Monday, 2013-12-16

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linu1hi all i have written a script file,i just want to add that in rootfs in /opt/sdk72xx/resources path so i added that in init file please see but there is no files in /opt/sdk72xx/ directory  can you help me07:38
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LetoThe2ndgood morning! when trying to depend on libgfortran, i run into "ERROR: libgfortran was skipped: libgfortran needs fortran support to be enabled in the compiler"08:38
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LetoThe2ndi tried to extend poky.conf with FORTRAN = ",f77" but that also doesn' seem to do the trick08:42
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LetoThe2ndndec: moinmoin08:51
ndecLetoThe2nd: morning!08:52
LetoThe2ndndec: remember our discussion about .conf vs. .bb? :)08:52
LetoThe2ndi'm trying to depend on libgfortran, but somehow getting fortran support built in is.. not that easy.08:53
LetoThe2ndi subclassed poky and set there FORTRAN ?= "fortran"08:53
ndecwhat do you mean by subclassed?08:53
LetoThe2ndnow when i do bitbake -e core-image-minimal | grep ^FORT i get the variable, but for bitbake -e libgfortran the var doesn't seem to be there.08:54
ndecis this variable needed for libgfortran?08:55
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ndecdisclaimer: i am not at all familiar  with adding fortran in OE ;-)08:55
LetoThe2ndwell libgfortran has this:08:55
LetoThe2ndpython __anonymous () {08:55
LetoThe2nd    f = d.getVar("FORTRAN", True)08:55
LetoThe2nd    if "fortran" not in f:08:55
LetoThe2nd        raise bb.parse.SkipPackage("libgfortran needs fortran support to be enabled in the compiler")08:55
LetoThe2ndwhich sounds reasonable. but i don'T get why the env var is there one time, and not the other time.08:56
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ndecLetoThe2nd: it seems that you should do FORTRAN = ",fortran". it's used in a comma separated list. not sure if that will solve your problem... but it's still a step forward..09:00
LetoThe2ndany ideas? i though .conf always should hit the environment?09:01
LetoThe2ndeven stranger. i set FORTRAN = ",fortran" in my distro file.09:02
ndecalso, i found this in local.conf.sample.extendend:09:03
ndec# Enabling FORTRAN09:03
ndec# Note this is not officially supported and is just illustrated here to09:03
ndec# show an example of how it can be done09:03
ndecFORTRAN_forcevariable = ",fortran"09:03
RPLetoThe2nd: have you looked at local.conf.sample.extended?09:03
LetoThe2ndthen bitbake -e XXX | grep ^FORT gives me for XXX->YYY: bc -> FORTRAN=",fortran", gcc -> FORTRAN="", and libgfortran -> (nothing)09:03
LetoThe2ndRP: not yet. second please.09:03
ndecLetoThe2nd: i think i copy/pasted the relevant part above09:04
ndecRP: what is _forcevariable?09:04
RPLetoThe2nd: you need all the lines there, not just the one ndec pasted09:04
RPndec: Its the strongest override we have09:04
SaurRP: Is there any chance of getting anything more into 1.5.1? I was thinking of the support for % in bbappend filenames. It is not really usable for 1.6 until it is in 1.5...09:05
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ndecRP: i see. thanks. and i see now all the other lines too..09:05
RPSaur: that would be a feature backport, it wasn't in 1.5 at all09:05
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mckoangood morning09:06
LetoThe2ndRP: by "other lines" you mean the libquadmath thing, right?09:06
SaurRP: True, in a sense. But then the feature will be useless until 1.7 is released...09:06
RPLetoThe2nd: yes, that sounds like master09:07
RPLetoThe2nd: there were more lines in dora and I don't know which you're using09:08
LetoThe2ndRP: using HEAd from 25minutes ago.09:08
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RPLetoThe2nd: then its two lines09:08
LetoThe2ndRP: ok thanks. will kick off the build and report back then.09:08
RPSaur: that isn't true. You can use it in any 1.6 layers going forwards from now09:09
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SaurRP: Yes, but the reason we wanted that kind of feature was so that we can use one version of our layer for both stable (i.e., dora) and master. But we cannot do that until both versions of Poky support % in bbappend.09:10
RPSaur: well, that doesn't change the fact that we don't backport features09:12
RPSaur: for example the patch that implemented it did break things09:12
SaurRP: Fair enough. Just irritating to have to have two branches for another half year or so when there is a solution...09:13
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RPSaur: I wouldn't recommend having one branch trying to track both anyway09:14
SaurRP: Not sure whether it will be feasible in the long run. But at the moment the only difference for us is two small bbappends...09:16
RPSaur: Depends what we do in master I guess, we so sometimes make bigger changes09:17
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oswinIf I add DISTRO_FEATURES = "e-wm" to local.conf (and ofc the meta-efl folder to bblayers), shouldn't the dependencies make me fetch all the efl packages ?09:35
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bluelightningoswin: is e-wm a valid DISTRO_FEATURES value?09:57
oswinbluelightning, how can I know this ?09:58
vicenteolivertHello, good morning :-)09:58
bluelightningoswin: well, what suggested to you that you should add it to DISTRO_FEATURES?09:58
bluelightningmorning vicenteolivert09:58
vicenteolivertHi bluelightning, how was your weekend? :-)09:59
bluelightningvicenteolivert: not too bad, and yours?09:59
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vicenteolivertbluelightning: I went to see the Hobbit movie :P10:00
oswinbluelightning, I thought it was the right was regarding other examples ^^10:00
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bluelightningvicenteolivert: nice... I'd like to see that as well10:01
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vicenteolivertbluelightning: it's a good movie, in my opinion.10:02
bluelightningvicenteolivert: well, it was made in my home country, so I'd like to think so :)10:02
vicenteolivertbluelightning: are you from NZ?10:02
bluelightningvicenteolivert: I am, yes10:03
vicenteolivertWow, first person I ever meet from that place.10:03
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bluelightningoswin: e-wm is a recipe / package name, not a valid DISTRO_FEATURES item10:03
vicenteolivertWell..., changing the topic, does anyone can help me with this error? It fails at the point of making the rootfs:
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bluelightningant_work: is that the error you saw? ^10:07
oswinbluelightning, do you have some good reference for yocto beginners about recipe/distro usage and inclusion. I read the user guide, it gives a lot of general information but I feel a bit lost when I go through the several meta data, I don't know what it provides, and how or where to include the things correctly.$10:08
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bluelightningoswin: well, the only real documentation we have are the manuals10:12
bluelightningoswin: I'm happy to answer specific questions here though10:12
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ant_workbluelightning: seesm the same as in JaMa logs10:12
bluelightningant_work: was there a workaround?10:13
ant_workI think it is fixed in master10:13
bluelightningoswin: FYI, DISTRO_FEATURES select from a more-or-less set list of features that feed into options used at compile time, so you wouldn't put names of recipes or packages in there10:13
bluelightningvicenteolivert: what version of the build system are you using?10:13
ant_workworkaround is probably to get rid of/rename the device_table files in meta-handheld10:13
vicenteolivertbluelightning: master (you mean that?)10:14
oswinbluelightning, for example : what is the simplest way to add e-wm to poky distro, for a temporary test. Should I just add the package inclusion in local.conf (with IMAGE_INSTALL ?) ?10:14
bluelightningvicenteolivert: ok, how recent master?10:14
vicenteolivertbluelightning: last friday.10:14
bluelightningoswin: there are a number of ways:
ant_workor to add IMAGE_DEVICE_TABLES = "" to the offended initramfs images10:14
bluelightningoswin: probably the easiest way to do it temporarily would be via IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " e-wm" though yes (and don't miss out the leading space in the value)10:15
bluelightningvicenteolivert: which machine are you building for?10:16
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vicenteolivertMIPS32 Little Endian.10:16
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oswinbluelightning, ok thanks. btw is it usual that the linux-yocto kernel take veeeeeerry long to fetch ?10:18
bluelightningoswin: it shouldn't, no... I guess it may depend on your internet connection though10:18
bluelightningvicenteolivert: oh yes I remember now10:19
bluelightningvicenteolivert: you don't have meta-handheld in your bblayers.conf by any chance do you?10:19
vicenteolivertbluelightning: Let me check.10:19
vicenteolivertbluelightning: this is my bblayers.conf :
oswinbluelightning, I've got 100MB/s in effective, is it possible to show the DL speed or percentage ? I have no info with -DDD about this10:21
vicenteolivertIt's as is by default. I haven't changed anything.10:21
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bluelightningvicenteolivert: ok10:24
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vicenteolivertbluelightning: any clues?10:26
bluelightningvicenteolivert: it looks like the fix for that just went in... try doing git pull10:29
vicenteolivertbluelightning: now I'm running "bitbake core-image-basic" again, and it's doing all the job again. Is that normal?10:32
bluelightningvicenteolivert: likely one or more of the other changes since you last pulled changed something that means those tasks need to be re-executed10:32
vicenteolivertbluelightning: ok. I hope it works :-p I'll let you know when it finishes.10:33
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oswinwhich version of python do you use (on host) ?10:46
bluelightningoswin: python 2.7.x10:46
bluelightningoswin: we have buildtools-tarball for those systems that have a python version that is too old / new10:47
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oswinbluelightning, ok thanks, it was just for the case yocto was better optimized for v311:20
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rburtonoswin: there's porting of bitbake to py3 ongoing, but it's a non-trivial codebase so the port isn't easy.11:26
vicenteolivertbluelightning: it worked!11:30
vicenteolivertThank you very much.11:30
bluelightningvicenteolivert: no problem :)11:31
vicenteolivertbluelightning: but I don't understand why now it only creates a .ext rootfs image and not a .cpio.gz like the last time (I used core-image-minimal the last time)11:32
bluelightningvicenteolivert: that's controlled by IMAGE_FSTYPES11:32
vicenteolivertbluelightning: If I try to do it now, do I need to recompile everything? (I guess no...)11:33
bluelightningvicenteolivert: no, it'll just re-run the image generation part11:33
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #57 of nightly is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at
vicenteolivertbluelightning: seems that it doesn't work well... It creates an empty cpio.gz file and creates a ext3 file again.11:44
bluelightningvicenteolivert: how are you setting IMAGE_FSTYPES?11:44
vicenteolivertIMAGE_FSTYPES = "cpio.gz"11:45
vicenteolivertThat way, bluelightning.11:45
vicenteolivertIn my local.conf11:45
bluelightningvicenteolivert: anything useful in log.do_rootfs?11:49
vicenteolivertbluelightning: should that file be on my ./build/tmp/ directory?11:51
bluelightningvicenteolivert: tmp/work/<machine>-poky-linux/<image>/1.0-r0/temp/  yes11:52
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vicenteolivertbluelightning: I don't see anything useful. Is there a way to for the rebuild of the image without removing the tmp/ directory?11:55
bluelightningvicenteolivert: I don't think forcing is going to help this11:57
vicenteolivertI tried to create an ext2 image and it creates it well.11:57
vicenteolivertBut the cpio.gz is empty. Only 4KB.11:58
bluelightningright, so forcing definitely won't help11:58
bluelightningdid you check log.do_rootfs after building with cpio.gz in IMAGE_FSTYPES?11:58
vicenteolivertbluelightning: I can do it again if you want. Is safe to remove the content on tmp/work/<machine>-poky-linux/<image>/1.0-r0/temp/ right?12:00
bluelightningvicenteolivert: you don't need to remove that, it's just the logs and scripts that get written out every time12:03
vicenteolivertOk, then I'm going to run bitbake again.12:04
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vicenteolivertbluelightning: this is what I do:
vicenteolivertbluelightning: and here you have the log file:
bluelightningvicenteolivert: so this is strange... the text at the end suggests that there's not a lot in the image at all12:14
vicenteolivertbluelightning: yes, but the ext3 image it's ok.12:15
vicenteolivert$ du -hs core-image-basic-qemumips-20131216103019.rootfs.ext312:15
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bluelightningvicenteolivert: I'm not sure what is happening but something is going wrong there12:19
bluelightningvicenteolivert: I will try the same here after lunch12:19
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vicenteolivertbluelightning: do you know how to transform an .ext3 image to .cpio.gz?12:19
vicenteolivertI think qemu can do it with qemu-img convert ...12:20
bluelightningvicenteolivert: well, at the most basic level just mount the image and then use cpio + gzip to compress it again12:20
rburtondoes anyone actually use the cpio.gz files?12:20
bluelightningthat shouldn't be necessary of course...12:20
vicenteolivertrburton: it's useful to put it into a kernel as a initramfs.12:21
oswinIf feel like my yocto build is very slow. I just can't understand why a do_unpack of ncurses take more than several minutes, while CPU usage is near 15% and disk access not over a MB (both r/w). Is that a normal situation ?12:21
rburtonvicenteolivert: fair enough.12:21
rburtonoswin: no12:22
bluelightningoswin: do_unpack of ncurses taking that long is very unusual12:22
oswindo you have an idea what could be the source of this slowness ?12:22
rburtonunpack should be just extracting the tarballs.12:23
rburtonoswin: definitely just the unpack stage? can you replicate if you do bitbake ncurses -c unpack -f?12:23
oswinI have several shell, tar and python process (running 8 tasks) but all seems be pending, they uses 0% CPU12:24
rburtonio contention?12:25
oswinrburton, gonna try a separate build, but I think it's everything who's slow, fetch should be faster regarding my Internet access speed, build should be faster too12:25
oswineven stopping the process with ctrl-c (once) takes 5 minutes12:25
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rburtonwell that's a clean stop, so depends on what's currently running.12:26
rburtonthat bitbake command i said will just do the unpack of ncurses12:26
rburtonand if that's still slow you can instrument it a bit12:27
rburtontotally worth checking that  your CPU isn't overheating though, if everything is slow :)12:27
bluelightningor disk failing...12:28
bluelightningor some other process eating I/O bandwidth12:28
rburtonas unpack is only a tar command, a disk that's having trouble finding sectors it entirely plausable12:29
oswinrburton, (still waiting bitbake closing to test separate build)12:29
oswindoes tar temporary extract file to the system disk ?12:30
oswincould be part of the problem, I have yocto on a secondary disk12:31
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oswinOh I found some nasty HAL daemon making IO overhead12:36
*** rainerschuster <rainerschuster!> has joined #yocto12:38
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oswindo you have yocto on a journalized FS ?12:39
LetoThe2ndwhat else might be needed when depending on fortran? libgfortran seems to build, but the packages configure still fails:
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*** oswin <oswin!> has joined #yocto12:50
*** tf_ is now known as tf12:50
oswinFound some useful informations here :, running like a charm now !12:50
oswinthanks for your help12:50
*** sroy_ <sroy_!> has joined #yocto12:51
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LetoThe2ndany ideas what might be needed to link against fortan? see paste line 28912:59
LetoThe2ndrespectively, line 669913:01
*** Jay7 <Jay7!> has quit IRC13:07
*** Jay7 <Jay7!> has joined #yocto13:09
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LetoThe2ndRP: ping ^^13:21
RPLetoThe2nd: first question is why is the compiler using  -L/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.6 -L/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu -L/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu ?13:28
RPLetoThe2nd: all those paths look wrong13:28
RPLetoThe2nd: to be honest whilst I made the fortran compiler build I don't use it and I don't have much idea about how you're supposed to use it13:29
*** zeddii_home <zeddii_home!> has joined #yocto13:34
LetoThe2ndRP: i don't have much of a clue about it too, i'm just trying to cough up a recipe for R13:36
vicenteolivertWhich image is bigger, core-image-base or core-image-basic?13:36
*** walters <walters!> has joined #yocto13:37
vicenteolivertWith core-image-base I have a complain like this:  ; with core-image-basic I don't have that message.13:38
LetoThe2ndRP: the corresponding is here:
*** oswin <oswin!> has quit IRC13:46
RPLetoThe2nd: I simply don't know. Without diving into it and trying to learn how it all works I simply don't know how to help13:46
LetoThe2ndRP: ok, no worries. just wanted to give it a last try ;)13:46
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draskoHI all, I am getting: mac80211.c:21:38: fatal error: libnl3/netlink/genl/genl.h: No such file or directory14:29
draskowhere to look?14:29
draskoI am trying to compile netsniff-ng package14:30
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vicenteolivertbluelightning: I have removed the build directory and started again, but I still having the same problem (an empty cpio.gz image). This is the full process:
bluelightningvicenteolivert: I didn't expect that would help14:45
vicenteolivertbluelightning: also, I have mounted the ext3 image, and it doesn't look ok:
vicenteolivertOnly /var/ and /etc/ directories with only a few files?14:49
bluelightningvicenteolivert: right, that's what the log was suggesting14:49
*** kmn <kmn!~knikkane@2001:998:22:0:2831:c5cb:4d7a:f8c> has quit IRC14:49
bluelightningsomething has gone wrong there14:49
*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC14:50
vicenteolivertbluelightning: and this is very weird too:
bluelightningvicenteolivert: that's probably sparse file stuff at work - empty space not being allocated14:52
vicenteolivertIs the first time I see that :-)14:52
bluelightningwell, that's my only idea as to why you'd see that behaviour14:53
vicenteolivertbluelightning: do you have any idea to fix this?14:54
*** kmn <kmn!~knikkane@2001:998:22:0:2831:c5cb:4d7a:f8c> has joined #yocto14:54
*** forcev is now known as FunkyPenguin14:58
vicenteolivertAnd this is another problem when I try to use core-image-base and core-image-sato:
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*** FunkyPenguin <FunkyPenguin!~quassel@opensuse/member/FunkyPenguin> has joined #yocto14:58
vicenteolivertIt tries to pull in linux-yocto and then I have two kernels, linux-yocto and linux-dummy.15:00
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gagiIs there a way to know the target architecture inside a nativesdk package e.g. cortexa9-vfp-neon-yocto-linux-gnueabi ?15:31
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bluelightningvicenteolivert: ok I think I have reproduced your problem here15:43
T0mWOk, really confused in migrating from Bernard-5.0.1 to Dora-10.0.0.  I have a working system under Bernard, Dora is weird.  If I build the 'core-image-sato', I get an /etc/modprobe.d, but 'core-image-minimal' does not produce that.15:44
*** jmdelos_ <jmdelos_!> has joined #yocto15:44
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T0mWWhat I cannot figure out, yet, is what package group it is in sata that allows the use of kernel modutils (/etc/modprobe.d).15:45
T0mWIt looks like something to do with meta/classes/kernel.bbclass ??15:45
*** g1zer0 <g1zer0!> has joined #yocto15:46
T0mWWhat is trigging 'core-image-sato' to make the needed '/etc/modprobe.d/' directory in the final image?15:46
kergothsee buildhistory, it should have detailed information about the contents of the image, including package lists and package file lists, should be able to track it down there15:47
kergothotherwise yo ucould just boot core-image-sato and query the package manager to see what owns /etc/modprobe.d15:47
*** forcev <forcev!> has joined #yocto15:47
T0mWkergoth: elaborate on the package manager query please?  Any docs on that?  It is something new.15:48
*** ubik3000 <ubik3000!~cristiani@> has joined #yocto15:48
T0mWkergoth: what would be an example of pacakge manager query? e.g. 'rpm -ql XXX'15:48
kergothdepends on what package manager you're using15:48
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T0mWSo, I guess that is 'smart'?15:49
*** reanguiano <reanguiano!> has joined #yocto15:49
kergothsmart is the yum replacement, it doesn't replace rpm15:49
kergothrpm is still the underlying package manager15:50
kergothiirc you'd want rpm -qf or something, i'd double check the rpm documentation, i don't use rpm distros very often15:50
*** joeythesaint <joeythesaint!~jjm@> has joined #yocto15:50
T0mWkergoth: thanks15:50
T0mWkergoth: once I get a handle on who is producing the directory, I can grep my way back.15:51
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vicenteolivertbluelightning: really? Then is not *my* problem, right?15:52
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bluelightningvicenteolivert: no, I didn't think it was ;)15:54
bluelightningvicenteolivert: I still can't quite tell what's causing it15:54
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vicenteolivertbluelightning: anyway, there is an important problem on Yocto that developers need to fix; the recipe linux-yocto (which I guess is a very important recipe) seems to mix the endianess when you try to build it on Little Endian (at least on MIPS32 Little Endian).15:58
WarheadsSEI have a custom bsp layer included, and the bbappend is applied, however the defconfig is that of the original meta-fsl-arm/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-imx-*/mx6q/defconfig and not from my overlayed layer. if anyone has insight as to what I missed .. I would appreciate it.15:58
*** zeeblex <zeeblex!apalalax@nat/intel/x-emtzcqwkmdhqfast> has left #yocto15:58
bluelightningvicenteolivert: if you could file a bug about that explaining the problem that would be very much appreciated15:58
vicenteolivertbluelightning: yes I can. Mind to give me the Yocto's bugzilla url please?15:59
*** g1zer0 <g1zer0!> has quit IRC15:59
bluelightningvicenteolivert: bugzilla.yoctoproject.org15:59
vicenteolivertOh, easy.15:59
*** maharvey <maharvey!~maharvey@> has joined #yocto16:00
bluelightningWarheadsSE: unfortunately meta-fsl-arm has put its defconfig file there into a directory that means it will be picked up ahead of yours (due to the order of OVERRIDES)16:01
bluelightningWarheadsSE: I don't think they should be doing this16:01
*** zeddii_home_ <zeddii_home_!> has joined #yocto16:01
bluelightningWarheadsSE: to work around it you can put your file in a subdirectory named with the machine name (as an example)16:02
bluelightningotavio: ^16:02
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bluelightningvicenteolivert: try commenting out the PACKAGE_EXCLUDE line16:03
WarheadsSEbluelightning: thanks.16:03
bluelightningvicenteolivert: see if that fixes it16:03
WarheadsSEbluelightning: so, mx6q/imx6qmalak .. as an example16:04
*** hollisb <hollisb!> has joined #yocto16:04
WarheadsSEor should it be just the machine16:04
bluelightningWarheadsSE: no, it would just be imx6qmalak assuming that's the MACHINE value16:04
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bluelightningvicenteolivert: so it seems we've already logged a bug for the underlying problem:
yoctiBug 5311: normal, Medium+, 1.5.1, paul, WaitForUpstream , can't use PACKAGE_EXCLUDE with an ipk image based16:23
* zeddii_home can't tell if anyone is around with the hit of exit/enters16:23
zeddii_homeregardless, if you copy the existing qemumips.conf and change the machine to "qemumipsel" linux-yocto will dig up the little endian config.16:23
vicenteolivertbluelightning: I was trying to register a new account on that bugzilla but seems that I can't receive emails right now :S16:23
vicenteolivertzeddii_home: really!? That's very easy then.16:23
zeddii_homeit gets built infrequently, so I'm keen to hear how it goes. I'll be around to assist.16:23
vicenteolivertzeddii_home: I'm going to try it. If that's correct, I will not need the linux-dummy and the PACKAGE_EXCLUDE.16:23
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vicenteolivertzeddii_home: thank you very much.16:23
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vicenteolivertzeddii_home: before trying it, just a quick question. When I create the BSP with this command "yocto-bsp create <name> <arch>", should that arch be "mips", or "mipsel" instead?16:30
*** fray <fray!> has joined #yocto16:30
vicenteolivertIf I list the arches, only mips is avaiable.16:30
*** fpaut is now known as fpaut_16:30
zeddii_homeI'd say mipsel, but since we don't have an "exposed" mipsel machine, the BSP script likely can't handle it.16:31
zeddii_homeso go with mips, and edit the userspace tune and machine name to what I mentioned.16:31
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has quit IRC16:31
vicenteolivertzeddii_home: yeah, I have already copied the qemumips.conf to qemumipsel.conf, and I still having DEFAULTTUNE = "mips32el" in my local.conf16:33
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WarheadsSEbluelightning_: :/ no luck, mv mx6q imx6qmalak; bitbake -c cleanall linux-imx; bitbake linux-imx16:34
WarheadsSEsame defconfig ..16:34
*** forcev is now known as FunkyPenguin16:34
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vicenteolivertbluelightning_: about the bug of "PACKAGE_EXCLUDE with an ipk", I'm using ipk because I read somewhere that it pulls less dependences. I don't mind to use rpm instead... Anyway, now I have removed the PACKAGE_EXCLUDE, but is worth knowing that such a bug exists. Thank you :-)16:41
*** Daemon405 is now known as Daemon40416:53
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ant_workzeddii_home: wrt linux-yocto_3.12: when?17:04
* ant_work awaiting to drop many patches from layer17:04
zeddii_homeI've updated the -dev kernel to 3.12.x already, but for Yocto 1.6 we were going to head to 3.13, so I hadn't planned on dropping a "versioned" linux-yocto for 3.12. I expect to have 3.13 out shortly, we are working on integrating the new kernels into the master under test builds before I throw the switch, so 3.12 has stayed longer to keep some stability  .. long answer :)17:05
*** mihai <mihai!~mihai@> has quit IRC17:06
*** mranosta1 is now known as mranostay17:06
ant_workzeddii_home: heh, I have the patches in 3.10 and in -dev ;) 3.13 sounds even better17:06
* zeddii_home isn't superstitious about 13, so it should be a good one ;)17:07
ant_workoh, btw, I've 'discovered' that to use the shrunk defconfig I need alldefconfig17:10
ant_work# re-expand the defconfig produced by 'make savedefconfig'17:10
ant_workKCONFIG_MODE = "--alldefconfig"17:10
*** roric <roric!~roric@> has quit IRC17:10
ant_workI did that in linux-yocto-tiny17:10
ant_worklinux-yocto-tiny_kexecboot_3.10.bbappend to be precise17:11
ant_workzeddii: logically, isn't? I've overlooked it for so long...17:14
zeddii_homeha :) indeed17:18
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T0mWkergoth: ok, I see, packagegroup-XXX replaces the old task-XXX, got it.17:27
*** fpaut_ is now known as fpaut17:28
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weebetwriting my first recipe to compile a out of the shelf library (fastcgi) following the example there : I am getting ./configure not found but it is available in the build directory. the build directory has the following files : fastcgi-2.4.1, fcgi-2.4.1 <- library sources, temp, license_destdir. where should the directory17:52
weebetbe ?17:52
*** scot <scot!~scot@> has joined #yocto17:55
bluelightningweebet: that sounds like you need to set S to point to the actual dir where the source has been extracted (I'm guessing S = "${WORKDIR}/fcgi-${PV}" )17:56
*** _alex_kag_ <_alex_kag_!~alex_kag@> has joined #yocto17:58
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weebetHello bluelightning. I tried this, and I also tried ${WORKDIR}/fcgi-${PV}/fcgi-2.4.1-SNAP0311112127 and no luck with this. I understand the the subdirectory must be named like the SRC_URI:// name ?18:00
bluelightningweebet: it's entirely dependent on the structure of the archive you're downloading18:00
bluelightningweebet: i.e. it's dictated by upstream18:00
* bluelightning has to go18:01
vicenteolivertzeddii_home: thank you soooo much. It's working now!18:02
vicenteolivertbluelightning: goodbye, see you tomorrow. And thanks for your help :-)18:02
bluelightningvicenteolivert: np18:02
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vicenteolivertI'm going home to. See you tomorrow!18:12
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lpapphi, why is Yocto not checking the linux kernel out as a git repository?18:26
lpappit is getting painful to work on a Linux kernel patch with Yocto this way.18:26
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lpappwhy is Yocto not rebuilding my kernel code after some modification in ./tmp/build?18:32
*** reaperofsouls <reaperofsouls!> has joined #yocto18:37
ndec_lpapp: eheh, that's funny! a couple of weeks/months ago, i remember you were complaining when yocto was checking out from git instead of using tarball. ;-)18:38
ndec_also, i think that linux-yocto is using git by default, so it should be a git repo already.18:40
*** ndec_ is now known as ndec18:40
weebetin a recipe S = "${WORKDIR}" is pointing where ?18:41
lpappndec: I was not complaining.18:41
lpappndec: I think you somewhat misremember the complain... ;-)18:41
lpappndec: I was complaining *why* Yocto does not support embedded git repositories if someone (rightfully) stores the yocto project with custom layers under git.18:42
lpappndec: well, for me, the linux stuff is not a git repository.18:42
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lpapphow can I enforce the kernel rebuild without deleting the fetched folder?18:59
weebetmaybe bitbake -c cleannstate19:00
lpappyou mean cleansstate?19:02
lpappI will make a backup first.19:02
weebetyes, cleansstate19:02
JaMacleansstate keeps donwnload in downloads folder19:03
JaMaif you want to remove that as well use cleanall19:03
JaMaah I see _without_ now19:03
lpappno, I would like to keep the work folder.19:03
lpappnot just the download19:03
JaMacleansstate is right19:03
lpappas I have local modifications.19:03
JaMaah work folder too?19:03
JaMa-c compile -f19:04
lpappah, that was it, thanks.19:04
lpappJaMa: good that you walked in before me running cleansstate. :)19:04
lpapphmm, the output does not show the compilation warnings by default.19:05
lpappis it possible to get them to the stdout?19:05
lpappotherwise, warnings can easily sneak in.19:06
*** ddalex <ddalex!~ddalex@> has quit IRC19:09
JaMawell I also didn't know that by "fetched folder" you mean workdir :) so making backup is always good thing19:12
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lpappndec: are you sure denzil also fetched the linux kernel from git?20:12
*** smartin_ <smartin_!> has joined #yocto20:13
ndechmm. i am sure dylan and above do...20:13
lpappfind ./tmp/work/bar-foo-linux-gnueabi/linux-foo/3.2.1-r3/ -name .git20:14
lpappbecause definitely, this does not return anything, really.20:14
*** wdenk1 <wdenk1!> has joined #yocto20:14
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lpappndec: ^20:15
ndeci need a few mins. not with my pc right now20:15
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__ccubehi I am gettin many | ./config.status: line 703: /home/le/build/poky/build/tmp-eglibc/sysroots/x86_64-linux/bin/sed: No such file or directory errors since today.20:25
weebettrying to create a new recipe to compile the fcgi library. I am getting the following error : (in configure script) checking whether the C compiler works... configure: error: cannot run C compiled programs if you meant to cross compile, use `--host`. what that means ? and where to add the --host ?20:26
ndeclpapp: yes, i definitely get the .git with dylan.20:31
lpappndec: denzil?20:32
mr_sciencesomething changed on master recently with the git fetcher20:32
mr_scienceif your git recipe relies on a tag for checkout it will most likely fail20:33
lpappweebet: for configure20:33
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ndeclpapp: looking at bitbake, the 'git checkout' feature was added in 1.16 version of bitbake which went in danny. so i am afraid denzil does have that.20:42
lpappunfortunate, but thanks...20:43
lpappwe use dylan though, but with forked linux kernel package...20:43
lpappfrom denzil20:43
lpappis it possible to easily to get the recipe updated to the checkout thingie?20:43
ndeclpapp: that's a bitbake fetcher feature, so if your recipe use git:// in SRC_URI, that should be done automatically20:45
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Marex_I would like to ask about conditionally stripping an entry in ${PROVIDES}22:23
Marex_what I am trying to do here is to remove virtual/kernel from ${PROVIDES} depending on the name of package I will be building22:24
Marex_I tried this22:24
Marex_(in my custom
kergothPROVIDES_remove = "${@'foo' if PN == 'bar' else ''}"22:24
kergothassuming a recent poky/yocto22:24
Marex_kergoth: 1.522:25
Marex_kergoth: thanks :)22:25
Marex_kergoth: I didn't even finish putting my idea together and here is a solution already, really, thanks22:25
kergothbut that sounds questionable, i'd take a step back and make sure that's the right approach first22:25
Marex_kergoth: I have a package which produces and SD card image22:25
Marex_it depends on two different kernel images, which both provide virtual/kernel22:26
Marex_so I want to remove it from one of those22:26
mr_sciencepreferred_provider doesn't do it for you?22:26
Marex_mr_science: my package depends on both linux-foo and linux-bar , both of them have virtual/kernel in PROVIDES, since that comes from kernel.bbclass22:27
Marex_mr_science: I would like to remove the virtual/kernel from PROVIDES based exactly on PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel22:27
kergothyou do realize that the two are likely to step on one another and break the build elsewhere, right? they'll both write to STAGING_KERNEL_DIR in teh sysroot, etc22:27
kergothunless you override a number of things in one of them22:28
mr_scienceright, so your conf might have PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = "package_foo"22:28
kergothmr_science: no, he wants both to build in a single build22:29
kergothwhich bitbake will be unhappy about if both are providing hte same thing22:29
kergothbut removing the provide isn't going to change the fact that the two really do both provide some of the same things :)22:29
kergothbitbake is unhappy for good reason22:29
kergothpresumably you could override do_install in one of them as well as removing the provide, however22:30
Marex_kergoth: that's my plan22:31
mr_scienceyeah, i have classic build that does both a "nand_setup" image which also builds a rescue_image and uses it as the install payload22:31
Marex_kergoth: thanks for the help, I will try and see22:31
mr_sciencebut they use the same kernel so not quite the same thing...22:31
kergothMarex_: np22:32
mr_scienceMarex_: i could probably help more if i understood  your requirements...22:33
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Marex_mr_science: I will break my build soon, so I will beg you soon :)22:35
mr_sciencei'd have more time in the evening22:36
mr_sciencetrying to debug my latest build right now...22:36
Marex_mr_science: I am already full of coffee22:36
Marex_yep, xmas are coming22:36
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Marex_kergoth: is this a correct syntax ? PROVIDES="${@'virtual/kernel' if ${PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel} != ${PN} else '' }" ?22:40
Marex_please ?22:40
kergothyou're using values without quoting22:42
kergothit'll expand to someting like 'virtual/kernel' if foo != bar else ''22:42
kergothso it'll tread foo and bar as identifiers, not python strings22:42
kergothadd quotes around your ${} at a minimum22:43
Marex_PROVIDES="${@'virtual/kernel' if '${PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel}' != '${PN}' else '' }" like this ?22:43
kergothyes, but the logic sounds backwards22:43
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kergothprovide a kernel if you aren't going to prefer this kernel?22:43
* kergoth shrugs22:44
kergothregardless, yes, syntactically that looks reasonable22:44
Marex_PROVIDES_remove="${@'virtual/kernel' if '${PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel}' != '${PN}' else '' }" like this ?22:44
Marex_should be better I suppose22:44
kergothindeed, yes22:44
Marex_now let me step on my toes :)22:45
Marex_thank you guys22:45
Marex_should i not use PROVIDES -= instead ?22:46
kergoththere's no such thing as -=22:47
kergothso no22:47
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Marex_kergoth: are you sure about the conditional in there ?23:01
Marex_PROVIDES_remove="${@'virtual/kernel' if '${PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel}' != '${PN}' else 'virtual/kernel' }" does never remove the 'virtual/kernel'23:02
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Marex_PROVIDES_remove :=23:06
JaMais it just me or do you have virtual/kernel in both branches?23:06
Marex_JaMa: I want to check if it's ever removed or not, so that was intended23:06
JaMaah ok23:06
Marex_hm ... noes23:10
Marex_this := doesn't work either23:10
Marex_virtual/kernel is never removed from PROVIDES23:11
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mr_scienceMarex_: seems like you really want just one virtual/kernel provider23:19
mr_sciencemaybe have your other kernel recipe provide something else instead23:19
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Marex_mr_science: indeed23:30
Marex_mr_science: why can I not use the _remove ?23:30
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mr_scienceno idea, never tried that one...23:49
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Marex_mr_science: I will now go drop into the bed23:50
Marex_mr_science: thanks for the help!23:50
mr_sciencenot that it was all that helpful, but okay...23:50
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