Sunday, 2024-02-04

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khemRP: I fixed assimp testcase and sent the patch to ml, hopefully this will sort the issue out, I have also started a test build with my fix here -
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jmdOn nanbield, "bitbake e2fsprogs" fails.06:24
jmdERROR: e2fsprogs-1.47.0-r0 do_populate_lic: QA Issue: e2fsprogs: LIC_FILES_CHKSUM points to an invalid file: ...06:25
khemit uses multiple files to test.06:31
khemcan you show which one is it complaining about ?06:32
jmdkhem: ok.  Which is the prefered pastebin here?06:35
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jmdThe first warning is:06:41
jmdWARNING: e2fsprogs-1.47.0-r0 do_populate_lic: Could not copy license file /home/me/Yocto/poky/build/tmp/work/core2-64-poky-linux/e2fsprogs/1.47.0/git/NOTICE to /home/me/Yocto/poky/build/tmp/work/core2-64-poky-linux/e2fsprogs/1.47.0/license-destdir/core2-64/e2fsprogs/NOTICE: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/me/Yocto/poky/build/tmp/work/core2-64-poky-linux/e2fsprogs/1.47.0/git/NOTICE'06:41
jmd 06:41
khemso I wonder why it complains, can you check in build area of e2fsprogs for NOTICE file in '/home/me/Yocto/poky/build/tmp/work/core2-64-poky-linux/e2fsprogs/1.47.0/git06:47
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jmdYeah. I've just looked and for some reason that directory is empty.06:48
jmdOh it looks like something in a local layer is messing with it.06:54
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jmdAt the end of my build I get: "ERROR: Cannot find any SPDX file for document"08:32
jmdWhat does this mean and how do I fix it?08:32
jmd(that url gives 404)08:33
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kanavinRP: not seen this before, '·-·empty·(lzip·compressed·data,·version:·0)' might mean rpm runs 'file' on files it's putting into a package, and places the output into .rpm, and the output of file is non-determinstic?09:46
kanavinthat, or maybe libmagic offers those directly09:46
rburtonjmd: you can turn off spdx entirely if you don't care, just either write your own distro that doesn't inherit it in the first place, or INHERIT:remove = "create-sdpx" if you're reusing poky (if you're using this commercially, don't use poky)09:47
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jmdrburton: I have tried the INHERIT:remove = "create-sdpx" - unfortunately it seems to make no difference.10:08
jmdIs poky not allowed to be used commercially?  I thought it was free software.10:09
rburtonsure it is10:10
rburtoni didn't say you can't, i said its a bad idea10:10
rburtonpoky is a reference distro for testing yocto.  it turns on most things.10:11
rburtonand every release we'll change it.10:11
jmdWhat's the recommended way?10:11
rburtonthis means you spend time turning stuff _off_ and every upgrade you have to see what else it turned on.10:11
rburtonwrite your own distro10:11
jmdI think most people write their own distros by deriving from poky.10:12
rburton<shrugs> we tell them not to do that10:12
jmdIs there a document which explains this?10:12
rburtonthe docs, hopefully10:13
rburtonwriting your own distro is trivial. here is my minimal example:
rburtonthe defaults are a lot more conservative than poky, so that's a slightly leaner base that does less.10:14
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jmdI will look at that.10:16
* jmd is beginning to release that the persons who wrote this project had even less idea ...10:17
rburtonlurking or asking here is a good way to learn the best practises10:30
jmdYeah.  I'm wondering if it's better to start over again with a new distro rather than patch up quite a few years of mess.10:37
jmdrburton: your projects custom-init-env script tries to souce a file which doesn't exist10:42
rburtonhm it might need updating, i've not touched it for years10:55
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jmdI'm trying to build for imx6dl11:25
jmdBut I keep getting this error:11:25
jmdMACHINE=mx6dl-generic-bsp is invalid. Please set a valid MACHINE in your local.conf, environment or other configuration file11:26
jmdWhy does it think this is invalid?11:26
jmdHow can I persuade it otherwise?11:26
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RPkanavin: I didn't understand it either :/11:48
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rburtonjmd: your bblayers doesn't list a layer which defines that machine13:21
rburtoneither you need to add more layers, or use a machine that exists13:21
jmdI thought bitbake-layers add-layer should have done that for me?13:33
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jmdYes.  It's in bblayers.conf13:38
rburtonbitbake can't find it, so either you typod or its in a sublayer13:53
jmdHow can I find out which it is? and how can I get a list of all valid machines?13:56
rburtonthe machine conf files are conf/machine/*.conf in each layer14:02
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rburtonjmd: will print all the machines that bitbake can see14:22
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khemRP: so I guess, we are close to merging glibc 2.39 and binutils 2.42 as well perhaps19:15
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RPmoto-timo: looks like python3-markupsafe upgrade to 2.1.4 breaks python3-jinja2 :/19:17
khemWe have so many combinations to test in AB that something always cracks open, and usually its one of the lesser used architectures like ppc or mips or mingw19:17
moto-timoRP: how much fun can we have in one week ? :/19:17
khemRP: I am planning a create a branch where I want to track master branch for gcc/binutils/glibc19:17
RPmoto-timo: trying to debug ltp in parallel and so on. Its great19:17
RPkhem: I'd love to setup poky-bleeding to do it FWIW19:18
khemand perhaps throw that at AB once a week or so, I am sure it will be broken all the time but would be good to see if something breaks down19:18
khemRP: maybe devupstream class might be useful to use here19:20
RPkhem: in general, yes but for those recipes, perhaps not!19:21
khemyeah, so how do we go about it ? maybe create bleeding versions of recipes ?19:22
khemor a branch with AUTOREV tuned on?19:23
RPkhem: We probably create bleeding recipe versions19:25
moto-timoRP: master-next branch?19:30
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moto-timoRP: markupsafe is still using setuptools3 class as well... not sure if switching to python_setuptools_build_meta will help or not (and python3-jinja2 should inherit python_flit_core)... I guess I need to revisit
moto-timoRP: and then there's that ;)19:34
RPmoto-timo: not sure if it is right...19:34
moto-timoRP: and of course they already tagged 2.1.5 a couple days ago... python ecosystem is getting as "go fast, break things" as Rust and NPM.19:37
moto-timoat least i think I have the two configurations for openssh so I can do what khem is suggesting (compare config flags)19:38
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RPmoto-timo: - so 2.1.5 fixes a regression in 2.1.419:40
RPmoto-timo: so I abandon the pull request19:40
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RPmoto-timo: I tried python_flit_core but it blew up :/19:44
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moto-timoRP: sigh19:45
dvergatalif I'm getting abort pseudo during do_rootfs for an image then I shoudl add PSEUDO_DEBUG = "nfoPcvdDyerpswikVx" in recipe for an image or in recipe for which this abort occurs?19:45
RPdvergatal: have you looked at pseudo.log before doing that?19:45
moto-timoRP: I'll kick the can on both python3-markupsafe and python3-jinja2 in the coming week...19:45
RPand what does it say?19:45
dvergatalRP: nothing speciall19:45
RPdvergatal: you'd add it to the image recipe FWIW. I'm surprised there isn't something in the log thoug19:46
dvergatalmaybe I will paste it somewhere19:46
dvergatalthere is but nothing what could tell me what is really wrong19:47
dvergatalI can paste it somewhere19:47
RPdvergatal: the abort would be from path mismatch [2 links]: ino 59941822 db '/work/build/tmp-glibc/work/eg600-WelotecGmbH-linux/welotec-base-image/1.0-r0/rootfs/usr/local/share/ca-certificates' req 'system.posix_acl_access'19:50
RPdvergatal: looks like it is mixing up xattr and the path?19:51
dvergatalRP: I neeed to clarify somethign first19:51
RPmoto-timo: 2.1.5 does fix it FWIW19:51
dvergatalgenerally I have discovered in my code for acls an issue about preserving acls for directories during split of package dir into packages-split19:52
dvergatalmeaning that for files they are all preserved19:52
dvergatalin splitted directories19:52
RPdvergatal: I can't say I'm surprised to be honest19:53
dvergatalRP: yeah let me go further:P19:53
dvergatalRP: but for directories acls are not being preserved and I've made a fix for it19:53
dvergatalwith usage of already implemented code of JPEW in bitbake and some modification19:54
dvergatalwhich is reading the acls in package dir and setting in correct path in packages-split19:54
dvergataland the during image installation I'm getting this error and I didn't want to bother you or anyone else with the problem I wanted to solve it on my ownwith usage of this debug export19:56
dvergatalRP: in addition I see that this ipk package has correct acls for that directory so question is does it somehow checks with some database file during do_rootfs and i'm missing some additional fix for that?19:58
moto-timoRP: little wins19:58
dvergatalmoto-timo: btw. I wanted to ask you if I may, are you complaining about python?19:59
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moto-timodvergatal: I have been "the python guy" for Yocto Project for a decade and it is 10x or worse more work now than it used to be20:00
moto-timodvergatal: all the new PEP-517 backends and things like python3-hypothesis that do a new version bump with EVERY commit20:01
dvergatalmoto-timo: to be honest I wanted to say that I hate rust and I agree that python is also rubbish20:01
moto-timodvergatal: it's all rubish?20:01
dvergatalnot all20:01
moto-timoCOBOL is still very stable20:01
moto-timoit's just been a week of a lot of things breaking that have been working so we're all on edge20:02
jmddvergatal: +120:02
moto-timo"working" meaning the wheels weren't falling off the wagon20:02
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dvergatalgenerally for me the most frustrating thing is when I'm checking my code with mypy and....20:03
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RPdvergatal: it is possible the pseudo change which is queued fixes rpm20:26
dvergatalRP: dunno what you mean20:27
RPdvergatal: sorry, it merged.
RPdvergatal: that one in theory fixes some rpm issues with pseudo20:29
dvergatalRP: OK but I'm using ipk not rpm20:29
dvergatalRP: aahhhh pseudo is part of rpm ?20:30
RPmoto-timo: I'm trying to resist "python3-marksupsafe: Switch to python_setuptools_build_meta as Tim said so" :)20:30
RPdvergatal: I sometimes struggle to understand some of the things you tell me. I thought above you were telling me ipks worked and I assumed that meant rpms do not20:31
RPIn reality I see you mean the ipk creation worked but the extraction at do_rootfs does not20:31
dvergatalRP: ok let me explain again :D20:32
RPI don't know if that is a problem in opkg, in pseudo or somewhere else20:32
RPdvergatal: I have no idea why, sorry20:32
dvergatalRP: OK20:32
RPmoto-timo: I'll leave jinja2 to you as that didn't seem to work easily20:34
moto-timoRP: I'll take it. Thank you for the heads up.20:35
RPmoto-timo: thanks. Hopefully I've cleared some small bits out the way...20:44
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dvergatalRP: thx you have given me some starting point where should I look :D20:51
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khemRP: I sent a patch to use inherit_defer in qemu which allows using devtool with qemu-native -
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khemthis fixes the issue seen here -
RPkhem: ok, added to -next21:26
khemanother one -
khemwas to fix GCC-14 issue to get core-image-minimal going21:28
khemI think once glibc and binutils are in, I will have bunch of gcc-14 related fixes coming in21:29
RPkhem: I think most of these are in Alex's queue, I'm just trying to hit several other issues in parallel, the problem ones21:30
khemyeah it can wait, its not in his queue21:31
khemmy tree is rebased on your master-next and alex's master-next21:31
gmorell /w 121:38
RPkhem: ok, I've put it into -next21:45
moto-timobah. 6 tests in python3-cryptography now are trying to allocate 2**32 with mmap. So if I "runqemu nographic kvm qemuparams='-m 5000'" it has enough free memory22:09
moto-timonot 100% sure this is what is happening on AB, since I see test output locally22:09
moto-timokhem: the openssh log.do_configure I think is not different, but log.do_compile is... but I need more time and it's the weekend and I should be doing something fun22:10
neverpanicI think that's because NIST now requires testing hashes with more than 4GiB of input in a single call to make sure that they don't silently truncate, which could be dangerous for signatures22:15
neverpanicBut I agree that's a very annoying test.22:15
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moto-timoneverpanic: yeah, there are some new poly* tests for large keys22:24
moto-timoI am still not convinced this is it, because my testresults.json has test results and the failures on the AB had zero test results in the log22:25
moto-timooh well. tomorrow is another day22:25
RPkanavin: It looks like it runs file on the files within the archive but for some reason it isn't sorting that in the header, so probably an unsorted directory listing somewhere22:35
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RPkanavin: looking at package_rpm and it's os.walk, there is no sorting in there at all. I suspect that leads to non-determinstic ordering of the files sections in the spec files and I suspect that in turn leads rpm to reorder headers22:58
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abellonikhem: it was in my queue and will get back in it once I pinpoint the remaining issues I have23:19
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RPabelloni: it is a nightmare atm. drop python3-markdown .4 if you have it since it breaks jinja2, the .5 is better23:25
RPabelloni: the pseudo patches all merged into the repo23:26
abelloniit is a nightmare...23:27
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dvergatalRP: OK I see that in case of files, pseudo is obtaining full path but in case of directories it is not and thus it mixes it23:46
dvergatalRP: unfortunatelly this log is pretty big, so I think that I will post it on mailling list or to bugzilla during the day23:48
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