Saturday, 2013-12-14

SmittyHow can something target x86 and magically not target qemu which supports x8600:00
Smittyso I changed the target to vanilla x8600:00
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RPSmitty: but is that 586? 686? P4?00:01
Smittythose aren't options00:01
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RPSmitty: when you see architecture there its meaning more the target hardware configuration00:01
Smittythe target options are specified by the MACHINE variabel, right ?00:02
RPSmitty: it specified which piece of target hardware (or emulation) you want to use the output on00:02
RPAnyhow, I'm afraid I need to sleep00:02
SmittyI quote the Quick Start Guide00:03
SmittyBy default, the target architecture for the build is qemux86, which produces an image that can be used in the QEMU emulator and is targeted at an Intel® 32-bit based architecture. To change this default, edit the value of the MACHINE variable in the configuration file before launching the build.00:03
Smittyvalid values of MACHINE are provided in here
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ausjkecan i list all rpm installed? rpm -qa errs03:06
ausjkei c it's a rpm from busybox that can only install pkg?03:06
ausjkesucks, comparing to dpkg03:08
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Smittyskipping incompatible /usr/lib/ when searching for -lX1108:19
SmittyBuild error08:19
SmittyJust following Quick Start Guide.08:19
SmittyWhy wouldn't Yocto be linking against its own toolchain or sysroot X11 ?08:20
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SmittyI'm confused08:51
SmittyWhy is Yocto building ARM architecture when I am targetting qemu8608:52
SmittyAnd why is it looking anywhere other than its sysroot for available link lbraries08:53
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SmittyIs anybody here ?09:15
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SmittyI am still no wiser after what I consider fairly extensive (over 1 hour) investigation into my build issue:
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #50 of nightly-qa-systemd is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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Smigersanyone home ?13:20
SmigersPlease see:
SmigersI am really getting frustrated by this.  I assume that the Quick Start Guide *should* work.  I've followed the instructions exactly, three times in a row, and continue to run into trouble each time.13:22
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Crofton|worksmartin, loks like it is catching libs from the build machine13:32
Crofton|workSmigers, that is13:32
Crofton|workthat shoudn't ahppen13:32
SmigersI know13:32
Crofton|worknot many people around over the weekend either13:33
SmigersThe question is how it's even possible for such a huge error13:33
Crofton|workwhat distro is your build machine running13:33
SmigersFedora 19 with latest updates13:33
Crofton|worksame as me13:33
SmigersI'm willing to start over *again*.  Is there anything other than the yocto source tree that I should wipe our13:34
Crofton|workthe build dir, but I think you are catching that13:34
Crofton|workbut this is really weird13:34
SmigersI'll delete poky-dora-10.0.0, and extraxt the tar again, and just run through the quick start once more.13:35
Smigersthat's all under poxy-dora right ?13:35
Crofton|workshould be13:38
SmigersSo, I'm not storing any kind of state in a hidden directory in HOME, or /etc, or somethign silly like that13:39
Crofton|workshouldn't be13:40
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SmigersDuring the build I see these types of warnings14:23
SmigersWARNING: Failed to fetch URL, attempting MIRRORS if available14:23
SmigersI Have tried to log into that server via ftp and get disconnected immediately14:23
SmigersActually it seems quite a few of the links are out of date14:24
SmigersI am now failing to download from
SmigersPresumably I will see an error rather than a warning if the download can never be resolved14:25
bluelightningSmigers: correct, if it's just a warning, no need to worry14:31
bluelightningupstreams do disappear / remove versions from download quite often unfortunately, that's why we have mirrors14:31
SmigersUnderstood.  Maybe contacting the host admin and asking for the package to be preserved so that the Quick Start Guide doesn't have to be constantly adjusted  would be a good idea14:33
Smigersrahter I should say so that poky-10.0.0 recipes don't need to be maintained14:34
Smigerseither that or host all the poky-10.0.0 packages on the Yocto server14:35
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bluelightningSmigers: well, we don't really need to update the qs guide in these instances because we automatically fall back to our mirror14:51
bluelightningSmigers: we always have all sources available in our mirror - disk space is cheap ;)14:51
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RPdora build looks good on the AB at least...15:07
bluelightningRP: great stuff15:10
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SmigersSame problem:
SmigersSeems like a pretty fundamental error to me15:24
SmigersWhy would y64 even be built if I am targetting i586 running under qemu ?15:25
SmigersTARGET_SYS        = "i586-poky-linux"15:26
SmigersMACHINE           = "qemux86"15:26
Smigersor is it trying to build  qemu for my host machine ?15:27
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SmigersOK, looking through the Yocto release logs, it seems that Fedora 19 was a problematic build host platform until more recent releases of yocto.  I'm-a try latest yocto rather than the prescribed version in the Quick Start Guide.15:37
SmigersActually, they are the same version15:42
SmigersOK, so, now I am totally confused.15:42
SmigersOK, it seems that for some reason the link line is not finding the 64 bit libX, rather it finds the 32 bit version, and then says it's no goo (obviously)15:52
Smigerswhere would I adjust that so that it points to the right place.15:53
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SmigersI find this system completely unfathomable.  TO the point where I am beginning to doubt that it works.16:09
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nerdboyhmm, toolchain with fortran/java seems a little incomplete17:17
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nerdboywhat's the proper bugzilla product for a toolchain bug?17:28
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nerdboybuilding another crossdev toolchain with java...18:00
sgw_nerdboy: oecore/devtools18:00
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* nerdboy <= ignoring oe-classic homework18:07
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nerdboydamn that little x86 vm is fast...18:10
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flihpis there a way to manipulate bb variables like 'SRC_URI' from shell functions or do I need to use python i.e. d.appendVar?18:16
kergoth`shell functions are run at task execution time, not parse time18:17
kergoth`so it wouldn't make much sense for them to be able to alter bitbake metadata18:18
kergoth`what would it affect?18:18
kergoth`if you just want to *use* the variable, just dereference it with ${SRC_URI}18:18
kergoth`if you need to alter it, you can use inline python18:18
kergoth`${@','.join(SRC_URI.split())} or whatever18:18
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #54 of nightly-intel-gpl is complete: Failure [failed Building Images] Build details are at
flihpthanks kergoth, very clear18:19
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nerdboyno gcj out of crossdev either, at least using the native 4.6.4 i built a while back, which apparently doesn't have it enabled...18:30
nerdboylet's try that again18:32
kergoth`crossdev, that's the gentoo cross toolchain generator, or the ubuntu one?18:32
kergoth`I just installed windows 3.11 in dosbox, with the right drivers to run it in 1024x768 and all, installed quicktime and video for windows.. now for trumpet winsock to get internet working in there :D18:34
* kergoth` is in a nostalgic mood18:34
nerdboyyou're one big giant mystery...18:35
* kergoth` chuckles18:35
nerdboycrossdev is the gentoo version of crosstool18:35
kergoth`ahh, right18:35
nerdboyrebuilding gcc with java, then try cross with java again18:35
nerdboyand i don't see the ecj-4.x.jar file in poky downloads either18:37
nerdboymight it be missing that dep?18:37
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nerdboyseems like it should work as long as c++ is also enabled and the lib source is available18:41
nerdboyboy do you get a buttload of javax/swing headers if you enable java and gtk19:00
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #55 of buildtools is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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nerdboythat looks like a fail for crossdev and gcj20:32
nerdboyit did build all the fortran stuff, but no java20:32
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nerdboytags no longer work as a git SRCREV?  hmmm...21:35
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SmigersPlease help22:34
SmigersI cannot understand how this could be happening without Yocto itself being completely broken22:34
Crofton|workhave you tried some other machines?22:35
SmigersI've already targetted qemux86, and this time qemux86-6422:36
Crofton|worktry setting MACHINE to beagleboard22:36
Crofton|workI am grasping at straws, becuase I do not understand how something that should be that well test will find things on the build machine22:37
SmigersWhy ?22:37
SmigersI don't have a beagleboard, and it's not the target22:37
Crofton|workso tryin gan arm target might give us some clues22:37
Crofton|workI know22:37
Crofton|worksee the "I am grasping at straws"22:37
SmigersSure, I appreciate the help22:37
Crofton|workI want to see if we can make anything work22:37
SmigersBUT, If it can't do the Quick Start Guide , which should be absolutely tested, why would I ever imagine it could do some other variant22:38
Crofton|workYes, this is very curious22:39
SmigersMore than curious22:39
SmigersAlmost like none of this really works22:39
Crofton|workannoying, most of the people that care about that particular path aren't usually around on weekends22:39
SmigersThat particualr path is the test system22:40
Smigersif I can't build the cannonical system, why would I do anything else22:40
Crofton|workjust try the beaglebone22:41
Crofton|worker board :)22:41
Crofton|workyour ip suggests you are in .de?22:41
Crofton|workcan you try asking on Monday morning?22:42
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #51 of nightly-qa-systemd is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
SmigersSure, Monday is not a problem.  But, How could this be broken.  I'm doing nothing but trying to follow the QSG.  How could that not work on a supported environment ?22:44
SmigersIt makes me think worry that actually none of it is correctly tested.  I really have to wonder about the standard of the developer when I can't even follow the basic example.22:46
Smigerswithout an error occuring22:47
nerdboySmigers: what branch are you on?22:53
Smigerswhat do you mean ?22:53
nerdboymeta-yocto-bsp    = "<unknown>:<unknown>"22:53
Smigershow do I tell yout the answer to that question22:53
nerdboydid you try master or one of the other branches?22:53
nerdboygit status in your poky/oe dirs22:54
SmigersI don't understand the question22:54
SmigersPlease, if you are asking me to do something, be precise.22:55
nerdboyyou followed the quickstart and downloaded a tarball?22:55
nerdboyhmm, haven't tried that...22:55
SmigersWhat ?22:56
SmigersHow did you possibly get started without using some kind of documentation.22:56
nerdboywould you like to try the cloning the layers?22:56
SmigersDid you just guess your way though the whole process22:57
nerdboyno, i followed the readme22:57
SmigersI follow the instructions that are presented to me on the documentation page22:58
SmigersWhy would I ever do anything other than that22:58
nerdboyi'm just talking building from git clones instead of the tarball22:58
SmigersWhat would compell me to do that22:58
nerdboythen you can switch branches between different releases22:58
Smigershow would I even know that that was an option22:59
SmigersThat is simply stupidity22:59
nerdboyit's in the regular docs, just not the quickstart i guess22:59
SmigersI am following the documentation.  If the docs are wrong the whole project is wrong23:00
nerdboyyou're following one version of one doc23:00
Smigersthe proect "lives" in the documentation23:00
kergoth`the quickstart guide is only part of the yocto documentation23:00
kergoth`there are other documents23:00
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SmigersI am following the documentation on the most significant link of the main page of the Yocto project web site#23:01
kergothregardless, I don't think continuous complaints are going to resolve your problem any faster23:01
SmigersThat's a bullshit respone23:01
kergothYet, completely accurate23:01
SmigersI want to learn23:01
Smigersbut I am unable to learn from the provided documentation23:02
kergothyou haven't bothered to read all the documentation23:02
nerdboy"You can set up the Source Directory by downloading a Yocto Project release tarball and unpacking it, or by cloning a copy of the upstream Poky Git repository"23:02
nerdboytry method #223:02
SmigersWhy would I try method #2 when method #1 fails in ways that are totally stupid23:03
nerdboybecause method 1 fails maybe?23:03
SmigersMethod 1 fails, so I am expected to continue to waste my time following another method which might also fail ?23:04
nerdboywhile you were complaining i just tried bitbake qemu-native -c build and it builds fine23:04
SmigersSorr, I can't belive it23:05
nerdboyyou're the one who said you wanted to learn23:05
nerdboymaybe uncorking your attitude would help23:05
nerdboyNOTE: Tasks Summary: Attempted 164 tasks of which 137 didn't need to be rerun and all succeeded.23:05
SmigersPlease list the "exact" steps that you took to build23:05
nerdboysee method #223:06
nerdboyi have git clones i just updated today23:06
SmigersNOTE: Tasks Summary: Attempted 5075 tasks of which 5074 didn't need to be rerun and 1 failed.23:06
nerdboyusually build off master, but you're free to build a release branch23:06
SmigersI'm trying to follow the QSG23:07
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Smigersif that doesn't work, I assume the whole prodict is crap23:07
nerdboymaybe the quickstart is out of date, aor maybe that particular tarball is borked23:07
nerdboyor maybe your build env isn't sane23:07
nerdboyi have no idea23:08
SmigersHow could my build env be not sane if I am following the QSG23:08
nerdboynormal stuff builds fine for most people, so obviously something is amiss23:09
SmigersPlease, I beg you.  Start our on a vanilla Fedora x86-64 machine.  The follow the QSG, and let me know how you progress23:09
nerdboyi build on gentoo/debian/ubuntu23:10
nerdboydon't have fedora handy23:10
SmigersGreat. Das hilft mich ncht23:10
nerdboybut other people do23:10
Smigersdo it on a virtua machine23:11
nerdboytry pasting the output of bitbake -e23:11
nerdboyi native/chroot/vm setups, still don't have any fedora...23:12
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SmigersSo I tried to past the output, but there some much of it that it fails.23:18
SmigersEven in a pastebin23:18
nerdboyand you have all host packages installed listed here?
SmigersWTF is all that ?23:23
SmigersI have just run that and suddenöly it seems I neeed to insatall 200 Mb of packages23:23
SmigersYet, I have all the dependeincies specified in the QSG23:24
SmigersSo, are you saying the QSG is a completely irrelevent piece of dreck, or what ?23:24
SmigersAnd anyway, none of those packages provide the missing X11 library anyway23:25
bluelightninger, that's the same info that's in the quick start guide, just broken out for specific use cases...23:25
Smigersit is not23:25
bluelightningit is, I wrote it...23:26
bluelightningwell, I provided the list at any rate23:26
SmigersIt is simply wrong to say that23:26
bluelightningwhere are you looking then?23:26
SmigersI followed the QSG verbatim 5 times23:26
Smigersand ever time I fail at the same place23:26
bluelightningno, where in the quick start guide are you getting a list that is different from that given in the link above?23:26
SmigersI am following this QSG:
Smigersexactly as written23:28
bluelightningright, and the list of packages given there is the exactly the same as "Essentials" and "Graphical Extras" in the reference manual section linked above23:29
SmigersWhat ?23:29
SmigersThe essential and graphical packages you need for a supported Fedora distribution are shown in the following command:23:30
Smigers     $ sudo yum install gawk make wget tar bzip2 gzip python unzip perl patch \23:30
Smigers     diffutils diffstat git cpp gcc gcc-c++ glibc-devel texinfo chrpath \23:30
Smigers     ccache perl-Data-Dumper perl-Text-ParseWords SDL-devel xterm23:30
SmigersI did that23:30
bluelightningright, so then you should have all that is needed installed23:31
SmigersBut clearly I don't23:31
SmigersSo, rather than blame me, why not try it yourself23:31
bluelightningI'm not blaming you23:32
Smigersso, What is wrong23:32
bluelightningI'm not sure, I can tell you I have done builds on F19 and not seen that error23:33
bluelightningI can try one now23:33
SmigersAnd besides.....If all these stupid things are required, why doesn't the yocto build resolve and download them itself23:33
Smigersthis is childs play23:34
bluelightningwe do download and build a lot of tools, but for some things it is better for the host system to provide them23:35
SmigersI have a Cmakae system that lets me do all of this already.  BUT for some stupid marketing reason I am forced to used Yocto - bperhaps because the name is cute, or perhaps because my comapny has to kowtow to the Japanese - I am supposed to use Yocto.   But from what I can see it provides absolutely nothing but more chaos and broken 'crap' that I have to deal with.23:36
SmigersBS on you last statement23:37
bluelightningyou know, if you want help from people you'd do well to be a bit more polite23:37
SmigersIf you need it, you download it23:37
SmigersCome on23:37
SmigersI'm really trying here23:37
SmigersBut I'm getting completely frustrated with this23:38
bluelightningI can see that23:38
SmigersYocto should be able to resolve everythign it needs23:38
Smigerswhy doesn't it do that23:38
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SmigersMy own, homegrown CMake system does that already23:38
bluelightningit's not that simple23:39
Smigersreally ?23:39
bluelightningyes really23:39
SmigersWhy not ?23:39
bluelightninglook, I'm in here on my weekend, if you want help with your problem I will try to help, but I'm not going to go through everything justifying it, sorry23:40
SmigersI appreciate that23:40
SmigersI understand completely23:40
SmigersI am on my own time too23:40
SmigersSo, let's work together to try to figure this lunacy out23:41
SmigersCan you do voice ?23:42
bluelightningno, I'm afraid not23:43
SmigersWell, how do we progress ?23:43
bluelightningI'm starting a build here now23:43
Smigerswhat build ?23:44
SmigersI am running x86-64 Fedora 19 and would like to target qemux86-6423:44
SmigersNow, why I would specify qemux86-64 rather than simply x86-64, I must admist I really don't understand23:45
bluelightningthat's just what the machine is called23:46
SmigersYeh, it's dumb.23:46
bluelightningit isn't23:46
Smigersqemu is an emulator23:46
Smigersif I buld an x86 I expect qemu to run it23:46
Smigersif I buld x86-64 I also expect qemu to run it23:47
bluelightningwe have qemux86-64 and genericx86-64; the distinction (mainly level of functionality) is a useful one23:47
Smigersif I build zilog6800, the of course I would expect a problem find a VM that can run that23:48
Smigersbut if it is a supported target, it should buld, regardless of my ability to actually run the target23:48
Smigersdo you understand ?23:50
bluelightningI agree, it should build, but I don't think this has anything to do with the failure23:51
SmigersI do23:51
SmigersThe failure is really fundamental23:51
bluelightningit's apparently failing to find an appropriate libx11 on your system, though it thinks it should be there23:52
SmigersIf it needs a specific version of X11, it should FREAKING  build it23:53
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Smigershpw complicated is that23:53
Smigersthat's what thwe whole damned system is about23:53
SmigersWhen I buld for a target, I want the buld system to resolve the target dependencies23:54
SmigersI shouldn't have to resolve them myselve23:54
bluelightningthat doesn't work; we've had problems trying to do that in the past; I don't know the full details off the top of my head23:54
bluelightningno of course you shouldn't have this failure, but every piece of software has bugs23:55
Smigersthat's a üretty fundamental bug23:55
Smigersmodule ZZZ required libX (version ???) and doesn't resolve it ????23:56
SmigersWTF is the build system doiing if it isnt't doing that23:56
bluelightningwell, if we run test builds on F19 (and our QA team does regularly) and we don't see this error, then how would we know to go and fix it?23:56
SmigersNo, you are missing the point23:57
SmigersEverything is resolvable23:57
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Smigersthe whole point of a build system like Yocto is that it takes this resolution issue away from the developer23:58
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SmigersI sould not have to worry about resolving the dependencies of a module that I include23:58
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Smigersthat's what Yocto is supposed to be doing for me23:59
bluelightningthis is not a missing dependency though23:59
SmigersLet'S be clear23:59
SmigersI am typing this on my "host machine"23:59

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