Thursday, 2023-12-07

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CosmicPenguinLong shot but has anybody tried QEMU+OVMF with systemd-boot v254?  v253 works, but v254 version of systemd-bootx64.efi won't load.  OVMF code implies this might be a corrupted  file.  There are objdump differences  but nothing that would scream breakage.02:15
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khemCosmicPenguin: check the starting address do they match03:58
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d-s-eHi, I'm going crazy while trying to build multiple packages from one recipe. I did this several times before, but this time it's not working. I have a recipe foo, that builds the package foo. Now I added a FILES:bar="..." and also added bar to PACKAGES. When I look into work/.../packages-split/ after the build, a folder bar has been created, but the files for bar are installed in the foo folder. How can I fix this (on kirkstone)?09:54
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alessioigorHi all If I make a little trivial change to the SDK installation (not generation) fails: etting it up.../opt/poky/3.1.29/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/bin/python3: line 5: /opt/poky/3.1.29/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/bin/python3.8.real: No such file or directory10:04
alessioigorpost-relocate command "/opt/poky/3.1.29/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/post-relocate-setup.d/ /opt/poky/3.1.29" failed with status 12710:04
alessioigor/usr/bin/python: can't open file '/opt/poky/3.1.29/': [Errno 2] No such file or directory10:04
alessioigorSDK could not be set up. Relocate script failed. Abort!10:04
alessioigorSorry my mistake.10:09
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rburtond-s-e: packaging works through the packages in the order listed in PACKAGES. if foo is before bar and includes the files then they won't be in bar.10:51
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d-s-erburton: Ok, that fixes it, thanks. But in other recipes I used PACKAGES += " bar" and it worked.10:58
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rburtond-s-e: what i said continues to apply11:02
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KanjiMonsterd-s-e: some types of files are automatically added to/consumed by the default package (e.g. binaries), maybe your other recipe's bar didn't include them?11:03
KanjiMonsterThere's a helper you can use11:03
rburtonFILES:${PN} is quite large so it does by default pick a lot of files11:04
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d-s-erburton: Oh, I see a difference in the recipes: In one I wrote FILES:${PN} = "..." and in the other FILES:${PN} += "...". So FILES is prepopulated before I set it? Those packages contain only some shell scripts and data files, no binaries or a compile step.11:09
rburtonyeah see bitbake.conf11:09
rburtonand well every recipe that doesn't list every files in FILES11:09
rburtonwithout writing any FILES you get binaries, actual shared libraries, and data files in PN. headers and unversioned library symlinks in PN-dev, debug symbols in PN-dbg, and documentation in PN-doc.  Having to write that out for _every_ recipe would be very boring.11:10
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d-s-erburton: Yes, that totally makes sense. I tend to forget that when I have to deal with recipes where nothing is compiled. Thanks for pointing this out :-)11:16
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* kanavin still has 27 recipes in meta-oe to fix so they don't break with python 3.1212:05
kanavinI'll set this aside for now12:06
kanavin3.12 has removed many deprecated modules and api items, as they have warned for years, and it just doesn't help. deprecation warnings are largely useless :(12:06
rburtonthey do need to be more obvious12:09
rburtonnot sure _how_ though12:10
kanavinpython3 --I-am-willingly-ignoring-deprecations12:11
RPkanavin: we even have some in bitbake sadly :(12:13
kanavinRP: yes, so many things so little time. I'm going to update my fedora at some point and take a look what is there.12:15
kanavingoing back to printdiff now12:16
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pidgerburton: Can you verify that you're ok with this and I'll send it out.
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rburtonpidge: the actual test is more your code than mine14:41
pidgeAh, I'm considering you coauthor at least. It's based off your WIP test14:42
pidgeegueli-AV are you around?14:42
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leonanavihi sakoman, does it make sense to add debian-12 to the list of supported distributions in variable SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS for Yocto LTS release Kirkstone?15:22
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leonanaviI am asking because I ran into a situation where the latest version of kas-container comes with docker container based on debian 12 which triggers an annoying warning for host distribution "debian-12".15:25
sakomanleonanavi: it is *probably* ok, but I'll need to enable autobuilder testing on that distro for a while to make sure15:25
moto-timogiven how much longer 'kirkstone' will be supported, it probably makes sense?15:28
moto-timo4.0.15 change type of concept?15:28
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CosmicPenguinkhem: in fact, they do not match15:31
leonanavisakoman, moto-timo should I send a patch to add debian-12 to SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS in Kirkstone? I will be happy to do it but I am not aware of the big picture for Kirkstone therefore I prefer to ask first.15:40
sakomanleonanavi: no need, I need to enable the autobuilder testing first15:41
moto-timokanavin: did/can you send the list of 27 to the oe-devel mailing list?15:42
kanavinmoto-timo, yes, a bit later today15:44
moto-timokanavin: thank you. You don't have to do this alone ;)15:44
paulgso here is a strange bug.  buildtools doesn't seem to work when target arch matches host arch. The pseudo build gets all angry.  I think it is pseudo's fault.  Default buildtools is 4.1 ; I manually installed a 3.4 and a 3.0 and it was the same.15:44
paulgI've got a an ubu-16.04 building beaglebone on master ; and the 18.04 machine was fine with building i38615:46
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paulgbut try and use buildtools on x86-64 to build x86-64 target and pseudo build  spits the dummy15:47
paulgundefined reference to `_dl_addr@GLIBC_PRIVATE'15:47
paulgundefined reference to `pow@GLIBC_2.29'15:48
rburtonthe AB tests that combination so it should work...15:48
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paulgand a bunch more similar ones.   I'm going to test on ubu-20.04 with buildtools, since that *doesn't* actually need buildtools15:49
paulgsee if that gives me a hint as to what is going on.  I don't *need* to be using these old machines but it was/is cold outside.15:50
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kanavinmoto-timo, done15:53
moto-timokanavin: it might also be a nice easy reason to drop some old cruft ;)15:55
moto-timokanavin: thank you for all the work you've done already15:55
kanavinmoto-timo, I dropped a couple dead projects yes :)15:56
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kanavintgamblin, you might be interested in these too perhaps15:59
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tgamblinkanavin: thanks for the heads-up. I'm wondering if 3.12.0 will cause any issues like what we're seeing with F39 systems?16:01
tgamblins/cause any issues/cause any issues with target images/16:01
moto-timotgamblin:  likely to be the same patterns yes16:02
kanavintgamblin, a-full passed16:02
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kanavinbut I did have to backport something asyncio related I think16:02
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tgamblinkanavin: moto-timo: alright16:15
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vmesonpidge: recent build, in my sstate-cache dir: ls */ -la | grep drwxr-xr-x  | wc -l -> 257 -- all ".." directories.16:34
landgrafvmeson: same here16:35
vmesonpidge in an older sstate-cache dir,  301 matches, 43 of which are not ".." directories.16:35
vmeson$ umask -> 0022   fyi.16:37
landgrafTIL: find has '-perm' flag :)16:38
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yudjinnhello, where can I find a list of changes that I need to apply to update from kirkstone -> scarthgap?16:40
pidgevmeson: Any of them happen to contain nativesdk bits?16:42
yoctonyudjinn: scarthgap is not out yet so the migration guide has not been written yet. Once it does, you will find it here :
RPpaulg: that is weird because as rburton says, we test with this a lot16:51
vmesonpidge: I'll check after this call..16:51
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pidgety, vmeson16:52
RPpaulg: how does uninative compare with your buildtools version. It might be something related to that. Have you tried a recent buildtools?16:52
paulgeverything is the latest on master - I don't screw with older stuff or company stuff when it is on my personal kit.16:54
RPpaulg: try a 4.3 buildtools ?16:54
RPI'm guessing latest uninative with old buildtools may end badly16:55
paulgIt *looks* like it "works" when you overlay buildtools on a supported ubu-20.04 that doesn't really need it but 'cause I'm task switching I need to go back and be sure I sourced the buildtools file...16:56
RP4.1 really shouldn't be the default buildltools :(16:56
paulgand 4.1 is what the script gets by default ; I went backwards to 3.4 and 3.0 but not forward..16:56
RPpaulg: the script is wrong :(16:56
paulgI'll take your word for it.  Rather than learn the cmd syntax I just went and found the .sh files for 3.4 and 3.0 and wget'ed them.16:57
yudjinnyocton: I'm hoping to get a little ahead and see what kind of lift it'll be, any way I can see the preliminary changes that may happen? i.e. syntax16:59
yoctonyudjinn: maybe look at migration guides for release between kirkstone and the future scarthgap? by the way, I believe there was no major syntax changes between those two17:01
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yudjinnyocton: is `master` or `master-next` going to be scarthgap?17:02
yoctonyudjinn: master-next does become master after maintainer tests and merging, master will become scarthgap at release (~April next year)17:03
frosteyessakoman: just answered your question regarding gstreamer1.0-plugins-base backport to kirkstone - hope it make sense why I suggest to have it backported17:04
sakomanfrosteyes: thanks, I just wanted to make sure it was an issue in stock kirkstone17:05
frosteyessakoman: for me - it is more some qt apps using qmlgl, but root cause is the same - where Alexander had a very nice fix.17:07
paulgyep, the 4.1 buildtools works when layered onto ubu-20.04 ; just doesn't like ubu-18.04 ; I'll try 4.3 just for laughs.  probably not worth spending a lot of time on it as I think it was dropped here when Ubuntu made it EOL in April...17:10
paulg0: llvm-native-17.0.6-r0 do_fetch - 6h50m0s (pid 9128)  99% |########## | 377K/s17:13
paulggeeez I hate that giant pig17:13
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yudjinnyocton: thanks a bunch!17:20
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paulgwhat the hell are we doing --- wrapping a git repo in inside a tarball - ensuring every update means we have to start from zero!?!17:33
paulgpaul@o960:~/poky/downloads$ ls -lh
paulg-rw-r--r-- 1 paul paul 6.1G Dec  1 00:30
paulgthat seems super-dumb.17:34
paulgdid y'all let vmeson set this up?17:35
* paulg runs17:35
* vmeson tries to trip paulg17:35
paulgtoo fast 4 U17:36
vmesonpaulg: likely khem...but checking git log17:36
paulgRP told me about some "developer" knob that would default to fetch via git -- cater to ppl who update daily -- meant to go check that out ; now I can't even remember what it was called...17:40
vmesonpaulg: on poky/master I get a git repo: downloads/git2/  -- what branch are you on?17:41
paulgguessing it only worked for recipes that were written for "dual fetch" support.17:41
paulgI've got that too.  But it is native that screws you --- llvm-native-17.0.6-r017:42
rburtonpaulg: thats premirrors, which have been disabled for ages17:42
paulgrburton, no surprise - probably was 2-3 years or more when RP told me about it17:43
paulgI have *no* idea why the native triggers going for a tarball over git.  They look about the same size.17:47
paulgpaul@o960:~/poky/downloads$ ls -ld git2/
paulgdrwxr-xr-x 7 paul paul 4096 Dec  1 00:14 git2/
paulgpaul@o960:~/poky/downloads$ du -csh git2/
paulgI don't know enough about llvm to know if there is some subtle difference - a fork or whatever?  Don't really want to know.  But 12GB for llvm is nutz!!17:49
paulgOh, I bet we expanded the tarball inside the downloads dir?  Just a guess.17:51
rburtonpaulg: does your local.conf set PREMIRRORS or use own-mirrors?17:58
rburtonpaulg: llvm shouldn't be hitting the premirror afaik17:58
paulgI'll have to look - thing is probably ancient17:59
paulgor wait - it might be the autogenerated one just a week old at most.18:00
paulgI'm shuffling machines around and dont know what is where....18:00
SaurMaybe llvm-native should be configured with BB_GIT_SHALLOW:pn-llvm-native = "1" in meta/classes-global/mirrors.bbclass just like glibc and binutils?18:05
paulgno PREMIRRORS set and I've never set up a local mirror at home.18:05
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SaurAt least that way, the tarball won't be as huge (hopefully)...18:06
Saurpaulg: Do you have any problems accessing the remote git repository, so that it is hitting the MIRRORS instead?18:07
paulgoh yeah - look at that ; had to scroll up to see it.18:08
paulgWARNING: llvm-native-17.0.6-r0 do_fetch: Failed to fetch URL git://;branch=release/17.x;protocol=https, attempting MIRRORS if available18:08
SaurThere's your answer. :)18:09
paulgdamn thing should have tried harder!!!18:09
paulgOr at least tried twice.18:10
paulgcable internet, so I don't know why it would glitch.  Maybe it was github?18:11
paulgNot that I'm saying cable internet is perfect!18:11
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vmesonpidge: ugh, meetings, lunch, co-workers bitching about bloatware problems... ;-)  ( a shallow clone of llvm rust-llvm rust, etc seems like a good idea).19:20
vmesonpidge: anyway, no nativesdk according to: for i in `ls */ -la | grep drwxr-xr-x  | rg -v "\.\." | rev | cut -c -2 | rev `; do fd nativesdk $i; done19:20
vmesonerr, that's not  quite right... please hold...19:26
vmesonpidge: heh, there are no nativesdk sstate objects in my sstate-cache...  that's not something I work on very often.19:34
vmesonfrom : for i in `find * -type d -perm 755`; do  find  $i -name "*nativesdk*"; done  -- nothing so sanity check: fd nativesdk -> also zilch!19:35
* vmeson thinks of telling the story about Gammasphere and the charming young Brazilian physicist telling him to always check if the detector is on! Maybe over beer some time.19:37
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vmesonpidge: fwiw:
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warthog9Anyone know how to muck about with a partition after wic/wks has created it and put a bunch of stuff in it?  Specifically I need to go and remove a file and put a custom grub.cfg in place, but so far the ways I've tried have been utterly unsuccessful - mostly wondering if anyone else has done it and has a pointer?20:18
JPEWwarthog9: We've done some things kinda like that with a custom wic plugin20:18
JPEW(depending on what you need to do)20:19
warthog9yeah I could extend to make use of the do_post_partition() (pretty sure that's right) but was vaguely hoping to avoid that20:19
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moto-timowarthog9: there is a copy command for wic... it just copies files into an existing partition. I haven't used that in a while.21:44
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moto-timowarthog9: also, IMHO a lot of the old assumptions about grub and efi are showing some age... but nobody stops to rework it from the original source... just bandaids.21:46
moto-timo(assumptions in OE)21:46
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moto-timowarthog9: wic cp:
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RPpaulg: it tried the git repo, it failed, it went for the mirror tarball which it would extract a git repo from. Why the original clone failed, no idea22:20
RPpaulg: I had to read the scrollback to see what you were blaming me for now :)22:21
paulgHey! This time I was giving you credit for sharing a tip!  :-P22:23
rburtonwarthog9: JPEW: i'm wondering if we should just allow ESPs to be normal images.  package for the boot loader, package for efi shell, packages for kernels, etc.22:23
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warthog9rburton: yeah I'm fighting with an ESP specifically, basically replicating what Fedora's doing on EFI to get just enough to pass the boot process off to a more easily accessible partition22:37
warthog9I got it working with the caveat there's a leftover Image file stashed in the ESP that I haven't figured out how to properly delete22:38
khempaulg: building master on ubuntu 18.04 and below is adventure I would guess22:39
warthog9rburton: I'm also running into wonkiness trying to separate /boot from / on the system and appropriately populate them so they mesh back up after boot22:39
rburtonjust admiting that /boot is basically an entirely separate system seems sensible22:40
warthog9yeah EFI is it's own mess, /boot is a different separate mess then / and the rest is isolated enough from the mess of booting22:40
warthog9(at least that's how I'm treating it)22:41
warthog9(and mostly because I'm dealing with u-boot -> UEFI -> Grub -> system)22:41
warthog9(for reasons)22:41
rburtonthat does make it 'fun'22:42
warthog9context: someone who wasn't me defined the entire system should only boot from EMMC, and the EMMC is utterly obnoxious to deal with from a production stand point (could have told them, but I was late to that party)22:43
warthog9so EFI gets stashed on the EMMC to chain load to grub on an sdcard22:43
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warthog9and off to the races from there22:43
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khemwhy SD card and emmc both involved in boot, grub could reside on emmc too22:44
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warthog9khem: I've got grub on the emmc, just enough to load the next grub config from the sdcard22:45
warthog9effectively grub on the emmc does all of: configfile $prefix/grub.cfg22:46
warthog9and jumps off22:46
khemOK so it seems you are trying to use as little of emmc and switch to SD card in boot process22:46
khemI was thinking you have good sized emmc so use emmc all the way22:46
warthog9the real problem is dealing with the EMMC from a production physical build is problematic22:47
warthog9and it's a lot easier to prep the emmc with enough to boot to sd and then pop an sd card in22:47
khemhave a SD card installer which can partition and install the OS into it during manufecturing/factory22:47
*** Estrella <Estrella!> has joined #yocto22:48
warthog9khem: as noted, the hardware guy made it so it only can boot from emmc in the factory22:48
khemoh so you can basically brick it if emmc is hosed ?22:48
khemgood lord22:49
warthog9thus: emmc to boot and do next to no writes to to prevent bricking the system22:49
paulgkhem - it actually does better than I thought it would!22:49
warthog9I've got a laundry list of fixes for the platform ;-)22:50
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RPkhem: we test on 1804 still!22:56
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landgrafRP: SRC_URL bug (the one I've stolen from you today) has been fixed already :(23:18
landgrafand it was not caused by SRC_URL typo...23:19
RPlandgraf: it has? were we missing a backport somewhere? I hadn't looked into it at all, just sounded worrying23:20
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