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jwinarskokay I realized I never registered this layer:  Registered.00:06
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meritI got it, finally00:30
* merit curses an unnamed Dutch chip vendor00:31
meritnot that they did anything particularly wrong - just a painful bringup, lol00:31
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vmesonjwinarsk: nice. If you can narrow things down to a bug in llvm and create a, then someone might take a look. riscv isn't quite officially supported by YP but some vendors (like WR ! ) are supporting boards...00:37
* vmeson calls it a day00:38
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* marex is reminded to always rerun -c package_qa ( thanks khem )00:47
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jwinarskvmeson: Well I think I'll end up solving it within the week, so no worries.  Was just looking for anyone who was familiar with the issues.01:10
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khemvvn: you can try `bitbake-layers show-appends libcamera`01:47
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ZapadosThis is basic, but my brain is getting fried. :) bblayers.conf is generated by kas.  Don't you want you MOST specific things at the bottom of bblayers.conf usually?  But when you do an includes in kas, it appears to toss it at the TOP....01:51
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vvnZapados: I'm certainly not gonna help here but... I wouldn't recommend kas at all. It discourages you from mastering OE and BitBake, for actually not a lot of value once you know the tools.02:30
vvnkhem: unfortunately bitbake-layers errors out the same way (it requires a working setup)02:31
vvnkhem: found why. It's because I'm trying to compile my image for a BSP supporting kirkstone, and back then the recipe was, not so the libcamera_%.bbappend don't find the recipe.02:50
vvnkhem: I fixed it with BBMASK += "${@"libcamera_.*\.bbappend" if d.getVar("LAYERSERIES_COMPAT_openembedded-layer") == "kirkstone" else ""}"03:17
* vvn can't look himself in the mirror anymore03:18
vvnkhem: surprisingly this fix doesn't work with LAYERSERIES_COMPAT_multimedia-layer, it has to be LAYERSERIES_COMPAT_openembedded-layer.03:19
vvnMy bad it does work with: BBMASK += "${@"libcamera_.*\.bbappend" if d.getVar("LAYERSERIES_COMPAT_multimedia-layer") == "kirkstone" else ""}"03:22
vvnI really believe that this is a bad practice to not keep the previous compatible release when there is no reason to not support them.03:23
vvnunless there's a breakage, layers (especially general layers such as meta-openembedded ones) should append the LAYERSERIES_COMPAT and not replace it.03:30
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vvnIt makes layers assembling around a bump quite annoying03:32
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX08:32
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Guest41was wondering if there is a way to build python3 in yocto but not te native part09:35
Guest41explanation: I had to use the python3_8.5 recipe in kirkstone and the build of the native cannot find the flit_core module09:36
rburtonGuest41: building python3 won't require flit09:37
rburtonpython3 just depends on python3-native which is part of the same recipe.  you'll want to preferred-version both python3 and python3-native.09:37
rburtonA better question is "why on earth am i trying to use an older version of python, this is madness"09:37
Guest41rburton:  for a whl file (pytorch)09:38
rburtonpytorch only has a wheel for py3.8? despite 3.8 being almost 5 years old?09:39
Guest41rburton: have to add the python3_native to the local.conf09:39
Guest41rburton: I know this is the whl produced by the sdkmanager installed pytorch which is compatible with their CUDA/CUDnn09:41
rburtonif you're using nvidia jetson stuff then is definitely worth looking at, if you're not already09:44
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Guest41rburton: using meta-tegra of course09:52
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RPyou can see the CVE database changes in, frozen since 15th Feb :(10:00
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TyakuHello, I have a lot of "coreutils" software in /usr/bin, but someone is missing: "timeout". Did someone know if we have something specific to do to enable it ?10:10
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TyakuDid we have to install a special package like coreutils-timeout or something like this ?10:11
TyakuOh my god, the problem is because I have two version of coreutils in my yocto >_<, the coreutils from meta-gplv2 is too old and does not provite "timeout". I'm going to set prefered version to the poky one10:14
RPmeta-gplv2 is not recommended10:15
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Tyakupreferred version 8.32 of coreutils not available (for item coreutils)10:19
Tyakuwhat a hell, I see it in the poky repo10:20
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mcfrisk_Tyaku: if you mark license incompatible, then certain recipes may get replaced from other layers. same with layer priorities. there are reasons why your build doesn't use coreutils from poky, but those are in your build setup, e.g. coming from meta-gplv2 which is not recommended to be used.10:23
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TyakuPREFERRED_VERSION_coreutils ?= "8.32" has no effect10:27
TyakuI understand, but currently I don't know the impact of removing it.10:27
TyakuThis layer was comming from renesas BSP10:27
LetoThe2ndRP: "not recommended"... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣10:27
TyakuRemoving it, gives me instant error:10:28
TyakuERROR: No recipes in default available for: /mnt/project/git/OTODO/hub-mz-rzg2ul/build-hub-mz/../sources/meta-renesas/meta-rz-common/recipes-extend/bash/bash_3.2.57.bbappend10:28
TyakuWell :/10:28
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TyakuI'm going to keep it right now, and try to find why the coreutils from poky is not "seen"10:29
RPTyaku: it is trying to append the bash version from meta-gplv2. That is another really old piece of software we'd not recommend10:29
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LetoThe2ndTyaku: that might be just relics that renesas didn't clean up. BBMASK is your friend here.10:30
TyakuYep I understand, but the meta provided by renesas expect it.10:30
TyakuOh yeah thanks LetoThe2nd10:30
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rburtonanother BSP to put on the list of "vendors who don't separate policy from machine enabling"10:33
TyakuWell so now, nothing provide bash due to GPLv310:33
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rburtonTyaku: find the INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE assignement and delete it, assuming you're happy with GPLv3 code in production10:34
rburtonif you're not then you can't have a new coreutils because its gpl310:34
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Tyakuunfortunately we don't want GPLv3 in production;10:37
rburtonthen you can't have gnu timeout
TyakuSo at this point, I'm going to bypass the problem. Old time ago I found a bash implementation of timeout, I'm going to search it again, if it's working/compatible licence i will use it ...10:38
mcfrisk_Tyaku: SW stack can be compiled without GPLv3 and without meta-gplv2 but that requires some care and hacking. There are products out there which do that. They don't include bash on target for example. You can BBMASK it away if BSP or other layers depend on it but you don't really need it.10:38
kanavindo you need timeout in actual products, or just for development purposes?10:39
rburtonyeah, absolutely fine to have an internal build that uses gpl3 for the extra tools10:39
Tyakukanavin, we need timeout in production, we use it in many places, for exemple do to an action with timeout. For exemple to wait for a socket or something.10:40
TyakuWe have a prod and dev image, the dev image include GPLv3 stuffs like rsyslog, gdb etc10:40
TyakuBut on PROD image we don't want it.10:41
Tyakuso thanks, I'm going to check if I find the timeout implementation in bash.10:41
kanavingplv3 working as intended here10:41
kanavineither you fulfil its obligations that preserve essential freedoms or you run into issues trying to ship a product10:41
kanavinwhat does your product do?10:42
mcfrisk_Tyaku: could work?10:44
mcfrisk_maybe also in upstream busybox and from poky10:45
Tyakumaybe, but as this is part of busybox I don't know now how difficult it is to use it.  There are some priorities between coreutils / busybox as I know10:46
mcfrisk_busybox has coreutils/timeout.c by default. make it work and problem solved.10:46
rburtonjust enable it in busybox if we don't already (if we don't, we should)10:46
TyakuI also find it:    it's magic: no licence10:46
kanavinTyaku, bash is also gpl310:47
rburtonif your coreutils isn't shipping timeout then there's no priority problems10:47
TyakuYep my current coreutils is not providing timeout10:47
TyakuERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'timeout'10:50
rburtonit wouldn't ship a pacakge called timeout10:50
rburtonthe initial timeout added back in 2008 or whatever was gpl3 so you definitely don't have it10:50
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Ad0is there any recipe I can override or something to set a system wide env var?11:04
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rburtonmake your own, drop something into /etc/profile.d/11:33
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landgrafbitbake in AWS codebuild env (executed as user, not root) tries to access /root/.netrc and fails with permission denied. what can be the reason?12:48
Ad0thanks rburton . should I put it in some other recipe dir or my own  ?12:49
Ad0hardest part about yocto is to figure out where stuff belongs12:49
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landgrafOk. found the reason: HOME=/root12:55
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roussinmFor application developers that are using the SDK from yocto, how do you run your unit tests? through QEMU or you have an additional native environment?13:49
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moto-timoBefore I worked on Yocto Project, we ran our MCU unit tests with minGW.13:56
moto-timoIn this way, our application code was tested before we ever even received hardware (with some very great success stories)13:57
roussinmwith mingw? What was your test runner? GoogleTests ?13:58
moto-timoBut probably the siemens folks can better answer what they are doing in the new ide enablement.13:59
moto-timoWell, we used CPPUnit test, but that was again on MCU class chips, not Linux.13:59
roussinmok, it's a lot different probably.13:59
rburtonAd0: your change, your recipe, your layer14:00
rburtonAd0: ideally oe-core is modified: upgrading to a new release when you've changed oe-core is hard14:00
roussinmWe have about ~15 dependencies to the project, and keeping those dependencies in sync with yocto might be a problem, so we thought of running unit test through qemu.14:01
moto-timoAd0: yeah, keep your changes to "oe-core" in a separate layer. Maybe even a dedicated layer.14:01
rburtonroussinm: ptest + qemu + testimage ftw14:01
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Ad0yeah I have my own layer with my own recipe14:02
moto-timoroussinm: then you probably want to use ptest and the newish "per image ptest" enablement. You can see the additions in meta-perl, meta-python, meta-oe and some more recent ones for how that can be done. It uses BBCLASSEXTEND in a special way to build for instance core-image-minimal + your package + your package ptests.14:03
roussinmmoto-timo: the units test that I want to run are specific to an application from an image, and they are developped by the application team, they don't have any yocto setup on their side. They are not ptests.14:04
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roussinmrburton: testimage + qemu, maybe we can probably just combine both for us. We can have our device environment + test environment, inside one image. This is much easier to handle for the app team.14:05
moto-timoroussinm: e.g. core-image-ptest-python3-cryptography or meta-python-image-ptest-python3-pytoml14:08
roussinmI think the workflow for the app team would looks like this preferably: write test/code, deploy to qemu run test with ctest/cmake + run application with new feature. It would be annoying to swap environments.14:10
moto-timothat was sort of what extensible SDK (eSDK) was trying to solve, but whether it works for your team is a deeper question14:12
roussinmHm, we have never tried the eSDK.14:13
moto-timowhat is your application stack written in? is it C/C++ code or NodeJS or?14:13
roussinm+ Qt.14:13
moto-timowhat is your target hardware? Arm?14:14
roussinmx86, funny enough. zen2 amd.14:14
moto-timowhat host OS are most of your application developers running? Linux or Windows or?14:15
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roussinmIt's a mix, Windows with WSL, and others are using Linux.14:15
thomas_34Hi, a short question regarding overrides: Is it possible to "combine" overrides? For example myVariable:foo:bar = "test". Will "myVariable" be only set to test, if "foo" AND "bar" show up in OVERRIDES ?14:16
moto-timosadly I have very little WSL2 experience, so my advice there is a bit weak.14:16
moto-timothomas_34: meta-tegra chains some overrides, depends on what you are trying to do14:17
moto-timoroussinm: I think a carefully crafted qemux86-64 testimage will probably work well for you, but minGW certainly could work as well for the Windows folks.14:18
thomas_34moto-timo, I have different machine configurations and image definitions. I control both with overrides. I would like to configure different u-boot-configs for a combination of machine and image definitions.14:18
moto-timoroussinm: I haven't done a lot of application development in several years, so I need to revisit this workflow enablement (you are not alone)14:19
thomas_34But thanks, ill search a bit in meta-tegra14:19
roussinmmoto-timo: Windows dev, they use the yocto sdk through wsl so that works well. The "problem" with the sdk is that the target sysroot cannot run on the machine you build it, which makes sens, but prevents running test with gtest. Maybe eSDK is the answer for this...14:20
moto-timothomas_34: you can also have a "common" override that is just a placeholder for the behavior that you want and each machine can "inherit" that override... Matt had some secureboot and disk encryption overrides for that, might have been in his tegra-test-distro layer.14:21
moto-timoI start to forget after two years ;)14:21
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rburtonToday I learnt that the vscode plugin for yocto just merged vim support14:24
moto-timothomas_34: shows using both secureboot and cryptparts overrides14:25
moto-timothomas_34: notice how the MACHINEOVERRIDES are chained in a specific order with ${MACHINE} at the end14:25
roussinmmoto-timo: eSDK requires the application team to build the project through devtool?14:26
moto-timorburton: I started some Rust CLI development the other day and was surprised my vim key mappings were in RustRover (from JetBrains)14:27
moto-timoroussinm: that's how I remember it, yes.14:27
moto-timoroussinm: old video, but this was when I was last working on the eSDK workflow
moto-timoHenry and I were on the same team and worked on that video together.14:29
moto-timovim key mappings make an IDE much less annoying for us old school devs.14:29
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neverpanicA qemu-static binary combined with a binfmt entry is a nice way to make the architecture difference transparent to users to the point where you can essentially compile and run locally as if there was no arch difference.14:30
roussinmqemu-usermode ?14:31
thomas_34moto-timo, yeahh okay... I didnt understood your idea, but I will see14:31
neverpanicCombine that with some mount namespace magic, and you'll get essentially transparent cross-compilation, especially if your target device is x86_64 (and your devs are also running x86_64).14:31
neverpanicI know we did that approach years ago at $carcompany. It did take a bit of fiddling with how Yocto builds and SDK, though.14:32
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rburtonneverpanic: stop it you've giving me PTSD flashbacks to scratchbox14:45
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jdiezhi, i'm trying to emulate an additional serial device on the qemu-system-aarch64 `virt` machine. It only has one serial port by default, so I added `qemuparams="-device pci-serial,..."`. lspci -k inside the VM shows the serial device, but no driver is bound. It shows up as a "Serial controller: Red Hat, Inc. QEMU PCI 16550A Adapter (rev 01)", which should be supported by the `serial_8250` driver - which is included in linux-yocto.16:24
jdiezWhat am I missing?16:24
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RP| Your perl and your seem to have different ideas about the| architecture they are running on.| Perl thinks: [x86_64-linux]| Config says: [arm-linux]16:38
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ZapadosIf you wanted to re-order layers in kas with repos, would you just copy-paste the repo?16:59
ZapadosFor example, you wanted meta-dodo from my-repo, then meta-yaya from that-repo, then meta-zzz form my-repo.16:59
JaMayou mean to reorder it in BBLAYERS variable?16:59
JaMa not sure if you can define the order with kas (but I've never used kas)17:00
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khemvvn: if we keep appending to LAYERSERIES_COMPAT then we are claiming that we are testing this branch of a given layer with all the releases we are mentioning in LAYERSERIES_COMPAT, which meta-openembedded layers do not do,  we usually test with the given release series17:20
rburtonZapados: are you doing some very clever things with overlaying for the layer order to be that important?17:23
ZapadosJaMa it looks like directly writing BBLAYERS in a kas YML is a no-no.  kas wants to manage BBLAYERS for you.17:24
Zapadosrburton I'm not sure...working with some organically grown (messy) stuff, and found when I dropped the BBLAYERS I'm getting all kinds of fun errors to work through, that I think were masked with the BBLAYERS "override" in one of the YMLs.17:25
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jdiez(spoiler: SERIAL_8250 was not enabled in the kernel build. d'oh.)17:31
JaMaZapados: yes if I read it correctly it sorts the layers alphabetically which is *ehm*17:45
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rburtonTOP TIP: don't effectively write do_compile[cleandirs] = "${WORKDIR}"18:27
Saurrburton: What could possibly go wrong with that? ;)18:30
rburtonit gets very confusing18:30
Saurrburton: At least you didn't try: do_compile[cleandirs] = "${HOME}"18:35
rburtonso I just did a thing18:36
rburton_so_ close18:37
rburtonERROR: python3-torch-2.1.1-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: /usr/lib/python3.12/site-packages/torch/lib/ contained in package python3-torch requires, but no providers found in RDEPENDS:python3-torch? [file-rdeps]18:37
* zeddii ponders an "omp"18:53
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* moto-timo ponders a cruise missile18:58
moto-timodo_compile[cleandirs] = "../${WORKDIR}"19:00
JaMasend it to someone with automatically triggered CI using own workers..19:01
JaMaand add more ../ until workers stop responding19:01
JaMawe have secrets which only jenkins builders can have access to, but all developers have rights to anonymously trigger build with review which will upload them to dropbox19:03
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moto-timoJust add a task that will trigger when Jenkins has an OOM. It will happen soon enough.19:19
moto-timo"Jenkins: we will run out of memory sometime this week!"19:19
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ZapadosNoob question - why does BBLAYERS order and BBFILE_PRIORITY matter?  Is it that BBLAYERS only matters if both layers have the same BBFILE_PRIORITY?19:59
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rburtonZapados: not a noob question and some of the finer details are gnarly and very historical.  we tried deleting most of this complication recently but found some edge cases. bblayers order controls something like bbclass search order iirc.  there's a big thread on oe-arch from last month if you want to read :)20:15
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rburton(this is the problem with having code that is old enough to drink)20:18
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Zapadosrburton hmm, thanks!20:58
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Zapadosrburton, I'm also noticing that the order of repos in kas YMLs don't translate to BBLAYERS order...what gives!?  :)20:59
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ZapadosOh yeah, it's alphabetical!  Hmmmmm....21:09
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JaMaZapados: yes, that's what the sorted() does in the code I've shared22:31
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ZapadosJaMa I missed that.  Wait...even chunks under bblayers_conf_header are sorted.  This means there is no way to organize the layers, and then layer the YMLs.23:17
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moto-timoat least for local_conf_header I use different named sections, knowing that the same name will be replaced with another (chained or included) yaml `testimage: |` will get replaced if I define it again in a subsequent file.23:40
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Zapadosmoto-timo, yes, I like the replacement functionality.  The issue is, say you have 1 layer that's like some base image...then you want to put some dev. tools on top of that.  And maybe it has some special bbappends or something.  There isn't a way to make sure that dev. tools layer is at the top of the BBLAYERS list.23:54
moto-timokas build base.yml:dev.yml:test.yml23:55
moto-timoah, you mean you need to prepend BBLAYERS23:55
Zapadosmoto-timo yes.  Is that example the same as doing header: includes?23:56
moto-timoI don't know the answer off the top of my head, but I might be able to play around and figure it out. Otherwise, ask on the kas mailing list.23:56
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