Friday, 2024-03-01

SmokeyThis is my project:
tgamblinSmokey: have you done "bitbake -e secure-core-image | grep PACKAGE_CLASSES" to see what it's set to?00:00
SmokeyI am explicitly setting PACKAGE_CLASSES = "package_rpm" in conf/auto.conf00:01
tgamblinIt's possible it could be getting reset elsewhere, so it helps to run bitbake -e and see what the variable is actually set to when bitbake goes to build the image00:02
Smokeyunfortunately, bitbake errors out when I run bitbake -e. Any suggestions?00:03
tgamblinThat's odd. What is the error?00:04
SmokeyIt's the same error I see when bulding:
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tgamblinSmokey: Hmm, I'm not sure. Maybe someone else will know00:13
Smokeythanks tgamblin00:14
tgamblinIt doesn't seem right that you can't run 'bitbake -e' though. I just tried manually setting the same problem in my local.conf (i.e. IMAGE_INSTALL:append = " dnf" and PACKAGE_CLASSES = "package_deb") and saw the same error, but I can still run 'bitbake -e' without issue00:17
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moto-timodnf is for package_rpm and apt is for package_deb00:28
SmokeyI built a different target with -e (core-image-base) retaining my original .conf files, and it does look like my setting of PACKAGE_CLASSES = "package_rpm". Here's the relevant info from the environment:  How should this be fixed?00:37
Smokey...t does look like my setting of PACKAGE_CLASSES = "package_rpm" IS GETTING OVERRIDDEN...00:38
Smokeythanks moto-timo, but I want the final setting to be "package_rpm"00:39
moto-timoso that layer has higher priority and is winning00:39
moto-timothen set PACKAGE_CLASSES:remove = "package_deb" and THEN set PACKAGE_CLAASSES = "package_rpm"00:39
moto-timoand then discuss it with the meta-amd-distro maintainers00:40
Smokeyah ok, i can do that in my .conf and it will work?00:40
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moto-timoyes, ;remove is the hammer that will work very late in variable expansion and then you set what you actually want.00:41
Smokeyok, after making that change, i see this error:  now i am really confused :)00:46
moto-timothen you are somehow missing "poky" (or  "meta" also known as "openembedded-core"). That is defined in
moto-timowhat is in your conf/bblayer.conf00:54
moto-timoor maybe it's that IMAGE_PKGTYPE is no longer defined. so grep for that in the amd layer I suppose00:55
moto-timomake sure you have this commit
Smokeybblayer get built here:
moto-timoSmokey: yeah, you are missing plain old "meta" (aka "openembedded-core") I don't know how that is even working at all.01:07
moto-timook so that's your script to check everything out?01:08
moto-timoI need to see what is actually  in your <build>/conf/bblayers.conf file01:08
moto-timostep back from the fancy script and do the steps manually first too, it might be doing something you do not expect.01:10
Smokeyhere's the <build>/conf/bblayers.conf file: <build>/conf/bblayers.conf file01:11
Smokey<build>/conf/bblayers.conf file01:11
moto-timoso I guess we need to see "bitbake-getvar IMAGE_PKGTYPE -r core-image-minimal" (or whatever target you are trying to build). One of your layers is behaving badly and the order of the layers in bblayers.conf probably needs to change.01:14
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moto-timoand they left01:14
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moto-timoSmokey: welcome back. I thought you left.01:15
moto-timodon't know if you saw "so I guess we need to see "bitbake-getvar IMAGE_PKGTYPE -r core-image-minimal" (or whatever target you are trying to build). One of your layers is behaving badly and the order of the layers in bblayers.conf probably needs to change."01:15
moto-timothe error messages are giving you the hints as to what is wrong... you just need to get used to where to look, how to troubleshoot it and what the patterns are.01:15
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moto-timoERROR: ParseError at /home/tdowty/amd/poky-amd-kirkstone/meta/classes/image.bbclass:19: Could not inherit file classes/rootfs_${IMAGE_PKGTYPE}.bbclass | ETA: --:--:--01:16
SmokeyI went and set IMAGE_PKGTYPE in auto.conf; running the command line you suggetsted: tdowty@ubuntu:~/amd/poky-amd-kirkstone/build-v3000-kirkstone$ bitbake-getvar IMAGE_PKGTYPE -r secure-core-image01:17
Smokey# $IMAGE_PKGTYPE [2 operations]01:17
Smokey#   set /home/tdowty/amd/poky-amd-kirkstone/build-v3000-kirkstone/conf/auto.conf:1501:17
Smokey#     "rpm"01:17
Smokey#   set /home/tdowty/amd/poky-amd-kirkstone/meta/conf/documentation.conf:22101:17
Smokey#     [doc] "Defines the package type (DEB, RPM, IPK, or TAR) used by the OpenEmbedded build system."01:17
Smokey# pre-expansion value:01:17
Smokey#   "rpm"01:17
SmokeyBTW, didn't know about bitbake-getvar. Nice.01:18
moto-timothat's somewhat newish... maybe honister or kirkstone01:18
SmokeyI am a stone newbie to yocto01:18
moto-timoso that class comes from "meta"
SmokeyNow with  IMAGE_PKGTYPE = "rpm" in auto.conf, build still fails. PACKAGE_CLASSES is empty: I don't see where it's getting unnet...01:24
Smokey*unset*01:24 i need to add <build_dir>/meta to my bblayers?01:26
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Smokeywait... i already have it there: /home/tdowty/amd/poky-amd-kirkstone/meta \01:29
Smokeythanks for the help moto-timo, much appreciated! I've got to unhook now.01:31
moto-timoSmokey: ok, I'm trying your set up script now... but good luck01:32
Smokeymoto-timo: thanks... I can hang on for a bit if you're willing to repro01:33
moto-timoSmokey: it's running the clones now01:34
moto-timoSmokey: bleh NOTE: Starting bitbake server...01:34
moto-timoERROR: ParseError in configuration INHERITs: Could not inherit file classes/sign_rpm_ext.bbclass01:34
Smokeyafter setujp: source oe-init-build-env build-v3000-kirkstone01:35
Smokeybitbake secure-core-image01:36
SmokeyI didn't encounter the ParseError you see; we should have identical runs... hmm...01:37
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moto-timoSmokey: parse error was because auto.conf existed before all the bitbake-layers add-layer commands had run.01:43
Smokeymoto-timo: are you able to proceed?01:45
moto-timoSmokey: I have replicated your error, but do not know which bad actor (one of the layers) is at fault yet01:46
Smokeymoto-timo: (y)01:48
moto-timoSmokey: ok.. so in local.conf I commented out PACKAGES_CLASSES ?= "package_rpm" and DISTRO ?= "poky" (probably not required)01:50
moto-timoSmokey: and in auto.conf ... sigh... PACKAGES_CLASSES:append = " package_rpm" (the space is important) and after that PACKAGE_CLASSES:remove = "package_deb"01:51
moto-timothe package_deb doesn't hurt anything, it just creates both .rpm and .deb packages in tmp/deploy/rpm and tmp/deploy/deb01:51
moto-timobitbake-getvar PACKAGE_CLASSES -r secure-core-image01:52
moto-timohad to say "package_rpm" at the end of it all01:52
moto-timoso now... building it? la la la01:52
moto-timotick tick -- boom? or just tick tick tock01:53
moto-timoso the reasoning here is that meta-amd-distro/conf/layer.conf PACKAGE_CLASSES is winning because of layer priority (and order in bblayers.conf)... so when we used PACKAGE_CLASSES:remove it made the variable unset (which resolved AFTER the PACKAGE_CLASSES = "package_rpm" that I asked you to put in)... so then PACKAGE_CLASSES:append = " package_rpm" made DARNED SURE package_rpm was in the "string delimited" variable and then the :remove worked like01:55
moto-timoI expected.01:55
moto-timo:remove and :append resolve very very late compared to ??= and ?= and =01:55
SmokeyI'm building now too.. (i have most of it already cached from previous)01:56
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Smokeya bad patch? I've not seen that error before01:57
moto-timoso... now we have to figure out what order the patching is happening in and which layer supplied that patch...01:58
moto-timoyou've got a lot of layers involved here (I understand why... I see where you are going), but in this case something (for me at least) is getting in the way01:59
* moto-timo waits for linux-yocto to fetch since I didn't have any sstate02:00
Smokeyjust hit the patch error you saw02:03
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moto-timoprobably a grub bump somewhere along the way or grub patch in poky maybe (or another layer)... I can't remember if I saw this with a recent Intel x86-64 customer on secure boot or not...02:05
moto-timothat patch is added by meta-secure-core/meta-efi-secure-boot/recipes-bsp/grub/grub-efi-efi-secure-boot.inc02:07
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moto-timoanyway, time to call it a day02:08
moto-timodog wants dinner and so do I ;)02:08
Smokeymoto-timo: you have been *so* helpful. I've got to unplug too. thanks again.02:08
moto-timoSmokey: you're welcome. This ramp up is normal. Just stay with it.02:08
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mckoanAd0: what did you do then?07:35
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX09:17
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: still freezed? :-D09:53
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LetoThe2ndmckoan: no, back in Germany10:11
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kanavinRP: I was going to restart auh as well :)10:23
luc4Hello! Anyone who knows if there are up to date articles on how to include a boot splash with plymouth?10:26
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paulgCurrently  1 running tasks (4069 of 4106)  99% |################################################################################################################################################################  |13:26
paulg0: llvm-native-18.1.0-r0 do_compile - 45m7s (pid 22490)  32% |###############################################13:26
paulgWhat a steaming pile.  RP conversion to shallow is good but won't fix compile times...13:28
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* paulg blames vmeson 13:29
paulgif llvm was out on a campaign to demonstrate they were an academic project aimed at annoying the general population by 100x, well they did it.13:35
paulgtone deaf morons...13:36
JaMaI think they lost to rust team13:38
paulgPlease submit your code to FreeBSD and leave us alone...13:39
mcfrisk_bootstraping native tools from yocto side sstate mirrors would be nice, sadly many things trigger their recompilation, mostly useless...13:41
paulggeez.  I can't under-describe how rust/llvm has made me so close to a "so long and thanks for all the fish" moment.13:42
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paulgwhich is sad, 'cause I generally like all the people here.13:44
JaMapaulg: while it builds you can learn about locked sstate to prevent it rebuilding in future13:49
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paulgJaMa, :-)  I am about three shovel full deep into ensuring sstate can be recycled across MACHINE and distro13:56
paulgAnd I look back and ask myself WTF.13:57
JaMafunny coincidence is that if you enable icecc to build llvm faster, it will make all sstate signatures DISTRO specific, so you might build it faster, but will need to build it multiple times13:58
paulgGoing on vacation in less than 24h13:58
CroftonGood :)14:00
paulgI'm going to keep lobbying RP to discontinue llvm support...14:00
JaMalets discontinue rootfs and build only kernels14:01
paulgSold! "make allnoconfig"14:01
paulgAh well, it wouldn't be fun if we were not around to pick on each other...14:03
* paulg looks at Crofton and wonders what he did14:07
CroftonI'm glad someone is going on vacatoin around here14:08
paulgCool. Context is everything....14:09
zeddiikhem: perf on riscv32 is an unknown for me. libseccomp blew up before I could get to it :)14:17
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CroftonClearly we need people from that community working on theis tuff!15:54
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rm5248is it possible to do "inherit foo" on a per-machine basis?  I'm making an image that needs to inherit a custom class depending on the machine that it is building for16:14
JaMainherit ${FOO}; FOO:mach1 = "bar" FOO ?= "sane-bar"16:21
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rm5248thanks, I'll try that16:28
SaurExcept, unless you change `inherit` to `inherit_defer`, you must define `FOO` and its variants before the `inherit`.16:29
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moto-timozeddii: ugly but true, but `do_compile[network] = "1"` is the easiest solution to criu16:45
moto-timozeddii: well, nevermind... seems like it barfed later16:45
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moto-timozeddii: also `do_install[netwokr] = "1"` and then drop the EGG-IINFO sed and use find to rm -rf all the __pycache__. almost there16:56
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moto-timozeddii: last offender is `File /usr/lib/python3.12/site-packages/pycriu-3.19.dist-info/direct_url.json in package criu contains reference to TMPDIR [buildpaths]`17:07
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Guest20I joined this group with great inspiration after reading about it on Alper Akcan’s Medium post.17:16
simonewWelcome :)17:18
tgamblinGuest20: Welcome!17:22
Guest20I reviewed the Newcomer Bugs listed on the Yocto Project Bug Triage page. Many of them appear to be quite old. Could someone please provide guidance on selecting my first issue?17:27
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:29
moto-timoGuest20: you might want to change your user name to something we will recognize in the future instead of generic Guest2017:32
moto-timoGuest20: just pick something that is interesting to you17:33
*** Guest20 is now known as sanjay17:34
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moto-timosanjay: if one of those Newcomer Bugs jumps out at you as something you have seen before or have touched before, then pick that. If one of them is something you have seen happen in your build, pick that. If one of them is something you hope to learn about, pick that.17:37
rburtonwe really need to spend some time triaging that newcomer list and getting rid of the not-easy ones, and adding more easier ones17:38
moto-timorburton: although some of the "easy" things we see are fixed too quickly.... oh well17:40
rburtonyeah genuinely easy things are often just fixed17:40
rburtonthere's a sweet spot...17:40
sanjayok moto-timo will check17:43
simonewGuest20: Are you interested in a particular area?17:44
moto-timoGuest20 is now sanjay17:44
simonewJust saw it17:45
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moto-timosanjay: the most important thing is something that you are motivated enough about to get past the hurdles... you will ALWAYS come upon things that do not work and are frustrating... you need to find something where your own inspiration and drive will get past that annoyance17:47
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rburtonfwiw, alper started with simple upgrades in meta-oe: there's a lot of recipes and reports to say what upgrades need doing.17:49
sanjaysimonew: nothing as such ..I haven’t delved deeply into the inner workings of Yocto, but I’ve used it in my project.17:50
sanjayI have a reasonable understanding of creating recipe files and using them17:51
khemRP: shadow: Improve connection to systemd DISTRO_FEATURES is causing loops in parsing17:52
simonewsanjay: Maybe adding ptests to components that have none?17:53
RPkhem: didn't I drop that?17:54
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sanjayok simonew will do it17:57
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RPkhem: sorry, that somehow came back17:58
sanjayrburton .. "meta-oe : there's a lot of recipes and reports to say what upgrades need doing". Can i please know where i can find this info ?17:58
sanjaymoto-timo Thanks for motivating me18:01
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moto-timozeddii: WIP hacks almost there, but smelly
zeddiiCool. I'll have a look18:25
*** simonew <simonew!> has joined #yocto18:26
khemRP: cool!!18:31
khemRP: would it be too much if I ask to include in scarthgap :)18:32
khemit helps bunch of ptests in meta-openembedded18:32
simonewThere is a patch for the qemu CVE-2023-6683 (not in any release yet). To fix it I backported it, I now wonder though about testing, I build all stuff that inlcudes, though only for x86. It affects the clipboard in the UI. I would guess host to be quite often x86, so is this reasonable, waht else to test?18:45
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roussinmSo We have been trying to run qemu with poky nanbield, but we hit `kvm internal error: emulation failure`. But it works on previous poky version, wondering if anyone else has got the same issue and fixed it with some qemu flags that we might be missing or something? Trying to emulate zen2 image on amd hardware.19:39
roussinmactual the image is based on the qemux86-64 machine.19:40
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RPkhem: I'm wondering zeddii's take on that...22:26
khemsilence is complicity ;)22:27
RPkhem: not convinced ;-)22:27
* zeddii clearly missed something. 22:28
zeddiiI'll check the list22:28
RPkhem: - meta-clang breaking with the go upgrade. Is that a blocker?22:28
zeddiiseems ok, since it is conditional on ptest22:28
RPzeddii: do we want the kernel config dependent on ptest? :/22:28
khemyou are CCed22:28
khemRP: we already have it22:29
RPzeddii: I'd also welcome your thoughts on whether we should upgrade go as per master-next. That is working for core now. The next version bump is trickier22:29
RPkhem: hmm, so we do :(22:29
khemSubprocess output:x86_64-poky-linux-llvm-strip: error: SHT_STRTAB string table section [index 11] is non-null terminated22:31
zeddiiRP: I'm definitely torn on the go bump, even if it is holding up some meta-virt updates. It's just so late in the cycle, and in theory, a mixin could make the newer go available. but with this being a LTS, we may get blocked out of some CVE updates, and having the LTS branch with packages that need the mixin layer, seems wrong.22:31
khemI think its addressible in meta-clang22:31
khemall meta-openembedded go apps were broken build time with this upgrade22:32
RPzeddii: we have several late things :(22:32
RPkhem: are they still broken with the changes in master-next now?22:32
khemsince then you have dropped 1.22 so maybe things have changed but the builds are still running for world so I dont know yet22:32
RPkhem: 1.22 needs more work which is why I dropped it, I was thinking 1.21 may be an option if it works for enough people22:33
khemyeah I will know by tomorrow morning22:33
zeddiiI'll try more against 1.21 as well, but agreed, 1.22 is a no-go  .. badum,22:33
RPLet me know your feelings either way22:34
RPI'm leaning to taking 1.21 but could easily be convinced not to22:34
vvncan you have parallel access to DL_DIR and SSTATE_DIR? (e.g. two bitbake instances running)22:46
RPvvn: yes, and multiple hosts over NFS22:48
vvnperfect. I finish setting up docker-compose for my builds and I might have parallel services for my various TEMPLATECONF22:54
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