Thursday, 2024-02-01

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JPEWkhem: That will spin up a local one00:06
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khemRP: figured the mips issue, its actually a problem in clone3 wrapper for mips, now sharpening my asm tooth to fix it01:32
gmorellhmm what's the correct way to include in a recipe01:42
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khemgmorell: you need meta-clang and then in the recipe you need to link with it add DEPENDS += "clang"01:53
gmorellhmm, I've done that already and added an hour to my build ;) but it still doesn't seem to find sadly and I was wondering if there was some environment var that needed to be set there01:58
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khemRP: I have fixed the mips issue potentially see ( 3 glibc patches on top of tree ), started some qemumips and qemumips-alt jobs on AB lets see how it goes02:12
khemgmorell: yes clang is big and OE is built from source so I am not surprised about added build time. Can you look inside your build tree of your recipe ( recipe-sysroot ) for libclang.so02:13
khemsee if its staged02:13
gmorellyeah ill check on that02:14
gmorellyeah I do have that for that recipe pkg/git-r0/recipe-sysroot/usr/lib/libclang.so02:18
khemok then show me how your app is specifying it on linker cmdline02:24
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gmorellit's a dependency that pulls it in, I'm just trying to get it to actually build lemme redact/pastebin the traceback02:33
gmorellyeah It's this library
gmorellwhich decides to invoke clang (:02:35
gmorellalright going to go figure that out02:35
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gmorellI'll just find a different iface to lm-sensors that doesnt drop clang in my lap02:48
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khemgmorell: hmm so you need a cross-compiler here i guess07:35
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khemcan you set TOOLCHAIN = "clang" in your recipe07:36
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jclsnNot really a Yocto question, but does someone know if it is possible to set a default audio volume for a sink in the device tree and not asound.state?09:54
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alessioigorFWIW: (Yocto used in a particle accelerator)10:14
rber|resThe YP is also used in another particle accelerator in Switzerland ;)10:17
Xogiumrber|res: ah, howdy there. Just wanted to thank you again for trying to investigate my weird build failure the other day. Whatever it was, I can't reproduce it anymore, at all. I nuked the build directory and it never happened again10:18
alessioigorrber|res: Great!10:19
rburtonalessioigor: nice10:20
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rber|res@Xogium: You're welcome. I saw the diffs and it looked to me like more changes were necessary, but - well. I also have some interesting issues with kernel modules and a recent master branch at the moment ;)10:25
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Xogiumrber|res: nah, we did the exact same thing in the end ;p that's the craziest thing. I atomized the build dir, recreated it again, set machine to stompduck2 (I hadn't changed the layer at all since), and it just worked10:26
rber|res@Xogium: so much to reproducible builds ;)10:27
Xogiumbut to make it work the very first time I had to force bitbake to run a particular task, wks_template or something. I don't remember the name of10:27
Xogiumyep :p10:28
XogiumI guess nothing for it now but to keep an eye on it and see if it ever happens again (I very much doubt it)10:28
rber|res@Xogium: Aha - so it might be reproducible after all. Sounds to me like for some magic reason some dependency is not run - the task you are talking about, which creates the wks file.10:28
Xogiumif it is reproducible, I have not found how to reproduce it yet, and neither did the two people who did the exact same build as me for a test10:29
Xogiumit might be reproducible but *very* intermitantly10:29
rber|resmaybe a race condition10:29
Xogiumyeah, that's what I think10:29
Xogiumthat kind of reminds me of the issue I dug up in the kernel a few years ago ;)10:30
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rber|resI experienced something where the build sometimes worked and sometimes it did not and the solution was a [depends]10:30
Xogiumbasically I found out the hard way (testing a watchdog with a kernel panic to see if it would work properly), that sometimes, somehow, under very specific conditions, the kernel could escape it's very own infinite loop after a panic due to preemption and keep running whatever remained on cpu010:31
Xogiumtook us about 3 weeks to dig that one up, and the whole time I thought I was going insane10:31
XogiumI was stunned speechless when I kept being able to ping my panicked test board on the network, ssh in, and do all sorts of things10:32
Xogiumbut only sometimes10:33
Xogiumunless I used nosmp ;p10:33
rber|resHehe - sounds spooky10:34
Xogiumyes, very much so10:38
XogiumI was like, how the hell is it still running ? Oh, watchdog is being fed on cpu0...10:39
Xogiumand now on cpu1 so it got stopped and the system reboots normally10:39
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manuel1985How does yocto implement the readonly-rootfs feature? I know it creates a /var/volatile, but where does it mount /var/volatile/etc on /etc? On my system `systemctl list-units --type=mount` lists 'etc.mount', but 'systemctl cat' doesn't find it and it's not in '/run/systemd/transient' either. I'm pretty puzzled.11:12
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ablumanuel1985: /etc is kept (mostly) readonly with Yocto's readonly-rootfs. Some individual files are bind mounted to make them writable. Overall systemd has it's own understanding of stateful and stateless systems.11:53
abluThere are a bunch of options here... Personally I am not a huge fan of the Yocto "readonly-rootfs" feature and prefer the systemd configurations. But it all really depends on what you want and need :)11:53
frosteyesFYI - just sent at pach for the kernel-devsrc issue I mentioned the other day. It was missing some RDEPENDS.11:58
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zhmyloveHey everyone! I have multiple recipes that using a single git monorepo. Sometimes my do_fetch fails due race condition trying to lock git refs that are already exist, thanks to parallel do_fetch execution for those recipes. Is there any way to mitigate this?13:06
rburtonif the url is the same then it shouldn't be racing, the first should lock and clone and the others wait13:26
rburton(unless your DL_DIR is on a filesystem with broken locking...)13:26
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LetoThe2ndHow to get into the right mood for the upcoming FOSDEM weekend:13:38
LetoThe2nd- buy a sixpack of Belgian beers13:38
LetoThe2nd- stock up on fries (double friture!)13:38
LetoThe2nd- binge watch the recordings from last years OE Workshop13:38
zhmyloveThe FS is ext4, mount options are "rw,relataime". I've also made a simple test using flock(1) and advisory locking works properly. Would you suggest to debug git-ssh fetcher or something else?13:41
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Guest41Hello Team15:16
Guest41I'm facing a issue while running bitbake15:16
Guest41ERROR: grip-hybrid-image-1.0-r0 do_rootfs: Unable to install packages. Command '/pancake-combo/build/tmp/work/hon_grip_generic-poky-linux-gnueabi/grip-hybrid-image/1.0-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/opkg --volatile-cache -f /pancake-combo/build/tmp/work/hon_grip_generic-poky-linux-gnueabi/grip-hybrid-image/1.0-r0/opkg.conf -t15:16
Guest41/pancake-combo/build/tmp/work/hon_grip_generic-poky-linux-gnueabi/grip-hybrid-image/1.0-r0/temp/ipktemp/ -o /pancake-combo/build/tmp/work/hon_grip_generic-poky-linux-gnueabi/grip-hybrid-image/1.0-r0/rootfs  --force_postinstall --prefer-arch-to-version --no-install-recommends  install base-passwd board-config bridge-utils ca-certificates15:16
Guest41caam-sm-key-blob codesigning coredump cpuid create-ipv6-macaddress-for-rf6 createmfg cryptoauthlib-pkcs11 curl e2fsprogs e2fsprogs-e2fsck e2fsprogs-mke2fs e2fsprogs-resize2fs e2fsprogs-tune2fs ecc508-tools ethtool evtest facparam firmware-pcie8997 flatpak flushiptables frag fscryptctl gstreamer1.0 gstreamer1.0-plugins-good-jpeg mmc-utils ncdu15:16
Guest41nxp-wlan-sdk oom-score-live opensc openssl openssl-bin opkg optee-client optee-os optee-test os-release ostree ostree-bootloader-upgrader packagegroup-base-extended packagegroup-core-boot packagegroup-core-ssh-openssh packagegroup-hybrid-app packagegroup-hybrid-debug packagegroup-hybrid-misc pciutils polkit polkit-group-rule-datetime15:16
Guest41polkit-group-rule-rezi process-memory-profiler procps qemuwrapper-cross run-postinsts self-test shadow store-factory-data-in-bootpartition strace stress sudo systemd-analyze systemd-extra-utils systemd-serialgetty systemd-settings tmux tzdata tzdata-americas u-boot-rezi useradd-rezi-jailbird util-linux util-linux-agetty util-linux-mkfs15:16
Guest41util-linux-sfdisk v4l-utils vim vim-syntax vim-vimrc wts-dut-agent zsh zutils' returned 255:15:16
Guest41and one of the error is configuration error - unknown item 'SYSLOG_SU_ENAB' (notify administrator)15:17
Guest41i need your suggestion, to resolve it.15:18
Guest41I tried by clean all build and tried adding systemd distro features, but stiil issue was repeating.15:19
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arielmrmxIm struggling with something strange related to how RDEPENDS and PACKAGES are generated17:07
arielmrmxfor an old image I'm using dunfell, but got the recipe for opencv 3.4 from warrior17:08
arielmrmxit builds cleanly and generates a bunch of packages17:08
arielmrmxhowever when i try to install opkg install opencv17:08
arielmrmxi get17:09
arielmrmx * Problem 1/1:17:09
arielmrmx *   - nothing provides requested libopencv-core3.417:09
arielmrmxby inspecting i understand that opencv has a bunch of libs with PACKAGES libopencv-core but not libopencv-core3.417:09
arielmrmxso opencv does provide a sub ipk Filename: libopencv-core_3.4.5-r0_corei7-64.ipk17:10
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arielmrmxbut it RPROVIDES libopencv-core, not libopencv-core3.417:10
arielmrmxthe version tag was not appended to RPROVIDES but it was appended to RDEPENDS17:11
arielmrmxfuther inspecting, i found DEBIAN_NOAUTONAME17:12
arielmrmxthat's why my package is named  libopencv-core_3.4.5-r0_corei7-64.ipk17:12
arielmrmxeither adding or not adding DEBIAN_NOAUTONAME_* inside the recipe, has no effect17:12
arielmrmxthe result is that I can build opencv but I cannot install it anywhere because RDEPENDS is wrong17:13
simonewStupid question: warrior is since long EOL why use opencv from there#17:16
arielmrmxthere is an app requiring opencv 3.x17:20
arielmrmxwe just fetched the recipe from warrior17:21
arielmrmxeasier to do than re-generating a recipe from zero17:21
arielmrmxin fact we tested this also against kirkstone, same thing17:23
arielmrmxalso recipes are very similar, for opencv4 and opencv3.4, so how can it be that one appends a wrong RDEPENDS ?17:24
arielmrmxthis is one17:25
arielmrmxthis is 4.x on dunfell17:25
arielmrmxon both recipes i can see a: python populate_packages_prepend ()17:27
arielmrmxthose are  in fact, identical17:27
arielmrmxalso, by reading into the DEBIAN_NOAUTONAME_{pn} documentation I understand that making it "1" I would avoid renaming the package, So I did17:31
arielmrmxhowever I had to add: d.appendVar('DEBIAN_NOAUTONAME_' + pkg, '1') for each d.getVar('PACKAGES').split()17:31
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arielmrmxand that removed some verbosity about17:34
arielmrmxNOTE: package name mapping done: libopencv-core -> libopencv-core3.417:34
arielmrmxdozens of opencv were not renamed anymore as seen in log_do_package_write_ipk17:34
simonewMaybe it is not in the recipe (have not checked them now), but due to automatically added runtime dependencies17:34
arielmrmxi had imagined that by adding DEBIAN_NOAUTONAME_{libopencv-blabla}="1" then no renaming would occur (i was right) but17:35
arielmrmxthe RPROVIDES seems still wrong17:35
arielmrmxfurther strangely, the header of the IPK17:39
arielmrmxof opencv17:39
arielmrmx Depends: libopencv-aruco, libopencv-bgsegm, libopencv-bioinspired, libopencv-calib3d, libopencv-ccalib, libopencv-core, libopencv-datasets, libopencv-dpm, libopencv-face, libopencv-features2d, libopencv-flann, libopencv-fuzzy, libopencv-hfs, libopencv-highgui, libopencv-img-hash, libopencv-imgcodecs, libopencv-imgproc, libopencv-line-descriptor, libopencv-ml, libopencv-objdetect, libopencv-optflow, libopencv-phase-unwrapping, libopencv-photo, libopencv17:39
arielmrmx-plot, libopencv-reg, libopencv-rgbd, libopencv-saliency, libopencv-sfm, libopencv-shape, libopencv-stereo, libopencv-stitching, libopencv-structured-light, libopencv-superres, libopencv-surface-matching, libopencv-tracking, libopencv-video, libopencv-videoio, libopencv-videostab, libopencv-xfeatures2d, libopencv-ximgproc, libopencv-xobjdetect, libopencv-xphoto, opencv-apps, opencv-samples17:39
arielmrmx Source: opencv_3.4.5.bb17:39
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arielmrmxdoes not mention dependency on  libopencv-core3.4 but, correctly, to a bare libopencv-core17:40
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arielmrmxby publishing the bitbake package-index17:46
arielmrmxhow can it Be this ??17:46
arielmrmxopkg info opencv17:47
arielmrmxDepends: ... , libopencv-core, ...17:47
arielmrmxopkg install opencv17:47
arielmrmx     - nothing provides requested libopencv-core3.417:47
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landgrafarielmrmx: versioned providers in opkg is a pain...17:50
arielmrmxbut, i do not have installed opencv417:51
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arielmrmxI have added d.appendVar('RPROVIDES_' + pkg, "testextra3")17:58
arielmrmxand i can see in Packages and also on ipk info17:58
arielmrmxProvides: testextra317:58
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arielmrmxWell mistery solved18:01
arielmrmxI had to add a dummy "appendVar"18:01
arielmrmxd.appendVar('RPROVIDES_' + pkg, " testextra3")18:01
arielmrmxd.appendVar('RPROVIDES_' + pkg, " " + pkg+"3.4")18:01
arielmrmxby adding that dummy RPROVIDES now it works18:02
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khemRP: the code to change order of search for native libs for and rpaths -
jmdI have been trying to generate a SPDX-SBOM as described here:
khemRP: this code has been removed from upstream glibc -;a=commit;h=7c8df0b9441e34928f2d7d70531e3d55e016c32e20:20
jmdHowever so far as I can tell, adding INHERIT += "create-spdx" has no effect whatsoever.  What am I missing?20:21
khemRP: so now that this stub is gone, I guess we dont need to carry the re-ordering patch20:23
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mischiefare there any tricks to get the final SRCREV for AUTOREVs without using buildhistory?20:26
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~nerdboy@gentoo/developer/nerdboy> has joined #yocto20:26
khemnot from with-in the build system20:30
khemwhy do you need to bridge between AUTOREVs and hardcoded SHA1's if I may ask20:31
*** sakman <sakman!~Thunderbi@> has joined #yocto20:31
mischiefi'm annoyed at how long parsing takes (git ls-remotes) because of how many autorevs we have20:31
mischiefjust wondering if there's a simple way for me to get them all pinned locally without needing to go through buildhistory (which we do have)20:32
khemright, so answer is, dont use them20:32
*** jmd` <jmd`!~user@2001:a61:2a5a:f701:bd45:e9a8:6384:9d60> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)20:33
khemand version bumps should be an intentional activity meaning someone bless'es it20:33
mischiefunfortunately other people in my organization disagree with that20:33
khemif you let an autobuilder bump it, you will take away the agency from development teams and they wont care20:33
mischiefis there any documentation on how to do that?20:34
khemso basically they want to throw all ingredients in together and roll the dice that something good comes out from other end :)20:35
khemmonolithic dev is not a scalable model20:35
khemI am not aware if any templates, since its not a best practice we recommend20:36
khemmaybe use buildhistory-collect-srcrevs20:37
khemAfter the build20:37
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RPkhem: that doesn't look like the right bit was removed for that to obsolete that patch unfortunately22:10
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khemyeah, this was infact a crutch we were using and upstream has removed it completely22:21
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