Tuesday, 2023-10-10

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wackegood morning channel, someone tried to build meta-qt6 on hardknott? readme says it's supported, but i always get GLIBCXX_3.4.30 not found, looked it up, it's part of uninative, the latest which comes with hardknott is 3.5, GLIBCXX_3.4.30 is in 3.6. what should i do? upgrading to kirkstone is not an option atm06:12
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alberto_pianonHi! I'm still working on a PoC implementation of the source tracer API and I ran into a feature that I'm not sure I'm understanding correctly: in SRC_URI multiple 'name' and 'branch' parameters may be set for the same URL, but IIUC this is needed just to fetch multiple revisions in case of shallow cloning, but only the first "name" will be checked out, is that right?07:13
mckoanalberto_pianon: Ciao! Not sure to understand. Can you be more specific?07:20
landgrafalberto_pianon: https://github.com/openembedded/bitbake/blob/master/lib/bb/fetch2/git.py#L12 is it helpful?07:20
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landgrafand he's gone :(07:21
mckoanlandgraf: too busy :-D07:21
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:31
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: hey!07:34
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alberto_pianonlandgraf: yes, but IIUC only the first "name"/revision is checked out in recipe's workdir https://github.com/openembedded/bitbake/blob/master/lib/bb/fetch2/git.py#L63307:38
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qschulzlandgraf: agreed. The thing is that how the commit log is formulated seems to indicate it is supported. So 1) it is indeed supported, then we're missing documentation update (not asking Talel to do it though) and maybe selftest or something like that07:51
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qschulzlandgraf: 2) if it isn't supported but doing this wrong thing is breaks the code, then it should be "documented" in the commit log that this is fixing just an error and not merely stating we support this case :)07:53
landgrafqschulz: Yup. I've replied with simple test request.07:53
landgrafqschulz: 2) agreed :) or drop the code if it's not needed/supported07:53
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qschulzlandgraf: looking at the code quickly, it does seem supported indeed08:00
landgrafalberto_pianon: nocheckout stuff is different story I think08:02
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alberto_pianonlandgraf: the thing that I need to be sure of is that only the branch revision associated with the first name is checked out and used to build the component, while others are just fetched for... reasons, which however do not matter for what I need to do (trace upstream sources used to build the component)08:10
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landgrafalberto_pianon: I *think* it's possible to fetch both names into subdirs and use them for building of the component or at least I can see this as the original idea of having multiple names/branches. I've not found any test case covering this though so it may be good idea to create one. RP can confirm (or not confirm) this.08:15
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RPalberto_pianon: I think we supported that when linux-yocto was a merged tree without separate metadata. We don't do that now and I suspect it was the only user08:34
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dvergatalRP: I have managed to run tar-native instead of host, verified and it's working but not yet for sstate which I still need to implement09:00
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dvergatalRP: in addition I have a question, do we want to have a verification that tar from host is < 1.35 and only than use the the tar-native?09:01
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RPdvergatal: no, it will be too hard to make that work09:11
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RPdvergatal: I am a bit worried about how this will work for things installed from sstate :(09:12
RPno target sstate can be processed until tar-native is present :(09:13
RPthat is a really nasty build bottleneck09:13
dvergatalRP: yeah i know09:14
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dvergatalRP: ok so no check for the version?09:15
RPdvergatal: I don't see how you'd keep the task checksums stable09:17
dvergatalRP: that is what I was afraid of ok I will finish than with sstate and push the new commits09:18
landgrafRP: I've written (very simple) test and looks like Alberto is right, only first ['name/branch'] is being unpacked with fetcher.unpack(). Good news it works in my fake "PREMIRRORS" test environment and I can submit it for review :)09:19
landgrafSRC_URI looks like:         self.recipe_url = "git://git.fake.repo/bitbake;branch=testbranch1,testbranch2;protocol=https;name=branch1,branch2"09:20
RPlandgraf: right, it is assumed the recipe would do what it needed with the other revision09:21
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luc4Hello! What is the proper way to add a user to some groups? I added the user with the useradd class. I tried to add the user like this: USERADD_PARAM:${PN} = "-d /home/touch -r -m -s /bin/bash -p ... -U -g touch touch". It seems I'm getting a huge amount of errors like this: "warning: package architecture (armhf) does not match system (amd64)". Any idea why?09:49
rburtonthose warnings are unrelated to adding a user09:51
luc4rburton: it happens specifically when I change the params in that command09:51
luc4rburton: removing -g ... fixes it and everything works.09:52
luc4rburton: no idea why09:52
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rburtonfirst i'd suggest not using dpkg, it's the least tested of the package backends09:52
rburtonif you can replicate with a minimal example then that would be interesting09:53
luc4rburton: ouch...09:53
luc4rburton: any other way to add the user to a list of groups?09:54
rburtonthat class is how i'd do it09:54
rburtonas i said, a minimal test would be interesting09:54
luc4rburton: I tried to usermod in do_install, but it doesn't seem to work well09:54
rburtonyeah that won't work09:54
rburtonhow would it modify the target passwd file?09:55
landgrafluc4: sysusers if you're using systemd09:55
luc4landgraf: trying it, thanks!09:55
luc4landgraf: is it usable in a ro image?09:56
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landgrafluc4: file a bug if it's not09:57
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rohiebI'm getting errors on git pull in poky.git that the tags for 4.0.13 have changed. Is this legit?09:58
rohiebmy local version refer to commit e51bf557f596 (tag: yocto-4.0.13, tag: kirkstone-4.0.13) So 2023-09-24 10:53:54 (Steve Sakoman) build-appliance-image: Update to kirkstone head revision09:59
rburtonthat's what git.yoctoproject.org says is 4.0.13 https://git.yoctoproject.org/poky/commit/?h=yocto-4.0.13&id=e51bf557f596c4da38789a948a3228ba11455e3c10:00
rohiebhmm the only difference seems to be a different PGP signature and date header in the tag object10:03
rohieb2023-10-05 09:34:57 vs 2023-10-04 13:44:4410:04
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rburtonwhat is the other reference you're seeing?10:06
rburtonmy clone and remote and your local clone all says e51bf5510:06
rohiebrburton: yes, the commit is the same, but the tag object isn't. I inspected it via 'git show <sha>'10:07
rburtonsakoman: did you force-push a tag to fix a signature?10:07
rburtonah sakoman didn't sign it, that was chee yang lee10:07
rohiebcloned the poky repo again. the two tag objects are signed by a different PGP key, but I can't find any of them on a public keyserver10:09
landgraf"2023-10-06 08:25:52     JerryM  anyone who can tell me what happened on meta-openembedded? kirkstone reports a force push for me.."10:10
landgrafso rohieb is not alone.10:10
rohiebkey IDs are 475D5D26421923FF9141383850218C0C54B14303 in the new and 2DD22B5C61EE5D28932A36654D52745D64C37E7B in my old version10:10
rburtonmeta-oe was a different issue, the mirroring got out of sync10:11
landgrafwhoops. it was meta-oe. sorry10:12
rburtonRP: are you aware of any retagging in master on the 4.0.13 tag?10:14
RPrburton: no, please email michael/helpdesk10:14
RPrburton: we did recently add a key for Chee Yang so it may be something went wrong10:15
rburtonhis key isn't on any rings that my gpg can find10:15
rburtonrohieb: give me your email and i'll copy you in, if you'd like10:16
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RPrburton: probably copy chee yang too10:17
rburtonyeah will do10:17
rohiebrburton: thx, sent you via PM10:17
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RPand https://www.linuxfoundation.org/blog/sovereign-tech-fund-boosts-yocto-project10:20
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paulbarkerRP: Excellent news!10:25
paulbarkerI expect a lot of behind the scenes work has been needed to secure that so congrats to all involved10:26
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RPpaulbarker: It has and is taking a bit of pulling together but hopefully worth it!10:31
mcfriskcool! I wish the funding would cover longer holidays for RP and means of delegating issues and maintenance work to other developers10:33
luc4landgraf: is it sufficient to add the conf file to sysusers.d to create the users? Or should I add something else to have those users created at build time?10:39
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landgrafluc4: first of all make sure systemd is configured with sysusers enabled10:43
qschulzRP: congrats!10:44
luc4landgraf: systemd is working fine, so that should be ok. Not sure about sysusers enabled. I see other conf files in /usr/lib/sysusers.d so I guess it is... or should I enable it explicitly somewhere? I couldn't find any example about this.10:44
landgrafluc4: you should know your setup/project better than I do because I know about nothing about it :)10:47
luc4landgraf: I understand that, thanks for your help though.10:47
landgrafluc4: add files under sysusers.d and if doesn't work you'll have to find the reason...10:48
landgrafhappy debugging :-)10:49
landgrafRP and all involved: Congrats!10:49
luc4landgraf: thanks :-) thanks for the useful hint about sysusers, didn't know what it is10:50
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varjagis AUTOREV supposed to still work in Kirkstone?11:14
varjaglooks like it broke for us after migration11:14
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varjag"Exception: bb.fetch2.FetchError: Fetcher failure: Recipe uses a floating tag/branch 'master' for repo '<...>' without a fixed SRCREV yet doesn't call bb.fetch2.get_srcrev()"11:19
landgrafvarjag: Specify SRCREV11:20
varjagit is specified as AUTOREV11:20
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qschulzvarjag: IIRC you need to provide SRCPV inside PV or something like that11:20
*** alberto_pianon <alberto_pianon!~alberto@host-80-117-111-229.pool80117.interbusiness.it> has joined #yocto11:20
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qschulzvarjag: https://docs.yoctoproject.org/ref-manual/variables.html#term-AUTOREV11:21
qschulz" you need to be sure PV contains ${SRCPV}."11:21
varjagi see, thanks11:21
landgrafqschulz: looks like it's by far the most frequent issue people are hitting :(11:22
*** pidge <pidge!~pidge@> has joined #yocto11:25
varjagwas it done to avoid the packages stay infinitely on -1.0.0?11:27
landgrafnot really. it was bugfix11:29
rburton25 minutes until curl cve11:35
* rburton has popcorn ready11:35
RPrburton: I've not been rushing for rc1 due to that :/11:42
rburtonlooks like they're going to be encouraging a 8.4.0 upgrade11:46
LetoThe2ndrburton: why popcorn if you can have beer?11:48
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RPrburton, mcfrisk: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/53/builds/7948 - interesting and confirms this does happen on arm too :/12:04
mcfriskRP: with all workarounds applied, including \n input to ttyS1?12:05
*** bhstalel <bhstalel!~bhstalel@> has joined #yocto12:06
RPmcfrisk: the warning shows the \n to the serial port was needed12:09
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LetoThe2ndrburton: so wheres the party now?12:14
rburtonoh maybe it got moved to tomorrow12:14
rburtonyes, 11th12:15
RPThe fixed version, 8.4.0, will be released on October 11, 2023, at around 06:00 UTC12:15
rburtonwonder why i thought it was today12:15
LetoThe2ndrburton: BÖRING! ME DISAPPOINT!12:15
LetoThe2ndrburton: at least new metal just arrived.12:16
LetoThe2ndrburton: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7117480859602964480/12:16
* landgraf is closing beer :-/12:17
LetoThe2ndlandgraf: that is just plain wrong.12:21
mcfriskRP: glad that workaround works, sad that it's needed :|12:22
RPmcfrisk: me too but I'm having to be pragmatic on this one12:23
RPmcfrisk: at least showing the warning occasionally might encourage us to root cause it12:23
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*** bhstalel <bhstalel!~bhstalel@> has joined #yocto12:27
bhstalelI want to ask about something, if I send a PATCH that does not have a Bug (I even don't attend meetings) and time passes without response to that PATCH, what does that mean? Long review time or something else ?12:27
landgrafbhstalel: it means release is coming and maintainers are busy =)12:30
qschulzbhstalel: it all depends how long is "long" for you (and the maintainers). 1) Contributions to OE-Core and Bitbake very often are merged without notice, so check in the git repos if your patches haven't made it already12:32
qschulzbhstalel: 2) if we're near an rc1 or a release, things may tak longer than usual. This is currently the case.12:33
qschulzbhstalel: 3) Replying to your own patch mail and asking if people have things to say about it is usually the way to go with it12:33
landgrafbhstalel: your first patch has few review comments to be addressed. second one has been sent today (so not "long" in any sense)...12:33
bhstalelThanks for the clarification, just one last question, if I send a PATCH that is not related to a specific branch like "kirkstone", if it is merged, I got notified or in which branch it will be merged ? "master" ?12:34
landgrafbhstalel: 4) Patch will go to testing and it will take some time too (as we're near the rc1/release it can take longer).12:34
qschulzbhstalel: it'll always be master-next (or next?) first, then it'll land into master if it didn't break anything during automated testing12:34
bhstalellandgraf Yes, I am just asking a generic questions in order to prevent any misunderstanding from my side.12:35
qschulzbhstalel: you'll typically not receive a notification (see my 1) ) when it gets merged12:35
landgrafqschulz: it's in -contrib's master-next, then master-next and then (hopefully) master12:35
qschulzbhstalel: if you want things to be backported to earlier release, you need to resend a patch or cc the release maintainer12:35
bhstalelqschulz That's interesting because I did the work on kirkstone, and since it is LTS, the PATCH should be sent with prefix "[kirkstone][PATCH]" and to the maintainer of that branch ?12:36
rburtonRP: balls posted more console fixes but in the middle there's a meta-yocto-bsp commit.12:37
*** Daanct12 <Daanct12!~danct12@user/danct12> has joined #yocto12:37
qschulzbhstalel: so mmm.... this should NOT be done this way12:37
qschulzbhstalel: first write the patch for the master branch and test it on the master branch12:37
qschulzsend it to master12:38
qschulzI mean, to the mailing list, for the master branch (which is the assumed default)12:38
qschulzif then we need to backport it and it's trivial (e.g. a simple cherry-pick is simple), you can ask the stable release maintainer to do it, or send them a patch directly with e.g. [kirkstone] in the mail prefix12:38
landgrafbhstalel: all fixes should go to master first12:39
landgrafotherwise you've a regression12:39
RPrburton: I can handle that12:39
qschulzthough it usually need to be backported to ALL currently supported releases, not only the one you're interested in :)12:39
RPrburton: no SoB12:39
RPrburton: only my SoB on 2/5 as well?12:39
landgrafbhstalel: if the fix is branch specific and master is NOT affected then fix should be send to [branch]12:40
bhstalelThat's clear, for my recent PATCH, I just need to test it on master, because I already sent a PATCH.12:40
bhstalelThen I need to send the patch again with kirkstone prefix and CC the maintainer of the branch.12:40
RPrburton: you can join vmeson in the "unable to send a patch" corner :)12:40
rburtonbhstalel: if you're backporting a fix for kirkstone then you should also backport for mickledore. otherwise someone upgrades from kirkstone to mickledore and your fix disappears12:40
landgrafbhstalel: just take a look how it's done by others12:41
bhstalelIf I test the PATCH on all branches starting from kirktone to master and it works, then I need to send the PATCH as many as the number of branches I tested on ?12:41
landgrafbhstalel: so the rule is fix *MUST* land in all supported branches down from master to <your target branch>12:42
bhstalellandgraf Non-EOL branches to be specific ?12:43
landgrafbhstalel: you send to master, wait until it merged and then send to release branches if needed (and if maintainer haven/t pick them yet)12:43
landgrafbhstalel: yes12:43
bhstalelOk, so for now, no need for me to send for kirkstone or mickledore.12:44
bhstalelI already sent the PATCH, so now I wait.12:44
bhstalelNow it is clear for me, thanks for the clarification, this helps alot avoiding conflicts and misunderstanding in the future.12:44
landgrafbhstalel: and if the fix is for the component it becomes more complicated but it's differnt story ) the general rule is "Upstream first" still applies12:45
*** skokkonda <skokkonda!~skokkonda@> has quit IRC (Quit: Client closed)12:46
landgrafbhstalel: I see now both your patches got attention =) problem solved!12:51
* RP was watching the conversation here12:51
bhstalellandgraf  did they got attention ?12:51
bhstalelNow I see,12:52
landgrafbhstalel: check your inbox )12:52
landgrafRP is following us12:52
*** Minvera2 <Minvera2!~Minvera@user/Minvera> has joined #yocto12:54
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RPmcfrisk, rburton: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/79/builds/5888/steps/15/logs/stdio - with all the current patches :(12:56
RPBrokenPipeError writing to the serial port after two mins? :/12:56
RPwriting much later in the boot did provoke a login prompt12:57
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rburtonlooks like https://blog.cloudflare.com/technical-breakdown-http2-rapid-reset-ddos-attack/ is the curl thing13:05
rburtonmaybe not but that's why i thought the curl thing was today, as that issue was embargoed until today13:07
Guest82hi, let's say there is a definition in a recipe like PREFERRED_VERSION_mylibrary = "1.14.%". How can i find which recipe this is defined in?13:10
rburtonthat won't do anything in a recipe13:10
rburtonbut bitbake-getvar13:10
rburton$ bitbake-getvar PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto13:11
rburton# $PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto13:11
rburton#   set? /home/ross/Yocto/poky/meta-poky/conf/distro/poky.conf:2213:11
rburton#     "6.5%"13:11
*** GParker__ <GParker__!~GParker@> has joined #yocto13:11
Guest82rburton thank you!13:12
rburtonRP: 🤞 https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/15/builds/826213:13
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RPrburton: nice :)13:15
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Guest76inside the bb recipe there is a line like this: inherit ${@bb.utils.contains('PACKAGECONFIG', 'python3', 'distutils3-base', '', d)}. can i override this in bbappend?13:26
Guest76i don't want to do it in bb. the override i want to do: inherit ${@bb.utils.contains('PACKAGECONFIG', 'python3', 'setuptools3-base', '', d)}13:26
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mrdmitryIs there a recommended way of ordering useradd postinst calls or their ordering is arbitrary and cannot be enforced through bitbake?13:31
yoctonGuest76: PACKAGECONFIG:remove = "python3" maybe?13:34
qschulzGuest76: I don't think you can do this, nor "un"-inherit a class13:36
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yates_workis extend_recipe_sysroot a standard task or function?13:46
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rburtonyates_work: '$ git grep extend_recipe_sysroot' doesn't have any addtask lines, so it's not a task14:01
rburtonRP: bah qemuarm failed, i wonder why that's different14:02
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RPrburton: I have some memory of jonmason working on a fix before we could enable it?14:21
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rburtonwe test it in our CI though14:28
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bhstalelRP Regarding your reply on my patch about BBFILE_COLLECTIONS, I will ask a question here to keep the emails only for review remarks and PATCHs:14:32
bhstalelRegarding your comment:14:32
bhstalelDo you mean using addpylib can be an alternative for not setting BBFILE_COLLECTIONS and BBPATH ? If yes, I can't see an example on how to do that.14:32
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qschulzbhstalel: please send the answer to the mail so people don't need to come to IRC to follow up the review on patches :)14:34
qschulzand it also allows people other than RP to answer to your questions as well :)14:34
bhstalelqschulz I thought I'd avoid ping-pong in emails, so it is okay to ask back on emails ?14:34
*** zpfvo <zpfvo!~fvo@i59F5CD07.versanet.de> has joined #yocto14:34
qschulzbhstalel: of course :) there can be a lot of back and forth, but 1) this allows people finding your patch to know the status of the review/discussion and 2) allow other people to chime in :)14:36
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jonmasonthe only thing I have qeueued is fixes in meta-arm for the coming kernel breakage/fixes14:44
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halsteadrburton: yes, the signed tags for 4.0.13 were redone a few hours after they were pushed. Same commit but signed with the release key instead of my key.16:15
rburtonthanks halstead16:16
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fraytrying to build master on a recent 22.04 install.. but I'm getting an error that knotty can't run because curses is missing..  indeed if I run python3 then manually do "import curses", I get an error that _curses is missing, but can't figure out what I don't have installed19:08
frayanyone know what i might be missing?19:08
*** roussinm <roussinm!~mroussin@ipagstaticip-d73c7528-4de5-0861-800b-03d8b15e3869.sdsl.bell.ca> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)19:09
rob_wsudo apt-get install libncurses-dev fray19:11
rob_wthats for generla curses dev package19:12
frayok, I thought it was there, but I'll check again19:12
rob_wif your missing host pyhton stuff , check pip3 or such for its curses packages19:13
frayit was definitely missing, but python still can't import curses19:14
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*** Haxxa <Haxxa!~Haxxa@202-65-68-206.ip4.superloop.au> has joined #yocto19:16
frayI figured it out..19:17
fraywhoever installed this put a custom (and of course _BROKEN_ version in /usr/local19:17
frayso I'd been fighting that for the past 45 minutes..19:17
rob_wgood catch . Ride on !19:17
khemfray: I thought we poison host paths now a days so how does it find stuff from /usr/local I wonder19:21
frayso bitbake tried to run /usr/bin/env python3 -- which came from /usr/local/bin19:23
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frayI can explain why I saw the failure, but can't explain why the person who built the image felt the need to install a broken copy of python3 in /usr/local/bin19:23
khemhmmm, maybe we should send a note when /usr/local paths are used since it could mean trouble and does not comply with TESTED_DISTROS construct19:28
fraythere are cases where PATH could be something specific, i.e. when a buildtools tarball is used.. but I doubt that gets 'directly' installed into /usr/local..19:29
frayI'd say the call to oe-init-build-env would be the place to check and warn19:29
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