Saturday, 2024-02-24

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simonewyocton: Agreed, I thought this was the time waited in the past though. NVD answered me today as well for a mail from last sunday. Not sure how they handle it. We could wait a month? Then we could basically allign it more or less with the Mx milestones.00:13
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Guest36vizarsky: hello could someone help me do debug the case? The case is next: I have 2 recipes: foo and bar. foo is set of c++ my custom libraries. Foo target is build successfully. While building bar - which is binaries which links on set of libraries from foo I see that libraries from foo populated in sysroot - everything OK. Configuration stage of15:02
Guest36bar cmake shows all of depencies - all include directories and linkage are OK. But... during compilation of bar headers from foo are absent in compile cmd.15:02
Guest36vizarsky: compilation of bar failed due absent includes in compile command... Though all header are in place... bar CMakeLists.txt explicity includes foo dependecies via target_link_libraries call. Bar recipe has runtime and buildtime depencies on foo. So, I don't understand what is wrong in my enviorment.15:02
Guest36I set up cmake packages via cmake files which are products of foo recipe15:02
Guest36during bar configuration I call find packages in cmkae files and see that cmake packages of foo were found with correct includes and libraries15:03
Guest36but compilation log does not show even that bar links or inlcudes somethings from foo.15:04
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Guest36I understand that a lot of undefined variables in my messages :)15:26
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jclsnCould I use Yocto to build statically linked binaries for a machine?20:22
jclsnI have an armv7l board that I can't flash anything new to, else I would brick it. I can also not install libraries into the rootfs. So the only way is having statically linked binaries. It is tedious to build those manually. I would somehow have to set up a generic armv7 target and make builds static by default20:23
jclsnNot sure if buildroot would be the better choice here20:24
Croftonjclsn: it should be possible20:45
Croftonhow many binaries do you need to build static?20:46
jclsnCrofton: No idea. I want to be able to build whatever I want, without having to search for sources etc20:47
CroftonI ahve seen people create toolchains with static versions of the libs, so they can build things adn drop them into random file systems before20:48
jclsnSure it is possible20:49
jclsnI just have never used Yocto that way20:49
jclsnUsually you build and image and flash that20:50
CroftonPeople do all manner of things20:51
CroftonBasically right a recipe to build something and chose options to statically link it20:53
CroftonI forget if you need to set a "feature" to get static libs creaeted wherever possible20:54
jclsnSeems like Yocto is overkill for this20:56
jclsnToo many knobs to turn20:56
RPCan be done but we do disable static libs by default. That much is easy to change by dropping the appropriate meta/conf/distro/include file20:59
CroftonI thought that might be the case ...21:00
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CroftonIf you ahve a complex depends chain, you will eventually come back to the yocto project though21:01
jclsnRP: What is this file that you are talking about? Can't I just set a global CFLAGS="${TARGET_CFLAGS} -static" ?21:07
jclsnin local.conf21:07
RPas long as that isn't included it should build shared and static libs21:08
RPthen you just need to convince it to static link the binaries21:09
jclsnSo just delete the file?21:10
jclsnAh I can probable doe an EXTRA_OECONF:remove = "${DISABLE_STATIC}"21:11
jclsnSeems to work. It is reconfiguring everything21:19
jclsnNow I just need to set a proper machine21:20
jclsnNot sure if qemuarm will suffice for armv7l21:20
Croftonnot all packages like to build static libs and static binaries21:20
jclsnCrofton: meaning?21:21
jclsnSome will fail with the -static flag?21:21
CroftonI think so21:22
jclsnThen I need an easy way to set the flag for a list of images21:23
jclsnDoing a .bbappend for every package I want to build is not practical21:23
Croftontry what RP suggested21:25
jclsnAlready did that21:26
jclsnAdded a EXTRA_OECONF:remove = "--disable-static" to local.conf21:26
jclsnBut that is a global setting21:26
jclsnMy bitbake recipe skills are lagging here I guess. You can probably make this setting only for a list of packages21:27
jclsnFor now nothing has failed thouhg21:27
jclsnEven glibc compiled. No idea how that could be static ^^21:28
jclsnThe setting probably didn't achieve what I am intending21:28
jclsnAh there, it failed ^^21:29
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rburtonjclsn: no-static-libs is a *poky* thing. you should make your own distro and not include that file.  that's how its meant to be done.21:34
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rburtonpoky is a *reference and example* distro for *our testing purposes*21:34
jclsnHave never done that from scratch21:34
jclsnand I am not sure if that is worth the trouble for some toy project21:36
jclsnI just want to build some statically linked binaries21:36
rburtonset DISABLE_STATIC="" in your local.conf but making a 'new' distro is about four lines of code21:39
rburtonthat will disable the no-static include and it will build static libs for everything21:40
jclsnI just need it for certain packages though21:41
rburtonthen set that in the recipe or bbappends or use overrides in local.conf21:46
rburtonyou said that setting it per-recipe was too much effort, so i was giving you a one-shot for the entire distro21:46
jclsnOkay okay21:49
rburtonthere are many ways :)21:49
jclsnSo create a new layer and copy the to conf/distro/includes?21:49
jclsnThen set DISABLE_STATIC = "" in there?21:50
rburtonthat would be the worst way21:50
rburtonif you want to just build static libs globally, DISABLE_STATIC="" in your local.conf21:50
rburton(as i said above)21:50
jclsnYou said creating a distro were better21:50
rburtonright, create a new distro.conf file and just don't include no-static-libs.inc21:51
rburtonincluding it is something poky.conf does.  your distro .conf doesn't have to.21:51
jclsnBut inlcude everything else I guess?21:51
rburton <-- behold the smallest distro conf i could think of21:51
jclsnThere are many things in meta/conf/distro/includes21:51
rburtonhave an actual look at poky.conf and you'll see it doesn't actually do much.  it mainly turns more stuff on.21:52
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rburtonstuff you might want want, like no-static-libs21:53
jclsnOkay seems to work21:57
jclsnWill qemuarm be enough for armv7?21:57
jclsnI think there some differences between armv6 and armv721:57
jclsnthan both being 32-bit systems21:58
rburtonare you aiming to run on a specific board?22:01
rburtonqemuarm pretends to be a cortex-a15, arm7a22:01
jclsnIt is for my LG webOS TV22:03
jclsnSome guys rooted in and are creating Homebrew apps for it22:03
jclsnMost TVs run armv8, but even LG seems to build armv7 binaries to make them compatible with every hardware22:04
rburtonyou know webos is yocto already right :)22:05
jclsnI know22:05
jclsnBut the bsp is not public22:05
rburtonjust build a qemuarm SDK and use that if you're literally making apps22:06
jclsnI also wouldn't dare to flash the TV with any image. It just cost too much :D22:06
jclsnThat is what I was trying22:06
rburtonyou'll want to build the entire sdk with static libraries present (so definitely set DISABLE_STATIC globally) and iirc you'll want to add staticdev-pkgs to SDKIMAGE_FEATURES22:09
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rboxi'm trying to figure out how to get opkg-utils removed from the image, it appears as that is the default provider for update-alternatives, i can't figure out how to disable update-alternatives23:06
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rboxit says it'll remove update-altneratives from a read only, but i dont want to compile it at all23:09
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