Saturday, 2024-03-02

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paulg0: rust-native-1.75.0-r0 do_install - 10m56s (pid 16574)01:52
paulghow the *hell* does anything take 11 minutes to do_install on a RAID0 setup with parallel bandwidth ?!?01:53
paulg0: rust-native-1.75.0-r0 do_install - 13m16s (pid 16574)01:55
paulgis the turd re-inventing AI on the fly ?!!?01:56
paulg0: rust-native-1.75.0-r0 do_install - 15m7s (pid 16574)01:56
* paulg stops watching before a keyboard goes out the window01:57
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jbowelcome to the world of rust...02:26
jbonot to forget that _EVERYTHING_ needs to be rewritten in rust now.02:26
jboso much safer!!!111eleven02:26
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moto-timozeddii: let me know what your instinct is/which way you want to go with criu. I can keep hacking at "fixing" the python install in the Makefile. I was just not having it anymore earlier today and went for the easy way out.06:12
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RPpaulg: it compiles during "install". Unavoidable as it is sorting things for the install locations. We're not happy about it but...08:50
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moto-timozeddii: much closer to a proper solution, building the pycriu and crit the way we do it for other python3 packages.15:51
zeddiiOoo! I was just getting a coffee and was going to poke at it15:52
moto-timozeddii: I'm injecting the equivalent of what python_pep517.bbclass do_compile and do_install do. So far I built the wheel and installed it for crit, but still working around the __version__ for pycriu, so the wheel is not building yet16:01
moto-timozeddii: injecting into the Makefiles16:01
moto-timono network access necessary during do_compile nor do_install... and no pip buh-bye.16:03
zeddiiThat's what I was considering. I even considered reverting their intro of pip, and just using the old way16:05
moto-timozeddii: that might also be an option. I did not look at that yet.16:09
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rboxam i supposed to be able to run the quilt that yocto compiled? i'm getting path errors and such16:39
rboxah, it works in devshell16:44
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rboxhrm, devshell seems easier17:04
moto-timorbox: well, that depends entirely on what you are trying to do.17:11
moto-timorbox: if devshell does the trick, then be happy you found a fix for your needs17:11
moto-timozeddii: still WIP, but closer
* moto-timo goes to walk the dog for a while17:12
rboxstill trying to get the hang of yocto, and it doesn't help im building with kas container, which adds an extra level of fun to it17:12
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tlwoerneri tried running "$ oe-selftest -a" for fun18:01
tlwoerneris that something that is tested regularly? i seemed to have a lot of failures, and at one point it asked me for a github user/password18:01
tlwoerner(which usually indicates a repository that is no longer visible/available)18:02
RPtlwoerner: it is run on the autobuilder multiple times per day18:08
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khemRP: FWIW three go based recipes in meta-oe are breaking even with 1.21.7 see -
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khemand they dont seem to be single error18:27
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khembut its better to get go compiler in and let someone fix the app recipes, I will just disable them18:45
khemno time to fix everything18:46
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paulgis this a known issue?19:34
paulg| Creating journal (8192 blocks): done19:34
paulg| Copying files into the device: __populate_fs: ignoring entry ".bashrc"19:34
paulg| .bashrc: File not found by ext2_lookup while looking up ".bashrc"19:34
paulg| mkfs.ext4: File not found by ext2_lookup while populating file system19:34
paulg| WARNING: exit code 1 from a shell command.19:34
paulgERROR: Task (/home/paul/poky/meta/recipes-graphics/images/ failed with exit code '1'19:34
paulglatest master, "bitbake core-image-weston"19:35
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RPpaulg: not one I've seen before. How did you manage that?19:58
RPbit weird it ignores it but then complains, that might hint at the bug19:58
paulgas usual, took the default from oe-init and then kicked off a build ;  I don't go out of my way to find issues.  They find me.19:59
paulgPretty sure I am like fly-paper for stupid corner cases, for some reason.20:03
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RPpaulg: I was thinking the answer might be "easily" :/20:04
paulgcore-image-sato in the same dir w/o changing anything is as happy as Larry.20:06
RPpaulg: it is weird. We do test that image a lot on the autobuilder20:07
paulgolder 18.04 host, which is officially unsupported, but it might be telling us about an implicit host binary usage that we've overlooked, and buildtools doesn't cover?20:10
RPpaulg: I doubt it is that, we just stopped supporting 18.04 as it was EoL, not because of any technical reason20:11
paulgyep.  I've still got a 16.04 builder that works fine with buildtools.  Thing is as happy as a clam, and doesn't have any snap crap.20:13
paulgslow as death, but it keeps the house warm.20:14
paulgThat might be a good datapoint - let the 16.04 turd chew on weston...20:16
RPpaulg: I suspect something transient :/20:17
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paulgmost of my computers are homeless rescues, so that makes sense.20:18
JaMawell for 18.04 you have to use buildtools for newer python and that workaround in qemu-native as well right?20:22
khemRP: I sent a patch to fix mesa-gl builds on odroid BSPs, I am building for the h/w I have so scarthgap can work good on them20:22
JaMabefore that it was triggering those mangled binaries with patchelf with uninative, so I would stay away from 18.04 now20:23
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paulgJaMa, you are correct in that buildtools is needed on 18.04 for newer python.  But sometimes doing things that are not cookie cutter routine can give us insight into things we'd otherwise overlook.20:28
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paulgPlus my older i-should-be-in-ewaste machines can do better without the inevitable bloat introduced every year by the typical host distro upgrade.20:30
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paulgcourtesy of an up-to-date sstate, I can confirm the cobweb encrusted 16.04 also barfs in the same ext2/.bashrc way20:33
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RPJaMa: I guess I'm trying to forget things like that20:39
RPpaulg: that is interesting20:39
paulglet me try something from this decade that doesn't need/use buildtools...20:42
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rboxi can't quite figure out how to make it generate a syslinux.cfg21:42
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rboxwhen i do menuconfig on uboot, it does somethign so that the next time i try to compile my image, it rebuilds uboot, what can do i do to force the same action without running menuconfig?23:28
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