linux/KDE17:43
rburtonRP: your irc configuration is an abomination17:43
halsteadI agree Element is pretty bad. I'll try neochat. There was a new client for Android in beta that might be good when it releases.17:45
RPJPEW: maybe we should abstract that check into a function. I'm just worried it is getting a bit off topic for that location in the code...17:47
RPJPEW: I hadn't considered bind mounts. Would we hit those normally though?17:47
*** florian <florian!> has joined #yocto17:53
JPEWmmm, ya probably not. Symlinks can be inconsistent in the same path, but bind mounts probably not. Although realpath is going to have to stat every path component to see if it's a symlink and readlink() it, so I don't think the performance of the stat is worse (it also exits after one iteration in the normal case)17:54
JPEWI guess I could move it to a helper.... like bb.utils.path_is_descent_of()?17:55
RPJPEW: I was thinking of something in bb.utils18:09
RPJPEW: I was less worried about performance and more about just making the code readable18:10
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mischiefhow crazy is it to write a class that generates fake shared object versions? we've got a ton of recipes that dont do any versioning and it breaks shlibdeps. i hacked up one recipe to do this and was thinking of doing it for more..21:46
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khemmischief: you seem to headed wrong way22:13
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mischiefi know what's in the other direction and i don't like it :)22:18
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