Friday, 2024-02-02

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khemabelloni: I see you dropped "gdb pretty printer" patch for gcc-runtime any issues with it ?00:23
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RPkhem: to be clear, we still need that patch, we can't drop it08:44
RPI can't see any change in glibc master which avoids ldconfig which is the issue it avoids08:45
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Guest60hi everyone, let's say I want to work on a bug that is in bug triage, is build server support provided for this?11:41
RPGuest60: unfortunately no, the autobuilder is a limited resource11:48
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jmdWhen I do "source oe-init-build-env" I get an error: "Please set up python v2 as your default python interpreter"  But it doesn't explain how to do that.13:24
Xogiumhuh, python 2 ?13:26
jmdThat's what it says.13:26
Xogiumwhich yocto version is that ?13:28
jmdI'm building from git13:28
XogiumI'm a bit baffled here because the oe-init-build-env thing is just a shell script. I don't get why it would need python 2, not to mention that python 2 is dead13:28
jmdYeah.  I was surprised too.13:29
Xogiumwhich distro do you run this on ?13:29
Xogiumfwiw I'm on ubuntu here and even with python being symlinked to python3 and not python2, the oe build env thing runs13:30
XogiumI'm on kirkstone, but still13:30
XogiumI was under the impression that all this oe script does is setting up shell env variables13:31
jmdThe complete message is "Bitbake is not compatible with python v3\nPlease set up python v2 as your default python interpreter"13:31
Xogiumso I really don't understand the deal with python 2 vs python 313:31
Xogiumit must be something else printing this, because there is not one single error message refering to the python version in oe-build-env in itself13:32
Xogiumwhat in the hell ?13:32
Xogiumthat also doesn't seem to make sense13:33
RPjmd: that is the latest release from master? I'd have thought we got rid of that message a long time ago13:33
jmdXogium: I think you're mistaken.  It's in line 34 of oe-buildenv-internal13:33
Xogiumoh !13:33
XogiumI missed this. I was checking only the oe-init-build-env ;p13:34
RPjmd: for me, line 37 is     echo >&2 "BitBake requires Python 3.8.0 or later as 'python3' (scripts/install-buildtools can be used if needed)"13:34
jmdAnd I'm on the "jethro" branch. Not "master" (as per the getting started in structions on https://docs.yoctoproject.org13:34
Xogiumooh boy13:35
RPjmd: Not quite sure how you got to jethro but that is a very old release :(13:35
JaMajmd: see
Xogiumlike, *very* old13:35
JaMajethro support ended in 201613:35
jmd quite clearly says "git checkout jethro"13:36
Xogiumwhich kind of explains why you're stuck with something that wants python 2, I guess13:36
jmdIn at least 2 places.13:36
RPjmd: the 2.0 there is the issue, those are not recent docs13:36
jmdThey are linked to from the main page.13:36
RPjmd: it does say at the top "This version of the project is now considered obsolete, please select and use a more recent version."13:36
RPjmd: where on the main page?13:37
jmdOkay I stand corrected it's not the main page.13:38
Xogiummain page iirc always points to latest13:39
jmdIt's the "Yocto Project Quick Start" page.13:39
jmdand the link says: "For the latest version of this manual associated with this Yocto Project release, see the Yocto Project Quick Start from the Yocto Project website. "13:40
jmdSo that's how I found it.13:40
jmdAnyway, which instructions should I be following?13:40
JaMado you have a link to this page? it's true that google for this returns as first hit which is the old version13:41
RPjmd: I suspect you've followed an outdated link through google :(13:42
RPjmd: if there is anything we can fix from our side we will which is why we're asking questions to try and find out how you got here13:42
RPjmd: is the most recent13:42
jmdYeah I think I googled for "Yocto getting started"13:43
JaMayes, that gives me as first result (with the notice inside that you should switch to more recent one)13:45
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jmdHow do I change the Build Configuration ?14:23
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derRichardto build my kernel i need to set CROSS_COMPILE_COMPAT too, what is the variable for the 32bit target prefix when building a 64 program?14:46
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frosteyesabelloni: noticed you included one of the kernel-devsrc patches (the one for gawk) in your contrib master-next, but not the other patch for make -
jmdHow do I start a bitbake server ?15:03
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frosteyesjmd: I will recommend you start by reading and following the
jmdfrosteyes: I will have a look.  Thanks.15:11
jmdOh.  It's the page I've been following the whole day - just a different URL.15:12
frosteyesThe latest version..15:14
frosteyesFitting for your system :)15:14
frosteyesAnd next -
frosteyesExpect a steep learning curve as a start, but it will pay off15:16
jmdAnyway, so far as I can see none of those mention how to start a bitbake server15:17
frosteyesThe bitbake server is started as part of the bitbake command..15:17
jmdAnd what if it doesn't?15:17
jmdOnly certain commands seem to do it.15:18
frosteyesWhat are you trying to do?15:19
jmdrun bitbake15:19
frosteyesokay.. First have you checked out nanbield15:20
frosteyesand checked with git status that nothing is changed in your working dir15:21
frosteyesNext - remove the build folder inside the poky folder15:21
jmdWell many things have changed. As per they should15:21
jmdok "build" removed15:22
frosteyesthen start by source oe-init-build-env15:22
Saursakoman, khem: Is it expected that glibc is three commits ahead on the nanbield branch compared to master?15:23
frosteyesa new build folder is created - and you should be able to run bitbake15:23
jmdfrosteyes: Is it safe to do that when I've already done it?  I seem to remember it causes issued.15:23
frosteyeswe started on a fresh, when you removed the build folder and then created with source oe-init-build-env15:24
frosteyesSo yes.15:24
jmdThen bitbake again?15:24
frosteyesJust try..15:25
jmdYep okay so the trick is when bitbake breaks, remove build and try again.15:25
frosteyesNot exactly.. But you had a very old build setup because you had been working on 2.015:26
sakomanSaur: I haven't merged that, just testing it in the -nut branch to see if there were any issues.  It won't merge until master has the same15:26
jmdMaybe.  I thought I started clean over though.15:27
frosteyesAlso.. When switching from a very old release, you sometimes need to create a new terminal, when sourcing the new one..15:27
jmdMaybe that was the problem then.15:28
frosteyesE.g. source oe-init-build-env export some variables..15:28
frosteyesAnd they have changed over time..15:28
sakomanSaur: thanks for watching though!  I always appreciate feedback -- might keep me from doing something stupid :-)15:28
frosteyesSo if you first source an old one,, They are exported.. and if they are not export in newer versions, it become a mix..15:29
jmdSometimes bitbake just blocks forever15:31
Saursakoman: AFAICT, origin/master has SRCREV_glibc ?= "1e04dcec491bd8f48b5b74ce3e8414132578a645" and origin/nanbield has SRCREV_glibc ?= "44f757a6364a546359809d48c76b3debd26e77d4", where the latter SRCREV is three commits ahead of the former...15:31
jmdOh and now it can't find the server again.15:32
frosteyeshave you run "ctrl+c" or similar..15:33
khemSaur:  usually it should not but in context we are in process to upgrade to 2.39 on master so its not bad15:34
frosteyesWill be off, good luck - jmd15:34
Saurkhem: Yeah, I expected something like that. I was just a bit surprised when I noticed.15:35
sakomanSaur: Sigh, you are correct, I thought you were referring to the glibc patch I have queued in -nut15:35
khemusually devs should send patch against master and a backport15:35
Saursakoman: No worries. And as khem says, soon it will solve itself when master upgrades to 2.39.15:36
khemRP: yes I guess, I will adapt it on top15:36
RPkhem: the glibc mips patch seemed to work FWIW15:37
jmdfrosteyes: Yes I've been doing that rather a lot.15:38
frosteyesjmd: then this is your problem.. Some bitbake commands take siginificant time.. When you press ctrl+c the bitbake server might not get shutdown correct. This means it can not be started for the next command. So you need to control your process - think ps and look if something hanging.. Also it might be the bitbake.lock file and bitbake.sock is still present.. Preventing the next bitbake command.15:41
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jmd`Is there a way to make bitbake run deterministicly ?16:12
rburtonin bitbake's defense, it's not non-deterministic16:12
* rburton should stop looking at irc and finish his slides16:12
jmd`Well every time I run it, it does something different.16:13
rburtonits working towards the target you specify. there's usually a huge amount of routes to that target, so it can do lots in parallel.16:14
rburtonif you say what your problem is, maybe someone can help with that16:14
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jmd`rburton: My (current) problem is that every time I run bitbake (with the same parameters) and without me changing anything int the filesystem, it gives different errors.16:22
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rburtonjmd`: its entirely possible that you just have lots of errors (maybe one root issue) and as bitbake stops when it first encounters an error and it will run tens of jobs at once, what one in particular fails first is random16:24
rburtonbut you've said nothing beyond "i run bitbake and it fails" so 🤷‍♂️16:24
rburtonpick one failing recipe, bitbake just that, fix it.16:25
jmd`rburton: Right.  So how can I make it run one job at a time?16:25
rburtonno need to do that.  just bitbake the first one that fails16:26
jmd`Also I never said "i run bitbake and it fails".  You are putting words into my mouth.16:26
rburtoni paraphrased "I run bitbake and it gives different errors."16:26
jmd`rburton: But the "first" one is different each run.  So concentrating on the one error is difficult.16:27
rburtonbut if you bitbake the first one that fails then only that one will fail16:27
rburtonbecause by definition its dependencies have succeeded16:27
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jmd`That would seem not to be true.  I am providing one target and I am getting 2 errors (and many warnings) from from different depdendencies.16:30
rburtonso work up the dependency tree, pick an earlier recipe that is failing16:30
rburtonif you bitbake foo and the recipe bar fails with errors, then bitbake bar16:31
jmd`okay.  Now we're getting somewhere.  So how do I find out the dependencies of foo?16:32
rburtonjust pick one of the recipes that actually errors, and bitbake that16:34
jmd`Yes.  And how do I know which recipe is giving rise to an error?16:36
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neverpanicjmd`: you can use bitbake -k to make it continue until it encountered all errors.16:36
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neverpanicThat'll make it more deterministic, but you'll potentially see many many errors before it stops.16:37
rburtonjmd`: the log tells you.  "recipe foo fails in do_bar"16:37
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jmd`neverpanic: Yes, and it'll still come in a different order each time.16:38
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rburtonyes, because the order isn't relevant.  if foo depends on A and B then it doesn't matter if bitbake builds A or B first, or if it builds them both at the exact same time.16:38
neverpanicYes. That's just the nature of doing things in parallel. It would take a very long time if it didn't.16:38
neverpanicYou could change it to use fewer (or even just 1) job, but the order could still be different, because topological sorting doesn't have a single unique solution.16:39
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jmd`rburton: I understand that.  However most dependency tools, for this very reason, have an option to disable parallel builds in order to make debugging simpler.16:39
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rburtonset BB_NUMBER_THREADS=1 then, it won't help for the reason said above.16:40
rburtonthe answer is to build the specific recipe that failed and pick the errors off one at a time, instead of trying to do them all at once.16:40
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rburton_maybe_ bitbake uses sorted sets to construct the task graph but I wouldn't rely on that.  I _think_ python dicts are sorted by insertion order if you have a modern python so that would mean a bit more reliability.  but this is the wrong solution to the problem.16:43
jmd`I'm not trying to do them all at once.16:43
jmd`I'm trying to do them one at a time.16:43
jmd`But that is very difficult because I can't cause the same recipe to run after I've applied a potential fix.16:44
neverpanicYou can, just run bitbake $recipename16:44
rburtonwhy can't you just bitbake that recipe?16:44
jmd`So I *think* it's fixed, only to discover 15 minutes later that my fix had not fixed the problem.16:45
jmd`rburton: Because I don't know which recipe is causing the problem.16:45
rburtonbut you said you just fixed a recipe16:45
rburtonand every task failure says what recipe it was running in16:46
jmd`I don't see that. I just see a message like "ERROR: ParseError at Yocto/poky/meta-dmo/recipes-kernel/linux/ Could not inherit file classes/fsl-vivante-kernel-driver-handler.bbclass"16:47
rburtonparse errors happen before it even ran _any_ tasks16:47
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rburtonif you've a 15 minute cycle for a bitbake parse it sounds like you're testing-via-CI, so i suggest replicating the build infra locally so you can iterate in seconds16:50
jmd`I've no idea what that means, but I will try to googleing those terms.16:51
Saurjmd`: That class comes from meta-freescale. Do you have meta-freescale in BBLAYERS in your bblayers.conf file?16:51
jmd`On a completely different note, are the mass of warnings like "SRC_URI:append += is not a recommended operator combination, please replace it." something I'm doing wrong or are they just a fact of life/16:52
SaurOr meta-fsl-arm apparently.16:52
jmd`Saur: no16:52
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SaurWell, you need either of those layers to provide that class, or drop the recipe that inherits it, or the layer with the recipe that inherits it.16:54
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khemRP: yes, I have the final patches for glibc 2.39 on ml yesterday, the mips patch is accepted upstream it will be applied soon16:54
jmd`Saur: What if I just drop the "inherits" line?16:55
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rburtonjmd`: whoever wrote the recipes should fix that. :append += is a bad idiom and should be removed.16:55
Saurjmd`:  The doubt the recipe would inherit the class without actually needing it...16:55
SaurI doubt*16:56
jmd`So should I file a bug?  There are *many* of them.16:56
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rburtonjmd`: potentially you've mixed incompatible versions of things, but file a bug with whoever provided those recipes yes.16:58
SaurAre you trying to use an old  layer with a new OE Core? Those warnings are fairly new.16:58
rburtonthat's what i'm thinking, but the compat stuff stops really old mixing.16:58
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jmd`Saur: Yes, that's what I'm doing.17:02
SaurWell, then it is not a surprise that you get those warnings. Correcting the syntax for those appends is part of updating the layer to match current the OE OCre.17:03
jmd`Isn't systemd part of the OE core?17:04
SaurIt is, if you have `systemd` enabled in DISTRO_FEATURES.17:05
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rburtonif you mixing layer versions then typically you get to keep the pieces when it breaks.  they're versioned for a reason.17:06
Saurjmd`: Nowadays you typically set INIT_MANAGER = "systemd" in your distro and it will take care of the rest (see meta/conf/distro/include/ for what it actually does).17:07
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jmd`rburton: and now I'm trying to glue the pieces back together.17:09
rburtonthose warnings are ignorable, it's a style thing mainly17:10
jmd`When I get "ERROR: ... inherits ... but doesn't set XXXXXX for package foo" how do I go about setting it?  What's the syntax?17:11
rburtonwhat's the actual error?17:11
jmd` inherits useradd but doesn't set USERADD_PARAM, GROUPADD_PARAM or GROUPMEMS_PARAM for package dmo-base-user17:13
rburtonif it doesn't set those variables then the class inherit is pointless, so remove it17:13
rburtonthat's "I was inherited but have nothing to do"17:14
jmd`Well I looks as if it does: USERADD_PARAM_${PN} = "--home ......17:14
jmd`That's what is confusing me17:14
Saurjmd`:  Old syntax, neds to be corrected.17:14
SaurShould be USERADD_PARAM:${PN} now.17:15
rburtonis dmo-base-user something you wrote, or something you were given?17:15
SaurThere is a script to fix that...17:15
rburtonbecause i'd have expected most vendors to have fixed this long ago17:15
jmd`Does that also apply to RDEPENDS_${PN} too?17:16
rburtonif its your code then read the migration guide for the releases you're upgrading via to understand very important things like the syntax changes and variable renames17:16
jmd`No.  For the record, it's not my code.17:16
rburtonthen i'd ask vendor for updated code as its clearly obsolete and there should be an updated release17:17
jmd`I will ask, but I won't hold my breath.17:17
Saurjmd`: Migrating an old layer is no small task. If it is not your layer, you most likely do not want to do it yourself...17:17
SaurFor the record, there are a number of scripts/contrib/convert-* scripts that will help converting old layers to new standards. However, as rburton says, you really must read and understand the migration guides for all the versions you are going through when updating...17:19
jmd`Saur: You're absolutely right.  Would you like to do it for me :)17:20
jmd`I will look up the migration guides.17:20
SaurSorry, I already have my plate full managing our own layers.17:21
jmd`Yes I thought that might be the answer.17:24
jmd`Hah! Yesterday I got a message telling me to change all instances of 'git://' to 'https://'  Today I get a message telling me to change them back again!17:26
rburtonyou misread the message17:28
rburtonif you're fetching a git repo then the protocol in the url is always git://17:28
rburtonbut you then have to specify what actual protocol to use in a protocol= argument17:28
rburtonso git://;protocol=https is a git clone of
rburtonwhere as SRC_URI= would get that url with wget, and not git17:29
jmd`Right.  Thanks for the explanation.17:31
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rburtonthe change was, iirc, that protocol is now mandatory17:32
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mischieffor some reason after i sent a patch mail yesterday with git-send-email thru gmail, i've stopped receiving incoming messages from openembedded-core@ :-(18:00
jmd`I don't understand this message "ERROR: No recipes in default available for: <big-long-list>"18:00
jmd` 18:00
Saurjmd`: That means you have bbappend files with no matching bb files.18:11
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DarkestFMHi im trying to patch the redis.conf in meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-extended/redis/redis but there is also a redis.conf in the source, how do i get bitbake to recognize which file needs patched?18:29
DarkestFMwhen i use devtool it pulls the file from meta-oe into oe-local-files, modifying it and finishing devtool causes it to produce a full file instead of a patch18:33
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SaurDarkestFM: That's because you cannot patch a file provided by one layer in another layer, you replace it whole.18:45
DarkestFMCool. Is that documented somewhere?18:50
SaurI don't know. I think it is mostly a consequence of do_patch working in ${S}, while the files included from the layer end up in ${WORKDIR}.18:52
DarkestFMMakes sense.18:53
DarkestFMThanks for the clarification.18:57
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jmd`So if FILES:${PN}:append += "${sysconfdir}/X11/Xsession.d/"  is bad, what should it be?20:01
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Saurjmd`:  FILES:${PN}:append = " ${sysconfdir}/X11/Xsession.d/"20:09
SaurOr in most cases for FILES:${PN}:  FILES:${PN} += "${sysconfdir}/X11/Xsession.d/"20:10
SaurNote the space after the first quote in the first example.20:10
jmd`Right.  So just remove :append20:11
JaMait will work in this case, but there might be other cases where the :append might be needed20:15
jmd`JaMa: but s/:append *+=/+=/g will be okay ??20:15
JaManot necessary20:18
jmd`do elaborate...20:20
JaMaread the docs about various operator and their differences, there are even some presentations about this topic as it's not simple and many newcomers are confused from different behavior of :append and += and =+ or .=/=. and it's better to learn early20:24
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