Tuesday, 2024-03-12

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meritsay I've got some patches for the kernel that I need to apply - if I wanted to do that, I'd go find my kernel recipe and write a .bbappend that adds "SRC_URI" entries and "do_patch:append" definitions?01:22
rboxi haven't been doing anyting with do_patch01:23
xphnyeah, you just need to add the patches to SRC_URI; the default do_patch will handle applying the patches (https://docs.yoctoproject.org/ref-manual/tasks.html#do-patch)01:24
meritohhh right - fetcher can patch01:25
meritwhat if the patches are inside a git repo?01:25
meritthen I would have to "do_patch:append", right?01:25
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xphnthe fetcher's not involved in the patching, iirc, so you should still just be able to append the patches to SRC_URI01:30
meritso how do I reference the patches?01:30
meritdo I use another recipe to grab the archive and unpack it?01:30
meritwait, I mean, checkout the repo01:30
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meritthat's where I'm getting lost - if I had patch files locally checked in, I'd just specify them in the patches01:43
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merithttps://stackoverflow.com/questions/50035143/in-yocto-how-to-include-header-files-from-another-recipes < Looks promising01:59
meritso I guess I just "install" the patches to some place and add that recipe as a dependency in that same bbappend02:00
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meritso how does one make a recipe only install files to the sysroot for other recipes to use?06:45
merit(and not to the system)06:45
thomas_34Hi, is it somehow possible to view a complete recipe or machine-configuration with all merged include/required files?06:49
thomas_34Is there a special command for bitbake, or some intermediate file which I can look at it?06:49
merit"bitbake-layers show-recipes" should give you something of what you want06:50
meritI'm not very good with this still, so I can't do better than that, soz06:50
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thomas_34merit, i think that doesnt do what I want to achieve. For example a machine configuration is scattered into 10 different files across 3-4 layers. I just want to see a complete version of it in a single file.06:53
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yoctonthomas_34: "bitbake -e <recipe>" will give you the final value of *all* variables/tasks (plus where does it come from)07:12
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thomas_34yocton okay. Thanks :)07:22
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LetoThe2ndrburton: my kas builds are basically nodistro, and check out bitbake into open embedded-core like this: https://github.com/TheYoctoJester/meta-mender-community/blob/c6c049c8736778123378e79f64605ce3e07f7baf/kas/include/mender-base.yml#L13. Lately I see a lot of build failures, and I guess this is because kas tries to simultaneously fetch, and then git borks out because the openembedded-core directory already exists.08:57
LetoThe2ndrburton: how do you handle this? or just test against poky?08:57
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rburtonLetoThe2nd: can you share the failed log?10:21
rburtonLetoThe2nd: its normally fine with reusing an existing git repo (we've added stuff for CI to cache repos locally so the initial fetch is faster)10:22
LetoThe2ndrburton: yup, I've ripped that right out of meta-arm10:24
LetoThe2ndrburton: example: https://hastebin.com/share/udacuqozin.bash10:27
rburtoni'd start by not using the cached repos thing because it adds more complication to the fetch10:27
LetoThe2ndrburton: yeah technically right but it also speeds up the build nicely10:29
rburtoni'd look at /__w/meta-mender-community/meta-mender-community/gh/libretech-cc/openembedded-core and figure out why kas wanted to clone onto it: if its a git repo then it would fetch inside that, not re-clone10:30
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LetoThe2ndrburton: not sure what you mean. the kas include is super straightforward: https://github.com/TheYoctoJester/meta-mender-community/blob/kirkstone/kas/include/mender-base.yml10:35
LetoThe2ndrburton: by the ordering one would expect openembedded-core to be cloned first, then bitbake into a subdirectory.10:37
rburtonoh!  kas fetches in parallel10:37
rburtonjust put bitbake alongside oe-core10:37
LetoThe2ndrburton: alongside?10:38
rburtondon't set path: in the bitbake clone10:38
LetoThe2ndrburton: ok but then I need additional magic for it to work, right?10:38
rburtonnot actually sure how to use oe-core+bitbake with kas. it might probe to find where bitbake actually is.10:40
LetoThe2ndrburton: so you're in the poky camp too?10:41
rburtonfor ease10:41
LetoThe2ndrburton: might do the same then.10:41
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rburtonRP: so we don't actually do any ptest runs with poky-altcfg12:29
rburtonthat could be 'interesting'12:29
ablurburton: I think it is the /var/tmp -> /var/volatile symlink that it does not like here? It gets further if I kill it, but it fails with something else later then...12:29
rburtonablu: yeah that's about as far as i got, ripped out the link so its writing to a real disk not a tmpfs.12:31
ablurburton: So you are looking at the next failure then? Seems to be "exec-ioschedulingclass-none.service." failing here.12:32
rburtonhm i didn't see that. maybe you did get further than me!12:32
rburtonfeel free to carry on :)12:33
rburtonah hm the meson that installs the tests basically says the install may be broken if it can't use rsync, so maybe add rsync-native to DEPENDS and see if that helps12:35
rburton(or change test/meson.build as it says in the comment)12:35
ablurburton: How did you link that to the test failure?12:38
rburtoni wondered where that service file comes from12:39
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abluhm. The log looks like it exists but just fails (for whatever reason): https://pastebin.linaro.org/view/862ed56112:41
rburtonI need to login for that link :)12:41
abluUh what...12:42
rburtonExecStart=sh -x -c 'c=$$(LC_ALL=C ionice); test "$${c%%:*}" = "none" -o "$${c%%:*}" = "best-effort"'12:43
abluheh, just came to the same result :P12:44
rburtondepend on util-linux-ionice12:44
RPrburton: we don't, no. It was hard enough to manage ptest runs at all until fairly recently12:45
rburtonRP: i'll let my machine do a ptest of at least ptest-fast this afternoon to see if it actually passes12:45
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ablurburton: You can add "util-linux-unshare" to that list.12:59
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* ablu kicks off another build during lunch12:59
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rburtonablu: for testing, install all of util-linux and see what fails then13:00
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RPrburton: the question is how many different combinations do we want on the AB. Musl would be nice with ptest too13:07
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ablurburton: seems to succeed with unshare + ionice (and the /var/tmp hack)13:31
rburtonso it doesn't like doing the ioctls on a tmpfs i guess?13:32
abluNot exactly sure what the problem there was. I think strace showed an ordinary mount syscall failing. So I think it failed while setting up the unpriviledged environment?13:33
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ablu[pid 247] openat(AT_FDCWD, "/var/tmp", O_RDONLY|O_NOFOLLOW|O_CLOEXEC|O_PATH) = 313:35
ablu[pid 247] mount("tmpfs", "/proc/self/fd/3", "tmpfs", MS_NOSUID|MS_NODEV, NULL) = -1 ENOTDIR (Not a directory)13:35
abluI guess the NO_FOLLOW breaks it here?13:36
rburtonah yeah that sounds reasonable13:36
rburtonsystemd will say that /var/tmp should be a real directory and definitely not a link to a tmpfs :)13:36
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Ad0mckoan, still having the keyboard issue . must have to do something with bash vs busybox sh and ssh14:11
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jdiezI'm trying to compile a rust program that depends on a rust library. I have written recipes for both inheriting from `cargo`, and put the library as an `DEPENDS` of the app. The library seems to compile correctly, but I get a "error: no matching package named `jdiez-cargo-lib`" found. It seems it only searches the crates.io index14:41
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jdiezalso, the library does get deployed to tmp/work/<triple>/<recipe>/recipe-sysroot/usr/lib/rustlib correctly14:48
jdiezperhaps I should specify the dependency in SRC_URI as a `crate://<host?>/14:51
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ablujdiez: yes, add it to SRC_URI. Rust builds statically against the version specified in your .lock file. Note that there is cargo-update-recipe-crates.bbclass which helps you to generate the dependency references.15:11
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jdiezablu: not sure what I should specify for host, though. `crate://jdiez-cargo-lib/0.1.0` is an invalid reference15:13
jdiezERROR: jdiez-cargo-app-0.1.0-r0 do_fetch: Bitbake Fetcher Error: ParameterError('Invalid URL: Must be crate://HOST/NAME/VERSION', 'crate://jdiez-cargo-lib/0.1.0')15:13
jdiez(my crate is not published on crates.io or other repository)15:14
ablujdiez: feel free to look at https://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-virtualization/tree/recipes-extended/vhost-device/vhost-device-rng_0.1.0.bb, https://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-virtualization/tree/recipes-extended/vhost-device/vhost-device-rng-crates.inc as example15:15
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jdiezyeah, that looks similar to what `cargo-bitbake` generates15:15
abluIf the crate is not on crates.io it becomes a bit more annoying. It should be doable, but you will likely have to read cargo.bbclass and friends to make sure everything ends up in the right places.15:15
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jdiezyeah, so if I understand cargo_common correctly, it redirects the crates.io source mirror with the bitbake mirror, which should use the crates in CARGO_HOME/bitbake. I guess the question is how to make sure my dependency ends up there. Not sure if I should modify the library recipe or the app.15:19
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abluI think I had to add some [patch] configs to make this work when I tried this. But for me that was only temporarily since I was able to publish to crates.io later.15:22
abluIt _may_ become easier if you just add your lib as submodule and reference it by path... Otherwise, one could probably extend cargo[-common].bbclass to cover more use-cases.15:23
jdiezthing is that I am trying to build rust libs in the context of a ROS2 workspace, which are dynamically generated via bindgen and such based on many factors, so publishing to crates.io would be somewhat impractical15:23
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jdiezI'm thinking that a good way would be to deploy the library source to somewhere like /usr/share/src/rs/<rust-library-name>/{Cargo.toml,src/lib.rs} and add /usr/share/src/rs as a mirror to the Cargo config. Not sure if that's an anti-pattern15:26
tlwoernerjonmason: did you say the Pi Store in Cambridge had them in stock? then why ship?15:28
ablujdiez: The problem is that you still need to overwrite the paths from your Cargo.toml. You can also clone multiple gits as part of your app build. It is mostly a matter of telling cargo where things is. That is doable with generating [patch] configurations, but it is not particulary pretty.15:28
abluCurrently the helper classes only support easy overwriting of crates.io packages.15:29
abluhttps://doc.rust-lang.org/cargo/reference/overriding-dependencies.html may help15:30
jonmasontlwoerner: I was in Cambridge, then did a month of travel in Italy (and didn't want to carry it around)15:30
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jonmasonI was already shipping back the OE demo.  So it wasn't too much extra15:31
jonmasonbut it was fun trying to ship a package in Brussels, as their English was almost as bad as my French (in the post office)15:32
jdiezablu: thanks, I will give this a try15:32
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jonmasonintersting enough, the Cambridge Raspberry Pi store doesn't stock the CM4's15:33
ablujdiez: found some of my old attempts here: https://gitlab.com/ablu/trs/-/commit/24a0ea402c743a7f31838087d417dfda3269e1c3#a34f67b236269018c300ec1f28d1ecbeb9b333db. Of course these were just hacks since I was working towards a crates.io publish. But it may provide some hints.15:33
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jonmasontlwoerner: when is meta-rockchip freezing for release?15:35
jonmasonI have some half baked changes that I need to fix15:35
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jdiezablu: thanks!15:36
tlwoernerjonmason: meta-rockchip has never frozen for a release. i've updated layer.conf, but that's about it15:39
jonmasoncool, there was a kernel issue when I was trying to get the doom demo working, and I was trying to get orange pi 5 working too15:41
jonmasonmad rush, so lots of half working stuff on my end15:42
tlwoernerjonmason: or get an orangepi-5-plus15:44
tlwoerneris that your only rockchip board?15:45
jonmasontlwoerner: I have both15:45
jonmasonand was trying to enable both15:45
jonmasonthe kernel support should be there for both15:45
jonmasonand u-boot15:45
tlwoerneri think, on master, it's linux-yocto-dev?15:45
jonmasonit wasn't booting and I didn't have time to debug.  I think the layout might've been hosed15:45
tlwoernernot linux-yocto yet15:45
jonmasonIt was on dev iirc15:46
jonmasonit had just been merged back in early jan15:46
jonmasonof course, these are stale memories15:46
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jonmasonit _should_ jsut take a few days15:46
tlwoernerwork memories had to be moved aside for Italy memories! (lol)15:47
tlwoernerwe were in Italy last year (around this time)15:47
jonmasonof course, Italy is great.  I'm betting it's better for Canadians, because they think 15 C is cold15:48
tlwoernermy avatar pic (in zoom) is from our Italy trip last year15:48
jonmasonI was walking around without a jacket and they were like it was Winnipeg in winter15:48
tlwoernerhaha! lol15:49
tlwoernermy avatar pic was taken here: https://maps.app.goo.gl/4T5dHyRzWK2sMNWv915:51
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khemRP: please stage - https://lists.openembedded.org/g/openembedded-core/message/196748?p=%2C%2C%2C100%2C0%2C0%2C0%3A%3Acreated%2C0%2Ckhem%2C100%2C2%2C0%2C104770310 as well, its a glibc version bump with three bug fixes to improve gcc-14 and tests16:16
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marexkhem: I'll be sending LVGL 9 updates to meta-oe soon-ish17:01
marexkhem: I will be dropping most of the LVGL recipes, since the LVGL got reworked considerably, some parts got squashed in, some are incompatible17:01
RPkhem: queued17:05
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rburtonmichaelo: so I've written a silly tool (like paul's git-annotate-web or whatever it was called) to review every commit and decide whether it should be in the docs or not.  For every commit in master since the last release I've got a list of 133 which should mentioned in the docs somewhere (most in release notes).  I guess I should send you this list! How would you like it?  Just a list of title/commit SHAs or something else?17:36
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enok71Can someone help me understand how to add overlays to a fitimage and make u-boot actually apply them at boot?20:38
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dvergataldoes overrides in OVERRIDES are being choosen by some priority?20:46
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meritstill kinda stuck - how does one install only to the buildroot and not the final system image?22:44
meritI mean, sysroot22:44
neverpanicjust don't install the package in your image?22:45
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neverpanicAnything you have in DEPENDS of some recipe that gets built will be in that recipe's sysroot. Only packages you add to your image and their dependent packages end up in the image.22:45
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meritand once something is in the SYSROOT, what do I do to use it as a patchfile - just add to "SRC_URI"?23:16
rburtonpatches are usually alongside the recipe, you want to apply a patch that another recipe has dropped into the sysroot?23:23
rburtonthat's unconventional, to say the least23:23
rburtonhttps://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-arm/tree/meta-arm/classes/apply_local_src_patches.bbclass is a class that applies patches manually from a source tree, that could be used to grab patches from the sysroot.  But I wonder if you actually mean sysroot.23:27
meritall I really mean is23:31
meritI want to checkout a git repo full of patch files and apply a folder-full of patches to each of a number of recipes23:32
meritI'm trying to do it with a recipe that grabs the patches and an append for each of those other recipes to patch them23:32
meritso I was "installing" the patches in the recipe I wrote and then trying to add the patches in ".bbappend" for stuff like the kernel23:33
rburtonwow, that's special, I dread to think what you're packaging that involves a git repo of patches23:33
rburtoni'd probably have a class that added that patches repo to SRC_URI instead, and then does something similar to the class above to apply the right patches23:34
vmesonmerit: it might be better if you told us what all these patches are doing and why you can't just send them upstream23:35
meritthe vocabulary words all parsed, but I can't understand how the verbs work23:35
meritthey're support for NDA-only hardware23:35
meritkernel patches, etc23:35
* vmeson throws up a little.23:36
meritat least I know I'm not insane to feel insane after a week or so of this23:36
meritrburton: what do you mean by a class that patches "SRC_URI" and how does that differ from patching it in the bbappend file directly?23:37
rburtoni left out the word 'adds'23:37
rburtonSRC_URI:append = "git://horriblegitrepo.com/foo"23:37
rburtonbut if you have a recipe that drops the patches in the sysroot, use that i guess23:38
rburtonjust steal the class i pointed you at above, inherit that in your bbappend, set the source location to the right point in the sysroot, done23:38
meritthat's probably going to be less silly than what I have so far - https://ctxt.io/2/AACIbuYrFg23:41
rburtonyou might not have noticed that doesn't actually put anything in the sysroot23:42
meritI'm still parsing it, honestly23:42
meritI haven't got a good mental model of bitbake yet23:42
rburtonthe sysroot is a pruned copy of what the recipe installs, so you'll want to extend SYSROOT_DIRS with /atf/ /linux /u-boot/23:42
rburtonwhen you do WORKDIR/git/ in do_install, you can just use ${S}/23:43
rburtonand LIC_FILES_CHKSUM can be just file://readme.md;md5= as a relative URL is taken from ${S}23:44
meritdid notice that it doesn't actually install anything23:44
meritto sysroot23:44
rburtonalso DESCRIPTION = "${SUMMARY}" is redundant as that's the default23:44
rburtonsee https://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-arm/tree/meta-arm/recipes-bsp/trusted-firmware-a/trusted-firmware-a.inc#n232 for sysroot manipulation23:45
rburtonbut its almost midnight so i'm outta here23:46
meritthanks for the pointers23:46
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