Monday, 2024-02-05

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mckoangood morning07:45
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landgrafmckoan  (^_^)/08:19
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kanavinRP: I'll take a look, the diff doesn't make clear if it's a sorting issue with same entries, or different entries entirely09:44
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destmasterHi, I want to add the "spidev.bufsiz=32768" to the cmdline.txt of my RPI4 distro... I don't know how to do this in Yocto files... can someone help me?09:46
RPkanavin: all the same lines are present just in a different order so I'm fairly sure it is sorting in the CLASSDICT and FILECLASS sections09:48
RPkanavin: it is frustrating there are few tools able to even print those headers, I ended up having to look at the diffoscope code09:49
yoctondestmaster: Never did that but my best guess is bbappend of rpi-cmdline and appending to CMDLINE :
destmasteryocton thank you!09:54
yoctondestmaster: This looks also promising :
destmasteryocton It describes how to add to config.txt not cmdline,txt. I think that the best way is to create a bbappend to cmdline09:58
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yoctondestmaster: ah you are right those are different files :)09:58
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klugologyI am new to the yocto project. I am trying to add a custom python application to my yocto image for raspberry pi3. I have created a sample python package by following [this]( guide. I have the python package as `example_package_klug-0.0.1.tar.gz` and I am using `devtool`. I did10:08
klugology`devtool add example-package-klug example_package_klug-0.0.1.tar.gz`10:08
klugologybut when I do `devtool build example-package-klug` I get the following error10:08
klugology$ devtool build example-package-klug10:08
klugologyNOTE: Starting bitbake server...10:08
klugologyNOTE: Reconnecting to bitbake server...10:08
klugologyNOTE: Retrying server connection (#1)...10:08
klugologyLoading cache: 100% |############################| Time: 0:00:0010:08
klugologyLoaded 3933 entries from dependency cache.10:08
klugologyERROR: Unable to find any recipe file matching "example-package-klug"10:08
klugology$ devtool build example-package-klug10:09
klugologyNOTE: Starting bitbake server...10:09
klugologyNOTE: Reconnecting to bitbake server...10:09
klugologyNOTE: Retrying server connection (#1)...10:09
klugologyLoading cache: 100% |############################| Time: 0:00:0010:09
klugologyLoaded 3933 entries from dependency cache.10:09
klugologyERROR: Unable to find any recipe file matching "example-package-klug"10:09
rburton_ is special in bitbake filenames, use - in the filename10:09
klugologyit gave error when I used _ in the file name so I changed it to -10:10
rburtoni mean rename the file10:10
mckoanklugology: please don't post long commands, usae pastebin10:13
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klugologyit gives error10:20
klugology`$ devtool add example_klu10:20
klugologyg projects/python-packages/tutorial-package/dist/example_package_klug-0.0.1.tar.gz10:20
klugologyNOTE: Starting bitbake server...10:20
klugologyERROR: Recipe name "example_klug" is invalid: only characters 0-9, a-z, -, + and . are allowed`10:20
klugology```$ devtool add example_klu10:22
klugologyg /home/kanak/projects/python-packages/tutorial-package/dist/example_package_klug-0.0.1.tar.gz10:22
klugologyNOTE: Starting bitbake server...10:22
klugologyERROR: Recipe name "example_klug" is invalid: only characters 0-9, a-z, -, + and . are allowed```10:22
rburtonyour recipe filename should be example-package-klug_0.0.1.bb10:25
rburtonif you're devtooling, the recipename should be example-package-klug10:26
rburton_ is a separator between name and version in the recipe filename10:26
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rburtonJPEW: the rust/distro BoF mentioned FYI10:51
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RPlandgraf: did you happen to have some time available (related to that qemu issue)?10:59
RPlandgraf: - they want us to provide a reproducer11:00
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kanavin_RP: when I run 'strings' on the two files it seems to indicate otherwise: one file has -empty (lzip compressed data, version: 0)11:13
kanavin_-empty (lzip compressed data, version: -22)11:13
kanavin_ and the other does not11:13
kanavin_I'll keep poking11:13
RPkanavin_: a simple test might be to put a sort in package_rpm, generate an rpm, then reverse the sort, see if it changes11:25
kanavin_RP: it's not the sort. If you run 'rpm -ql --fileclass xz-ptest-5.4.5-r0.core2_64.rpm' on the two rpms, it reports different types for the same .lz files11:27
RPkanavin_: ah, fair enough :/11:35
kanavin_I'll see if there's host contamination from running /usr/bin/file, or some other issue11:36
Ad0 - I tried to do devtool modify linux-raspberrypi11:36
Ad0very annoying since it works with devshell and bitbake11:37
landgrafRP: I saw your comment in the BZ. I'm redeploying debian VM.11:40
RPlandgraf: thanks, I'm hoping it isn't too painful to reproduce and extract the magic incantation. Help is very much appreciated11:44
Ad0relative path is my-layer/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-raspberrypi/gk-revpi-flat/defconfig11:45
Ad0unset KBUILD_DEFCONFIG -  do_configure_prepend - cp "${WORKDIR}/defconfig" "${B}/.config"11:49
Lihishow could I handle situation where I change a directory to a symlink in a recipe? I'm using RPM so dnf complains about conflict when the package is being updated.. it seems that (nil)retrans is not supported? so I can't follow:
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klugologyrburton I have the following structure inside my workspace folder12:17
klugology$ tree workspace/12:18
klugology├── appends12:18
klugology│   └── example-package-klug_0.0.1.bbappend12:18
klugology├── conf12:18
klugology│   └── layer.conf12:18
klugology├── recipes12:18
klugology│   └── example-package-klug12:18
klugology│       └── example-package-klug_0.0.1.bb12:18
klugology└── sources12:18
klugology    └── example-package-klug12:18
klugology        ├── LICENSE12:18
klugology        ├── PKG-INFO12:18
klugology        ├── pyproject.toml12:18
klugology        ├── README.md12:18
klugology        ├── setup.cfg12:18
klugology        └── src12:18
JaMaklugology: please use pastebin12:18
klugologyhere you go12:19
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kanavin_RP: I think I found the issue, fix will come today12:42
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kanavin_need coffee now :)12:42
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jonmasonRP: thought I'd throw out my tunes patches before anyone else throws out more tunes patches :)12:51
jonmasonit's based on master-next, since there are some pending12:51
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RPjonmason: thanks. I really wish we didn't need all of these :/12:54
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JaMajonmason: have you tried to benchmark them with -funroll-every-loop ? :)12:55
JaMaIt helps with performance more than correct cortex core in mcpu since 2005 :)
jonmasonI did verify they all built with a prior version12:56
jonmasonRP: if you don't want all of these, the base level ones (8-1a, etc) would be nice12:57
RPjonmason: I'll probably just defer to arm on this one12:58
* RP has other issues to worry about12:58
jonmasonJaMa: lies, damn lies, and benchmarks ;)12:58
jonmasonlooks like patchtest is complaining about my commit message13:00
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JPEWAh cool. I'll take a look13:05
JaMasanity check: if I do bitbake-diffsigs tmp/stamps/*do_configure.sigdata* it works, if I use 2 sigdata files it fails with:13:11
JaMabitbake/lib/bb/compress/", line 59, in open_wrap raise TypeError("filename must be a str or bytes object, or a file"13:11
JaMaboth files are compressed by zstd according to "file"13:11
JaMaam I crazy or in need of another coffee?13:12
RPJaMa: it should work ;/13:13
JaMaok, will debug13:13
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JaMaaha, found a bug will send fix later, it's the walking of dependencies (in this case do_prepare_recipe_sysroot stamp, where "a" isn't the sigdata filename, but dict with "path, sstate, time"13:30
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klugologyi am unable to get the package get the `example_package_klug` get built any pointers on where i am going wrong13:42
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RPkanavin_: - that was with your patches in -next :(14:04
kanavin_RP: local_cache tests passed, so it's a cdn propagation failure?14:06
kanavin_the 404 errors14:06
RPkanavin_: I don't know, I haven't looked or had a chance to think about it. That seems likely14:06
kanavin_there's also a couple of HTTP Error 504: Gateway Timeout fails14:06
kanavin_also known, and halstead has been notified14:06
RPkanavin_: we might want to point him at the further occurrences14:07
kanavin_RP: yes, so halstead: can you please look at the above link? there's two distinct CDN issues there (failure to mirror, and failure to serve with a 504 error)14:08
jonmasonrburton: surely this isn't up to date,
rburtonjonmason: 8746 unmerged oe-core patches 🤷‍♂️14:16
jonmasonrburton: freescale ppc???14:17
RPjonmason: I only have 8022 "unread" oe-core messages so that can't be right14:18
rburtonjonmason: that layer last had a commit six days ago14:18
jonmasonwow, so can they get qemuppc to not be crap?14:18
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rburtonjonmason: no14:18
rburtonppc is always crap <runs>14:18
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RPjonmason: 8728 now FWIW14:24
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jonmasonRP: rburton saw your comment and updated ;-)14:25
RPjonmason: I run the update scripts14:27
jonmasonRP: so no way to blame rburton.  surely there has to be something that is his fault14:29
RPjonmason: the other 8000 in there? :)14:31
jonmasontotally fair14:31
jonmasonCPU level generic tunes14:35
rburtonare they new?14:35
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jonmasonfirst time I noticed them14:35
jonmasonat the very bottom of the page14:36
jonmasonI don't think they are in 1314:36
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rburtonyeah merged november so i'm guessing 14 only?14:36
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Guest52hello, can anyone please advice on how can I add my custom grub.cfg to the final image? (just building minimal image for x86_64)14:46
Guest52Tried to add to my image:14:46
Guest52IMAGE_PREPROCESS_COMMAND += "add_grubenv;"14:46
Guest52but newly created path and file was not added14:46
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mckoanGuest52: creating your grub .bbappend recipe and including your custom grub.cfg ?14:53
Guest52I tried to add grub-bootconf_%.bbappend, gets deployed to rootfs build/tmp/work/test-linux/test-image-minimal/1.0-r0/rootfs/boot/EFI/BOOT/grub.cfg but for some reason it does not reach the final .wic14:55
Ad0what's the deal with devtool modify in dunfell? it makes the source dir and if I want to apply multiple patches over time, it doesn't let me continue. I first have to mv the dir, do devtool modify, delete the dir, and then move the old one back14:56
Ad0after devtool finish, then devtool modify again, it complains that it exists14:56
Ad0can I trick it into not thinking it is finished ?14:57
Ad0--no-extract ?14:58
Ad0that did it15:01
*** simonew <simonew!~ile@2a02:810d:a940:35fc:a0a1:d353:df8e:33dc> has joined #yocto15:09
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RPkanavin_: nicely found, thanks15:21
kanavin_RP: cheers. I read your email, so if there's other items I can take them.15:22
*** clever <clever!~clever@> has joined #yocto15:24
*** xantoz_ is now known as xantoz15:24
Ad0does KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD order the modules as you add them?15:25
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mckoanAd0: They are not loaded automatically by udev15:31
mckoanAd0: They are loaded automatically by udev15:31
Ad0they end up as filenames in /etc/modules.load.d15:31
Ad0but usually you have like 001- in front of them, but not here15:31
*** frieder <frieder!> has joined #yocto15:32
mckoanAd0: because are loaded 'on demand'15:32
Ad0but if 2 different modules depend on eachother15:32
mckoanAd0: you shouldn't have a deadlock15:33
Ad0there's a free stading reset module for the TPM15:33
Ad0it has to be loaded first15:33
*** frieder <frieder!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)15:49
JaMakanavin_: you might be interested in
kanavin_JaMa, thanks, this was somehow overlooked in the fixing I did15:55
RPAre we missing a test case?15:59
kanavin_RP: I think bitbake-diffsigs has no tests at all16:00
JaMaI did run bitbake-selftest before and after and both are failing the same16:03
JaMaI mean in other unrelated tests16:03
JaMatest_that_unpack_does_work_when_using_git_shallow_tarball_but_tarball_is_not_available test_external_svn and my local test_npmsw_local_link_sources16:03
*** rob_w <rob_w!~bob@2001:a61:6152:4501:8fb5:c1df:c326:3efe> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)16:15
JaMatest_that_unpack_does_work_when_using_git_shallow_tarball_but_tarball_is_not_available was only temporary "fatal: unable to access '': Could not resolve host:"16:22
JaMatest_external_svn is related to is now redirected to but I'm not sure how svn access to github worked before, but even after changing the URL to PCRE2Project it doesn't work anymore at least with my version of subversion version 1.14.2 (r1899510)16:23
JaMa says: Note: Subversion support will be removed with GitHub version 3.13. For more information, see the GitHub blog.16:27
JaMaso the test is broken since 2024-01-08 according to
*** u1106 <u1106!> has quit IRC (Quit: - Chat comfortably. Anywhere.)16:31
* JaMa trying to find some still accessible svn test repository, but it might be easier to just delete the test nowadays16:31
*** u1106 <u1106!~quassel@2a05:d014:58:4b00:bbe8:f33:b5b7:d4f7> has joined #yocto16:31
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halsteadkanavin_: yes I can look into it more. I haven't seen the new failures16:47
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RPJaMa: we skip the tests if svn isn't installed ;-)16:58
RPJaMa: we don't install subversion on the builders which solved that problem16:58
RPkanavin_: I'm wondering if we should have some tests...16:59
JaMaI've found some repos still alive at, but trying to find one which doesn't take long to fetch16:59
JaMarestricting svn:externals to some old revision would help with speed but better to find something smaller (after dusting off my svn skills)17:00
*** dgriego <dgriego!~dgriego@user/dgriego> has joined #yocto17:01
RPJaMa: I have to wonder if anyone is still using subversion in production. I can only think of one company that might be17:01
frayI can't think of anything offhand that is still using subversion17:02
JaMafor the record, we (LGE) don't use it :)17:02
*** Kubu_work <Kubu_work!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)17:03
* RP has asked that company (or someone who would know anyway)17:04
*** smooge <smooge!~smooge@centos/qa/smooge> has quit IRC (Quit: I have resigned. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered! My life is my own.)17:04
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JaMatime svn co takes just 2 s17:06
*** zpfvo <zpfvo!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)17:07
RPJaMa: that isn't so bad. I did even wonder about putting a "svn" repo somewhere on our infra but I couldn't summon up the effort for that on svn in the end17:08
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mischiefwhat's the usual process for getting a commit merged to oe-core? does a secret cabal look at their mail and git-am at their leisure? just curious :-)17:14
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*** goliath <goliath!~goliath@user/goliath> has joined #yocto17:20
RPmischief: the changes are usually queued and tested by alex/ross/luca/me. At that point if they pass, they get a second level or review, usually by Ross/me and then if they pass that they merge17:27
RPif there are issues, people usually get email replies or some other communication of the problem17:27
* RP is way behind on some repsonses 17:27
simonewmischief, it might be to highlevel and not what you are looking for, but see in the docs
RPmischief: nothing secret about it17:28
JaMaso yes, not so-secret cabal and RP is master shaman :)17:29
RPaka the maintainer listed in the READMEs17:30
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mischiefokay, i suppose i'll just learn more patience about any mail i send17:37
RPmischief: which patch?17:37
*** khem <khem!uid220931@2a03:5180:f:1::3:5f03> has joined #yocto17:38
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:41
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mischiefRP: the one for systemd libelf/libdw RRECOMMENDS17:47
RPmischief: merged 48h ago:
RPI was happy someone finally sorted that after it was discussed on the systemd list!17:48
*** Vonter <Vonter!~Vonter@user/vonter> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)17:49
mischiefwhat. i kept looking at
mischiefi am clearly confused about how this all works17:49
RPmischief: there too:
*** Vonter <Vonter!~Vonter@user/vonter> has joined #yocto17:50
mischiefokay, perhaps it was just updated after i last checked. thanks!17:52
mischiefdo you have a reference for where that was discussed on the systemd ml?17:52
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simonewBtw I could try to help a little with the CVE point from the mail, any packages/branches in particular?17:55
yoctonsimonew: The first step of CVE is looking at the list and identifying what to do for each (backporting a patch, telling NIST something is wrong in the data, adding a CVE_STATUS) and anwsering the list with this info (rburton has done it a bunch of times). FWIW, I plan to do that tomorrow18:04
*** jmd <jmd!~user@2001:a61:2a5a:f701:bd45:e9a8:6384:9d60> has joined #yocto18:05
yoctonsimonew: e.g
simonewyocton, I know those messages, but if you already plan to check the details anyway18:06
simonewOnce you did so and updated on the list and there is work to do like porting/upgrading I can see to help there than18:07
yoctonsimonew: okay, let's do that :)18:13
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imxI add the nfs-utils package to my build, after boot, I can’t start the service, how can I solve this problem? Error: unit nfs-utils.service not found19:04
mischiefit does not provide a service of that name19:06
JaMait's a boy!
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mischiefis it safe to add to IMAGE_FEATURES[validitems] from somewhere in our layer and use it for conditionals?20:42
*** dkc <dkc!~dan@user/dkc> has joined #yocto20:50
derRichard239bf770b69e ("kernel-fitImage: Strip path component from dtb")20:52
derRichard...when you learn the hard way that you have badly named device tree files ;-)20:53
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Saur_Homemischief: Yes, you can add to IMAGE_FEATURES[validitems] from your own layers.21:02
gmorellI'm running into an issue where a package built for armhf is segfaulting due to what I believe is a lack of O_LARGEFILE support compiled into the library it uses. I'd attempted to add a bbappend for that library within the package that refers to it that adds a CFLAGS+= " D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64",but this didn't actually change the behavior I was seeing. I'm curious what other approaches can be tried here.21:08
derRichardgmorell: can you capture a core file to inspect the crash in gdb?21:13
gmorellI got these results by using strace21:13
gmorellI don't believe we package the coredump utils on our image21:14
derRichardcoredumps are created by the kernel21:14
derRichardjust set ulimit -c unlimited21:14
derRichardand make sure that the kernel.core_pattern sysctl is something like "core"21:15
derRichardand btw. it is -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64, not D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=6421:15
derRichardnot the dash21:15
gmorellyep I have the dash, had to make some tweaks to get the coredumps going since they're presently written to /dev/null. gimme a moment longer21:18
gmorelljust building gdb for the target and installing it21:18
derRichardno need to run gdb on the target21:19
derRichardjust capture the core and inspect it on your workstation21:19
derRicharddoes your application's build system obey CFLAGS?21:20
gmorellI believe so, I'm building the application with meta-rust, but the actual issue is occuring in an FFI that it calls into. the bbappend is applied to the library that it depends on. so far, the arm64 version behaves correctly, but the armhf doesn't21:24
*** Kubu_work <Kubu_work!> has joined #yocto21:25
derRichardoh dear, this makes the whole situation 10 times more complicated21:25
RPmischief: is what I was thinking of21:26
RPmischief: I did see some patches but was never able to find time to follow up fully21:26
gmorellI've collected the gdb output/strace output
derRichardopenat(AT_FDCWD, 0x10, O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE) = -1 EFAULT (Bad address)21:27
derRichardyou pass 0x10 as address of the file name the kernel. that's why it hates you21:27
*** florian <florian!> has joined #yocto21:28
gmorellthe followup I have is why would this call succeed on one platform (arm64) and fail on another (armhf)21:29
mischiefRP: ah, yes, i ran into the same mess with xz as well.21:29
mischiefi did need PACKAGECONFIG = "xz" for elfutils in a bbappend as well.21:30
derRichardgmorell: i don't know the code :-)21:30
gmorellwell thankfully what I'm linking against is open source, I Believe the call is here  after invocation of the callsite here
gmorellnothing looks super out of the ordinary mostly21:37
derRichardi don't think the problem is in rrdtool21:47
derRichardthat code is rock solid21:47
RPJaMa: nice to get there :)21:47
gmorellderRichard: yes, I believe it's a build flags configuration someplace21:49
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marexI just recently had another person complain that cloning poky.git takes them some 50 minutes22:51
marexdo you have any idea why this could happen ?22:51
marexhalstead: ^22:51
marexmy first guess would be misconfigured something CI which cloned poky.git in a loop until they got throttled ?22:52
marexis that possible ?22:52
halsteadmarex: Can you tell me which IP they are hitting?22:55
halsteadIt shouldn't throttle that way AFAIK.22:56
marexhalstead: I will ask and get back to you cca. tomorrow22:56
halsteadThank you.22:56
marexhalstead: tbh a local mirror is the least anyone can do22:57
marexhalstead: so there is some throttling thing in place ?22:57
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halsteadmarex: There is only basic connection management settings in apache.  We do denylist bad IPs completely sometimes. There are three mirrors and it helps to know which one is having issues.  Also will outperform git:// so we always recommend using https://23:20
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marexhalstead: https is already used23:57
marexhalstead: so, yeah, I'll ask, thanks !23:57

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