Friday, 2024-02-16

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khemI know, I realized00:30
khemyeah LLVM has changed the versioning scheme -
khemits good now, matches with gcc00:31
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reatmonHello all.  We are seeing a breakage on kirkstone with a recent patch (today) that changes the LOCALVERSION variable in the kernel-arch.bbclass.  I replied on the mailing list, but I'm not sure how quickly anyone will read that message.01:26
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mckoangood morning07:35
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luc4rburton: I tried to build core-image-minimal on the same host as you suggested yesterday. rootfs owner is root, as expected. Do you know a way to investigate further? Thanks!07:59
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landgrafRP: | qemu-x86_64: QEMU internal SIGSEGV {code=MAPERR, addr=0x20}08:15
landgrafRP: not even qemu-user08:15
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landgrafoh. it is qemu-user08:33
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dvergatalI'm embedding my initramfs in my image like here but first question is it a proper approach to do it?09:04
RPlandgraf: right, I was about to say, I think that is qemu user mode! :)09:07
RPlandgraf: sounds like you can at least reproduce"09:07
khemthis should get us past some selftest issues we are seeing on rv64/3209:09
khemRP: started some AB jobs with yoe/mut branch, cherry pick this - if you want to test out09:11
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landgrafis there some sort of luks/crypt plugin for wic? I'd like to have one of the partitions (not rootfs) encrypted and I think wic should be best place for this...09:12
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khemRP: for musl patches I sent, I think we need some more patches which I have staged in yoe/mut - see the ones with "Fix build with musl", these will be eventually upstreamed into respective packages, but so far I have not had time to do so, and therefore the patches are in pending state but it will change in due course09:16
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khemlandgraf: AFAICT no, but should be possible to write one09:17
Guest62new install with kirkstone, compiles ok but devtool extract or devtool modify end up in error as COMPILERDEP is not defined09:18
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RPkhem: the rtc idea sounds promising, thanks!09:23
RPkhem: it does sound like we're not ready for the musl upgrade yet09:23
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khemyeah,  there are tlssec implemented for riscv so I was trying to get this in to LTS09:24
khemin musl that is09:25
RPkhem: right, that is definitely what we need right now09:25
RPkhem: ah, with musl :/09:25
Xogiumout of complete curiosity on my part, is devshell using user namespaces ?09:25
khemI think qemuriscv should be a bit better with RTC fixed09:26
khemlets see where we stumble next :)09:26
khemme -> sleep()09:26
RPXogium: I think it predates those a lot09:26
RPkhem: sleep well!09:26
Xogiumah, cause I was curious why I have what appears to be a root shell when I use devshell09:28
Xogiumbut clearly faked09:28
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RPXogium: it uses pseudo, our fakeroot emulator09:52
RPthe same one that fakes root privs for do_install and the following tasks09:53
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qschulztlwoerner: just as a heads up, fstype none doesn't exist in kirkstone, so please don't backport it :)10:06
Xogiumoh that's neat10:08
RPXogium: it works as an LD_PRELOAD library10:13
Xogiumvery fancy10:20
Xogiummakes sense too10:20
rburtoni wouldn't call a fakeroot LD_PRELOAD fancy, but it works on _all_ systems.  maybe in the future we can use namespaces and so on to simplify pseudo.10:26
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kanavin_we also would have to handle rust somehow10:37
kanavin_someone's already rewriting coreutils in it10:37
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RPrburton: the big challenge is that pseudo lets us emulate many users/groups but with namespaces, you can't easily do that11:02
rburtonyeah, "maybe" is doing a lot of work11:03
RPyou can do bits of it but I've not seen it all fit together in a way you can do what pseudo offers11:03
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rburtonSaur: why does need to set notes.displayRef and notes.rewriteRef?  I'm using notes and have those set to refs/notes/* locally, so you'll break my workflow if i touch devtool once11:22
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rburton(yes i wish the default was *, so they just worked)11:22
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LetoThe2ndRP: kmod-pseudo ;-)11:44
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rburtonkhem: clang+perf is failing again with master of everything12:18
rburton2024-02-16 01:48:27 - INFO     - | arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-clang: error: no such file or directory: 'arm-poky-linux-gnueabi'12:18
rburtona few lines above also12:19
rburton2024-02-16 01:48:27 - INFO     - | make[3]: *** ../bpf/bpftool: No such file or directory.  Stop.12:19
rburtonnot sure what came first in the parallel build12:19
rburtonshould we just add perf to noclangable?12:20
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LetoThe2ndrburton: I just realized that I haven't annoyed you lately. here you (do not play in the presence of minors)12:39
nayfeHello everyone ;) it's been a while but i see it's still talking about metal 🤘12:44
pasherringLetoThe2nd, minors should be educated at young age :\12:46
LetoThe2ndnayfe: of course.12:48
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: looks like an Adam Sandler movie :-D13:28
LetoThe2ndmckoan: its about the same level of comedy. just with metal.13:31
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Ad0what recipe installs systemd services like systemd-networkd-wait-online.service?14:09
Ad0I can't find it anywhere so it must be downloaded from somewhere14:09
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Ad0poky/meta/recipes-core/systemd ?14:11
mcfrisk_Ad0: enable buildhistory and git grep in build/buildhistory: build/buildhistory$ git grep -l systemd-networkd-wait-online.service packages/cortexa57-*: packages/cortexa57-trs-linux/systemd/systemd/latest14:12
mcfrisk_so answer is systemd binary package from systemd recipe14:12
nayfeyou can add RequiredForOnline=no to network interface so it doesn't wait to be online :)14:14
Ad0thanks nayfe !14:15
Ad0that is a better solution14:15
nayfenp :)14:15
Ad0didn't work14:20
Ad0I did [Link] RequiredForOnline=no14:20
Ad0then systemctl restart NetworkManager14:20
Ad0then /lib/systemd/systemd-networkd-wait-online14:21
Ad0still hangs14:21
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Ad0eth1: link is being processed by networkd: setup state is configuring.14:23
Saurrburton: Since I use `git config --fixed-value notes.rewriteRef refs/notes/devtool refs/notes/devtool`, it will only affect refs/notes/devtool. So your refs/notes/* will not be affected and still work as you want.14:23
Ad0so /lib/systemd/systemd-networkd-wait-online --ignore=eth1 works14:23
Ad0I guess I have to overwrite it regardless then14:24
Ad0maybe it's not enough to restart the service14:24
nayfemaybe networkctl reload ?14:25
Ad0no, it had no effect during reboot14:25
rburtonSaur: are you sure?
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Saurrburton: If you add --get-all you should see both values.14:29
rburton(personally i think git should default to showing/rebasing the notes)14:30
SaurI agree.14:32
nayfeAd0 sorry not sure what to do next, one option is to install your own wait service with a systemd bbappend i guess14:33
paulgHeh.  "Enable Goldfish RTC"  -- I'd not name a device supposed to remember the time after the the one creature on the planet known for the worst memory...14:35
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luc4Hello! If I change a conf file for my machine configuration, what should I do to ensure bitbake updates my image accordingly?14:43
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Ad0nayfe, that's what I did14:53
rburtonluc4: rebuild the image. if that doesn't do the right thing you've found a bug in the recipe that didn't rebuild correctly.14:55
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luc4rburton: thanks14:56
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CosmicPenguinThis might have been litigated over and over again, but is there a reason why we use ${bindir} for net-tools ifconfig  instead of forcefully moving it to ${sbindir}  like all the other distros do?16:15
rburtonhistorical? no good reason.16:17
rburtonsend a patch :)16:17
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CosmicPenguinI will indeed, just making sure this wasn't one of those "for the hundredth time, no" things16:18
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RPCosmicPenguin: we try to assume the upstreams know what they're doing16:21
CosmicPenguinRP: thats kinda what confused me.  The change went into upstream 13 years ago, but every distro I looked at had it in ${sbindir} and I pulled the debian source to be sure  I wasn't going crazy16:22
rburtonRP: foolish thing to do :)16:22
RPrburton: I know :/16:23
RPCosmicPenguin: have you a link to that upstream change out of interest?16:23
RPCosmicPenguin: in some ways it a a valid point if the user doesn't have permissions, it isn't an issue...16:49
RPCosmicPenguin: having thought about it more, I'm not sure it would be helpful to move them now16:49
tlwoernerqschulz: i really appreciate the reviews, i'll try to get a v3 out soonish16:49
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CosmicPenguinRP: fair enough - I agree upstream has a good point - maybe if Debian had embraced that when they had a chance then I wouldn't have a bunch of users complaining that /sbin/ifconfig doesnt' work.. :)16:52
tlwoernerqschulz: i think i've stumbled upon a bug in U-Boot's bootmeth handling, i'll have to investigate further "once i get some free time"16:53
tlwoernerqschulz: most likely i've got a config error, or perhaps a usage error, we'll see16:53
qschulztlwoerner: can you say a few words about the issue at least?16:57
qschulzwe didn't use bootmeth before, it just came with a U-Boot update16:57
qschulzand I know it's been updated a lot in the last few years so maybe something amiss16:57
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tlwoernerqschulz: i have both extlinux setup as well as a boot script17:07
tlwoernerby default U-Boot will try extlinux first, then look for a script if extlinux fails17:08
tlwoernerapparently you can change the bootmeth order by setting the bootmeths environment variable17:08
tlwoernerso i do to tell U-Boot to boot from a script first, then extlinux17:08
tlwoernerregardless it boots from extlinux17:08
tlwoernerso with both installed, the only way i can change the boot order is to modify U-Boot's configuration to not understand extlinux17:09
tlwoernerlike i said, when i get a change to deep dive on this i'll probably find an error on my part somewhere17:11
tlwoerneri think Simon pointed out this new boot flow has tests associated with it, so it's probably working okay (when used correctly)17:11
qschulztlwoerner: bootflow != bootmeth17:13
qschulzdon't ask me the difference though :)17:13
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khemRP: test for qemuriscv looks promising on AB :)17:36
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RPkhem: yes, thanks for that tweak :)18:07
RPkhem: I've sent patches for the warnings too18:07
khemyeah, now the next issues are in ptests which I guess would need more work18:10
khemI will keep looking into them18:10
khemone thing I really want to do is bring the linux-yocto config for qemuriscv uptodate with upstream kernel. There are more differences but I need to ensure they are not regressing us18:11
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Croftonbootmeth ....18:26
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paulgCurrently  2 running tasks (9498 of 9541)  99% |#################################################################################################### |18:42
paulg0: llvm-native-17.0.6-r0 do_compile - 1h0m0s (pid 2509758)  37% |###############################                                                     |18:42
paulg1: core-image-sato-1.0-r0 do_rootfs - 59s (pid 2698327)  13% |###########18:42
paulghow can that make sense?!?18:42
paulgIf I've made it to do_rootfs, before completing llvm-native - then clearly nothing depends on llvm-native...18:43
paulgso why am I building it?18:43
paulgmust be some other "foo-native" type build-machine tooling/helpers hiding behind its dependency I guess. Status line thinks there are about 30 more tasks to go.18:47
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sotaoverridesomeone send a newcomer bug my way. trying to get into the groove of contributing.18:53
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onoruaHello, I would like to build an image that would execute some commands before mounting root filesystem. I think I should do this with initramfs. So in fact I've created two images, one for initramfs and one core-image-base. Also I have configuration as described in documentation: INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE = "1" and INITRAMFS_IMAGE = "my-initramfs".18:56
onoruaWhen I boot into initramfs image - scripts gets executed, when I run in qemu core-image-base - scripts are not executed. What am I doing wrong?18:56
vermaeteA question about CVE and who is responsible to set the ignore in Yocto.18:58
vermaeteabout it on on OpenDDS:
vermaeteIt's disputed.18:58
vermaeteAnd the thing in closed on the github website:
vermaeteit is up to the maintainer of the meta layer.  Or to the maintainer of the package to set it?19:00
vermaeteOr a merge request to the meta layer with a request of review by the package owner?19:00
vermaeteor something else19:00
paulgmesa-native depends on llvm-native, apparently -- still 30-odd packages to go (presumably all native)19:06
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rburtonpaulg: turn off the opengl native distro feature if you don't care about running gl stuff with pass through19:56
rburtonvermaete: if you read backlog, i actually sent a patch last week to ignore disputed CVEs19:57
paulgwhat I really REALLY need to do is fix the fetcher to NOT nuke giant download/git2 repos simply 'cause a single connect failed.  That is seriously anti-social.19:57
paulgsomething about llvm and mesa - they always fail to connect if I'm doing sth else - like streaming video or ...19:58
paulgWARNING: mesa-native-2_24.0.1-r0 do_fetch: Failed to fetch URL, attempting MIRRORS if available19:59
paulgWARNING: llvm-native-18.1.0-r0 do_fetch: Failed to fetch URL git://;branch=release/18.x;protocol=https, attempting MIRRORS if available19:59
rburtonare you building on a 486 again? :)20:00
paulgI set MIRRORS and PREMIRRORS to "" as a work-around, but inevitably I forget on a new build, and it goes in and nukes stuff in my NFS shared download20:00
paulgdon't get me started on how our build resource requirements have ballooned in a ridiculous way in such a short time.20:01
paulgfor the fetcher, I'm thinking a retry mechanism - do say 10 retries with an increasing delay between each20:03
paulgand/or flatly refuse to nuke anything in downloads/git2 that is bigger than say 100M.20:03
paulgnuking a large git repo wholesale, cause you couldn't fetch 3 recent commits on some branch is never correct.20:04
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paulgshould I assume that sstate-cache for "foo-native" can only be re-used if both host A that populated the cache is the same gcc/host-OS as host B that is trying to re-use the cache?22:30
dvergatalguys is there some kind of system like in cmake *.in files which are being filled with yocto provided variables during build process?22:34
paulgdvergatal, as an example, you can run "bitbake -e linux-yocto | less" and browse the variables and how/where they got set.22:38
dvergataldvergatal: nah this is not what I've been asking, I was asking about a solution like in cmake that I may have a file let's call it which has a variable @VERSION@ and cmake create a file from it ass.cfg and @VERSION@ is changed into value given by variable VERSION22:42
dvergatalpaulg: ^22:42
dvergatalpaulg: sorry for incorrect highlight at first22:43
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RPpaulg: uninative means the -native objects work on different distros23:31
RPpaulg: I'd love to work out how to reproduce your fetch issue and fix it23:31
RPas for the build requirements, the whole thing makes me really sad. I just can't see what we can do about it and/or I don't have the time :(23:32
RPThe "in testing" patch queue just got huge and will likely take me the weekend to get reviewed working and I don't dare not do it as more will come in before the freeze23:33
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paulgRP, no worries ; not expecting anyone to fix things for me - just throwing fetcher ideas out there to see if they are too horrible for me to look into implementing.23:40
paulgbeen down that road before on various projects - you fix something and then maintainer(s) say "naah, we don't like how that is done."23:42
paulgre: sstate not being re-used ; figured I'd start here:
paulgnow that I added the NFS mounts across a bunch of old turds, I want it to work, darn it!  :-P23:45
RPpaulg: oh, there is one key thing - you need to share hashserve between the machines too23:46
RPit defaults to a local one23:46
paulgok.  let me look into what that means...23:47
RPpaulg: with the fetcher, my preference would be to stop deleting the git directories and always clone into a new dir, then fetch into the other repo when you know you have the ref23:47
RPthe fetcher already does that for mirrors but perhaps not the main clone23:48
RPmain url23:48
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