Saturday, 2024-02-17

nerdboy<sigh> i'm stumped why this suddenly started failing a bunch of packages:
nerdboyespecially since i don't have anything rpm-ish around...00:09
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RPpaulg: basically start a hashserv on one, point all the others at it00:36
RPuse the db from an existing build if that generated the sstate00:36
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RPSaur_Home: you did test that series with oe-selftest -r devtool right?07:40
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* paulg is running out of patience with this hashserv stuff.08:16
paulghave client connecting to local server, but the db hasn't changed after an hour of building.08:17
paulg[Client ('', 54432)] Handling get-outhash08:18
RPpaulg: that seems strange unless it just hasn't synced to disk08:18
paulgall the interactions are logged (with DEBUG) as get-outhash.  At startup, it indicated anon clients had @dbadmin privs (plus the other defaults)08:19
paulgbut I've seen nothing that looks like a write/update db operation triggered by the client...08:19
RPthere should be a write after any sstate task completes08:20
paulgso for completeness, I should mention I don't use DL_DIR or SSTATE_DIR ; I just symlink the NFS mounts directly into the build for both (vs. screwing with vars in conf/local.conf). But surely everybody does that.08:21
RPpaulg: mostly we set the config but that doesn't matter08:22
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paulgok, just checking.08:22
paulgour docs are pretty frustrating with respect to indicating who needs to run hashserv, and how to do it...  if you are new to the concept.08:28
RPagreed, I worry that needing to do this isn't clear and how to do it :/08:29
paulgpage 19 is just horrible - worse than the help text you get from running "--help" itself!!08:30
paulg...seemed to be the best link I found that gave me something I could understand and make use of.08:31
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RPIf it were me I'd run bitbake-hashserv -b <ip>:4567 -d build/cache/hashserv.db and then BB_HASHSERVE = "<tp>:4567"08:32
paulgour page is here, for context, in case anyone else is reading:
JaMapaulg: there was more recent presentation from JPEW08:32
JaMapaulg: but it probably won't help you much with the configuration08:33
paulgRP, AFAICT, that is pretty much exactly what I've done...08:35
paulgpaul@o990:~/poky$ ./bitbake/bin/bitbake-hashserv -b :8687 -l DEBUG -d ./hashserv.db08:35
paulgand on the conf/local.conf of client...08:35
paulgBB_SIGNATURE_HANDLER = "OEEquivHash"08:35
paulgBB_HASHSERVE = "auto"08:35
paulgBB_HASHSERVE_UPSTREAM = "o990.local:8687"08:35
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RPno, that is different08:35
paulgOK, I'm all ears.08:35
paulgok - I'll give that a test.  'cause you know, it is only 3:36am and I am stubborn.08:37
RP"Upstream" is a passthrough to something readonly so it matches what you're seeing08:37
RP"auto" means start a local private server08:37
RPyou don't want either behaviour08:37
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paulgok.  Our docs really could use a worked example.  "Bob has machines A, B, C, and D.  A will be exporting downloads and sstate via NFS to B, C and D."08:39
RPpaulg: seriously, please send a patch. It is hard to know how to explain this once you know how it works08:39
paulgI get it.  I also suck at documenting things I already know how to do.  So does everybody.08:40
luc4Hello! I'm trying to debug a layer where it seems some files are missing in the boot partition. What is the best way to debug the variables resulting from the machine configuration? I read about bitbake -e, but the output is a bit confusing. Is there a way to log variables defined inside the machine conf files?08:40
RPthis is relatively new, complicated and we do suck at documenting things we know. We do have docs support so a patch will likely encourage them to work out how to improve the docs even if the patch itself isn't perfect first try08:41
RPpaulg: not that I'm suggesting your patches aren't perfect :)08:41
paulgsteaming pile of perfection!08:45
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paulgThat looks more promising...08:55
paulg[Client ('', 53168)] Handling report08:55
paulgtimestamp and size of hashserv.db changed too.  This might actually work?08:58
paulgThe real proof will be if I can go tomorrow (well, later "today") to one of my gutless turds and dodge compiling llvm and mesa09:01
paulgon a similar topic, just how "good" should I expect sstate to be? (hit vs. miss).  Say I do "bitbake core-image-minimal ; mv tmp deletemelater ; bitbake core-image-minimal"09:08
paulgshould it be able to get to do_rootfs w/o recompiling anything, or is that unreasonable?09:09
paulgor, if I build x86, and then build arm in another build dir (but shared sstate) - should I not see any "foo-native" packages being compiled?09:10
RPpaulg: it should skip to do_rootfs in that first case and in the second, it should reuse foo-native09:11
RPpaulg: if it didn't and it was the same metadata, that would be a bug09:12
paulgOK, good to know.  I'm hoping hashequiv helps.  With a daily pull, I typically get depressing results like this...09:13
paulgSstate summary: Wanted 1249 Local 30 Mirrors 0 Missed 1219 Current 616 (2% match, 34% complete)############################            | ETA:  0:00:0109:13
paulgSstate summary: Wanted 602 Local 8 Mirrors 0 Missed 594 Current 1254 (1% match, 67% complete)09:14 case anyone wondered why I've never had a lot of love for sstate.09:15
paulgI know, most people don't update that often, but I like to see what is going on and what got broke...09:16
RPpaulg: we've had a lot of changes to the "core" one way or another. Its is a nightmare for me trying to run test builds too09:18
paulgI don't doubt it one bit.09:21
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RPSaur_Home: I'm thinking the ton of devtool failures in testing may be from the minicom upgrade. Trying to isolate...09:48
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paulg[Client ('', 54928)] Adding taskhash equivalence for c3373afc83602b98ebd45a80b2226a222a8df7fd586453b160a388b20be442d1 with unihash 67b554c8ac220295686ebe70072b98584bfadbf5910c10077679351f1955787610:14
paulgThat looks like progress.10:14
RPpaulg: yes, its doing "things" :)10:15
paulg...besides heating my house.  :-P10:15
* paulg calls it a win for now and heads off in search of some Zzzz10:18
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paulgSstate summary: Wanted 1051 Local 69 Mirrors 0 Missed 982 Current 814 (6% match, 47% complete)16:25
paulgBetter than 1 or 2% but still not great.  That is after at least 3 machines have built core-image-minimal on master in the last 24h to populate sstate with hashserv, and starting the 4th just 5m ago.16:27
RPpaulg: if the config is the same, the second/third/forth should reuse :/16:28
paulgbog standard auto generated config, with only the HASHSERV lines added at the bottom.16:29
paulgIt is *possible* that there was/were checkins on master while I was sleeping ; I didn't explicitly verify the SHA; I just pulled before building like I always do.16:30
paulgpulled on one of yesterday's build machines and master didn't change.16:32
paulgFrom git://
paulg + e718f07fbc56...056dddfe5bf0 master-next -> origin/master-next  (forced update)16:32
paulgonly master-next16:32
paulgwould be interesting to see some of those "Sstate summary:" lines from the AB workers...16:36
paulgwondering if their hit/miss ratio is crap too, but they just power through with grunt.16:36
paulgI'm going to run the two tests I talked about yesterday - move tmp aside and rebuild ; new build dir and new arch and build -- all while staying on the same machine.16:42
paulgI have a suspicion that when you move to a physically different builder, something changes the hash.  Just a guess at this point.16:44
RPpaulg: it would be useful to work out if there is an issue16:52
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RPpaulg: I've been doing some "back to back" builds on the autobuilder as it happens.
RPInitialising tasks...Sstate summary: Wanted 7070 Local 7061 Mirrors 0 Missed 9 Current 0 (99% match, 0% complete)16:53
paulgyeah, that is what I want to see locally!16:54
RP Initialising tasks...Sstate summary: Wanted 8196 Local 8132 Mirrors 0 Missed 64 Current 0 (99% match, 0% complete)16:55
RPpaulg: so I'm not totally making this up!16:55
paulgI've got a mix of ubu-18.04 using buildtools (for newer python) and ubu-20.04 that don't use buildtools.  But even then, eventually I should see 90%+16:56
RPpaulg: is uninative active?16:56
RPis tmp/sysroots-uninative/ present?16:56
RP(if so, yes)16:57
paulgseems to be - but it looks ancient - dates back to September?16:58
paulgpaul@oc-1055t:~/poky$ ls -l build/tmp/sysroots-uninative/16:58
paulgtotal 2016:58
paulg-rw-r--r-- 1 paul paul  532 Sep  1 13:27 buildinfo16:58
paulg-rwxr-xr-x 1 paul paul 9045 Sep  1 13:29 relocate_sdk.py16:58
paulgdrwxr-xr-x 7 paul paul 4096 Sep  1 13:29 x86_64-linux16:58
paulgLet me put it another way - AFAIK, I didn't do anything to actively disable uninative16:59
* paulg goes to look up what the hell it is (again)16:59
RPpaulg: it is enabled by default, I just wanted to check17:00
RPsep is probably fine17:00
paulgchecked a bunch of others - also same vintage.17:02
paulgbut yeah, I can see how if that special prebuilt libc wasn't there, the sstate would be garbage (how the hell did the name "uninative" come about?!?)17:04
RPpaulg: universal native sstate17:05
paulgI'm sure I'll be looking up what it does again in six months...17:07
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RPpaulg: for some reason the RTC kernel config patch we just merged comes to mind (goldfish RTC) :)17:10
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RPrburton: "AssertionError: '/.cache/debuginfod_client/' not found in 'Server query failed: No such file or directory'"  - :(17:15
* RP thinks he might understand the latest weird race on the autobuilder17:16
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paulganother machine that was off-line for a few days.  Update and build core-image-minimal17:20
paulgSstate summary: Wanted 1045 Local 0 Mirrors 0 Missed 1045 Current 820 (0% match, 43% complete)17:20
paulgThat is terrible!  And so it is building llvm-native AGAIN.17:21
paulgyet I can see that same machine chatting with the hashserv box17:21
RPpaulg: compare the filenames in tmp/stamps/x86_64-linux/ see if you can see different hashes17:21
paulgI chose stamps for make-native ; since I'm pretty sure nothing has changed there overnight - ls in the make-native stamp dir and all the hash are different - every one AFAICT.17:29
RPok, that is a good start as you've a thread to pull on. Is there a make-native sstate artefact in the sstate cache with any of those hashes (do_populate_sysroot I guess)17:30
RPyou could also bitbake-diffsigs the two siginfo files, see what it says is different between them. That usually involves chasing up a dependency chain17:32
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paulglet me dig around a bit based on the above and quit distracting you for a while.  :-P17:33
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RPpaulg: quilt-native is always at the end of the dependency chains btw17:36
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paulgok - let me use quilt instead of make.17:41
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