Wednesday, 2023-11-01

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taruuHello guys, I started working and studying the yocto project and ran into a problem that I couldn’t find guides or documentation for the meta levels used in the project. Can you tell me where I can find guides or discussions on this topic to understand how to use them?07:59
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RPThe auto-upgrade-helper code is horrific :(08:54
kanavinI didn't write it :)08:54
RPkanavin: I know. I'm just struggling not to rip the whole thing apart08:54
kanavinRP: I'm also getting mildly annoyed at the assigned maintainers, where are the actual updates from them? we might need a new, harsher round of unassigning :(08:55
kanavinif there's no reaction for the round running right now within a month, I'll try to politely do something08:56
RPkanavin: Multiple challenges there. Some are fine with the AUH handling things in general, some just can't respond fast enough :/08:56
kanavinbut AUH email is not the update itself. It's just a notice to the maintainer to take and resend. And this isn't happening, and across multiple people.08:57
RPkanavin: people see it differently08:58
RPkanavin: why do manually what the tool is already doing?08:58
kanavinRP: because it's not perfect, some patches can be taken as they are, others need tweaks, and in any case it needs someone to look at its output.08:59
RPkanavin: I know that but people often don't think about it09:00
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kanavinRP: are you specifically reviewing latest auh patches, or is it something unrelated (I'm going to look at them now)?09:03
RPkanavin: I'm trying to add layer support to AUH to make it work for meta-oe09:04
kanavinRP: but there's a new patchset for that sent 9 hours ago?09:04
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yoctonHi! I've sent that. Let me know if I can help09:08
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RPkanavin: I'm getting confused. I'm looking at that patchset09:09
RPyocton: thanks!09:09
RPyocton: I have some ideas on how we could improve things but in the interests of time, I think working with what is there may be best09:13
yoctonI'm currently trying to split the patch of David on the autobuilder config (
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RPyocton, kanavin: I've put the patches on master-next branches of helper and auh and added one to drop that machine-list. I've then tried a build using those -next branches:
RP as the previous one was misconfigured09:26
yocton"fatal: 'origin/main' is not a commit and a branch 'tmp-auh-upgrades' cannot be created from it" default branch of meta-oe would be origin/master09:30
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RPyocton: yes, the script needs that tweaking, if we need that code at all :/09:39
RPkanavin: do you know of anywhere we use this tmp-auh-upgrades branch or is it just a leftover of the cron job?09:40
RPcan we just delete too?09:41
adrianfRP: Just a few thoughts on the maintenance of devtool. devtool offers different, almost independent functions. Would it make sense to have a maintainer for each function? For example: "Working on a recipe", "Recipe in workspace" are completely different things.09:41
RPadrianf: if someone wanted to volunteer as the maintainer for some specific functions that would be a better position than we're currently in so I'm open to it09:42
RPkanavin, yocton: According to that run, meta-oe is entirely up to date with nothing needing upgrading09:44
yoctonI find that suspicious...09:45
RPPeople are running devtool upgrade against meta-oe a fair bit and the components there don't change as often as those in core, but, yes...09:47
RPINFO: Skip package meta-oe/libjson-perl (status = UNKNOWN_BROKEN, current version = 4.03000, next version = 4.10)09:48
yoctonRunning with -d5 will log why recipes are skipped09:53
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RPcmp = vercmp_string(uv['current_version'], uv['version']) returns 1 for that09:54
kanavinRP: tmp-auh-upgrades is made from origin/master so that auh doesn't make its update commits directly into a master checkout09:57
kanavinRP: yes, I think is actually unused, and so doesn't need to be maintained09:58
kanavinyocton, I looked at your patchset, it's basically fine09:59
adrianfRP: Deprecating the eSDK installer (do_propulate_sdk_ext) would also simplify the situation. With the meta-ide-support generated environment script, the new bitbake-layer save-build-conf / create-layers-setup functions from Alex and the shared sstate-cache there is a much easier to maintain and more flexible replacement for all available functions.09:59
kanavinadrianf, I think some people still find value in all-included shell archives, the biggest value in them is in fact that they include the cache objects10:01
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kanavinadrianf, you are welcome to join the sstate-for-all thread on the mailing archives, where we discussed how esdk-type environment can be provided directly in a yocto build (it's basically meta-ide-support+restricted tooling+locked signatures). I'm refactoring populate_sdk_ext to make various pieces reusable.10:04
kanavinthere was some discussion around that just earlier this week10:05
kanavinRP: I'm looking at the version checks in meta-oe. Something doesn't compute there: they either match the latest, or are broken. Statistically that is not possible, so it's likely broken ones in fact do miss later versions being available.10:06
kanavin(I mean, I'm looking at the checks performed by auh-meta-oe on the AB. This needs to be checked locally as well).10:08
n0thingWhat would be your advice to a junior who wants to contribute to Yocto and has only been in the industry for 1.5 years? Where should I start? When I can't even produce anything of value...10:17
rburtonn0thing: there's a newcomer tag in bugzilla for bugs which should be _relatively_ simple10:18
rburtonn0thing: specifically would be an interesting dive into the packaging code to fix what is hopefully an easy one10:18
kanavinn0thing, I would advice you to subscribe to the openembedded-core mailing list, and look out for weekly status update mails (they are also archived here )10:21
kanavinthere are numerous ways to contribute listed here, but one particular item I'd appreciate is providing version updates for oe-core10:22
n0thingrburton then it seems like a good start to become a member of bugzilla and start try to solving the problems under the newcomer tag. thanks!10:22
adrianfakanavin: found it. Thank you.10:22
n0thingkanavin Thanks! I will check10:23
n0thingI would like to ask one more question. It is not related to yocto but i would appreciate if you could answer it. What are the qualifications that a junior embedded linux developer should have? What should he/she know?10:27
RPkanavin: something isn't adding up. I see the same results locally10:27
RPadrianf: I'm not sure we can drop the esdk installer but I would like to improve it and make it less black box magic, there is discussion on the list about that10:28
yoctonAlmost no recipe in meta-oe has a RECIPE_MAINTAINER => every upgrade is skipped because of that? (e.g. krb5)10:29
kanavinn0thing, a public coding or documentation portfolio. Doesn't matter how small or unimpressive you think it is, as long as it exists. Shopping list of qualifications matters less than that. I personally don't have half the things that people list as 'mandatory' for an embedded linux developer :-D10:30
kanavinbasically, do a project that interests you personally, and publicly document every step of the way10:30
kanavinRP: are you running devtool check-upgrade-status or devtool latest-version on those?10:33
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RPkanavin: auh with a single recipe specified10:34
RPn0thing: there was a mention recently on the mailing list about cleaning up class XXX(object): -> class XXX(): syntax. That is old python 2.x remnants. If you want to send some simple patches that would get you some commits :)10:35
yoctonRECIPE_MAINTAINER:pn-krb5="Someone" in local.conf and " krb5 -d5" at least start some upgrade compilation10:37
kanavinthis should be fixed so that version checks work even in the absence of that10:39
yoctonThat's 2 separate problems : 1) version check is broken on some recipes (UNKNONW_BROKEN in logs), 2) Some upgradable recipes are silently skipped (unless debug is displayed with -d5) because of missing maintainer10:43
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kanavincan you identify where the skipping happens?10:44
yocton_pkg_upgradable(): D(" Skipping upgrade of %s: no maintainer" % pn) (line 652)10:46
kanavinright. I wonder if we should set RECIPE_MAINTAINER for each layer in meta-oe then (there are now per-layer overrides for that).10:47
kanavine.g. RECIPE_MAINTAINER:layer-gnome-layer = "someone" etc10:49
yoctonSame idea. I'll send a patch for master-next10:49
RPyocton: thanks, sounds good to me10:49
yoctonIn yocto-autobuilder-helper/scripts/auh-config/local.conf.append or extravars in config.json?10:56
RPyocton: might as well put it in extravars10:56
RPkanavin: I'm starting to think we should rework auto-upgrade-helper into something in oe-core10:56
RPwith a suitable amount of cleanup and refactoring10:57
kanavinRP: yes. it's full of brittle hacks around running external executables and parsing their output11:00
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JerryMget_metadata_git_*(path, d) in meta/lib/oe/ include 'd' but never use it, is there a reason this is still included?11:22
RPJerryM: I think there used to be a set of functions for different SCMs and some probably needed it11:24
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RPyocton, kanavin: I think the patches are the right direction so I've merged the auh repo ones11:46
RPI also added a couple of tweaks to drop things11:46
JerryMRP: I figured as much, although I took a very brief glance at the history but couldn't find any references anyway, howver currently there is nothing in oe-core that uses it so I figure it would be safe to remove regardless11:47
kanavinRP: thanks, that's fine.11:49
yoctonRP: Thanks!12:02
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diecoreHello! I need some help, I can't find the .its file in the /boot/dts folder as also I can't find were the DTC compiler is executed for compiling the .dts for the sam9x75 target I am working with. The weird thing is that at the kernel recipe inside the do_deploy:append() function there is the line cp ${S}/arch/${ARCH}/boot/dts/${MACHINE}*.its ${DTB_PATH} that copies the .its but I rather find it only at /tmp/deploy/images/XXX path13:05
diecorewhich is actually generated after building the image with bitbake.13:05
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diecoreMy goal is to modify the dts and its for my needs but is so confusing :-(13:07
zhmyloveHey Gods! According to Nanbield shoul've already released by the end of October. But there is still no release tag on nanbield branch. Does anyone aware of actual Nanbield release date? Thanks!13:07
rburtonmainly just finishing the documentation now13:11
rburtonkernel 6.5 "issues" resulted in the release slipping a few weeks13:12
zhmyloverburton: thanks!13:23
zhmyloveBTW is there any chance it'll release until 15th November?13:23
rburtoni expect early november13:24
zhmyloveThank you, Ross! Have a nice day!13:25
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brabanderIs it still correct that you can set INITRAMFS_IMAGE in a recipe, as stated in the local.conf.sample.extended file ? Because even when I set this value to some non-nonsensical value bitbake seems to accept & ignore it.14:17
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Guest96does anyone know how to include the openssl library that will be used in a makefile which in then will be called by oe_runmake14:22
n0thing"LDFLAGS += -lssl -lcrypto" maybe?14:29
vmesonFYI, large numberic values for a UID don't seem to be a problem now that Kai has fixed an XFCE tar issue. Our IT dept started giving people UIDs > 2M !  "tar: value 1762430260 out of uid_t range 0..2097151"14:36
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Guest96n0thing the ldflags are already included in my makefile14:48
n0thingGuest96 DEPENDS += " openssl" maybe?14:54
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Guest96n0thing done that also15:01
n0thingGuest96 If you share the problem with pastebin, you may get more specific suggestion&solution.15:04
Guest96n0thing do you mean the output error or my recipe file?15:11
n0thingGuest96 yes15:11
Guest96n0thing this is the error i get:
Guest96and my recipe :
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n0thingGuest96 You should to run oe_runmake in do_compile() instead of do_install().15:30
n0thingYou used DEPENDS += "util-linux", DEPENDS += "openssl" seperate but I suggest you to write them as one, so DEPENDS += "util-linux openssl".15:30
dacavHi.  We have a read-only filesystem, and we would like to enable users to change password, both root and regular users.  Does yocto support something like that?15:35
rburtondacav: you'll have to use something like overlayfs15:47
rburtondacav: obviously that changed password needs to go on disk somewhere15:48
adrianfRP: kanavin: I tried to catch up with your discussion in the emails as good as possible. Maybe you give the devtool ide plugin a try. It has 2 modes: A recipe mode and a none recipe mode. The none recipe mode is exactly what you have been discussing with the devtool esdk command. A few minutes ago the patches passed the AB gate, I guess.15:52
Guest96n0thing I still get the same error even after using do_compile()16:01
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