Monday, 2024-03-04

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khemRP: sent a fix for rust 1.75 on rv3200:20
RPzeddii: I've go 1.22 in master-next. No idea if it will work but I think I fixed the two issues seen on oe-core on the autobuilder00:24
RPkhem: ok, will try and test in the next round of builds00:25
RPkhem: I'm wondering about something like
khemhmm so idea is per recipe build-tools tarball ?00:30
khemRP: I am building the usual suspects in meta-oe with go 1.22 and see if there are any hidden daemons00:31
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moto-timoFWIW, the crops yocto-dockerfiles and poky-containers are updated to include fedora-37 (yes, I know it is already EOL), fedora-38, fedora-39 and opensuse-15.502:20
moto-timodebian-12 is one of those distros that insists you should not use pip to install anything, so it will force a change in the test scripts02:21
moto-timoI also noticed the extsdk-container had lapsed out of weekly builds, so those are triggered again. GitHub Actions times out if the repo has not had any recent commits... but this repo doesn't need new anything... the underlying container needs updating to get new security and vulnerability fixes.02:22
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moto-timopaulg:  is already rolling his eyes
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paulgretirement looks more appealing every day....05:38
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mckoangood morning07:33
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LetoThe2ndyo mckoan08:05
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: hey09:11
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Piraty   so CVE_PRODUCT is part of the nvd/CPE ?10:41
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rburtonPiraty: its the vendor:product name of that project in the NVD11:28
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Piratycan you hint me the entry point to the command ?12:10
rfs613Piraty: not sure if this is what you are looking for, but usually you enable this check by adding INHERIT += "cve-check" to local.conf12:22
rfs613that way it runs as part of the normal image build, on every recipe. Alternatively you can run it for a single recipe by doing "bitbake -c cve_check recipiename"12:23
Piratyi want to understand what it does, i.e. see the api call or whatever12:25
Piratycan't really it in poky12:26
rfs613ah, well, best to look at the code - there are two parts, one to download the NVD database and produce a local version (sqlite? it's been a while since i looked)12:26
rfs613and the second part does lookups for each package against that database12:27
Piratyi found meta/classes/cve-check.bbclass12:27
Piratybeat you :p12:27
rfs613by seconds ;-)12:28
Piratypulling the whole DB from nvd and store it in sql3 seems common for many of those cve tools12:28
rfs613yeah... you don't want to be querying on each build12:29
rfs613and incrementally updating the db makese sense too, it's huge12:29
Piratymatching a package to cpe and filtering irrelevant cve entries from db query's response is the hard part12:29
Piratyhuge: no .   is nvd hell slow at providing the db? yes12:29
rfs613that's part of it... but the DB itself often contains less-than-ideal information, filtering that (and perhaps trying to get it fixed) is also a big part12:29
rfs613especially it is hard to track fixes that get backported to olde maintenance branches... the way nvd tries to capture that is a frequent source of incorrect reports12:30
Piratythat bbclass file looks like the inbreed of Makefile + python3 i never wanted to see12:31
Piratymust be a pain to debug12:34
rfs613hehe i haven't deatl with it in a while (like a few years)12:35
rburtonthere is a plan to rip it out into a standalone tool for easier development/testing/etc.12:36
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qschulzdoes anyone have a multi-repo setup within gitlab-ci with kas for testing merge requests from one repo still build in the other repo? (e.g. I have a public bsp layer and a private demo layer, I want to make sure when I push to the bsp layer, the demo layer still builds)15:58
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yoctonqschulz: partialy (not kas and it's still a WIP)16:05
qschulzyocton: if not kas, are you using the "new" layer tool in Yocto or something handcrafted?16:08
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yoctonqschulz: we use yocto-cooker (not related to the Yocto project)
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yocton... but we will hapilly migrate to the new tool16:10
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moto-timoqschulz: pidge and tgamblin and I were talking about such an architecture, but we haven't really gotten it going yet.17:06
moto-timoqschulz: happy to bounce ideas around. It seems like a fairly obvious direction to go in.17:07
* moto-timo also happy to use the new tool17:07
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qschulzmoto-timo: maybe I should shoot a mail on the ML, because I have a feeling this may require a bit more than a few lines on IRC :)17:16
moto-timoqschulz: agreed17:19
qschulzmoto-timo: that'll take some time though, need to do some research on gitlab-ci multi-repo pipelines :)17:25
moto-timoqschulz: I get it. This is part of why we didn't get anything "baked" yet.17:26
qschulzmoto-timo: I got a bit crazy last week and implemented dynamic child pipelines for runtime generation of jobs in gitlab ci :)17:28
qschulz(but nothing we could use for multi-repo stuff :/)17:28
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moto-timoqschulz: I might just try to recreate the git submodules bot update script we had back in the "Living on Master" days (2018?)18:52
moto-timoqschulz: kas is great, but I am also trying to entertain the submodules folks.18:52
khemqschulz: if you like github actions then look at yoe distro ci and meta-clang ci19:02
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moto-timokhem: as you know, yoe-distro is my poster child for both GitHub Actions and submodules.19:10
jdiezhi, I am trying to debug a build tool written in python (colcon) that seems to not detect one of the plugins it needs to build my recipe. The python `sys.path` looks correct. Is there any way I can run python (or other commands) in the native sysroot, as bitbake would?19:12
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jdiezhm, i tried sourcing the temp/run.do_compile.XXX script but that actually called do_compile and `exit`ed my shell19:17
khemmoto-timo: kool.. ( KDE plasma 6.0 released this week so 'c' is now 'k' for sometime )19:17
moto-timokhem: and it's all about Qt6 so there's that19:18
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khembut I am impressed with plasma6, this is the best release ever19:18
moto-timokhem: I have been intrigued by plasma, so I will have to take a look. I still want a "Yocto Project built daily driver desktop". Why not?19:18
khemyeah use meta-kde19:19
khemmy daily drivers are arch and nixos but thats just convenience19:19
moto-timoI guess I'm still on GNOME by default on Ubuntu and Debian.19:19
khemugh caveman :)19:19
moto-timoI never quite got arch installing easily. I gave up on Gentoo when it broke my ethernet after a couple weeks of no upgrades. NixOS is interesting, but not a silver bullet.19:20
moto-timoI will freely admit that I do hold on to some old ways.19:20
khemI installed arch once in 2016 and since then I have been just doing pacman -Syu19:20
moto-timoyeah. but can you explain in a few sentences what you did in 2016? lol19:21
khemI want to keep this machine going till 2026 so I can say I managed a machine with rolling release for 10 years19:21
moto-timoI'm sure it got better. I looked at it in 2017-2018 I think.19:21
khemyes arch has a very good handbook follow step by step. you will never mess it up19:22
moto-timoI kind of wish we could claim arch was a support distro for YP. oh well.19:22
moto-timoOk. The next workstation I will start with that.19:23
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khemyou can also use some derivatives like EndevourOS, Garuda19:23
moto-timoI am tired of grumbling about ubuntu (snaps are horrible) and debian (too sluggish)19:23
moto-timosluggish meaning they do not upgrade packages often enough19:23
khemthey have graphical installers, I personally find Garuda quite impressive but never used it for long19:23
moto-timoFedora is too much churn for me these days. RH engineers are doing all kinds of new things, but it's hard to stay in sync.19:24
khemNixos is whole new game19:24
moto-timoI gave up on Fedora being a daily driver around fedora-28. When the Modularity stuff was churning HARD.19:24
khemespecially with flakes AI tools become to easy to use19:25
moto-timoOh, I have watched some NixOS live streams. It makes a lot of sense for infrastructure roll-out.19:25
moto-timoBut I was watching the Mastodon livestream when Kris Nova gave up on NixOS because it eventually introduced new problems.19:25
moto-timoand I don't do enough virtualization for my daily drivers to make proxmox make sense.19:26
moto-timoI've also now got enough Terraform/OpenTofu under my belt that cloud infra is rolled out with that.19:27
JaMajdiez: you can use devtool to simulate the env, but when I'm already in WORKDIR,then I usually source the corresponding run.do_* file (if it's shell task) after editting out the exit calls (3-4 of them typically)19:29
jdiezJaMa: yeah, the latter is what I did, and seemed to work for my purpose19:29
jdiezhow do you do it with devtool?19:29
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halsteadmoto-timo: We had an ArchLinux worker for a bit and SUSE Tumbleweed for a long time. Does it make sense to test the build system on rolling releases though?19:33
JaMakhem: I'm close to 20 years of rolling gentoo install :)19:34
halsteadI ran Gentoo on my home server for years when I had one. Arch is on my personal laptop and I love it.19:34
moto-timohalstead: It probably does not make sense. But we have a lot of folks in the field using Arch Linux as a daily driver (and Gentoo). In practice? I just add my own distro to the SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS and ignore the fact that it isn't tested by the AB.19:35
* halstead nods.19:35
moto-timoit's just this "we know you are using Arch Linux, why do we remind you that you aren't supported every time you run a build" nag that I wonder about.... but as I said. I have a hammer for that.19:35
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moto-timoI also figure folks that are running Arch also don't give a crap about that warning. :)19:36
JaMathe hammer makes sense in this case, because each install will be different, so you manually adding it to SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS you agree that you're the warrantee of your OS19:36
moto-timoJaMa: very VERY good point.19:37
moto-timosort of like "I_PROMISE_TO_STOP_USING_PYTHON_2"19:37
JaMahaving it in e.g. poky's SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS would be very misleading on the other hand19:37
moto-timoyeah. my usual half baked idea19:38
moto-timoI was even reminded about which versions are currently claimed in sanity tested distros when I added some new ones to crops yesterday. This is why those builds do not fail on warnings ;)19:39
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moto-timoAlso, for the record, a rolling Yocto Project release in the field was HIGHLY unpopular amongst customers.19:40
JaMagentoo "works" for me as well, but living on the edge sometimes gives some challenges (which I don't mind but others might), being one of first to willingly switch to python 3.12, latest gcc, glibc-2.39 (and building uninative locally before it's built officially) :)19:41
moto-timo(ClearLinux proved that no one in embedded wanted a rolling release updating multiple times a day)19:41
moto-timoAlso, going away to lunch and coming back and your build breaks is not going to make developers happy. (Training session I took on CL)19:42
JaMaI think it's very different to have rolling distro for devs (who can deal with some daily changes or even breakages) or having it for everybody (who don't really care about the underlaying OS)19:42
moto-timoThis is the point.19:42
moto-timoThanks for stating it so nicely.19:43
moto-timoand then there is the CIP end of things where nothing is allowed to change or update ever but yet it needs to be supported for 30 years and be secure and hardened.19:43
moto-timo(mostly tongue in cheek, but there is some truth)19:44
JaMano problem, just release it perfect on 1st try :)19:44
moto-timoRelease: develop it, test it, build it, ship it encased in lead and concrete and deploy it to the bottom of the ocean.19:44
moto-timoIt will be perfect forever.19:45
moto-timoI think I'll start a new OS project called "Amber".19:45
moto-timoAll commits and pull requests will be automatically rejected.19:45
moto-timoIt will use the Linux 2.26 kernel of course.19:46
frayrolling releases are fine for operating system/integration developers..   but the screaming that comes from app devs, app integrators, devops teams, etc is remarkable..19:47
moto-timoand yet they want the newest NodeJS and the latest npms19:48
fraythe only time I've heard the screaming 'reduced' on any sort of rolling release, is when those teams have to deal with CVEs in libraries they depend on19:48
fraywell of course, cause NPMS are never compromised19:48
moto-timojust like basing your critical infrastructure on an ephemeral OS that just updated to some random commit hash for 1000 repos an hour ago is JustFIne.19:49
frayalso the amount of "pip has it, just download the binary!"19:50
moto-timo"Yes, you can install a binary wheel. Don't."19:50
moto-timola la la19:50
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rburtonmoto-timo: aah clear linux such memories20:09
moto-timorburton: I knew you would "enjoy" that20:09
moto-timoit did some very interesting things. but not for embedded.20:10
rburtonstill surprised its (relatively) active20:14
moto-timostress-ng is still updated regularly for it20:24
moto-timo(about the only thing I get notificatons about)20:24
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SmokeyI am seeing this error from `bitbake secure-core-image` immediately after the build configuration is shown (before parsing):
SmokeyNot sure how to debug this...21:36
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Smokey... I mean *after* parsing21:47
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yoctonSmokey: do you have "ext4" in IMAGE_FSTYPES? Sound like it is missing...21:50
Smokeyyocton: thanks, but it looks like I do have ext4:
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yocton"bitbake-getvar IMAGE_FSTYPES -r secure-core-image-initramfs"?22:01
RPJaMa: I'm more than happy for you to run crazy host distros, we're just not going to recommend or say we "support" them :)22:03
yoctonSmokey: its weird to look for the do_image_ext4 of a initramfs image... I'd say the dependency (bootimage->ext4) is wrong not the fact that do_image_ext4 does not exists...22:03
vmesonyocton: I was thinking the same thing but didn't say anything since I haven't played with initramfs images lately.22:08
SmokeyRP: yes... we are creating a distro and I got thrown into it. :)22:09
Smokeyyocton: how would you recommend that I investigate the dependency? The initramfs is coming from which I believe is an approved layer.22:11
RPyocton: I've merged those meta-oe exclusions but I'm wondering if we shouldn't write them to an inc file in the layer22:14
Ad0mckoan|away, I will try it, worth a shot22:16
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yoctonRP: that's a good idea! Having AB config handle this list feel like a waste of time22:19
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RPyocton: agreed, I think we can do better22:23
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mischieffor bitbake --setscene-only, can i print what was missing? we're trying to see why our sstate appears to be missing a bunch of stuff at the moment.22:31
yoctonSmokey: maybe bitbake -e ? (it does print where some task depends comes from). Also, "bitbake -g"  might be useful (it generates the task dependency graph). Try for both secure-core-image-initramfs and secure-core-image22:37
Smokeyyocton: thanks, will try those.22:41
yoctonSmokey: Oh I just noticed, you set IMAGE_FSTYPES from a machine inc file. Maybe that overrides ? You can do a "bitbake-getvar IMAGE_FSTYPES -r secure-core-image-initramfs" to check.22:52
Smokeyyocton: looks like your hunch was right: What's happening here?22:55
Smokeyyocton: hang on, that's my doing...22:55
yoctonSmokey: IMAGE_FSTYPES="cpio.gz" is what I'd expect for a initramfs image22:56
RPmischief: -DDD gives a lot of output but should say23:00
mischiefRP: is there a way to only check the sstate stats instead of actually running setscene?23:00
RPmischief: -n (dry run) maybe?23:02
mischiefthis is indeed a lot of output23:04
mischiefquite odd, we're missing sstate for things i think would not change much, like bzip2 package_write_ipk23:12
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moto-timokhem: do you remember any outcome of
moto-timokhem: seems like we are seeing it with the poky-altcfg experiment line 233 or so23:45
khemmoto-timo: no solutions thus far, my problems are hardly solved :)23:46
moto-timoYeah, you mostly fix my problems ;)23:46
khemI know it happens when two qemu runs are happening in parallel23:58
khema re-run passes23:58

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