Tuesday, 2023-12-19

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PhoenixMageAfternoon all, been a while04:45
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PhoenixMageI am trying to build a mainline kernel using meta-intel with a recipe that works for other BSPs but I get a weird error "do_kernel_metadata: Could not locate BSP definition for intel-corei7-64/standard and no defconfig was provided". I can see KCONFIG_DEFCONFIG isnt set for meta-intel like it is for other BSPs but even still linux-yocto will compile04:49
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thomas_34Good morning guys, I have a problem with my recipe. In the build directory "recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin" the C/C++-Compiler are missing. So the do_compile task fails. However, the compiler shows up at many other recipes07:42
thomas_34As example: ./arago-tmp-default-glibc/work/aarch64-oe-linux/memtester/4.5.1-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/aarch64-oe-linux/aarch64-oe-linux-gcc07:43
thomas_34Do I need to inherit something in my recipe? So that yocto provides the toolchain in recipe-sysroot-native?07:44
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX08:16
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TheCometI am getting an error for package "libxcrypt": "configure: error: bad value 'all' for --enable-hashes". Can anyone point me where I can get help?10:32
rburtonthomas_34: are you looking for usr/bin/aarch64-oe-linux/aarch64-oe-linux-gcc in your sysroot, or usr/bin/gcc?10:32
thomas_34rburton, I would like to have /usr/bin/gcc. I just need some compiler which makes CMake-Compiler-Check happy10:34
thomas_34Better case would be to have x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc but I guess thats even more complicated to achieve10:35
thomas_34Sorry, I meant aarch64-oe-linux-gcc10:35
rburtonthomas_34: you won't get 'gcc' because that's the host compiler.  cross-compilers are prefixed with the triple.  inherit the cmake class and it handles telling cmake where the compilers are.10:36
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thomas_34Hmm.. my recipe builds isolated from yocto with cmake stuff. At the stage where it fetches its own toolchain (with cmake package) it executes a c_compiler check, which I cannot suppress. I checked the do_compile script of that recipe, which sets CC to "aarch64-oe-linux-gcc". Cmake then internally tries to find the patch to that compiler. However,10:40
thomas_34no directory in PATH provides that.10:40
thomas_34So I would like that yocto provides that recipe just some compiler, which I can give my external CMake at that stage, to make it happy.10:40
rburtonif your cmake recipe does horrible things then you need to beat it into submission10:42
thomas_34I have tried to inherit binutils and cmake in that recipe, but still no aarch64-oe-linux-gcc shows up anywhere in recipe-root10:42
rburtonit won't10:42
rburtoninherit binutils isn't a thing10:43
rburtondo you mean depends?10:43
thomas_34Oh sorry. Yes I mean depends10:43
rburtonthe cross compiler is part of the default DEPENDS10:43
rburtonunless you set INHIBIT_DEFAULT_DEPS10:43
thomas_34So default DEPENDS means, I don't need to write any DEPENDS in my recipe, to depend on cross compiler?10:45
thomas_34Ok, I'll check that with bitbake -e10:45
rburtonlook at any recipe in oe-core: you'll see that almost none depend on gcc10:46
thomas_34Yes, ok10:46
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Guest42Has anybody built Yocto on a host machine running Guix?10:47
rburtonthomas_34: but PATH gets extended to add the path with the cross-compilers in10:47
thomas_34rburton i'm back in ~30 minutes sorry10:48
rburtonGuest42: the "unconventional" file system could make that interesting. you're welcome to report issues but you might get told to use a supported host distro.10:48
Guest42My current problem is that it doesn't find <linux/limits.h>10:49
Guest42But this file seems to be contained withing Yocto's own repository files10:49
Guest42I find it is included in at least one recipe10:50
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Guest42Well, two actually. It is included in zstd-native and in the kernel10:51
Guest42So that should not be dependent on the host distro, since the file is contained in Yocto's sources10:51
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Saur_HomeGuest42: Everything in linux/ and asm/ comes from the kernel.10:52
Guest42Sure, shouldn't Yocto then use the include files for the kernel it is currently building for, not the kernel of the host machine?10:53
Saur_HomeWhen building for target, it should yes.10:53
TheCometI found the solution to my problem: https://patchwork.yoctoproject.org/project/oe-core/patch/20230726131331.2239727-1-Martin.Jansa@gmail.com/10:53
TheCometI'm not sure why this patch isn't in my branch though10:54
Guest42Okay, I see. The recipe that is failing to find that file is m4-native, so that makes sense10:54
rburtonGuest42: native so host includes10:55
Saur_Homenative recipes are built using the host's gcc, and using the host's include files and libraries, unless there are native dependencies that override any of them.10:55
Guest42Any pointers how I can make Yocto find it? I'm not really a C++ dev, so I'm not too familiar with compiler flags and include directories and so on10:56
rburtoni can only imagine that guix has put them somewhere interesting and there's a mismatch between how we're using the host compiler and where guix has put stuff10:56
Saur_HomeDoes /usr/include/linux/limits.h exist on the host?10:56
rburton£10 says no :)10:57
Guest42No, it is somewhere inside the /gnu/store10:57
Guest42But how can I add this path to the compiler's search path?10:57
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rburtonwe expect the host compiler to know how to find its own paths11:00
Guest42I bet it does11:00
rburtonobviously not :)11:00
Guest42In normal cases it does, but Yocto must do something to it11:00
rburtondoes guix set environment variables to tell gcc where to look?11:00
rburtonall we do is purge the environment before starting builds11:01
Guest42Guix has a bunch of different environment variables yes11:01
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rburtonafter you've ran oe-init-build-env, add the name of those magic variables to BB_ENV_PASSTHROUGH_ADDITIONS11:06
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Guest42rburton: thanks, I found the variables C_INCLUDE_PATH and CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH which contains the directory which <linux/limits.h> is in. I added these variables to BB_EN_PASSTHOUGH_ADDITIONS, but I still get the same error. I have looked inside the paths and confirm that the file is actually there11:47
Guest42Oh wait, I made a stupid mistake. Instead of adding the variable names, I added the variable contents..11:50
Guest42Well, it still doesn't work even after correcting my BB_ENV_PASSTHROUGH_ADDITIONS11:52
Guest42Does Yocto use the variables C_INCLUDE_PATH and CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH?11:53
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Saur_HomeGuest42: No.11:54
Guest42Then what variable does it use?11:55
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Saur_HomeGuest42: That is really up to the build system used by each recipe.  Typically, most support CFLAGS, LDFLAGS, etc so those are set by bitbake.11:57
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Saur_HomeGuest42: If you write a minimal C-file that includes linux/limits.h and has an empty main() function, and then compile it directly with `gcc`, will that work?11:59
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Saur_HomeOr do you need to specify extra arguments to gcc to make it build?11:59
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rburtonGuest42: you might need to export in to your local.conf  too11:59
Guest42Saur_Home: Yes, it worked12:00
Guest42rburton: How?12:00
Guest42Just add a export VARIABLE_NAME?12:00
rburtonGuest42: can you do the same gcc but do 'env -i gcc ...'?12:00
rburtonand yes, export C_INCLUDE_PATH if that's what guix gcc listens to12:01
Guest42env: ‘gcc’: No such file or directory12:01
Guest42I'm guessing env -i removes all environment?12:01
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Guest42Then it can't find gcc, since there is a lot of PATH stuff and so on12:03
rburtontry env -i PATH=$PATH gcc ...12:03
rburtonthat will preserve path but wipe everything else12:03
Guest42Then I get the same error as in Yocto12:04
rburtongood, problem isolated.12:05
Guest42If I add C_INCLUDE_PATH also, then it finds the limits.h12:05
rburtonproblem isolated :)12:05
Guest42But why doesn't it work in Yocto when I add that same variable?12:05
rburtonyou'll need to export it in local.conf too12:06
Guest42I did12:06
Guest42Oh, wait. It is now a different error, so I guess it might have worked12:08
rburtonit might need a library path too12:08
Guest42| configure: error: cannot run C compiled programs.12:08
Guest42| If you meant to cross compile, use `--host'.12:08
rburtonyeah you'll need to figure out why that happens, i guess a library path is missing so it can't find the loader12:09
Guest42Hmm, added LIBRARY_PATH also, but no difference12:10
* rburton shrugs12:11
rburtonguix isn't on the supported distro list, so you get the fun of fixing it12:11
rburtonisn't that the point of running an experimental distro anyway?12:11
Guest42Sure, but the specifics of how Yocto works is hardly my responsibility12:12
Guest42More like gcc actually12:12
Guest42I feel the problems are general, just that there are a lot of assumptions on default values of variables12:13
Guest42These variables are set for a reason12:14
rburtonwe expect "gcc" to work12:14
Guest42gcc does work12:14
rburtonif it needs magic variables set then ensure they're set inside the build12:14
Guest42But not inside bitbake12:14
Guest42How can I just pass my whole env?12:14
rburtonbitbake explicitly purges the environment so you just need to figure out what variables need preserving12:14
Saur_HomeIn normal Linux, you do not need to set any environment variables to make `gcc` work, which is what `bitbake` expects.12:15
Guest42I can't really find any more variables that look relevant12:15
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rburtoni'd be asking a guix channel as this is their setup12:16
Guest42Well it works everywhere else12:17
rburtonyocto's assumption is that 'env -i gcc' builds a binary and `env -i ./a.out` runs it. if that isn't true then you need to identify the variables that need preserving.12:17
Saur_HomeGuest42: You also need to be carefull with exporting the variables so that they are only exported for native. You do not want them active when building for target...12:18
Guest42How do I do that?12:18
rburtonlets get past "build and run a binary" first :)12:18
Guest42Okay, I asked in #guix which env variables are used by gcc12:19
rburtoni suspect you want the runtime loader, not gcc12:19
Saur_HomeHonestly, the easiest would probably be to create a wrapper for `gcc` that runs the real `gcc` with the extra environment variables set...12:19
rburtonthe easiest would be to use a yocto container like crops or kas12:20
Saur_HomeTrue. :)12:20
Guest42I was previously using a docker container to build, but really want to get native to work12:20
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RPlandgraf: I think https://git.yoctoproject.org/poky-contrib/commit/?h=rpurdie/t222&id=14b09cf39bf13a1eadf4c65d41daf66e37c3b8c0 might be the fix for the base-files issue12:42
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landgrafRP: looks like it will, thanks13:03
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rcwRP: Can we add error-report-web to the agenda for the Technical call today? I upgraded it to Django 3.2 and added a Dockerfile: https://github.com/robwoolley/error-report-web13:28
rcwI'm looking for any feedback and to gauge interest in whether others are interested in expanding its capabilities.13:28
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Guest42rburton: after spending some time in #guix I'm now convinced that there is nothing more than those variables needed from the Guix side of things. The problem is now all on the Yocto side13:43
rburtonGuest42: i'd recommend trying $(guix shell --container)13:44
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Guest42Then bitbake says that networking doesn't work. But I have checked with wget and networking does work13:53
Guest42Does bitbake need icmp?13:56
landgrafGuest42: What exactly did it say?13:57
rburtonthe connectivity check is just a wget of https://yoctoproject.org/connectivity.html13:57
RPrcw: we can and good questions!13:57
rburtonGuest42: assuming you mean the error that starts 'please ensure your host's network is configured correctly'13:58
rburtonGuest42: if this is work time i'd be considering a supported distro13:58
Guest42Nah, I'm stubborn13:59
Guest42If it is just a wget check then why doesn't it work? I have confirmed that wget is in fact able to access that url13:59
Guest42Aha, it might be a certificate error14:00
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RPGuest4041: probably more envvars14:35
*** simonew <simonew!~ile@2a02:810d:a940:35fc:5521:3b14:4f6:5ae7> has joined #yocto14:38
simonewHi together14:38
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tgamblinFYI it seems F39 has shipped Python 3.12.1, so builds should work again15:10
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RPtgamblin: excellent. We should make 3.12.0 error15:15
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rm5248Hi all, I'm trying to get sysvinit working to test something.  I set INIT_MANAGER="sysvinit", but busybox fails to install with: "install: cannot create regular file '/home/robert/yocto-testing/poky/build-microchip/tmp/work/core2-64-poky-linux/busybox/1.35.0-r0/image/etc/default/busybox-syslog': No such file or directory".  this is using current head of kirkstone.  any thoughts as to what might be wrong?15:35
rm5248I do have some custom busybox settings, not sure if that would cause an issue at all15:36
rburtonyeah probaby your settings conflicting with what the recipe wants to do15:41
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simonewwhat is the process to contribute to the wiki? Request an account and then  just do? I searched and could not find it.16:19
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rburtonsimonew: yes16:23
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simonewok, will do so thx16:25
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moto-timorcw: do you have a public branch of the error-report-web Django LTS hacks/fixes?16:56
rcwmoto-timo: Yep, I pushed it here: https://github.com/robwoolley/error-report-web16:57
moto-timorcw: excellent. thank you16:57
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moto-timorcw: Django 4.2 is the current LTS FWIW17:07
moto-timorcw: https://www.djangoproject.com/download/17:08
moto-timorcw: we already migrated layerindex-web to 4.2 and Toaster as well17:09
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rcwmoto-timo: Cool. Switching to whatever layerindex-web is using makes sense.17:20
*** yudjinn <yudjinn!~yudjinn@c-73-95-114-88.hsd1.co.comcast.net> has joined #yocto17:29
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yudjinnhey, has anyone here tried to spin op their own instance of the oe layerindex website? https://git.yoctoproject.org/layerindex-web/about/18:15
yudjinnthis is a fresh environment I'm just trying to test locally on how this will work for my purposes, and immediately trying to login on the admin panel throws a 403 for CSRF verification18:21
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moto-timorcw: very quick hack but https://github.com/moto-timo/error-report-web/tree/django-4.218:34
moto-timorcw: and yes, it is begging for a docker-compose.yml18:34
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*** Vonter <Vonter!~Vonter@user/vonter> has joined #yocto18:37
rcwmoto-timo: Looks good to me18:39
moto-timorcw: added README.docker for how I am building and running locally18:40
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moto-timoyudjinn: use the dockersetup.py script to spin up your own layerindex... the problem is populating the data takes a while and hits the layers.openembedded.org server with a lot of requests18:41
*** pabigot <pabigot!~pab@80.sub-75-222-32.myvzw.com> has joined #yocto18:42
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rcwmoto-timo: README.docker looks good.  I had to add this to settings.py for cases where I wasn't running it on the local machine: ALLOWED_HOSTS = ['myworkstation', 'localhost', '']18:45
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yudjinnmoto-timo: I used the dockersetup.py, and I'm running locally; still get the CRSF error18:47
rcwmoto-timo: Also, this is how I used send-error-report:   send-error-report --no-ssl --server 'myworkstation:5000' tmp-glibc/log/error-report/error_report_20231219115707.txt --name jdoe--email "john.doe@company.com"18:47
yudjinnmoto-timo: yeah its hitting this: `Origin checking failed - https://localhost:8081 does not match any trusted origins.`18:51
moto-timoyudjinn: you need to look at dockersetup.py --help and pass in more arguments...18:54
moto-timoyudjinn: I create a local dockersetup.sh script to make it aslightly easier to remember what to pass in. But the exact arguments depend on how you intended to run it and whether you are using email etc.18:56
yudjinnmoto-timo: I'm just trying to spin it up locally and poke around the interface for somethings. I dont have a proxy, it defaults to localhost as the HOSTNAME, and the initial portmapping of 8080 is fine; what exactly am I missing?18:57
moto-timoyudjinn: I don't know. It works for me fine, but I do pass --hostname to the dockersetup.py script18:58
yudjinnmoto-timo: of what; localhost?18:59
moto-timoyudjinn: you might need to reinstall as perhaps something in docker/settings or docker-compose.yml is out of date18:59
moto-timoyudjinn: no, I use the name of my server which is something.local in my network18:59
yudjinnmoto-timo: I've reinstalled multiple times, and today is the first time I've ever cloned this repo. And I'm spinning this up locally on my device, so it doesnt have a FQDN19:00
moto-timoyudjinn: see if the following is in docker/settings.py19:00
moto-timoALLOWED_HOSTS = [os.getenv('HOSTNAME', 'layers.test')]19:00
moto-timoCSRF_TRUSTED_ORIGINS = ['https://' + os.getenv('HOSTNAME', 'layers.test')]19:00
moto-timothis is very standard modern Django growing pains... nothing layerindex-web specific19:01
yudjinnmoto-timo: yep, those are in there19:02
yudjinnI mean the site mostly works; its just during login that it coughs up on this19:02
moto-timoyudjinn: like I said, it works for me locally... I test this multiple times a week. but I use mdns on my network so my HOSTNAME is not localhost19:03
moto-timoyudjinn: make sure the syntax of CSRF_TRUSTED_ORIGINS is passing in a full https:// url that is correct.. that is new in Django 4.219:06
moto-timoyudjinn: and if it is redirecting to https://localhost you might need to pass in more than one (it is a list)19:07
yudjinnmoto-timo: `CSRF_TRUSTED_ORIGINS = ['https://' + os.getenv('HOSTNAME', 'layers.test')]` I have not changed this at all19:08
moto-timoyudjinn: what EXACTLY is the CSRF error... you may need to set DEBUG = True in docker/setting.py19:09
yudjinnmoto-timo: `Origin checking failed - https://localhost:8081 does not match any trusted origins.`19:11
moto-timoyudjinn: what is the output of "echo $HOSTNAME"19:11
yudjinndocker exec19:13
yudjinnoops, wrong screen, one moment19:13
*** roussinm <roussinm!~mroussin@bras-base-qubcpq1306w-grc-37-142-115-196-7.dsl.bell.ca> has joined #yocto19:13
yudjinn`echo $HOSTNAME` in the container returns `localhost`19:14
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*** Haxxa <Haxxa!~Haxxa@202-65-68-206.ip4.superloop.au> has joined #yocto19:18
moto-timoyudjinn: are you passing a --portmapping 8080:80,8081:443 to dockersetup.py?19:18
yudjinnthat is the default, so no19:18
yudjinnand thats not the problem, otherwise I wouldnt be able to access the site at all19:18
moto-timoyudjinn: I'm not sure why the port is being reported by the CSRF error, that is why I am asking.19:20
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moto-timoyudjinn: ok, I replicated it locally. I'll add it to the bug list.19:27
moto-timoyudjinn: something about passing in either the --hostname or the --portmapping is affecting things in unexpected ways with the new CSRF_TRUSTED_ORIGINS "fun"19:28
moto-timoyudjinn: or if you would care to file a bug: https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=Layer%20Index19:28
yudjinnplease do, what exactly is going on? do I need to pass in both the hostname and portmapping?19:29
vmesonkhem, anyone: have you played with predictable network interface names? It's a small change in systemd/eudev but affects other recipes so it seems like a DISTRO_f19:29
khemhmm I have disabled renaming in systemd via kernel cmdline19:31
khemmany apps assume i/f names19:32
vmesonkhem: yeah, we'd have to fix that...  haven't most distros moved to PNI ?19:33
JPEWWe punted on the whole thing by make a bride interface and adding interfaces to them via udev rule matching :)19:33
vmesonJPEW: bridge interface  I assume ...19:33
khemyeah well the userspace has to be cleared19:33
JPEWAll our apps use the bridge interface; mostly because they can't handle an interface ever being down :/19:34
vmeson(a bride interface would have higher maintenance costs! ;-)  )19:34
yudjinnmoto-timo: I specified hostname and portmapping `-o localhost -m 8080:80,8081:443` and still hit the same issue; is there something I can change elsewhere to make this happy?19:35
JPEWvmeson: mmm... indeed19:35
moto-timoyudjinn: as I said, I pass the name of my workstation in as --hostname, so perhaps you can try --hostname myworkstation from what you said earlier passed in to dockersettings.py19:36
moto-timosorry dockersetup.py19:36
moto-timoprobably CSRF_TRUSTED_ORIGINS is requiring a FQDN (fully qualified domain name)19:37
moto-timonot our fault, it's a Django thing19:37
moto-timoyudjinn: so I guess try localhost.localdomain?19:40
moto-timoyudjinn: meh. that doesn't work either. it will take longer to figure out the root cause for localhost19:44
moto-timothose are what I referenced when I fixed it for the Django 4.2 upgrade... but apparently we have not tested "localhost"19:48
jdiezhi, I'm building a poky image based on a bsp layer provided by my board vendor. This layer changes how the bootable SD card image with a imx-mkimage config overlay that still includes the upstream imx-mkimage config. Because the upstream requires a patch (https://github.com/nxp-imx/meta-imx/blob/mickledore-6.1.22-2.0.0/meta-bsp/recipes-bsp/imx-mkimage/imx-mkimage_git.inc), the BSP layer touches the FILESEXTRAPATHS variable so19:48
jdiezbitbake can find the patch19:48
jdiezit works as long as I set OEROOT = "..." in my bblayers.conf; I get an image that works and all is good. However, if I try to build the extended sdk (`bitbake core-image-minimal -c populate_sdk_ext`), the build cannot find the patch; the OEROOT variable is undefined19:49
jdiezthis is the downstream imx-mkimage_git.inc: https://git.phytec.de/meta-phytec/tree/dynamic-layers/fsl-bsp-release/recipes-bsp/imx-mkimage/imx-boot-phytec_1.0.bb?h=mickledore. I would very much appreciate any guidance, I'm a bit lost :)19:50
moto-timoyudjinn: it might be related to SECUR_PROXY_SSL_HEADER https://stackoverflow.com/a/71482883/687327619:52
yudjinnmoto-timo: I tried using the actual hostname of my device as well, which is "101441.lan" and that gives: `root@localhost:/# echo $HOSTNAME19:52
moto-timoyudjinn: right, but that's inside the container... docker compose is mapping from outside to inside19:53
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yudjinnope, bad paste: ` Origin checking failed - https://101441.lan:8081 does not match any trusted origins.`19:53
yudjinnmoto-timo: I mean, I dont think I'm messing up any of the prompts either, I'm honestly surprised it's working for you at this point19:55
jdiez(I suspect `imx-boot-phytec` is incorrectly extending `imx-boot` in the meta-nxp layer...)19:55
yudjinnalso, the admin login on the readme shows `http://localhost:8080/admin/` but that immediately redirects to `https://localhost:8081/admin/`19:55
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yudjinnmoto-timo: also, passing `--no-https` trying to see if that redirect was causing issues completely breaks everything and says that `localhost` is not a part of `ALLOWED_HOSTS` even when I hard set the array to include it?19:59
moto-timoyudjinn: to work around for now can you try `dockersetup.py --reinstall --hostname 101441.lan --portmapping 80:80,443:443` as this should be equivalent to what I am doing locally20:01
yudjinnmoto-timo: did that, failed for me, but maybe my browser was caching stuff, lemme try again. This does work, btw: `./dockersetup.py -r -o localhost -m 8080:80,8081:443 --no-https`20:02
yudjinnmoto-timo: that did work, using 80:80,443:443; I'm pretty sure the `--hostname 101441.lan --portmapping 8080:80,8081:443` didnt, though20:06
moto-timoI literally meant 80:80,443:44320:07
moto-timomy hunch is the path is getting mangled with the port somewhere in the login code which is not ours20:08
moto-timoyudjinn: somehow the POST which is what the login form does is getting mangled and it will take some time20:09
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yudjinnmoto-timo: thanks for your help on this, though! I take it this celery service is how it scrapes for new data?20:34
moto-timoyudjinn: so, it turns out we need the :8081 appended to localhost in the CSRF_TRUSTED_ORIGINS... but currently the dockersetup.py script does not make that change in the docker/settings.py... in other words if you manually set `CSRF_TRUSTED_ORIGINS = ['https://' + os.getenv('HOSTNAME', 'layers.test'), 'https://localhost:8081']` it will work20:34
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moto-timopatches welcome ;)20:35
moto-timoyudjinn: celery is a task manager... it does a few different things20:35
moto-timoyudjinn: I need to be doing other things so I should not go into detail20:35
moto-timoFWIW, I actually came across this issue earlier and I just forgot it conveniently ;) once I remembered the issue was how docker-compose.yml and dockersetup.py are interacting it jogged the old grey matter20:36
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moto-timoyudjinn: https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1532920:48
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rm5248Is there a way to list the packages that a recipe will produce?  I want to figure out what module(s) are generated from the lighttpd recipe, since I need to install some lighttpd modules20:57
rburton_will_, no20:58
rburtonespecially lighttpd which generates packages depending on what modules you enable20:59
rburton_has_, yes20:59
rburtonoe-pkgdata-util list-pkgs --recipe lighttpd20:59
rburtonyou can look at the value of PACKAGES to see what packages it will potentially create, but not all of those will be created. also PACKAGES_DYNAMIC is a regex that that matches dynamically created packages.21:00
rburtonsee the end of the lighttp recipe where it calls do_split_packages.  that creates a new package for every module.21:00
rburtonthere's no static list as it depends on the configuration of the recipe21:01
rm5248well, at least with the list that gives me enough to look for, thanks.21:01
fraythe key is this information is only available AFTER you build.  You can get hints (see rbuton's comments) but they're only hints.21:02
rburtonsome build tools demand the package list to be static and known up front. we're more flexible.21:03
rm5248I've already built it, so knowing the modules gets me everything I need(I think)21:03
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khemRP: I picked up your 4 patches regarding qemu stuff from master-next and bingo, its working great for my case, its finishing core-image-ptest-fast quicker too21:16
khemsee the top 4 patches here - https://git.yoctoproject.org/poky-contrib/log/?h=yoe/mut21:16
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