Monday, 2023-10-23

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Rich_1234Hello everyone, good morning from England. I am trying to get my TI board up and running a graphical demo. I can run glmark2-es2-wayland & glmark2-es2-drm. However I am failing to open an EGL window with SDL2, so I am wondering if either a driver is not configured properly or somewhere something isn't configured. modetest reports that attempting08:10
Rich_1234any device fails. Now I think the problem I am having is I am not too sure on what device I expect to see open (potentially imx-drm if im using an imx chip?) or how to tell if my graphics is configured properly so I was wondering if anyone had some good resource suggestions for learning about embedded graphics drivers & learn more about what08:10
Rich_1234exactly krmdrms / omap is and how to really use modetest and so forth08:10
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emdevtWhat is your SoC ?08:22
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Rich_1234emdevt Right now I am using the AM68 evaluation module08:24
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emdevtNever used that one. What is your gui framework? QT ?08:25
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Rich_1234Just pure OpenGLES with SDL2 to open a window, I did have an example of running the SDL window with opengl rendering on this board before08:26
emdevtOk. I've always used QT with eglfs and getting that eglfs stuff built and deployed correctly is always pain. So maybe someone else could fill gaps here.08:28
Rich_1234Alright, thanks anyway. I did have a problem with the rendering crashing the board, posted to TI forums and they would update it and 6 months have passed and now I have 6 months of commits added since the last demo. So things may have changed08:31
emdevtYeah, I mainly use buildroot for my stuff - but yocto in my day job. So peeking that side might be useful as well.08:31
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Rich_1234Yeah, I did get an embedded linux book that introduced both buildroot and yocto, but I have been using yocto mostly. And found it way easier to use than the TI SDK at least08:39
emdevtWhat display you're using with that board?08:42
Rich_1234Just a standard 1920*1080 display that I am using for my regular machine that I plug an hdmi cable into08:43
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emdevtI do same with RPi's - I have eglfs as QT backend on those as well.08:44
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Rich_1234Right, we did use QT for another project but moved away using Qt because of their licencing terms. Otherwise yeah it probably would be easier using that08:46
emdevtMy QT projects are open source, so no license issues. But I would assume that staying in 5.12 (?) prevents most of that gplv3 trouble.08:48
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JaMawell staying on unsupported 5.12 avoids license issue, but causes other issues (like security issues where you cannot easily cherry-pick the fix from newer version as it might violate the license)08:53
emdevt__Agree. That's why I segment my implementation strictly to UI functionality. No network stuff etc from QT08:54
JaMaso you got affected by only half of the security issues? :)08:54
emdevt__Yes :)08:54
Rich_1234It was a little outside my domain but I am working for a medical device company, and one of the engineers got in touch with a lawyer and discussed terms but it wasn't made clear if our product fell into a specific category but if I did we would need to pay the yearly subscription and back pay it. And then there was part of it about allowing the08:55
Rich_1234user to upgrade a specific library which for a medical product isn't ideal because you want to lock down library versions right08:55
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Rich_1234But anyway, now i'm just on a proof of concept08:56
emdevt__Rich_1234 - we're on same table. I have medical thing here as well with same issue.08:56
Rich_1234oh :(08:56
emdevt__However that does not use QT. I tend to stick to QT on my personal stuff.08:56
Rich_1234Am i allowed to ask what you use for rendering or is that a secret08:57
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emdevt__On that medical device?09:04
Rich_1234Yeah on the non personal stuff09:04
emdevt__I think I cannot go in details there. But there are options, but better (or more secure) than QT - I don't know.09:05
Rich_1234Right, yeah I understand09:06
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diecoreHello guys. I have issue trying to add a new driver and test it with devtool in yocto. I have a weird behavior: I've run devtool modify our-linux-kernel and then did the changes to add the it6664 driver boilerplate. I can see the new driver choice and I enable it as module from the make menuconfig. My problem is that after generating the .config file if I try devtool build our-linux-mchp the kernel fails to build because it complains: The11:04
diecoresource tree is not clean, please run 'make mrproper'11:04
diecoreI can't run make mrproper because it erases the custom .config file and the new driver is not enabled11:04
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jmdWhich package provides /bin/vi ?11:44
jmd"opkg search /bin/vi"  yields nothing :(11:44
jmdWhat else!11:45
jmdThat provides everything!11:45
rburtonassume busybox unless told otherwise :)11:45
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jmdI suppose it's responsible for /bin/less too11:46
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RPjmd: busybox provides many things through update-alternatives and symlinks so ls -la /bin/vi probably gives a clue too12:17
jmdRP: Thanks.12:18
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kayterina3Hello, how is "INITSCRIPT_PACKAGES" used?  I want to add multiple init scripts with one single recipe. I tried to create a new PACKAGE and append th INITSCRIPT* variables but the script is not included in the final image under /etc/rcX/12:45
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kayterina3If I use "" and call update-rc.d from do_install() it works.12:46
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mckoankayterina3: - page 12412:53
kayterina3nice, thanks @mckoan12:55
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KanjiMonsterI want to do cve_check for an image without actually building the image, is there an easy way? e.g. bitbake -c cve_check core-image-minimal throws an error in a fresh environment (e.g. "Task do_cve_check does not exist for target core-image-minimal")13:46
KanjiMonster(using kirkstone)13:47
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mckoankayterina3: inherit the cve-check class in local.conf then run bitbake core-image-minimal13:59
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mckoanKanjiMonster: inherit the cve-check class in local.conf then run bitbake14:00
mckoan                core-image-minimal14:00
mckoankayterina3: wrong recipent, sorry :-)14:00
KanjiMonstermckoan: after looking at my script again I noticed I added the line to local.conf.sample *after* doing oe-init-build-env, which obviously didn't work14:02
KanjiMonstermckoan: but thanks anyway14:03
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rburtonKanjiMonster: bitbake --runall cve_check core-image-mininal will avoid the actual building of the image14:07
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rburtonit will still fetch everything because that's how it looks inside the patches, and there's no way to say "fetch just the patches"14:08
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KanjiMonsterrburton: thank you, --runall did work much better than -c. Though it didn't seem to fetch anything, downloads/ is empty apart from the cve-check database (and uninative)14:22
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rburtonah maybe we fixed that :)14:29
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khemRP: I am seeing this
khemwith meta-oe jobs and AB did something change in ab helper ?15:16
khemthis is using latest master-next15:17 is no longer generated by default when ever e.g. -S none is used, so probably some side-effect of that15:18
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JaMahaven't seen any update from kanavin for yocto-check-layer for this one, but maybe I've overlooked it somewhere15:22
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ChockyThank you for the CVE mention; I hadn't been aware of that. That's a big deal for me, to push part of the security process much earlier in the dev process = yuuuuge time saving.15:26
RPkhem: if you're using master-next then there are changes and we're still sorting the patches15:27
RPkanavin: did you sort out the yocto-check-layer issue with locked sigs above: ?15:27
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Dane91Hi! :-) I'm new to Yocto, coming from buildroot, and am trying to get a project ported from there - first step, I'm very simply trying to get u-boot built, which involves using a specific release (2022.10) and applying a patch. This seems like it should be super-easy, but I've been struggling for hours (despite reading through BitBake docs as well15:30
Dane91as part of a book and a lot of internet searches). I've created a new layer and added a recipe which sets PREFERRED_PROVIDER, PREFERRED_VERSION and SRCREV, and also adds the patch file to SRC_URI; it looks like u-boot 2022.10 gets downloaded successfully to the tmp/work/... dir, but there is an error applying the patch:15:30
Dane91CmdError('quilt --quiltrc /home/dane/yocto/fsl-community-bsp/exappscreen/tmp/work/exappscreen-fslc-linux-gnueabi/u-boot/1_2022.10-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/etc/quiltrc push', 0, 'stdout: stderr: /bin/sh: 1: quilt: not found15:30
Dane91I've checked and .../recipe-sysroot-native/etc/quiltrc does not exist.15:30
Dane91What am I missing here? :-D15:30
Dane91(If I should rather be asking this somewhere else then my apologies and please point me in the right direction)15:30
rburtondid you write your own patch task?15:30
mckoanDane91: a recipe can't set PREFERRED_*15:31
Dane91No, just added the patch file to SRC_URI, which is what the example file I copied from (for 2022.01) does.15:31
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mckoanDane91: pastebin the recipe would help to fihure out what's wrong15:32
rburtonDane91: are you doing bitbake -b path/to/  specifically, the -b bit?15:32
Dane91rburton yes, correct15:32
rburton"                        Execute tasks from a specific .bb recipe directly. WARNING: Does not handle any dependencies from other recipes."15:32
rburtonsee that big WARNING?15:32
rburtonthat's why you don't have quilt15:32
rburtondon't do that15:32
rburtonjust "bitbake u-boot", and set PREFERRED_VERSION in local.conf or your bsp if you have one15:33
Dane91Ah ok thanks! Let me try that :-D.15:33
rburtonhow did you decide to use -b?  maybe there's more documentation we need to stamp on to make it more obvious to never ever ever use15:33
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Dane91rburton Let me look back, I think it was in the book I bought.15:35
*** GNUmoon <GNUmoon!~GNUmoon@gateway/tor-sasl/gnumoon> has joined #yocto15:36
rburtonif it encourages you to use -b then burn the book15:37
rburtoni've been using yocto since before it was called yocto, and I've literally needed to use -b once15:37
RPrburton: I used to use it a lot! the stamp changes make it less useful now15:38
rburtonshush you're not usual15:38
rburtoni use it to parse specific kernel recipes to extract their version when updating the cve exclusions15:39
ChockyMy build setup likes to rebuild the kernel a lot, which is unhelpful. Now that's probably its own issue I'll get to in time, but -b would help me here.15:40
Chocky"before it was called Yocto" - hipster.15:40
rburtonDane91: "The “-b” option explicitly does not handle recipe dependencies. Other than for debugging purposes, it is instead recommended that you use the syntax presented in the next section."15:42
Dane91Yip I saw that now =#15:42
rburtoni do think that the -b option should be at the end of that section instead of first15:42
Chockyrburton: More serious suggestion.  If you too aggressively kill bitbake, it'll leave the .lock file and then bitch when you restart leading to confusing messages. I know that this logic is necessary, but perhaps some improvement can be made here in regards to messaging, considering a stale .lock file or checking for processes?15:43
ChockyThe background here is that I'm dealing with a bunch of people who are largely new to Linux dev, never mind Yocto. Not everyone was doing Linux dev back in the 1990s like you and I.15:44
RPChocky: I'd suggest checking ps as it will handle a stale lockfile ok meaning there is probably something still running15:45
rburtonyeah i've encountered the old "i hit control-c 1000 times and now bitbake won't start" problem15:45
rburtonand yeah there's usually something hanging around that won't quite die, or is taking its sweet time quitting15:45
ChockyEven if the only improvement here was better messaging, then I'll take it.  "Can't connect to server" looks potentially like a networking problem, which has been a big issue for us, but is unrelated.15:46
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RPChocky: patches welcome for the messaging16:00
ablu/me started to always run bitbake from a container at some point. Then one can just nuke the entire container :)16:01
RPablu: way easier than trying to fix the code properly :(16:01
abluRP : Well, I mostly did it to keep the environment consistent. In fact, I do not remember any recent cases of having to kill the container due to hanging bitbake processes (even if I regulary spam Ctrl+C).16:03
RPablu: there have been issues with the exit handling but I'd hoped most are now resolved16:04
abluRP : Yeah... At <old-job> I was working with some very old-releases. I do not think I have seen issues while roughly following master during the last year.16:06
ChockyRP: I'm just the complaints guy.16:07
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Dane91rburton: Completed successfully, thanks! Currently trying to figure out if it's built the same binary as what buildroot does - file sizes differ, but then again the file sizes between u-boot build and buildroot build differ as well, so I'll probably just need to load this on a board and test.16:09
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rburtonDane91: first check that you set preferred version right and  you didn't build the latest release :)16:11
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rburtonbut yeah, different compilers will mean different binary16:11
Dane91source in the work folder is the correct version (y)16:13
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Dane91Looks like the patch hasn't been applied.16:24
Dane91Using fsl-community-bsp.16:24
Dane91Recipe is:16:24
Dane91require ${TOPDIR}/../sources/poky/meta/recipes-bsp/u-boot/u-boot-common.inc16:24
Dane91require ${TOPDIR}/../sources/poky/meta/recipes-bsp/u-boot/u-boot.inc16:24
Dane91# Note: Dane: New to Yocto so not entirely sure what I'm doing here, throwing things at the wall to see what sticks.16:24
Dane91PREFERRED_PROVIDER_u-boot = "u-boot"16:24
Dane91PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/bootloader = "u-boot"16:24
Dane91PREFERRED_VERSION_u-boot = "2022.10"16:24
Dane91PREFERRED_VERSION_virtual/bootloader = "2022.10"16:24
Dane91LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://Licenses/README;md5=2ca5f2c35c8cc335f0a19756634782f1"16:24
Dane91SRCREV = "4debc57a3da6c3f4d3f89a637e99206f4cea0a96"16:24
Dane91SRC_URI += " file://0001-exappscreen.patch "16:24
rburtonpreferred* variables can't be set in recipes16:26
rburtonwhat is set in a recipe, stays in a recipe. and the choice of preferred version needs to be a global assignment16:26
ChockyLike Vegas16:26
rburtonyou just need PREFERRED_VERSION_u-boot = "2022.10" in your local or bsp config16:27
kayterina3I apped the variables "INITSCRIPT_NAME/PARAMS" but the second file 'init-script-2' is not added in /etc/rcX.d/. The recipe is like this
Dane91OK so I'm guessing that it's the SRVREV set which is causing it to work then (because it is pulling the correct source).16:28
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Dane91Why would the patch not be applied?16:31
rburtonmost likely because its not actually building that recipe at all16:31
Dane91OK maybe the source I'm seeing in the work directory is still from when I was doing the -b16:33
rburtonyeah, the work dir is per-version so check the log from bitbake to see what version it _actually_ built16:33
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Dane91OK so what I'm trying to achieve here in short is to grab the 2022.10 version of u-boot and apply a patch. What would be the right way to do this? I also need to tell the Freescale BSP to build vanilla u-boot and not the Freescale version.16:36
rburtonyou've written the recipe, so just set preferred version of uboot in your local.cofn16:39
rburtonworked example: and
Dane91i.e. I move16:43
Dane91PREFERRED_PROVIDER_u-boot = "u-boot"16:43
Dane91PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/bootloader = "u-boot"16:43
Dane91PREFERRED_VERSION_u-boot = "2022.10"16:43
Dane91PREFERRED_VERSION_virtual/bootloader = "2022.10"16:43
Dane91from the .bb to local.conf16:43
Dane91My apologies I'm sure these are really silly questions.16:43
Dane91I'll go through the example (y)16:43
Dane91Patch has now been applied (y) =D .16:47
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khemRP:  master and nanbield need
khemotherwise basic image builds are broken with clang18:20
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khemthis is a regression because of the version upgrade for shared-mime-info that went in last week18:21
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rburtonnanbield doesn need that surely20:05
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frayHmm.. trying to run core-image-ptest on nanbield (it's been a while) but it's saying it's skipped becasue  "no class extension set", any idea what I'm doing wrong?20:20
fray(I added IMAGE_CLASSES += "testimage" to the local.conf, and I'm building poky)20:20
*** prabhakarlad <prabhakarlad!> has joined #yocto20:24
frayI figured it out, I was trying core-image-ptest, I mean to run core-image-ptest-all20:25
khemfray: you also need to create quite a bit of tap devices depending upon how many parallel jobs you are running20:27
khemadd TESTIMAGE_AUTO = "1" as well20:27
frayYup, hadn't gotten there yet..20:28
khemsee -
khemnow a days I can run the ptests in docker container too20:30
khemthats really handy20:30
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RPkhem: the version upgrade only went into master21:08
RPkhem: and your fix is in master
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khemah yes23:01
khemall good I guess23:01
khemI just needed to update poky submodule to latest master23:01
fraykhem you don't happen to know if there is a switch that enables multiple qemu in the ptest?  Mine is currently running one ptest/qemu session at a time (I'm NOT using YP qemu) so I'm trying to figure out is it something in our QEMU that is blocking, or is it a switch I need to flip?23:22
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frayAhh, i think I found it.. "testimagelock" needs to be set to "" for qemu..23:39
*** jgrossholtz79 <jgrossholtz79!> has joined #yocto23:40
frayyup, setting that and now I'm running the ptests in paralle and have a load of 120.. :)23:43
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