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dvergatalsmokey: change in your build scripts grub-efi-bootx64.efi to grub-efi-grubx64.efi00:17
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dvergatalthis will fix your issue00:17
dvergatalbecause they are changing in https://github.com/Wind-River/meta-secure-core/blob/master/meta-efi-secure-boot/recipes-bsp/grub/grub-efi-efi-secure-boot.inc#L68 grubimage00:19
dvergataland that is why your install command cannot stat it because the file /home/tdowty/cfc510p/christian_devel/poky/build/tmp/deploy/images/innoflight-cfc510-live-usb/grub-efi-bootx64.efi is not existing00:20
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mkazantsevHello! I'm having an intermittent issue with the D1 Display Engine, wonder if anyone had something similar07:33
mkazantsev9 times out of 10 the color on the display is off, sometimes it's more blue, sometimes more green than it should be07:33
mkazantsevWhen I run modetest, for example, the colors are kinda mixed with blue, when modetest exits the whole screen is blue07:34
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mkazantsevIn memory, images have the correct color07:35
mkazantsevTCON LCD test patters are correct07:35
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mkazantsevmixer registers are the same when displaying the correct and incorrect colors07:38
mkazantsevnot even sure where to look at this point07:41
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mkazantsevwrong channel sorry08:50
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JerryMkanavin: I've got several layer-setup.json files for different setups, mostly they are likt 90% the same and only differ in a few places, what do you think about applying fragmenst on a base file or similar solution?09:00
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kanavinJerryM, I don't have any thoughts about that. why is that a problem?09:13
JerryMkanavin: besides duplication, it's really just a minor inconvenience, say I've got { A: refA, B: refB } and { A:refA, B: refFeature } and I want to update refA I got to do it in two files (and have two diffs that are the same change)09:22
kanavinJerryM, does json support includes natively?09:23
JerryMkanavin: I'm no expert, but I would assume not, I'd think this would need to be handled in the scripts09:31
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kanavinJerryM, if you can think up a design proposal, and/or patches, please go ahead. I currently can't say how this could be supported.09:38
luc4Hello! Would it be possible to get tar.xz archives of each partition of my image? I tried to set the image fs type, but I'm only getting the rootfs, not the boot partition. I also tried to look at the wic command, but I do not see anything like this. I know I could mount each partition, but I would like to avoid it if possible. Any other option? Thanks.09:44
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dvergatalguys according to https://docs.yoctoproject.org/dev-manual/building.html#building-an-initial-ram-filesystem-initramfs-image bundling an initramfs is striclty connected to kernel image so it means that I can bundle only one initramfs into kernel image right?09:50
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rburtoncorrect, a bundled initramfs is literally a cpio archive glued onto the end of the kernel10:41
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JerryMkanavin: I'll do some experiments and see if/what works10:44
dvergatalrburton: so now I have a question because what I was going to do was to create an instalator image with bundled initramfs and that image would be responsible for deploying my main image and inside it would be another initramfs bundle but this configuration is rather impossible to achieve in one distro right?10:45
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rburtondvergatal: just don't use a bundled initramfs10:48
dvergatalrburton: currently i'm not and it is working10:48
rburtona bundled initramfs is literally copied into RAM in its entirety, you don't want to put a huge target in that10:49
dvergatalI have separate kernell image and initramfs but I wanted to have it bundled10:49
dvergatalthe installation initramfs I wanted to have as tiny as possible because it is only being used for the installation process10:50
rburtonthat's fine, just have it pick up the thing to install from the disk10:51
dvergataland wanted to have it bundled with the kernel but from what I have read it is not possible to bundle more than 1 image10:51
rburtonyou can only have one initramfs image on a kernel, but that's not a yocto thing, its a linux thing10:53
rburtonyou can bundle the initramfs and keep the install image separate10:53
dvergatalrburton: I will show you on an image10:54
dvergatalrburton: https://pasteboard.co/gCCqPEO9aUan.png10:56
dvergatalsomething like that10:56
dvergatalright now I have instead of INSTALL INITRAMFS BUNDLE, kernel image and install initramfs10:57
dvergataland my question should be if it is possible somehow to achieve what is on the image, I read about different kind of solutions for example to use another machine or distro for this install image in order to create separate bundle11:01
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RPrburton: you broke recipetool in oe-selftest: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/80/builds/6380/steps/14/logs/stdio :(11:29
RPyes, I agree the test is broken, but...11:29
RPmoto-timo: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/117/builds/4399 - ahhrggg :(11:31
RPeverything coming in last minute breaks :/11:31
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RPrburton: do you know where locale.aliases is supposed to live packages wise?11:40
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aladyshevI experience the strange issue. Sometimes when I perform `devtool modify linux-aspeed` I get the following error:12:30
aladyshev```WARNING: SRC_URI is conditionally overridden in this recipe, thus several devtool-override-* branches have been created, one for each override that makes changes to SRC_URI. It is recommended that you make changes to the devtool branch first, then checkout and rebase each devtool-override-* branch and update any unique patches there (duplicates12:30
aladyshevon those branches will be ignored by devtool finish/update-recipe)```12:30
aladyshevAnd the worst case is that local patches are not applied in this case12:31
rburtonif you can replicate with master then please do file a bug12:34
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aladyshevHow to file a bug? I'm using yocto in the OpenBMC distribution, do I have to replicate it in native poky?12:36
rburtonwould be useful if you can.  there's been a lot of fixes to devtool modify in master.12:37
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aladyshevAnother issue that I've started to encounter recently is that the devtooled linux-aspeed git tree stucks at rebase or am operation:12:39
aladyshevYou are currently rebasing.12:39
aladyshev  $ git status12:39
aladyshevRefresh index: 100% (81804/81804), done.12:39
aladyshevOn branch dev-6.612:39
aladyshevYour branch is ahead of 'origin/dev-6.6' by 5 commits.12:39
aladyshev  (use "git push" to publish your local commits)12:39
aladyshevYou are currently rebasing.12:39
aladyshev  (all conflicts fixed: run "git rebase --continue")12:39
aladyshevnothing to commit, working tree clean12:39
aladyshevHowever when I try to continue, I get:12:39
aladyshev$ git rebase --continue12:39
aladyshevwarning: could not read '.git/rebase-apply/head-name': No such file or directory12:39
aladyshevIs this a known issue?12:45
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moto-timoRP: dang it14:39
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leftyAnybody had luck with the beagleplay machine in meta-ti-bsp? I'm finding when I boot my beagleplay with core-image-full-cmdline image pressing the USR button at power up to boot from the SD card, u-boot fails to load boot.scr and uEnv.txt, then seems to fallback to the eMMC and gets stuck at "Starting kernel...". If I boot from eMMC u-boot on the15:55
leftyeMMC detects the SD card and is at least able to boot, but I'm not sure which kernel image is being used (just that the rootfs is the SD card one).15:55
rm5248Hi, is it the case that the PREFERRED_VERSION_virtual/kernel can only be set in the distribution?  I've tried setting it in my conf/machine/<machine>.conf file but it doesn't seem to take effect15:55
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leftyrm5248 I believe you may have to specify the actual recipe that provides virtual/kernel with PREFERRED_VERSION (PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto for instance).16:02
*** gvmeson is now known as vmeson16:02
leftyI have done that in my machine.conf file before and it has worked (so long as a recipe for the specified version exists).16:03
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leftydenix is meta-ti's beagleplay machine validated with Poky distro? I successfully core-image-full-cmdline with MACHINE=beagleplay but when I try to boot my beagleplay from an SD card flashed with core-image-full-cmdline-beagleplay.wic.xz I'm facing some weird issues. U-boot runs from the SD card, but when it actually boots the kernel it appears to16:53
leftybe trying to boot the kernel image from eMMC, and that just hangs indefinitely.16:53
rm5248so I figured out what the problem is: since I'm using the meta-atmel layer, it was set as PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel:sama5 = "linux-mchp".  I had set PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel, not PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel:sama5.16:56
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rm5248lefty: One thing that I did recently to debug stuff like that was to get to uboot and mount the rootfs over NFS.  I'm not sure if that helps in your situation at all.  I assume that your problem might be that uboot is configured to always run off of the eMMC, not from the SD card16:59
leftyI have console access so I can see u-boot's environment. It looks like it's failing to loadbootenv and loadbootscr are failing, and after that it's falling back to trying to boot from eMMC. What's strange is if I boot off of eMMC, the version of u-boot in the Debian Buster image detects the SD card and boots off of it (seemingly successfully).17:04
leftySo I can run both versions of u-boot, but the one built with meta-ti seems to be missing some stuff.17:04
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dmoseley_Any plans for a Developer day around EOSS in Seattle? I'm trying to book my flights.17:11
rm5248does uboot see the SD card?  IIRC it's the 'mmc' command that you can use to test the SD card17:12
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*** lefty <lefty!~lefty@> has joined #yocto17:12
leftyrm5248 mmc does see both devices, the eMMC and the SD card.17:13
leftyAnd it's able to read the partition table for device 1 (SD card).17:14
rm5248does it see the files on the SD card?17:14
leftyNot sure how to specify the device name to ls in u-boot...17:16
leftyForgive my relatively limited familiarity with u-boot.17:16
rm5248I think you need to set the mmc dev, and then do 'fatls'17:16
leftyI can switch to device 1 (SD), but fatls by itself just gives me usage. "fatls /" says / is an invalid partition so evidently I'm not understanding the usage.17:22
leftyfatls requires an interface argument which I'm not sure what that should be.17:23
rm5248check this: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/354157/how-to-load-files-from-an-emmcs-general-purpose-partition-or-boot-partition-us17:23
leftyIf I plug the SD card into my PC there is no boot.scr or uEnv.txt file on the boot partition.17:25
lefty"fatls mmc 1:1" yields the same list of files as I see on my PC. EFI directory, Image (kernel), tiboot3.bin, tispl.bin, and u-boot.img.17:28
rm5248should there be?  I'm not sure how it's supposed to boot, but if it's trying to load those files from the SD card and it fails that could be why.17:28
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)17:29
leftyI would agree with that assessment, which is why it seems to me the build is missing something. I'm trying to parse through u-boot's environment to understand what's going on and it seems that those files missing is causing it to fall back to eMMC.17:30
leftyIt's also not clear to me the difference between the beaglplay machine and the beagleplay-k3r5 machine and which I should be using. I'm struggling to find great documentation for the meta-ti layer or Yocto use in general on the beagleplay.17:31
denixlefty: which branch?17:32
leftydenix master and kirkstone both yield the same behavior for me.17:32
*** simonew <simonew!~ile@2a02:810d:a940:35fc:f33:290d:d4fb:5c47> has joined #yocto17:33
denixlefty: regarding "k3r5" - just look at https://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-ti/tree/meta-ti-bsp/conf/machine/include/k3r5.inc17:34
denixlefty: try one of the "wip" branches - there are some config changes pending for u-boot17:34
denixor -next17:34
leftyDoes wip stand for something? Wasn't sure what those were.17:35
leftyk3r5.inc is what led me to believe it's for the RT core, though I have yet to play around with any SOCs that have a separate RT core so I'm not very familiar with how this all works.17:36
sotaoverridelefty: work in progress (WIP)17:36
denixwip = work in progress17:36
leftyI'll give one of those branches a shot.17:36
leftyRight now the key portion it seems to be breaking down at is "SD/MMC found on device 117:37
leftyFailed to load 'boot.scr'17:37
leftyFailed to load 'uEnv.txt'17:37
leftyswitch to partitions #0, OK17:37
leftymmc0(part 0) is current device"17:37
leftySo it tries to boot from device 1, but then after the two failures it switches back to device 0.17:37
denixlefty: TI K3 is a heterogeneous arch with bunch of Cortex-R5 MCUs and Cortex-A53/A72 big GP cores. in order to build for those cores, meta-ti uses "k3r5" multiconfig17:39
denixlefty: and neither of boot.scr nor uEnv.txt are required and those are not critical errors17:40
leftyRight, but don't all beagleplay boards have the AM652 with this heterogeneous arch?17:40
denixthere's simply something's wrong with SD driver17:40
leftyIs that what's causing the switch back to device 0?17:40
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leftyI'm seeing some pca953x errors as well, "i2c_write: error waiting for data ACK (status=0x116)17:41
leftypca953x gpio@22: Error reading output register"17:41
denixAM62x is part of TI K3 arch family17:41
leftyWhen would I want to set MACHINE=beagleplay-k3r5 though? Or MACHINE=beagleplay if all beagleplay boards use the AM62x?17:44
leftyIs the gpio expander used for SD card communications at all? Could that cause the fallback to eMMC?17:47
leftyI don't actually see a gpio expander in the schematic.17:49
denixk3r5 multiconfig is used automatically when the required dependencies are pulled in17:49
leftyOkay, I have master-wip building at the moment. Have to leave here shortly but will test it out when I get back. Thanks for the help.17:51
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leftydenix still facing the same issue with master-wip. One other thing I notice is u-boot initially prints out a line "Loading Environment from nowhere... OK", which seems rather odd. There's also an error "Error: Can't set serial# to SSSS" and also a few lines related to the Ethernet phy and a failure there, none of which would seem to be related to19:50
leftyu-boot falling back to eMMC.19:50
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leftySame on master-next as well. Abridged output: "mmc1 is current device", then "SD/MMC found on device 1", then two errors related to boot.scr and uEnv.txt, then "switch to partitions #0, OK", then "mmc0(part0) is current device", is the switch to partition 0 specifying the wrong device (or no device) perhaps?19:57
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leftyOkay, I think I figured it out at least partways, distro_bootcmd runs bootcmd_${target} for target in boot_targets, and boot_targets has mmc0 before mmc1, causing the switch to mmc0 and the failed boot. Running bootcmd_mmc1 manually results in a system that boots, but never gives me a login prompt, so I'm making progress. denix is the attempt to20:33
leftyboot from mmc0 expected? I guess my expectation is that the first boot target would be eMMC if USR wasn't pressed when u-boot was executed or SD if it was pressed.20:33
leftyOr maybe just try to boot SD first, if there's no SD card present or if it's not a properly formatted SD card presumably that will fail and distro_bootcmd will then proceed with eMMC boot?20:35
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leftydenix beagleplay.conf sets UBOOT_MACHINE to am62x_evm_a53_defconfig, shouldn't it be am625_beagleplay_a53_defconfig? I suspect that is where my bogus u-boot environment is coming from.20:46
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leftyHmm, it didn't like that. Even though there is a am625_beagleplay_a53.config file in configs.20:48
denixlefty: that's a config fragment and it is being applied on top of the defconfig - see that later in beagleplay.conf20:50
leftydenix the config fragment doesn't appear later on in beagleplay.conf in master. Which branch?20:51
leftyAfter UBOOT_MACHINE it just sets a few PREFERRED_PROVIDERS, then KERNEL_DEVICETREE, and MACHINE_GUI_CLASS, that's it.20:52
denixlefty: I already told you earlier - wip or -next20:52
leftyOkay, I'll take a look at those again.20:52
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leftyOkay, I had to do a git pull and I see it now in master-wip (not in -next). I'll give it another shot.20:55
leftyI'm guessing the warnings I was seeing about the gpio expander were due to the incorrect device tree being loaded perhaps.20:57
leftySince it was loading the one for the evaluation kit.20:57
leftydenix still the same issue with an unexpected u-boot env. default_device_tree is still ti/k3-am625-sk and boot_targets still starts with mmc0. I'll revisit this later tonight. Definitely learned quite a bit about u-boot and u-boot configuration today though, which is my whole goal in playing around with this.21:00
leftyMaybe not entirely broken anymore, my system actually boots now if I "run bootcmd_mmc1", otherwise it still defaults to mmc0. And I now actually get a login prompt.21:03
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rburtonkhem: i see you fired a meta-clang, and it just warned in rpm.  are you digging into that?21:36
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khemrburton: not yet but I did see the warning21:55
khemits with clang-18 btw.21:55
khemwhich is still in yoe/mut21:56
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moto-timoWhat do folks want to know about writing python recipes?23:21
moto-timoI'm going to write a blog post or two or a series.23:22
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moto-timoLetoThe2nd: and I have been threatening to do a live coding session also... but that never happened yet.23:23
moto-timoYou can watch me as I upgrade a python recipe in oe-core and try not to curse too much because I'm on camera.23:24
mischieftwitch plays Yocto? :-)23:26

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