Friday, 2023-09-22

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PhoenixMageLetoThe2nd: My first custom yocto build connected to self hosted Mender is up and running :)04:11
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mcfriskabelloni or anyone: how to get to do_testimage task logs with debug details from ?06:22
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abellonimcfrisk: they are here
abellonibut this was an old failure so I guess you won't find what you are looking for06:27
mcfriskabelloni: thanks, debug logs were not in that test run06:32
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RPSaur: As suspected, the tests did fail. I've sent a v2 which fixes06:33
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kanavinRP: groff upstream acknowledged the race issue, so I think they'll make a patch quickly
kanavinI'll send it as soon as it lands in their git07:11
LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:14
LetoThe2ndPhoenixMage: very cool! is it based on a publicly available platform?07:14
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rob_wwhat is the best pratice to use EXTRA_USER_PARAMS and set passwords .. i am on kirkstone atm,  usermod -P was abosolete, now trying usermod -p  `openssl passwd mypass` root07:57
RPkanavin: thanks!07:57
RPlooks like the llvn upgrade breaks mesa-native for me locally :(07:57
rob_wbut i cant login and the hash in shadow doesnt look like anything i create on a normal console vwith openssl07:57
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rob_wnvm rtfm08:39
mckoanhello, I need to create a recipe that installs several sysVinit service. I am following the path opened by busybox. Unfortunately it doesn't work. See
mckoanAt the moment I am trying with a single service.08:43
mckoanLooks like the recipe name matters, but busybox works even it is not installing a INITSCRIPT_NAME with that name08:44
mckoanIs there something I am missing in the variables INITSCRIPT_PACKAGES, INITSCRIPT_NAME, INITSCRIPT_PARAMS ?08:44
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RPmckoan: looks like an assumption about PN somewhere :/08:55
mckoanRP: sorry, what do you mean?08:58
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RPmckoan: it seems to have some assumption that the script is named after PN09:08
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rburtonRP: damn and blast09:25
RPrburton: I tested the first four patches successfully so those merged09:29
rburtoni'd blame the one that stops using grep09:30
RPrburton: I also found limited insight on the setupClass logging09:30
rburtonwithout even looking at the fails i can see one problem that failed to get fixed when i split the branch in half09:31
* RP hands an axe to rburton09:37
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mckoanRP: do you mean you suspect a bug in the class?09:42
rburtonRP: was it just those two that failed, or are they just the first two that failed?09:43
RPmckoan: no, just some assumption that isn't obvious. Maybe some variable that needs to be set if the assumption isn't true. I don't remember too much offhand09:58
RPrburton: it seemed to be qemuarm things09:59
rburtonfired locally to see what i broke09:59
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yates_workwhere is DISTRO_FEATURES typically defined?11:37
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mckoanyates_work: in the distro .config file11:47
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yates_workmckoan: ok thanks. i had looked in there but there was no "shadowed" (i.e., commented-out) DISTRO_FEATURES variable setting12:38
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rburtonyates_work: there's a default value in oe-core if you don't set it explicitly in the conf.  bitbake-getvar DISTRO_FEATURES will show you what the value is and where it is defined.12:46
yates_workgreat info!12:49
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yates_workis bitbake-getvar only good for getting variables in the local.conf file for the build?13:10
yates_worki looked it up and could not find the command in the bitbake reference manual (2.4)13:10
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yates_worki'm thinking it must be limited to that context since you don't specify a recipe or an image13:11
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qschulztlwoerner: I have some notes for the patches in the mailing list so please don't merge yet the rk3588 support13:22
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mckoanyates_work: this is an example
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rburtonyates_work: try reading bitbake-getvar --help13:40
tlwoernerqschulz: no problem13:40
tlwoerneri try to wait a couple days for feedback13:40
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pasherringHey all =) Is there some tutorial/notes on getting started with bitbake at development level? Like understanding the project structure and code-base organization, and maybe extend the interface of a existing tool. One idea I have is to allow opening the recipe sources on the system's preferred editor.14:06
rburtonpasherring: you might want to look at adrianf's 'devtool ide' patches on the oe-core list14:07
rburtonpasherring: but right now, devtool modify will give you a local copy of the source tree for a recipe that you can just open in an ide and edit, and calling bitbake will use that source14:07
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pasherringrburton, Nice! I read a few lines about this spread out here, but, never got to see what it is really about. I'll look into it.14:08
pasherringI rely a lot on compile_commands.json file for source browsing, and I've made a small bbclass that would use python's compiledb package to generate it from log.do_compile, or alternatively use cmake to generate it. Not sure if this is overall too useful.14:12
pasherringI am a bit too fearful of contributing openly, not sure if it is worth it :\14:12
yates_workmckoan: thanks - very helpful14:16
mckoanyates_work: great! thanks14:24
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tlwoernerqschulz: does my log message imply i think the binary blob is based on TF-A? i'm literally trying to say the opposite14:44
tlwoernerqschulz: lol, i was wondering why that email bounced to you14:45
tlwoernerwhy is google (gmail) suddenly deciding that emails from RP are spam? <grr>14:49
qschulztlwoerner: that's what I understood yes. we're using the binary DDR/TPL blob, hopefully this can change if/when TF-A gains support for the rk358814:53
qschulz(add quotes around the second sentence)14:53
qschulzs/what I understood/how I understood it/14:53
qschulzDDR/TPL is not from TF-A as far as I know14:54
qschulzBL31 is (which is part of U-Boot Proper fitImage, named u-boot.itb, itself bundled in u-boot-rockchip.bin)14:54
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adrianfpasherring: Which Yocto version are you using? Which editor do you prefer?15:02
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RPtlwoerner: that doesn't sound good? I've sent too many patches recently? :/15:09
JPEWtlwoerner: I have to  check and mark them as not spam frequently. I blame "the algorithm" ;)15:10
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RPIs it my patches, email replies or both?15:12
pasherringadrianf, quite outdated. bitbake is 1.32, yocto 2.2 (daisy I think?)15:13
RPpasherring: you could always share and make it clear you're not asking for inclusion, it is just so others can use if it is useful to them. Please don't be fearful of contributing15:15
rburtonpasherring: EOL since july 2018, FYI15:15
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pasherringRP, right, I try my brave pants and try to overcome this =)15:19
pasherringrburton, right! Daisy is 1.6, which was the initial release that the pilot project was based of. Sadly, the next best thing on this set top box realm would be dunfell, which is already on the verge of EOL :\15:21
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adrianfpasherring: Probably "devtool modify your-recipe" will already work with this old version. The devtool ide patches are usable with kirkstone and newer.15:24
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pasherringadrianf, Noticed that I missed the editor: I use vscode. Regarding devtool, I'll poke around. I gave up because of some corner cases, especially multiple SRC_URI with destsuffix, are quite common on the code-base15:30
pasherringAlso, broadcom deliveries uses some sort of externalsrc of their own, which also tends to fail with devtool :\15:31
tlwoernerRP: i'll check whether it's patches or replies next time. for me it was 1 yesterday and 1 (so far) today15:46
vvnhow do I specify the minimal kernel version for a given machine?15:48
RPpasherring: we do take improvements to devtool!15:48
khemRP: any ideas what could be going on with musl fetch error15:48
RPkhem: no :(15:48
khemI could see it happen on non AB machines too15:48
RPkhem: how are you configuring the shallow clones?15:49
RPkhem: worrying that it breaks :(15:51
khemdo we have shallow clones enabled on AB too ?15:51
RPkhem: no15:51
khemyeah so it maybe not related to shallow clones15:52
adrianfpasherring: VSCode is the default editor which the devtool ide plugin supports.15:52
khemI think I should just remove MIRRORS entries for musl and see if that helps15:52
pasherringRP, Right! That was also one of the reasons I wanted to get to know a bit more on how to develop =) One thing that I really like about this project is how well documented it is. But, I couldn't find docs/guides on how to develop (and maybe just didn't looked enough)15:52
khempasherring: we have been putting quite a bit of focus on developer tooling for past some time.15:53
khemearlier focus was more release oriented, which is world class now15:53
RPkhem: - Request not supported: '/home/git/musl'15:54
RPkhem: the repo looks to be broken?15:55
RPmuch easier to assume bitbake is broken15:55
khemRP: but local clone works15:56
RPpasherring: documention tends to focus on how to use the project but we'd be interested if there are specific questions you think should be answered?15:56
RPkhem: git clone works, git clone does not15:57
RPthe logs say the latter was being used15:57
RPkhem: right15:57
adrianfpasherring: did you already look at that ?15:58
RPkhem: = "git://;branch=master;protocol=https15:58
RPhas the .git15:58
RPkhem: does mesa-native build for you btw? It fails with the new llvm for me :(16:00
khemRP:  hmm it did16:01
khemI fixed it - and ran
khemlets see if it fetches it now16:01
khemwhat error do you see with mesa-native ?16:02
RPsrc/amd/llvm/libamd_common_llvm.a.p/ac_llvm_helper.cpp.o: in function `ac_create_passmgr':16:05
RP| ac_llvm_helper.cpp:(.text.ac_create_passmgr+0x8c): undefined reference to `llvm::createPromoteMemoryToRegisterPass(bool)16:05
pasherringRP, I am sure i have all kind of dumb questions. But, one I've been trying to understand is how can I add/extend a new command/option to some existing tool, or how to setup a proper interactive debugging session on existing tool, to inspect variables, try to have a "runtime" understanding of common structures and so on.16:06
RPpasherring: our docs are about how to use the project, not develop software in general. There should be other resources though outside the project for that16:06
RPsomething about interactively debugging project things would be nice to have....16:08
pasherringRP, I've started with oe-pkgdata-util, which is a bit more light weight (or at least seems more straight forward), and because I thought this might be the correct place for the "open recipe sources" command I mentioned.16:08
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khemI saw something on bpftrace hmm16:11
khembut that was bpftrace issue16:11
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khemRP: we need -
khemI proposed it 2 months back16:13
khemto mesa16:13
khemRP: I will send a patch for mesa-native in few moments, I think I am carrying it in meta-clang thats why I did not see the issue16:15
RPkhem: thanks16:16
khemhmm v1 of this patch is already applied to core16:25
khemso I wonder16:25
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khemRP:  patch is on ml16:37
khemregarding musl fetch issue it still remains after changing repo to drop .git16:39
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tlwoernerJPEW: it would be nice if "the algorithm" took our feedback as inputs. how many times do i have to mark Miquel Raynal's emails as "not spam" before google gets a clue?!16:40
JPEWtlwoerner: Ya, not sure :/16:42
khemRP: Fetcher is doing some translation ? - LANG=C git -c gc.autoDetach=false -c core.pager=cat clone --bare --mirror --progress16:47
khemthis fails16:47
khembut how did it get those two git/git in the utl16:47
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RPkhem: it says core.pager=cat fetch -f --progress refs/heads/*:refs/heads/* refs/tags/*:refs/tags/ where I'm looking16:49
khemdoes it do something special when repo is called musl.git ?16:49
RPkhem: not that I know of16:50
khemhmm ok16:51
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tlwoernercould someone interpret/translate what this is doing?
tlwoerneri know what ${@ is, but what is ${@[ ?16:58
tlwoernerwhy not just set MACHINEOVERRIDES directly?16:58
khemit says append SOC_FAMILY to MACHINEOVERRIDES iff its not empty17:00
khemprepend actually but its same otherwise17:01
dariotlwoerner: first pair of brackets crates an array, second pair indexes it with the result of the comparison17:05
vvnwhat is the quick and dirty way to test upstream kernel version 6.6-rc1?17:16
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khemvvn:  linux-yocto-dev17:19
vvnkhem: linux-yocto-dev unfortunately goes up to 6.517:22
khemUsually you can quickly spin a recipe too which machine are you looking for17:23
vvnkhem: sure but I was wondering if there was something I could add in local.conf instead of creating a recipe ;)17:26
khema bbappend might do17:28
khemset SRCREV_machine SRCREV_meta  and LINUX_VERSION17:30
zeddiivvn. in a matter of a day, linux-yocto-dev is going to be 6.6-rc217:31
zeddiithere's breakage across a lot of coupled packages that I've been fixing.17:31
khemyeah I see
* zeddii is fighting with perf today17:31
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jclsnHow to map the path from a workspace correctly when debugging with gdbserver? Do I need to involve the SDK?19:55
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khemjclsn: I think you can use sysroot in a gdb config or something21:07
khemRP:  I have sent a v3 of musl patchset21:08
khemwhich should settle the fetching issue21:08
RPkhem: what was the issue?21:08
khemRP:  I switched to using which resolves to21:09
RPkhem: I kind of wish we could get to the bottom of what is breaking21:09
khemI could not get it on local machine again after cleanall21:10
khemso hard to debug21:10
jclsnkhem: Yeah, seems gdb-multiarch is sufficient for my needs, but you could maps everything I guess21:10
khemRP:  Rich ( musl maintainer ) suggested to use git:// protocol instead of https21:12
khemhe wants to get https setup properly and upgrade httpd on the git machine21:13
khemI think we should just use mirror is what my mind says21:14
khemRP: what git client do we use on AB systems ?21:14
khemis it something of our own or distro provided one21:15
RPkhem: distro provided in most cases21:15
RPkhem: I wonder if there is some compatibility symlink in the fetcher for ".git" causing problems21:15
*** l3s8g <l3s8g!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)21:15
khemhe was suspecting that client changed something that server is not understanding now21:15
khemI do see some zero sized files being created by fetcher in downloads21:16
RPthat is possible21:17
RPkhem: we can switch to the git protocol. We changed to http everywhere for corp firewalls and it being "best practise" now21:18
khemyou mean "we cannot" I guess21:19
RPkhem: no, I mean that we can switch it back. We just made a conscious decision to make http the default in most places21:21
RPthe mirrors should make http work for musl if git proto doesn't21:21
khemlet me try that21:22
khemoh but protocol=https or protocol=git21:23
khemwe can only specify 121:23
khemso how will it toggle automatically21:23
khemI think fetching from github mirror might be a good option instead21:24
khemCDN and https all will work with no issues21:24
*** brrm <brrm!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)21:25
RPkhem: we can add a mirror url for the other21:25
RPbut I mean the project default mirrors should cover it too21:25
khemlet go with what we have for now and let Rich upgrade his git server's httpd before switching21:26
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khemRP:  I would spend that time looking into ptests instead21:31
yates_workif i bbappend, recipe.bbappend, then are the variables from available for modification in recipe.bbappend?21:33
*** brazuca <brazuca!~brazuca@2804:7f4:3598:bdc1:f54b:9b19:177e:a65a> has joined #yocto21:41
rburtonyates_work: yes, otherwise there's be no point21:48
dariowhich is why you almost always want +=, :append, :remove in .bbappend instead of plain assignments21:50
yates_worki looked around for the .bbappend wildcard naming and couldn't find specifics. i have which i want to bbappend; would that be qtbase_git-%.bbappend?21:58
JPEWqtbase_git.bbappend works21:58
rburtonqtbase_git.bbappend works21:58
rburtonor qtbase_%.bbappend21:58
yates_workah, ok21:58
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rburtonhalstead: _free_ cdn? amazing!22:13
halsteadrburton: working my open source magic where I can.22:13
rburtonthat is impressive magic22:13
rburtongood work :)22:14
halsteadNow just need to get the files between 64mb and 1gb hosted22:14
rburtonpesky webkit with its vast amount of debug symbols, it's _giant_22:14
halsteadAnd then we need to figure out how to make files over 1gb smaller! ;)22:14
rburtonhm i have a thought22:16
halsteadRichard said we might be able to drop debug symbols for some sstate packages.22:16
rburtonthat's cheating22:17
rburtoni admit i did it for piglit but that had about 3gb of debug symbols for auto-generated test code22:20
halsteadI wonder how much work it would be to make the build system break sstate files into small segments and then pull those in22:20
rburtonRP: useful
RPhalstead: the way to do it would be a custom fetcher module22:22
rburtonhalstead: well my 10 second experiment cut dbus-dbg down from 2.8M to 800M, lets see what that does to webkit22:22
RPrburton: what did you do?22:23
rburtonCFLAGS += "-gz"22:23
RPhmm, I remember trying this a while back and the world wasn't ready22:23
rburtonthe internet says it might be now22:23
RPdid it reduce the sstate size? since that is compressed...22:24
rburtonthat much is true22:24
rburtonbut compressing sooner might be useful?22:24
RPI've nothing against that22:24
RPand yes, smaller files would help22:25
rburtonwhat algorithm is sstate using?22:25
RPrburton: zstd22:27
rburtonshame :)22:27
rburtonhm it appears that compressing the dbg made the sstate grow22:27
rburtonwhich wasn't expected22:27
rburtoni guess the sstate zstd is doing better than elf gzip22:28
rburtonignore me, it's late :)22:28
* RP is curious to experiment but not now :)22:34
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