Monday, 2023-10-09

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mckoangood morning06:27
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alessioigorgood morning to all!06:43
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:19
LetoThe2ndrburton: time bitbake core-image-sato on the new box:real    83m32.211s user    0m25.560s sys     0m10.779s07:24
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yoctonLetoThe2nd: Nice! It got me thinking... Shouldn't we put some of these number somewhere in the doc? It would give the user the ballpark of the build time they are looking at...07:45
LetoThe2ndyocton: ross said he has a table for it, and probably it is public07:47
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ray-sanhi there, i try to build uwsgi for the machine genericx86-64 and i get the following error message "QA Issue: package python3-uwsgi contains bad RPATH /yocto/bls-kirkstone/tmp/tmp/work/core2-64-poky-linux/python3-uwsgi/2.0.22-r0/recipe-sysroot/usr/lib"   has anyone an idea how to fix that? i am not realy familliar with the build process of uwsgi07:49
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ray-sanlooks like "chrpath -d ${D}/usr/bin/uwsgi" in do_install:append() did the trick. or do i break something with that?08:03
dvergatalhi all08:04
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yoctonLetoThe2nd: rburton: Maybe this should be in the doc? =>
dvergatalis it possible to check with bb.utils.contains if two values are found in e.g. DISTRO_FEATURES ?08:34
dvergatalbecause from what I'm seeing in the code there are checks like that08:34
bhstaleldvergatal You're using contains to assign to a value or you are using it in a Python task ?08:35
bhstalelassign to variable*08:36
dvergatalto assign to value08:36
dvergatalsorry variable:P08:36
bhstalelLike PACKAGE_DEPENDS:append = " ${@bb.utils.contains...." ?08:36
bhstalelYou can use inline Python instead of bb.utils.contains08:38
bhstalelLet me check an example08:38
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bhstaleldvergatal PACKAGE_DEPENDS:append = " ${@'to_add' if all(value in d.getVar('DISTRO_FEATURES') for value in ['val1', 'val2']) else ''}"08:42
TyakuHello, "ipset" is not available in dunfell ?08:43
TyakuIn hardknott/kirkstone ipset is in meta-openembedded/meta-networking08:43
Tyaku /recipes-filter08:43
landgrafbhstalel: d.getVar('DISTRO_FEATURES').split() otherwise you may hit funny issues08:45
landgrafbhstalel: that's why bb.contains and stuff is there08:45
bhstalellandgraf How funny issues? I thought checking a string in another string would always work08:46
landgrafbhstalel: DISTRO_FEATURES="mynicefeature mynicefeature-foo mynicefeature-bar" for example08:46
bhstalellandgraf You are totally right, I missed that hh08:47
landgrafbhstalel: and now you're looking for mynicefeature but have mynicefeature-foo mynicefeature-bar in the list08:47
landgrafbhstalel: I've learned this the hard way myself few days ago =)08:47
bhstaleldvergatal Use: PACKAGE_DEPENDS:append = " ${@bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'val1 val2', 'to_add', '', d)}"08:50
bhstalelLuckly, (contains) will split the checkvalues on whitespace into a set()08:51
bhstalelSo passing a white separated string would work.08:51
bhstalellandgraf I asked a question regarding layer.conf but I got no response08:54
bhstalelI checked and I found that empty layer.conf will pass,08:54
bhstaleland BBFILES only would work as well.08:54
dvergatalbhstalel: yeah that is what I was seeing in the code already08:56
dvergataland I was woundering if it will also work if e.g. DISTRO_FEATURES will containt val1 and val2 in different order08:56
landgrafdvergatal: you can try asking your question on the mailing list. people here may be quite busy with the upcoming release and issues we're seeing...08:57
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bhstaleldvergatal It will work as well, it will check if a set is a subset of another, so it will work, check the contains function in poky/bitbake/lib/bb/utils.py09:01
dvergatalbhstalel: thx09:01
bhstalellandgraf I am active on stackoverflow and on the training side, I would love to be involved in the code contributions (I already analyzing the source code for some bugs) but it there a meeting (like daily) or something that I can assign some tasks to my self and work on them ?09:02
bhstalelrburton After attending the meeting, I think it should be an other platform that hold all tasks and assignees right?09:08
rburtonthe triage call goes through the new bugs and tries to find assignees09:09
rburtonif you want to discuss specific bugs, that can be done in either call after the usual agenda is done09:09
rburtonor just comment on a bug and say that you'll work on it09:09
bhstalelSo, in the meeting, I can raise my hand and say that I can work on the bug, then I do the work and send a PATCH.09:11
bhstalelOtherwise, finding a Bug in the list without assignee, then I can comment that I will work on and follow again the PATCH send.09:11
bhstalelAlso, I can find a Bug on my own and send a PATCH directly if I fix it09:11
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rburtonright, you don't need to ask if the assignee is unassigned.  Even if it's assigned, if there's been no action then just ask in the bug.09:13
rburtoni've got a load of bugs that i'm not working on right now and would support someone taking one off by hands!09:13
bhstalelYou have list of bugs?09:14
bhstalelI can start working on them as a starting point to be familiar with the process09:14
rburtonif you're actively looking for something to do then the Newcomer or Medium+ 4.3 Unassigned lists are worth a browse09:18
landgraffeel free to work on bugs assigned to me, lol :D09:18
bhstalelLol, I will do my best09:21
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landgrafbhstalel: you can start with
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bhstalellandgraf Thx, I will take my time to analyse the links and understand the workflow09:25
GuillaumeHi! If I want to add postgresql on my system, is it enough to just add the postgresl recipe dependency in my RDEPENDS? For instance, If i need postgresql to be installed and running at boot start (I'm using sysv and not systemd), what should I do?09:25
rburtonGuillaume: you depend on packages, so have a look at the postgresql recipe to see what package contains the daemon and init scripts09:26
GuillaumeYes, it seems I already have the init scripts and all in my built system, I just don't know what the best practice to build a system that launches postgres at boot time, should I inherit the postgres recipes to add something for this?09:29
GuillaumeHo I think I misunderstood the recipe, it seems that the official postgres recipe already does that09:36
landgrafGuillaume: Does it? INITSCRIPT_PARAMS = "start 64 . stop 36 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 ."09:38
Guillaumelandgraf: ok so I should inherit the postgres recipe myself to change this param?09:42
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bhstalelrburton landgraf When working on the bugs, I am free to propose any code changes that fix or implmenent the idea ?09:50
rburtonsure, that's what fixing a bug is09:51
landgrafbhstalel: you're. but it doesn't mean *any* code changes will be accepted :)09:53
bhstalellandgraf LOL of course09:53
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mcfriskRP: I remember seeing some odd issues on some boards and having to hit enter a few times before serial console and getty "wake up". How about ? I know this should not be needed but maybe it helps..10:24
rburtonRP: forwarded your mail my internal kernel slack and crossed my fingers11:14
ad__hi, do you think at hardknott rel, can i generate some sort of sbom ?11:17
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rburtonad__: there's the manifests11:25
rburtonyou'll have to backport the spdx stuff if you want that specifically, but the image/package manifests are SBOMs, just not SPDX format11:26
ad__ah ok thanks a lot11:29
mihaiit's a hardknott life11:31
ad__hehe yeah11:32
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ad__how can i check unnecessary packages ? as orphan libraries ?11:36
mihaiad__: which ones exactly? technically, all of them are necessary :)11:40
mihaiwhatever you get in your image is either targeted by the image recipe, required as a dependency or (depending on your config) recommended packages11:41
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RPrburton: thanks. I'm still wondering what to do next :/11:49
RPmcfrisk: I was wondering about putting a couple of newlines down the serial port, see if that wakes it up11:49
mcfriskRP: how about checking for login prompt from ttyS0, that seems to work reliably. then use that to move on with yocto side releases etc. track this issue separately with kernel serial upstream, a bug report if mails don't get replies. reproduction is the tricky bit, since this seems to be only visible on yocto autobuilders.11:52
RPmcfrisk: the code doesn't really make that easy, we need both to work. The serial based tests don't like kernel logs mid test11:54
RPmcfrisk: I suspect the kernel console logs make the port work :/11:54
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mcfriskyea, I think the same. large amount of data fixes things. but grepping for login prompt from both serial lines could work. in case ttyS1 is broken, ttyS0 likely has what is needed, even if kernel logs can break it11:55
dvergatallandgraf: I know but sometimes for very easy questions i dunno if it's worth to clutter the mailing list...11:59
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RPmcfrisk: ttyS0 is being handled by a separate isolated thread so we can't just switch over to it for the tests though12:06
mcfriskI thought tests don't use serial console but ssh, but maybe I'm wrong and lack the overview12:10
mcfriskbut writing couple of "\n\n" to ttyS1 might do the trick. with real HW and especially u-boot/firmware, this is often needed too.12:10
RPmcfrisk: is interesting in that the "helloA" forced data to appear on ttyS112:14
mcfriskRP: exactly :)12:14
mcfriskwe need to add HW quirks for virtual HW :(12:15
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RPmcfrisk: I've put a newlines patch in master-next12:24
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mcfriskRP: looks good, I was hoping qemu would buffer input towards host but waiting a bit doesn't harm12:47
mcfriskor not even qemu, the socket towards qemu12:47
ad__how can i check if a library as lrzsz is included as dependancy ?12:52
rburtonad__: look at DEPENDS?12:54
rburtoniirc there used to be a packagegroup that pulled in lrzsz12:55
rburtonoe-core 7b3e49915ac7caa2e2ca96c44aaad71882e3db16 ripped that out12:55
rburtonad__: oe-depends-dot is useful. bitbake -g [your image], then oe-depends-dot --why lrzsz task-depends.dot12:56
rburtonerm, --why --key lrzssz12:56
ad__ok thaks. I have also zlib in a image packagegroup here, i thinkl i could remove it, since if needed, it should be added as dependancy, correct ?12:57
mihaiis there a known issue wrt. reproducibility of the final image because of ctime? does this sound familiar?12:57
rburtonad__: correct12:57
rburtonmihai: not afaik.  if you have custom image processing steps, they may be unreproducible12:58
mihaiyes, but I've confirmed the same behavior with latest master and core-image-minimal12:59
mihaibasically I'm doing a cleansstate and rebuild on core-image-minimal and get different hashes with each build13:00
mihaiatime and mtime are the same with each build, but ctime breaks reproducibility13:01
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mihaimaybe this is normal?13:08
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LetoThe2ndrburton: is your sato-benchmark table public somewhere?13:17
rburtonLetoThe2nd: my build so slow presentation has some numbers in13:17
LetoThe2ndrburton: k13:18
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LetoThe2ndrburton: for the record, KAS_REPO_REF_DIR cut down hot cache rebuilds to 90 seconds, which is nice :-)13:18
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qschulzhalstead: hello, SSL cert issue on
qschulzhalstead: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN The certificate is only valid for the following names:,, yoctoproject.org13:49
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mckoanwhen I'm using initramfs, if I add a module in the initramfs with PACKAGE_INSTALL:append = " kernel-module-md5" I get automatically the kernel in /boot. Is this an expected behavior in kirkstone?14:10
mckoanI mean I want the module but not the kernel into initramfs14:11
mckoandid I miss a new model/variable to change the new behavior?14:11
JPEWRP: If you don't want to take that's fine, but it bothered me enough to see if I can get it corrected :)14:17
JPEW(before we put it into production anyway)14:17
mckoanin dunfell adding a module didn't include the kernel (as it have to be)14:18
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RPJPEW: fair enough, is that tweaking a patch in -next?14:21
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landgrafif I need to change one commit message in the patch series (forgotten reference) should I resubmit entire series or just v3 of the 2/3 patch?14:33
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landgrafquestion for RP or abelloni probably :)14:34
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RPlandgraf: I'm fine with just that patch, I think abelloni may prefer series14:36
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robertdHi guys, do you know where to get a working example of external toolchain?14:39
rburtonrobertd: meta-arm-toolchain has support for the arm toolchain14:39
robertdI'm trying to use meta-arm/meta-arm-toolchain, but I have some linker issues14:39
robertdfor aarch6414:40
rburtonpersonally i'd recommend not using an external toolchain14:41
rburton(and i'm a meta-arm co-maintainer)14:41
landgrafRP: cheers!  I've resent series to make Alex'es life easier :)14:41
robertdrburton the thing is I have really old yocto release and external toolchain seemed the only reasonable way to try using newer toolchain14:43
rburtonbrace yourself for a world of pain14:43
rburtonone does not just upgrade to a newer gcc and expect stuff to work14:43
bhstalelWhat email should I use when submitting a PATCH in bitbake lib ?14:46
robertdrburton thanks, I think that's the best answer given the circumstances14:46
landgrafbhstalel: check bitbake/README* out14:47
landgrafbhstalel: bitbake-devel@lists.openembedded.org14:47
bhstalelCan anyone see a PATCH from in bitbake-devel ?15:04
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rburtonbhstalel: look yourself
qschulzbhstalel: yes15:10
bhstalelYes I was checking the link, now it appears15:10
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qschulzbhstalel: FWIW, mailing list archives typically take a few minutes to list your mails. For I sometimes had to wait about 30min to see them appear :)15:32
RPnew subscribers also hit moderation which adds a few minutes15:35
bhstalelI am new to contributions, what should I never miss or always keep in mind when trying to contribute ? Maybe this advice will help me alot avoiding any mistakes15:36
qschulzbhstalel: well what I can say is that you had your Signed-off-by, the patch as body of the mail instead of attachment and the commit seems to be easily applicable on top of master (or trivial to rebase), so I'd say you're doing pretty darn well right now for contribution :)15:38
bhstalelqschulz I am not native english speaker, if I understand correctly, am I on the right path? Other then that, I was really busy training Yocto and spreading it in Tunisia (Africa) in Arabic language, I am also top5 on stackoverflow, now I feel so sad because I feel I am late to the contributions party15:41
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qschulzbhstalel: you contributed to yocto in multiple ways already, just not in code15:43
qschulzbhstalel: but training people and answering questions on stackoverflow is a lot of work and benefits the project already, so thank you :)15:43
qschulzbhstalel: but yes, I was saying you're doing things well right now, nothing to worry about15:44
bhstalelI Love Yocto, SPOILER: I am developing an Auto cooker in Rust for 3 months now, that will replace KAS, it accepts JSON, YAML, INI, ..., and has lot of features, it will be public soon. it has more then 4K lines.15:44
bhstalelqschulz Thanks for the appreciation. I will always keep contributing, I am just starting my career, so a lot to come.15:45
bhstalelqschulz I my submittion will be accepted, we will meet in this Summit 2023.11 :))15:46
qschulzbhstalel: i've seen that already, was wondering why not using the new internal tool for the layers that kanavin_ wrote and is merged internally. Spoiler, I'm using kas only because his tool wasn't merged into kirkstone... so don't have first hands experience with that tool15:47
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rburtonto be fair, kas and oe-setup-layer do have different use cases15:48
qschulzbhstalel: I won't be present this edition sadly... once again. Hopefully will have time again soon :)15:48
qschulzbhstalel: but developing a tool even if it already exists (which I don't is the case or not) is anyway a good way to get started on a project :)15:49
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bhstalelMy project called easyocto, it has multiple subsystems (subframeworks):15:51
bhstalel- Easyocto build (To build what is in the input file)15:51
bhstalel- Easyocto reverse (It will generate a build config from an existing build)15:51
bhstalel- Easyocto repo (Build from a given repo config file) Similar to google's repo15:52
bhstalel- Easyocto container (Like kas-container)15:52
bhstalelIt has lot of features:15:52
bhstalel- Core layers already supported internally,15:52
bhstalel- Themes: ROS, IOT, RPI, ...15:52
bhstalel- Other ..15:52
qschulzbhstalel: fingers crossing for your talk :)15:52
qschulzbhstalel: looking forward to seeing it being used :)15:53
bhstalelqschulz Yes, that was the goal, two birds one stone, learn Rust and provide a tool that all the community will benefit from that covers all missing ideas in other alternatives15:53
bhstalelI implemented layer fetching source type as a generic Trait, now Git is implemented, so any contribution will be easy to add support for layer fetching from FTP, and other for example ..15:54
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halsteadqschulz: I'll expand that cert.16:08
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halsteadqschulz: I've replaced that cert and prevented a few renewal issues that would have cropped up soon as well.16:51
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landgrafqschulz: Re BBFILES issue. even if specifying of the dir in BBFILES is not supported this patch is valid becaase it fixes code which is simply broken atm17:24
landgrafotherwise this code is just piece of dead code17:26
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mrdmitryI've been having weird reproducibility issues with useradd/postint order. If I read it correctly, useradd postint script execution behaves differently depending if base-passwd already ran its postinst or not ( And base-passwd itself appears to run all deployed18:47
mrdmitrypostinst scripts in a wildcard expansion order (, ultimately breaking the potential dependencies between postint scripts, e.g. non-hardcoded useradd UIDs may conflict with hardcoded, depending on order of execution or ability to use groups by18:47
mrdmitryname. How should useradd postinst scripts be ordered from the bitbake point of view? Or can they not be ordered at all?18:47
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mrdmitryThe order of postinst calls from staging.bbclass ( comes from BFS traversal, so it's a layered dependency tree, not any specific dependency order - just order of appearance through dependencies. Cascading dependencies through DEPENDS does not produce a18:54
mrdmitryconsistent order for postinsts iteration, the order depends on "how soon any package is resolved" through BFS and for different bitbake targets the order may change slightly (sometimes ordering base-passwd before the useradd packages, and sometimes changing the order of other packages, depending on the "level" at which any dependency is discovered)18:54
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