Tuesday, 2024-01-16

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pvogelaarHi all, what is the appropriate way to share artifacts between recipes. The use case is that I have the development keys for signing in a repository where they get pulled by a recipe. Other recipes like swupdate need to use those keys.12:01
pvogelaarThx Patrick12:01
rburtondrop them into deploydir, or the sysroot.12:01
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pvogelaarFor the sysroot approach I would do a native-recipe right?12:03
rburtonno, you can use the target sysroot12:03
rburtonwell you can use either, depends on exactly what your doing12:04
pvogelaarOk, thx12:04
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rburtonRP: do you agree that meta/recipes-support/libunwind/libunwind/musl-header-conflict.patch solves a problem that doesn't exist anymore?12:38
rburtonfeels like it predates recipe-specific sysroots12:38
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RPrburton: it does, however didn't we have those in 2016?12:49
RPrburton: that was pyro, 201712:52
RPrburton: so yes, it is fixed12:52
rburtonthanks for digging12:52
RPI though we did that sooner12:53
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jstephanany feedback would be apreciated :)14:39
jstephanwhoops up key error ^^ (but still would appreciate feedaback on my last comment on #15162 :)14:41
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wickiWe have a local meta-lts-mixins branch with Rust 1.74 for kirkstone. I think it could be useful to have one similar to the go layer, which tracks the latest version from oe-core master. Currently we have a rust branch by Scott Murray but that is specifically for Rust 1.68. How would the procedure look like to create a new branch? Would someone take15:35
wickiand apply our patches? Or should we maintain it?15:35
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RPjstephan: replied15:48
RPwicki: we'd need someone to agree to maintain it15:48
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vvnyou can basically store templates (for TEMPLATECONF) anywhere, conf/templates/<name> is just an example, right?15:57
vvne.g. my-layer/conf/*.conf.sample if I do have only one template15:57
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kanavinvvn, used to be anywhere. now conf/templates/name is enforced.16:08
smurraywicki: I'm probably going to submit a kirkstone/rust-1.70 since I need it, and was toying with a kirkstone/rust that tracked latest since I've seen other people say they want latest16:08
kanavinvvn, yes. oe-init-build-env won't take it from other locations.16:08
vvnkanavin: that influences a lot my project structure, thank you ;) Is that a recent change?16:09
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kanavinvvn, about a year ago I think, slightly more maybe16:10
kanavinit's not in any released LTS (kirkstone or dunfell)16:10
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wickismurray sounds good. 1.70 is the minimum we need as well (to build netavark from meta-virt)16:17
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smurraywicki: yeah, a lot of things use the clap crates that now end up needing 1.70.  It'd be nice if some of the Rust ecosystem folks made better use of semver...16:19
patersoncHello all, quick question, if a poky image is built without the debug-tweaks image feature, what's the default root password? Or is it not set unless the extrausers class is used?16:21
vvnpatersonc: no password, you won't be able to login as root via serial16:23
patersoncvvn: Which explains my problem :P Thank you!16:23
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vvnif I want to write a script which superseeds and sources oe-init-build-env and provide a different default builddir, should I set $1 or $BDIR?16:41
vvnkanavin: btw I'm wondering what conf/templates is enforced, since this path doesn't need to be part of BBLAYERS16:44
ablupatersonc: If you got systemd (with sysusers config enabled), you can set a "passwd.plaintext-password.root=<password>" credential. For example by adding this to the kernel-commandline to "systemd.set_credential=passwd.plaintext-password.root:test". That might save you a rebuild of the image :)16:53
patersoncThanks ablu16:54
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kanavinvvn, for the purpose of making templates discoverable. We want a standard location for them, so they can be found by tools and people.18:17
kanavinit's not different from standard location for machine and distro definitions18:17
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vvnkanavin: got it.19:16
vvnHow do you guys handle downloads and sstate cache in you CI/CD? Do you mount them transparently or do you use docker volumes?19:16
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JPEWvvn NFS19:21
moto-timodoes anybody know off the top of their heads of a layer other than oe-core/poky that uses classes-global and classes-recipe?19:23
vvmesonmoto-timo: meta-xilinux, meta-shift, match :   $ rg classes-[gr] meta*19:32
moto-timovvmeson: thank you19:32
vvmesonmoto-timo: meta-xilinux is just in the path, meta-shirt has an oelint-parse patch.19:33
vvmesonmeta-wrdistro (I didn't name it!) has classes-recipe in fs.19:34
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vvmesonmoto-timo: correction rg doesn't match paths... it's a comment in meta-xilinux19:48
vvmesonshoudl the layer index allow plain text or regex searches of layers ? ;-)19:49
khemah cool someone else also uses ripgrep :)19:51
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vvnJPEW: your CI pipeline (and developers I guess) mount the nfs directory to build/sstate-cache before running bitbake for example?20:28
JPEWNot developers20:28
rburtonpretty sure someone did a talk about hashserv and sstate at scale20:28
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vvnyeah indeed, developers should only read the caches as mirrors20:29
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vvnrburton: you mean a presentation somewhere? I'm interested20:49
vvnI read https://www.thegoodpenguin.co.uk/blog/improving-yocto-build-time/ which is quite insightful already20:49
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moto-timovvn: https://youtu.be/2MAMCI8xvY8?si=e9R90hAEBpWjaS8R had some related content as I recall21:12
moto-timovvmeson: the filtering/search mechanism or similar can be expanded in Django, but it's not for "free"... you have to write more code to define more search capability21:14
moto-timovvmeson: there might be other ways... we already need to be parsing LAYERSERIES_COMPAT (which came around after the layerindex was last in heavy development)21:14
moto-timoha. I had ripgrep installed and forgot to learn to use it21:15
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vvmesonme 'rg' rather than 'grep' it's 2x less to type!21:19
vvmeson( or should that have been 2x fewer characters to type - grammar?)21:19
JPEWI use ripgrep mostly because it's really fast and has vim integration :)21:20
vvmesonThe biggest win is the default behaviour of ignoring .git directories when searching.21:20
moto-timopretty sure ChatGPT will entirely obliterate that type of distinction within 5 years21:20
vvmesonY'all should also be using 'fd' rather than find: $ fd some-pattern-regex  [optional path if '.' isn't what you want to search ]21:21
vvnI can't wait to have the monitor/window/tab focus follow my eyes21:21
moto-timohuh, rg is also by default recursive so you don't need -R?21:22
vvmesonmoto-timo: yep21:25
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moto-timoomg the egrep and sed in perl do_create_rdepends_inc 🤦21:26
vvmesonsome of this I picked up from trying new tools, but some came from the excellent Missing Semester of Your CS Education  : https://missing.csail.mit.edu/21:27
moto-timoit might as well be written in Cyrillic or kanji for how readable it is.21:27
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vvmesonmoto-timo: Does https://regexr.com/  help?21:30
moto-timovvmeson: it will, but the main problem is no comments about what and why the patterns were developed21:31
vvmesonmoto-timo: ugh21:31
moto-timovvmeson: I tend to consider myself fairly good at regex, sed, awk, grep... but not if I don't know why... I was just trying to get it to stop matching perl-module-v5.12 lol21:32
moto-timoah -v -e means invert the match21:33
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