Wednesday, 2013-12-18

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Marex_Hi, I tried looking for documentation, but without luck ...03:27
Marex_what is that 'morgue' directory in my ipk repository for please ?03:27
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WarheadsSEMarex_: thats where older ipk versions get moved to04:09
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weebetis there any magical command to have the difference of 2 files that are not in a git repository to create a patch that will be applied in a recipe ?04:25
WarheadsSEdiff -upN old new > mypatch.patch04:26
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weebetWarheadsSE thank you04:41
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mbeliskohi all, is possible to overload pkg_postinst_${PN} in bbappend file (I need to overload something in nsswitch.conf)07:01
mbeliskobut it seems it's not called when building image07:10
mbeliskousing poky danny07:10
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oswinHi, I got a problem at build, I get : Computing transaction...error: Can't install mime-support-3.48-r0@armv5te: no package provides /usr/bin/perl07:35
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oswinCould be same problem as this : but I have no idea where to add the RDEPENDS line, and what PN is07:37
oswinERROR: Task 7 (/media/DATA/poky/meta/recipes-core/images/, do_rootfs) failed with exit code '1'07:38
oswinTHe build is done adding meta-efl07:39
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ramosemissing /etc/pam.d/sshd file08:08
ramoseafter installing pam module in yocto08:08
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oswinis anyone here using icecc for distributed compilation ?08:19
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bluelightningmorning all09:36
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oswinhello :)09:45
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mckoangood morning09:45
oswinperhaps one have answer to my question  : I got a problem at build, I get : Computing transaction...error: Can't install mime-support-3.48-r0@armv5te: no package provides /usr/bin/perl09:46
bluelightningoswin: there's an undeclared dependency on perl in that package, which has been picked up at packaging time09:47
bluelightningoswin: you need to either add perl to your image, or find a way to remove the dependency (e.g. delete perl scripts from the package within the recipe)09:48
oswinso i should add something like DEPENDS += "perl" ?09:48
oswinto add to the image09:48
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bluelightningoswin: well, that would at least ensure perl is built, but not necessarily packaged09:49
oswinbluelightning, is that a build or a runtime missing dependency ?09:49
bluelightningoswin: runtime09:49
oswinok, then a RDEPENDS should guarantee the package is built in ?09:50
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bluelightningoswin: RDEPENDS_${PN} += "perl" yes09:51
oswinwhat does PN mean ?09:51
bluelightningPN is the name of the recipe09:51
Dennis__PN = *P*ackage *N*ame09:52
bluelightningif the recipe file is named "" then PN is "abc" by default (and PV will default to "1.2.3")09:52
oswinbluelightning, ok, and so that schould be put in each recipe whose packet uses perl ?09:52
bluelightningDennis__: that's what it originally stood for, yes, but technically it's the recipe name09:52
bluelightningoswin: that only adds the dependency to the main package for the recipe, so if the recipe produces additional packages that contain perl scripts they will also need to have RDEPENDS set09:53
Dennis__I got a quick question. What is the main difference between the adt and the sdk?09:54
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oswinbluelightning, but how could I get this error by using only "official" layers (yocto and OE), the recipe should be written correctly (at least for something trivial like this)09:55
T0mWDennis__: if you are asking in the context of Andriod, then, IMO, the ADK is a more specialized SDK.09:56
bluelightningoswin: dependencies sometimes creep in without being noticed; also ipk does not detect and add these kinds of script dependencies at packaging time so anyone using ipk (which OE does by default) would not see this problem09:58
Dennis__T0mW: no, im sasking in the context of yocto adt ( and yocto sdk (
oswinbluelightning, ok, thanks for those clarifications. The error comes from the fact I built some packages using perl with the minimal image, who dismiss perl. So I'm doing something who's the "standard" process.10:00
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T0mWDennis__: heh, just got my first cuppa'.10:03
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T0mWDennis__: I've been working with oe for quite a few years and it always sucked at building apps.10:03
bluelightningthat's what the ADT is designed to help with; it provides Eclipse integration10:04
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T0mWThey've gotten better with the -c devshell, but I've always had to take one of the run.do_compile scripts and adapt it into my apps make file so the correct tools / libs would be used (sort of a sysroot).10:04
* T0mW runs screaming at the sound of 'eclipse'10:05
bluelightningT0mW: you're modifying the run scripts? or just using them as a debugging aid?10:05
T0mWI'm an old makefile + vi guy.10:05
T0mWnaw, I take the declarations, e.g. CC=${POKY_BIN_DIR}/${TARGET}gcc, and so forth and include them into my makefiles. That way, I can cross build apps either to run on the dev machine to test them, or, include the definitions into to makefile to deply to the target.10:07
T0mWMakes debug easier.10:07
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bluelightningT0mW: well, typically we would just pass those in via EXTRA_OEMAKE (i.e. 'CC=${CC}')10:08
T0mWI don't like eclipse, nor anything that puts me at that much distance from the code tools that I'm using to build with.  However, I don't write code in C++ for the same reason.10:08
T0mWbluelightning: yes.10:08
T0mWbluelightning: dont' get me wrong though, I can see where an eclipse environ is a good thing.  For example, I took a spin with the latest android eclipse dev tool and loved it.10:10
T0mWjust for bare metal apps, I use vi + make.10:10
oswinI seems meta-efl provides all efl and E recipes and packages, but why isn't there a distro who builds a minimal image who starts E ?10:11
oswinAm I missing something, or is this just not yet in the repo ?10:11
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ramoseI have installed pam-plugin-faildelay but I could not find /etc/pam.d/sshd file in my rootfs10:14
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oswinwhich recipe should I add to have xorg running on beagleboard ?12:30
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oswinxserver-xorg xinit xauth xf86-video-omapfb xserver-xf86-config ?12:31
boucman_workhello everybody...12:31
boucman_workdid anybody manage to build yocto-1.5 with multilib ? I have weird errors, and Ican't figure out how to investigate them...12:32
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rburtonoswin: core-image-x11 is a minimal "x and terminal" image12:35
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oswinto answer myself, I found the packagegroups packagegroup-core-x11-xserver packagegroup-core-x11-utils12:44
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ak77hello all13:36
ccubepidge, there?13:39
ccubedid u answer somewhere to my mail?13:39
ak77adding wvdial's wvstream to my image results in QA issue, that some files were installed but not shipped, its /usr/lib/valgrind and /usr/lib/valgrind/wv... i see --without-valgrind in but some files got through13:40
pidgeccube: hi, sorry, let me check my email. I thought I did.13:40
ccubepidge, I figured out that the problem occures only with my custom images. when trying to build core-image-minimal, it is working13:41
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bluelightningak77: I was sure there was a patch for that somewhere13:42
pidgeccube: hrm. interesting. so, iirc we have two issues, right? LCONF error and GetDistroVersion?13:43
ccubepidge, yes13:44
ccubewell, no13:44
bluelightningak77: right, there was, but it dragged in valgrind which was undesirable:
ccubethere are some more errors I cannot explain for now. But these are the most important i thonk13:44
bluelightningak77: it should probably be turned into a PACKAGECONFIG13:44
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ak77bluelightning: i don't know if that's the patch. as I don't have anything to do with valgrind, just some files got installed.13:48
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bluelightningak77: right, then the easiest way to deal with it is to just delete the files in a do_install_append()13:49
bluelightningak77: I was talking about the optimal solution in meta-oe13:49
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ak77bluelightning: I understand. thanks14:06
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*** fpaut_ is now known as fpaut14:08
Zaifbluelightning: How can use sakoman linux with yocto?
bluelightningZaif: set PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = "linux-sakoman" and ensure that the appropriate layer is in your bblayers.conf I guess14:10
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Zaifbluelightning: ok, will try it and get back for any issues14:18
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ramosewhat is use of  base_conditional in recipe file?14:32
weebetgood morning, what is the difference between ${D}${bindir} and ${STAGING_BINDIR} ? in fact, I would like to understand the real usage of sysroots ? in few examples of bitbake use, when they want to copy a file in an image they uses install -m 0755 file ${D}${bindir} and I would like to understand why. Yesterday when I got helps from you guys you always talked about staging.14:33
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Xz_hi there, how do I check who depends on library xyz? there was some bitbake switch | grep to figure that out as I recon14:35
bluelightningramose: base_conditional checks if the value of a variable is equal to a specific value, and returns one value if it is, another value if it isn't14:36
bluelightningweebet: ${D}${bindir} is where you should write files to in do_install14:37
ramoseweebet: D stands for destination directory14:37
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bluelightningweebet: the build system takes care of staging a subset of installed files (including that directory) to the sysroot i.e. ${STAGING_DIR_HOST} (and by extension ${STAGING_BINDIR})14:38
weebetso the staging area (sysroot) is a temporary "basic device filesystem" for compilation in case we need specific libraries and header from other recipes ?14:39
ramosebluelightning: why it should have 5 parameter to it?14:39
bluelightningweebet: correct, yes14:39
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bluelightningweebet: the important thing to remember is the sysroot itself is managed by the build system; you should never poke files into it directly14:39
ramosebluelightning: I still don't understand the use case of @base_conditional14:40
weebetramose , bluelighning thank you, with your help I begin to understand things !14:40
bluelightningXz_: there isn't an option for that specifically, but you can always do "git grep" on your metadata14:40
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Xz_bluelightning: what do you mean by metadata? I think there is some magic file which specifies all dependencies14:41
bluelightningramose: for example "${@base_conditional('SOMEVARIABLE', '1', 'value_is_one', 'value_is_something_else')}" will evaluate to "value_is_one" if SOMEVARIABLE has the value "1" or "value_is_something_else" if it doesn't14:42
bluelightningoops, forgot the last parameter d14:42
bluelightningXz_: recipe dependencies are in each individual recipe14:42
bluelightningXz_: unless you mean pkgdata after building?14:43
ramoseWhat Last  parameter specify here?14:43
Xz_bluelightning: yeah, but after Yocto build is finished - I recon some big file containing all build dependencies14:43
weebetin a recipe, is it possible to set environment variable ?14:44
bluelightningweebet: yes, you can either do export VARIABLE = "value" in the recipe, or within an individual shell function such as do_configure or do_compile you can do VARIABLE=value14:45
bluelightningramose: you mean d ?14:45
ramose bluelightning:yes14:46
bluelightningramose: that's the datastore, it's the means by which you can access variable values in python code14:46
weebetbluelightning: thank you14:46
ramoseI tried to compile wiht 3 parameters but got error like  base_conditional() takes exactly 5 arguments14:46
bluelightningramose: see meta/classes/utils.bbclass and meta/lib/oe/ to see how base_conditional() is implemented14:47
ramoseThanks bluelightning14:47
*** tasslehoff <tasslehoff!~tasslehof@> has quit IRC14:48
bluelightningXz_: there isn't one big file, no, but the pkgdata directory produces a file per package giving the runtime dependencies, and you could just grep through that to find the answer assuming what you're looking for has already been built14:48
bluelightningXz_: in dylan the pkgdata directory is tmp/pkgdata/14:48
ramosein one of recipe file ,I saw some thing like this ${@base_conditional("KERNEL_MAJOR_VERSION", "2.6", " -D__Linux26__ ", " -D__Linux24__ ",d)}'14:48
ramosehow to I evaluate it14:49
bluelightningramose: that looks like that will break with kernel versions > 2.6...14:49
Xz_bluelightning: right now I'm grepping whole pkgdata and so far I can tell there are 'PROVIDES' instead of 'DEPENDS' listed there...14:50
bluelightningXz_: RDEPENDS should be listed14:50
*** belen1 <belen1!Adium@nat/intel/x-ttdscwarnfkgsrui> has joined #yocto14:50
bluelightningXz_: DEPENDS (i.e. build-time dependencies) won't be14:50
ramose-D__Linux26__ if KERNEL_MAJOR_VERSION", "2.6 is 2.6 or if it other than 2.6 then evaluate to -D__Linux24__ ,right?14:51
Xz_bluelightning: :( that's what I'm looking for14:51
Xz_bluelightning: is there any way to figure out who pulls in a library?14:52
bluelightningXz_: is this a library that is being pulled into your image?14:52
Xz_bluelightning: actually... if someone makes library xyz appearing on rootfs - it means it's RDEPENDS14:52
Xz_bluelightning: yes, the library is inside the image14:53
Xz_bluelightning: and the library is 'gconv'14:53
bluelightningXz_: OK, to figure that out then I would suggest enabling buildhistory and looking at the file produced by it14:53
bluelightningXz_: specifically if you just want to keep it simple14:54
Xz_Xz_: it means there is one magic file containing all dependencies? :)14:54
bluelightningXz_: for the image, when you enable buildhistory, yes14:55
rburtonisnt gconv part of eglibc?14:55
Xz_bluelightning: cool, that's what I'm looking for14:55
Xz_rburton: I think there is something like uclibc-gconv as well14:55
*** drasko <drasko!> has quit IRC14:58
oswinis a clean sometimes needed, or is the build state always reliable ?15:03
*** ramose <ramose!79f16005@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC15:04
bluelightningdany: ping15:04
danybluelightning: Yup15:05
bluelightningdany: could you please reply to
yoctiBug 5625: normal, Medium, 1.6, paul.eggleton, NEEDINFO , Bitbake ungracefully crashed when chrpath is not installed.15:05
danybluelightning: sure15:06
*** jwhitmore <jwhitmore!> has joined #yocto15:07
*** munch <munch!> has joined #yocto15:07
danybluelightning: pong15:10
danyTo my surprise, there was actually a cmd called "banana" in package "emboss" :)15:12
*** jjardon <jjardon!sid723@gateway/web/> has quit IRC15:15
Xz_bluelightning: I sent a patch to the list, and this time no 'refused' response15:15
bluelightningdany: ok, thanks... I just replied15:16
Xz_bluelightning: I'm very optimistic about it15:17
*** jjardon_ <jjardon_!sid723@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto15:19
*** kbart <kbart!~KBart@> has quit IRC15:19
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*** mbelisko <mbelisko!> has quit IRC15:30
*** Xz_ <Xz_!kmsywula@nat/intel/x-dekkihogntfvbqnt> has quit IRC15:30
WarheadsSEhey hey -- question of my day -- recipe dying in configure, "| checking for file... FILE_UTILITY_NOT_FOUND15:31
*** mihai <mihai!~mihai@> has quit IRC15:31
WarheadsSEfile is built in the sysroot, but the host does not have it, why is it not using the sysroot's path to bin??15:31
*** hollisb <hollisb!> has joined #yocto15:32
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has joined #yocto15:32
bluelightningWarheadsSE: depends on the configure script, but the configure script may have an option that you need to specify via EXTRA_OECONF15:34
bluelightning(to tell it which path to look in)15:34
WarheadsSEYeah, the fact that it is looking to the host is a PITA wtf moment15:34
WarheadsSEBecause forgive me if I am wrong, bitbake is supposed to be using the sysroots15:35
bluelightningunfortunately a lot of software doesn't expect to be built in a separate path, it's not our fault ;)15:35
WarheadsSEand be "self contained" within them, or am I wrong15:35
bluelightningwell, usually it isn't...15:35
bluelightningwell we don't build inside a chroot if that's what you're asking15:36
WarheadsSEwhich is why I am hitting piles of issues like this15:36
WarheadsSEUsing a very minimal host in a docker instance15:36
*** mihai <mihai!~mihai@> has joined #yocto15:37
*** jwhitmore <jwhitmore!> has quit IRC15:38
WarheadsSEmy misunderstanding then, I suppose.15:39
WarheadsSEbluelightning: this could also be a part of the problem with qt4 needing the host to have qt-webkit installed for it to actually build that into the qt-everywhere15:40
oswinwhat do I have to do when I add a new layer to bblayers ? The new recipes aren't detected if I run a bake.15:45
*** Xz <Xz!kmsywula@nat/intel/x-yzfglzmmsptvqozj> has joined #yocto15:46
bluelightningWarheadsSE: it's the same kind of thing, it's looking in the wrong place15:47
bluelightningoswin: how do you mean "detected" though?15:48
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has quit IRC15:50
oswinbluelightning, I added the layer to bblayers, but if I run bitbake-layers show-layers, the new one doesn't appear (and so the new recipes aren't parsed)15:50
bluelightningoswin: I suspect you haven't added it to the bblayers.conf that is being used by the build then - it should be showing up in bitbake-layers show-layers15:51
*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC15:51
oswinbluelightning, argh shame on me you're right, I should clean a bit my tree :)15:51
oswinbluelightning, thanks15:52
*** belen1 <belen1!Adium@nat/intel/x-hvsbzpxuplkdjzzp> has joined #yocto15:52
*** jkridner <jkridner!~jkridner@pdpc/supporter/active/jkridner> has joined #yocto15:53
bluelightningoswin: np15:55
WarheadsSEbluelightning: I suppose shoving the sysroot in front of path might do it.15:59
WarheadsSEseverly hacky.15:59
*** D4v33 <D4v33!> has quit IRC16:00
*** g1zer0 <g1zer0!> has quit IRC16:00
bluelightningWarheadsSE: we do that already though16:01
bluelightningin PATH, that is16:01
WarheadsSEOkay, so, whats the best way for me to actually figure out the paths it is actually searching, then16:02
WarheadsSEsince I can see `file` in the location of the sysroot16:02
kergothread the configure script / examine the config.log16:02
* WarheadsSE sighs and digs a hole into foomatic16:03
weebetI have created a simple recipe that create a custom bash script. In do_install() I copy the file to ${D}${bindir}. this script is needed by another recipe (libpqxx). In my libpqxx recipe, where do I point to get the script ? I tried ${D}${bindir} and without surprise it does not work since the ${D} from pg_config recipe is different than the ${D} from libpqxx, I also tried to point16:10
weebetto ${STAGING_BINDIR} but the script cannot be found there.16:10
*** fpaut is now known as fpaut_16:13
WarheadsSEI see it now looking at the details16:13
*** _alex_kag_ <_alex_kag_!~alex_kag@> has joined #yocto16:13
WarheadsSEchecking for xml2-config... /mnt/bitbake/build/detos/tmp-eglibc/sysroots/unified/usr/bin/crossscripts/xml2-config16:14
WarheadsSEguess what is not in _that_ sysroot16:14
WarheadsSEnow wtf mate on that one.16:14
*** fitzsim <fitzsim!~user@nat/cisco/x-oetqaxqfgsutsvdi> has joined #yocto16:19
*** SorenHolm <SorenHolm!> has joined #yocto16:19
*** fpaut_ is now known as fpaut16:19
ccubepidge, r u still there? :)16:20
RPkergoth: does adding deltask to the bitbake "API" seem sane to you?16:22
RPkergoth: certainly makes the dependency graphs saner :)16:22
kergothdoesn't seem too unreasonable, though i wonder about the behavior when other tasks depend on that task, both within a recipe and without. remove it from all other task deps entirely?16:23
*** joseppc <joseppc!> has quit IRC16:24
RPkergoth: the "addtask before X after Y" dependency gets ignored if X/Y doesn't exist as it always has done. I'd imagine a specific dependency on foo:X would raise an error16:26
kergoththat seems reasonable to me.16:26
RPkergoth: Looking at the changes it generates, it looks like a rather nice cleanup of bogus dependencies to be honest16:27
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:27
*** joseppc <joseppc!> has joined #yocto16:28
* RP likes the new addition to the -S option, it shows exactly where differences to the current sstate cache start without having to run a build :)16:30
*** SorenHolm <SorenHolm!> has quit IRC16:34
*** SorenHolm <SorenHolm!> has joined #yocto16:35
pidgeccube: yes, sup?16:40
JaMarburton: as you're working on systemd again, can you please check ?16:41
*** JimNH2 <JimNH2!> has quit IRC16:41
rburtonJaMa: try using moosay for your next ping ;)16:41
JaMarburton: I'm surprised that I would be the only one seeing error from preinst/prerm16:41
*** SorenHolm <SorenHolm!> has quit IRC16:41
JaMarburton: hehe :)16:42
rburtonJaMa: maybe everyone else is using dropbear16:42
*** fpaut is now known as fpaut_16:42
* T0mW uses openssh16:42
rburtonJaMa: if you could file a bug i can re-assign to a colleague in WR who is tasked with fixing systemd bugs16:43
*** wdenk1 <wdenk1!> has joined #yocto16:43
JaMamay I use cowsay in YP bugzilla? :)16:43
*** wdenk <wdenk!> has quit IRC16:44
JaMasomeone using archiver.bbclass?16:47
bluelightningI don't use it, but I'd like to see it cleaned up after Richard's addtask changes get merged16:48
bluelightningso much so that I may end up doing that cleanup myself16:48
*** eflanagan_ <eflanagan_!~eflanagan@> has joined #yocto16:48
*** pidge <pidge!~eflanagan@> has quit IRC16:48
*** eflanagan_ is now known as pidge16:49
weebetI have created a simple recipe that create a custom bash script. In do_install() I copy the file to ${D}${bindir}. this script is needed by another recipe (libpqxx). In my libpqxx recipe, where do I point to get the script ? I tried ${D}${bindir} and without surprise it does not work since the ${D} from pg_config recipe is different than the ${D} from libpqxx, I also tried to point16:49
weebetto ${STAGING_BINDIR} but the script cannot be found there.16:49
JaMabluelightning: I have found interesting corner case where it removes required files before they are used16:50
*** belen1 <belen1!Adium@nat/intel/x-hvsbzpxuplkdjzzp> has quit IRC16:50
JaMabluelightning: this is commit message from WIP patch to fix that16:50
JaMabluelightning: but more looking into the code it looks like bigger cleanup is needed indeed16:51
*** fusman <fusman!~fahad@> has joined #yocto16:54
bluelightningJaMa: hmm, ok16:55
*** fusman <fusman!~fahad@> has quit IRC17:09
*** maharvey <maharvey!maharvey@nat/intel/x-xkywctmlxryclqxt> has joined #yocto17:09
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RPJaMa: ouch :/17:16
*** maharvey <maharvey!maharvey@nat/intel/x-xkywctmlxryclqxt> has quit IRC17:18
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JaMawill send RFC patch after test17:21
*** fusman <fusman!~fahad@> has quit IRC17:25
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*** mr_science <mr_science!~sarnold@gentoo/developer/nerdboy> has joined #yocto17:27
WarheadsSEso, bluelightning kergoth -- if file had actually installed into the target sysroot, it would have caught it in configure, I think.17:27
WarheadsSEbut, my immediate question I need to find is why it was not installed to it.17:29
*** n01 <n01!> has quit IRC17:30
*** behanw <behanw!~behanw@> has joined #yocto17:33
XzI sent today minicom patch to openembedded-core list17:34
Xzhas anybody received that? :)17:34
Xzasking since I had some problems with accessing the list17:34
jackmitchellXz: the minicom patch made it through17:38
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!> has quit IRC17:39
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!> has joined #yocto17:40
*** mihai <mihai!~mihai@> has quit IRC17:40
Xzjackmitchell: cool, eventually works, thanks17:44
WarheadsSEhmm, okay, so file and soelim (from groff) end up in that other sysroot... but then not detected properly.17:45
*** panda84kde <panda84kde!> has quit IRC17:51
*** ccube <ccube!> has quit IRC17:56
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weebetworking again on my libpqxx port, I have a problem with the configure script that tells me that he cannot find main in -lpq.  Any clue on this issue ?17:57
*** fusman <fusman!~fahad@> has joined #yocto17:59
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RPXz: I even applied it :)18:01
*** maharvey <maharvey!maharvey@nat/intel/x-qgkydebtceckjskz> has quit IRC18:02
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T0mWThis is odd.  udev will only successfully run under sysvinit when the mountall script is run.18:42
bluelightningweebet: it's probably looking in the wrong place for the library, see config.log18:46
*** acidfu <acidfu!~nib@> has joined #yocto18:52
*** acidfu <acidfu!~nib@unaffiliated/acidmen> has joined #yocto18:52
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*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has joined #yocto18:55
WarheadsSEbluelightning: hackishly solved:     export FILEUTIL=${STAGING_DATADIR_NATIVE}${bindir}/file18:58
WarheadsSE@ configure_prepend18:58
bluelightningWarheadsSE: er, that looks odd18:59
WarheadsSEYeah, it just.. was refusing to see it, so I ended up going "GDI THERE, RIGHT F'ING THERE"19:00
JaMahmm archiver.bbclass is creating diff between s + '.org' and  "s" but never creates ${S}.org AFAIK19:00
WarheadsSEstill makes no sense to me in this case, because it should have functioned. openldap managed to pull groff'19:00
*** _alex_kag <_alex_kag!~alex_kag@> has joined #yocto19:00
WarheadsSEs soelim from the same location19:00
bluelightningWarheadsSE: surely it's not under <sysroot>/usr/share/bin/usr/bin/file ?19:00
*** _alex_kag_ <_alex_kag_!~alex_kag@> has quit IRC19:01
bluelightningWarheadsSE: right, then surely you want this: export FILEUTIL="${STAGING_BINDIR_NATIVE}/file"19:02
WarheadsSEwhere x86_64-linux is the sysroot19:02
WarheadsSEwait. then why the F did it just work.19:03
* WarheadsSE runs screaming19:03
*** jwhitmore <jwhitmore!> has joined #yocto19:05
bluelightningWarheadsSE: hard to tell from this side, but maybe you giving it a bad path prompted it to search differently than it did originally19:06
bluelightningpeople do weird stuff in their configure scripts...19:06
WarheadsSEYeah, sadly not entirely under my control19:07
WarheadsSEAnd yes, they do some very wonky things19:07
* WarheadsSE glares at people detecting ARM by ASM19:07
*** jdvdt <jdvdt!> has joined #yocto19:09
bluelightningWarheadsSE: it's rarely under our control, witness the number of patches we apply to fix these types of situations ;) (although thankfully there are a lot less of these than there used to be)19:10
*** fray <fray!> has quit IRC19:11
weebetwith bitbake, when the linking is done, the library must be compiled for arm or for my local machine (x86) ?19:11
WarheadsSEto link, they have to match19:12
WarheadsSEthough the linker can be x86 linking ARM bainaries19:12
* kergoth failed to oparse weebet's question19:12
bluelightningme too19:12
bluelightningweebet: where is the thing that your recipe is building supposed to run?19:12
weebetbluelightning I don't understand your question19:13
bluelightningweebet: well, we're in the same boat then, I don't really understand yours ;)19:13
WarheadsSEwhat processor is the output binary for19:13
weebetlol I am again working with the port of libpqxx. the library needs libpq from postgresql.  I try to port to arm. I tried to use sysroots/overo library and sysroots/x86_64 library and also my local /usr/lib library and I receive two kind of error : first one when linking with sysroots/overo library : file format not recognized or something like this (so I believe it is not compiled for the right19:16
weebetarchitecture) or if I link with sysroots/x86_64 or locally (/usr/lib) I see checking main in -lpq... not found19:16
*** pidge <pidge!~eflanagan@> has quit IRC19:17
* WarheadsSE leaves it up to kergoth and bluelightning19:18
*** jdvdt <jdvdt!> has quit IRC19:20
kergothyou can't link an arm binary against an x86_64 lib19:21
kergothor vice versa19:21
kergothas WarheadsSE pointed out19:21
* WarheadsSE would know, he runs an ARM distro19:21
*** jwhitmore <jwhitmore!> has quit IRC19:23
weebetI agree with you otherwise it makes non sense19:25
*** alex_kag_ <alex_kag_!~alex_kag@> has joined #yocto19:26
*** e8johan <e8johan!~quassel@> has joined #yocto19:26
*** _alex_kag <_alex_kag!~alex_kag@> has quit IRC19:28
weebetduh, I don't understand why, but now it is working... cool, thank you guys !19:31
*** alex_kag <alex_kag!~alex_kag@> has joined #yocto19:32
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WarheadsSEwhere might I find that list of env variables bluelightning ?19:40
bluelightningWarheadsSE: meta/conf/bitbake.conf is where the defaults for most of the standard ones are defined19:41
*** JimBaxter <JimBaxter!> has joined #yocto19:41
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*** e8johan <e8johan!~quassel@> has joined #yocto20:28
ccubeHey! I am using autobuilder and want to add a custom build script (checking out git, compiling jar with maven, embedding jar in my image). What is the best way, doing this?20:41
*** n01 <n01!> has joined #yocto20:48
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*** behanw <behanw!~behanw@> has joined #yocto20:53
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*** fray <fray!> has joined #yocto21:18
mr_scienceccube: i do that by deploying from the maven build job to the doc root on the same machine21:27
mr_sciencethen one of the build recipes uses that as src_uri21:27
mr_scienceif it changes every night (for example) then you need to add OE_ALLOW_INSECURE_DOWNLOADS = "true"21:27
mr_scienceat least in oe-classic anyway...21:28
mr_scienceif you've got a better method i'm all ears...21:28
*** fray <fray!> has quit IRC21:30
*** fray <fray!> has joined #yocto21:30
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ccubemr_science, will check in few minues what you wrote21:48
*** behanw <behanw!~behanw@> has joined #yocto21:51
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #54 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
ccubemr_science, I thought about a custom command while building. Like {'RunCustomCommand: {/path/to/my/buildscript}},22:09
ccubeI saw sth like that in bare buildbot, just wondering about what is the yocto way doing this22:09
mr_scienceif your maven build is already a separate jenkins/whatever build job it makes sense to deploy it for the yocto build22:10
mr_sciencebitbake doesn't really have any "support" for building random stuff afaik22:11
ccubeyea, jenkins, but on another machine. so I copy it via ssh to the other host and can access it when building22:11
ccubenice idea22:11
mr_sciencei deploy from jenkins to a web server on the same machine22:11
mr_scienceany machine can then "pull" it as a src_uri in a recipe for example22:12
ccubeah, I could use src_uri  for that :D22:12
ccubethanks mate22:12
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ccubeso last question for now. I wann build every night automatically. How to handle  this the yocto way?22:14
mr_sciencefor me, that's outside of yocto22:17
mr_sciencei have jenkins build the small stuff first, before it launches the full oe build22:17
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ccubecan jenkins trigger yoto build?22:23
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kergothjenkins can do whatever you want22:24
kergothrun arbitrary commands22:24
kergothso yes22:24
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* ndec use jenkins to make OE builds22:24
ccubeah, there is a buildbot rest api22:24
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ccubebut my buildbot is not reachable from outside via http :/22:25
ccubecan I start a build from shell?22:25
ccubendec, I thougt about that, but my jenkins is running on a slow vserver22:27
ccubewould not be that fast compiling a wholde distribution :/22:28
ccubephew, sorry. so much typos tonight.... :/22:28
ndecwell of course.. note that it's ok to have jenkins on a 'slow' server, but you need dedicated build nodes, then.22:28
ccubeyes, but for now I have jenkins for java and android stuff, and yocto-autobuilder for my OE stuff.22:29
mr_scienceyou should be able to have jenkins trigger yocto-autobuilder22:30
ccubeI think this is a reasonable setup. Jenkins will deploy java builds to buildbot, which includes them into the nightly image22:30
mr_sciencemight be fun setting that up...22:30
ccubemr_science, its almost done :D22:30
ccubespent some nights...22:30
ccubea timed job would also be fine. Have to recheck how buildbot does and port that to autobuilder. But I think it should be a way there, since the official yocto-project also build every night, doesnt it?22:32
mr_sciencehopefully i get to migrate to yocto soon and try the autobuilder thing22:36
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mr_scienceright now i have a couple of hairy-ass build/job scripts for each jenkins oe build22:37
ccubeI like yocto project and this support channel22:37
mr_sciencesetup, injecting versioning and other variables, deploy, cleanup, yada yada...22:37
ccubekinda fun poking around with it :))22:38
ccubewaiting for the day everything shows up green and my firmwares are auto updating every day from buildbot server!22:38
WarheadsSEarg.. found the qt4-x11-free webkit never builds problem..22:42
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* RP notes the builds a mostly green atm...23:03
* RP won't remind rburton of the failing build ;-)23:04
dvhartquick, go to bed!23:04
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