Wednesday, 2013-11-20

kergothi thought the event was always fired, but that it checked the sanity stamp in ${TOPDIR}/conf/ to see if it needed to run00:00
kergothbut could be wrong00:00
kergothactualy, half the build would fail if configparsed didn't fire00:00
kergothit's often used to do programmatic modification of the config metadata00:01
seebsCompelling point.00:01
seebsHuh. I can't figure out what's *causing* the SystemExit exception.00:01
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seebsGot it. Woo!00:11
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seebsI sent patches. Two tiny patches (one and three lines, respectively) to bitbake, and then a fairly small oe-core patch.00:31
seebsWith them, "bitbake -e" works if you unset DEFAULTTUNE, despite all the horrific ways in which this breaks the setting of various variables.00:31
seebsNot that I break my tuning or machine definitions in ways that break TUNE_PKGARCH once or twice a week or anything. That would be ridiculous.00:33
mr_sciencethat wouldn't faze some people i know...00:34
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seebs... and of course there were tabs in one patch. fixed.00:45
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bingbuYocto is a development platform for embedded system?07:46
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lexszeroyou can say so, basically07:54
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nerdboywould be interesting to "visualize" the poky commit history...08:19
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* nerdboy messing with graphviz08:20
lexszeroi guess there are some tools to visualize git commits08:26
ant_workI usually peek at
nerdboyyeah, made bash script to feed data to some of the tools08:31
nerdboytried git-big-picture but it wasn't quite what i wanted08:32
nerdboyhere's an early one that's readable:
nerdboybut not quite what i'm shooting for08:33
nerdboythat's one author extracted from a gentoo git repo, so it's a big bunch of unconnected nodes08:34
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nerdboyheh, just like gentoo devs...08:35
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nerdboyand i didn't choose the colors, either, i swear...08:37
ant_workmaybe I'm biased for stats so I don't see it..what is the purpose of such visualization?08:41
nerdboyjust looking for an interesting ways to present it08:41
ant_workthe usual 'useful' visualizations are i.e. ohloh and github08:42
nerdboyif i need to answer a question like "where did this crap come from?" then most of the graphical git front-ends have a decent view of branching, merging, etc08:42
nerdboyi don't use that stuff to do any work, just view things08:43
ant_workwhen looking for culprits I usually check the history of the branch or of one particual file08:43
nerdboythis is more of an exercise in "how the heck can you display a large commit history?"08:43
nerdboynot sure how useful it'll be, but we'll see...08:44
ant_workcgit with more lines per page ;)08:45
nerdboythis isn't about doing work... ;)08:45
nerdboyi get enough of that with git already08:45
ant_workyes but those kind of graphs lacks the time on one do you reorder things?08:46
nerdboythat's topo order08:47
nerdboysort of close to time, oldest in the bottom right i think08:47
nerdboyif you can't tell by the commit messages, those are all my commits from 2003 to 201208:54
nerdboythe changelog usually gets the details for my stuff...08:55
nerdboyapparently i save the technical terms (eg, brain-fart) for commits08:57
Saurnerdboy: Have you tried "gource" for visualizing the Git history?08:58
nerdboynope, hadn't heard about until now...08:59
nerdboyi will though, thanks09:00
nerdboyso far just basic data extraction and stealing ideas from the graphviz gallery09:01
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nerdboyhey, there are a couple of ebuilds for it to09:16
nerdboy*too even09:16
nerdboyand we're amazingly current for once09:16
nerdboyfigures, since it's a dev tool...09:17
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nerdboyokay, installed 0.40, will play with it tomorrow09:24
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ant_worknerdboy: you see, the time is in the frames, in another dimension09:27
nerdboynot sure i can display n-dimensional space09:28
ant_workyou cannot visualize the full history in one graph09:28
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ant_workhere it is 3d but it could have been 2d09:28
ant_workimpressive anyway09:29
ant_worklooks like the NASA simulations about the universe ;)09:29
nerdboythe gource screehshots?09:29
ant_workthe videos09:30
nerdboyi got work in a few hours...09:30
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ant_workah, I remember wher I've seen it in the past09:31
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bluelightningmorning all10:17
g1zer0bluelightning: morning!10:18
bluelightninghi g1zer010:19
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rburtonJaMa: you mentioned that our systemd is broken with our kernel?11:45
rburtonJaMa: presumably this is the cgroups change11:45
rburtonJaMa: i'm seeing services that are starting fine be declared as timing out by systemd and aborted (used to work), is this the sort of breakage you've seen?11:46
JaMarburton: systemd version in dora release requires kernel 3.0+11:46
JaMarburton: I've one device with 2.6.39 kernel, so I had to downgrade systemd or backport cgroups.procs from 3.011:46
JaMarburton: in the end I've downgraded systemd for dora and upgraded kernel for master11:47
JaMamore details in if you're interested11:47
rburtonright, so not a problem with base oe-core as dora has 3.x11:48
rburtonback to having no idea why this is failing then11:49
bluelightningthat reminds me I meant to add this enhancement bug ages ago:
yoctiBug 5574: enhancement, Undecided, ---, saul.wold, NEW , Add kernel version / configuration check mechanism12:05
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T0mWI'm migrating from poky-5.0.1 onto 10.0.0 and am confused by how to setup the bblayers / conf files to have it build my kernel.  I successfully ran yocto-bsp and told it where my kernel git repo resides, but it won't build a kernel image with 'source oe-init-build-env meta-ilnx; bitbake core-image-minimal'14:29
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T0mWI get a bootable filesystem image, but no kernel inside the tmp/work or tmp/deploy.14:30
T0mWwith 5.0.1, all I had to do to get a kernel built was to add 'kernel26' to MACHINE_FEATURES. And, have a DEPENDS = "virtual/kernel" inside the task file.14:33
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weebetRegarding the lighttpd recipe, it will produce lighttpd package and many more modules (like lighttpd-module-fastcgi) I would like to know how to select which module to package in my image ?  I have the same question for the libxml2 package. There is a libxml2-dev package produced by libxml2 (available in build/tmp/deploy/rpm directory) but how to put it in my image ?14:48
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bluelightningT0mW: I don't think you want to use "meta-ilnx" as the argument for oe-init-build-env, since that's meant to be the name of the build directory you want to use/create14:52
T0mWuh, ok14:53
bluelightningT0mW: by default you'd give no argument and it would create/use a directory called "build"14:53
T0mWsame as the old 5.0.114:53
bluelightningthen, you'd need to add an entry in bblayers.conf pointing to the directory containing your BSP layer14:53
T0mWinside build/conf/bblayers ?14:53
weebetThank you bluelightning, I understand how to create a custom image, but for these case I don't understand how to add those package since bitbake will tell me that it don't know these package14:54
T0mWDocs on yocto side are a bit confusing.  I'll go back to build dir then.14:54
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bluelightningT0mW: correct14:57
bluelightningT0mW: if you can make any suggestions for concrete improvements we'd definitely appreciate them14:58
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T0mW"if you don't like the coffee, then you make it" heh14:58
bluelightningT0mW: well, we're not asking you to do the work, just to point out specifically what's missing/needs changing ;)14:59
T0mWyeah, I know.14:59
bluelightningweebet: are you trying bitbake <package>? that won't work since these are package names, not recipe names14:59
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Crofton|workbluelightning, T0mW knows how the game works :)15:00
bluelightningweebet: one way or another you need to get the package name into IMAGE_INSTALL for your image15:00
bluelightningCrofton|work: cool :)15:00
T0mWI'm trying to follow the recipie guidelines this time around.  Before, I just went in a modified the recipes rather than use the .bbappend stuff.  So, I have a lot of reading to do yet.15:00
bluelightningsounds good15:01
weebetbluelightning: I can install libxml2 in my image, but libxml2-dev will not be copied. (same for lighttpd-module-fastcgi)15:01
* T0mW goes for coffee15:01
Crofton|workyou need to tell it to install the -dev packages also15:01
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weebetif I do this, bitbake will complain it don't know how to do that15:01
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D4v33Hi all, my first attempt at using yocoto for freescale devices as a replacment for LTIB, I believe have everything installed and I have MACHINE set to imx28evk in local.conf, but every time i run bitbake fsl-image-test I get a sanity checker warning "Please set a valid MACHINE in your local.conf or enviroment", I have also set the MACHINE in my environment but the same warning persists. any ideas? I have searched but don't seem to fin15:36
T0mWdid you run the yocto-bsp tool?15:37
D4v33T0mW: whats that? all i've ran is ". ./setup-environment build" as per one of the guides15:38
rburtonD4v33: what distro are you using?15:39
T0mWD4v33: it creates a meta-<machine_name> tree and the machine config file resides in that tree.15:39
rburtonD4v33: that error means it can't find the machine definition, which probably means you're missing the layer that defines that machine15:40
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D4v33T0mW: rburton: ok, I don't know what distribution I'm using as I've not seen anything relating to one in the guides I've been using which problably mean I don't have one and I need to read the yocoto documentation rather  than the freescale quick start guides15:42
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rburtonD4v33: the important thing is do you actually have the meta-fsl-* layers installed and in your conf/bblayers.conf15:45
D4v33I have the meta-fsl* directories and bblayers.conf file15:46
rburtonand they are listed inside bblayers?15:46
rburtonthere we go15:47
rburtonadd them :)15:47
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T0mWD4v33: made the same mistake myself this morning15:48
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D4v33right added the entries into BBLAYER but the same error happens15:54
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ndecD4v33:  bitbake-layers show-layers will tell you precisely all the layers bitbake is using. can be handy to debug such problems15:55
D4v33bitbake-layers comes up with the same message about setting MACHINE15:57
rburtonyeah, your machine isn't valid, so it can't do anything15:57
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D4v33The machine(s) I've set all come from the README.16:00
*** bluelightning_ is now known as bluelightning16:00
D4v33I suppose it now a question for the imx community forum16:00
ndecD4v33: MACHINE needs to be one of the .conf files in conf/machine folder of the BSP layer.16:01
ndecso you can check all machines by looking at the layer directly.16:02
Crofton|workor export MACHINE="valid-machine" before running bb16:03
ndecCrofton|work: D4v33 doesn't know atm what valid-machine is ;-)16:04
ndecor should be16:04
D4v33i've set MACHINE in build/conf/local.conf and that name matches one in sources/meta-fsl-arm/conf/machine16:04
* Crofton|work multitasks too much16:04
kergothD4v33: if you're setting MACHINE to what the readme in teh bsp layer says, then either the layer isn'jt correctly in BBLAYERS, or the bsp layer readme is incorrect. if the former, best to double check bblayers.conf, if the latter, contact the bsp layer maintainers16:04
* kergoth yawns16:04
T0mWD4v33: for example, I created a layer for my machine using the yocto-bsp: 'ilnx'.  After answering a few questions, it created a directory tree 'meta-ilnx'.  inside that tree is a machine conf, 'meta-ilnx/conf/machine/ilnx.conf'.  I edited that file, as it defaulted to qemux86 instead of 'arm', then edited build/conf/local.conf to change 'MACHINE=ilnx'.16:05
*** frma71 <frma71!uid15941@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto16:05
D4v33hang on something new is happening.... I think it was the export that I was missing, thanks  Crofton|work. its now parsing recipes!16:06
ndecT0mW: but in his situation, D4v33 already has the BSP layer  for the machine he wants, so it's a slightly different situation16:06
ndecthe export is not needed.16:06
rburtonD4v33: setting in local.conf will just work16:06
ndeconly if you don't set MACHINE in local.conf ;-)16:06
Crofton|workdepends how you set machine16:07
Crofton|worksonds like a type in local.conf16:07
D4v33great thanks guys I think i'm on to the next issue now... ERROR No recipes available for:16:08
D4v33  /home/dave/fsl-community-bsp/sources/meta-fsl-demos/recipes-graphics/xinput-calibrator/pointercal-xinput_0.0.bbappend16:08
rburtonthat's in oe-core16:08
rburtonso you've either managed to delete meta/ from your bblayers, or your meta/ is too old16:09
T0mWI need to "restart" the git fetch sequence for my kernel source from my repository.  I know 'bibake -c clean linux-yocto-custom' won't do that, what command do I use to blow away the cached git source?16:10
rburtonD4v33: sounds like you want to moan at the freescale quickstart guide16:10
kergothT0mW: cleanall == clean + remove downloaded soruces16:10
rburtonT0mW: cleanall16:10
T0mWah! thanks.16:10
rburtonbut if you just need to restart a fetch, that should just happen if it were interrupted16:11
T0mWkergoth: 10.0.0 has come a long way, nice system.16:11
D4v33rburton: I sure will, thanks everyone :)16:11
T0mWrburton: cleanall worked, I forgot to 'make mrproper' in the source.16:12
*** jamestunnicliffe <jamestunnicliffe!~quassel@linaro/jamestunnicliffe> has joined #yocto16:12
* T0mW hugs poky16:13
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seebsThinking more about the sanity check stuff: Right now, the only options are sanity checks enabled-and-fatal, or disabled.16:34
seebsWhat about a setting like SANITY_CHECKS_WARN_ONLY = "1"16:34
bluelightningseebs: that would work, but the bitbake code itself shouldn't know about that variable16:36
seebsMaybe it should set BB_ONLY_SHOW_ENV = "1" and leave it up to whatever other code is looking at the data to decide what implications that has.16:36
bluelightningright, that would be a reasonable alternative16:39
bluelightningthe conversation above referring to bitbake-layers suggests that that might also be another place where turning off sanity checks would be helpful16:39
seebsOkay, so, the basic issue is, we don't want bitbake to know specifically about oe-core's internals.16:41
seebsSo we don't want it setting a value that's only meaningful in terms of sanity-checks, or whatever.16:41
bluelightningI'm struggling to think of a term that would express that in a meaningful but generic manner...16:42
seebsBut perhaps it would make sense for us to specifically define some value like BB_NO_EARLY_ABORT that a hypothetical non-oe-core thing could also use to handle cases where we really don't want any early events to trigger aborts if they can possibly avoid it, because we want to do something unusual.16:42
*** g1zer0 <g1zer0!> has joined #yocto16:42
seebsSo we're not specifically saying "disable the oe-core sanity checks", but more generally "if any build system using bitbake is doing something in early parsing that could error out, please try to degrade gracefully so we can do something with the parsed data."16:43
seebs... Although really, it should be BB_EARLY_ABORT, and default to "1", because negation is bad for debugging.16:43
bluelightningkergoth: RP: any thoughts here?16:44
RPseebs: I think we should change bitbake so it explicitly runs the sanity checks with a specific event16:44
RPseebs: then that wouldn't happen with -e16:45
seebsThat would work too.16:45
seebsThe cd %s problem was the one that I really couldn't get around in any coherent way. I think the trigger for that is WR-specific, in our case.16:46
seebsThere's a task being run VERY early, like, "during bitbake -p". Which I'm not sure is a good idea at all.16:46
*** fpaut is now known as fpaut_16:47
seebsBut with the effect that if the directory name for the task has a ${} in it, bitbake -e doesn't get to run. Whee.16:47
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JaMarburton: can you check if is still needed for new librsvg version?16:51
*** g1zer0 <g1zer0!> has quit IRC16:51
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RPseebs: I merged that bit16:55
*** g1zer0 <g1zer0!> has quit IRC16:56
seebsIt took me something like an hour to figure out what was failing there, which I felt silly about once I'd found it.16:56
RPseebs: sometimes the way it happens16:56
seebsI was expecting that the single quotes would get me to the next failure, which would be even more complicated, but no, it was just that one line.16:57
RPseebs: I sent out a patch yesterday and it caused a ton of interesting problems. The logging printed the right things in all the places. The actually code to do stuff was in the wrong place in the loop though :)16:57
seebsThat's awesome.16:57
seebsI have actually gotten significantly better about massive unintended side-effects in the last couple of years.16:58
seebsThe big thing is, if I start thinking I'm tired and not sure I understand what I'm doing, I *stop*.16:58
RPseebs: In this case I knew what I wanted it to do, and the logs said it was doing them. Its just it wasn;t :)16:58
RPhmm, lightning again, lighting up the windows16:59
seebsYeah. Logging mismatching actual events can be a nightmare to debug.16:59
seebsIt sort of exacerbates the existing tendency to assume that if you already thought of or fixed a given bug, you must not be seeing that particular bug.17:00
seebsOne of the best security bugs I ever saw involved a case where the devs couldn't figure out what was happening, because it was something they *knew* they had written, and tested, the code for.17:00
seebsCryptographically signed authentication tokens. The crypto checks would confirm whether a token matched or did not match its signature. And it even had code to verify that there *was* a valid signature.17:01
seebsThe authentication checks then checked for invalid signatures.17:01
seebsSo if you could manufacture a token with no signature at all, they'd accept it.17:01
seebsIt turns out that "has a valid signature" and "does not have an invalid signature" are not the same thing.17:02
RPseebs: indeed, sounds like fun :)17:03
seebsIt took a couple of weeks until one of the customers affected by mysterious account compromises happened to be a security researcher who Got Very Curious.17:04
seebs... BTW, if I am going to mention security, I should mention a thing that may someday affect people:17:05
seebsThe popular website "tvtropes" keeps all passwords in plaintext, and has plaintext username/password pairs in its login cookies.17:05
seebsI dunno how many people here read books, watch movies, or otherwise interact with any sort of media, but I bet a few do.17:05
SaurRP: 6af097c8809cdd395bfb3aeadac0bc7c9106b79c removes FREESMARTPHONE_GIT. Wouldn't it have been nice to fix meta-oe first to not use it (or define it itself)?17:09
RPSaur: I had assumed someone was taking care of this :(17:10
*** jkridner <jkridner!> has joined #yocto17:10
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SaurRP: Maybe they are, but if so, no one has pushed a fix for it yet...17:10
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seebsSo, on that bitbake/sanity-check thing... There's already a bb.event.SanityCheck. Which is fired, and which appears to be processed, only it appears that it fires a SanityCheckPassed() unconditionally (assuming, I guess, that the fatal() will stop it before it gets there otherwise).17:14
*** FunkyPenguin <FunkyPenguin!~quassel@opensuse/member/FunkyPenguin> has joined #yocto17:14
seebsBut nothing appears to fire that event in bitbake right now.17:15
seebsSo it looks like adding that, and then removing the ConfigParsed branch in sanity.bbclass, would probably do the trick.17:15
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mrAlmondIs there a machine file for a Marvell pxa166 in yocto?17:25
*** ftonello <ftonello!> has quit IRC17:27
mr_scienceif so, probably in one of the "extra" layers?17:27
mr_sciencedid you check the layer index and/or google?17:27
mrAlmondmr_science where can I find the extra layers?17:29
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mrAlmondprobably I should use xscale architecture ... armv5te17:38
mr_sciencei'm pretty sure there's more than one marvell arm5 machine def17:41
mr_sciencejust need the right kernel drivers, etc...17:41
mrAlmondmr_science : thank you...I've to go now bye17:42
mr_scienceshouldn't be too difficult to make one if needed, as long as you have the kernel source and/or firmware, & bootloader17:43
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mtahmedvmeson: So what should we be doing to get busybox compiling again if not using compiler-specific patches?20:28
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mtahmedvmeson: ping21:09
vmesonmtahmed: patch it and test with both compilers.21:10
vmesonalso you might talk / check with the llvmlinux guys.21:11
vmesongotta run. back after dinner.21:11
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RPseebs: correct, we got half way through a conversion21:33
RPseebs: the graphical UIs do use the event iirc21:33
seebsMaybe it would make sense to give the SanityCheck() event an optional parameter that would change the behavior on failure.21:34
seebsWith the default being to do what it does now.21:34
seebsThen bitbake could send a SanityCheck(continue_on_failure), and would know whether it wanted to continue even if the checks failed.21:35
seebsOr alternatively, just not send it in some cases.21:35
seebsBut my experience has often been, if I'm running bitbake -e, I *do* want the sanity check output, I just don't want that to be all I get.21:36
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RPseebs: That would seem like a reasonable way to enhance it21:42
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seebsI spent a bit of time staring, and concluded that I am not sure I actually know where the SanityCheck event would *go*.21:42
seebs*thinks* Probably in parseConfiguration(), because otherwise we have to spawn it from multiple locations, after calls to parseConfiguration().21:44
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halsteadOkay the disruptive part of the upgrade is starting shortly.21:58
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seebsRP, I'm suspicious that the code is not going to be quite of usable quality, but I have patches where bitbake uses SanityCheck events to make sanity checks happen, and "bitbake -p" dies quickly from sanity check failures, and "bitbake -e" runs, also producing a warning message about the failures.23:26
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