Tuesday, 2013-12-17

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #53 of nightly-multilib is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org:8011/builders/nightly-multilib/builds/5302:28
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #53 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org:8011/builders/nightly-x86-64/builds/5302:34
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #53 of nightly-x86 is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org:8011/builders/nightly-x86/builds/5303:29
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #58 of nightly is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org:8011/builders/nightly/builds/5807:11
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vicenteolivertHello, good morning.10:06
* LetoThe2nd agrees on the "morning" part10:06
bluelightningmorning all10:09
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__ccubePlease use a umask which allows a+rx and u+rwx10:24
__ccubewhat exactly is here wrong?10:24
__ccubecheck_sanity_eventhandler outputs this when trying to build with buildbot10:25
rburton__ccube: the yocto autobuilder which is based on buildbot set umask to 02210:27
rburton__ccube: so maybe buildbot changes the umask10:28
rburton__ccube: i do recommend you try yocto-autobuilder, it's based on buildbot and pretty neat for yocto builds10:28
__ccubeis it kind a fork of buildbot?10:29
rburtonno, it uses buildbot10:29
rburtonthere are a few patches to buildbot in the repo iirc10:29
rburtonbuildbot is a framework etc etc10:30
__ccubeill have a a look at it. :)10:30
__ccubeseems to work when settind umask 022 in build script.10:32
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zibrirp: have you had a chance to look at my proposed git fetcher changes?11:02
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RPzibri: not enough to write a detailed enough reply :(11:07
RPzibri: I think some of the patches are ok but some also make me nervous11:07
zibriright. would you prefer it if i break out the "real" changes from the unittest changes?11:07
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RPzibri: there probably is a bit much going on in that specific commit, yes11:11
zibrirp: which commit are you refering to?11:11
RPzibri: I don't know11:14
RPzibri: let me go and look at the patches :/11:14
zibri(because i don't see that. but the patch series does contain two distinct changes, the reason for this being that i tried to do my change "tdd-ish")11:15
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RPzibri: the trouble with these patches is you're both splitting things up into smaller functions for testing purposes and changing the behaviour11:19
RPzibri: it makes it harder to see what is going on, at least to the way I visualise things. There isn't anything wrong with the patches as such, it just isn't easy for me to parse11:20
RPzibri: every time I touch the fetcher, I end up with several weeks of bug fixing as we break corner cases :(11:20
RPzibri: I will try and merge some of the patches and then look closer at the remaining ones11:21
* RP has now lost track of the sstate business I was trying to look at11:22
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zibrirp: sure. but i did try to avoid changing behavior for the test changes at least. the exception is the changes to _contains_ref, but afaict it's only used within the git fetcher.11:23
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bluelightningdany: ping11:47
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ZaifHi all, What is the procedure to have two image builds? I have got one for my regular use and I want to create another test image with just some recipes on it. How can I have two build directories?11:58
bluelightningZaif: for building two images you don't need separate build dirs11:59
bluelightningZaif: just separate image recipes11:59
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bluelightningunless I'm misunderstanding the question11:59
ZaifIf I run bitbake test-console-image, does it swipe my old rootfs files in  build directory and replace it with new rootfs?12:00
Zaifbluelightning ^12:00
bluelightningZaif: for test-console-image yes, but if you have a test-console2-image or some other recipe name, that's a completely separate image12:00
Zaifbluelightning ok got it.12:02
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Zaifbluelightning Why is yocto build showing  Currently 1 running tasks (5057 of 5059): , eventhough I have just 10 small recipes in my test-console-image.bb recipe?12:05
ZaifIs it building again all those recipes?12:06
bluelightningZaif: it's not building them all again, if it's at 5057 of 5059 it's probably just doing do_rootfs for the image12:07
Zaifbluelightning ok. got it. Thank you12:08
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Dennis__Hi everyone. "PREMIRRORS_prepend = "\ git://.*/.* http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/sources/ \n \ ..." in local.conf  (as described in http://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/1.0/poky-ref-manual/poky-ref-manual.html ) doesn't seem to work for me. I get "Fetcher failure for URL: 'git://git.yoctoproject.org/prelink-cross.git'. Unable to fetch URL from any source". Any pointers?12:10
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bluelightningDennis__: that's a really old version of the manual - which version of the build system are you using?12:13
Dennis__Using 1.4 dylan i think12:14
bluelightningok, in which case the current manual is at: http://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/1.4/ref-manual/ref-manual.html12:14
bluelightning(for 1.4)12:14
bluelightningDennis__: we do already set those mirrors up though12:15
bluelightningDennis__: if you're trying to set up your own internal mirror I'd recommend using own-mirrors though, it's a lot easier to use12:16
bluelightningDennis__: https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/How_do_I#Q:_How_do_I_create_my_own_source_download_mirror_.3F12:17
bluelightning(assuming that's what you're trying to do)12:17
Dennis__yes we already have that for some images, but now im trying to build sdk and it seems the system wants some additional sources, that are not yet on our internal mirror. that works fine as long as there are http mirrors available but it doesn't work for packages with only git: available12:20
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Dennis__It's not able to pull git sources of the form 1.0+gitAUTOINC+6822ec76aa-r012:24
Dennis__I'm using poky so the premirrors are already correctly defined in meta-yocto/conf/distro/poky.conf but it still isn't able to receive prelink-cross  1.0+gitAUTOINC+6822ec76aa-r012:29
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Dennis__bluelightning it works when i change the SRC_URI in the prelink_git.bb to "git://git.yoctoproject.org/git/prelink-cross.git;protocol=http"12:42
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Dennis__the problem is that some recipes use custom git tags and those don't seem to be available via http://downloads.yoctoproject.org/mirror/sources/12:45
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bluelightningDennis__: perhaps git is being blocked by your firewall/proxy?13:27
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Dennis__bluelightning: yes that's exactly why i need to have working premirrors, sadly this isn't the case for packages that use SRCREV in their recipes (they all seem to have a name *_git.bb).13:54
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Dennis__im now using local.conf to define custom mirrors for those packages, because in the end the repositories are mostly available over http,13:55
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Dennis__MIRRORS =+ "\     git://git.yoctoproject.org/prelink-cross.git        git://git.yoctoproject.org/git/prelink-cross;protocol=http \n "13:56
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ramoseHow Do I install pam_faildelay package14:39
ramoseis there any recipe exist for the same?14:39
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ramoseAny suggestion for installing pam_faildelay package14:54
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bluelightningramose: is that part of pam or some third-party add-on?14:57
ramosebluelightning: I think its part of PAM module14:58
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bluelightningramose: each pam plugin is in a separate package - I think you just need to install pam-plugin-faildelay15:03
ramosebluelightning: would you tell me ,how should I intsall this pam-plugin-faildelay package15:06
ramoseI never install any packge earlier15:07
bluelightningramose: you just need to add it to your image15:07
bluelightningramose: http://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/current/dev-manual/dev-manual.html#usingpoky-extend-customimage15:07
ramosebluelightning: but I have to define a recipe for that,right?15:10
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bluelightningramose: well, probably you should have your own image recipe15:14
ramoseyes i have my own image recipe15:14
bluelightningramose: ok, then you should just add to IMAGE_INSTALL within that15:14
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ramosebluelightning: Thanks ,I guess its compiling through bitbake15:15
ramosejust for understanding wanted to know where its souce is ?15:15
ramosei mean there must be some recipe file where pam tarball will be fetched and compiled ,right?15:16
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bluelightningramose: sure, the pam recipe can be found in meta/recipes-extended/pam/15:17
ramosebluelightning: ok ,let me check the poky source.15:18
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ramosebluelightning: also one more small point wanted to check with you15:19
*** D4v33 <D4v33!~Thunderbi@host-92-27-209-188.static.as13285.net> has joined #yocto15:19
bluelightningramose: sure15:20
*** Zaif <Zaif!~zaif@pc-sig01.acc.uni-paderborn.de> has quit IRC15:20
ramosecurrently my sshd authentication is going through /etc/passwd file but can I still use pam-plugin-faildelay to do task like delaying ssh login time?15:21
*** diego <diego!~diego@host65-246-static.10-188-b.business.telecomitalia.it> has joined #yocto15:21
*** diego is now known as Guest8519015:22
bluelightningramose: as far as I know, if the system is configured to use PAM then it should be using that for authentication15:24
bluelightningramose: are you using OpenSSH or dropbear?15:24
bluelightningdo you have pam in DISTRO_FEATURES?15:24
*** panda84kde <panda84kde!~diego@host65-246-static.10-188-b.business.telecomitalia.it> has quit IRC15:25
ramosebluelightning:Do I have to check local.conf for that?15:26
bluelightningramose: if you haven't set it yourself, the answer will be no15:28
bluelightningramose: if you want to use PAM, you do need to add it though if you haven't done so15:28
bluelightningi.e. DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " pam"15:29
bluelightningand yes you would need to do that in local.conf or your custom distro config15:29
*** zeeblex <zeeblex!~apalalax@> has left #yocto15:29
*** ant_work <ant_work!~Andrea@host54-128-static.10-188-b.business.telecomitalia.it> has quit IRC15:30
ramoseok fine bluelightning :but would it make any conflict with sshd authentication happening through /etc/passwd?15:30
*** kbart <kbart!~KBart@> has quit IRC15:31
bluelightningramose: with PAM enabled, it would simply do that via PAM15:32
*** ausjke__ <ausjke__!~szaus18@> has quit IRC15:33
*** fusman <fusman!~fahad@> has joined #yocto15:39
*** fusman1 <fusman1!~fahad@> has joined #yocto15:43
*** fusman <fusman!~fahad@> has quit IRC15:45
ramosebluelightning: It means it would override the earlier authentication way,right?15:46
bluelightningramose: if you enable PAM, yes, I suspect it will15:47
bluelightningI'm not much of an expert on PAM though15:47
*** tonghuix <tonghuix!~tonghuix@> has quit IRC15:49
*** Song_ <Song_!86868947@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto15:49
ramoseok no prob @bluelightning,Thanks for your time:)15:51
*** fusman <fusman!~fahad@> has joined #yocto15:52
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bluelightningramose: no problem :)15:53
*** fusman1 <fusman1!~fahad@> has quit IRC15:54
*** scottrif <scottrif!~scott-len@> has joined #yocto15:55
*** Song_ is now known as Song_Liu15:56
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sgw_1The Yocto Project Tech Meeting Con-Call will be starting at the top of the hour15:58
sgw_1Dial-in number: 1.972.995.7777 / Participant passcode:   4200107815:58
sgw_1This call is open to all and the channel remains open to discuss any topic15:58
*** tomz <tomz!~trz@c-98-206-136-16.hsd1.il.comcast.net> has joined #yocto15:59
*** hollisb <hollisb!~hollisb@nat-wv.mentorg.com> has joined #yocto15:59
sgw_1YPTM: Saul is on15:59
*** g1zer0 <g1zer0!~gizero@host168-65-static.12-87-b.business.telecomitalia.it> has quit IRC15:59
BSDCatYPTM: Matthew is on16:00
scottrifYPTM: Scott Rifenbark joined the call.16:01
*** Zagor <Zagor!~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor> has joined #yocto16:01
*** ddalex_ <ddalex_!53d97b6a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto16:01
ddalex_alex d in the room16:01
*** pidge <pidge!~pidge@genkt-051-027.t-mobile.co.uk> has joined #yocto16:01
jmpdelos__YPTM: polk is on16:01
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has quit IRC16:01
*** fray <fray!U2FsdGVkX1@gate.crashing.org> has joined #yocto16:01
ZagorYPTM: Björn joined the call16:02
pidgeYPTM: beth is on16:02
*** Corneliu_ <Corneliu_!c0c6972c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto16:02
zeddiiYPTM: Bruce is on16:02
*** jzhang-laptop <jzhang-laptop!jzhang16@nat/intel/x-vdlkepvqxgixtbzj> has joined #yocto16:02
frayYPTM: Mark is on the call16:02
*** bluelightning_ <bluelightning_!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto16:02
*** bluelightning_ is now known as bluelightning16:02
Song_LiuYPTM: Welcome to the technical team meeting. Please let me know who's on the line. Thanks!16:02
belenYPTM: belen is on the call16:02
bluelightningYPTM: Paul Eggleton is on16:02
tomzYPTM: Tom Z on16:02
jzhang-laptopYPTM: jzhang on the call16:02
bluelightningYPTM: also Beth & AlexD are in the same room16:02
* halstead present in YPTM16:02
Song_LiuYPTM: Any opens?16:03
*** cristiana <cristiana!807f74d7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto16:03
*** ddalex__ <ddalex__!~androirc@> has joined #yocto16:03
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zeddiiYPTM: I'm no longer on the call, and can't dial back in for some reason.16:06
*** fusman <fusman!~fahad@> has joined #yocto16:06
dvhartYPTM: Darren has joined16:06
*** ddalex_ <ddalex_!53d97b6a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC16:06
pidgeis there a present for holiday bug fixing. like an extra present in our stocking.16:06
*** jmpdelos__ is now known as jmpdelos16:06
*** Squix <Squix!~Squix___@p021.net112139202.tokai.or.jp> has joined #yocto16:07
ddalex__Cookies for bugs ?16:07
*** ddalex_ <ddalex_!~androirc@> has joined #yocto16:07
*** Guest85190 <Guest85190!~diego@host65-246-static.10-188-b.business.telecomitalia.it> has quit IRC16:07
sgw_1pidge: skinny dougnuts?16:07
zeddiiYPTM: I'm back16:08
*** sgw_1 is now known as sgw_16:08
*** ddalex__ <ddalex__!~androirc@> has quit IRC16:08
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*** Xz <Xz!~kmsywula@> has joined #yocto16:08
denixYPTM: Denys is on, sorry I'm late16:09
pidgeno cookie for you denix16:10
Song_Liudenix: np. We just got started. talking about 1.5.1. the QA report will be out this Friday16:10
denixSong_Liu: thanks16:10
*** Xz <Xz!~kmsywula@> has left #yocto16:10
denixpidge: drats, that would ruin my holidays :)16:10
*** Xz <Xz!~kmsywula@> has joined #yocto16:11
Xzhi there16:12
bluelightninghi Xz16:12
Xzis there any other way to send a patch to openembedded-core than git send-email or sending patch as email content?16:12
bluelightningXz: you can send a pull request, it's almost the same thing but there is a git branch attached16:13
*** Song_ <Song_!c0373624@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto16:13
bluelightningXz: see scripts/create-pull-request and send-pull-request16:13
pidgesgw_1 louder please16:13
sgw_turn up your volume!16:14
*** jdvdt <jdvdt!~joshua@rrcs-24-97-209-160.nys.biz.rr.com> has joined #yocto16:14
bluelightningsgw_: you were fine after Beth asked the first time, then you went back to the earlier volume16:14
*** Song_Liu <Song_Liu!86868947@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC16:14
fray /msg sgw_ Amy's sister was nominated for a local radio content "Christmas Wish"... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8zBogtExbo16:15
Xzbluelightning: what's the difference between git request-pull and git push?16:16
fray(link goes to video scrapbook I put together)  :P16:16
*** weebet <weebet!~weebet@modemcable039.26-178-173.mc.videotron.ca> has joined #yocto16:16
* fray blames the cat that just jumped on the table for the errant 'space' :P16:17
bluelightningXz: "git push" pushes a branch to a remote; I'm not sure about "git request-pull" but our pull request scripts take care of generating and sending the emails after you've pushed the branch somewhere16:17
weebettrying to create a recipe for the library libpqxx, the configure scripts call a script called pg_config --libdir to know where is the libpq library. When I compile natively, I have to put pg_config in path, but how to manage the path in yocto ? And is it possible to browse the image ?16:18
bluelightningweebet: pg_config is something produced by postgresql I assume16:20
*** scottrif <scottrif!~scott-len@> has left #yocto16:20
weebetbluelightining yes, you are right. the recipe postgresql_9.2.4 is in one of my meta16:20
*** Xz <Xz!~kmsywula@> has quit IRC16:21
bluelightningweebet: is the recipe installing that into an appropriate place such that it ends up in PATH?16:21
bluelightningweebet: and is it returning the right answer?16:21
bluelightningi.e. it needs to be reporting the appropriate path from the sysroot16:21
*** Xz <Xz!~kmsywula@> has joined #yocto16:22
*** Zaif <Zaif!~zaif@pc-sig01.acc.uni-paderborn.de> has joined #yocto16:23
weebetbluelightning : I think it will end up in /usr/bin but I did not yet created the image. I bet I cannot only bitbake postgresql then libpqxx. I will have to put them in an image first ?16:24
*** Zagor <Zagor!~bjst@rockbox/developer/Zagor> has quit IRC16:24
*** ddalex_ <ddalex_!~androirc@> has quit IRC16:24
*** ddalex_ <ddalex_!~androirc@> has joined #yocto16:24
bluelightningweebet: if libpqxx needs pg_config then you need to have postgresql in the libpqxx recipe's DEPENDS value16:25
*** ddalex_ <ddalex_!~androirc@> has quit IRC16:25
Song_YPTM: thank you all for joining the meeting. Happy holidays!16:25
weebetbluelightning : good clue. I will try it now. Thank you16:25
halsteadpidge, sgw_ I'll swap ab06 out for fedora20. might as well start with an easy one. :)16:25
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has quit IRC16:25
sgw_halstead: have you done any builds on F20?16:26
sgw_it's still Beta right?16:26
halsteadsgw_, I've only tested core-image-sato for x86.16:26
halsteadsgw_, Released this morning.16:26
sgw_Ok can you try x86-64 and arm first core-image-sato-sdk, yes it will take a few hours16:27
*** bluelightning_ <bluelightning_!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto16:27
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has joined #yocto16:27
*** Squix <Squix!~Squix___@p021.net112139202.tokai.or.jp> has quit IRC16:27
halsteadsgw_, I'll test those before adding back to the pool. Does that sound good?16:29
*** Xz <Xz!~kmsywula@> has quit IRC16:29
*** fusman <fusman!~fahad@> has quit IRC16:29
*** Xz <Xz!~kmsywula@> has joined #yocto16:29
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*** bluelightning_ is now known as bluelightning16:31
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*** fpaut is now known as fpaut_16:31
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*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!~YoctoAuto@yocto-www.yoctoproject.org> has joined #yocto16:31
weebetbluelightning : adding the depend does not help, I will try to add them to my image. I'm not sure, but would it be possible that since pg_config from the recipe postgresql is built for arm and yocto is built from a x86 so it cannot load pg_config to see where is the library path... no ? probably there is a LDFLAGS to tell the script where to look for the library16:32
bluelightningweebet: this is a similar situation we've dealt with for other recipes... e.g. apr16:33
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!~YoctoAuto@yocto-www.yoctoproject.org> has quit IRC16:33
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!~YoctoAuto@yocto-www.yoctoproject.org> has joined #yocto16:33
weebetbluelighning : thank you I will look at it16:33
bluelightningweebet: this isn't really about image, this is about what goes into the sysroot on the build side16:33
bluelightningabout the image, that is16:33
weebetbluelightning : I am a newb with yocto and it is a very big black box. It is very difficult to understand what is going on inside16:34
bluelightningweebet: have you had a look at the new "Closer Look" section? http://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/current/ref-manual/ref-manual.html#closer-look16:35
bluelightningit should help explain a lot of how the build system operates16:35
vicenteolivertQuick question, how can I know the quantity of packages Yocto has? And where can I see a list of them?16:35
bluelightningvicenteolivert: well, there's a couple of different answers to that question - there's what we provide in the poky repository (i.e. OE-Core) and there's what's available out there in the community16:36
weebetblielightning : thank you for the link.16:36
Song_YPTM: by the way, let me know if anyone could come up with a holiday bug fixing present. I'll see if we have budget for it. It also depends on how much we can bring the WDD down during the time.16:37
bluelightningvicenteolivert: there is an index of layers here: http://layers.openembedded.org16:37
*** fusman <fusman!~fahad@> has joined #yocto16:37
bluelightningvicenteolivert: if you look under "openembedded-core" you can see what we provide out of the box16:37
vicenteolivertbluelightning: I mean the ones I can put in IMAGE_INSTALL_append.16:37
*** Dennis__ <Dennis__!c2cc4226@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC16:38
bluelightningvicenteolivert: most recipes produce a package of the same name as the recipe16:38
bluelightningvicenteolivert: but some produce additional packages, e.g. for optional modules16:39
bluelightningvicenteolivert: there isn't really a central list of these16:39
bluelightningvicenteolivert: are you looking for something specific?16:39
weebetvincenteolivert : i guess you mean you want to know what is available on your repo with the layers installed on your computer ? I guess bitbake -s is what you are looking for.16:40
vicenteolivertbluelightning: no, just wondering how many packages were available on Yocto.16:40
bluelightningweebet: bitbake -s kind of works, but that's really a list of build targets i.e. it includes native and cross stuff16:40
vicenteolivertOk, maybe I haven't explained myself very well... I mean, for instance, if you install Gentoo, you have all the packages in the portage tree available. If you install Debian, you have all the packages in debian repositories (base, contrib, non-free) available.16:41
Xzpatch I have is for poky master branch, I'm trying to send it to 'openembedded-core@lists.openembedded.org'16:41
Xzam I doing something wrong?16:41
bluelightningXz: ideally it should be applied on top of the openembedded-core repository rather than poky16:42
Xzbluelightning: so when I do 'git send-email' I should rather execute it form openembedded-core repo?16:42
bluelightningXz: right16:42
Xzbluelightning: so far I tried doing it from poky/ repo16:42
bluelightningXz: usually I just do "git format-patch" from my poky repo and then "git am" those on top of an openembedded-core tree16:43
Xzbluelightning: git://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core16:43
Xzbluelightning: this one?16:43
*** wdenk <wdenk!~wd@> has quit IRC16:43
bluelightningXz: yes16:43
bluelightningvicenteolivert: we make a distinction between recipes and packages - a recipe may (and usually does) produce more than one package16:44
vicenteolivertbluelightning: yes, I know. Package is what you get installed and recipe is the scrip that generate that/those installed packages.16:45
*** fusman1 <fusman1!~fahad@> has joined #yocto16:46
*** fusman <fusman!~fahad@> has quit IRC16:47
*** tomz <tomz!~trz@c-98-206-136-16.hsd1.il.comcast.net> has left #yocto16:47
bluelightningvicenteolivert: indeed16:49
Xzbluelightning: tried 'git send-email' now directly from openembedded-core and the same result - 'The mailinglist requires people to subscribe before posting'16:50
Xzbluelightning: In my commit I include commit message and signed off16:50
Xzbluelightning: have no idea what could be wrong16:50
bluelightningXz: yep, whatever from email you have set must be subscribed to that list16:50
Xzbluelightning: when I try to submit using that email - I'm being sent an email saying 'Mailman privacy alert: An attempt was made to subscribe your address to the mailing list xyz.org. You are already subscribed to this mailing list.'16:51
Xzbluelightning: so I'd say I'm already subscribed :)16:51
*** fusman <fusman!~fahad@> has joined #yocto16:51
bluelightningXz: I suspect the email address it's using when you use git-send-email is not what you think it is... it should be printing it though16:51
*** fusman1 <fusman1!~fahad@> has quit IRC16:52
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*** fusman <fusman!~fahad@> has joined #yocto16:55
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*** wdenk <wdenk!~wd@p4FD62C43.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #yocto16:57
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*** fusman <fusman!~fahad@> has joined #yocto17:03
__ccubehi, I am trying to get my yocto autobuilder working. The job fails at Running Preamble with a /bin/sh: ./oe-init-build-env: No such file or directory error. Any hints how to investigate?17:03
bluelightning__ccube: sounds like maybe you are running that from the wrong directory?17:05
bluelightningalthough in theory I guess that should be working out of the box17:05
bluelightningBeth isn't around at the moment but she should be back here in a short while17:06
__ccubeautobuilder itself is running fine, but just my builds are failing. i can see that the git command is working in the build dir of yocto-slave. after finishing the git clone, the files are disappearing17:08
__ccubeare they moved to another working idr or sth?17:09
bluelightningI'm not too sure, this is definitely a question for Beth17:09
bluelightningunless rburton knows what might be going on17:09
__ccubek, so ill wait for beth17:11
*** fusman <fusman!~fahad@> has quit IRC17:13
rburton__ccube: autobuilder from git?  grab the "dora" tag, not master.17:16
*** cristiana <cristiana!807f74d7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC17:16
*** yzhao2 <yzhao2!~yzhao2@> has quit IRC17:16
*** _alex_kag_ <_alex_kag_!~alex_kag@> has joined #yocto17:16
rburton__ccube: master got "improved" which "broke" it :)17:16
*** rbuchmann <rbuchmann!~rbuchmann@LVelizy-156-45-51-93.w80-11.abo.wanadoo.fr> has quit IRC17:16
__ccubeok, so I hit a known bug?17:16
__ccubewill my whole config work with dora roight now?17:17
*** yzhao2 <yzhao2!~yzhao2@> has joined #yocto17:17
*** panda84kde <panda84kde!~diego@host65-246-static.10-188-b.business.telecomitalia.it> has quit IRC17:19
*** panda84kde <panda84kde!~diego@> has joined #yocto17:20
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__ccubelooks like, switched to dora, building now. lets see if the error is gone.17:35
*** mr_science <mr_science!~sarnold@net-cf9a4e93.cst.impulse.net> has joined #yocto17:40
*** mr_science <mr_science!~sarnold@gentoo/developer/nerdboy> has joined #yocto17:40
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weebetwhat should be the variable to point to the /usr/lib ? I tried ${WORKDIR}/usr/bin but no luck ...  yes I know, I am trying absolutely anything17:51
kergothwhat exactly are you doing?17:52
kergoth${WORKDIR}/usr/bin doesn't make any sense17:52
__ccubelooks better, but now.... 'our version of bblayers.conf has the wrong LCONF_VERSION (has 6, expecting 5).17:53
*** sameo <sameo!~samuel@> has quit IRC17:54
weebetkergoth : I am trying to port the library libpqxx but needs the lpq from postgresql. So I have to tell the ./configure script where is the lpq library. as bluelighning told me, I added a DEPENDS = "postgresql" and using EXTRA_OECONF = "POSTGRES_LIB = ${variable}/usr/lib"  (postgresql place his library in /usr/lib as seen in postgresql image directory.17:56
kergothwhen recipes use one anothers files, they look in the sysroots. STAGING_LIBDIR is a convenience variable pointing to the libdir in the current host sysroot17:59
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!~YoctoAuto@yocto-www.yoctoproject.org> has quit IRC18:00
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!~YoctoAuto@yocto-www.yoctoproject.org> has joined #yocto18:01
*** zenlinux_ is now known as zenlinux18:01
weebetthank you  a lot kergoth18:01
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!~YoctoAuto@yocto-www.yoctoproject.org> has quit IRC18:02
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!~YoctoAuto@yocto-www.yoctoproject.org> has joined #yocto18:02
*** pidge <pidge!~eflanagan@> has joined #yocto18:03
__ccubeGetDistroVersion failes. what exactly does it?18:05
pidge__ccube: hi, what can I help you with?18:07
pidge<--- autobuilder maintainer18:07
__ccubeare you beth?18:07
pidge__ccube: yes18:08
__ccubewell, i try to get my autobuilder to work18:08
pidge__ccube: what revision are you on?18:08
__ccubei was told to use dora branch18:08
weebetkergoth : is there any other staging variable to point to /usr/bin ?18:08
*** imphil <imphil!~philipp@ppp-188-174-83-55.dynamic.mnet-online.de> has joined #yocto18:08
weebetand where did you learn the existence of this variable ?18:08
__ccubepidge, or what do you mean with revision?18:09
bluelightningweebet: see meta/conf/bitbake.conf for most of these18:09
pidge__ccube: yes, dora branch is fine, so what seems to be the issue?18:09
weebetbluelightning: Thank you I found some interesting info there : http://docs.openembedded.ru/directories_staging.html18:10
__ccubeeverything goes green until GetDistroVersion. This failes. But I do not get any oputput there. Then I am getting 'your version of bblayers.conf has the wrong LCONF_VERSION (has 6, expecting 5).' error in build step18:11
bluelightningweebet: that manual is very old, I'd suggest using the yocto project manuals instead18:11
pidge__ccube: how very odd. can you please pastebin (or other appropriate site) your build-config for that build? Also, in the root of your yocto-autobuilder directory the output of git rev-parse HEAD18:13
__ccubeok, I got another problem right now. Ill do so in few minutes18:14
pidge__ccube: my guess is something is going wrong with how you're doing CreateBBLayers.conf18:14
pidgeer CreateBBLayersConf18:14
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__ccube {'CreateBBLayersConf': {'buildprovider' : 'yocto', 'layerdirs': ['meta-allwinner','meta-java','meta-openembedded/meta-oe','meta-oracle-java']}},18:15
pidge__ccube: 'buildprovider' : 'oe' See: nightly-oecore18:17
pidge__ccube: also, you should have this: {'GetDistroVersion' : {'distro': 'oecore'}},18:18
__ccubeill try18:18
*** fray <fray!U2FsdGVkX1@gate.crashing.org> has quit IRC18:20
pidge__ccube: email me or ping me here if it doesn't.18:21
__ccubepidge, :) thank you18:21
pidge__ccube: no problem18:22
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* mr_science making his laptop whine18:31
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__ccubepidge, why exectly do i have to set 'buildprovider' : 'oe instead of poky?18:42
*** oneQubit <oneQubit!jawilson@2600:3c03::f03c:91ff:fe93:fbce> has joined #yocto18:42
pidge__ccube: if you're using this as an oecore build (checking out oe-core and bitbake type build) build provider gives you an easy way to produce a distroless build/set up the bblayers for oecore type builds. If you're not doing it like that and are actually checking out poky, then yes, buildprovider should be yocto. Sorry if I made a bad assumption18:45
__ccubeah ok.18:46
pidge__ccube: if I can see the conf you're trying to build I could probably figure this out in a few moments.18:46
__ccubeI defined my own distro in one of my custom layers. So should I use that in GetDistroVersion?18:47
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__ccubeok, Ill post you my configs18:47
pidge__ccube: thanks18:47
__ccubecan I send you a mail with them attached?18:48
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pidgeccube: sure elizabeth.flanagan at intel.com18:52
weebetagain with my libpqxx port, the recipe depends on postgresql-9.4.2. In sysroots, I cannot find the postgres executable, only header and library. In the postgresql image directory (in work directory) I can see them in image/usr/bin is there something I does not understand ?18:52
kergothyes, how exactly are yo ugoing to run a binary from a different architecture?18:54
kergothwe're crosscompiling, bin files from a target recipe would make no sense18:54
weebetkergoth : I don't know ! There is a lot of black hole I does not understand.18:56
weebetlibpqxx want to use the software pg_config to find the include dir and lib dir.18:57
weebetand even if I add extra_oeconf with parameter to specify where are the directories, it will look in my path for pg_config19:06
ccubepidge, sent19:07
mr_scienceweebet: sounds like you want to call the $staging_bindir_native/pg-config19:09
mr_scienceis there a postgresql in your native sysroot?19:09
weebetmr_science thank you, hummm... I feel really bad asking that, but ... what is the native sysroot ?19:10
mr_sciencelook under tmp/sysroots/x86_64 or i686/ for postgres19:10
mr_scienceyou should have a native sysroot under sysroots/19:11
pidgeccube: ok. I'll look at it in a moment.19:11
ccubepidge, just tell me if you need more config/logs19:14
weebetmr_science : in sysroots I have x86_6419:14
weebetbut no sign of postgres19:14
mr_scienceno pg-config?19:15
weebetmr_science nothing for postgresql, no lib, no header, no pg_config no postgres no psql ...19:15
mr_sciencewhat happens if you try "bitbake postgresql-native" ?19:17
*** d_s_e <d_s_e!~d.s.e@2001:a60:1252:b601:2872:6b9d:1b9b:1311> has quit IRC19:18
weebetnothing. I copied the postgresql_9.2.4.bb from openembedded repo. I will see if it is available19:18
kergothwaht do you mean "nothing"?19:19
weebetsorry, nothing provides 'postgresql-native'19:19
weebetthe recipe postgresql-native is not available in the openembedded repo19:20
pidgeccube: Ah, ok, two issues. You may want to do 'GetDistroVersion' : {'distro': 'poky'}} I know, that seems silly, but, we use it as a way to determine how to set up auto.conf. As for the LCON_VERSION issue, that's a bit puzzling. I'd need to see the output from CreateBBLayersConf.19:21
pidgeccube: if you email this to me I can look at it in the morning. heading out.19:21
*** n01 <n01!~n01@2-238-57-164.ip242.fastwebnet.it> has joined #yocto19:21
ccubepidge, I already tried distro poky, but Ill set it again. Output coming soon :)19:21
pidgecool. thanks!19:22
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mr_scienceweebet: shouldn't be too difficult to add a native recipe19:25
mr_sciencebut i'm kinda stuck in oe-classic all day...19:26
weebetmr_science : I am sure it is not needed. I can't believe I will not find a way to tell configure script where are the directory instead on relying on pg_config script. this is a non-sense19:27
mr_sciencenot a bad idea to have native tools available during the build19:28
mr_sciencetho i'm oretty sure there's more than one way to do it...19:29
mr_science*pretty sure even19:29
weebetI guess I will have to patch the configure script19:38
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mr_scienceweebet: pgsql-native would probably be easier and support more packages19:41
weebetthank you, I'm looking to find it :-)19:43
mr_sciencefor some recipes, all it takes is the bbclass extend native thing19:45
mr_sciencei'd try that first19:45
weebetok, I will do that now19:46
weebetmr_science were you involved in the creation of the lighttpd recipe ?19:48
mr_sciencenope, i only have a couple of minor/indirect contributions to meta19:49
mr_sciencejust the nginx one, plus some rpi/erlang stuff19:50
weebetok, TY. I will have to understand how to insert lighttpd module in an image19:50
mr_scienceshouldn't be hard...19:50
weebetit is easy to copy the package, but how to insert it during my image creation... it is a mystery19:51
mr_scienceyou can try rdepending on it, or add it to your image recipe19:54
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weebetmy problem is that I cannot find how to call the module. I can add lighttpd on my image but when I try to add ie: lighttpd_mod_fastgi it does not work.20:01
mr_sciencethe package name is probably lighttpd-module-fastcgi20:03
weebetok, thank you. I will try this :-)20:03
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weebetmr_science : thank you for the advice of postgresql-native it only needs few changes to make it work20:10
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