Thursday, 2023-09-21

yates_worki can build the static qtbase libraries via "bitbake qtbase-staticdev", however how do i get my own qt app recipe to build them? using "DEPENDS = "qtbase-staticdev" doesn't work.00:06
yates_workneither does specifying a .pro file that has "CONFIG += static"00:09
zhmyloveyates_work: what do you mean under "own recipe to build them"?00:11
zhmyloveBTW qtbase-staticdev is a name of a package, not a recipe. You cannot DEPEND on it00:11
zhmyloveIn case you need some statically built libraries before compilation of your recipe, you can DEPEND on qtbase and hope that do_populate_sysroot will give you static libs. If not, then just create a bbappend on it to explicitly add them for populate_sysroot via a variable00:13
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PhoenixMageAfternoon all03:15
PhoenixMageQuick question, is "part --offset" absolute or relative to the last partition? Reading the wic docs it sounds to me like its absolute but reading the wic file and looking at the partition table on disk each partition offset looks relative to the end of the last?03:17
PhoenixMageHey LetoThe2nd appreciate your response on Mender hub03:17
PhoenixMageIgnore my question, forgot to take something into account03:31
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LetoThe2ndPhoenixMage: sure thing!04:35
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:25
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alessioigorgood morning06:34
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mckoangood morning06:39
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qschulztlwoerner: added comments on the commit08:20
qschulztlwoerner: i don't care too much about the SoB, so up to you08:22
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rburtonyates_work: you bitbake and DEPEND on _recipes_ not _packages_.  So qtbase.  If you've created a, delete it.08:49
rob_whow do i remove image types from IMAGE_FSTYPES variable ?08:53
rburtonunless a BSP is being annoying, just set the value you want in local or distro conf08:55
rburtonworse case, :remove like with any other variable08:55
rob_wah ,, sorry  forgot about :remove, thx08:58
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* RP suspects oe-selftest -j is doing something very silly :(09:32
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varjagBBMASK_prepend is obsolete in layer.conf right11:27
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varjagditto DSITRO_FEATURES_remove11:37
varjagis there any document dealing with migration from obsolete stuff11:38
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KanjiMonsterif you go through each releases' migration notes it should give you a good idea what you need to change11:46
varjagthanks a lot11:47
varjagwe're jumping over a few yes11:47
rob_wwhat would be best practice if i want to use the same toolchain for 2 MACHINES but they are very similar , like am335x & am437x ? is that possible ?11:49
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Tom25Hello! I'm currently try to implement "EFI Boot Guard" and "SWUpdate" (x86 platform). Most things are already working. Update partition (rootfs) is selected dynamically via uuid. The only problem i have is that the rootfs path in the kernel argument on both ebg config partitions are the same. Does anyone work with ebg/swupdate and have a hint for12:00
rburtonrob_w: if the architecture is the same it will be shared12:00
rob_wok .. but how to i set MACHINE to ? switching around in my local.conf or12:01
rburtonif they're actually part of the same 'system' then look at multiconfig12:02
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Guest63Hi, Is there a way to add a task to all dependencies of a recipe ? I would like to group all the .debug/ELF files in a common folder. I want to avoid using INHERIT at a distro level.13:28
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qschulzGuest63: nope, a recipe can only impact itself13:39
Guest63So the other way would be to bbappend all the dependencies ?13:40
qschulzGuest63: why exactly do you want all ELF files in a common folder?13:41
Guest63I need to push them to a S3 storage in order to use them with Sentry Symbol Server: but I don't want to import the whole OS.13:43
qschulzGuest63: if all the ELF files are part of the sysroot, then they should be available in your recipe that depends on all other13:44
rburtonthe debug won't be though13:44
qschulzyou could probably do some "smart" stuff there13:44
rburtonyou could generate a minimal debugfs with just the recipe you care about it, that will pull in the deps and give you a tarball of .debug files13:44
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Guest63I was thinking of adding a step between do_package and do_package_rpm and get the -dbg folder13:48
rburtonyeah that's just complicating matters13:48
Guest63but this won't get dependencies like opencv etc13:48
Guest63The other way I was thinking is to catch all the  dbg RPM at the end and extract them. But I thought we could do something smart during the build time.13:52
rburtonGuest63: its old but something like will work.  change gtk+3-doc to myapp-dbg and build the image.  you _should_ get a tarball of all the dbg symbols.13:52
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Guest63Yeah I see what you mean.13:56
rburtonit worked when i tried it but that was 4 years ago, but dbg packages only depend on other dbg packages13:56
rburtonso... should work13:56
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tlwoernerqschulz: awesome review, thanks! i'll post the fixups to the mailing list (and i did push them to my github copy too)14:12
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JPEWRP: Going to miss bug triage. Meeting conflict. Will have the updated SPDX patch in ~1 hour14:32
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tlwoernerhuh, do_deploy() can't be machine-specific? i.e. do_deploy:rk3588() {...}14:54
SaurRP: Regarding your recent change to where the licenses are deployed: wouldn't it make sense to add SSTATE_PKGARCH to PKGDATA_VARS so that it is saved and can be used in, e.g., write_license_files() to directly access the correct file rather than having to search over all possible archs?14:56
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JPEWRP: Patch sent. Mostly just reworked to be more explicit about the path expectations15:09
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qschulztlwoerner: ah you need an empty one for the non-machine-specific one15:18
qschulzdo_deploy() {:}15:18
qschulztlwoerner: I assume this is what we're talking about :)15:18
tlwoernerqschulz: i'm working on adding a rk3308-based board that i have, it also doesn't have support in tf-a15:19
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tlwoernerso i was looking to add it to as a second COMPATIBLE_MACHINE to your rkbin recipe15:20
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tlwoernerand ideally i would have do_deploy:rk3588() and do_deploy:rk3308()15:25
tlwoerneri think i've seen another bsp somewhere that had the same issue. i think it's a matter of having one do_deploy() then some logic in there15:26
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tlwoernerqschulz: i had a long think about the rk3588 vs rk3588s thing.15:30
tlwoerneri believe we want both rk3588 and rk3588s in MACHINEOVERRIDES for conf/machine/include/rk3588.inc15:30
tlwoernerbut only rk3588 in SOC_FAMILY15:30
tlwoernerwhereas MACHINEOVERRIDES for rk3588s should only have rk3588s, and its SOC_FAMILY should be rk3588s15:31
RPSaur: that would work for some cases but not all of the functions unfortunately, there aren't dependencies between the license class code and the pkgdata code15:31
RPJPEW: thanks!15:31
tlwoerneri believe i've got that straightened out now, but i don't think it was like that initially15:31
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SaurHmm,  ok. Anyway, even if you are not accepting a patch to do it, I did it for us since we of course have a lot of code to gather and generate the license info we include in our products, which of course now need that variable to determine the correct path. The dependencies should not be a problem for us since that code runs at the very end. However, what I did notice when I added SSTATE_PKGARCH to PKGDATA_VARS was that nothing rebuilt, a15:38
Saurnd thus the SSTATE_PKGDATA did not end up in the packagedata files. Not until I did a cleansstate and rebuilt.  It turns out that do_package (or more specifically emit_pkgdata()) does not depend on PKGDATA_VARS.15:38
yoctonsakoman: The patch I was talking about did not apply cleanly on kirkstone anyway, I've backported it and sent it to the ML.15:39
sakomanyocton: OK, thanks! I'll watch for it15:39
SaurRP: I was under the belief that the new addpylib should help with automatically detecting dependencies on bitbake variables used in the Python modules?15:41
RPSaur: I mean task dependencies. pkgdata is only readable if the files exist on disk15:41
SaurRP: Ok, got it. We already have the dependencies in place for our task as it already depends on reading the packagedata files.15:43
RPSaur: right, I'm not sure that is something we can assume15:43
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SaurRP: What about addpylib? Is my understanding of how much it helps with automatically calculating dependencies on bitbake variables a misunderstanding.15:47
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RPSaur: it should help with dependencies on variables, that is correct15:57
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SaurRP: Ok, is there any way of seeing it in action, i.e., in trying to figure out why the dependency from emit_pkgdata() on PKGDATA_VARS is not picked up automatically?16:00
SaurOr should I just send a patch to add the vardeps manually?16:00
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RPSaur: I'm struggling to process the different directions I'm being pulled in at once, to the point I'm actually physically shaking which is a bit disconcerting. What I'm failing to recall is where the code is but I suspect it will come back to me in a minute so give me some time to think...16:07
SaurRP: No worries, take your time.16:07
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RPSaur: lib/bb/ enable the bb.warn("%s: %s\nRefs:%s Execs: %s %s %s" % (name, fn, parser.references, parser.execs, parser.var_execs, parser.contains)) (there is a bug where src should be fn)16:11
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RPSaur: that will give you debug at least16:11
SaurOk, I'll see if I can come up with anything. :)16:11
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RPSaur: meta/lib/oe/ needs packagedata adding to BBIMPORTS, that is why it isn't being handled16:13
RPSaur: what that breaks test wise will be "fun"16:13
SaurDoes it make sense to add it?16:14
RPSaur: yes, I just wonder if all the sigs tests will still pass16:15
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SaurBtw, looking at meta/lib/oe/ and listing the modules in meta/lib/oe: what determines which modules are added to BBIMPORTS and which are left out?16:17
RPSaur: BBIMPORTS copied what the code in base.bbclass did. So you're asking why some were listed there and some weren't16:18
RPI'm not sure, I suspect bugs in some cases and code pollution in others16:18
SaurWhat are the drawbacks of adding modules to BBIMPORTS? (I assume there are some, or they would just have all been added.)16:20
RPThere were drawbacks to the base.bbclass imports including circular reference issues and dependency problems. pyaddlib was designed to avoid a lot of them16:20
RPSaur: short answer is I don't remember if there are any or not16:21
SaurRP: You were worried about sig test if packagedata is added to BBIMPORTS. Which tests are that exactly? Thought I'd give it a shot, but I  prefer to not run all of oe-selftest if I can avoid it....16:22
RPSaur: sstatetests16:23
SaurThank you.16:23
* RP wishes he could avoid running it16:24
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RPSaur: I've thrown it into master-next along with a load of other things, we'll see what breaks from this16:53
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SaurRP: I have verified that with your addition of packagedata to BBIMPORTS, I can see the dependency on PKGDATA_VARS being added for the do_package task (and some other dependencies as well).19:10
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SaurRP: There is one thing I do not understand though. When I ran bitbake-dumpsig -D -t v86d package (I used the v86d recipe for testing since it has basically no dependencies), I noticed that the name of the sigdata file was the same both with and without your fix. I had, however, expected it to change as the contents change...19:16
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khemRP:  do you see issues with llvm 17 patch ?20:16
RPkhem: abelloni did I think20:29
RPSaur: Offhand I don't know20:29
khemI will wait for details20:30
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abelloniRP: khem: I had the same issue without llvm 1721:05
abelloniso I guess the patch is ok21:05
RPabelloni: ok, thanks21:05
abellonimy issue is librsvg failing to build on qemux86-64-x3221:06
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yates_workis there a way to .bbappend a recipe but have it named something else? i need to .bbappend, but I want it named qtbase-static21:09
yates_workin other words, when i "bitbake qtbase", i want that to build the original without the .bbappend21:09
yates_workbut i don't want to copy the whole recipe and tweak a hundred file names. it is only one or two PACKAGE_CONFIG options I need to change21:10
JPEWyates_work: You can do some limited amount of that with BBCLASSEXTEND, but it's pretty tricky21:11
*** brazuca <brazuca!~brazuca@2804:7f4:3598:bdc1:e8d5:4298:5d32:bd11> has joined #yocto21:11
yates_workJPEW: ok reading up on BBCLASSEXTEN21:12
JPEWWe have a (probably really gross) class called virtvariant.bbclass that gives us the ability to have a lot of version of a recipe with different overrides to keep our recipes more or less sane21:12
* JPEW should upload it somewhere, but I'm afraid it will blind some of the more seasoned devs21:12
yates_workthen it'll probably kill me!21:13
RPJPEW: I've seen a class like this before :/21:16
JPEWYa... it's messy, but it works for what we need21:18
JPEW(which is TBH pretty limited)21:18
RPJPEW: I'm sure we did used to have something like this somewhere public. We ended up not needing it though (thankfully!)21:19
RPcore-image-ptest-* is probably one of the more crazy public usages of it :)21:19
JPEWYa. I'm not sure what the better option is for our use though; we just need to make a few small modifications to a recipe (usually, per product)21:20
RPJPEW: it is fine, it was designed for that kind of thing21:20
RPbitbake internally could handle it more performantly but such is life21:20
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RPrburton: I'm blaming your patches for
RPwith helpful errors messages :(21:29
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abelloniat least, it is not False is not True ;)22:00
RPabelloni: I have tried to remove a load of those but there are so many left22:01
RPabelloni: I guess False is True would be worse22:01
RPNone is not True or False22:02
abellonikhem: I guess you are going to look at why the musl patches failed?22:02
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RPSaur: I did bitbake-dumpsig tmp/stamps/qemux86_64-poky-linux/v86d/0.1.10.do_package.sigdata.8a* | grep emit and I see emit_pkgdata listed22:41
RPSaur: comparing old files with new ones, I see it changes to List of dependencies for variable oe.packagedata.emit_pkgdata is ['ALLOW_EMPTY', 'MLPREFIX', 'MULTILIB_GLOBAL_VARIANTS', 'MULTILIB_VARIANTS', 'PACKAGES', 'PKGDATA_VARS', 'PKGDEBUGSOURCES', 'PKGDEST', 'PKGDESTWORK', 'PN', 'RPROVIDES', 'oe.packagedata.glob', 'oe.path.symlink'] from an empty list previously22:42
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